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Helpful Neighbor

by Catherine Murray


I am very frustrated and tired of the type of sex my husband of two years forces on me. I met him as a child and again two weeks before the wedding. It was an arranged affair. I am an American born Indian 26 years old. My family comes from Punjab province. My husband is from India and speaks poor english. I of course speak english perfectly thanks to my American schooling and have my husbands language as a second language. I was not a virgin when I married . My limited experience was pleasurable and I looked forward to being married.

On my wedding night I discovered much to my surprise that my husband prefers anal sex. I was on the bed naked and waiting for him to enter me when he grabbed my ankles and pushed them over my head and forced his way into my ass. I guess that I was a virgin after all. I cannot describe the pain and humiliation that I felt for the first few weeks of marriage. After our first vaginal intercourse some months later I became pregnant. This is what my life is like. I find myself angry at times and cannot explain why. I cannot talk to my husband about it because he wants me to be seen and not heard when he is home.

We live in an upscale neighborhood in California, my husbands job as a computed programmer pays well. I have two children both born here, a girl one year old and a boy less than a year.

My husband is not very handy around the house. This has led to some minor injuries so my husband has allowed me to arrange for the needed repairs and upkeep of our home. The lawn I hire out and I do the gardening myself but the repairs have been a problem until Dan volunteered. After my husband hurt himself with an electric drill and ended up with stitches Dan approached me about lending a hand. I was reluctant to accept because my husband doesn’t like any of the neighbors and keeps away from neighborhood functions socializing only with friends from India. When I asked him about Dan’s offer I was surprised when he said yes.

Dan is a neighbor. He lives two doors down the street and is very handy. He is as old as my father and is well liked in the community. He has a full time job, holds an elected office and is very active in the homeowners association. He is handsome in a white Anglo sort of way, he has grown children and a nice cute wife.

I had planned a day shopping for clothes. I dropped the children off at my mothers and headed to the store. My first stop was the lingerie section to replace some worn bras and panties. I was surprised to see Dan at the check out counter. I said hello and jokingly asked if the lavender delicates were for him. His embarrassment was obvious and I regretted my stupid joke immediately. I quickly changed the subject to a repair that he had done for me recently. He completed his transaction and left. I know the sizes purchased were not for his wife. I assumed they were for a girlfriend.

One sunny day after an unusually painful night with my husband I wanted to talk to someone. I wanted to talk to someone in english . I saw that Dan was home. I dressed the children, dropped them off with my mother, returned and knocked on his door. He invited me in and offered me some tea which I accepted. As he reached for a cup in the cabinet I noticed a bra strap showing through his shirt. We had a very nice visit and I couldn’t help but noticing how comfortable he was trying to make me feel. It seemed like he was having a tea party and I was his guest. Well he was and I was.

I was puzzled by the whole thing and started to do some research about crossdressing males. I was shocked at the amount of information available. After sifting through the predictable pornography I found several articles and stories about it. One story stuck in my mind. It was about how a man was "changed" into a woman. The whole process, dressing up, getting caught, hormones and this ended with surgery and a very happy woman.

I didn’t mention any of this to a soul. Dan was over several times and I couldn’t help but notice that he did seem a little " not masculine". I started to play it up a little and found that he definitely responded to my criticism of what he looked like. If I told him that I liked the look of a certain top (I started to refer to his clothing in the feminine manner) he would thank me and wear it again. I always complimented the feminine type styles he wore, the pastel colored and said I didn’t like the more manly clothing. I started suggesting he wear his hair differently. It didn’t take as long I had expected. Within a few weeks he was starting to look really different. I have to admit I enjoyed this a great deal. Manipulating him and seeing results turned me on and gave me a sense of power. I decided to take this to the next level.

Dan invited me to have another "tea party" with him on Tuesday I said that I would love to. I dropped the children off with my mother early on Tuesday and did some shopping . I went to Dan’s house, his wife worked longer hours than seemed necessary to me. He was dressed in cotton blouse (obviously a woman’s) and jeans. His undergarments were also quite obvious.

This time instead of being a gracious guest I played a part more like my husband would. The cakes were not fresh and the tea was not hot enough and Dan predictably was trying to make it right. He was distracted and stressing when I asked him out of the blue if he had ever been fitted properly for a bra. He said no and blushed when he realized what had happened. I quickly added that I could tell it didn’t fit right. I asked if he wanted me to adjust it for him. The silly boy said yes. He had taken the bait.

He removed his blouse and I saw that his bra was two sizes to small and the straps were not adjusted. I told him about the size and adjusted the straps for him. He looked very silly with the empty cups and I told him so. I asked if he had on panties. He said yes. I demanded that he show me. He did. His legs were shaven and smooth. He looked pathetic standing there in a poorly fitting bra and panties. His penis was small. I told him so. He said he had breast forms he used when he was alone. I told him to put them in. They were a "B" cup. I told him he was a poor excuse for a man and a poor excuse for a woman. He agreed with me. "I will show you how a bra should fit" I said as I unbuttoned my blouse.

I could tell he was getting excited. I completely removed my blouse and showed how the straps should be and fit around the back. He, while sexually aroused, was interested in the finer points of fit. "You need to lose some weight if you are going to do this right" I said to him. "You are fat around the middle and need to stop eating the rich foods you eat". "I will get you into shape". I removed my jeans and was standing across from him in my underwear. "See how the panties should fit instead of the bunches and gaps you have".

I reached out and grabbed his small penis between my thumb and first finger. "What do you do with this tiny thing" I asked with a sarcastic tone to my voice. He was totally humiliated by this time and said "I think the visit is over now". I replied "Not yet sissy boy" with a threatening tone. "I know to much about you to let this end". "Take off those panties" I demanded. I stood and watched as he pulled down the lavender string bikinis and stood with only a bra on. As I mentioned earlier his legs had been shaved but only above the knee. His tiny penis was shaved all around and so were his balls. A neatly trimmed patch of hair above his penis and everything else was hairless. "Cute hairdo" I said "Do you shave you ass also" "Yes" he replied. "I want to see it. On your knees sissy boy". While he was getting on his knees I removed my panties and reached into my purse and took out a strap-on eight inches long and an inch and a half in diameter much like my husband. I quickly strapped it on and lubed it with KY jelly. I grabbed Dan’s butt cheeks and spread them while kneeling down behind him and pretended to look at his shaving job. "Whack," I hit him good to distract him. "Ouch, what was that for?" he asked. "To warm you up "I replied as I grabbed his hips and forced the dildo into his ass. He attempted to rise up and I pushed him back down. "Why are you doing this to me" he asked. "I am treating you the way you want to be treated, like a woman". He settled to his fate and I started to ram the dildo into him. Softly at first then harder until the whole length was in his ass. Then I started to slam into him as my husband does to me. I got very excited and orgasmed for the first time in years. I pushed the dildo all the way into Dan and reached around, grabbed his tiny erection and masturbated him to climax.

His tiny penis still throbbing between my finger, my own orgasm coursing through my body I thought to my self "This is the start of something I am going to enjoy".




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