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Helpful Neighbor

by Catherine Murray


Part 2

No matter what you think of me I am not heartless. I felt very guilty over the way I treated Dan yesterday. The only time I felt better about it was when my husband had his version of sex with me. I even orgasmed for the first time with him. I was thinking of myself and Dan having sex with me doing the ramming. I found this to be a pleasant diversion to thinking of the discomfort as I have for the two years I have been married to him.

My name is Sarita if I failed to mention this before.

All of these thoughts have been flying around my head as I cleaned the house and did all the things that life demands. On my way back from the park with my children I saw Dan in his yard. He was wearing a womans casual top I could tell was the way it buttoned. The cutoffs were also female style. " Hello" he said as if nothing had happened. I wanted to continue that trend but I couldn’t. "I see that you didn’t learn how to dress yet" I replied , screaming at myself to stop being that way. "I am sorry. He said. His voice was very shaky and I could tell that he was about to cry. The tears were welling in his eyes and his lip was quivering. "Don’t turn into a little baby on the street." I said hoping to stop the pending scene. "You get control of yourself and come to my house". "Be there in ten minutes." I didn’t wait for a reply but turned and walked away with my children.

I just got settled at home when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there he was. He was an emotional wreck. I could tell that he had zero self-confidence. "You look terrible." I told him. "Come in before someone sees you like this." "Fix us some tea." He went into the kitchen like a good girl and started to heat the water. I could hear the cabinet open and the cups rattle. "Stop crying" I said loudly for no good reason.

I was sitting in the family room when he returned with the tea. "Sartia, I don’t know how we got to be like this." "I have never done anything like that before." " I don’t think it would be right for us to continue seeing each other" I was suprised he got it all out without bursting into tears. I thought this would be a fine time to end it. Just agree with him and let it go. I could go back to being a good wife to my husband and not be thinking of another man all the while I was with him.

I looked at Dan and saw the swollen eyes. He had been crying, probably for hours. I know it was hard for him to say what he had just finished saying. "That is not correct." I replied. "What would not be right would be for you to continue the way you have been pretending to be." "Something you are not." "You are not a man and probably never have been." "I don’t know why your wife has put up with you for how many years now?" "Twenty three" He replied. The tears started to flow down his cheeks. I couldn’t stop my self. "You think I don’t know what you are like." "You probably have never pleased her and don’t know how." "You try to dress like a woman and a man at the same time." "What does Catherine say about this I am sure that she knows!" By now he was sobbing "We have a financial arrangement now." "We haven’t had sex for years" He was trying to answer but the sobs were breaking the continuity of his speech.

"Quiet" I said sharply. I was embarassed for him. This was as bad as anything I could have dreamed up. What did I get myself into? He stopped ranting and just looked at me with the tears still running down his cheeks. I had never seen a man do this before. I only knew one girl in my life that would be like this. I was truly repulsed by him at that moment. "From now on I am never going to refer to you as a male again." "I am not even going to think of you as a male." "You are certainly not a female." "I will just think of you as a sissy." "When ever anyone speaks to me about you I will reply "Oh that sissy" and I do mean anyone." "You will not try to be forceful in any way with me or anyone else." "That is how a man would act." "You will always act like a sissy!" "A sissy, as you know is a female, a submissive female with pathetic male genitals."

I was becoming aroused by all of this. I could feel the tell tale moisture between my legs. He was just standing there crying. "The dildo I used yesterday is in the bathroom in the third drawer." "You go in there and prepare yourself." "I want you to come out in your bra and panties, I am sure that you are wearing them." He went into the bathroom.

I was shocked. He never even looked like he was going to defy me. It didn’t take him long at all. The door opened and out he came with black thong panties and a matching demi bra. The wrong size. His penis was erect but it was so small it was completely covered by the panites. He held the dildo in front of him. I removed my jeans, my blouse and panties. I wondered how I could be sure that he would not defy me ever again. "Put the dildo on me." I demanded. He complied. I assisted only as necessary. "I want you to kiss it." "I will never again lube it." "That is a consideration I will never again perform for you." He got on his knees and took the dildo in his mouth. For an instant I regretted cleaning it. He bobbed on it like it was hard cock.

"What do you want me to do now?" I was baiting him and we both knew it. His reply would give me the answer to my question.

"I want you to fuck me." That was all I needed to hear. I knew that he would do anything I said from now on. The nob on my side of the dildo was driving me crazy.

"OK sissy, remove your panties and get on your back on the floor." He did as I instructed. I grabbed his smooth legs behind the knee and raised them to the proper angle I was so familiar with and pushed the dildo into him. I looked at his face. His eyes were diverted and the tears were still there. I pushed harder. He grimaced and adjusted his position slightly. I pushed he rest into him. His erection and testicles were rubbing against me. I started to pump in and out. I could feel my orgasm rising. I was surprised when he came. I didn’t think he would. I remained locked with him until my orgasm passed. "Look at me sissy." His eyes locked with mine. "Today we will go shopping."

"Go home and clean up." I said as I disengaged from him "I want you to return in one hour." "We will go to and I will assist you with your new wardrobe." His eyes light up and he almost smiled. "I would like to get the right sizes instead of guessing." I could feel his mood brighten. "Don’t worry, I have a friend that works in a boutique in San Francisco she would love to meet you." I was thinking of the phone calls I had to make this happen.




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