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Helpful Neighbor

by Catherine Murray


Part 3


After Dan left I called Bipasha at work. Bipasha is a close friend of mine for many years. I see and her family often since my husband is friends with her brother so her husband is tolerated . I know that she is crazy enough to appreciate my new found friend Dan. She was surprised to hear from me and was eager to help Dan with his shopping needs. As her store encourages appointment shopping we made arrangements to meet at noon. I ran to the bathroom to get ready.

I went to Dan’s house early with children in tow. I let myself in. I could hear the shower running so I went upstairs and looked at what he had set out to wear. This would never do I thought as I looked at the male/female selection. I went to the closet and started to look for………..there that would be better. It was a sheath dress, beige in color and looked like it would fall above the knee. There were also some black strappy heels. I found his selection of undergarments satisfactory. He was surprised to find us there already. "I changed the selection slightly." "Shave yourself completely, then put your underwear on and I will help with your make-up." I told him. " I can’t wear that in public, I would look ridiculous." "I don’t wear any make-up." He was clearly surprised at my actions. I thought my reply set the tone for the day. I could see his concern rising as I said "You do now."

When I finish getting him ready. He looked like a man dressing as a woman. His slight beard was very cleanly shaven. I put some curl in his dark red hair. I took a butterfly barrette from my purse and stuck it in his hair. "You are driving to BART." I told him. BART is the regional transit system.

"Wait a minute!" Dan started, but he melted with a glare from me. The ride to the station was uneventful. Dan bought our tickets from the machine. The station was not very crowded since the commute was long past. "I am so nervous I have to pee." Dan said and started for the men’s room. "Wait a minute." I said and I pointed to the ladies. I giggled as I watched him teeter on the heels and head into the ladies room.

The train was waiting and there was just one other person in the car. She looked up from her book and stared at Dan, glanced at me and snickered. I could see the red rise in Dan’s cheeks. The train left the station and headed to the next stop.

The ride progressed. Almost everyone that got on stared at Dan. Most were polite but some were rude and said things like "look at that jerk" and "what a sissy". When we finally got to the city the train was nearly full and Dan was totally humiliated. We got off the train and went above ground.

San Francisco is a shoppers town and I intended to make the best of it. We went directly to Bipasha’s shop. It was empty at that time. She was thrilled to see me. We hugged and kissed. She them looked at Dan and introduced herself. Dan introduced himself as Elizabeth. Bipasha looked at me and said "You have a big job ahead of you." Returning her attention to "Elizabeth" she said step this way please. Dan followed her and I grabbed the phone and made more phone calls.

Bipasha took out her measuring tape and measured Dan under his arms, around his waist, and hips. She grabbed a corset and pushed him to the dressing rooms. "Call me when you have this on and I will lace you up." Dan went inside to change. "Do you want to do it right or just humiliate him" Bipasha asked, knowing she could be overheard. "Lets do it right." I replied. "OK." She said as she went to the blouses.

Dan called from the dressing room that he was having trouble so I went in to help. He had the corset half on. "Its to small." He said. "No its not, turn around" I replied. I grabbed the edge and pulled it into place. I was pulling the laces when Bipasha came in, setting her selections on the table. "Not like that Sarita, like this." She placed her knee against Dan’s butt and pulled. I thought he would faint. His waist disappeared and his chest puffed out. "Don’t try to breathe deeply." Bipasha warned.

Bipasha has always loved western fashion. She is married to an Anglo man. We both used to follow all of the Anglo female rituals. While I have stopped, since my husband prefers a more traditional wife, she has perfected it. She is always perfectly groomed, her skin is flawless she is stunning by anyone’s standards, the most beautiful woman I have even seen. Her choices for Dan were typical for her. Dan bought them all, deciding to wear a black suit with a white silk blouse. The black bag and heels finished the outfit. "Please bag my old clothes separately form my new ones." Dan requested. "I will make a deposit at that used clothing store by BART." Bipasha was pleased with the result of her choices and said "Elizabeth," Handing him his purchases and her business card, " you have the start of a fine wardrobe here and come back again we can expand on it in many ways. I will show you how to mix and match your clothing so a little seems like a lot." "Sarita I will see you at my sons birthday on Saturday, will you husband be attending?" "I am sure that he will be there." "He never misses a chance to visit with friends from India."

We left Bipasha with her next client and headed south, "Where to next?" Dan asked looking very chic in her new clothes. "We need to do something about your hair." We turned into a small salon on a side street.

"Hello cousin have you thrown away that worthless husband of yours yet" We were greeted in Punjabi. "Not yet Ayesha , my children love their father" I replied. Dan of course didn’t understand a word.

"Looks like you have been visiting Bipasha, your friend looks nice" Ayesha said in English looking Dan over. "Yes, we just left her, she is getting busy now." "We were hoping you could salvage something decent out of the rest of him." "This is Elizabeth."

Ayesha is my cousin she owns a salon on the south side of Market street. She is very good at what she does. I used to patronize her business but like everything else I stopped when I wed. "I am sure we can help." "I have several male clients." "Elizabeth, I think a haircut is necessary first." Ayesha said, taking Dan’s hand and leading him across the shop. "This is Dino, my best cutter." He will start you out while Sarita and I make plans for the rest of you."

Dan looked back at me and smiled, "Pleased to met you", Shaking Dino’s hand. Neither of them gave a firm grip.

Ayesha said to Dan "I will do a manicure and pedicure, then I will teach you to do make-up."

Dan was glowing , Dino was making him feel right at home and Ayesha was…well being Ayesha, everyone loved her. I settled down with a magazine catching a word every now and then.

The finished product was nothing short of spectacular. Dan looked more like an Elizabeth than I ever thought possible. The finger nails were sculpted and red, the toes of course matched. The make-up was perfect. The hair made the biggest change. Dino gave him a slight perm but didn’t change the color at all. He said "It would be a crime to change such beautiful hair color." He was right. It was styled into a sassy flip.

Dan had been given specific instructions on make-up, hair maintenance and strict instructions to return for electrolysis. He made an appointment.

We left the shop and started for home. No one stared this time. Tomorrow you have an appointment with my aunt Dr----------on third street. She is a therapist. She has had many transsexual patients. When I spoke with her on the phone she said her normal procedure is to have several sessions and then if it is appropriate, she will refer you to an endocrinologist.

We continued to the train. Dan had several questions about the purchases at Bipasha’s and how they will go together. His gait was more feminine and I am sure that we looked like a couple of girls finishing up a fun day in the city shopping. "How long have you and Bipasha been lovers?" Dan asked me. I was shocked that he would even think to ask such a question. We had been lovers in school but that was before either of us had been married. "We are not lovers, we are just good friends" was the answer I gave him. "You are kidding aren’t you, I saw the way she looked at you."

When we finally arrived at our station and were driving home I asked "How do you like being you now?" "I love everything you have done for me today." Dan replied. "I want to tell you that the first time you raped me I was hurt that you would do that to me but today I enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to the next time." I smiled inside and said "Maybe you should make an arrangement with Dino." Dan grinned at me and said "Did you hear him ask me out?" I ‘d missed that one. "No, did you accept?" He looked at me with a smile in his eye "No, but I asked for a rain check." "Did you know Dino knows Bipasha’s brother?




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