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Helpfull Neighbor

by Catherine Murray


Time does fly when you are in a story especially an on-line story.

Elizabeth has been a female for a while and after many trips to

Bipasha's store she has knowledge of Sarita that was never intended.

Sarita stopped having sex with Elizabeth shortly after their first

Trip into the city. Dr......Urged her to leave Elizabeth feminize



Elizabeth on the other hand was grateful to Sarita for bringing her out of the darkness and into the light. She started to visit Bipasha on a regular basis. Bipasha seemed to welcome Elizabeth's visits. There was always business whenever Elizabeth came around, but they went to lunch and to different stores together. Elizabeth's wife was long gone. They sold the house and Elizabeth moved into a condo about three miles from the old neighborhood. Sarita for her part helped Elizabeth gain a bearing and a posture that would have been impossible with anyone else.

Elizabeth met Dave, Bipasha's husband and her son. She was soon Socializing with them both. Bipasha trusted her husband completely around Elizabeth and Dave helped Elizabeth through a difficult transition by accompanying her to different functions. Elizabeth felt like a true woman in all ways except one.

She could not expect Dave to have sex with her. He was after all the husband of one of her dearest friends. That is where Anjil came into the story. He was Bipasha's brother. He met Elizabeth when he stopped in for a unannounced visit at Dave's and Bipasha's home. Elizabeth was there cleaning up the kitchen. Dave and Bipasha were in the sitting room playing with their son before putting him to bed. Anjil just walked into the back door like he owned the place. He seemed to be surprised to see Elizabeth there and Elizabeth was sure surprised to see him making himself at home in Bipasha's house.

"Can I help you?" Elizabeth was wondering just who this large man was and why was he in Bipasha's house.

"I am Anjil, I am Bipasha's brother." Elizabeth felt relieved.

"I am Elizabeth a friend of Bipasha's. She and Dave are in the other room." Elizabeth explained as she gestured towards the sitting room.

"That is OK, I would rather stay here with their beautiful guest."

Elizabeth actually blushed. Her Dark red hair had grown to shoulder length and had been cut to maintain the flattering length several times by now. The hormones Elizabeth had been taking had filled her body out so she really looked the part. The diet that Sarita had put her on was doing the trick. Elizabeth did look really good considering she was a transexual. The early electrolisis encouraged by Bipasha was a good decision that was paying off in spades. The beard that was her curse in her earlier life was now an unpleasant memory. She didn't use a lot of make-up, because she didn't need to.

Bipasha and Dave came into the kitchen and greeted their new guest. "Hey Anjil, are you hitting up my friend?" Bipasha asked jokingly

"Yes, I am!" He answered good-naturedly.

The four moved into the family room for a evening of visiting. The time passed so fast that Elizabeth was surprised that it was so late.

"I am so sorry for staying so late, but I had so much fun she told her hosts as she left. Anjil walked her to her car.

"I am having dinner with some friends in the city tomorrow, would you like to join us?" He continued by saying, "You could call Dino and ask him to join us also. He has been there before and can fill you in on all of the details."

Elizabeth went over the evening in her mind as she got ready for bed. Anjil did spend the entire evening almost attached to her. He touched her constantly. Nothing inappropriate, but just nice touches. One time he did stroke her bottom, but that was before Bipasha and Dave came in. Of course she said yes to the invitation and had left a message for Dino. He was never home.

She examined herself in the mirror. Her breasts had grown nicely. She was a tight "A" or a loose "B". All of the women in her family had large breasts, so she expected more growth there. Her nipples were puffy and sensitive. Her hips were rounded out, but they had always been more feminine than masculine so it was hard to tell. Her penis had shrunk so it was very small now and her testicles were tight against her body. They seemed to be higher than they used to be. The electrolysis had removed all of the hair except for a patch above the penis. Elizabeth kept a pink ribbon tied there as a reminder that this was all soon to be different. She griped the tiny penis between two fingers and rubbed. She had an orgasm, but there was no ejaculate. She crawled into bed and dreamed of Anjil.

Dino returned her call around noon the next day. He had a previous engagement and would not be able to attend, but he did recommend that she give herself an enema and lube up before going. Anjil often had these parties and they usually ended in sex.

The ride into the city was uneventful. Elizabeth wore a silk blouse and a miniskirt. She also had on her favorite thong with the matching bra. She enjoyed the looks from the men on the street instead of cringing as she used to as a male.

When she got to the restaurant she went in and was greeted by an Indian man. She asked for Anjil and was shown to a private room on the second floor.

There were six men in the room. Anjil was the first to see her and he called her over to him. There were no chairs, just pillows around a short table. All of the men had already eaten and were drinking some kind of alcohol.

As Elizabeth moved through the room a couple of the men rubbed her legs as she passed. The tingle in her groin got stronger. She was the only female present and was obviously the center of attention.

She lowered herself gracefully onto a pillow next to Anjil. He made the introductions. All of the men were gracious except for the only other one she knew in the room. Manish didn't acknowledge her at all. He was Sarita's husband. She had served him food in his own house so she knew he was being rude intentionlly.

The conversation was slow because Anjil had to translate almost everything. At one time Elizabeth was asked to rise and turn for the men. She blushed and rose from her pillow and turned slowly so everyone could assess her. The man on her left side, named Vejay raised her skirt to see her thong. The men on the far side of the table came over and crowded around her. They all wanted to be close to her. One man reached under her skirt from behind, grabbed her tiny penis and balls and whispered into her ear in english "Little man". It was Manish and he was hurting. He let go and took her hand in his. He put her hand on his erection and said in her ear "Big Man". He was right. His erection was longer than her hand. She rubbed along its length until she reached the tip. It was up past his navel and she knew there was no way she could reach around it with one hand.

He found the button and zipper to her skirt and dropped it to the floor. The coolness of the room wrapped itself around her bare legs, as he unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra and blouse were soon on the floor soon followed by her little thong. She was naked in the middle of a room full of aroused males. Manish pushed her shoulders and Elizabeth went to her knees on a pillow. Anjil had positioned himself so she could place her face in his lap. Manish pushed her face onto Anjil's hard penis as he pushed himself into her bottom.

The pre-lube made all of the difference. There was no pain, only stretching. She relaxed and took him into her until he was all the way in. His heavy testicles slapped at her groin and she was enjoying her first sex at the mercy of a well endowed male.

Anjil, while not as large as Manish was filling her face as her bottom was being filled. Elizabeth knew what felt good to a male so she was able to give him the pleasure he was after. When Anjil came into her mouth she swallowed as much as she was able, the rest dripped down on to her chin where it dropped off.

Manish was going strong into her now and was son filling her bottom with his hot semen. She felt herself orgasm as the heat hit her insides.

Both men were replaced by others and soon Elizabeth was a sticky mess. Manish was at her head and Anjil was at her bottom. He had washed which surprised her. She took the massive tool into her mouth and sucked it lovingly. Sarita and she were sisters in that they shared this man finally. Anjil was at her bottom and he reached around to her penis stroking the tiny appendage as she sucked Manish to another orgasm.


The men drifted out of the room until it was only Anjil, Manish and herself left. Anjil asked her to go home with him and Manish told her in broken English that he enjoyed himself and looked forward to another time when it would be just the two of them. Elizabeth took that as a compliment and said she looked forward to it. She dressed and left on Anjil's arm. She could tell that the sex was not over yet.




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