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The Honey Trap


Heather Alexander


I was sitting on my sofa in my apartment I was reading a magazine, I was dressed in a tight gray T-shirt and black shorts my right leg was tucked under my body and my left foot stretched out resting on the coffee table in front of me. I was engrossed in an article about South Africa, when the phone rang, putting the magazine down onto the coffee table and getting up from the sofa and went over and answered the telephone.

"Hello James here"

"James get down to 143 Kyle drive apartment 122" the line went dead. I put the phone down and went and got dressed I put a pair of white trainers and a navy zipped up hooded top and my black backpack. Locking my apartment door I walked over to the elevator and pressed the button stepping onto the elevator I started to wonder what they wonted me for, I suspected that they wanted me for an assignment. I got off the elevator and walked out of the front of my apartment building and walked to the nearby underground station.

I arrived at the apartment I was met there by Anna who was my controller in the organization.

"What is all this about" I said

"Paul's come down with stomach cramp, so you'll have to take his place for today's operation" she said. I though for a moment of a reason not say no but I couldn't I had already been briefed and was the operational stand by because I looked a lot like Paul, "okay" I said

"good go into the bedroom and get changed you've 15 minutes" she said.

In the bedroom there was a pile of cloths laid out on the bed and accessories on there were also other items that were on the dressing table. I took off my cloths and sat down at the dressing table, and started to put on some make-up. Then I went over to the bed and picked up a white bodysuit with lace trimmings and suspenders, it was a very tight fit, then I picked up the white silk stockings and slid them on and attached them to the suspenders. I then picked up a capped sleeved white satin blouse and slipped it over my head on which I had placed a black Paige boy style wig, and then I picked up the short pale blue skirt. Then I slipped on a pair of pale blue sling back stiletto heeled shoes, then I put in a pair of green colored lens over my brown eyes, then I put on the jacket, then I made a final check on my look then I walked out of the bedroom.

"Good your ready" Anna said "and you look great" she went and picked up a handbag which matched the suit. I took the handbag and opened it up tit's contents were the usual, make-up and other manly accessories. Then she handed me a Walter PPK .22 caliber pistol. I slid the magazine out of the gun and checked its contents were the standard 6 rounds of Ely subsonic rounds, (these rounds are designed to produce less noise when fired so that it removes the need for a suppresser for the weapon). I returned the magazine to the gun and placed the weapon into the handbag then she handed me a mobile phone, which I placed inside the handbag.

"Lets go" she said and opened the door for me.

The car was a black taxi I got in the back and she drove the taxi. As we drove she was looking back at me

"Don't look so scared" she said

"Relax and you'll be fine, you remember what you have to do".

"Yes I remember"


She stopped the taxi outside the Hunting tower restaurant I got out and pretended to pay the fare. Then I entered the restaurant. The restaurant had modern designed furniture and was well lit. The restaurant was not crowded and the tables were far enough apart to allow the diners a private conversation, this was helped by the music which was load enough to prevent conversations to be overheard but not load enough so as to prevent you hearing yourself think.

On entering I went up to the Matra'd and asked if a Ms Becker was in the Matra'd looked down at her book and said that she had booked a table but she was not here yet. She showed me to the table that she had booked, I sat down I declined the menu but I did order an ice tea. A waiter brought my drink over I sat and watched the door while I slowly sipped my drink.

Then a woman walked into the restaurant and went over to the Matra'd and they talked then the Matra'd brought her over to my table. I stood up as she reached the table and put out my hand. She shock my hand "my name in Peter Brooks"

"yes the agency called me and told me that my original choice had come down with a illness but that they had arranged a replacment that would intrest me" she said.

"Well do I intrest you" she stood there looking at me, she was mentaly undressing me

"yes you do intrest me". We sat down she called the waiter over and took the menu from him, the waiter was handing me my menu when she looked at me "let me order for you" she said. I looked at her "sure why not". After she had ordered the food and a drink for her, I smiled at her I had to put her at ease with me so far she was egay and standoffish which meant she was not going to be easy to open up and that did not bode well for the operation. Under the table I slid my right foot out from it's shoe and ran it up her leg, her face immedetly lit up and she started to relax.

"What did the agency tell you about me" she said

"Not much other than that you are a rich and you like to have good looking men be with you", she looked at me "and what about later on"

"That is at the descretion of the individual man".

"So what do you say"

"why don't you get the bill while I go to the men's room and freshen up" I got up from the table and went into the men's room, I touched up my make-up and waited a minute or so to go back out. When I returned she was standing at the door I joined her and we left we went to her car which was a black Jaguar she opened the front passenger door and I stepped inside the car, she got inside and we drove away.

As we drove through the traffic she moved her hand from the gear stick to my thigh, I looked at her and smiled she smiled back at me.

She brought the car to a stop inside the car park of the apartment building, she reached across me to open my door and I stepped out and we went into the apartment building. She took me over to the elevator and pressed the button the door opened and we got into the elevator the doors closed and went up. The door opened and we stepped out and walked down the corridor she stopped outside an apartment she produced a key and opened the door and she ushered me inside the apartment and closed the door behind us.

"Take a seat" she said I sat down and placed my handbag on my lap and undid the clasped on the handbag. She walked over to the mini bar and opened it "do you want a drink?"

"yes whatever you have that's soft".

"No I mean a real drink"

"Sorry but I don't drink alcohol" she took a bottle of coke and opened it and poured it into a glass. She handed it to me and made herself a scotch on the rocks. Then she went to over to the compact disc player "what do you like?" she said turning to me.

"Something romantic" I replied

"So we can dance".

She selected a disc and put it into the player and pressed play, a few seconds later the room was filed with the sound of violins and a soft voice started to sing, she came over to where I was sitting and held out her hand. I placed my handbag on the floor and took her hand and she pulled me up and we started to dance. Her arms wrapped round my waist and I wrapped my arms round her neck and we slowly moved round the room. We kissed and slowly at first then harder our tougns darting in and out of each other's mouth's. Our hands caressing each other we started to undo each other's clothes. We moved towards the bedroom, my jacket lay on the floor next to hers. She lay on the bed naked as was I, "I need to get something from my handbag"

"okay but hurry" she replied, I walked through and picked up my handbag and went back into the bedroom. She looked at me, I slipped the gun out of the handbag and aimed at her the handbag fell to the floor.

"Over to the chair" I said she looked shocked

"sit down" she sat.

"I want your access code for your computer"

"well we all can't have what we want"

"don't be flippent with me" she smiled I put the gun next to her knee and fired she screamed in agony. I put the gun next to her temple "now give me the access code or I'll kill you" "okay it's 00965786" she said. I walked over to the phone and ripped out the cord and used it to tie her up then I stuffed a pair of rolled up socks I got from one of her drawers into her mouth and went over to her computer and switched it on. Entering the access code that she had given me I gained access to the right files. I took out my mobile phone and punched in a number the phone rang a couple of times then Anna's voice came on the line.

"I've got access to the files"

"Good I'll have a disposal team there in a few minutes, I'll meet you in the rear car park in about 45 minutes" then the phone went dead. She watched me as I put the phone back into the handbag. Walking over to her I bent down next to her ear and said "your finished" then I shot her twice in the head she fell forward in the chair I bent down and checked that her pulse had stopped which it had.

I picked up the spent shells and gun and placed them in the handbag and waited.

There was a nock on the door I went and opened it there were two women standing there. They entered past me I closed the door behind them. One of the women handed me a zip drive I went over to her computer and inserted a zip disc into the zip drive of the computer and copied the entire hard drive of her computer. After that was completed I took out the disc and kept that while the woman cleaned up the mess in the room.

"Here I brought you a change of cloths" one of the woman said to me and handed me a bag "leave your cloths and handbag with us". I took the bag and went into the bedroom to get changed.

Opening the bag I took out a short tight black shift dress and jacket, I laid it on the bed then I took out the underwear that was in the bag. Taking off my cloths along with my wig and contact lenses these I placed them into the bag. The cloths were laid out on the bed I picked up a black lace thong and slipped it on then a black lace bra. Then a pair of black thighs then I put on the dress smoothing it over my body. Combing my hair as it was tangled and knotted after being taken up to fit under the wig it fell over my shoulders. Finally I slipped my feet into the pair of black high-heeled shoes then I picked up a black leather handbag I opened it up and placed the disc inside the handbag then I slipped on the shoulder strap and left the bedroom. They saw me and wolf-whistled I handed her the bag and left the apartment.

Walking down the corridor I stopped at the elevators and pressed the button the door opened there were two other people in the elevator I stepped in. The woman in the elevator started to check me out I started to smile when the doors opened I smiled at her as she walked past me. As I opened the doors at the front of the apartment building I took a pair of sunglasses from the handbag and put them on. I walked slowly round to the rear car park making sure that people could see me. Anna was standing there next to her car I walked up to her and we embarrassed she grabbed my bottom, well we had to appear as a couple, however she was overly enthusiastic in her grab. She opened the passenger door I got in. She got in and started the engine we drove off.

She parked the car outside of my apartment building I opened my handbag and handed her, the disc then I got out picking up a bag that contained the clothes I had been wearing earlier that day. I watched as she drove away, then I went in.

After getting inside my apartment I stripped off the cloths that she gave me, then I went into my bedroom and put on the pair of black shorts that I had been wearing before I left and the gray T-shirt. Then I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out a frozen meal and placed it into the microwave. After it was ready I put it on a plate and took a small bottle of red wine from the fridge and opened it. After I had finished the meal I put the last of the bottle of wine into my glass and went into the lounge to watch television I would do the washing up in the morning. I went to bed early.

I was woken by the alarm on my bedside table I slowly reached over and switched it off I had been having a beautiful dream, which I didn't want to end. In the dream I was walking along a golden sandy beach the sand was warm under my bare feet I was wearing a long sky blue sarong with a white pattern running through it and a white bikini. I took a path between the trees and found myself in the grounds of a large house there I saw a couple of children playing in the garden when they saw me they got up and ran over to me they were shooting "daddy". That's when the alarm woke me up.

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom and ran the shower and jumped into it. After getting out of the shower I went into the kitchen and made breakfast of a bowl of cornflakes and orange juice. Then I went into the bedroom and got dressed firstly I put on my make-up then I put on black silk tights then a black silk teddy with black lace edging. Then I picked out a dark gray skirt suit, I put on the skirt it was short and tight, then I took out a black ribbed polo necked sweater and slipped it over my head then I put on the jacket. Finally I slipped my feet into a pair of black high-heeled court shoes. Then I put on a pair of small gold earrings and picked up my handbag and a black mini umbrella. I then left the apartment.

As usual I walked to the local underground station and bought a ticket then went and waited for the train. The train was on time for once, I stepped aboard it was busy so I had to stand. The journey took about ten minutes then I got off the train and walked up the station concourse I was past by a young man he was holding onto a small child the child dropped a small white teddy bear. I went after them and managed to catch up with them at the station entrance.

"Excuse me your child dropped this" I said he turned round.

"What?" he said.

"Your child dropped this" showing him the teddy.

"Oh thank you" he said "he won't go to sleep with out it, that's his favorite teddy". I bent down and handed the teddy back to the boy he just smiled I smiled back, as they walked out of the station. The little boy turned back and gave me a wave I waved back. I watched them go, and I suddenly started to fell upset that man was younger than I and here he was with a child and a gold wedding band on his finger. Looking at my left hand I saw my index finger and it was empty of a ring.

I was envious of that man, and his gorgeous little boy, I was the wrong side of 30 and there was no singe of a wife and family. Lest he had someone to care about and someone who would care about him, I had no one.

Stepping out into the rain I was glad I brought along my umbrella. The walk to my office was about 400 yards it was a modern gray undisguised building on the backs of a river, just right for the headquarters of the security service.

On entering I had to go through a number of security procedures then I went through to the office area where I have my desk. Which is empty most of the time, as I don't spend a lot of time here. As soon as I entered the main area I could tell something was up, there was a sense of trepidation in the air.

I could see Anna talking to the director, I waited till they had finished and then went over to her.

"What's up"

"Good you here we're going to witness a real-time satellite transmission of an operation to take out a chemical weapons processing plant that we discovered due to the information that we recovered from the operation that you carried out yesterday" she said. We walked into the imaging room there was a crowd of people filling the room. Then the screens that went from floor to ceiling and took up the entire wall started to come on and we waited for the action to begin.

I waited till the rest of the group was watching the incoming feed I slipped out of the room. I wasn't in the mood to watch the carnage that would be played out on the screens. I went back to my desk where I wrote up my after operation report on my computer after checking it I printed it out, signed it and put it on Anna's desk. Then I went down to the gym.

I went and got changed into a pair of black hot pants and a pink-cropped top and a pair of white trainers then went into the gym and started to take my frustrations out on the bag. With kicks and punches I stopped when I felt I could no longer lift up my arms or legs I went and sat down on a bench and picked up a bottle of water and opened and took a long drink. I then went and had a shower and got dressed and went home, before I left I placed a note on Anna's desk telling her that I was taking the rest of the day off.

When I got home I took off the cloths that I had been wearing and put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Later on that evening I was having a meal when there was a nock on the door. I got up from the table and went and answered the door.

Standing in the hallway was Anna.

"What do you want" I said

"You left in a hurry this afternoon and I wanted to now if you are alright" she said.

"Come in" I said and closed the door behind her.

"Can I get you a drink?"

"No, you don't drink alcohol"

"No I don't".

"Okay to answer your question, I don't get off like you and the others watching people die on live television."

"Oh come on James it's not like that at all"

"Bullshit that's exactly what it is, you like to watch your handy work, so that you can justify to yourself the way in which you operate by saying to yourself that the ends justify the means."

"If that's what you think of me then I think I'll better be off now, see you tomorrow I hope that you get over what ever is troubling you fast" then she left.

I was upset so I went early to bed but I could not sleep so I tossed and turned trying to get some sleep. When I was woke up I was going to be late, so I had to hurry to get ready I had to skip breakfast, so that I would get the right train.

Walking into the office it was a little after 9am and I felt horrible. I picked up a cup of coffee I went over to my desk and sat down. There was nothing on my desk apart from the computer and Rolodex I sat there and drank my coffee and feeling my empty stomach.

Anna came over, "James could you come to the briefing room," she said I got up and walked with her.

I sat down "James we recently got a tip off that the Bank of Commerce International is involved with the Russian Mafia in money laundering" Anna said.

"So what do you want me for?" I said.

"We need you to go undercover inside the bank and find out if it's true and if so gather any evidence and find witnesses starting with the person who gave us the tip off in the first place" Anna said.

"Why me" I said.

"You have the necessary skills to go under cover at the bank" she said coming over and sitting beside me.

"How long do I have before I'm sent undercover" I enquired.

"That's the problem and why we chose you you've got 4 days" she replied.

"Four days that all" I said

"Yes" she said and got up and walked out of the briefing room. I sat there for a while I finally decided that I could do this.

Over the next couple of days I studied the bank and the Russian Mafia and there usual ways of money laundering and the type of people that they target that could help them so it could just be one person at the top or everybody in the bank. I would have to be very careful during my time undercover the Russian Mafia were know for the violence.

I entered the briefing room it was my last day before I went undercover. "Are you ready?" Anna said.


"What's your story?"

"My name is Paul Holt I'm here as a temp to fill in over the summer period".

"Good, are you happy with your new apartment"

"Yes its better than the one I've really got"

"Okay good luck tomorrow with your induction" Anna said.

"Thank you" I replied and got up.


I walked up the steps and entered the building and wet over to the receptionist's desk he looked up from his computer.

"How can I help you?" he said

"I'm here for induction" I said

"Name please?" he said.

"Paul Holt" I said, he typed it into the computer

"Okay if you take a seat. Someone will come and collect you," he said

"Thank you" I said and went and sat down in a chair. I only waited a couple of minutes before a young man appeared and went and talked with the receptionist, how pointed him in my direction.

"Hallo Paul, I'm here to take you through to your induction. If you follow me," he said I noticed a nametag clipped to the pocket of his green blouse. It read David Niven Clerical Assistant. I got up and we walked to a bank of elevator's and steeped into one he pressed for the 5th floor. The doors closed and the elevator moved up. When it stopped we stepped out and walked down the corridor he stopped outside a pair of large wooden doors. He turned to me "here you are" he said and opened the door's "thank you" I said and went inside the room. The doors closed behind me and I sat down. The door opened and a woman walked in, "are you Paul Holt?"

"Yes, I am" I replied

"I'm Andrea Watson," she said and sat down next to me "we'll start in a few minutes when Colin Wishart the other inductee arrives" she said. A few minutes later the door opens and the David was standing there next to another young man.

"This is Colin Wishart Ms Watson" David said "thank you David and close the doors" she said David closed the doors Colin came in and sat down on the chair next to her.




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