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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake & Misty Dawn




Becky had several paper shopping bags open on the bed. Between crying bouts, she'd been sorting and loading Charlie's clothing into the bags. Her stuff, what little there was, had already been packed except for what she would wear tomorrow morning. The bags on the left would go to either recycle or garbage. Just next to them, actually several bags, would go the church for the next charity sale or be sent to the Salvation Army Store or the Community Family Centre. The next two bags would probably need to be repacked into a box or suitcase. One had some walking shoes, a couple of comfortable sweatshirts and a few tee shirts. The second had some slacks, a couple of dress shirts, an old favourite sweater and a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows. These she could wear after she moved to Vancouver, so she could be near the Hospital for the treatments. The last bags contained a few masculine knick-knacks that she would offer to her brother or nephews.

News from the hospital had been mixed. The cancer which had been in remission had changed and was now spreading rapidly. The oncologist said that this type, based on the C T Scan and the blood work, was very responsive to complete eradication with Standard Chemo and Radiation Treatments. He would be more certain when the detailed biopsy results were in next week. Nonetheless, he wanted her in treatment tomorrow afternoon.

Taking the ferry from her comfortable home to the hospital and back was out of the question. She had been through Chemo before. Tough ungodly expensive, she had found a large studio apartment "over there". If she was feeling good, it was within walking distance of the hospital. If she was not feeling good, well, the bus ran on a cross street only a block and a half away.

Why had it taken almost sixty years for Charlie to get his act together in this world? He'd known, and his mother had known, when he was very young, that he was really a girl pretending to be a boy.

While Rebecca finished packing up the remainders of Charlie's life, she spied an old key chain that had been with him for many years. Carefully fingering the fob, as if it possessed some magical power, she smiled remembering from where the token had come. It had been Charlie's first time. Sitting down, a smile coming to her face, she remembered that wondrous, so rainy afternoon so very long ago.

It was during the fall...tender Charlie's twelfth year…that he had been invited up to the bedroom of one of his friends. Nancy, yes that was her name, she and Charlie had played a host of childhood games, including house, and doctor, for many years, and she had certainly known how easy it was to persuade Charlie to dress, even in the frilliest of little girl fashions.

Using the pretext, "Charlie, your clothes are soaked from the rain," she had gotten him to remove them and had then advised him she would find something dry for him to wear. The lad had rather reluctantly stripped out of his clothes and been given a pair of soft white cotton panties to replace his damp briefs. Giggling away his expected, but rather weak protests, Nancy had quickly positioned a beginner's bra over her nervous boyfriend's small, flat chest. And then she had quickly reassured him that he was going to be perfect. A white gym sock, folded over and pressed into an almost flat cone had filled and formed the small double "A" cups perfectly.

After the bra, with some serious, very girlish, giggling--from Charlie as well--had been placed, there had been no further protest. Handing him a white cotton bird's eye lace trimmed slip, Nancy had then quickly picked up the drenched boy-garments. And as she'd lifted Charlie's pants, his house key had fallen on the bedroom floor. She had scooped up the key and held it up in front of the boys face and asked, "Do you ever lose this thing...? There is no chain or anything attached to it. How do you ever hold on to it?"

"I lose them all the time, that's why it's only just the one key. That way, when I loose it, all I've lost is one key," Charlie explained.

With a "a light bulb flashing overhead expression" Nancy suddenly remembered the key chain that she had gotten from one of her cousins on her birthday last year. Dropping the wet clothes she had gone quickly to her jewellery box, and begun rummaging thru it for the item she had in mind. She had never used it. Nancy found the simple gold coloured maple leaf attached to a short chain and presented it to the forgetful boy.

"Here, just knowing how forgetful you can be…" she giggled and attached the key to the Maple Leaf fob. "Now, maybe you won't be losing your house key anymore."

Charlie thanked her for the gift with a quick peck to her cheek, and once again scooping up her bundle, with the feel of the kiss still warm on her cheek, she rushed down to the basement and hung his clothes up to dry in the furnace room. So, it seems my little Charlie IS interested after all. Huummm! When she returned and discovered the half-dressed lad was admiring the sight of the "lassie" reflected by her mirror, she had nodded and grinned wickedly, as if making up her mind to do something she had not long been considering. Quickly sitting Charlie down at her vanity, she'd proceeded, performing a miracle with her meagre supply of cosmetics, powder, and paint, ending up doing his lips with lip rouge she had used only once. And then, for the first time wishing she was not quite so the tomboy and owned a complete makeup kit, Nancy carefully dabbed a tiny bit of the lip rouge on each of her boyfriend's delicately-formed cheeks and rubbing it in, created a girlfriend with high cheekbones and a pretty blush.

Charlie had sat a moment and stared at the sight in the mirror, and memories of his early years, of playing "dress up" with his mother in her bedroom had flooded his mind. Nancy had broke the trance by telling him to stand up and put his arms over his head, which he'd done without hesitation. The slight, flowery scent of the dress as it slid past his nose was intoxicating, and Charlie, being very much the young horny male, had mutely displayed his sensual pleasure in that most distinctive-of-the-male manner.

Of course, his soon-to-be lover had noticed the interesting tent-bulge in the front of Charlie's panties and began sneak furtive caresses of it, while pretending to adjust the front of the dress. This had greatly added to Charlie's delightful distress. Somewhere between the straightening of the hem and crinolines that came affixed inside the waist of the positively feminine dress, their lips had met and that so-nervous "first time kiss" had begun.

Nancy, a whole year older than Charlie, and "just a bit" more experienced in these matters, had quickly become the aggressor and had then directed him to her bed, where she had backed him into the edge of the mattress and pushed gently. With a surprised, but feminine little laugh, Charlie had fallen flat on his back. The delectable temptress had continued her delightful attack and soon. Accompanied by playful tussling, wiggling and tickling had his delectable boy parts fully exposed. In very short order the young rogue had been introduced to, and was thoroughly experiencing the joy of a female's more intimate kiss. Being a whole twelve years old he had reached his peak very early in the game.

Not to be outdone by her youthful gallant, Nancy had quickly changed positions and was very shortly instructing him on how a woman wishes a man to begin making love to her. Telling him in a throaty voice to be slow and gentle, she'd directed his avid kisses to her breasts and stomach. She showed him how to excite and stimulate a girl with a mere caress by placing her hand over the back of his and then delightfully directing the eager appendage to the various, most-sensitive, parts of her own budding body.

Charlie, youthful male rogue that he was, had quickly recovered from his first-ever orgasm, and had proved to her that he was ready for more. As eager as he, she had then very deliberately, knowingly directed his erection to her special place. Again she had instructed her lad-in-lass' clothing in the correct procedure for giving a woman the ultimate pleasure, and being a very good student, the young degenerate, had soon proven to his youthful teacher he was quite capable of excelling in all his lessons.

Their teenage passion had soon regained its hold on them, and then, once again, for both of them, the whole earth moved. Long glorious moments later, as they had lain together resuming their normal breathing patterns, there was suddenly heard coming from outside the unmistakable sound of tires on wet gravel. This could only mean one thing... "OH! MY GOD... MY PARENTS! THEY'RE HOME!"

A mad dash to clean up the mess had begun. Nancy had tossed Charlie her father's robe had told him, "Just remove all the girl's clothes!" and then, "Here, put this on!", and finally, "Don't forget to wipe off the rest of that make up," as she'd hurried downstairs and had quietly explain to her parents why there was a boy upstairs in her bedroom. The redeeming portion of this truth-within-lie had been the fact that Charlie's clothes had been hung up in the furnace room to dry. Charlie had still gotten a withering "Death by Firing Squad" look from Nancy's mother as he'd waltzed past her clothed only in the purloined housecoat.

Still smiling, Rebecca looked fondly at the key chain and decided that the precocious treasure was just too precious to dispose of and slipped it into her handbag.



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