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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake, & Misty Dawn




Kicking off her white tennies, she peeled off her tight jeans and hung them on a hook on the closet inside wall. Balancing herself on one foot she removes her footie and then repeated the process for the removal of the other footie. These she laid atop the sneakers for dispersal in the morning. Finally grabbing up her silky see-through floor-length robe, she slid her feet into fuzzy pink slippers and shuffled over to the dresser. She tossed the robe on the bed, and removed the simple gold necklace and locket. Placing them in her jeweler’s travel pouch, she crossed her arms and lifted the delicate angora off her body. Carefully, she meticulously folded the tiny sweater and placed it in the drawer. She made a mental note to pick up some 'potpourri' to place in the dresser drawers.

Closing that drawer and opening another she selected a long cozy pale lemon cotton nightie and from the top drawer chose a fresh pair of matching panties. Turning towards the bed, she swept up the elegant robe in a smooth motion and proceeded towards the bath.

Pulling up the handle to engage the stopper, she began running water into the huge tub. Stripping to her delicate panties before suddenly thinking of a nice treat, for herself she donned the sheer nylon robe lying on the vanity counter with her new undies, and wiggled her way back into the living room. She loved this deliciously feminine robe because it so delightfully displayed and hinted at the treasures hidden beneath its voluminous folds. She surprised herself by wondering how Bob Arnold would react if he saw her dressed as she was. It gave her a wanton feeling in her middle regions.

Turning off the television that her male cousin had forgotten to do, she turned on the small stereo that she had noticed before. Talking aloud for the empty room to hear, she stated, "I must remember to ask Jeffery some more about this place."

Selecting an easy listening station, for background music, she rushed back to the tub to check its progress. Deciding that it was the perfect temperature, she dashed back out into the kitchen, selected a highboy glass from the well-stocked cupboard, and after placing it on the counter next to the refrigerator, opened the door and reached for a bottle of 'Sobe's' orange and carrot nectar. Placing that on the counter next to the glass, she wondered if there was any ice in the ice dispenser that adorned one of the doors of the stainless steel fridge.

Pushing her glass into the activator button she was rewarded by the tinkle of small perfectly formed cubes of ice hitting the bottom of her glass. Realizing her good fortune she remarks aloud, "Yes! Life is good!" as she pegged her way back over to the counter where her beverage awaited her attentions. Suddenly her mind clicked on a more pressing matter and she said "TUB!"

Quickly placing the glass back on the counter she raced back to the regal bathroom to inspect the water level in the monster tub. Relived to find that she was not faced with a huge mess to clean up, she selected a fresh bar of mandarin orange glycerin soap and pops it into the water. Becky then removed a huge bath sheet from under the vanity, along with a soaker towel for the floor, a full size towel, and a face cloth. Spreading the soaker towel on the floor in front of the tub she placed the rest of the bundle on the surround of the tub.

Convinced now that the tub was full enough, the delightful little blonde again checked the temperature and closed the faucets. Suddenly the small room becomes very quiet and she was acutely aware that she was quite alone in the huge apartment. Sighing softly with that satisfaction, she relaxed with the comfortable feeling that one can only appreciate after living by alone for many years.

Turning on her spike heels, she renewed her interrupted quest. Giggling all the way back to the kitchen to finish the task she had left unfinished in her haste to see to the tub, she unscrewed the cap of the 'Sobe's' and filled the glass to the rim. Recapping the bottle she placed the remained of the tasty juice back into the fridge, thinking it would be great to have with scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast, and was instantly off to finish her sojourn in the bathroom.

Pausing briefly in the bedroom, to pick up her novel, Rebecca re-entered the humid bathroom. Slipping off her scintillatingly sensuous robe, she removes her panties and placed them in a pile by the door to be sorted after her reward. Positioning her drink and book so she can easily reach them from inside the tub, she cocked her ear to check the level of the mellow music drifting in from the parlour.

A single soft sibilant sigh signaled she was finally ready. Carefully sticking a toe into the bath, she realized it was rather warm. Deciding that she could accept the slightly uncomfortable temperature, she placed her foot flatly onto the bottom of the tub and the brought the other foot in to join it.

Finally, carefully holding on to either side of the 'small pool' and the delicious blonde mermaid ever so gentle bent her knees, brought her full round, and so very sensitive tush down to the water’s surface. A slight intake of breath as it contacts the steamy liquid, and then, determined, the attempt to submerge her bountiful buns is made. Success was marked by the rather loud sigh, which escaped her full, so lovable mouth. A shiver of delight caused her shapely body to shudder visibly.

When the soft round cheeks of her delectable bottom touched down, she made a strange humming sound that showed the pleasure that she was experiencing. Being careful not to get her hands wet she lay back and discovered that if she wanted she could easily stretch right out and then some in the wading pool size tub.

Reaching for her book, the now very comfortable woman giggled, thinking, "This is what I have been waiting for all day."

After consuming most of her drink and digesting well over a chapter of the Rankin novel she suddenly became aware of the drop in the temperature of her liquid paradise. Placing her bookmark, the reluctant bather, carefully sat her book well out of reach of the water and proceeded to search for the long forgotten bar of soap she had dropped into the water over twenty minutes earlier. Giggling girlishly, grabbing the slippery object on her second attempt, she began to soap up the plush face cloth and clean her still very trim and quite firm middle-aged body. Convinced that she has performed the task to her exacting specifications she rose from the tub and depressed the drain lever.

Playing a childhood game with herself, that her and her mother played when she was quite small, Rebecca squeals as she jumps from the tub so the alligators coming up from the drain don't bite her toes. Giggling at her foolishness she reaches for the bath sheet and proceeds to pad her body dry with it. Wrapping it around her, and tucking the end between her breasts she then opens one of the doors under the vanity and removes her make up kit.

Searching thru the tackle box for her body lotion, Becky extracted a white plastic oval bottle of 'Vichy Skin Rejuvenator,' and with the exception of her face proceeds to massage it into the rest of her entire body. Placing it to the side of the counter, she then grabbed her jar of Ponds and couple of pads and gently removed what is left of the day’s makeup. Then, placing that on the counter next to the body lotion, she once again reaches into her magical box and retrieves the small bottle of 'Biotherm Hydrating Water-gel.'

After washing her face with tangerine soap, the lovely lass ever so carefully, gently applied the cleaner-moisturizer to her thirsty face, leaving it to be absorbed into the skin. Dropping the bath sheet to the floor Becky reached for her clean panties and slides them up her smooth legs. Performing the distasteful task of tucking the withered remains of 'Willy' back into its usual spot, she wiggled her saucy bottom into the wicked undergarment, then glanced critically into the mirror, ensuring that everything was properly in place.

Finally, reaching for another towel, she vigorously rubbed, to extract as much water as possible from her unruly blond "mop" that had accidentally gotten wet during her soak. Then while that towel was joining the other wet towel on the floor, she reached for her hairbrush and vigorously removed the tangles before they become too much of a nuisance.

Reaching for her nightdress she remembered her beverage and took a long cool refreshing sip of the delicious fluid. The soft cotton garment settled down over her womanly hips and draped around her curvaceous body, she stuffed her small, dainty feet into the tall fluffy high heeled slippers and then swirled her long silky see-through robe over her shoulders and onto her invigorated body.

Collecting the towels Rebecca placed them on the drying racks, then closed up her make up case and returned it to it's resting place. Turning on the tub again she took the facecloth and wiped down the inside of the tub. Next she picked up her soiled undergarments and gently rinsed them out in the sink. Hanging them over the now drying towels, Becky retrieved her book, the now empty glass, and after a final look around, shut off the light and pegged off towards the kitchen to put the glass in the dishwasher.

After placing the glass on the top rack, Becky began to think about preparing her long-overdue dinner. With that thought she suddenly remembered why she is hungry. An early morning Tea and Danish was hardly enough to keep her going the entire day. "No wonder I am so hungry."

Once again she opens the shining silver appliance to delve in its depths for inspiration. Surfacing with some endive lettuce, a tomato, some beans sprouts, and a carrot, she would make a passable salad with the few ingredients in her arms. Setting the saladians on the counter, she remembered seeing a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Pulling that down she found a bag of sultana raisins hiding behind. Checking to see their freshness she pronounces them sufficient for her needs. "Now all I need is some olive oil and I'm set... right Snippet?"

Realizing that her cat can't hear her here, Rebecca was suddenly overcome with a feeling of hopelessness and broke down right there on the spot. Wracked with pitiful sobs, she allowed herself to slide down the face of the cupboards until she is sitting on the cold stone floor. Uncaring, without feeling the sudden temperature change, she began to rock back and forth arms wrapped around her torso, offering comfort to her inner being as best they can.

After a few minutes of self-convincing to get over her self-pity, the lost lass was suddenly, painfully aware of the coldness invading her panty-clad butt. Slowly rising from the floor, she wiped her eyes with the soft sleeve of her silky robe and reached into her pocketbook for the ever-present Kleenex. After dabbing her eyes again, and with a quick blow of her nose, she was once again talked into preparing her now extremely late supper.

Arranging the chopped fruits and veggies into a bowl, Rebecca placed everything on a small wrought iron bistro table next to the large kitchen window. Retrieving the Calabrese bread from the zip lock bag, which she put all her bakery products, she deftly sliced off two slices, buttering them before sealing the aromatic bread back in it's air tight container.

Rebecca then reached for two small side-dish plates. Placing the bread on one, she poured equal amounts of the savoury vinegar and olive oil on to the plate and placed them both next to her the rest of her dinner, thinking, "That bread is going to be wonderful with this, it always is." "Tee-hee."

Opening the kitchen drawer, she withdrew a fork, with which to eat her salad, and placed it on the place mat that was already on the table. Opening a fresh package of paper napkins, she then sat to and enjoyed her evening repast. Enjoying the late faire, she reminded herself to make a list of the ingredients that she would require making a raspberry vinaigrette dressing for her fresh greens.

Now satisfied the wonderful woman quickly cleaned up the mess made from the meal and shutting off the kitchen light strolled back into the living area.

Very unceremoniously she flopped down on the love seat and remained in the relaxed position for at least thirty seconds, before reality set in and she was up and off to tackle the next chore. Making her way into the bedroom to retrieve her purse... "Damn! Oops! Sorry momma." she exclaimed looking skyward. "Have to phone Bob! He'll be wondering where I am." Her mind shifted into seek mode, forgetting all about the task she was just about to perform. "Now where is that ---- cell phone?"

The instrument was found sitting beside her purse on the nightstand and she thought it possible to kill two birds with one stone. Returning to the living room she turned up the thermostat to engage the natural gas fireplace. She sat back down on her seat, this time curling her long, lovely legs underneath her as she started to punch in the numbers. After attempting to dial the number for the second time, Becky conceded defeat and finally searched in her purse for the number. She blessed herself for remembering to retrieve the info form the jacket she wore today before hanging it away.

"Hello, Rebecca."

"How did you know it was me?"

"Oh! Didn't I tell you I'm clairvoyant?" Bob stated flatly.

"Liar!" she exclaimed into the phone without thinking.

"No. Really I can tell these things. Listen I’ll read your mind okay? Rebecca!" He laughed. "That is not a very lady like thing to be thinking."

At his last statement she began to giggle uncontrollably.

"No honestly I have call display, and I recognized your cousin's number from earlier... and since I knew you would be calling... I just put two and two together..."

There was a long pause in the conversation as if each were waiting for the other to start talking. Finally, Bob began, "Rebecca..."

"Yes, Bob?"

"Rebecca I don't have that much to do tomorrow, just a few things to clean up. I was thinking... why don't you let me take you to lunch tomorrow... I know this very nice little restaurant just a few minutes outside the city, and we could go there, and maybe we could go for a little drive. We could make a day of it. What do you say?"

"Well I have a few things I have to clean up in the morning as well. So I guess I could have them all finished by noon. I would love to go to lunch with you, Bob... That would be just fine," the now blushing woman explained. "Why do I act like I'm an adolescent school girl every time I open my mouth to speak to him?" she wondered to herself at the same time as he was talking.

"Great... So I'll pick you up say... shortly after twelve. We can go have lunch and then maybe do a little exploring."

Suddenly, the implications of what she had just agreed to hit her. "Bob? What kind of restaurant is this you are talking about? And what do you mean by exploring?"

Using his best used car sales man persona the persistent suitor replied, "Trust me... you'll love...It will be fantastic... Or my name isn't Robert Bartholomew Arnold."

"Bartholomew?" a little voice snorted, then giggled. "Bart."

"Ya, Ya. Very funny." Bob replied, trying to remain serious without himself cracking up.

"Okay... So I will pick you up around twelveish... And we'll be off for the afternoon."

"Not so fast there, Romeo... You still haven't told what kind of restaurant this is ... and I'm not entirely sure I want to go exploring," she fires back at him.

"Okay... I assume you are asking because you are trying to figure out what to wear. Well... I really liked what you were wearing today..."

"Robert... you are avoiding the question,'' Rebecca accused in her stern school marm manner.

"Okay. Wear something somewhat nice, business attire, or a little sporty if you desire. Oh, and bring a sweater or a jacket, in case it gets cool... and as for exploring... I mean shops and things like that... It's not like I would take you up the side of a mountain or anything like that... give me some credit. So don't worry about that." He was trying not to smile because that was exactly what he planned to do.

"Okay... I'm sorry for doubting you... I just had visions of tromping around The Capillano Suspension Bridge in heels."

"What's your address so I can pick you up?" he asked, reaching for the hotel stationary. After surrendering the information to him, Rebecca returned the info to her purse. When she returned it to the table in front of her the accessory caught a corner and upset all over the living room carpet. Waving her hand at it as if the contents were going to run away she continued with the conversation.

"Okay. So, noon it is... I'll see you then. Good night, Rebecca... Have a good night’s rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

"Good night, Bob. Sleep well."

With a clink the conversation ended, and she shut the tiny phone and placed it on the table in front of her. Now, confronted with the mess her purse made, she dropped to her dimpled knees on the thick Berber carpet and began an effort to retrieve the scattered items. While returning the contents back in her purse, she does not find her key chain among them.

Searching for the lost item the excited searcher began to become more frantic in her movements. A few seconds later she was becoming quite frustrated, and on hands and knees with her face to the floor searching under the love seat she was sitting on just moments ago. Thinking she had better not have lost it, the delightfully packaged girl was becoming more and more agitated by the second.

Finally discovering the elusive gold object under the sofa, she extracted it from its hiding spot. "HA! Gotcha!" Suddenly, her mind retreated back to the time Charlie had almost lost the key chain. That had been many years before.

Sliding back onto the comfortable loveseat, Becky’s mind returned vivid images of Charlie’s first job after graduation. Charlie had just finished an accelerated course in Geology at The University of Alberta in Edmonton. He had been hired by his idol in the paleontology world, none other than Dr. Peter Gharries. Charles had grown up hearing stories of how hthe good Doctor had made fantastic discoveries in his field while still at graduate student himself. Now the Doctor had plans to open a museum in the Red Deer valley specializing in exibits that had been excavated along the river and surrounding area over the last 100 years.

And Charles Stewart, just out-of-college, a "still wet behind the ears" twenty-four year old, was going to be working for him on a dig site in the Badlands of Alberta. The jubilant youthful adult had been to Days Dig's site many times as a student, only wishing that perhaps he would one day be privileged to work here after graduating. Never in his life thinking that his fondest dream was about to become reality.

With a quiet grin, Rebecca remembered the day Charlie reported for work at the steel Quonset hut, the meagre beginning of Doctor Peter Gharries' legacy. He bumbled and stumbled around the shop on that first day, too overjoyed to believe that he was actually here. At that time Charlie firmly believed that the key chain was his own personal 'mojo' and proudly displayed the fob half sticking out of his pants pocket. He was going to actually help Dr. Gharries. His supervisor was about to introduce the young pup to the good doctor.

When, in the course of following the super, Charlie came up to the area where Doctor Gharries was working, he noticed that they were just finished wrapping a fragile specimen of a Hadrosaur (A duck billed dinosaur) and were proceeding to immerse it in plaster of paris to ensure that it would remain preserved until they had a chance to examine the specimen more carefully. Then, as Charlie was being introduced to his idol, Doctor Gharries, his nervous hand shot up to shake the doctor's outstretched hand.

On the way by the sleeve of his shirt got caught on the key fob hanging out of his pocket and extracted it from the trouser pocket and it landed in the middle of the plaster of Paris mold. Sensing something was amiss Charlie twisted slightly and inadvertently kicked the tray containing the specimen with the white slurry. A frantic scream of, "Hey! Watch it!" from one of the other members quickly brought Charlie back to reality.

"Do you have any idea what you almost did there you idiot!" the same person continued, yelling, "That specimen is over sixty-eight million years old, and it happens to be the first complete tail section ever found!"

"I'm sorry.'' the panicked lad exclaimed, "Good going, Klutz. Get fired on the first day of your dream job," he berated himself fiercely.

"Oh, relax, Bill." The good doctor smiled. "No harm done. The kid didn't mean to do it. He’s just a little nervous… Don’t you remember your first day on the job…?"

Seeing that Charlie was in fact just as frightened as he had described, Peter Gharries drew Charlie to one side and comforted the much smaller young man with an arm strung across Charlie's shoulder. Charlie, being more Rebecca Anne than Charles Allan Stewart, all but melted at the handsome man’s comforting touch. Quickly, as reality hit Charlie again, he remembered where he was , and reminded him self that what he was feeling was likely not even related to what the doctor would likely be feeling. Dr. Gharries asked him a few questions about where he had studied and where he was from, putting the 'lassie lad' at ease.

Soon everyone had gone back to doing whatever it was they were doing before the mishap, and life slowly returned to normal and continued onward. Charlie was told by the still irate Bill Taylor to help sort the mold containers, "And for God's sake, don't be so damn clumsy next time."

Later that same day Charlie relaxed and a tiny bit more confident, absent- mindedly reached to stroke his talisman. A surge of fear extended through his body as he realized that "It's not there!"

Franticly, the youth had then searched the area around him looking for the lost key chain. "Just great. My room key and my car keys are on that thing. And now I've lost the whole lot... Smooth move, Exlax!" Charlie chided himself again.

"Stewart! Just what is your problem now!" Bill’s brash, booming voice crashed through the fog of adrenaline and justified concern.


"Look lad... I don't know what the hell you're doing but we have to get this job done, these things have to get loaded and shipped back to the center, TODAY!"

"Sorry" Charlie explained. "I’ve lost my keys somewhere and I was searching for them."

"Well look for the bloody things after we load this damn truck!" Taylor yelled.

The thoroughly cowed boy frantically obeyed, resumed his work hoping that today, his first day, was not also his last day.

In the meantime Peter Gharries had extracted the form from around his latest find. A glint of something in the cast, caused by the late afternoon sun, tweaked his curiosity "Wonder what that could possibly be?" Curious, the experienced rock sniffer began chipping away at the protective form.

"Mike... Hand me your lapidary hammer for a second will you."

"Sure Doc. What's up?"

Chipping away in earnest at the mold, the glinting object began to reveal itself. "Well looky here." Pete guffawed cheerfully when he finally extracted a set of keys, fob and chain from the crumbling plaster. "Th’ kid must have dropped them in the batch this morning."

A quick look around the shop revealed to the doctor that the diminutive boy was actually struggling with the bunch of empty molds, trying in vain to load them on the back of the five-ton parked at the huts entrance. Walking up to Charlie, Peter Gharries dangled the chain from his little finger and asked him, "Loose something?"

"MY KEYS!" Charlie squeaked, in a none-too masculine voice, "Where ever did you find them?" He then continued, in an almost girlish gush, "Oh, Doctor Gharries, thank you very much."

"Easy kid," the doctor chuckled. "It's just a bunch of keys." He then explained to Charlie where he located them and how he had to extract them. He then jokingly told him that they were almost preserved for infinity in the cast.

"How can I ever repay you for finding them, Doctor Gharries?" the over-exuberant, delicate youth asked. His large eyes sparkled his idyllic delight.

"No big deal kid... you can buy me a beer on payday and we'll call it square... All right?"

"You bet Dr. Gharries. I’ll buy you a whole case of beer."

"Not necessary kid. Just a cold one after work on Friday will be perfect."

As the large man walked away, Charlie couldn't help but notice the evil look on Bill Taylor’s face as his stare drilled into Charlie’s body. Gulping quickly, he shivered and returned to work.

Examining the key fob closely, Rebecca imagined she could see a tiny speck of plaster of paris on the gold maple leaf.

Suddenly aware of it being late at night, she exclaimed, "What time is it?" asking aloud of no one in particular. "Jeesh, its after eleven! No wonder I'm knackered." As her troubled mind ran thru the events of the day, Becky suddenly realized she really was very tired and thoughts of a good night’s sleep became very important. Gathering up her purse, she began to turn out the lights as she goes from room to room checking security. For the sake of her own peace of mind, Rebecca checked the front door one more time… just in case.

With a silent sibilant sigh, she snatched up her purse on her way into the bedroom. Depositing her purse on the wingback chair next to the window in her room, she proceeded into the bathroom to take care the last bits of business. Then, finally, grabbing her Rankin novel from the night table, she wondered how many sentences she will get through tonight before exhaustion finally claims her.


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