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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake, & Misty Dawn



The next morning come early, as the dawn penetrated her room. Waking up from a very deep sleep she almost felt hung over. All she knew was that, "Yes, I have to pee... and right now!" as she unravelled her self from the bed linens.

Rebecca convinced her self to wake up as she sat there doing her best "Rodan's 'The Thinker'," imitation. "Tea." she mumbled, washing her face and hands. ''I need tea!"

Less than ten minutes later, sitting in the breakfast nook in another slinky robe and high-heeled slippers, she stared out into the side garden, absent-mindedly sipping her favourite wake-up beverage. After allowing her self the luxury of sitting quietly for a whole 15 minutes, the sensational minx was up and on her way to the shower to begin another busy day.

Heading into the bath area to test out the shower stall, she stopped by the ornate dresser to extract a pair of soft cotton panties and a matching bra. Before fully entering the enclosed stall, the delicious blonde emitted a small squeak as she realized that the water was just a wee tab cooler than she thought. "I would have frozen my tush!" She commented silently while readjusting the temperature of the water flowing from the pulser head, then stepping in.

After thoroughly checking every scintillating centimeter of her soft smooth skin for the errant hair, she began scrubbing her body with the scrunchie, simply teeming with millions of mandarin scented bubbles. Finally forcing it, Becky reluctantly stepped out of the invigorating wash. Patting herself dry with the huge fluffy bath sheet, wondering what she would wear today, her face lit up with an idea. "Why of course... My Lady of the Manor look...Perfect! Now, if I just have everything here." Becky smiled at her ingenuity of coming up with the perfect outfit for today's outing.

For the running around she had to do this morning, she chose a mid-calf, Glen Check tweed skirt, that she had worn to a very successful, but equally stressful Thanksgiving Day family dinner she had hosted just a couple of weeks before. "That and my boots, and that nice lemon yellow blouse I just bought, with my cardigan... Yes, that should be just right... Then when I get back... quickly exchange my blouse for that cream cowl neck sweater, add my tweed jacket with the leather patches, and If I lift the collar up it will be perfect!" "Girl. You are a genius!"

She then gave herself the morning precursory inspection for flaws, and imperfections." We'll ignore this little one right here." the middle aged teenager thought, referring to the useless bit of flesh attached to her other wise smooth front. All the while inspecting her body, the winsome woman gently rubbed the silky body cream into her soft skin. "Darn! You look good... For an old broad!" Becky giggled. "Yes. Not bad for a middle-aged woman." As she continued this discussion with her self, (ed: We all do this don't we?) still performing her inspection, she turned side ways again to get another view. Striking her best modeling position, giving her form an honest critique, she decided she really was not ALL the bad looking.

"Strike a pose... Vogue!" the impish woman shouted. "Come on Madonna. Better put your bra on... Or else those little boobies of ours will begin to head south on you." Reluctantly, as much as she would love to have gone without it today, she reached for her "B" cup bra, leaned over and positioned it properly. She sighed heavily with resignation, as she slid her arms thru the straps and stood up. Reaching around back, she did up the little hook and eye fasteners as if she had performed this task daily since age twelve.

Becky reached into the cups and positioned the tender globes, and smiled, "God, I'm glad I don't have those pendulous things that I've see other women my age have. Nothing would possess me to have breasts that big. Then she paraded around the room doing her best Bimbo imitation, she asked herself, "How do they get taken seriously with boobs that big. Every guy stares at them, and doesn't care what comes out of your mouth, or what you think... Jeesh I'm already a bit of a ditz"... "I don't need any help. Thank you!"

Hey, Blondie! Don't you think you better get moving here? Lots to do today... and we have to look extra special for Bachelor number one!"

"God he's cute!" Rebecca exclaimed aloud, and then getting back into the swing of things, Blondie put on her base coat and lightly added some rich autumn colors to her twinkling eyes. Deciding that her eyebrows were all right for now, she began to wonder about ... "What do I do with this Rat's Nest?" She ran a brush thru the slightly graying blonde tresses, wishing… The conversation with her self continued, I wish I had time to go to a hairdresser this morning.... hold it a second, Bumb Dunnie. You don't even know a single hairdresser around here... you are not back on the island and you can just call up Cissy and tell her, you are on your way over... Well duh! Mental note number four hundred thirty-seven billion, ask Prue for the name of a decent hairdresser in the area.

Stopping in mid stroke it suddenly dawned on her what she had just said. Fighting back tears, she realized the futility of her last statement. Reaching out, she grabbed the counter for support, the shaking that had started quickly spread thru her entire body, until it was all she could do to stand in an upright position. Trying hard to convince her self that she was stronger than this stupid disease, she forcefully said aloud. "I will not cry... I am stronger than you... I will not let you consume me..." Rebecca began thinking of more positive things to get her mind off of the sorrow, and self pity she felt. As she reached for a Kleenex to dab her eyes before a tear could escape and roll down her cheek, she began to think of the schedule for today's activities. "I will focus on the positive and TO HELL with the bad!" she said, "Sorry Momma," as she looked skyward praying that her slight slip would be forgiven.

Leaving her 'funk' behind, Becky mentally went through a list of the things she had to accomplish in the next few hours. "Okay. Curl my hair ... get dressed... well duh! Those are gimmies... okay... I have to go to the phone exchange and get a number activated, I have to go to, or at least call the cable company to get that done... Oh Darn! BC Gas, and BC Hydro.... Hold it... nope taken care of ... good thing it's part of the lease... Ya! Good thing, Disbo!" She mentally chided herself.

Our time-challenged heroine, pulled her hair back, and with the aid of a hair comb and a few other hairdresser tricks, was able to make a half way professional looking bun at the back of her head. This after deciding the bun was more presentable than the twisted up ponytail look she had originally planned. Now, what's the scent for today? Huummm. Let me see, Lady of the Manor... Paloma Picasso... nay too exotic... Neiges Lise Water? Perfect! Light, but, oh so very classy, me lassie. Becky sometimes you are a genius.... I know… aren't I just fantastic? Must be those god-like abilities I have."

Reaching for the Braun electric toothbrush, and after she added a dab of Pearl Drops toothpaste, she put it in her mouth and switched it on. Mentally counting out the prerequisite two minutes of what's purported to be optimum brushing time, she let the vibrating appliance do its job.

Back in the bedroom, the gracious "Lady of the Manor" finished getting dressed. She paused reflecting, "Maybe I should just wear a pair of slacks and save my skirt for later? Well girl you better pitter-patter, cause it's nearly time, and Jeffery will be here very soon... Right. How about this?" She asked as she pulled a pair of basic black high waist slacks from the closet. Naw... Too dressy", she sighed, returning them to their position, while shaking her head. "Now what?" Rebecca snapped sharply. "Oh… Pooh!"

Reaching for the outfit she had originally decided upon, she took the garments over to the bed and laid them carefully. Drawing a pair of suntan panty hose from the drawer, Becky slid them smoothly up her legs to rest comfortably about her waist. She then slipped on the high neck lemon blouse and did up all twelve of the little pearl buttons on the front and the 4 more on each sleeve. Securing her top inside her pantyhose, to ensure that it remained "tucked in," Rebecca got an impulsive idea to put on the mid calf black riding boots.

Slipping them on, she stood to and gazed into the mirror above the triple dresser. Thinking to her self that all she needed was an eighteen-inch riding crop to complete the picture of a stern dominatrix, she laughingly pulled the skirt from the bed and stepped into it, pulling it up and fastening it on the side. Then, after deciding once again that this is indeed the perfect outfit for this morning, she returned to the bathroom for one last inspection. With a quick spritz of her hair and covering her luscious lips with cinnamon colored lipstick, she was finally pleased with the results.

A short ring of the telephone broke the solitude. Rebecca rushed over to the phone on the nightstand thinking, "I thought Jeffery said the phones didn't work?"


"Bek. It's me… Buzz me in."

"Jeffery... Now, how do I do that?" she returned in curious tones.

"How the hel-" a distinct throat clearing can then be heard. "I don't know, Rebecca.... There most be some number or code you enter to open the door."

"Hold on I'll be right down... Go wait in the car. Are you out front or out back?"

"I'm out front, Rebecca," he stated very dryly. The tone of the words told her he was doing all he could to keep from making a comment about how classic "Blonde" her question had been.

"Be right there."

Hanging up the phone she reached for the cardigan, slid it thru the strap on her purse, checked for keys, her hair and one last look in the mirror at the over-all appearance and started towards the door. "Phone!" she remembered suddenly and scooped up Jeffery's cell and dropped it in her purse. One last quick check in the mirror, for security reasons, she told herself, and then she was out the door, locking it behind her. Down the stairs and out the door she walked, down the stone path to Jeffery's Flash Car, she flew... gracefully, of course.

"Good morning Jeffery!" she quipped, sliding into the seat and fastening her seat belt.

Jeffery who has not had the required amount of caffeine to properly stimulate him, or the prerequisite amount of sleep mumbled an incoherent, inconsequential, "'Lo," to his pretty, perky cousin.

"My, but aren't we the chipper one this morning?" the more alert cousin remarked.

Suddenly she noticed the state of her cousin's appearance, the unshaven face, and that he still had yesterday's clothes on. Speaking with out thinking, she asked, "Jeffery, why are you still wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday?" Then, suddenly, realizing the answer was none of her business, she told him. "Never mind, Jeffery. I am sure ... I would rather not know." She turned her attention to the road and sat primly gazing forward through the windshield while he drove.

That "prim and proper" mode earned her a dirty look from her scruffy-looking, fatigued cousin.

After a few minutes drive in absolute silence, the Beamer suddenly whipped a quick turn into The Night and Day Cafe. "Gotta have a coffee." Jeffery leapt from the European auto, leaving Becky to simmer in her own embarrassment while he went inside. Returning quickly, he placed the enormous cup into the nearest of the cup holders the auto manufacturer had so conveniently installed. Before engaging the transmission, Jeffery took a very long, and very loud slurp on his morning addiction.

Smiling inwardly Rebecca thought to her self. "Guess they never had time to make coffee this morning... Must have been a long night... Wonder if Prue is in this bad of shape?"

Soon the little car swung into a lot at an enclosed mall. Jeffery announced that this was their first stop. Both exited from the car. Rebecca decided it was a bit cool, she slid her cardigan thru the purse strap and then handed the purse to her large male cousin. "Please hold this for a second, Jeffery," she told him and began to walk towards the mall, donning the sweater at the same time.

The dumbstruck, ultra macho, alpha male Jeffery could do nothing but follow along, with the very feminine accessory almost polluting his fingertips. Rebecca looked over her shoulder and saw the uncomfortable expression on her cousin's face. She smiled ruthlessly, she knew exactly what is running thru his mind right then, willing to bet the big money that it was something along the lines of..."God! I hope no one I know sees this... Jeeze! What was she thinking?"

Finally, determining that she had tortured her poor cousin enough, Becky reached over and retrieved the offensive article from him. "Thanks."

"Ya. Right," was the only response she received, but he held the mall door open for her to enter...and smiled, tightly.

"Now there should be a mall directory around here somewhere?" Jeffery commanded, not quite regaining his self-imposed, lost male stature. "Okay... Phone Mart... " Jeff said as his finger traced down the list of businesses named in the mall.

Rebecca looked around at the stores in the complex. She noticed quite a few that she would dearly love to shop, if only she could afford it. "Jeffery? What is the name of this mall we are in?"

"Whaaa...?"... Oh... Oakridge Centre."

"Nice mall." Rebecca said back.

"Bingo! A-21." Jeffery nearly shouted. "Let's see ... yeah … next to HMV Sound. Let's go." he shouted again and began pacing rapidly thru the mall; a man with a purpose.

Rebecca followed as fast as she could, thankful the riding boots did not have a fashion heel, but blessedly, the shorter riding heel. Otherwise, she could never have kept up. Still, with a conscious effort to keep up, she arrived only a few paces behind him.

After waiting much too long in the phone company's idea of, "serving you more efficiently" line, Rebecca finally arrived at the counter. After giving all the pertinent details to the clerk and after the clerk verifying in her computer that yes, Rebecca Stewart did have an account with them and that, yes, her account was in good standing, the phone company clerk graciously conceded that the phone company could activate service at the specified location, and very possibly before end of business today. Finally, after turning down the offer of more added services from the robotic clerk, Becky surrendered her debit card for payment of the first month's service and fees. Less than enthusiastically, she was thanked by the clerk for shopping at the Phone Mart and was informed that she was entitled to a free Vancouver Phone Directory and a free Vancouver Business Directory. Turning, Becky noticed that Jeffery had already helped him self to her free copies.

Next stop Roger's Cable. Another search on the mall directory told the pair that the Cable giant was on the other side of the mall.

"Well, of course it is," Rebecca complained. "It wouldn't be any other way."

Jeff just looked at her and said, "Murphy's Law."

They began the quest once again. Along the way Rebecca considered, "There really are some great shops in this mall. I would love to spend some time in here." The blonde beauty, her head, revolving like a top, spotted her favourite lingerie store. "La Senza," she cooed loudly. "Jeffery! Stop! I must go in here." And before her surprised cousin could open his mouth to protest, Becky had entered the shop.

Deciding that there was no way he would ever be caught dead in there, the male planted his large self on a hard marble-like bench amongst the ferns with others of his gender also left to wait for their partners. Being one of the "typical" male types, boredom soon overcame him and he began 'checking out the action' with the rest of the Neanderthals.

A very scanty fifteen minutes later, Becky KNEW it was scant…" Really... I mean fifteen minutes in an undies store is barely enough time to check out the sale merchandise... Isn't that right?" Exiting the store with a bag clasped in her hand, smiling at her good fortune, she happily reflected on the deal she had just gotten on really a too-sexy, sheer black silk, shorty peignoir set. "Hehe, all that leg on display, and for forty percent off… on the FOUR-PIECE set! And that fifteen percent off on those Vanity Fair hipsters... Such a bargoon!"

"Finally!" Jeffery remarked sharply, at the appearance of his cousin. They quickly finished crossing the mall.

At the Cable Service Centre, Jeffery was checking out all the neat Guy's toys rack while Becky stood in the efficient--she had to laugh, Want to increase efficiency? Improve your Customer Service Department. That's how--line up. She went through an almost exact repeat of the phone company's interrogation; she was duly informed that the service would be activated "as soon as a service rep can be scheduled to inspect the facilities to ensure that the installation is working properly."

"Would she please make herself available Wednesday and Thursday of next week?" Becky informed the clerk that on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, she could not be available. She asked if it was possible to work around it and was told, "We'll see what we can do." This was not what she wanted to hear; especially when the clerk could not specify even an approximate time the Tech would be by. Just some time either one of those days. Paying for the service one month in advance, not the six months they wanted her to pay, Rebecca left the shop glad that that was over.

"Jeffery I could use a cup of tea and a sit down for a few... do you think we could arrange that?"

"Sure CUZ! I'm getting hungry anyway." He then scouted the area for his favourite breakfast provider.

"No. I want to go to a real restaurant, or bistro at the least, Jeffery. NOT! The drive thru of that cholesterol factory you stopped at yesterday."

"Hey there's nothing wrong with their food ... It's all inspected you know," he stated proudly.

"By who? Ronald himself?" She was hoping that he would get the point.

Coming suddenly across a quiet little food place situated in front of the Polo Shop, his protest was sharp. "You can't be serious?" Jeffery barked, "This place doesn't serve man food. How am I supposed to get breakfast here? Ya, gimme a couple dozen biscotti's and hey, some of those darling little puffy spinach things and oh yeah, a cuppa' Joe, will ya?" he joked, effecting effeminate airs. He was hoping that if he whined enough his determined cousin would give in, and they could head for that big yellow 'M'.

"That sounds perfect Jeffery, except I really do not think even you could not eat two dozen Biscotti, but I truly would like one, with a nice cup of pekoe tea, please." The older female stated regally as she moved to a table with out snickering too obviously.

With a loud, "Harrumph!" Jeffery made his way to the counter to, indeed, order biscotti's, spinach and cream cheese puffs, and the required beverages for both. Depositing the tray on the table, he sat and immediately began his, "starving wolf making food disappear" act again. Rebecca calmly placed the napkin on her lap and doctored her tea. After they had finished their little break, Jeffery asked if there was anything else she had to do. Before she could answer him, the phone in her purse chirped and nearly frightened her girl out of her seat.

Reaching for the persistent object, the blonde beauty flipped open the flap and asked, "Hello?"

"Sorry, wrong number!" and they were gone.

Rebecca quizzically looked at the phone, and then, with a small shrug, returned it to her purse. It suddenly chirped again. This time Jeffery reached for the phone from Rebecca's hand.

"Yo! Ya what? You just call a second ago? Naw, my cuz... Lent her my phone till hers gets connected. Hey, how was the match? Really? Really? No way! Yer shittin' me…she did? Britney actually hit some guy over the head with a table? Whose boyfriend? Well, she's a skank anyway."

"JEFFERY! That is not polite a conversation to be having in public," Rebecca chastised.

He just stuck his finger in the opposite ear and bent over more to concentrate on what his friend was saying.

"Hey, I'm just glad you liked them. So, did Paul get pissed? ... Ya. I know, three beers and he's gone... "

Rebecca rose from the table and indicated that she would be in the Polo shop awaiting the completion of his call.

Jeffery just waved his arm as if to say ... Ya go. Bye.

Moments later she was joined by her very rumpled looking cousin after completing his call. "Shall we make like a tree and leave?" he asked.

Rebecca still upset at the way he referred to the female on the phone, just smiled and preceded him out the shop.

"Woo! Is she upset, or what?" Jeff remarked to no one in particular, and joined his cousin already heading back towards the exit.


Returning to the stately home, Rebecca thanked her cousin for all his efforts and help, and that she would call him in the next few days and arrange for him to come to dinner.

Passing the multiple security checkpoints to re-enter her apartment she was at last 'Home from the wars.'

"GHAD! Eleven-fifteen! You can do this, Becky!" the lovely lass boasted broadly as she removed the cardigan on her way into the bedroom. Stripping off the morning blouse, hanging both back inside the closet, after carefully inspecting them closely for any sign of perspiration or foreign objects. Still wearing the boots, she wandered into the ensuite to repair any damage done to her morning makeup ministrations. A brief touch up was probably in order but...I'll do that after I put on my sweater, rippled through her mind while she stood smiling at the mirror.

Again she reached for the Braun and let it do it's thing, only this time she used the Mint-flavoured Pearl Drops tooth polish she picked up at he Safeway last night. Smiling back her own self-made, dazzling smile, she realized she was happy, as well as being pleased with the results and then it was off to the bedroom again. She located the cream coloured, cowl neck, soft, fluffy Angora sweater she had in mind for the coming afternoon rendezvous and oh so gently pulled it over her head as not to upset her hair.

Zipping back into the bathroom the woman, her insides warming, reminding one of a delicate, beautiful butterfly preening before selecting a mate, straightened the sweater and twisted and turned provocatively while inspecting her appearance from every angle for the most minute flaw, ensuring that her display is indeed perfect and will indeed attract the male she had selected.

A quick dab to rid her face of shiny spots, the tiniest bit of blush applied to the high cheekbones, then move on to the hair, the ritual is followed to completion. She retrieved a small six-inch, two-sided mirror from under the vanity, manoeuvred it to inspect the back of her head. After fixing a few stray hairs with the tail of her comb, she gives her hair a good coat of the extra hold aerosol Cement-In-A-Can. Finally, once again spraying the air with today's scent, knowing her target male is doomed long before taking this final, so-fatal-to-the-male action, the temptress stepped into the mist, letting its soft fragrance envelope her enticing body entirely.

Fitting a few gold rings on her slim fingers, Rebecca slipped the tweed jacket off its hanger and placed it hanging over the footboard. Assured the coming frontal assault on the doomed males thrice-weakened defences will result in the ultimate victory, she placed the required support items necessary to the maintenance of her frontline weaponry in her handbag. The winsome Warrioress turned out the light and returned to the bedroom to inspect it for any thing that just might be out of place.

Better check the living room and kitchen to ensure that everything there is its usual state of readiness. She berated herself for being so fastidious, and told herself that, "Martha Stewart, and Lynette Jennings don't even know where I live right now so they will not be paying me a surprise visit. And besides I think Martha has a little bit more on her plate right now than coming to see me."

The amateur comedian laughed at her attempt at humour, but told herself to "keep your day job. Blondie" and decided she was ready. With a soft sigh and small smile, she sat down in the wingback chair in front of the bookcase and remarked that she made it.

The noonday sun was streaming thru the windows and showed off all the bits of pollen and dust that were caught within its autumn beam. Thinking about absolutely nothing, Rebecca allowed her troubled mind drift freely among the dust motes that floated about the room.

Suddenly, she was returned to reality by the pesky little chirping of the telephone across the room. She rose from her comfy seat and walked over to pick up the receiver of the small tabletop telephone. Knowing that this sound was the signal of someone at the front door, she gave the correct response this time.


"Hi Rebecca... It's Bob."

"Oh hi, Bob." The woman suddenly came to life at the thought of being with the handsome man for the afternoon.

"Hi. You want t let me in?"

Bob heard a muffled giggled as her soft reply thru the intercom system. "Oh. Oh... Sorry... Um..."


"Oh pooh! Bob! How do you work this thing?" she asked in a querulous quip.

Almost cracking up at the high school like behaviour of both of them, her handsome swain offered. "Try pressing six."

The instant the number was pressed a loud click that could be heard as the door allowed her suitor entry. Bob was next faced with a buzzing sound, and he reached for the inside vestibule before it stopped. "Nice digs," the wealthy entrepreneur chuckled, and while he took in the details of the foyer, his eyes, following the inlaid tiles up to the top of the stairs, were awarded a breathtaking view of his lovely date smiling down at him at the top of the sprawling staircase.

An almost stupid grin came to his face, lit it up and caused his cheeks to burn with heated emotions he was not sure she was ready to see. Taking the steps two at a time the middle-aged man had Rebecca's firm familiar form in his brawny arms in mere seconds. The prerequisite greeting sent the melting, melding duo on a near one-way trip into 'la la land'. Finally the very sexy and emotional kiss ended. Bubbling over inside, Becky quietly cleared her throat and whispered, "Hi... I missed you."

"I missed you too," the love-struck, would-be lover replied huskily.

In the momentary silence only lovers enjoy, they stared at one another for another few seconds before reality struck them and they recognized how foolish it would appear to anyone catching them playing 'kissy-face', as Jeffery had called it. Finally finding his voice again Bob offered. "This is for you." And extended his arm with a single blood red American Beauty Rose in his hand.

"Oh, Robert! Oh! Bob!" she gushed, "It's beautiful!" Becky gently lifted the delicate flower to her nose to take in the delicious fragrance.

Turning swiftly, suddenly all too aware of their vulnerability standing there on the stairs, Rebecca took Bob by the hand and escorted him into her apartment and closed the door. Almost giving in to the urge to attack the man right there she was stopped only when her conquest broke her train of thought.

"Ah… we… uh… Martin's parked out there… un… front of the building, probably taking up far too many parking spots... so if you are almost ready… huummm… we should get going."

"Just give a tic, and I'll be right with you." Becky remarked in a shaken-to-the-core whisper and was suddenly flying back into the bath to apply her lipstick and do a final last minute inspection. Deciding that she was the best that she was going to be, she gave her self a quick 'Thumbs up' and while striking a pose decided that her Lady of the Manor look was complete. Back in the bedroom she looked to ensure that her purse had all the essentials.

"If you are ready. Sir" she giggled.

"Yes quite," was Bob's tight-throated reply. "Becky you look incredible!"

"Well... Thank you, Bob," she smiled enthusiastically. "You are looking pretty all right yourself."

They both realized then that they were wearing almost exactly the same outfits, aside from his being the male version that is.

"Jeesh... you'd thought we'd phoned each other and decided on what clothes to wear the way we are dressed." Bob pointed out with a show of his hands.

With a very demure little giggle Rebecca replied. "We're matched like 'Broons coows'."

With a snort Robert finally lost his composure and heartily laughed, "Lets get outa' here."

After ensuring that all was secure, Rebecca took the proffered arm and strolled lazily down the staircase as Bob led the way.

The moment the pair exited the door, Martin jumped from the driver's seat and scurried to open the rear passenger side door for the couple and with a small bow and a tip of his cap greeted her as she approached the car. "Good afternoon, Miss Rebecca. What a pleasant day it is today."

Taken off guard but quickly regaining her poise the very impressed woman replied, "Good afternoon Martin... Yes it is a very pleasant day isn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said as he deftly handed her into the Mercedes.

Unbeknownst to Rebecca, the two men exchange a look that told each other that everything was going according to plan. A moment more and Bob was seated beside her and Martin was back in the driver's seat. The powerful luxury car pulled away from the curb and they were off. Without a word Martin raised the privacy window and the pair of lovebirds was separated from the rest of the world. Sitting as demurely as possible with the rose held tightly in her grasp, she could only smile at the Story Book World that was quickly enveloping her and prayed she was not dreaming.

"Becky I have some refreshments if you would like," Bob offered as he opened the small refrigerator in front of them. It was well supplied, Rebecca noticed. There were a few bottles of Perrier and some fruit juices, plus a rather large bottle of Cristel Champagne all standing straight and tall in a rack attached to the front wall.

"Perhaps a small glass of water, please, Bob, if it isn't any bother."

W.C. Fields entered from nowhere and said, "For you, my little chickadee, it's not a bother at all."

Bob took the Perrier from the fridge and slid back a small door to reveal an assortment of cut crystal glasses. Plopping in two ice cubes from the freezer section and looking at the blonde, he asked, "Rebecca, would you like lemon with that?"

"Yes, please." She giggled, more impressed than she had ever been with anyone ever before.

Robert poured the sparkling water over the ice, stuck the lemon slice on the rim of the glass, and just before he handed it to her, added a bendy straw. "Your drink Madam." he said in his best English Snob voice.

"Why thank you James," she giggled again.

Rebecca took a small sip from the glass and asked Bob. "Where are we going?"

"Aw. Now that would be telling...wouldn't it? It's elementary my dear Lady, we are on our way to lunch, as promised."

"And that would be. . .Where?" She continued.

All she got in answer was a quick wiggle of her beau's eyebrows and she knew then and there that she wasn't about to find out until they got there. So, settling back, sipping her water slowly, the lady of the manor watched the magnificent male animal who was "kidnapping" her while the elegant auto very quickly wound its way onto Lulu Island and to the south terminal at the airport. Of course Rebecca didn't know, with the privacy screen closed and the curtains drawn, where they were or where they were going. They come to a halt and Martin opened the passenger door with a surprising 'whoosh'.

The startled woman almost jumped when the ex-ball player offered his hand. Gazing around, she noticed that they were at the airport. She was quickly hustled into a Bell Executive Ranger helicopter, with the rotors just beginning to turn.

"Robert? Where are we going?" The woman within her was more than slightly frightened as she stood there in the bright sun. A small squeal of surprise escaped her as she was hustled into a comfortable seat aboard the Ranger. "Bob?"

"Trust me... you'll love it. Now fasten your seat belt."


"It's already too late to back out now," he gave the "thumbs up" sign to the young pilot as the blades began to pick up speed exponentially. With a little tug the gangly craft lifted off and another squeal escaped her when she realized they were airborne. Rebecca was tightly grasping Bob's huge hand as she looked out the side window. The swift machine made a circle of the south side airport, avoiding regular commercial traffic at the main terminal, and then the fast bird was jetting due north. Within minutes of lift off, unwilling to believe Bob would intentionally harm her, and knowing that she was there for the duration of the flight at any rate, she decided to just sit back and enjoy it as much as her dread fear of flying would permit.

They passed over Stanley Park and across The Burrard Inlet to the North Shore Mountains. At first, convinced they were heading for The Golden Lions on a sightseeing tour, Rebecca changed her mind as the twin peaks slid by. She stared at the majestic scenery, with Gollum-like eyes taking in as much of the vista as possible. Suddenly it dawned on her where they were heading. "Robert Bartholomew Arnold! You devil you. We are going to Whistler, aren't we?" Rebecca playfully slapped his arm, almost breaking her rose. "You are a sneak. You lead me to believe that we are not going up the side of some mountain and that's exactly where we are going. No wonder you wanted me to wear a jacket.''

Not wishing to shout above the helicopter's interior engine noise he just sat there, and did Groucho Marx again, wiggling his eyebrows.

Amazing her with spectacular views, the pilot flew them past Squamish and a few minutes later the powerful Ranger banked slightly to take in the panoramic of Blackcombe Mountain. Bob's face joined Rebecca's face already pressed against the acrylic window watching God's Splendour pass below them.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

"Uh Huh," was all the overly stimulated heroine could manage.

The Chopper circled the town site and hovered over the middle of the concrete landing pad immediately outside The Chateau Whistler. A few seconds later they had gently made contact with solid ground and the couple sat and waited for the four blades to power down before exiting the craft, holding hands. Rebecca was escorted in the front entrance of the impressive bastion of opulence. Within ten feet of the door the Day Manager greeted them, surprising her all the more by calling her by name.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Arnold, Miss Stewart. How was the flight up?"

"Fantastic, Marcel! Simply incredible." Bob replied as they glided thru the double set of doors in to the hotel lobby.

"Everything has been arranged according to your instructions Mr. Arnold, "the very impeccably dressed manager stated. "Miss Stewart, is there any thing you need?"

"Thank you Marcel." Becky could only shake her head no; she was so overwhelmed by it all.

"Then, if you would be so kind... Sir… Madam." Marcel indicated the direction with a slight bend of the waist and with the movement of his arm showed the way.

This time it was Rebecca's turn. "Thank you." The pampered couple was escorted across the foyer to the main dining room. When Marcel opened the double set of twelve feet high, double-bevelled glass doors, they proceed thru to a secluded table for two. On the way to their own private little world, Rebecca noticed the full size grand piano in front of enormously large plate windows that overlooked the breathtaking panorama of scenery.

The elegant Maitre'D then pulled back her chair and held it firmly for her, and as she sat, pushed it in to a comfortable position. Robert seated himself and stared intently into his dates twinkling eyes. The thoroughly impressed woman returned Bob's gaze, and as she smiled, thought very wicked thoughts about him, her Prince Charming. Marcel barely broke their concentration as he placed fine linen napkin in Becky's lap.

One could have done most anything to her at that point and she would not have noticed as she was so intent on staring into Bob's compelling eyes with a sense of awe nearly overwhelming her. With a slight knowing smile, the meticulous server moved to Robert's side of the table and repeated the process.

"Thank you Marcel."

"It's our pleasure Mr. Arnold. The staff and I are always pleased to serve you and your guests." With a slight bow and a nod to the pianist, he has left the couple to carry out his next chore.

Rebecca was so impressed with the room that she could not help blushing and smiling a twenty-four karat grin.

"I wish I had a camera with me right now." Bob sighed.

Looking perplexed at her dashing date, she demanded, "Pardon... Why?"

"It's that look on your face... It's like you are a little kid and its Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one. If that smile got any bigger the ends would touch."

With a giggle the pretend schoolgirl reported, "Oh Robert, you are such a charmer." Rebecca began to turn an incredible shade of scarlet as she realized that what Bob had said was very true. " It's almost as though this is a fairy tale, and I'm the Fairy Princess and HE is my Knight in white armour. "It is all a bit overwhelming, you know."

The ensuing moment of silence was broken by the sudden soft sounds of a smoky jazz tune drifting across the room to delight the happy couple.

Marcel returned, and with a small flourish came a small army of serving staff. A Chef, dressed in his finest whites, a couple of waiters in formal regalia, complete with vests, bowties and white gloves, and at least three chefs assistants, either carrying large silver serving platters or wheeling out a large serving cart with a selection of some of the worlds best side dishes available, a girl in a dress that simply screamed "Heidi" seemed prepared to serve any drinks requested.

Rebecca gave a little startled squeak and jumped as she heard the distinct pop of a champagne cork. With a towel carefully wrapped around the bottle Marcel poured the bubbly into Rebecca's crystal flute. Once again he repeated the process at the other end of the table. Meanwhile the chef lifted the lid off a large soup tureen and ladled out rich creamy lobster bisque. The first of many dishes was placed before the pair and the Chef beamed happily while they quickly savoured the very rich dish. Conversation ceased between the two as they spooned the heavenly delight into eager mouths.

"This is incredible!" Becky exclaimed. Marcel quickly tugged on the lapels of his own tuxedo and replied, "Thank you. We are very fortunate to have the services of Master Chef Paul Garneau." The tall man made even taller by his formal head gear, made a crisp bow and thanked the lovely lady and the Lord of the Manor for being so kind.

All too soon the lobster soup was finished. Set before them had to be the most exotic salad Rebecca had ever seen. Delicately arranged on a small plate were an assortment of light vegetables and lettuces, but what really caught her eye were the fresh flowers that were also mixed in with the other greens. She cautiously tried a small bite and a smile developed on her face, a rival to the one that Robert had remarked on earlier.

Next came the main course. A glazed chicken breast with miniature, roasted potatoes, garnished with sea asparagus and paper-thin slices of small cherry tomatoes was then set before her. "Oh my God... If I keep eating like this I'm going to go up a whole dress size." This time, taking the initiative, she told the happy chef, "Chef Garneau, this is incredible... And that bisque, I MUST have the recipe for that... you use whole cream in it, don't you?"

"Why of course madam. I would never even think of using anything less... It is what gives the dish its texture," the beaming chef replied with a smile.

Again all too soon, or in Rebecca's case not soon enough; they had finished everything on their plates including the garnish. "If I eat anymore I'm going to burst" Becky thought.

The dishes were quickly cleared away and they were being served coffee. Rebecca asked for tea and a silver tea service was quickly ushered out to their location. A small assortment of cheese served on a dish with grapes, sliced oranges, and melon was quietly placed before them and the efficient staff quickly disappeared, as fast as they had arrived.

"Robert Bartholomew Arnold!" She said, as coldly as possible. "If you EVER take me out like this again and surprise me with all this exorbitant food... I'll kiss you until your lips fall off." She giggled suddenly, unable to maintain the stern manner a moment longer.

"Is that a promise?" the successful man asked, rising slowly from his seat.

"Yes, it is."

"Then, prepare to keep your promise, my dear…" he warned, taking Rebecca's hand in his, escorting her into an open area in front of the piano, and with a prearranged nod to the pianist, hardly noticed by Becky, the talented musician quickly slid edgeways into some very romantic Bach. "May I have the pleasure of this dance milady?" Bob asked with a deep, continental bow.

"Robert, it's the middle of the don't dance in the middle of the afternoon…not in a crowded restaurant... And quit bowing... People are beginning to stare." The conniving male ignored her protests and drew her in, began to waltz her around the floor. Soon her protests were overpowered by warm feelings for the big man and she laid her head on his shoulder, snuggled in closer to his warmth.

When the song ended the intuitive pianist began another slow, melodic ballad for the pair to continue their show. Unaware of the audience gathering to watch, the two soon to be lovers, continued, lost and alone in their own little world. When the song ended, Rebecca reluctantly lifted her head from its so very comfortable nest and only then heard the applause of, not only the other patrons, but most of the kitchen staff as well.

The bright crimson face returned, and huge tears rolled down her cheeks. Becky stood on tiptoe and gave her Bob a most delightful little kiss on his cheek. This brought the crowd to a almost fever pitch as their show of approval went from polite applause to almost rock concert strength clapping, complete with a wolf whistler, and two hooters!

"Come on Dove...We'd better get out of here, before they want an encore."

Gathering up her purse Rebecca took Bob's hand and unflinching, followed him back out into the main lobby. Just as they reached the double doors, the devilish Robert turned to the audience and announced, "Thank you very much for attending today's performance. It was our pleasure presenting it to you. Please bring your friends back for the eleven o'clock show..." He bowed low then repeated, "Thank you, again."

This gained the 'card' another quick playful slap on the shoulder.

"ROBERT! Please... don't you ever quit?"

Cary Grant answered. "I will continue to spoil you with everything I have to give, until you face the fact that I adore you."

"What movie is that out of?" the infatuated woman asked sharply, though surprised at well he carried of the perfect "Carey Grant" image.

"Huh... Hell if I know.... But it sounded good didn't it?"

Another round of giggles and another, though a bit clumsy, attack on Bob's body exploded from his Lady of the Manor.

"Ow! OW!" He yelled in mock protest. "Someone help me. My lover is abusing me!"

Rebecca stopped dead in her tracks as she heard the word "lover" and looked up into his eyes at the same moment his focused on hers, and they knew in that instant they were approaching THAT crossroads in their relationship. Reading her mind, Bob hesitantly asked, his voice faltering for the first time since they had met. "Now what do we do?"

With a cute shoulder shrug and a little shiver, the very much in love girl almost silently squeaked. "I don't know."

Breaking the moment, 'Bart' began the courtship once again. "I know... Lets go see some of the town's sights... Come on, I know this great little shop here that YOU are just going to fall in love with."

Almost proclaiming it aloud, Becky thought, "I have everything I need to love right here in front of me." Her thoughts were rudely broken as she felt a rather strong tug on her wrist, and with a quick uprooting, she felt dragged along behind the briskly walking man.

Along the cobblestone walks they tread, along with other tourists and skiers that seemed bent on enjoying the late October afternoon. They quickly arrived at his destination, and with a little push Bob opened the door to a quaint little named simply The Dress Shoppe. The tinkle, as they entered, of a bell above the door made Rebecca smile. It reminded her of the encounter with the receptionist at the realtor's office and caused her to giggle softly.

With a practiced eye, the very experienced shopper entered the little store. She quickly noticed the amount of big designer labels on display before her. Like a kid in a candy store she began to all but run up and down the aisles trying to take in all the sights available as quickly as possible, as to assess just which bargains she simply can't possibly live without. " God, there were so MANY!" It was a 'bargain hunter's" paradise!

From across the Shoppe a sharp call drew her attention.

"Bob Arnold! Finally! You awful cad! You've finally made it out here! I've been waiting ages to see you again."

The large man turned to face the exuberant person addressing him. "Moner!" He shouted every bit as loud as her greeting had been. "How are you?"

"Please, Robert? We are in public."

The shopkeeper teasingly laughed in delight and struck the big man on his shoulder with the palm of her hand.

"Ow! Why is every woman hitting on me today." He jokingly whined and hugged the Mona.

Rebecca, with lioness' instinct, detecting an enemy force moving in on her territory, slid over to the pair, and to drag his attention from the perky younger woman, as well as show that one she considered Bob her mate, she hit Bob on his other shoulder. "It's to make sure you stay in line. And besides, we like it." She stated, quickly critiquing the completion closely.

"Rebecca. This is Mona Roberts," Robert introduced, while holding both his offended shoulders in mock pain.

"Mona. This is Rebecca Stewart."

Mona, first, on the mark sensing Rebecca was thinking she might be making an attempt at stealing her man, decided to put the quite cute Becky at ease. "So Bob this is the vision of loveliness you told me about last night on the phone. The one that had you behaving like a pimple faced teen-ager going out on his first date?"

"Yup!" was all he said.

Rebecca, not knowing what to think, did not easily accepted the arm intertwining with hers as Mona escorted her thru the Shoppe. Under her breath, just loud enough Bob was unable to hear, Mona explained. "Relax! Bob and I are just old friends. He is all yours, girl… He had me on the phone for an hour telling me all about this fresh young thing he met on the ferry, who he just had to get to know better."

Both girls look back at Bob standing there, the very image of the Alpha Male suddenly faced with the feeling of being unsure of what he should be doing next, and giggled girlishly as they moved towards a wall lined with lightly loaded dress racks.

"Here. I have just got to show you this," Mona said as they took off to explore the trendy Shoppe, stopping at a selection of very expensive evening gowns. Rebecca's wide eyes increased to double their normal size when she paused to view the wondrous calliope of colourful creations hanging from the multitude of racks before her. The girl-with-a-sweet tooth left alone in a candy shop was back.

"Oh, my God! Look at all of these gorgeous gowns. This is incredible!" Becky exclaimed while touching as many as possible and feeling everything in her sight.

"I think you would look delightful in this," Mona exclaimed holding up the proverbial LBD made in light delicate chiffon. "Yes," she looked at the delicate blonde and winked. "Positively delicious!"

The over-excited 'school girl' gasped and sighed, "Awww," at the sight before her eyes.

"Why don't you just go in and try it on?" the Dress Shoppe mistress asked softly, using very little effort to lead the suddenly zombie-like forty-year-old teen towards the changing rooms. With hardly any reservations, Becky followed the beautiful dress into the room. A few minutes later she emerged from the change area with the wondrous creation hugging her body.

Standing in front of the three-way mirror, a breathless, "Wow!" was all she could manage to croak. "Its... It's beautiful." The dress simply bellowed femininity and male provocation; that it had been created to be ripped from her body by whatever male it provoked was blatantly obvious.

"Umm, not quite, it's missing something," she heard from behind her. "Wait right there I've got just the thing!" the excited Dress Shoppe keeper exclaimed and ran off, while all Rebecca could do is admire her sensual self in the mirror. Absent-mindedly beginning to arrange her hair differently, just to get an impression, just to see what this would look like, if she were to get all dressed up in the LBD for a night on the town. Or would undressed be more accurate? It would be, she knew, 'a night to remember'. Suddenly, Mona returned with her arms laden with boxes of items.

"Rebecca what size shoes do you wear?"

Taken off guard by the question, she replied with out even thinking, "Seven… Medium." The sales clerk received quick instructions from Mona and was out the door followed by the tinkling bell.

"Now lets make this look like the million dollar outfit it was designed to be." Ms. Roberts directed leading Becky back into the change room. "Now dear, off with the dress and lets get you looking perfect."

She handed Rebecca a strapless bra in basic black sateen and lace. " You're a "B", right?"

The half-naked woman just nodded her head, unable to comprehend the rapidity of her total loss of control of this situation. '' Oh my God. How do I get myself into these situations? This woman is going to find out my secret, if I'm not very careful. I wish she would just let it go.'' Thinking of an excuse to prevent being exposed, Rebecca quickly said, "That's okay, Mona, its beautiful dress... and I would really love to own it, but I can't afford it right now. As much as I would love to have it... Thank you for helping me, but I really should get dressed. Bob is waiting for me out there!"

"Nonsense! Bob can wait... honey it would be a dereliction of my duty not to let you see how this entire outfit would look on you." She said as she began stripping the frightened middle-aged customer. The chiffon creation slid back down Rebecca's pert well-rounded, too-enticing bottom. Keeping her front to the wall, so as not to expose her secret, she shyly complied with the aggressive storeowner.

Mona finally suggested Becky remove her own bra, and then wrapped the seamless basic black satin strapless bra around her chest. With a soft chuckle, she deftly fastened the bit of satin behind her now compliant model. When the woman stood before her holding out the next item, Rebecca was surprised to recognize a waist cincher, a tiny waist-cincher, also black and satin.

Reaching around Rebecca, Mona positioned and tightened the feminine prison to give her winsome charge a wasp-like figure Bob would never be able to resist. She then handed her reluctant victim a satin garter belt and a "Barely There" lace and elastic string thong panty. "Here you go, put these on and I'll just pop out and get some sexy new stockings that I just know will be perfectly adorable with that killer dress." Then, with a swish of the curtain she was gone.

Breaking all speed records for the Emergency Panty Change, Rebecca removed her selection from this morning and replaced them with Mona's choice, within ten seconds. Carefully tucking 'Willy' in to it's home, she carefully examined the area for any tell tale signs. Suddenly the private inspection was interrupted by Mona's boisterous return.

"Lovely aren't they... I told you they would look good on you... Now was I wrong?"

All Rebecca could do was shake her head, at a complete loss for a reply. She then picked up the garter belt and fastened it in place about her wide, womanly hips. Deftly tucking the tabs thru her delicate scanties she sat as Mona handed her one of the pure silk stockings to put on. So, lost in deep thought concerning the sheer luxurious feely of the fine stockings, Rebecca completely forgot about composure. When she raised her leg to fit the rolled up material over her toes, she revealed her secret to the whole world, but more importantly, to the Dress Shoppe mistress, Mona Roberts.

"Oh! Oh my!" Mona gasped.

Rebecca, fear-filled, suddenly afraid that her fairytale kingdom was about to come crashing down about her, began to shake and cry at the same time.

The learned shopkeeper realized the anguish of a sister in pain, forgot all about what she had just seen and stooped to comfort the sobbing woman. She held the other woman tight for the longest time, until Becky's tears subsided.

"Look at us...we are both a mess," Mona said as she wiped a tear off her own cheek, a result of the sympathy for her new friend's plight. "Now you just stay right here and I'll be right back... don't move."

Rebecca made a desperate grab for the other woman, in hopes of stopping the bad scene that was surely about to develop. "Please! Don't…"

"Don't worry dear your secret is safe with me... I won't tell a soul, including Bob... but you are on your own there, girl..." she assured her sobbing customer cum friend. "Now stay here and I'll get you something to wear, and we can fix that raccoon look you've developed there, because that look went out in the mid sixty's... And girl, it is definitely NOT you!"

When she left, Rebecca strained to hear what was transpiring just a few feet outside of her little prison. She could make out Mona telling Bob to go down to the coffee shop and get two teas, black with lemon.

"Why don't you just make them right here in that little kitchenette you had me put in there?"

"Robert! You are not listening to me... now, go down to the shop and get us two cups of tea. PLEASE!"

A few seconds later Rebecca, hearing the tinkle of the bell signalling Bob's exit, looked forlornly into the mirror and sighed heavily. The next heartbeat Mona returned with a robe and a pair of fuzzy slippers for Rebecca to wear on her trip to the powder room. "Come on honey we can get this done and he'll never even know this took place."

When they were safely behind the locked door of the room, Rebecca began to ask Mona why she was helping her like this.

"I have my personal reasons... and I'll tell you about them sometime over a glass of wine, or three... now let's get you all cleaned up and looking beautiful again for Mister Moneybags shall we?"

In her very quiet schoolgirl voice Becky, squeezed out, "Uh-huh."

Scant moments later two pairs of busy hands had not only repaired the damaged make up but had also created a passable resemblance of an upswept do, that would compliment the LBD which had started all this. Ducking out first, to see if the coast was clear, Mona returned and gave her fellow conspirator the thumbs up sign. With a streak of colour both of them were across the shop and back into the change room where they had started. Scant seconds later the tinkle bell sounded, heralding Robert's return with the teas.

"Just set them on the counter dear... We'll be out in a minute... thanks luv." all without even seeing the perplexed Bob, whose mind was trying to make sense of this entire tea fetching exercise.

Now properly dressed, with the sheer silk stockings encasing her shapely legs Rebecca stepped into the black pumps while Mona was doing the final primping to the hem and waist area.

"Okay. Do the twirl." She instructs. And the now very pretty and blushing fairy princess was happy to comply. "One thing missing." the owner expostulated, and removed the single strand of pearls from around her own neck to drape them around Rebecca's.

"Just to get the full effect dear... Yes just as I suspected this dress was made with you in mind... Bob is going to flip when he sees you in this... In fact he may just seize you and that will be it."

When to co-conspirators re-enter the shop, Bob's eyes lifted from his disposable cup. At the same time his eyes expanded to almost three times their normal size in a classic "double take", his jaw slammed open, he started to gag on his half swallowed coffee, and he managed to spill a large amount all over himself and the chair he was sitting on.

Both women just stood there and giggled at the show that had unfolded in front of their very eyes.

"Wow!" the startled man croaked trying to regain his voice and his composure at the same time, and failing miserably at both.

"Told you to trust me." Mona said as she reached for a roll of paper towels so that Bob could clean up his own mess.

If Mel Blanc were there at that point in time there would have been a cartoon light bulb over Rebecca's head as she 'twigged' as to what had been transpiring for the last half an hour or so.

"This was all prearranged... Wasn't it? You set me up, Robert Bartholomew Arnold."

Mona was now laughing uncontrollably at the juicy tidbit of info she had just learned. "Bartholomew!" She roared with laughter. "Hey, BART... How's it goin', BART? Ghad! This is too rich. Rebecca, if BART hadn't already agreed to pay for everything you tried on today, I would give you that complete outfit just for the finding out Bart's real name."

"You arranged to buy this outfit for me sight unseen... What if I had said no, I wanted to take the gondola up to the top of the mountain instead?" the amazed woman exclaimed.

"Then you would have got what was behind door number two." he quipped in the late 60's game show host's voice.

"Well this lovely assistant is not done abusing your dates credit card yet dear. So lets see what else we can add to the pot shall we?" Mona replied in her Carole Merrill tone, as she escorted Becky's arm down the next aisle of surprises.

An hour later, accompanied by the hungry smile and greedy laughter of the willing cardholder, Rebecca had treated him to four more complete ensemble displays. Finally Rebecca shouted. "I surrender. My feet are killing me... I need a break."

Robert jokingly smiled, "Are you sure... there is still merchandise left here that you haven't tried on yet? I mean there are still a few things left on the shelf that you don't have more than one of yet?"

Becky was not sure if the big man is joking or not and suddenly became very uncomfortable with the liberal way she and Mona have been abusing his credit limit.

"Well, if you're sure? Then Mona, wrap it up... I think my princess has had her fill for now." Bob laughed, enjoying her obvious discomfort. "It's okay, Becky, I'm really only joking... Actually I got off luckier than I thought I was going to. If this had been Mona's main store on Robson Street, the bill would have been twice as much as it was, so you see I got away virtually unscathed."

"Bob. That is a lot of money you just spent on me. I can't let you pay for all of this... It's not right."

"Oh don't worry about Daddy Warbucks billfold, Becky. I'm sure he'll find a way to write this off as some sort of business expense. Somehow... Maybe we'll just run it back through the store as a promotional, or write it up as a modeling expense," Mona reassured her.

"Good thinking, Moner! You still have some mighty fine ideas occasionally."


As the bags and boxes grew into a large stack on the counter, the familiar form of Martin appeared thru the shop door. With a flourish of his peaked cap, he greeted the shell-shocked woman. "Good afternoon, Miss Rebecca. Did you find something nice?''

"G-Good afternoon, Martin. Yes, I did… Thank you."

"Martin, Rebecca and I are going to stroll up to the ice-cream wagon for a double dip. Please pick us up there when you have these loaded."

"Yes sir! Mr. Arnold," the bulky pack mule responded.

A wicked smile suddenly developed across Rebecca's face. She slid over to Mona and whispered something into her ear. They giggled, looked over at the two men standing there, and shook their heads up and down at the same time.

"Martin, do you get the feeling we are about to be had?" Bob asked.

"Yes sir... something is up, something is definitely up, Sir." The apprehensive driver agreed.

"Okay Prince Charming you may escort me to our next location." The pampered princess stated emphatically.

"Thank you, Mona for all your help this afternoon. And I will see you back in the city."

"Oh, it has been MY pleasure, as always, BART!" she snickered again.


And with a tinkle the happy couple left the shop.

The late afternoon sun felt warm on their faces as the twined twosome strolled arm in arm up the cobblestone walkway to their next location. Bob spoke in soft tones as Becky snuggled in tight against his chest while savouring the feel of his beefy arm around her much smaller shoulder. "Every time I come up here, weather permitting of course, I stop and allow myself this little indulgence."

A derisive snort came from the very comfortable woman.

"What's so funny?"

"You. Robert, this whole trip has been nothing but over-indulgence ever since you picked me up at noon... We flew up here in the fanciest helicopter, that I'm sure you could find, and then we have lunch at The Chateau. And not just any lunch... No! ... Chef Paul Garneau, one of the most sought-after chefs in all Canada just happens to be preparing lunch today. Then you take me to what has to be the most expensive dress shop I have ever dreamed of being in, let alone actually buying from, and you then spend more money than a lot of people's net income for the year, and then-" She was giggling so hard she could barely continue. "And then you tell me you just have to allow yourself this one little indulgence, just to let yourself know you are alive."

"Well, you see ... It's all for a good cause, you know. It's for the kids... No, really...see, it also helps to raise the sprits of this lovely youthful lady walking with me, so you see, that helps the kids."

"What kids are you talking about?" she asked. "Never mind." Rebecca then contradicted herself. "I really don't think I want to know."

The giant beside her flicked his tongue over his lips and smiled, with a very wicked little gleam in his eyes.

"You are something else Robert B. Arnold. Multi millionaire playboy."

"Shhh! ... Not so loud... Everyone will hear you and then, you'll have to share me with the thousands of other women that want my body."

"OH! Oh, pleeese! Give me a break." Rebecca pleaded in a teasing tone, as they approach a small portable kiosk resembling one half a garden gazebo. It was parked against the low retaining wall of the outlook, which provided a spectacular overview of the valley below the village. Incongruous as it was, it looked natural, as if it belonged there.

The couple, arms still entwined, moved across the cobbled walk to the gaily-decorated shop done mostly in happy shades and tints of pink and white. A sign set out on the curb in the front announced, 'Pips Ices', then proudly stated in a line below, '41 flavors and rising'.

"Bob, you are NOT serious? It's damn near...oops! Sorry, Momma," she exclaimed quickly looking skyward as if expecting a bolt of lightening. Then, clearing her throat in hopes that she would be forgiven once again, Becky continued, "It's darn near the end of October and we are going for ice cream?"


"You are incredible."

The Duke saddled up and proclaimed "Well, yer welcome li'l lady."

The worst John Wayne imitation so far, earned the man another light tap on the upper bicep.

"Hi, Pip! How's da biz?"

"Hugs da Bob!" a little pixie behind the bar yelled suddenly turning back to face the front of the tiny tubular store. "Long time no see." Sunlight danced among the tight golden curls capping her head.

"Yes, it has... must be all of... oh ... what now... three weeks?" he joked back.

"Yup, but it seems like it's been three ages." The wide elfin-blue eyes glinted merrily as they flicked from Bob to Becky with unabashed curiosity.

"Pip. This is Rebecca... Rebecca this is PIP. She makes the best damn... oops. Sorry Becky's momma..." he snapped, suddenly looking skyward, just as his darling date had done but a few minutes earlier. "Anyway, the Pip makes the best, you know what, ice cream I have ever tasted." Facing forwards, he asked of the perky little princess in pink, "What's the flavour of the day, PIP?''

"For you, luv, Rocky Road," the diminutive little miss, matched back.

"Make it a double... how 'bout you Becky?" he asked turning his attention again to the unsure participant standing beside him.

"May I have a single scoop of Maple Walnut please?"

"Coming right up!" the tiny giggler announced.

A few moments later, with heavily laden cones in Bob's ands the beauty's hands, the big man attempted to pay for their frozen treasures, but Pip would have none of it.

"Jen-Jen, you know your money is no good in my store. If you feel you have to pay, throw some small change in the can to help the kids."

Rebecca's eyes suddenly become very big as she witnesses him put a crisp one hundred dollar bill in the tin can with the sign

The Cancer Society's Help the Kids Program

taped neatly to its side. Respect for this man was suddenly raised about another couple of dozen notches. Suddenly she figured out what he had been going on about before, and the generosity that he had shown all afternoon very nearly overwhelmed her.

"Bless you, Bob Arnold," the young concession owner whispered softly as they left the ice cream stand hand in hand.

"That was a pretty nice thing you just did back there," Rebecca stated, indicating back towards the shop.

"Aww, shucks, ma'am! 'Twern't nothing... ye see, gal, it makes me feel guud when ah do fer them kids," the large man croaked in a reasonable George "Gabby" Hayes. Realizing his macho image was seriously in jeopardy by his becoming choked up, Bob explained, "Must have gone down the wrong hole."

Rebecca knew better; she saw the single tear on his cheek and a thousand watt smile on his face. "Right," she whispered softly.

They walked the few yards to the Black Cherry Mercedes. Martin already standing there with the door ajar, smiled at their approach.

Stopping suddenly, Rebecca snapped, "Wait! Bob, will you hold this?" she asked all aflutter, pushing her half-eaten waffle cone into the man's free hand. Then, with a quick turn and a smile she called back over her shoulder, "I'll be right back," and hurriedly clicked back the way they had just come.

Pip saw the classy lassie return to the kaleidoscope kiosk and immediately thought Rebecca had lost something. "Did you drop something?" she asked the rushed woman.

"No…but I did forget something." Becky grinned broadly as she looked at the perplexed shopkeeper's face. "Do have some way to pack your ice cream for take out?" she asked in breathless merriment anticipating its use. "I mean like in an insulated container to take home?"

"Sure do. What size and what flavour would you like, ma'am?"

Unsure of what flavour she should get Rebecca figured, I'll go for the safe one. "Vanilla please. A full litre."

"Coming right up.'' The petite Pip said and dove into the depths of a huge freezer. Her small feet, encased in incredibly tall spike-heeled pink pumps, pedaled wildly as they dangled off the floor while she retrieved Becky's request.

Performing her own bit of retrieval as well, Becky extracted a twenty-dollar bill from her change purse.

"Would you like a bag for that, Rebecca?" Pip asked a moment later, brushing a bit of frost from an arched eyebrow.

"Yes, please." Becky felt her curiosity pique while taking notice of several triple rainbow pictures prominently displayed on the back wall of the store and wondered briefly of their significance.

Pip dropped the insulated container into an insulated bag along with a slip of "dry" ice, then handed the customer her ice cream and, as adamantly as before, refused a payment from Rebecca. Not to be outdone, faking a blonde moment, Becky entered into her ditz act, and 'accidentally' dropped the bill on top of the curved glass ice cream display. When the money slid down the glass, the pink-clad pixie bent down to pick it back up and give it back to Becky. However, as she returned to her full height of almost five feet, one inch, she saw Rebecca, going by the by, wiggling her fingers and mouthing the words, "Thank you," over her left shoulder.

Finally the playfully passionate pair was safely, to Martin's relief, ensconced in the back of the car and he was able to begin the almost two-hour drive back to Vancouver. Opening the small on-board fridge, Becky, after she removed the tray of ice cubes and sitting them in the main part of the bar-fridge, placed the brightly coloured PIP'S ICES take away bag into the tiny ice cube tray compartment.

"What was that all about?" the curious male passenger asked.

"Never mind. It's a treat for someone special," was all she giggled girlishly with a saucy little gleam in her eye.

Soon, the scenery rolling by and the excitement of the last few hours began to take their toll on the fully relaxed couple and Rebecca's eyes involuntarily closed, her head falling ever so softly onto Bob's shoulder. Comforting the tired lass, slowly raising his arm, he wrapped the sleeping beauty in a firm embrace. As she began to snuggle closer for warmth and security, he spoke softly. "Rest my Princess. May your sleep find thee well," he whispered and then lightly kissed her on the forehead.


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