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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake, & Misty Dawn


~ Part # 8 A Night To Remember

"Simple Deductions"


"It's a matter of simple deduction, Watson!"

Suddenly the room was alive with people scurrying to their location as once more Becky performed her brilliant shade crimson routine, and Bob began to roll on the carpet, howling with laughter. The family all gathered around and all are looking dismayed at the sight before them. Becky was sitting there with her head in her hands muttering, "Oh, my God," and the intended husband was trying to breath between very loud bellows of laughter while tears flowed down his face.

In a long string of highly punctuated Italian, Mama put an end to the spectacle and bade the staff back go back to work. Stepping over the prone male, who was still trying to regain his sanity the petite witch moved to comfort Becky. Giving the girl a small hug, the woman discovered that she was shaking with sobs as well. Unsure of why her "daughter" might be crying, the older woman rendered her gentle comfort regardless. Pulling up Rebecca's tear stained face, Rosa discovered that she was not crying, but silently giggling while trying to retain as much composure as possible.

Abandoning Rebecca to her hysterical giggles, the old woman walked over to Bob, and sharply grabbing one of his ears, pulled him upright and into his seat at the table. Bob now fully sober was rubbing the abused appendage, quietly mouthing the word "Ow."

After a few minutes of explanation to the august woman, Rosa herself seeing the humour of the situation became caught up in the mayhem. Finally Mama gave Rebecca a quick peck on the forehead and after a playful tousling of Bob's hair, made her way back to the kitchen and once again assumed command of the nerve center.

Shortly Aldo came by to collect the plates and Becky asked that hers be put into a 'doggie bag' for later. Before the middle Valenti brother returned to the kitchen he just couldn't resist one little " Congratulations you two."

Next it was Tony's turn. "So when's the happy day you two?" With a slight laugh and an order for two of Mama's special coffees he was off again.

Finally order was restored. Robert and Rebecca sat peacefully enjoying each others company, sipping their coffees. The beginning strains of an Italian love song coming from Aldo's violin could be heard moving toward them. The violin was soon joined by Vito's squeeze box and the couple were quietly serenaded by the Valenti brothers.

Angelo finishing up some business on the other side of the restaurant began singing the slow and painful ballad as he approached the table. Harmony was then added by Vito's voice as well and the happy couple was indeed privileged by special gift from the Valenti Family. At the end of the mournful tune, with tears in her eyes Becky thanked them profusely.

"Oh don't do that." Bob said. "You'll only encourage them."

Unbeknownst to him, Mama Valenti, carrying a wooden spoon, had slipped in behind him to listen and was within striking distance when Bob uttered those fateful words. "OW!" Rosa then instructed the smarting Bob to pay attention he might learn something. Indeed The Brothers Valenti began another song. This one about a young shepherd who has would rather be spending time with his new wife then spend it tending sheep.

At the end of the song the entertainers noticed that they were getting applause from the other patrons in the eatery as well. They quickly decided to take the show out of the dining room. Angelo gave Becky a wink on the way by.

Tony stopped by and refilled the lover's coffees and as he was leaving Mama Rosa placed two rather large pieces of tiramisu in front of them.

"Oh, my Lord!" Becky exclaimed. "Mama I'm never going to eat this. I couldn't even finish my dinner... This thing is HUGE!"

"Hush child…and eat. You need all the strength you can get for the long journey ahead of you," the clairvoyant stated.

Bob gave Becky a look that said ... I don't know wasn't me.

After seeing that Bob and Becky were indeed eating the rich calorie laced dessert, she returned to the kitchen to continue on with her duties.

The pair of now extremely satisfied patrons sat back after consuming what was thought impossible. Actually, for Rebecca, it was, but Bob, after quickly disposing of his own, also polished off the remnants of her dessert. While sitting there, quietly allowing the sedentary feeling of too much good food take hold of him, Bob saw Martin enter the restaurant with a silver serving tray containing empty serving containers of the exact same meal they had consumed.

Finally understanding what all the whispering was about earlier, he looked over at the sly little nymph to see her quietly giggling to her self. "Well, I'll be damned," he said, and then quickly added, lifting eyes skyward, "Sorry, Becky's momma," to avoid the disdainful look he knew would be coming his way. "I hope you didn't forget dessert?" Bob asked her letting her know he had figured out the little game.

"No I didn't but he'll have to wait till we get home before he can get it." As Rebecca uttered the words a thought struck her like a brick. "Did I just say when we get home, as in us our place, which we share? Was a slip of the tongue or wishful thinking? I think I'm falling for this man. And I've known him for less than forty-eight hours... Get a grip girl... lets not lose sight of what is happening here... Remember your purp--"

"I said… a penny for you thoughts."

"Whaaa? Sorry? Pardon me...?" the startled woman asked.

"Rebecca, where were you? Girl, you were a thousand miles away there for a second. We were talking and then you got this far away look in your eyes, and for a second, I wasn't even sure if you were here or not." Bob explained.

Rebecca leaned over and gave her understanding date a kiss as she slipped both of her arms around his single one in a genuinely possessive gesture. "Just thinking of the future sweetie."

"Oh. And what would that be?" the man asked inquisitively.

Deciding to use his own trick against him Rebecca simply replied, "Now that would be telling, wouldn't it."

"Hey no fair! That lines already been used. According to the rules a quick repartee comeback line can only be used once within the same twenty-four hour period. It's in the rulebook…honest. I got it right here," he complained, and started patting himself down checking for the imaginary book. 'Now where did I put that thing? Maybe it's over here," he continued as he reached across Rebecca and stole a kiss on the way by. "Nope. Not there. You haven't got it have you?" He began patting Becky about on the thighs, calves and upper arms. She did her best to defend her self and her honor at the same time while squealing and giggling all at the same time.

Suddenly, as quickly as the tussle began it stopped!

The pair stared intently, deeply into one another's eyes and then each attack the other's lips with their own. The passion rose within them and Becky felt she must stop this insanity instantly, or she would never turn back, "But, why don't I…I can't stop him... god this feels so good. Oh, God, I wish we were home right now."

Feeling the same as Rebecca at that instant, Bob quietly called a time out in their game-like advancements down the gridiron of love.

Quietly, he announced, "I think we should get out of here."

Rebecca only nodded her head in agreement, "But, Bob, I do need to freshen up a bit before we--"

"Sure love. You go ahead… I'll be right here." Bob grinned at his shell-shocked date and began to ensure they had not forgotten anything. He wanted a second or two alone to pay for the meal. Knowing the Valenti's would never allow him to pay; he peeled off a few large bills and slid them under Rebecca's coffee cup, praying that no one would notice. Smiling at his own ingenuity, he stood quietly, waiting until Rebecca floated back into the room. Holding her shawl wide, he gently draped it over her shoulders, then offered his elbow and escorted her out. She wrapped both her much smaller arms around his arm and they strolled towards the door.

Before they got there, Vito, the rat, spotted them. "MAMA! Roberto and Rebecca are leaving." Family instantly surrounded the hapless couple. Angelo finally got his kiss, but Aldo did not get another. Becky also kissed and thanked Tony, and even gave Vito a small peck on the cheek. All thought of comport and poise crumbled when Mama strode out of the kitchen. She immediately began a long line of excited Italian and every one started scurrying with a, "Yes, Mama," or quickly came in contact with the strong willed woman's spatula-in-hand.

Angelo was the only one who stood his ground. Still, Rebecca was impressed that this pint-sized "generalette" could instil such respect and devotion in these large men. Hugging Bob first she started in on him again. "Now Roberto, you remember what I've told you. You look after this woman, and you treat her right...and do call your Momma…she tells me you never call her…and I know you know how she worries about you."

"I do Mama Valenti... All the time."

The short-stature woman began physically abusing the giant male again. "You don't interrupt your elder... If I tell you to call your Momma because she worries about you, you call your hear me young Mister Arnold?"

"Yes Mama Valenti. Oow! Oow."

While this "dressing down" was happening to Roberto, Angelo was busy talking to Rebecca. "You know, for such a big successful business man, your Bob is not very smart... you would think he would know better by now not to argue with Mama. It's just not advantageous to do that." Both shared a little laugh at Bob's expense while he continued to be pummelled by the Valenti Matriarch.

"Now give me a kiss and tell me you love me." She said to Bob after she has released all her pent up aggressions on him.

The senior Valenti now turned her attention towards Rebecca. With an "Uh-oh. Your turn," Angelo backed into the scenery as if he suddenly had something far more important to do.

"Relax, my child," the matriarch said to the now quite frightened Rebecca, as she advanced towards her. "I only hit men who misbehave. And then only when they deserve it." Mama Rosa snapped a quick glare at the two standing near her, then wrapped her short chubby arms around the much taller woman's body and gave her a warm comforting hug. Instantly Becky melted back into that little child again and found her entire being to be consumed by the older woman's affection. "You are a very special woman. You are on this earth to do great and wondrous things. You have many gifts, some you are not even aware of, yet. Your problems as you know them will be all over soon, if only you trust your heart. Remember my words well in the dark days to come."

A mumbled, "Yes, Mama," was all Becky was able to muster.

"Don't interrupt… You are to return here for lunch with me on Saturday. We need to have that talk, you and I... You need a good soul to open up to. It has been a very long time since you have talked to your own momma, now hasn't it?" Mrs. Valenti revealed.

Rebecca just shook her head afraid that tears would be falling from her eyes any moment at the thought of being this close to Mommy.

"Now hush that crying, my daughter…this is a happy night... You have met our Roberto, and you have the fire. That is a good sign. In my Roberto it is but a flickering flame. With you it will become a roaring fire. Follow your heart Rebecca. It will not fail you."

At first these words astounded, but soon reassured that Mama Rosa knew what she was talking about, Becky dared to begin to believe. "Thank you." While thanking the old strega, for far too many things that she thought the two words could convey, Rebecca meekly kissed her on the cheek, then repeated, "Thank you, Momma Rosa."

"That's a good girl," the old bird told her. "Now you dry those pretty eyes of yours, make yourself beautiful for your man."

Rebecca's head shot up and stared at the woman, in disbelieve of what she just said.

"Yes, child. He is your man. Your's if you want him. All you need to do is be the woman you are and let him know you are and he will be yours for all eternity. I see these things," she said with a sly knowing smile on her face. 'Now go!" she stated and then broke her promise and gave Rebecca a quick slap on the bum.

The love struck woman jumped slightly, rushed into Bob's arms, and gave him a rather intense kiss for such a public place.

It was Angelo's turn to laugh at the sight before him. "Go get a room will ya." he playfully joked with the middle-aged couple. As the pair reluctantly broke their embrace, Angelo chuckled, "What, no protest about not having to pay this time, like you usually do when you come here for dinner?"

"I just figured there's no sense arguing, you are never going to let me anyway. So why bother.'

"You are right my brother. I believe you are finally catching on. Maybe you are not as dumb as I thought you were." The Owner chuckled back, giving Rebecca a sly wink at the last few words. "Now go. This is not the place for lovers to spend the last of their evening. Standing here talking to two old and tired pasta makers."

With a final round of "Thank you," Bob and Rebecca were quite unceremoniously shooed away from the front of the fancy eatery. This time Angelo performed honour and played doorman. He ushered the couple into their limousine, opening the door that first allowed Rebecca to enter and holding and closing the door while Bob got in. Once the couple was secure inside the sturdy automobile, it pulled away from the curb with a very quiet peep.

Very nearly the entire family watched as the powerful luxury car turned the corner and was gone. Mama Rosa was the first to break the silence as she proceeds back inside. "Vito, you little scamp, you will be able to make your announcement again soon enough, only this time in earnest."

"Yes Mama," he replied, grinning broadly as the rest of her brood followed her back inside the door.

The luxury limo came to a silent stop in front of the Kerrisdale apartment. "Come on up and see me, Big Boy!" Rebecca invited in a syrupy voice, plying her date with her best imitation of the unflappable Mae West.

"With an invitation like that how can I possibly refuse?" the very eager audience replied. "Martin, my lad! If I'm not out in twenty-four hours, send in the cavalry, but until that time hold all my calls," he joked, and the eagerly followed his mate through the door and up the stone walk.

After the multiple security posts had been successfully navigated, the giggling couple finally sat on the sofa, staring quietly at each other. Suddenly, remembering her manners as hostess, Rebecca, rose to her feet. "Would you like something to drink?"

"No thanks, my pet. I've enough tonight already, and besides I'm driving," he joked, trying his best to round up his girl and return her to the position next to him on the sofa.

The small blonde squealed as great arms surrounded her and quickly lifted her back onto the very spot she had left no more than five seconds past. Immediately she was warmed, the huge hands caressing her in places she was most willing to allow Bob to explore further. A soft moan of surrender escaped her as his mouth descended, demanded, and devoured her own. Instantly melting into the man's form feeling warmth and burning desire deep within her, she no longer cared how or why, all she knew was that she wanted, needed, was to be fully possessed by this man.

Many minutes later Bob came up for air and with a very childish look on his face, smiled and asked her what happened to the refreshments. This earned him another playful tap on the shoulder before Rebecca struggled free from his octopus-like hold on her. Finally free of the man's tentacles, she stood and announced. "You're already fresh enough, you don't need any enhancement."

The physically superior male lunged for her, but Becky was quicker this time. With a squeal she was out of arm's reach, heading towards the kitchen. "Would you like a cup of tea, or would you prefer something cool?"

Not hearing a response to her question she poked her head around the corner, and screamed. Bob was there to grab her. He quickly picked her up in his arms and carried her like a small child over to the fridge. He checked to see what there was inside.

"I've already got the hot. Now, milady, I need something cold,'' he stated rather matter-of-factly.

"Well put me down, you big brute and I will fix you something cold to drink."

"Quiet Wench! I require no input from you at this time."

Rebecca might have happily complied with any demand right then and there, for eternity, if she had not looked up and saw a stupid looking grin plastered on Bob's face. Suddenly realizing he was about as serious as a Laurel and Hardy movie, she began to laugh and then so did he. Both of them quickly slid to the floor and sat there on the cool tiles joking and laughing with each other until tears were running down both their faces.

"Come here." With a low growl, Bob grabbed Rebecca and pulled her under him. "This floor is cold, and I'm gonna need something under me if I'm gonna lie on it,"

The determined woman decided quickly was no way her bared butt was going to be the one laying flat on that stone-tiled floor, joking or not and fought and struggled till she was free of the incredible strength of Bobs impossibly long arms.

Staring him down, she stood on the other side of the counter and debated whether or not it was safe to go back over there to put the kettle on for a cuppa' .

Bob took the trying decision away from her with his next announcement. Looking down at his now rumpled suit, he glanced at the gold coloured face of his elegant dress watch. "My lord woman! Do you have any idea what time it is? It's well past 1 a.m. It's time both of us were safely in bed."

Terror as she had never remembered it suddenly struck Rebecca. She was faced with the moment she had dreaded continually since their meeting just over 40 hrs ago. "How do I tell this man my most private secret, and will our relationship survive? Oh, God I wish this never would have happened... "Bob I hav--"

The ever-observant Bob, noticing the look of panic on Rebecca's face, put the poor woman to ease. "Relax love. I'm not that Barbaric. When the moment comes, and I hope it does. I want it to be very special for both of us... Okay... So don't be worried... when it happens you will not feel pressured."

"But Bob ther--"

"Sssshhh... Be quiet now." He soothed, concerned as he took the frightened waif in front of him into his arms to comfort her tender soul. "But I do need to get to bed... So I better get going."

Melting again in the man's powerful arms the girl could only 'mew' her response.

'Rebecca... I have to go to the States in the morning... I have a noon meeting in Renton with the development guys in the lab there... But I'll be back on Friday and we can do something special for the weekend.... would you like that?"

Finding her voice with great difficulty, and being all but smothered against the huge body, she squeaked in a soft tiny voice, "We don't have to do anything special... Just having you here is all the special I need... Can't we just stay here and be with each other and talk?"

"Sure Becky. That would be wonderful." The soothing voice assures her.

"I can prepare a nice meal on Friday, when you get back... I can boil water you know…" she admitted, proudly, almost defiantly lifting her chin.

"You can!" he said as if complimenting a small child for a job well done. "Very good... I'm very impressed."

This earned the hulk a sharp inside punch to the solar plexus from the pretentiously angered female. With a small 'OUMPF! Bob took his punishment well. This caused both of them to begin the laughter fit all over again.

"Okay now, I should get going." Bob returned to the efficient business man again. Rebecca sudden terrified by his last statement desperately soaked up all the energy she could from the closeness of their bodies knowing it would be a long time before it happened again.

Suddenly, even though her feet were not even contacting the carpet, she was moving towards the entrance. "Wait!" she urged, "Hold on," as she wriggled her way out of Bob's clasping embrace and lowered her feet onto the floor. "You're going to be needing this." Quickly taking her new phone number from her purse, deftly lifts Bob's Mont Blanc pen from his inside jacket pocket, and carefully scribbled her new phone number, complete with the new three digit area code, on the back of his hand. Pleased with her handiwork, she giggled and handed the very complacent man back his expensive writing instrument. "OH, one more thing!" Becky exclaimed, suddenly remembering something else. She ran for the bedroom to first retrieve the items left on her night table, and then to the kitchen freezer to fetch Martin's vanilla ice cream.

"Ah! The two mysterious surprises." Bob deduced. "Elementary, my dear Watson. The lady left our company twice today. Of course it stands to reason that while on that quest, the purpose was to obtain items for someone else who was unable to retrieve them. You see it is quite simple when you put all the facts together." Sherlock theorized.

"Okay... First off, this is for Martin," She stated, handing Bob the ice cream and a little flat blue box with a silver ribbon and bow on it. "And this is for you. I think. Well, it's supposed to be… but it says Jen-Jen on the gift tag." She handed Bob another box, the same except this one was done up in a very pale pink and soft white.

There was a little look of uncertainty on Bob's face, something most people were not used to seeing in the great man. Taking the other gifts from him, she watched the myriad emotions parade across the man's face. Very carefully, Bob slid off the ribbon and bow. "Almost like a girl would." Becky observed." Trying very hard not to wreck the wrapping paper."

Finally, the delicate little box was divested of its finery, and was opened. Inside was a pair of very nice looking black silk tap pants, obviously not for a male, but neither were they overtly feminine.

"OH! My goodness!" Rebecca exclaimed. "I thought those were for someone else. Now, it makes sense… it's obvious... Give them back to me… I will have to take them back…have them exchanged... It is obviously a mistake!"

"No, Becky, it's not a mistake. It's Mona's idea of a joke. I'll tell you about it some time... Maybe" He explained.

Struck by a sudden fear, Becky remarked, "Oh my, I do hope Martin didn't get panties as well. I would simply die of the shame if that happen. They were both supposed to be white satin boxer shorts... Not women's intimate apparel, Bob."

"No. I'm sure the other's just perfect, Becky. Martin will appreciate them... These… lover, I'll hold on to… let Mona have her little laugh, before I talk to her about them."

"Are you sure Bob? Please let me fix it?" Becky pleaded.

"No it's fine... honest... I really don't mind... They're quite cute actually." He held them up in front of him and pretended to model them for his partner.

"Actually they do look quite nice, and they do seem to be in your size, she teased.

Bob very carefully folded the slippery little creation back into the cute box, tucking the soft tissue paper carefully back in place as well before replacing the lid. Becky watched his hands, amazed how feminine it seemed they made the movements.

"Thank you," he said and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"You are welcome." Becky looked up into his face. "You are…"

"Okay," he snapped softly closing off further protests. "So, love, I will give you a call tomorrow afternoon... What time do you get back from the clinic tomorrow?"

"I have no idea what so ever... I do not even know what they are doing... All I do know is that I have to be there at seven so they can do a biopsy... After that I do not know what they have in mind, some blood tests, and another physical... but they do that every visit from now on.... so your guess is as good as mine."

"Why don't you get a cell phone?" the businessman asked, as if it was unheard of to be without. "How do you… I wouldn't be able to survive without one."

"Why? What would I need a cell phone for? I'm not a businesswoman, and it's not like a lot of people are just dying to contact me," she defended.

"I know of one person that is just dying to talk to you?" Bob said, laying it on thickly.

"Oh, that is sweet," she cooed. "But besides that, they are expensive. I know that means very little to you, Robert… but not everyone can go around buying small countries at the drop of a hat."

"That was not the entire country!" he exclaimed, suddenly. "Just a few small, teeny-weeny islands... and besides, they are a good investment."

She just looked at him while shaking her head. "I give up."

"Come' ere," he groaned while pulling her into a tight embrace. "I'm going to miss you tomorrow. These last two days have been like an inspiration to me. It's like you have given me a power boost. And now, Precious, all because of you, I feel all recharged and ready to take on the world."

"Oh Bob! Since I met you yesterday, it's been like a never-ending fairy tale, and I don't want it to end."

"Well end it must, for tonight anyway my dear. It's now after two and YOU need to get up in a few hours and I need to get rolling, so Martin can get some sleep... I'll call you late afternoon, when my meeting is over. For dinner. Okay?"

Rebecca, once again caught up in the man, felt total surrender as the giant held her body on the brink of extreme pleasure, could only moan softly. Being released from the super kiss Bob was quickly becoming infamous for, she barely managed to squeak out a meek, "'Kay.''

Bob gave her another hug and a peck, then with, "See ya later, alligator," escaped her grasp and vanished into the darkness beyond the door.

Standing at the entrance, admiring the view, Becky blew him a kiss just before he turned to go down the stairs. He looked back and gave the love struck lass a wink and a very cheesy grin.

Ensuring the door was secure, Rebecca, realizing she was alone, curled up on the sofa. Helplessly, like some love struck teen, she was sure she could still smell his scent on the pillow that she hugged to her cheek.


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