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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake, & Misty Dawn




Finally the magical dream date was over. Rebecca drew her legs up under her chin and hugged herself with the pillow Bob's scent, still strong, still alluring, and oh so masculine. Suddenly she was awakened by the sound of voices coming from her bedroom. A man was happily telling all who cared to listen that today was going to be mostly sunny with a high of 13 near the water and reaching a high of 17 up the valley.

"Oh, my God… What time is it? Oh Lord, that hurt! Tea…must have tea!" Many more things came from her mouth. She was suffering the worst cramps her body had experienced in ages, after having just spent the last 3 hours asleep on the small settee. Painfully making her way--the wanton woman's winsome walk was wrecked--slowly into the kitchen, she put on the kettle for her first cuppa of the day.

Catching a look at her reflection in the floor length mirror located in the hall, she exclaimed, "What a mess... OH! Look at my beautiful dress! It's ruined... Damn! Oops, sorry momma, it just slipped out."

Removing the now crumpled mass of wrinkled chiffon carefully; she laid it on the bed to be sent to the dry cleaners. Quickly, while keeping one eye one the clock, the devastated diva deftly divested her self of the rest of the 'lovelies' that she had no opportunity of showing off the night before, and disposes of them in the convenient hamper near the bath door. "To be dealt with later."

She doesn't know who to shoot first, the far too perky radio announcer, or the screaming kettle. The radio lost and was silenced first with a very quick tap to the snooze button. Retrieving her sheer shorty robe from the clothing tree near the head of the bed, she then proceeded to the kitchen to extinguish the second offender. With the soon-to-be tea now steeping in the pot, with the cozy firmly in place to ensure optimum brewing temperature, and now slightly more awake, Rebecca headed back into the bathroom to draw a nice hot soak and remove yesterday's war paint.

"Oh God, why do I do these things to my self?" she asked applying the Ponds and wiping it off. With a now doctored tea in hand she returned to the tub and checked the bath for the correct temperature and bubble consistency. A quick application of exfoliates finished cleaning out her abused pores. The toe check of the water was performed with a 'gooney bird' like gracefulness. With tea in hand she 'oohed' and 'aahed' while she slid her sweetly shaped tush into the tub.

The brief moment of sheer, unadulterated luxury was broken by the recall to reality of the snooze alarm on her clock radio engaging filling the bedroom with the rude annoucers droning voice. With a mournful plea, "I wish I could just stay here... this feels so good!" She quickly and thoroughly soaped herself to remove yesterday's grunge, then using the hand shower, thoroughly rinsed. The reluctant wench moved quickly from her watery therapy and carefully patted her precious parts dry.

Dusting herself with Johnson and Johnson's, she smiled, savouring the baby powder freshness that now covered her body. She couldn't resist having a quick inspection of the legs while dusting them, though she knows that they were perfect just 20 some hours before. Slipping on plain-Jane panties of yellow so bright as to hurt the eyes, she rudely shoved the remains of "wily" into its normal niche and then bent over, going through the proper series of contortions necessary to fasten a matching bra in place.

With quick cup of her breasts to ensure they are correctly positioned, she decided the 'do' for the day, "They said casual! So, casual it shall be!" she delighted with a devilish, almost crooked smile that began to creep up one side of her face. With practiced movements she swept her golden mane back, and with the aid of a brush affixed a ponytail high atop the back of her head. Three windings of the elastic and with a little preening and positioning she nodded in approval. The result causing a shimmery cascade of curls to bounce brazenly to a point just below her shoulder blades.

Draining the last of the tea in a manner Miz Courtney would never approve, she decided a refill would be in order before beginning construction of her face. Slipping into her fuzzy-toed spike-heeled bedroom slippers, she pegged her way back to the kitchen to retrieve more steeped Ceylon Magic to help her face the tribulations of the coming day. With a wistful sigh, she returned to the bathroom to begin the no small feat, she believed, of making her face look as beautiful as last night.

Scant minutes later, despite a shaking hand, she was painted and powdered. Upset that she was unable to consume anything more sustaining than tea; she deposited the towels in the dirty clothes hamper just inside the laundry room door. Heels snapping, she moved off to the kitchen, 'cutex' in hand to remove the paint from her fingers and the ends of her Popsicle toes. As she sipped on the last of the tea she stared out at the quickly disappearing night.

Washing her cup she placed it into the adjoining sink to dry. Rebecca emptied the tea bags down the garberator. Startled by the sudden invasion of noise, she curled her lips in disdain, before returning to the bedroom. She selected the jeans she wore grocery shopping the other night, and tossed them on the bed. Swiftly it was followed by a new, soft baby blue turtle neck sweater. A navy 'Boca' zip up kangaroo jacket joined the pile on the bed.

Opening the undies drawer she pulled out a clean pair of white tennis socks and a baby blue hair ribbon. She sat down and put the socks on. Next she wiggled into her jeans and lay on the bed to do them up. "Why do I wear these things?" Rebecca thought. "So guys will stare at your butt, dummy!"

Checking for flaws that might have cropped up in the past ten minutes, finding nothing major, she carefully pulled her sweater over her head as to protect the garment from make up stains. Celebrating the successful results of the delicate procedure, a smile came to her face. Retrieving her boat shoes from the closet she slipped them on and grabbed the fleece top. Adding a small delicate sport watch and a star sapphire ring for one finger, she selected a silver friendship ring for a finger on the other hand while she debated over earrings. "Seed pearl studs... Perfect."

Affixing the hair ribbon to her ponytail, she donned an elastic fish scale navy belt. She then lifted her arms up and declared the job finished. Noticing six-twenty on the clock she congratulated herself on a job well done. Dialling a local number she had jotted down the other night in Safeway, Becky ordered a taxi, and then deftly transferred the daily essentials to her over-the-shoulder handbag. The girl sprayed the "odeur du jour" in the air and walked thru the fine mist.

She then picked up the gym bag that contained the track suit, a spare robe, and the slippers she had the packed on Monday evening. She then slipped on the kangaroo jacket, 'secured the fort' against hostile invasions and finally, quietly went down the grand staircase and waited in the vestibule for her cab to arrive.

She paid the cabbie for the short ten-minute ride. With a deep breath, she entered the scary building. The receptionist from Monday was just setting up shop for the day when Rebecca walked up to the glass windows in front of her little domain. Becky noticed a name plaque being used as a paperweight and announced, "Good morning, Cathleen! How are you this morning?''

The startled girl, all of eighteen-years-old, turned quickly in her chair with a softly frightened little squeal, replied, "Good morning, ma'am. How might I serve you?"

"I'm sorry that I frightened you. I thought you heard me coming?" Becky consoled.

With a none-too-feminine clearing of her throat, the other blonde shook her head and said "No. I can't hear anyone coming thru that door unless I'm facing it... Oh! You're early." Cathleen announced, looking at her own watch to confirm the time, and then back at the older woman with an expression of wonder. "No one ever comes here early…"

"Yes, perhaps I am, just a bit, but I wanted to get an early start, so I can get this out of the way." Rebecca replied smiling trying to put the still flustered teen at ease.

"If you just give me a few seconds, I'll get your file out and see where you are to go first."

Rebecca watched the young administrator quickly get into the swing of things and with in a few minutes realized the girl had all the information she would need for the day.

"Okay, looks like blood lab first, then the Biopsy, that's in number three, directly after... Okay just go thru the double doors, and go to the station you were at on Monday." Handing her the file she returned Becky's smile with a huge grin of her own. "Hi, I'm Cathleen." she said to break the ice. "But you already know that." continuing with a smile.

"Rebecca... but you already knew that." Our heroine returned.

Both knew at that instant that they were going to be friends. Becky thanked her and said, "I am sure I will see you later, Cathleen." before going thru the big double doors to her next destination.

Rebecca sat in one of the chairs directly across from the nurse's station and waited for someone to appear. Moments later she heard laughing and joking, and then it seemed it was getting louder as it approached her from a corridor to the left of her. The little group stopped joking when they saw Rebecca sitting there awaiting them. Becky immediately recognized Pickles from Monday and she began to smile.

"Becky!" he shouted. "You're definitely here bright and early... You have probably beaten half the staff to work." He moved across the room towards her.

"Well the doctor did say he wanted to do something to me at seven and well, it is a quarter of already... So I figured we would get rolling and maybe we could finish a little early," she explained. "I do have something rather important to attend to later to day."

"Good Attitude!" Pickles stated.

The other laugher, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up. "Hi, I'm Joan Banks. You met my counterpart, Prudence Walker the other day... May I?'' she asked reaching for the folder in Becky's hand.

"Oh, yes. And hello. I am Rebecca Stewart," she said, surrendering the file to the co-coordinator.

"Nice to meet you Rebecca... Did Prue assign you a locker Monday? Good. Why don't you go get changed into your robe and slippers? You may leave your bra and panties on and if you'd feel more comfortable, there are some gowns in the locker room as well."

"Okay." Becky responded shyly. The severity of the day's projected events was beginning to take hold. With a nod Rebecca was off to the changing rooms to prepare for the expected horrors of the day.

Quickly and carefully Becky stowed her street clothes in the locker along with her purse. Remembering to bring the lock she had used when at the gym back in Victoria she slipped it through the hasp snapped it closed, and pinned the key to the inside of her robe pocket.

Back at the nurses station Miss Banks met her. "Shall we?" Stepping off down the hall towards the first of many Labs that our hapless heroine would become well acquainted with over the next few months.

The pair stepped thru the door into the 'Biomedical Sensitive Area' and heard it close with a 'whoosh'. Becky squeaked, startled by the door's sudden sealing them inside. Feeling a slight difference in air pressure, Rebecca waited for a second while her ears became accustomed to the difference. Through a large glass window she saw a large dark haired man with a paper bonnet affixed to his closely cropped head. Turned towards them and flashed them the universal accepted indication of 'just one minute' while the pair of pretty women stood quietly watching.

Moments later the six foot plus Lab Tech came thru his own air lock to enter the little room where they were. "Good morning, Dave. Rebecca Anne Stewart," the nurse then smiled pleasantly at Becky, "Becky. I would like you to meet Dave Hicks."

Rebecca stared intently into the dark blue eyes of the good-looking, well-honed male, who was obviously a Native American. A huge white smile beamed across his features when she exclaimed, "Hello, Dave... I am very pleased to meet you."

"Hello, Rebecca. The pleasure is all mine," he replied, turning on all the charm.

"All right you two... we have work to do," came from a distant corner as Dave's immediate supervisor arrived on the scene.

With a slightly self-conscious throat clearing the young buck directed her to the waiting workstation.

"Okay, Becky?"

With a quick nod, Becky sat on the chair indicated.

"Becky, we are going to take a few blood samples here this morning." With a quick glance at her file, he continued. "It looks like you will be starting your mornings here with us… for the next little while any way. So lets get started shall we?" Dave purposely spoke a bit too loudly, obviously for the benefit of the doctor who had interrupted them. "I guess the easiest way to do this is for you to remove your robe."

Rebecca looked at him in terror. Under the Burgundy, full length velour robe she wore only the bright yellow bra and panties.

"You are wearing something under that beautiful robe, I assu--…" The big man paused, shook his head, and smiled gently. "From the look of terror on your face I take it that the answer to that question is, no?" He chuckled at her suddenly helpless female expression. "Okay… well then… lets just roll up this here sleeve then, shall we?"

The powerful Tech began rolling up the bulky sleeve until he had it past her elbow, and then pushed it up the rest of the way, until he had a large portion of her arm exposed. Quickly examining the exposed area, he selected a likely target and placed the elastic restrictor around her upper arm. "Make a fist please?" With a tiny almost unfelt pinprick moments later signalled he was successfully completing his duty. "Thank you." After he had filled four vials, Dave announced. "You may relax your fist."

With practiced precise movements, he removed the tourniquet, extracted the butterfly needle and instructed her to, "Press... Just keep pressure on that for a minute," as he labelled and stored his collection in a sample tray. Completing his task he asked her if she had brought the card that Prue had given her the other day.

"Uh... It's in my purse in my locker I can go get it if you need it?"

"Don't you worry about it this time?" He playfully wagged a forefinger at as if she was a small child. "But don't you dare to forget to bring it with you next time..."

The expression on her face was one of inexpressible curiosity,

"Okay, Becky? Here's the deal. The card tells me what samples are needed. Today I already had all the information regarding the samples I needed from your file. I just happened to have it because you have an appointment with the good doctor over there at nine sharp." A casual wave indicated a rather short, slightly pudgy woman in a white lab coat.

"Doctor Serrata? This is Rebecca Stewart. She's a preliminary evaluation scheduled with you at nine this morning." Tech Hicks spoke nicely to the occupied Doctor.

"That's nice." The doctor said, in tones indicating she was being interrupted from her important work and didn't like interruptions one whit. Suddenly, surrendering to the interruption, she tossed her pen down on the charts she was writing on, and with a mighty shove, wheeled the chair she was sitting in over to where Rebecca sat.

Rebecca detected the faint scent of Chanel perfume as the woman got very close to her. The scent seemed somehow foreign in the somewhat sterile environment.

"How are you today, Rebecca?" she asked as she examined the blonde's eyes and quickly looked at her naked fingernails.

"Fine." Becky answered, noticing, Doctor C.D. Serrata, Chair. Research Science. B.C. Cancer Society, on the auburn-haired, pale-skinned Scientist's identity tag pinned to the lapel of the white lab coat.

"Good! Okay, Rebecca Stewart, I shall see you back her in…" she glanced first to the clock on the wall, then at her watch, "… about an hour and a half then." The doctor dismissed Becky casually, almost distractedly, and repeated the movement of rolling back to her original position on her chair.

Then Nurse Banks spoke, "Come on, Rebecca. Let's get you over and discover what delights await you behind Door Number Three! I'm sure Doctor Geoff will be pleased to see us." She stretched out her hand to take Becky's. "See you later, Dave." The Nurse smiled at the Tech, who just winked at them both and gave Becky a big smile. Turning to the re-immersed doctor, Miss Banks simply said, "Doctor," as she and her patient 'whooshed' the door to the lab open and proceeded along the long wide hall towards their next task.

"This next part could take awhile, so now would be a good time to go to the Loo if you need." Joan indicated.

Rebecca had learned long ago never to turn down an opportunity to take even a "quick" washroom break. With a diminutive, "Thank you," the patient went thru the locker room door to take her little break.

Following Nurse Banks into examining room three, she was pleased indeed that it was Doctor Geoff waiting for them.

"Good morning, Rebecca. How are you this fine day?"

"Fine, Doctor. A little tired from not getting much sleep, but otherwise I'm fine," she casually replied.

"Well you will have to learn to expect and accept that with this sickness, Becky. It's just part and parcel of the disease."

Becky didn't have the heart to tell the doctor that the major reason for her fatigue was not the illness, but from activities of the night before. Heat welled within her lower regions at the sudden flood of precious memories she had collected while becoming so tired. A secret smile played across her pouty, pleasurable lips. Almost, you wicked wench! Almost! Next time!

The good doctor gave her a sly little look almost guessing what his patient had just inferred, or so Becky thought, asked, "Shall we get started then?" Doctor Geoff was suddenly out the door and into a small operating theatre next door.

Joan then handed Rebecca a 'gooney gown' and indicated the opening was to go towards the back. The reluctant woman complied and removed her robe. After performing the task the nurse indicated Rebecca should follow her. The pair ended up back at Pickles place, where she was greeted warmly. the Tech instructed Becky to get up on to an Xray table dominating the room and told to lie on her side.

"Well a good day to you all." The brougue baratone announced. "Ah the lovely Miss Stewart. It's a pleasure to see you again my dear... now if you hold still just like this..." He said as he contorted her into the position he prefered. "Now hold still as a statue, and we can begin."

Scotty disappeared behind the protective barrier and for a brief moment Rebecca cound here the silent 'whirl' of the machine taking another picture of her insides. The elder Scottsman came close to her looking at her pictures , while Pickles wheeled in a small tray with an assortment of strang looking wires on it. The doctor decided he knew exactly where to put the fine wire he was about to insert into Beckys left kidney. "Don't move a muscle pet." he instructed. Rebecca's felt a sharp prick and her first instinct was to flinch.

Fortunately it was over in a matter of seconds. One more time he instructed her. "Don't move! Allmost done." Once again he disappeared and the machine 'whirled'. This time Scotty came back to her with a large smile on his face. "Great! It's perfect!"

Pickles then came forward again and put a small piece of tape over the fine wire now protruding from Beckys side. Carefully she was loaded onto a portable gurney and wheeled back down to Surgery # 3.

While they waited for Dr. Geoff to return, Joan was reassuring her patient with a bit of fill in chatter. "That's it, now relax. This is really a very simple procedure, Rebecca, and will all be over in a few minutes. The most you will feel is a few tiny little pin pricks," the trained professional reassured her charge with a pat on the shoulder and a gentle constant pressure applied to her arm, to let her know everything was alright. "So Prue had a date with your cousin on Monday eh?" Joan said in order to put the woman more at ease. "Prue told me the man she was out with is a great guy. Is that right?"

The patient recognized this as another ploy to get her mind off the coming event, and surrendered to it gracefully. "Jeffery is a nice boy, when one removes all the airplane grease."

"It was quite late when she came stumbling in, actually it was not all that late, if you were just leaving for work that is..."Miss Banks said with a hearty chuckle.

Rebecca's ears had perked up at the sound of this bit of news. She had wondered what Jeffery had been up to with Prudence. "Oh? Did she happen to mention if, uhhh… what they were doing… to be out that late?" she asked, hoping the nurse would not think she was prying. Well, prying too hard anyway.

"Mother hen is inquiring about her chick, is she?" Joan teased as Doctor Geoff strode into the room with his hands held high and away, in the classic "I'm sterile" pose that all doctors practiced. With deft precision Joan donned her own gloves and then assisted Geoff in putting his own on. Doctor Geoff had a surgeons cap on his head.

Waves of nauseous terror surged through Becky when she noticed that both were now wearing the green surgical aprons and then the he was also wearing a scrub top that his arms were exposed and she could see the VGH logo plastered all over the light blue top.

Okay Becky... I'm going to give you a needle in your side here... It's just a little bit of freezing, to make it a little more comfortable, that's all... Try not to move." His hand stroked the skin with cloth cold and cleansing. "That's a good girl. Just be still… completely still. Good… now that's done we'll just wait a second for that to take effect."

Rebecca felt the sharp prick enter her side but that was all. Still laying on her side Doctor Geoff was carefully touching her shoulder and Nurse Banks gently patting her calf, reassuring her patient that indeed everything was all right.

"So did you manage to get all moved in, Rebecca?" The doctor asked. "Prue was saying you are from Victoria and you rented a small place near here." He continued to make conversation and help ease the troubled woman's mind. Casually running his finger over the area where the needle went in Doctor Geoff said. "Can you feel this?"

Rebecca shook her head back and forth in response.

"Good… we can continue then." Geoff again picked up the needle only this time pushing it in a lot deeper than the first time. He only stopped when he felt his patient flinch just a bit. "Still not froze there yet. We'll just give it a bit more time." Briskly, he added more chemical to the still sensitive spot.

Soon Becky was 'froze' enough to begin the procedure. Nurse Banks kept up a steady stream of chatter to help focus Rebecca's mind else where, while Doctor Geoff quickly and efficiently retrieved his sample. Acouple of disolving stitches and a sterile plaster and the whole procedure was over in mere minutes.

"Done! Now that wasn't so bad was it?" the cheerful doctor announced. Rebecca had to agree; the only thing she had felt was the needle with the freezing.

Nurse Banks quickly put the sample in the bio sealed container and was quickly leaving for the lab.

"Okay! That's it for now Rebecca! The Doctor reassured her. "You just stay right here for a bit... You can put your robe back on… Joan will be back in a moment to see you... okay?"

"Not a problem... I wish all of my patients showed the same courage and fortitude, and were as easy as you." Disbelieving his casual compliments, Becky just shook her head and replied, "Thank you, Doctor."

With a whoosh of the closing door the young doctor was gone. The burgundy robe beckoned.

Nurse Banks returned and scant seconds later, the two were on their way to see Doctor Serrata, Becky's next appointment. Deposited in the same area as earlier, Becky sat alone when Joan left, after telling her that the doctor would be out shortly.

While she was waiting, Pickles came by the control center, to drop off some other patient's paperwork and stopped to chat for a second.

"So... How's it going, eh?"

"Okay I guess."

"Getting everything squared away?"

"I hope so."

"Becky, it is going to be okay. These guys are very good at what they do!"

"Oh, I know that. Still, it gets to me, you know…?"

''So everything is all right? Any complaints so far?" The somewhat nervous tech was carefully watching Rebecca as he asked his questions.

"Yes, I would imagine so. Nobody has complained about me yet." A grin split her fill lovable lips as she watched his reaction to her little joke.

"So where 'bouts you staying. Did you get a place nearby?"

Looking into the techs eyes, seeking an answer as to why he was asking so many questions, she finally decided it's just friendly conversation and that she was reading something into it that wasn't there. "Yes, I rented a small…" Small? "…place close to the hospital."

"Oh! Well, that's just great. I have a place near here, too... And, it's not too bad a neighborhood. Most of the people are either business people or work here at the hospital. There are a lot of nice places to go around here for a pizza or a movie, or something like that." Pickles continued, trying to act as nonchalant as possible, and failing badly.

"Oh my god! He is trying to pick me up." Becky surmised. "Oh? And what types of movies are playing at these movie houses you are talking about?"

Before Pickles could answer, someone else once again broke up their private conversation. "Hey, Romeo! You want to do your romancing on your own time? If you have nothing better to do, I'm sure I could have a word with your superior, and I'm quite sure he will find you something to keep you busy... Now hit the trail!"

Rebecca looked up to see the pale features of Doctor Serrata drawn in distaste as she quickly clicked towards them on impossibly tall spike heeled pumps.

"So, I guess I'll see you later, Becky," the tech said, turning to face his tormentor. "Just dropping off that paperwork you requested, Doctor." Pickle then quickly vacated the lab, and gave Rebecca a quick wink on his way out.

Blushing furiously, Becky gave him her trademark, 'I'm so innocent' smile and then turned as the cold-natured doctor began speaking at Rebecca.

"You know, MISS Stewart, for someone of your ilk, in a precarious position, you seem to command a bit more than your fair share of the male attention around here." The doctor then picked up Rebecca's file and began to leaf thru the information that had accumulated there thus far.

Becky just sat there dumbfounded unsure of what to make of what the plump woman had just said.

"Now, lemme see... It says here that you contracted Hepatitis C thru a blood transfusion in the early sixties..." she lifted an accusing eyebrow, "and in what country would that have happened?"

Is this woman trying to be a bitch? Or is it my imagination? Rebecca wondered. "Oh, that would have been right here in Canada, in a Large General hospital… one very much the same as the one we are in right now!" Two can play your game. Bitch! You want 'catty'? I'll show you catty. I am the queen of bitches, if you piss me off enough! Suddenly, realizing that she had broken her promise to her mother once again, Rebecca looked skyward and quietly whispered the familiar words, 'I sorry, Momma, it just slipped out…"

"Pardon me did you say something?" the doctor asked looking up from the notes she was working on.

"No... Sorry… nothing that needs repeated. I was just thinking aloud." Becky explained.

"Huummm! Yes, I'm sure it's not worth repeating."

Meow! Our heroine quietly thought with a smug smile on her face.

"So, you have had this disease all these years and you are just NOW doing something about it? Why didn't you seek our help when the symptoms first appeared?"

"Oh, but I did, Doctor. For years I was diagnosed as being hypo-glycemic because of those symptoms, Doctor. It wasn't until I complained so much that yet another doctor decided to run some different types of tests. Then they found that the experts' opinions were all wrong, Doctor." Take that MISS Kitty!

Now on the defensive, the doctor could only sit and mutter, "Huummm."

Grinning broadly, Becky sensed the WIN!

"Well, I suppose I really should have a look at you anyway... Just to make sure that this 'expert' knows what she's talking about." The put upon doctor carefully examined Rebecca's eyes and felt her nodes and then looked rather closely at the woman's fingernails before her. She then began writing notes in the file, leaving Becky to sit there watching and waiting. After several minutes of watching the woman writing she grew bored with waiting and harrumphed. The doctor looked up and announced, as if curious the girl was still sitting there, that the interview was well over and "…you really should have left several minutes ago. You really do not want to make a habit of being late to your appointments, MISS Stewart."

"Gladly, Doctor. I am certain the others will understand when I explain that I am the subject of your latest research paper, Doctor." Rebecca announced, very bitingly, no longer able to hide her contempt. The insulted patient quickly rose from her seat and before the door had a chance to complete its opening 'whoosh,' departed the company of the good Doctor Serrata.

After taking a seat near to the nurse's station, Becky slowly began regaining composure. Within a few moments she could almost feel the returning flow again of that familiar calm assuredness. Joan Banks squeaked down the corridor back to her station where she saw Rebecca was sitting, awaiting her next direction.

"Done so soon? All finished with the... Ah,... Dr Serrata?" The Nurse asked.

Rebecca could almost sense that Nurse Joan had almost lost her professionalism and caught it at just the last moment when referring to Becky's favourite medical practitioner.

"Well, I guess you can get dressed now... Next up is a tour of the ward, where you will meet some people who will help you with your treatment over the next few months.

"Okay... Thank you very much." Becky was still trying to sort out and regain order.

"You all right?" Joan said. "You look a little pale... You feeling okay?"

"Um... I'm okay… I guess. Just getting a little hungry, I think, and I have some meds I have to take." And as Rebecca uttered the words her stomach loudly reminded her that it had been some time since the tiramisu she had had for dessert with Bob.

"Okay!" Joan chuckled, and looking at a point where her patient's navel would be, directed her words as though speaking to Becky's tummy. "Let's get you dressed, and then it's time for a jaunt to the cafeteria. I could use a cup of coffee, myself. And besides I want to hear more about my roomies hot date from the other night." Joan said with a smile and a twitch of the eyebrows.

Arm and arm the pair went into the change room where Rebecca could put on her street clothes again.

While Rebecca was dressing they chatted quietly about generalities.

"So you and Prue room together, do you?" The ever-inquisitive blonde nymph asked, hoping she can benefit from this godsend fact-finding mission.

"You bet. We've been roomies ever since Prue arrived here from New Zealand two years ago." Joan revealed openly.

"Wow... I knew she was British of some description from her accent but, I wasn't sure if it was Australian or South African."

"Nope...she's a Kiwi... she gets her share of the sheep jokes around here. But she's feisty and can give as well as she gets... Now, it's my turn." The inquiring nurse said, figuring out Becky's game right from square one.

The both give a little giggle at that realization.

"Okay, my turn, for twenty questions." She slid closer to Becky on the bench.

"Just twenty, and I'll count…"

"Jeffery. Your cousin, right?"

Becky nodded her head, putting on her top again.

"What's he doing for a living?" Joan asked.

"He fixes airplanes and helicopters."

"Figures! Prue has this thing for mechanics... Don't know what it is, but if the guy gets filthy at his work and comes home smelling of grease, Lambchop just goes 'gaa-gaa' over him."

"Lambchop? Prue's nickname is Lambchop?" Becky asked while a very wicked smile evolved across her face.

"Oh ya! We've been calling her that for years now... It's one of those sheep things that everyone kids her about."

The laughter began anew this time with Joan the loudest of the pair, reacting to the expression on Rebecca's face while she was chuckling.

Slipping on her shoes, Becky grabbed her purse and headed towards the secret vanity. She flipped the switch that revealed the secrets hidden there and quickly set about repairing the real and the imagined damage to this morning's do.

"Oh, I see Prue showed you our little treasure... Pretty neat' eh?"

Taking the daily scent from her purse Becky stepped thru the fragrant cloud and said, "You bet."

"Um... what is that? Joan inquired as the light scent drifted to her just a few feet away from where Rebecca was putting the finishing touches on her repairs.

"Oh it's called 'Lise Watier' it's by 'Neiges'. Nice isn't it. Would you like to try some?" Becky volunteered.

Joan leapt at the opportunity. "You bet... Hold on." she said as she moved in front of the special basin and ran cold water over a tissue and lightly rubbed behind her ears and her wrists. Rebecca then handed her the small oval shaped bottle, and Joan sparingly applied the fresh scent to her cleaned areas. "Oh, I like this.... Where did you get it?"

"I picked it up at The Bay, but I suppose Sears or any of those stores would have it. Definitely The Bon would have it for sure." Becky replied as she slipped the little gem back into her purse and reapplied dramatic lipstick to define her lovable mouth. A quick nod to the mirror and Rebecca was done.

Joan who knew the international girl sign for 'I'm done.' said. "Come on girlfriend let's go get'em!"

While Becky was securing her locker, Joan said, "Wait! Just take some money out of your purse and put it in your pocket. I got an idea."

Rebecca pulled a 'tener' from her change purse and secured the locker. The pair left the room and stopped out in front of the nurse's station.

"Here, put this on." Joan handed Rebecca a white lab coat just like the ones the rest of the staff wore. She then stuffed a stethoscope into one of the large pockets and added a couple of pens to the breast pocket. "Here, now carry this" She said as Joan handed Rebecca her own folder. "Perfect now you look just like the staff... If we do this right coffee is on me."

"Hold it." Becky said, "I can't do that, it's dishonest."

"No it's not... Trust me."

"Joan, no. The staff doesn't pay for their meals here. Outside people do though... It' not right... It wouldn't be honest... I'll pay for my own. Thank you, anyway."

"Becky. The cafeteria still gets paid... It's all run thru the till... It's just that the government picks up the staffs portion as part of our contract, that's all. Nobody is getting cheated... Really."

"Oh. Okay. I guess so." The still rather reluctant woman finally caved in and agreed. I will simply die if I get caught doing this, Becky thought.

The pair entered the cafeteria and made their way down the line and placed the appropriate orders. Being very hungry by now, but not wanting to call suspicion to her deception, Becky ordered cup of tea and a crumpet with fresh raspberry preserves. Joan on the other hand ordered a turkey club sandwich with all the fixings and a veggie plate with dip.

Becky was amazed and stared disbelieving at all the food this small shapely woman seemed bent to consume in one small coffee break. The two escaped detection and found seats well away from the growing mob of staffers, all trying to accomplish the same thing on the fifteen-minute break.

Joan was quick to notice that Dr. Serrata was intently staring at Rebecca as the pair took their seats. "Wow... What's with the lab's Queen Bitch? She got a hate on for you or something?"

"Pardon me?" the still nervous Becky responded.

"Dracula's daughter... you know Doctor Serrata... Your last appointment."

"Um... um...OH! Well, we had a difference of opinion. Our personalities clash, I think... She really didn't like me from the start, and I guess I sorta never gave her a chance either... Hope it's not going to be a problem?"

Nurse Banks just laughed. "I hope you gave her both barrels girl! That bitch has truly earned every bad thing anyone has ever said about her... I'm sure if she wasn't so damn good at what she does, Admin, or Geoff, would have skidded her butt ages ago."

"Oh" was all Becky could reply in astonishment.

"Here I got this for you." Joan said, pushing the tray of food towards Becky. "We can share... Unless you really want to eat that dried up old biscuit and jam?"

The bit got a chuckle when Becky responded, "Not really. I just didn't want to stick out... That veggie tray looks delicious."

"Here eat half this sandwich... There's no way I'm going to eat all this food." Joan laughed and continued moving food to Becky's plate. "Besides, I had breakfast and I know you didn't."

The pair munched and continued their conversation well after the rest of the employees had left to return to their own duties.

Joan finally dropped the bombshell that Becky had hoped would not come. "So how long have you been Trans gendered?"

Almost choking on her tea, Rebecca said, "Since a year or two after graduating from Uof A in Edmonton. Before that I was just trying to find myself," recovering nicely.

"Well I'm glad you found yourself... Some people never do... And they live in a self imposed hell all their lives... You seem to have put your self together very well... If I hadn't seen it on your chart, I never would have known... You made the right decision, Rebecca Anne Stewart... Now, what say we get you prepared for the tour?"

A brisk nod was all Becky could manage.

"Shall we?" Joan rose from her chair with the tray in hand and Rebecca followed, instinctively wiping down the table with her napkin as she left. Depositing the tray in its proper place the pair headed out the door to the next appointment.


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