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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart, Christy Lake, & Misty Dawn




Rebecca laid on the gurney for quite some time after Doctor Geoff left her in the care of Aunt Jan, Joan, & Donna.

Finally Nurse Joan Banks pronounced Becky fit enough to sit up. Joan unhooked the monitor from the recovering patient and removed the little sticky sensors that had been attached to various sites on the-trim body. Upon removing the last one from Becky's shin she asked her charge if she felt strong enough to get dressed and have a cup of tea.

"Yes, please… that sounds really nice... But, what I would really like to do is use the washroom. Plus, I would very much like to wash my face and make myself a little more presentable," Joan's number one patient stated looking at her with doe-like eyes.

"Right! I think we can probably help you there… let's fetch you a robe and some slippers and then we'll see what we can do about the rest of those necessities. In the mean time, if you just go thru that door right there you will see a small bathroom you can use. Okay? Good... I'll be right back."

Out the door, into the corridor she went, corralling, and then shepherding the portable monitor ahead of her at the same time.

"Well ladies I think the crisis is over. I predict that this one is going to make it," Joan said as if practicing for the doctor role she one day would play for real. This managed to bring a snicker from the other two awaiting Joan's decision. It was Jan Wytte that piped up first. "Yes, Doctor Banks," which had all three of them giggling.

"Thank you for all your help, Donna. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along at that moment."

"You're welcome, Joan. I didn't mind at all... Besides, I got out of giving Mister Williams his sponge bath. So it was worth it, believe me."

Both Donna and Joan started laughing and kidding each other again imitating the older man and his randy ways.

"Williams? A crusty old' pirate…hook nose and a patch on one eye?" Auntie inquired.

"Yup, that's the same one," Donna joked.

"Is that old fart still hanging around here?" Jan asked. "He was coming here bothering us when I was charge nurse on the adult section."

"And, he still has the fastest hands anyone's ever seen."

"Don't ever turn your back on him," all three nurses said in unison.

Again the laughing resumed and the three of them looked, and sounded, like a trio of schoolgirls gossiping between classes.

"Okay ... I gotta get out of here." Jan finally said. "I've got paperwork coming out my... you know where. Come on Donna I'll walk you back to your station."

"Okay Jan let's go... See you, Joan. Don't work too hard for the rest of the day. Doctor!"

Jan couldn't resist one more jibe as well. As the pair proceeded down the hall she teased. "Yes, Doctor! Will you be leaving early… in order to make your usual tee-off time?"

"Huh! I wish." Joan said to no one in particular. Then gathering up the robe and disposable slippers she had promised Rebecca, she returned to surgery number three.

Rebecca was still in the washroom trying her best to fix her hair with out the aid of a brush.

"How you doing in there?" Joan called out through the door.

"Be out in a minute," a voice promised.

Joan accompanied Rebecca back to the locker room where she could get dressed and properly repair her makeup. "Well, you're finally starting to get a bit of color back into your face... and that's good... Listen, if you're going to be okay now, I'll leave you to get fixed up. Just come out to the station when you're ready. Okay?"

Rebecca faced Joan confidently and told her protector, "Sure. I'm fine... just give me a few minutes… I'll be right there… just need to freshen up."

"Okay... I'll just be right out here." Joan indicated with a nod and a jerk of her thumb towards the door.

"I'll see you in a wee bit." The Scottish lass replied.

True to her word Rebecca dressed, brushed, and made up her self in a little over 20 minutes. She walked thru the door into the corridor with her purse over one shoulder and her kangaroo jacket folded over one arm ready to go.

"Getting a little hungry?" Joan giggled.

"Oh yes!" Rebecca joked back. "I wonder if they have anymore of the lovely juice they were serving this morning?"

Both women stared at each other waiting for a response. Joan was the first to cave with Rebecca a millisecond behind. "Not!" ... "I don't think so!"

"Come on girl. Joan said grabbing Rebecca's arm. "This time you buy... Maybe we'll have more luck."

The 'school girls' were still giggling by the time they reached the cafeteria. A cup of tea and an oatmeal & raisin cookie for Becky and a Mug of Columbian, with a brownie for Joan and the pair sat finally relaxed, fully recovered from the day's excitement.

"This was quite the day you've had." Joan commented.

Thinking for a second Rebecca quietly responded. "It has definitely had its share of excitement."

Joan, slipping back into Nurse gear again quickly and efficiently stated. "Well, the results from the blood tests this morning looked very promising, according to the doctor, that is. Now that all your vitals are stable you should be able to continue you on with your day.

"After we are finished here I will check with Doctor Geoff and see if he requires anything further... If he doesn't, you are out of here my dear... Free as a bird till seven AM, Friday, but let's get the doctor's evaluation before you start zipping up that jacket of yours... So, if you are finished with your tea, let's say we go have a look see."

After depositing the trays and refuse in the proper containers, the pair returned to the Nurses station and Joan made a quick call to the doctor's office. "Right... Good...Seven A.M., Friday... Yes Doctor, I'll tell her myself... Yes sir, I won't forget... Before I leave.''

Hanging up the phone the Nurse turned to Rebecca and said. "Friday, seven AM, report to the blood lab. Don't forget your card this time. Get plenty of rest and keep your feet elevated... I think that's all Geoff said.... Oh! One more thing. Friday is Halloween here, and a lot of the staff goes really overboard. So don't be surprised when you come in on Friday. You don't have to dress up. We do it 'cause it gives the kids a charge"

Rebecca was smiling thinking about a bunch of grown ups all dressed as ghosts and goblins. She also knew that in minutes from now she would be walking out the door.

"Okay, let me call you a cab, and you are outa here," she said imitating a baseball umpire complete with hand gestures.

"A cab isn't necessary... I can walk it's only a few blocks from here," Becky reported.

"No you are not walking... You are supposed to rest remember? So you are getting a cab." Nurse Joan was adamant.

"But, I can make it...I slept all d--"

"Look girl! You are either going to take a cab home and rest for the rest of the day and the majority of tomorrow. OR...I will make one little phome call have you admitted on the spot, then, you will spend the night here laying in a bed, staring at a very boring ceiling... take your pick? Besides the cab is free."

"Okay ... I give up... Sheesh... Okay I'm a cab... You happy now?" Rebecca nipped back at the rank-pulling friend.

"YES! Ecstatic," Joan firmly returned. "Now sit right here until the cabby gets here."

"Yes, Mother." Rebecca's snide retort drew a stern look.

"That's enough from you young lady! Now do as you are told." Joan tried saying as sternly as a scolding mother would, but somewhere after 'young lady', she lost all her composure and barely ended the sentence before breaking down in a fit of giggles. Rebecca was not far behind.

A few moments later a Cabbie entered the reception area and asked for Rebecca Stewart.

"Be right with you" Rebecca called out, then turning to Joan, reached out and gave the nurse a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for all your help today."

"Aw, get out of here... You're making my eyes water with that cheap perfume you're wearing." Joan barked all the while smiling as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Yes. I see what you mean." Becky observed. "It's starting to effect mine as well...Thank you Joan." Rebecca very honestly stated.

"You're welcome... now git." Joan said as she started paddling Becky's cute butt out the door.

Becky was squealing and trying to run and cover her sensitive bottom with her hands all at the same time, not without a lot of success, but with lots of attention from others coming and going through the entrance.

Blushing bright pink, Rebecca slid into the back seat and suddenly remembered why she hated Taxi's. Her sensitive nose detected the strong odour of human sweat and the stench of years of cigarettes being smoked in here. A quick look at the overflowing ashtray confirmed that indeed there had been a lot of that happening in this particular taxi. Being a born again non-smoker, Rebecca was having a very hard time trying to get enough air into her lungs.

"Would it be alright if I opened this window, please?" She asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Ya sure lady. They're yer cute li'l buns ye be a freezin'." The driver announced as he lit another cigarette and proceeded to pull the two-year-old blue Chrysler into the Vancouver rush hour traffic.

Rebecca noticed that they had turned the opposite direction as to her house and were headed east on Tenth Avenue towards city hall. "Maybe he knew a shortcut. After all it was rush hour?"

The cab manoeuvred thru the traffic and after countless turns and rushing down back alleys, emerged in front of the old Edwardian building roughly two cigarettes and 25 minutes after leaving the clinic.

Rebecca ever being the diplomat, thanked the driver for his 'prompt and courteous' service, and informed him that she would mention it to all her friends.

Becky entered the front of the impressive building and began her lone assent up to her second floor suite. Upon rounding the corner she was met by a little girl dancing her way down the hall towards her. The twelve-year-old almost ran right into Rebecca as she practiced the ballet movements with a grace and precision that only years of dedication and discipline can produce.

Squeaking in surprise at the near collision the prim Prima Donna stopped dead in her tracks. "Ooops! I'm sorry. I didn't mean t--"

"That's okay I saw you coming... You dance very well, and you're very pretty as well... How long have you been taking lessons?" Rebecca asked the child as she caught her breath from the laborious climb.

"Since I was five. I also take jazz and tap... but I like ballet the best."

Hoping to compliment the young miss with flattery she remarked. "Well you are very good at it... You should keep practicing, and maybe, someday, you will be a dancer dancing her way to fame and fortune in a Broadway Show, or for The National Ballet in Ottawa."

"Oh, I would like that. Very much! You just moved into the master's suite, didn't you?" She asked, vaguely pointing in the general direction of Rebecca's temporary domicile.

"Why yes, I did... just the other day, in fact. Do you live here as well?" the older woman returned.

"Mother and I live in number three, just down there," the diva indicated. "My name is Margaret Ann. But, I prefer Maggie."

"Well, Maggie it is then. My name is Rebecca Anne, and I like to get called Becky by my friends." She volunteered. "Will you call me Becky?"

"KEWL!" Maggie exclaimed. It's so nice to have someone living up here again. The lady that owned that place you're in was never here... 'Ceptin' maybe once or twice a year and I never get to see her for more than a second before someone whisked her away... Um. Do you have any kids my age?" The tireless pre-teen rattled off without taking a single breath and returning to her practice without waiting for an answer.

"No, I'm sorry, Maggie. I have no children at all, ''Becky pleaded.

"Margaret Anne!" The call came from across the hall. Maggie froze on the spot. "Maggie, you leave that nice lady alone… and get back in here... How many times do I have to tell you not to practice dance in the halls?" the voice continued. Then, in the next instant, the voice had a body. A pretty mid-thirty's, auburn-haired woman wearing a navy blue, Brooks Brother's power suit rounded the bend at the top of the stairs. Greeting the child, she placed her leather attaché case next to the large brief file box she had deposited there only a half second before.

"Hi I'm Christy... Maggie's mother." she said as she held her hand out in an introduction.

"Hi. Rebecca."

Taking her hand in offered friendship, Christy continued. "You just moved in to number four, here?"

Rebecca nodded her head in agreement. "Just moved in on Monday, haven't even settled in yet."

"Yes moving is a bitch isn't it? Maggie and I moved in here last year, after I separated from Maggie's father. I think it took us a month before we could find anything."

"Oh, Mother... You still can't find anything," Maggie snipped in.

"Don't you have some homework you should be doing, instead of standing here annoying us?" Her mother shot back.

"Ohhh! Yah. Sure... Pull rank on me when it suits you, eh," the preteen teased with a bright, wide smile, then as she started down the hall to her own place. "Nice to meet you Becky... See you later."

"Okay, Maggie… Nice to meet you, too."

Looking at her watch, Christy decided that she had to get rolling if she was going to get some work done on her briefs, and make dinner for her and Maggie. "Well I should get going... Stop over later for tea and we'll get to know each other better?" The businesswoman asked.

"That's not a bad idea." Becky said. "I might just do that."

After making a promise of having tea and a chat, perhaps tonight, or most certainly later in the week, and saying a quick "Good bye," Rebecca moved to Number Four and slipped the key into the lock. As the heavy wooden door swung effortlessly open, the phone in the parlour began chirping its little song to announce that she had visitors. She quickly deposited her bundle and purse on the settee and picked up the small handset.

"Yes?" Rebecca asked musically.

The voice at the front door said. "Trans Global Communications... I have an installation here for Miss Rebecca Stewart?"

"The cable guy, oops girl. Jeesh… that was fast! I thought they said next Thursday. Oh well they're here now, so I'm not going to complain." The bewildered woman congratulated her self on her good fortune.

"Come right up," she announced into the receiver, pushed the number six button on the handset to permit entry. Rebecca then did a little skip dance of pleasure on her way to the door to her apartment, which was still ajar. She waited for the cable girl. Cable companies just did not move this fast! Presently a late twenties woman with the blackest hair Becky had ever seen rounded the top of the stairwell and proceeded towards her front door.

"Miss Stewart? My name is Lori Hardiman. I am from TGC. I have a work order here for an installation scheduled for today." The tall, fit, well-built Tech announced in friendly tones.

"Well, I was told you probably would not be able to do the installation until next Thursday. But, you are here now, and I won't send you away... Come in, please." Becky stood back from the door to allow entry.

Lori had a quick look around the apartment, looking for possible areas to run her leads. "Nice place you have here."

"Thank you, but it's not mine I'm just subletting for a few months."

"Well shall we get started?" The busy tech announced. "Where would you like the main installation?"

"Well, I guess over by the TV set would probably be the best spot, but I know very little about this so, you can put it where ever you think is best...I thought there was already a stuff in place... you don't have to run cable all over the place do you?"

"Oh no... No cable. We use fibre optics for our units... It allows us to be more compatible with other satellites, that way we can get a stronger signal and improve communications."

Rebecca's eyes were glazing over at all the technical details. "Sounds like a lot for cable TV... Oh well it's paid for. So let her do her thing." She decided.

"Well, I'll just let you continue. I just came in the door when you rang, so I'll just be in here putting things away... would you like a cup of tea? I was about to put the kettle on?"

"Yes ma'am that would be great. Thank you. Lori stated, her eyes never leaving the wall in her search for a place to conceal the master control panel for the phone system she was about to install. "Excuse me Ma'am, but I think that we might want to install this in a more secure, out of the way place than here in the living room. Most people have the panic box installed in their bedrooms, so they can use them with out getting out of bed, if there is an emergency."

Becky looked at the girl as if she had suddenly sprouted horns. "I really can't believe that there are people out there so addicted to television that they need to have a panic hook-up in their beds in case they go thru with drawl symptoms?"

It was the Tech's turn to look perplexed. "Pardon me?"

"TV…you know... Cable, or pardon me... optic fibres, or what ever that thingy is you are installing, so I can watch TV... Are there people so addicted to it that they can't go to bed properly? I just refuse to believe that people can be so… so… so... dumb."

The Communications Tech quickly piecing together what Rebecca had just said. "This poor woman thinks I am here to hook up her cable TV." Lori got it straight in her head, then headed into the kitchen to inform Rebecca in more detail why she was here. "Excuse me ma'am, but I am thinking we have had a huge breakdown in communications here."

This time it was Becky's turn "Pardon me?"

"Ma'am I'm, here to install a digital satellite communications system with a hard wire base and to beef up the security in this building... I am not from the cable TV company, although I could probably fix that for you as well, while I'm here.''

"Now I'm really confused... You are not from the cable company?"


"And you are here to install a what for a what?"

"It's basically a cell phone that works of a satellite dish mounted on the roof and uses fibre optics instead of cable for wiring. It also doubles as a security system and 911 emergency response unit." The proud tech reeled off for her customer.

"Oh... I see," she sighed, though really didn't see it at all. Rebecca was still trying to figure out what was going on. "So the Property Managers arranged for this then?"

Digging into the top pocket of her company issued uniform Lori drew up a single page document. "Let me see... Oh yes, a Herb, is it Doman, of Doman Properties has authorized the work. And it looks like the work order was initiated by a B. Arnold," Lori stated.

"ROBERT!" Rebecca shouted, and began to chuckle. " Some how I knew you had to have your hand in this"... "Sorry, Lori, is it?" Gazing at the name sewn into the twill of the jacket she saw she was correct. "I just figured out what this was all about... Please excuse me… You must think me daft... I honestly thought you were from the cable company and I knew nothing about, whatever it is you are about to install."

She was revealing all this as she reached over to silence the screaming kettle. She poured the warming water out of the teapot and then plopped two bags of Orange Pekoe in before refilling the pot with the boiling water. "Lori please install what ever Bob has requested be installed, and please quit calling me ma'am... I'm not that old. My name is Rebecca. Now, sit down here and lets have a cup of tea and we can properly laugh at this whole silly incident... Would you like some Scottish shortbread? Unfortunately they are store bought, but they're not half bad for 'off the shelf.'" She said all this while she manoeuvred the bewildered girl onto a chair next to her in the kitchen. Sitting on the chair with out putting up any resistance, Lori complied with out uttering a word.

The two were soon chatting as if they were old friends. Rebecca learned that Lori has a degree in electronics engineering and that the system she was installing was her own design. Lori learned Becky was over here for chemotherapy and Bob was this handsome man she met just a few days ago who has completely swept her off her feet.

"Well I better get on with it." Lori announced finally.

"Yes I suppose there's nothing for it," Becky added, revealing a bit of her Scottish heritage.

"Well I really do think you should locate the control panel in the master bedroom. Rebecca. It's more secure that way. I am also going to add features that will include your front door and all windows as well so that your house will be entirely enveloped in a small beam of light. That way if the beam is broken a quiet alarm will sound alerting you of the breach. I would suggest listening posts in all your rooms including the bathroom."

"Why do I need security in my bathroom surely there's nothing of value in there? The confused resident asked.

"It's not for that. It's in case you are in the bath and someone breaks in you will hear a little ding, or what ever sound you like actually, go off when it happens." Tech Hardiman stated.

"Oh yes! We will need one of those for sure... I think in every room the apartment would be a good idea." Rebecca confidently replied.

"That's why I'm suggesting it. That way you can have the option of ringing in a silent alarm, a full bore, with whistles blasting, light's flashing, or you can ignore the signal as well."

"Okay… what ever you think is best... I'm going to just relax a bit while you do your fibre thing." Rebecca chuckled softly.

The blonde went into her bedroom and removed her kangaroo jacket. Quickly, she contemplated a bath, but decided to wait till she was alone. Then she realized that she had never really explored this place yet... Huummm, wonder what's behind the door on the other side of the fireplace... Probably just a closet... but let's go see."

Becky purposely strolled over to the fireplace and opened the door. She was surprised to see a hallway. With a little 'humph' she proceeded down the short hall. On the left was a door which she opened and discovered another bedroom. Not quite as large as hers, but still quite nice. She walked over to the window and drew back the drapes and opened the plantation shutters to flood the room with the late afternoon sun. She walked over to the double French doors, the same style as her own, except these slid open to reveal a much smaller closet than the one in the master's suite. Still... Not bad.' She thought and looked across the hall at another door... Must be another bedroom. And that must be the bathroom." Becky deduced as she opened that door. Sure enough there was a bathroom complete with a combination soaker tub and shower. She left that door open as well to let them air out a bit, before proceeding to the last door.

Expecting to find another bedroom she was surprised to find that this room had been fitted out to be a small gym. There was a treadmill, an exercise bike, a step master and a low bench for doing sit-ups and weight work. The longest wall of the room was mirrored from one end to the other. Becky also noticed a small fridge and a very impressive sound system. Wow, who ever owns this place is into aerobics big time. Rebecca looked up at the ceiling and noticed that each piece of equipment had a little quartz halogen light above the highlighting each and everyone. This place is amazing!

As she was admiring the hard wood floor, Lori came down the hall, calling out her name. "Miss Stewart? Are you in here?"

"In here!" Rebecca called back.

"Oh... I was wondering.... Wow! Nice gym..." Her eyes surveyed every detail of the room. "I finished installing the panic button in the bath and I also put one in the kitchen and one beside the head of the bed... I was wondering if there is a place around back where I can park my van, 'cause I need access to the back of the building where the main electrical is for the building."

"Yes, I have a double garage around back of the building... But I have no idea where the electrical stuff you just mentioned is. I would imagine it is to be in the basement... If there is one? Here let me get you the garage door opener and you will need keys for the back door as well."

"Thank you very much ma'am." Lori replied before she realized that she had just messed up.

Rebecca just gave her the freezing one raised eyebrow look, the one that almost instantly stopped everyone in its' path.

"Sorry... Rebecca.'' She corrected quickly.

Armed with the appropriate items, Lori picked up her portable toolbox and went back out to her vehicle to complete the next part of her task. Seizing the opportunity, Becky quickly sorted out a load of washing and began the cycle. Thanking whom ever for kindly leaving Cheer soap powder and Bounce so that she could complete her task.

"Wonder what I can make for dinner?" she asked no one in particular, since at that moment she was alone.

"Guess I should have thought of that this morning... Little bit late to be trying to defrost something now." Becky said aloud as she searched the freezer. "Hold it! I have an idea." Becky did a hurried about face and looked in the small pantry. She was quite pleased with herself as she pulled out a small can of flaked crab. "Oh, good! One down, three to go." Next she picked up a bag of broad egg noodles. "Not fresh… but it's all I got... Now… Darn! I could have sworn I saw some dill weed here? Bonus! That's three... and the brick of soft cream cheese in the fridge makes four... Girl, you are a genius."

She put all the ingredients on the counter in preparation of creating her evening meal as soon as Lori left. "I wonder if she wants to stay for dinner? Naw, look at the rock she has on her finger. If you had a man like that waiting for you at home… would you want to have dinner with some old spinster?" She argued silently as she prepared a salad to go with her crab linguini.

Finished preparing the salad, Rebecca tossed it in a Tupperware bowl and covered it and put it in the fridge. Then she removed the brick of cream cheese from the fridge, cut it in half and wrapped plastic wrap on the exposed portion, then put it back into the fridge.

"Well that's about all I can do for now." Suddenly there was a chirping noise not ten feet away from where she was standing. Looking to the source of the peculiar sound, she discovered a small wireless telephone hanging on a wall near the bistro set in the nook area. Hesitant to pick it up, Becky stared at it a long moment before she overcame her fear and realized that she was in her house and that was her phone that was ringing.

"Hello?" Within scant seconds of picking it up she was wishing she had let it ring. Telephone solicitors… the most hated people in the world at meal times, was busy telling her abut the most fabulous deal that she could not possibly live with out.

"No thank you... No I'm sorry... No I'm not interested... No. Well I managed to live this long with out one... No. I'm not interested. NO! Good day!" The blonde replaced the receiver and was shaking her head in disbelief when Lori popped her head round the corner. "If you give me just another minute or two, I will be able to show you how to avoid that in the future."

"Please!" was all Becky said.

The shapely tech took another little gismo, actually four little gizmos from her large box of goodies and walked over to where the slim profile receiver was hanging on the wall. After removing a small port cover Lori snapped a small liquid crystal screen onto the top of the little pad. "This is a display feature. It works sort of like call display where you can tell who is calling you and the number they are calling from. You can ignore it, cancel it, or block it," the Tech explained as she was pushing all the little buttons on the front of the pad. "Or you can do nothing and a pre-recorded message will answer it for you... or if you want, you can pick it up and answer it."

Rebecca was thoroughly impressed with this, and smiled at the thought of never having to face what had just happened to her a few moments before.

"I'll put one of these on the units in the bath, bedroom, living room, and exercise room. That should cover them all."

"Thank you. Lori."

"No. Thank you. This is my first installation with this type of technology. I have been doing fibre optics communications and security for years but never to this extent... Oh do you have a computer with internet access?"

"Uh no I don't not here anyway... why?" the inquisitive woman asked.

"Well if you have a 'puter' I can run the whole thing thru that as well and you can print out a security and com-log, plus you can do online monitoring as well... I'm working on this program right now where you will be able to access all this info from your new phone and you don't even have to be here to do it... cool eh?"

"Ya Cool." Even though she barely understood what the fast-talking tech had just told her, Becky nodded her answer.

Connecting the screens to each and every receiver, Lori then found a junction and created a terminal connection in the living room by the book case, in case Rebecca wanted to add a computer at a later date.

Finally finished, she packed up all her goodies and then took a small flat phone from her pocket and began testing each and every station to make sure that they were on line. A little chirp was heard at each station to confirm that they were functioning as they were programmed to do.

The thorough Tech did a security check by walking around opening and closing every window and the apartment door. Satisfied with the results, Lori began informing Becky on how everything worked. She told her again about how the telephone could be utilized and how the security system was set on standby at all times, so that if a door or window were opened a small chirp would be heard in most every room in the apartment.

Quietly, quickly, she further informed her client that when she left the suite all she had to do was press a series of numbers into her phone, which the Tech produced, while she was talking to the wide-eyed Rebecca. Lori also explained that this was a satellite phone and could pick up a signal most anywhere in the world, unless she happened to be at the bottom of a coal mine. Becky assured her that she had no plans of visiting such a place.

Handing the small compact case size phone to Rebecca, Lori showed her how to operate it, and then told her to think of a four-digit code that she would never forget. When Rebecca assured her that she had them in her head, Lori handed her back the phone and told her to press the four numbers on the pad then to press enter. The blonde did as she was instructed and then gave the Tech as strange look when she giggled and told her to do it again.

After Rebecca completed that task she was informed that her security system was now activated. To arm and disarm the system all she had to do was press the four digits into her phone and the system would do the rest.

Walking her client around the apartment Tech Hardiman showed Becky where each and every panic button was in the entire building. She also told Rebecca that all she had to do if her life was threatened was to push the big red button in the middle once and the authorities would be dispatched immediately. Lori also showed Becky how to override the system, and how to dispatch a silent alarm as well. By the end of it all Rebecca felt as if her brain was about to explode. It was a good thing Lori then told her that if she ever forgot anything it was all in the handbook, which she left on the bookshelf in the library area.

The Tech then presented Rebecca with the little phone and told her "Never leave home without it." Moments later Rebecca was alone for the first time since the start of this very stressful day early that morning. Sighing heavily, she flopped down on the love seat.

Sitting there relishing the quiet, she debated whether to make dinner or have a bath, or just have a bath, and maybe make dinner later? "No." she decided with a firm nod of her pretty head, "I'm hungry... and since dinner isn't going to cook itself... "There's nothing for it…"

Lifting herself off the 'too' comfortable loveseat, Rebecca made her way into the kitchen. Some twenty minutes later she had prepared a nice little dish of Crab Linguini with cream cheese and dill. She served herself a bit of the tossed salad she had made earlier and sat down with a Citrus blend Sobe's.

Thoroughly enjoying her meal, she sat in silence, and even surprised herself when she finished every bit of it. "Wow. I just sort of devoured that... I must have been really hungry... But, oh was it ever good... I might have to go use that bicycle tonight just to get rid of the zillion calories I just consumed," Becky scolded herself with a little giggle.

Ever fastidious the woman quickly cleaned up the mess from dinner and deposited the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Upon opening the appliance she was assaulted by the aroma of day old garlic and black olives from a previous meal. Though the dishwasher was nowhere near full, she just simply couldn't live with the thought of that horrible, awful smell in her house. Filling up the little compartments with dish powder, and checking the little container for jet dry, "I must remember to get some when I go grocery shopping next," Rebecca rectified the problem as she closed the door and selected the short wash cycle.


Rebecca giggled as she left a trail of clothes that began in the kitchen, and ended in the bathroom. Save the tiny yellow bikini panties, she was naked as she pulled the plunger shut, and then began running a fairly hot stream of water into the tub, casually added a handful of fragrant bath beads. Satisfied, she ran back into the bedroom to select a fresh pair of panties and snag the velour robe from the hall tree beside her bed.

Dashing back into the bath she checked the water level. She opened the Pond's and began to remove the makeup and grime from her face.

The task was completed by the time the tub reached maximum level without overflowing. Grabbing the mandarin soap and her loofah, and with a little toe test, the delicious blonde gingerly sat in the soup warm water.

A little giggle and an exclaimed aloud, "Heavenly," escaped her as she leaned back against the rim of the too spacious tub.

When the naked nymph suddenly became aware of the water temperature, she looked down at the now fully pruned body she decided that she had finished her soak for this evening. "Wonder just how long I slept?" She asked aloud and pulled the plug. Jumping from the tub before a gator got her; she patted herself dry with the towel. "I'm going to wash my hair." Becky announced to herself after carefully powdering herself and slipping into fresh mint green undies with a line of cute little daisies following the leg openings.

In short order, she washed and conditioned her hair so that it shone in the vanity's intense light. Finally slipping into her robe and the matching spike heeled mules, shivering delicately at the wicked amount of firm full thighs and calves it displayed, she deposited the wet towels in the laundry basket. The "I should throw in another load of laundry," flicked through her minds and prompted her to do just that, right then and there.

"Time for a cuppa," Becky promised aloud and pegged into the kitchen to fill the kettle. Reaching under the counter, she pulled out a vanilla scented candle, lit it with the cheap BBQ lighter she bought in the Safeway. "I wonder if Bob would enjoy this display," she wondered as she carried them out to the parlour and after locating a coaster placed both on an accent table on the end of one of the loveseats.

Wishing Bob was there to enjoy her wantonness, she turned on the stereo, selected an "easy-listening" Jazz station that she had always listened to when at home. All the while, though not admitting it, the blonde was very deliberately practicing what she was going to do when Bob really was there to watch, and enjoy, her.

With a quick dim of the lights, the mood was set for a quiet relaxing night in, with her 'who done it' she had started two days ago. Moments later the warm bliss was interrupted by the teakettle announcing it was tired of being ignored.

"Alright, alright... I'm coming.... Just keep your top on!"

A few minutes later, returning with the hot brew to snuggle again with her book, she suddenly exclaimed, "Oh! Let's have a fire in a fireplace, shall we?" She asked aloud as if expecting her command to be executed by an unseen "holo deck" force.

With a soft sigh of disappointment, realizing such would not happen and the she would have to be content with her little corner of paradise "as is," she once more calmly slipped into "relax" mode.

Later nirvana was interrupted by the digital sounds of Beethoven's Fur Elise being played at a rate Ludwig never intended. She looked around the room, wondering "Who would do that to such a magnificent piece?" And then, more importantly, "Where is it coming from?" Locating the offensive little cell phone, she flipped back the cover and punched the 'Talk' button as if she were a pro.


"Hi, there."

"BOB!" Her insides turned instantly molten. "How are you? I've missed you all day. How were your meetings? Did you make out all right? Was the drive down okay? How is Martin? Are you in the hotel, or still at work? Did I tell you I missed you today? How are you? What?"

"Whoa, Girl! Slow down! Take a breathe. You're gonna pass out. Yes, I'm fine. And, I missed you, too. And yes, everything is all right. The conference went perfect."

Rebecca killed the stereo on the way back to her perch on the comfortable loveseat and pulled her long, shapely, very naked legs up under her to settle in for a lovely marathon gab session.

Two hours later they had each discussed their day. Bob's day in great detail while Rebecca, being very choosy-she really didn't want to tell Bob of the "Grapefruit Incident" yet--was deliberately rather short on details. They had also talked about Rebecca's new phone and how it was never to leave her sight and ordered to carry it with her wherever she went.

Bob asked her if she had plans for Friday, which was Halloween. He told her that he had been invited to a party at the Commodore Club, and would be attending with some of B.C.'s 'movers and shakers'. They agreed on the plan. Actually Bob told Becky what the plan would be and she easily complied.

"Don't worry I'll take care of everything. I'll have the costume shop take care of everything for you by noon at the latest... I should be back by five, -- six at the latest. So if you are dressed and ready to go we can go out for a quiet dinner somewhere cool before the party."

"But I was going to make dinner for the two of us on Friday," she whined softly. "Remember? We could stay in… have a romantic night all alone... But, I guess I could make dinner on Saturday... Oh! Remember, we have to go have lunch with Mama Rosa on Saturday.... so our dinner might be held off then as well.... I know! We'll do it Sunday... Okay?" She brightened suddenly at the prospect of having him all alone all day on Sunday.

The pair of lovebirds played the high school 'you-hang-up-first' game for the next fifteen minutes, before they reached a decision to hang up together on the count of three. Five minutes after that, they again promised each other that for sure on the count of three they would both hang up.

Rebecca gazed into the flickering light of the candle a long time before deciding it was time for bed. After blowing out the candle, picking up her mini phone, and checking that the door was secure, Becky engaged the perimeter alarm. She shut out all the lights, including the kitchen, after rinsing out her cup and putting it in the sink to dry. She cursed her lazy self for not emptying the dishwasher and that reminded her that she had put a load of towels in the washer some three hours earlier.

Selecting "FLUFF" the delicious blonde set the timer on the dryer for 40 minutes. Throwing in a 'bounce' fabric sheet, she closed the door and left the machine to do its thing, long shapely legs scissoring swiftly beneath the hem of the short robe.

Becky selected a pair of flannel "baby doll" jammies, cleaned her teeth, and finally sitting in the middle of the monster canopy bed, she brushed her hair until was shiny with its inner radiance. Suddenly extremely tired, Becky slipped slowly beneath the covers and turned out the bedside lamp.

She snuggled down and thought and dreamed sexy dreams about 'her' Bob.


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