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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart with assistance from Rickki.




"In Ottawa this morning, The Prime Minister has announced that the Kyoto Accord, will be ratified in Parliament before, the members break for Christmas"

"Hmmm!" The moan rose from under the antique comforter, as the newsman continued happily bringing to one and all the latest breaking stories and traffic updates.

Finally a bleary eye peaked out from under a single exposed corner of head. The unidentified bundle rolled over and hugged Bernadette, her teddy bear, as if to squeeze as much as she could out of the rest of the nights slumber. Slowly, as Becky returned to consciousness, she was reminded of her need to perform a basic morning duty, "I have to pee.''

Rising from the four-poster bed shuffling, in a zombie-like state, making her way into the bath, the Lady of the Manor did what it took to finish waking up. Perking to the day, deciding her priorities, she unanimously agreed that a strong tea was number one. She noticed the slight rain that was still falling, and regretted looking out the window in the breakfast area as she thought, "seems like it's been raining forever." She knew that it rained a lot more here than it did at her little island hideaway, some 50 kilometres west of where she sat. It was depressing.

Determined not to let grey and dreary morning damper her spirits, she planned the attack on the day. Then, with her tea nicely warming her insides, she rinsed her cup and hit the shower.

A lacy lilac push'em up bra and a smooth silk lace bikini panty were the unders of the day. The blouse she had selected yesterday was a high collar, lace front affair; perfect for the dancer costume she was going to wear. First, she needed to take care of hair and makeup. An 'up' do quickly pinned in and today's colours applied, the effect giving her a soft, innocent appearance that was the perfect look for what she wanted to accomplish for the morning.

Becky carefully slid up her white knee socks and rolled down the top to make a cuff. She tucked the fancy lace blouse into the tops of her panties to keep it from coming untucked. Next she quickly and expertly wrapped and secured her kilt like she had done a hundred times before. Sliding her feet into the patented leather 'Mary Jane's she made sure that they were buckled and her socks were without wrinkles.

"Better put on my cap first and pin that in before I do anything else... wish this vanity had a chair or a stool. Looks like someone started to make one by the looks of it in this skinny cupboard here but they never finished I wonder why?"

Rebecca retrieved a bistro chair and sat it in front of the vanity while she pinned the cap to her head, making sure that the pheasant feather showed all its colours as it stood straight and tall. She let the black ribbon trail down the back of her neck, and pronounced that it did 'look grand' indeed.

Becky carefully arranged the shawl she had created last night and carefully pinned the thistle stickpin to the front so that it was prominently displayed. After adjusting the sash, she took a long hard look at herself in the mirror.

"Loose the lines of age and the now slightly sagging boobs and... Girl you look like the proper Scottish lass," Rebecca proclaimed proudly.

Finally after phoning her favourite cabby, our heroine walked thru her scent for the day, applied the mandatory 'lubricity' to ensure that her lips remained sexy looking for the full eight hours that it promised, then gathered up the accessories, she would need to maintain her appearance and headed towards the door with her little phone in hand...

"Pills!" She shouted, almost leaving without the daily life giving tablets. "I won't be getting too far today with out those." After packing the life supporting necessities in her purse, she made one last check around to confirm that everything was perfect for Martha Stewart's inspection while she was gone. Becky secured the alarm and bounced down the great stairwell to wait for her cab.

Sue manoeuvred the large car into the curb as Rebecca was exiting the old building umbrella extended against the cool October rain.

"Good morning Miss Stewart, nice to see you again. And thanks for calling me. I was just leaving the house when you rang."

"Morning, Sue. Glad you could make it."

"Where to?" the young woman asked as she moved the auto back out onto the street into the 06:30 AM traffic.

"The Cancer Clinic where you picked me up yesterday, if you will, please?"

"You work there?" Sue asked trying to make early morning conversation.

"No I am an outpatient. I'm currently undergoing evaluation for treatment." Becky sadly stated.

"Bummer. You know, we have to be extra careful. More careful than men. Breast cancer is a killer for us women and guys don't even understand. You know. Just once I'd like to see some guy get it and then let's see how they react. My cousin lost a breast to cancer two years ago. Her husband hasn't been near her since. Won't even touch her. Like she's got some horrid disease he might catch. Crying shame if you ask me."

Becky half listened to Sue as they made the four minute ride to the clinic. She handed Sue a 'fiver' for her trouble and told her to have a nice day despite the rain.

"Ya, you too... and HEY! Good luck eh!"

"Thank you Sue. Good luck to you as well." Rebecca exited the cab and quickly made her way toward the portico to avoid getting wet on her dash to the entrance.

Rebecca stood in the vestibule for a second then shook the rain from her raincoat and umbrella. She closed her brolly and proceeded towards the now familiar reception booth. Rounding the corner she came face to face with a saucy buttons and bows version of Shirley Temple complete with sausage rolls and dimples. "Oh my god Cathleen that's fantastic. If you were only about two feet shorter you could be her splitting image. Oh my God. I don't believe it you certainly went all out. You even have the rumba panties and everything."

"Teehee... Watch what I can do," she lisped, as she launched into her rendition of Shirley's "On the Good Ship Lollypop" complete with dance steps.

Both girls were howling when Super girl sprang into the small room. Standing with both fists on her hips and chest proudly displayed Joan announced that she was here. "To fight for truth, justice, and what ever I can get my way!"

"Joan! Look at you! Or should I say Super girl. I could tell by the colours and that big red 'S' in the middle of your chest. And you're wearing. You are, aren't you? You're wearing cheaters. I know your boobs aren't that big." Rebecca breathlessly proclaimed.

"Well it does say Super girl," replied Joan. This managed to get another laugh from the jovial crew.

"See you at coffee Joan. See you later Rebecca," Cathleen announced, making her way back to her station for the crowd that was about to descend upon her.

Joan and Rebecca made their own way towards the locker room. Becky dropped off her brolly and coat in her locker and after securing her ID pass to her sash and palming a fiver in the secret stash of her kilt, took a good look in the vanity mirror, and then secured her purse inside the locker. The key joined her note, and her almost forgotten card. She then stepped out into the corridor on the way to the lab for her blood test.

Rebecca entered the environmentally sensitive area to be greeted by an Apache Indian complete with loincloth hanging in front of his buckskin trousers and vest. Becky began to laugh at the bandana-wearing tech when she noticed the word mother tattooed on his well-muscled upper bicep.

"Mother? You really love your momma do you Geronimo?" Asked Rebecca.

"Morning Dave. How are you this morning? Hope it wasn't too wet in that tepee of yours last night?" she giggled.

"Good morning, Miss Stewart." Dave spoke to the beauty in a rather cold tone.

"What's up Dave? Have a bad morning so far?" Becky inquired.

"Aw it's nothing... I'll get over it."

"And see that you do, Technician," came a colder than ice voice from across the room. "You have attired yourself in a manner that is totally unsuitable for, for my department. And while I cannot fire you for the way you are dressed. I can revoke your lab privileges. So you shall perform administrative duties today. Perhaps on Monday you will see things in a different light and follow the rules and regulations of this administration!" Dr. Serrata gloated.

The woman then turned on Becky.

"Ahhh, MISS, Stewart. Is there a reason for your visit here, or did you just come to interrupt my employees work?" The riding high Doctor stated.

Her fiery Scottish temper, brought to a simmer by the comments to the lab technician, all but boiled over at the doctor's last statement. "Why no Doctor. I came here to get my blood tested like it says to do at 07:00 AM on ever clinic day visit." Rebecca said as syrupy as she possibly could. She then continued on. "That... and I must congratulate you on your costume today. I've never seen Dracula in a white lab coat and a dress before. Very original."

It was all Dave could do to keep from 'busting a gut' as he tried to contain the laughter that was about to erupt from him.

Dr. Serrata, after standing with mouth ajar for almost two seconds quickly regained her composure and left the room in a snit without saying a word to either of them.

The airtight door had hardly completed its 'whoosh' when Dave finally lost it and started howling.

"Oh god that was rich. That old fart is gonna make my life a living hell today but it was worth it just to see the look on her face. Rebecca Anne Stewart you are A-ok in my books."

"That's mighty high praise coming from someone who looks like he just stepped out of a John Wayne movie... You better go put on some scrubs and loose the bandana and wig for now before she gets back. After all she is a Count you know." Rebecca teased.

"Right after I take some of that precious blood of yours. Okay?"

"Sure Dave." Becky quietly thrust her arm out. "So what's with the Geronimo gear? That's who you are supposed to be isn't it?"

"I'm an Indian, well mostly Indian. Blackfoot. My grandmother was white, but the rest is Indian. That's where I get the blue eyes. So I figured Blue eyes. Why not Geronimo. Wasn't he supposed to have blue eyes as well?"

"Don't ask me. I'm from Scotland. They only way I can tell a North American Indian from a New Delhi Indian is by the accent."

Minutes later the task had been completed and Rebecca was telling Dave to go get changed before he got into more trouble, and perhaps she'd see him at coffee this morning.

Becky made her way back to the admin station and Super girl told her to go wait in number three, because she was in for a real treat.

"Why? What is it?" Becky smilingly asked.

"Not telling. You have to see for yourself." Joan giggled. Trying to remain composed.

Rebecca took her seat in the specified room and waited for all of about three minutes for her treat and then stared, stunned. For at that very moment a very tall Marylyn Monroe swayed into the room batting long eyelashes as she moved. She was dressed in white chiffon and was made to resemble every man's fantasy scene where she positions her self over the street car grate and relishes the cool breeze blowing up her dress.

The thing that impressed Rebecca the most was the way that Dr. Geoff moved. "Yes it had to be Dr. Geoff... Who else could it be?" She moved as if she was completely natural in the four-inch heels. And the girl's movements were very liquid and smooth. Then it struck Rebecca like a ton of bricks. "My Doctor is a closet cross dresser... wonder if... he is. No don't go there girl... This is a perfectly innocent thing here. Maybe it's just a once a year thing... and besides it's none of my business."

"Dr. Geoff. You look fantastic. What size is that dress you are wearing? I love it."

Although she tried her best to act like the blonde bombshell she was living at the moment the male voice was too much Geoff to be taken so lightly.

"You like?" Marylyn said as she performed the mandatory twirl with practiced precision.

This girl has done this before... and a lot!" Rebecca thought before answering. "Oh yes! It's beautiful." Going for broke she decided to do a little good-natured digging, and asked the beaming doctor. "Is it yours?"

Reluctantly the good doctor sighed and sadly replied. "No. It belongs to a friend."

"Knew it!" Rebecca beamed. "Well it looks very good on you. It suits you quite well."

"You really think so?" Marylyn asked knowing that the Scottish woman had guessed his secret.

Walking over to the now slightly off balance Doctor, Rebecca placed her hands on either side of Marylyn's and quietly told her that if she ever needed a friend, she was always available and very discreet. The surprised doctor could only shake her head a few times in response.

"Now, Doctor, don't we have some things to take care of this morning?" Rebecca asked finally breaking the spell and returning the good doctor to this reality.

Instantly going into professional mode, Marylyn clicked over to the rack to retrieve Rebecca's file.

Even in doctor mode Marylyn is still with us, Becky observed.

"Well Rebecca, it seems that things are progressing along quite nicely. Yes, the growth is malignant in your left kidney, but it is still contained... So, you have no need to worry about that. I'm sure with a nine-session plan; we can eradicate it right out of there.

"So what I propose is nine sessions of chemotherapy. We will start them at about two weeks apart and take it from there.

"You will need all nine sessions, and if we can stick to a fairly regular schedule. I can't see any reason why by the springtime you can't be back home and this will all be a bad memory.

"Any questions?" Dr. Marylyn queried.

"Only about a zillion, but none I can think of right this minute," Becky replied shockingly.

This time it was the doctors turn to show a little understanding. She squatted down in front of Becky with her knees bent and tightly pressed together.

"Becky. It's not that bad really. Yes, it's in an organ and you would have a lot higher chances of success if it wasn't, but it is. It's also early and we have caught it in time. So we have that in our favour. So you see when you look at all the positive things we have a very good chance of you walking out those doors fully recovered and living your life to the fullest." The doctor reassured her patient.

"There is one spot of bad news that I must tell you though." Dr. Marylyn was suddenly quite serious and looking gently into the now sad eyes of the patient. The experienced physician quietly told her patient, "I can see your bra right thru that blouse you are wearing. You should have worn a camisole you know." Marylyn joked as she was flipping her hands in every direction.

Both of them broke up laughing and went straight into a hug, each wrapping their arms around other as tight as possible.

The brisk movement of Super girl flying into the room unfortunately broke the moment. "Oh, Doctor Marylyn... Sorry to disturb you. OOPS! Did I interrupt something? Sorry... Doctor Serrata wishes to meet with you in your office as soon as possible to discuss as she says, quote, unquote, the deplorable, totally improper, and unprofessional manner the staff is dressed today."

"Well, I never!" Marylyn remarked as if she had just been insulted. "I have never seen anything unprofessional with the way my staff is dressed. How dare she call me, or my staff, and calling my staff unprofessional is calling ME unprofessional. Honey, just let me get my purse, and I'll be on my way." Marylyn, head held high, purposefully clicked her way out of the room.

"Come on, Becky." Super girl sighed, hopelessly trying to smother her giggles. "I've got another treat for you. But first, let's join Prue for a quick coffee." Joan laughed and directed Rebecca out of the room ahead of her.

In the hall way they came across a star ship officer, impeccably dressed in mellow crimson, the ceremonial dress uniform. "Doctor Scott. Scotty?"

"Aye lass?" Unperturbed by her astonishment, he looked her up and down and smiled pleasantly. "Oh LASS! That's a bonny outfit ye'ave there lassie. Up for a little country dancing are you, hen? My ye wear the colours proud giel. Aye! Yer a Stewart that's fer sure."

Trying to be as demure as possible while blushing profusely, Rebecca gave him a traditional country-girl curtsey and bowed her head to the great man in front of her.

"Nay lass. 'Tis I, who should bow to you. For you are The Stewart, and I would be hard put upon to name none finer." The old Celtic Doctor replied with a proper bow at the waist with hands on either side of his body and his heels pressed firmly together.

"I be thank'n ye for the grand words, Doctor. Ye've touched me heart with yer kindness," The Miss Stewart replied in he very best lilting brogue.

"Oh come on you two. Break will be over before you're finished complimenting each other." Super girl complained.

"Oh these savages and heathens. They've no sense of proprieties or manners at all. So rash. And always in such a hurry." The Elder Statesman remarked.

"Bye for now Doctor. I will be seeing you later, I am sure." Becky chirped as she followed the blue and red caped super heroine in front of her.

As they entered the cafeteria it was a mass of every known character one could have ever seen or imagined. Some of the costumes were very basic, while others were very elaborate, and some even went to the extreme. From across the room Becky thought she saw Donna dressed as the Material girl, doing her 'Like a Virgin' version of the sultry song. She was prancing and teasing every male within reach as she rubbed her lace gloves all over their upper torsos.

But what really got Becky giggling was the table in the corner, where Joan, with a cup of tea and raspberry scone, was leading her. There, amongst a sea of ruffles and periwinkle blue sat a very cute Little Bo Peep, only it was not the little girl of the fairy tales but none other than Miss Prudence Walker.

Wriggling her lace-covered fingers at her hat, properly affixed with the mandatory over size bow, bobbing up and down while she smiled, Prue was the complete picture of ultra feminine.

"OH! MY GOD! Prue is that you?" Becky shouted. "OH MY GOD! I don't believe it! Are you wearing pantaloons, too? Yes! You are." Becky continued as she lifted the hems of Little Bo Peep's multiple layers. Standing in the corner was a shepherd's hook decorated with a bow on it the same blue as the rest of her costume.

"Hi Becky how are you doing? Missed you." Prue said, calmly bussing cheeks.

"Oh Prue, I missed you too. I have been dying to find out how it went with you and Jeffery, but he said that a gentleman does not kiss and tell. I thought you were on days off? You aren't supposed to be back until tomorrow. How come you are here today?" Becky inquired.

"Prue is getting a promotion," Joan announced. "She came in today for a final interview and to get her feet wet in the new position and to see how she likes it."

"Well thank you for the update there super mouth." Prue jibed her flat mate.

"You showed up for a job interview dressed as Little Bo Peep?"

"Why not, I was being interviewed by Professor Dumbledorf." Prue flatly replied like it was the most common thing in the world.

All three of them broke into fits of laughter and the non-stop chatter began as the three close friends gabbed about everything under the sun. Finally all good things must end and Prue had to get back to her flock watching and Super girl had to fly off to save the world.

It was time for Becky to face Tracy. It was time now to put on the self-assured smile that would help the little waif forget her pain and suffering even if just for a few moments.

With grave determination Rebecca strode purposefully towards the children's ward. On the way she literally ran into Pickles coming the other way. He was dressed as a classic stereotypical Latino Lover. His hair was all slicked back and he had applied a pencil thin moustache and darkened his eyebrows. Dressed in a white tuxedo with satin piping The Gherkin guy looked like he just stepped out of a 'dirty 30's' nightclub.

He held Rebecca in his strong arms and began to work the Pickle charm in order to make Becky come over to the Dilly side of life.

"Oh my little buttercup your eyes are like the brightest diamonds. They glisten as if they were made of pure water. Your lips are so inviting, so soft, so warm, and enticing. Oh, please say you will be mine tonight. I will treat you like the princess that you are. I will shower you with kisses and I shall caress your body until every square inch has been taken to its highest peak. I will run my fingers thru your hair and take in the scent and hold in my lungs for eternity."

Rebecca looked awed into the eyes that said he meant every word. She realized she was being supported by Pickle's arm, and there was little she could do but let the man have his way with her.

As Pickles stole a very deep kiss Becky was overcome with shock. "Oh my god he really is serious. This man is truly trying to impress me."

When she fully recovered from the 'Pickle Attack' Rebecca went into damage control mode. "Whoa there, Casanova. That was some lip lock you just laid on me!" Even so, she could not deny it had been a toe-curler and thrilled her to the core.

"You enjoyed it didn't you? I knew you would." The would-be suitor replied stating the obvious.

"Ah. Pickles, yes I enjoyed it. A lot, but I can't. I'm seeing someone and I really like him. Please don't be offended. You seem to be a real swell guy and if you were to make love to me like that every day, with so much passion, I could easily be yours, but please, my heart is elsewhere. Please just be my friend. I'm touched. I really am. I just don't need to complicate--"

Taking Rebecca into his arms again, the lab tech masquerading as Rudolph Valentino told her, "That's okay, Becky. I understand… But it just makes me want you all the more. But, I will behave, I promise."

Carefully taking the red rose from his lapel, he handed it to Rebecca as a token of friendship. Nearly in tears, she accepted the gift and tried to smile. It was a quite meaningful, thoughtful gift.

"Oh Pickles, you silly goose. Come here and let me give you a hug."

Nanoseconds later he, once again feeling the warmth of Rebecca's body as she gave him a sweet tender kiss on his cheek, grinned broadly. "Friends?" she asked.

"Friends." came the reply. Pickles walked jauntily away down the corridor, returning to his department.

Rebecca turned to watch her receding admirer, and whispered "Thank you." For, she truly was thankful. She was thankful for the fact that she could still turn the eye of a handsome young man some 10 years her junior. And even more thankful that Pickles did care and would become a good friend.

Rounding the corner to the children's ward, Rebecca gathered all her resolve and strode thru the double doors.

She was met by a parade of little children being lead by what appeared to be Aunt Jan dressed as Glenda the Good Witch of the North from the "Wizard of Oz." Or at least she assumed that's who it was since the merry band of munchkins was all singing "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ." Suddenly, the Scottish Highlander, getting caught up into the parade, was quickly surrounded and Becky found she was marching right along with the happy throng singing at the top of her lungs just like everyone else.

The parade was short lived as most of the participants were overcome with fatigue after only a few minutes. Helping to put the children back into their day beds, the Scottish Lass came across Tracy lying in her own bed smiling at the procession before her.

"Good morning Tracy. Are you well this morning? You are looking very pretty. Is that lipstick you are wearing?"

The six year old beamed back at her and slowly shook her head in the affirmative.

"Wow you look just like the MacDonald girl with that hat." Tracy announced.

"The McDonald girl. I don't understand?" Rebecca inquired.

"No. Not McDonalds the hamburger place. MacDonald's the tobacco company. You look just like the girl on the package of the cigarettes my Daddy used to smoke. She's very pretty."

"Why thank you, Tracy. That was very nice of you." Noticing that the little tyke was near total exhaustion, Becky carefully slid the feather-lite child back down into her bed and kissed her ever so gently on the cheek and told her to go to sleep.

Rebecca quietly backed away from the suddenly slumbering child and turned to face the rest of the ward. Out of earshot from their small charges, Shelly, for all intents and purposes resembling Jeanie from the popular sixties sitcom, "I Dream of Jeanie," stage whispered to Rebecca. "Come on girl give us a fling will ya?"

"Pardon?" Becky quizzed.

"Well you're dressed just as if you were at the games and were about to do the Sword Dance. So come on give us a show."

Becky couldn't resist the urge to show off a little of her dancing ability and began with a few simple twirls and kicks as she hopped about the central area of the nursing station. Quickly a small crowd had gathered, and when she was finished, the hastily assembled audience all silently finger clapped at Rebecca's impromptu performance. Becky looked over at Jan and saw she was beaming and clapping the most furiously. Rebecca smiled and did a proper Scottish Dancer curtsey, with the skirt fully extended on one side and the other arm sweeping behind her as she bent her knee, and thrusting her other leg straight forward, pointed the toe of her Mary Jane until it hurt. Achieving the desired effect, she held a moment until the small crowd smiled and began the silent clapping again.

"Well, look at you... Aren't we the picture perfect Scottish Lass, and complete with feathered cap and everything? You dance very well, Rebecca."

"Thank you, Jan. But, look at you. You just have to be Glenda. Correct?"

"You remembered! I'm impressed. Most adults need to be reminded... Oh they know who it is but they just can't remember the name," Nurse Wytte announced.

"Are you kidding me... every time that show comes on the TV, I watch it, and I still cry as well," Becky proudly replied. "Now, how may I help out today? It seems as though everyone is asleep."

"Well, to begin with, you can give me this old temporary 'ID' you're wearing," the Charge Nurse said, carefully releasing the alligator clip that held the plastic tag with the info on it. "And you can replace it with this…" Jan said and handed the volunteer a plastic laminate hospital 'ID' Badge with Rebecca's picture and the words 'Volunteer and Nursing Assistant' proudly displayed across it.

Over come with joy, and a sense of pride, Becky could barely crank out "Thank you."

"Oh. Don't thank me yet young lady, you'll earn those rights and privileges it says on that card. They don't come cheap. I will depend on you to perform all kinds of assigned tasks around here and some of the other ward nurses will give you assignments as well."

"So don't waste your breath thanking me. I haven't done you any favours. You, on the other hand, have done me a big favour by volunteering. You have a special gift. You care. And that just about says it all. Now, come on let's get you started on the forms and things you will need to learn to fill out, and believe you me, there is a lot of paper in this place."

Nurse Wytte showed Rebecca where each of the forms was kept and instructed her on how to fill out each and every one. There were daily report forms, patient transfer forms, forms to keep track of meds, forms to keep track of supplies, even forms to order more forms. Becky sat patiently listening intently to everything that her instructor was telling her, and hoping that she was able to retain even just a small portion of what was being said.

After a good hour of teaching by doing, Jan announced, "I do believe you are getting the hang of it."

Becky beamed proudly as Auntie Jan looked at her watch. "And if we leave right now we can beat the lunch crowd to the cafeteria. I want to make sure I get a good seat for today's performance. So hustle them buns girl. We got a date to keep."


Mean while in another part of the hospital...

The overworked administrator motioned for his visitor to come into his office while he was still talking on the phone. "When a senior member of my medical staff is formally brought up on report by the head of my Physicians and two of the most senior of the nursing staff for sexual discrimination I take it very seriously."

The man paused a moment listening, them snapped, "It makes no difference if the woman is transgender, or she's purple and comes from the planet Zarcon!"

The man paused again. "Ben, you do NOT have to allow this sort of behaviour from anyone, and I mean anyone! No matter their credentials, there are certain rights of the individual...!"

Another pause. "No! I, for one, will not accept it in any form."

The man looked at his visitor and shook his head in exasperation. "Yes, Ben, if I feel there are serious grounds here to take formal disciplinary action, or dismissal, I will."

He paused again. "Ben, I'm just letting you know that right now the doctor in question is on my short list!"

"I do NOT need your co-operation in this, Ben, but I do expect your FULL support OF the issue forcing this matter."

"Thank you Ben. I appreciate it. Ben, I'll see you at the three pm budget meeting then, and we can discuss it further if you like then... right… see you then."

The serious expression left the face of the BC Cancer Institute's minister's face just as fast as the receiver hit the cradle.

"Problems?" the visitor asked.

"Oh hell, Bob you know what it's like. It seems one of my doctors is offended by a new patient who is just started assessment. She's transgendered, comes to us from Victoria. I've talked to her, meetings in the hall and so forth. She's a hell of a nice woman, and doesn't deserve the bull that is being layered on her. Hey. That's between you and me and the gatepost though okay?

"So what can I do for you today? Or have you come just to take an underpaid government official to lunch?"

Bob Arnold was sitting, still in shock, considering the news he had just learned about his lovely Rebecca. He could barely think let alone come up with a witty remark to comeback with for his long time friend.

"AH... Well since you have nothing better to do why don't I treat you to lunch at the Executive House? They still have a good lunch menu there, don't they?"

"One of the best my friend. One of the very best. We might even run into the mayor. He goes there for lunch quite often, and I have a few questions for him concerning his budgeting that he needs to know the answers for, before this afternoons meeting."

The old college friends gathered up their things for the short two block walk to the private dining club and Koos renewed the conversation, "So Bob, how the hell you been? I haven't seen you since the summer we sat on the ways and means committee for the hospital planning board."

"Fine, Huggy. Busy as hell myself, but that's how I like it. How's the new administration treating you?" Bob replied, calling his friend by his old nickname that he earned almost twenty years earlier.

"Hell Bart." He replied, returning the favour of dredging up past nicknames. "You know. Next year it will be another crew calling the shots, and they'll want to make a lot of sweeping changes just like the ones before them and nothing rarely ever really gets properly fixed. Still it's better than doing nothing. Hey, I heard you just signed a mega-deal with The US navy for software in their new ballistic missile program. Is that true?"

"Mostly. It's a tentative deal, pending funding from congress next year, but since they have a 'Hawk' in the drivers seat down there, it's pretty much a done deal."

"You know Bob. The more time you spend in this country, the more you sound like you were born here. If memory serves, you're from New York State. And you refer to the States as down there."

Both old friends got a chuckle out of that then bounded up the steps into the club. At the door both men showed their membership passes to the doorman. Placing their raincoats in the care of the saucy coat check attendant, Bart and Huggy then made their way into the dining room. The elegant room was already filled with the elite of both, business and political communities.

Koos was stopped at almost every table they passed and a round of handshakes and introductions ensued for each one. Finally the pair was seated at their table and they perused the small daily faire, prepared fresh for today.

Bob ordered the Veal Medallions in a Hunter Sauce while his partner ordered the centre cut prime rib. After all, Bob was buying and it was going to be a long boring afternoon of budget meetings, not at all the administrator's favourite pastime.

The pair renewed their friendship over the next forty-five minutes and as usual, the conversation turned to love and life, and the pair discovered that they would be seeing each other at the Gala Ball later that evening. Bart was telling Huggy all about the plans that he had made for this very special woman that he met almost a week ago now.

Sadly the lunch finally came to its end and the pair knew the need to return to the hospital. Palming a twenty to the coat check girl, Bob pulled out his cell and had a brief conversation with Pip while walking back to the Cancer Clinic. The two said their good byes and Bob spotted Martin patiently waiting for him beside the dark Mercedes limousine.

With a wave to his friend, Bob entered the car, was secured by Martin, and is on his way to the next appointment.

"Where to, Boss?" The driver/bodyguard asked.

"Huh? Oh. Queen Elizabeth Park. I need to think a bit."

Martin knew there was something troubling his usually happy-go-lucky boss. The only time they went to The Park was when he had some major decision-making to do.

"On the way," the giant replied to his friend and employer.


Back at the clinic

"Rebecca Stewart. Call reception... Rebecca Stewart. Call reception." Cathleen announced over the public address system.

"Oh my. Now what do I do?" she asked, turning to Tinkerbell. "Robyn. I just got paged to call reception how do I do that?"

"Oh that's easy, sweets. Here, I'll show you. You just pick up the receiver press. Ah, let me see, 'Reception.'" The made up fairy replied while her fingers traced a long list of extensions for the entire hospital complex. "Ah! Press five-five and you will be there. It's that simple. When you are done you just hang up. Oh, and for an outside line, you just punch one of the buttons that aren't lit up, dial 9 and wait for the dial tone. Tada"

"Thank you. It would have taken me forever to finger that one out," the lass joked. "Hello? This is Rebecca Stewart. You paged me, Cathleen?"

"Oh, Becky. You have a visitor. Do you want me to send her thru?" The ever-efficient Shirley Temple asked.

"Who is it? I don't recall anyone saying they would meet me. Oh. Perhaps."

"She says her name is PIP and she is here to pick you up."

"Oh yes. I'm sorry. Cathleen, I forgot all about it. Yes, please send her thru immediately. I'm sorry to bother you."

"That's okay, Becky... That's what I'm here for."

"Thank you anyway." The polite volunteer replied. Rebecca carefully returned the receiver back in its cradle, prepared to bundle up the papers she was almost finished completing.

Moment's later she was faced with a five-foot, one-inch pixie called Pip. She was dressed in a denim mini skirt and wore a bomber style leather jacket over her baby blue shorty 'T'. Pip peered over the counter at Becky, who was working as hard as she could to finish her task.

"Yo, Bek!" The childlike voice shouted.

"Hi Pip. It is nice to see you again. Bob told me you would be here." She said as she rose from her chair and came around the front of the work island.

"Hugs da' Bek," PIP announced and proceeded to give her larger companion a giant hug.

"So girl, how's it goin'?" The pixie inquired.

"It's okay I guess. No surprises so far, I guess," Becky replied, making the polite conversation while she dotted her 'Is' and crossed her 'T's'. "There, I am officially finished," she proudly announced, and looked at PIP. "Well Pip, what's the plan? You ARE here to pick me up?"

"Yup. The boss said to come get you and take you to Mona's for a 'to get'er ready for a wild time tanite' makeover."

"The boss? Bob? Ah look, Pip we have to talk for a second. Here have a seat." Rebecca told her soon-to-be best friend as she quickly pulled out a couple of chairs for her and Pip to sit for their little chat.

Looking into Pip's eyes Becky began. "I really don't know how to say this, so please don't get upset if it comes out all wrong okay? When Bob phoned me last night and told me about his plans for a paid companion for me, I all but went through the roof. I was upset that he would make such an arrangement without telling me." Rebecca, sensing the apprehension growing in Pip, tried to reassure her companion. "Pip, I don't want an employee or a maid to clean up after me, but what I do need is a friend. I need someone who is willing to be my friend because we genuinely like each other, not because they are getting paid to be there. Do you understand?"

Pip was confused by the conversation, and it appeared she was prepared to vacate her seat and bid her a polite good bye at any second.

Rebecca continued with her explanation. "You seem like a nice person Pip, and Bob thinks the world of you, but if this thing is going to work, I can't be your boss and you can't be just another employee. I WANT a friend not a lackey, so what do you say? Can we try it out for a while and see if it works? If not, perhaps we can still be friendly with each other? Okay?"

Becky searched deep into Pip's eyes, trying to ascertain, and feel her real emotions. Oh God, I hope I didn't just mess up," she thought.

"Yah! Well, I told Bob it wouldn't work anyway. So what the hey! Why don't we just be friends and sorta hang out with each other a bit?" The young woman responded.

"I'd like that very much. Now come here and give me a hug." Becky drew the elfin blonde close.

While the pair was exchanging warmth and kindness, they were quietly, suddenly showered in gold 'pixie dust'. Pip was the first to notice and broke the embrace as fast as it was created. "Hey Lady! What's with all the glitter? I look like I need to be covered in gold, do I?"

Rebecca looked up to see Glenda looking down at them waving her 'magic wand' over the pair.

"Ah Pip, this is Glenda, Good Witch, of the North, and we are in her domain. Nurse Wytte is in charge of this ward. Aunt Jan, this is my friend. Pip."

"Pleased to meet you, Pip. Rebecca has really made a big difference in here the few days that she has been with us, and we hope she sticks around some more."

Brushing the gold glitter from her clothing, as if it were snow, the youngest of the three beautiful women turned to the older woman and finally recognizing what she was seeing, gasped, "Whaaa? Is this place like a mental ward or something'? Like, why is everyone dressed so... Oh. Halloween!" she finally realized. "That's why the receptionist looks like and acts like she's made of cotton candy and fluffy kitty cats. And that's why you are dressed like that witch off the wizard movie thingy. What's her name? Wendy or something, the good witch of the north."

"Pip, it was Glenda. And it is 'The Wizard of Oz.'" Becky corrected gently.

"Ya right! That be her," the pint-sized pixie pronounced positively.

With a hearty laugh Glenda announced. "Well Rebecca, it seems as though you have completed all the boring stuff there is to do today. Thank you once more for all your help. I'll see you next time."

"Oh okay. Just let me check on Tracy one more time before I go." Becky announced as she was quickly headed in the direction of her little friend.

Becky smoothed the remnants of the sleeping child's hair and gave her an ever so soft kiss on the cheek as not to disturb the slumbering tot. But as she rose to leave, the small child sleepily said "Night Aunt Becky."

So overcome with emotion it was all Rebecca could do to tell her friend "Good night, and sleep well Little One."

Choking back a sob the highland princess backed out of the stall and promptly ran into Shelly, our "I Dream of Jeanie" clone. She was busy showing a mad scientist the ward. The trio quickly made their way to the station area before anything was said; none of them willing to disturb the resting patients.

"Oh Becky this is Dr. Bunn. We all call him Twisted. Doctor, this is Rebecca Stewart. She's a volunteer here on the ward." Jeanie/Shelly introduced.

"Well now, the famous Rebecca Stewart is it?" The Mad Scientist said. "I've heard of you. You are legendary in these halls. You are THE Rebecca Stewart that put The Blood Hag in her spot are you not?"

"Ah. Well... I... umm... Well, had a difference of opinion, I guess," Becky tried to explain.

"Huh... Here hold this. I have a present for you," he announced, handing Becky a rubber trout to hold. The Highland Dancer watched with open mouth while The Mad Scientist searched the pockets of his lab coat for the prize. "Ah! Here it is." Drawing forth a plastic figure of a Yak. "For your aptitude for pointing out the obvious, and having enough guts to say so. I present you with the Yak Award for bravery and valour. Now give me back my trout. I haven't had lunch yet."

Becky giggled uncontrollably at the antics of the crazed professor who was peering at her over the tops of the half glasses perched on the end of his nose and huge fluffs of white hair sticking straight out from either side of his head. Quickly she noticed the neon tie with the semi-clad woman on it, and smiled at the Dr.'s eccentricities. Jeesh. This probably isn't that much of a costume for this guy... Twisted is a very good nickname for him.

The doctor continued on his tour with the harem-garbed Jeanie, all the while slapping her saucy bottom with his rubber trout. Becky turned back towards the Desk to discover Auntie Jan and Pip in animated discussion of something. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company, as there was the occasional bit of laughter erupting from one or the other. Becky stood and watched them until her reality hit home again, and the highland dancer proceeded to the nurse's station to say good night to Glenda, The Good Witch.

Entering within ear shot of the conversation, she heard Auntie explain the antics, both verbally and physically from earlier that morning, "And 'ere she's marching up and down the corridor, with all these kids on tow, singing, "We're off to see the wizard," at the top of her lungs. Oh lord it was priceless. It was a good thing Shelly, that's our harem girl today; it was a good thing Shelly had her video camera rolling. She got the whole thing on tape." Both Pip and Nurse Wytte were howling now, as Aunt Jan was imitating Becky's marching along with her arms pumping away, singing as if she hadn't a care in the world.

"All right you two, that will be quite enough of that." Becky said quite sternly with her fists planted firmly on her hips while she taped her foot to an unknown beat. "You young lady, don't you have to drive me somewhere? And you, Nurse Wytte, is it not just about time for your coffee break?" She continued on as sternly as she could muster.

Instantly, exchanging 'why-not' shrugs, both Glenda the good witch, and Pip the Ice-cream maker, set upon her, and a gigantic tickle fest ensued. Very quickly Becky was reduced to a quivering blob of Jell-o slumped over a chair as tears streamed down her face from laughing so hard.

"Think you can boss me around. Do you, little girl. Well, I'll just have you know that I now know your weak spot, and I will not hesitate to resort to its use anytime I feel the need. Now, come along lassie let's get you back to the changing rooms so you can repair your make up and I can go have my coffee, before you wind up wasting all of my break time." The Nurse Supervisor stated.

"Me? Waste your coffee break? You two were the ones tickling me. How can it be my fault?" Becky pleaded.

"Cuz it is." Pip replied.

"Of course it is!" Aunt Jan promptly agreed.

And then, marching arm-in-arm, Becky, Aunt Jan, and Pip began whistling The Wizard song again and within a few steps had the 'crossover' walk perfected. They then paraded down the corridor and into the main administration area. Any other day this behaviour would have drawn plenty of attention from the other staff, but not today.

As the trio marched along, other staff members, whistled as they carried about their own assigned tasks, perhaps none louder than Pickles and Dave.

The parade ended in from of the staff changing room and Glenda/Aunt Jan said her goodbyes to Pip. "And you take good care of our precious sweetheart here. And, make sure she gets back here safe and sound."

"I will, Aunt Jan," Pip replied, grinning broadly.

Becky just stood there, staring at the pair, unable to believe the conversation her ears were hearing was true.

"And you, young lady..." the August Aunt admonished to her favourite volunteer, "You make sure you behave yourself tonight, and do what you are told."

"Whaaa?" was all Becky could muster.

"Now, scat!" Jan exclaimed at the same instant her hand made solid contact on Becky's prominent, perkily protruding posterior.

"Ouch!" Becky squealed as both hands sought to rub out the smarting sting from her abused buns.

With a cheery laugh Glenda the Good Witch sprinkled them with fairy dust once again and then was off down the hall towards the cafeteria.

"Phooey!" Pip said in disgust wiping the gold flakes from her sleeves on her leather bomber jacket. "What is it with that woman and glitter?"

Within minutes Becky had repaired the damage done to her make up and 'Mutt and Jeff' were ready to roll. Stashing her 'ID' away in her purse Becky donned her jacket, took up her 'brolly and, with flair of finality, secured her locker.

"And are you ready now, or what?" asked Pip, who was standing there patiently silently tapping a foot.

"I am. Aren't you?"

The petite arctic blonde pixie retorted, ""Nah, I need to stand her for a few more seconds wasting time waiting for my friend." With a giggle and a snort the soon to become fast friends were off again, Pip quietly whistling again and Becky started to giggle.

Saying good-bye to Shirley Temple in reception they stepped out into the grey October rain.

"Where are you parked? Becky asked as she moved her umbrella to ensure that it covered both of them.

"Bout half a block down on the right." Pip replied as the pair quickly moved off in the direction Pip had indicated.

Soon they came across Pip's car. It was a Mazda RX7. Painted in a shocking pink. Becky paused a precious few seconds in the rain to stare.

"You like 'Boopsy?'" Pip asked when she saw the look of surprise on Rebecca's face.

"My goodness. Well you most certainly can't miss this in a parking lot." Becky replied as a smile erupted on her face. "What a cool colour. I like it... somehow it suits you, Pip. I can see you driving this car."

"Gee Thanks. I think." She responded as she clicked the remote door locks to gain access to her pride and joy. "Hurry and get in. I got 30 seconds to deactivate the alarm or half this city will think they are being invaded." She joked as she quickly slid into the driver's side of the car.

Not sure whether Pip was joking or not, the perky 'woman about town' decided it would be best to comply, and quickly followed suit on her own side of the sporty pink car.

With a turn of the key in the ignition the well maintained import fired and they sat for a second as the rotary engine warmed up. Moments later a flashing red light on the dash gave a little chirp, and went out.

"Where we off to again?" Becky inquired.

"Mona's, on Robson Street." Pip replied, grinning up at the driver of the van in the next lane who was staring hard at all the delicious female leg displayed in the tiny pink car.


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