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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart with help from Rickki.




Pip and Becky sped across the Cambie St. bridge into the downtown core of Vancouver, in order to keep a two-thirty appointment for Becky at Mona's Exclusive's Shoppe on Robson St. The powerful little Mazda easily negotiated the heavy downtown traffic as it weaved its way thru the backlog of vehicles. Very soon they passed the Vancouver Art Gallery and Mona's was in sight.

"Look for a parking spot." Pip barked at her co-pilot.

"Up on the left about three stores down." Becky announced hand extended at point.

"Got it!"

"Hold on I'm gonna do a 180."

"You can't pull a 'Uey' in the middle of downtown Vancouver. They'll arrest you." Becky advised."

"Sure I can... just… hold on." Pip then proved one could "pull a 'Uey' on Robson St. in the middle of the day. The compact high performance machine proved that it could easily do it as Pip expertly demonstrated her skill by sliding up to the curb in the tiny car directly in front of Mona's Shoppe.

"We are here!" the petite Kamikaze pilot announced shutting down the sleek RX7. "Come on Mona's expecting us, and one doesn't ever want to be late for one of her sessions. Believe me. This is the voice of experience speaking."

"Oh okay." Becky said totally in the dark as to what was happening.

The pair entered the shop and discovered that the Halloween craze had hit Mona's place as well. Becky noticed that all the clerks were dressed in some sort of smart costume. From across the Shoppe came the mistakable voice of Mona welcoming Rebecca to her Shoppe. Turning towards the greeting, Becky was confronted with the outstretched arms of Wonder Woman.

"Darling. It's so wonderful to see you again. It's seems as though it has been ages since you were last here."

Unsure as to why Mona was saying these things, she decided to play right along and quickly assumed the role of the snooty high rolling consumer that Mona had cast her as.

"Mona, darling. How are you dear? Yes, it has been simply ages. You remember my secretary Pip, do you not?" The tall 'toffee nosed' Scot announced.

Becky could almost hear the soft GRRRR sound that Pip was making at the introduction. Giving her friend a wink as if to say play along. Becky continued into her greeting. A brief air kiss on either cheek was performed with Mona and the trio finally stopped for a second.

"Well dear we have just simply the most incredible of treatments arranged for you this afternoon. I've arranged for Marcel, from Christian's, to do you hair and make up for you today so that you will look exceptional for this evening's ball."

Mona took the inside of Becky's arm and began escorting her towards the back area of the Shoppe.

While the trio passed other ladies-of-wealth shopping the so Shoppe, there were many inquisitive eyes turned in their direction, many hushed whispers of, "Who's that?" and "I don't know," or "maybe she's somebody's wife, or something."

"I know who that is! That's Sheena Easton… I recognize the accent," proclaimed another. "Really?" exclaimed a third. "I heard she had a place out in the endowment lands, but I never believed it."

Pip was having a field day listening to the other 'ladies' speculate as to whom, had managed to personally take up all on Mona's time just by entering her Shoppe.

"Well when she comes out I'm going to ask her for her autograph."

"Hey look, there's her secretary… maybe she can help us."

Realizing it was time to move positions, or risk detention, Pip promptly began walking to the back for her safety's sake. "Sorry Ladies. No autographs today. My employer wishes to quietly do a bit of shopping, and there are so few places she can do so in Vancouver without being spotted. So please, let her enjoy her afternoon out okay?"

The assembled crowd, downcast at Pip's announcement, assumed the star wanted only to pick up a few things and enjoy a quiet afternoon of shopping, and that was something each and every one of them could understand.

Quickly, silently, PIP went thru the door that said:



After the latch had clicked shut, the diminutive jester had a quiet chuckle at the fun she had had at the expense of the gullible social elite before rounding a corner into the exclusive salon where Becky was being appraised by Marcel, the ultra-fashionable coiffure.

Pip was still giggling at her little joke when she pulled Mona to one side and let her in on the little charade she had perpetuated. Wonder Woman immediately lost her composure and began snorting in laughter at Pip's news. Apologizing at the look she was getting from both Marcel and Becky she turned and left the room in order to regain some of her equanimity.

Marcel was carefully studying Rebecca's features and examining a large print of a Disney character that Becky was vainly trying to get a glance of. "Yes. Yes... I can do this... Oh this is just going to be so perfect. Oh sweetie, you are going to look so… just so yummy for your man tonight." The foppish man lisped. "But first, as much as much as I adore that just precious outfit, I must insist you remove it, and allow me to cover you with this smock." The obvious queen continued. "If you would feel more comfortable, I shall just take a few moments for a cup of coffee."

Mincing out the door with one hand held cocked on a hip and the other bouncing gently waist height, Marcel wiggled his way out the door to get a cup of coffee.

Awestruck by the show that was going on before her eyes, PIP just stood there with a blank look on her face. Rebecca, quietly complying with the expert's request, had quickly stripped off her blouse and replaced it with the pink smock. Next she loosened her kilt and gently hung it on the hangers thoughtfully provided by Mona.

"Hey Becky," piped the pixie. "I got some things ta pick up for tonight. So gal, I'm gonna head on out. Pip said, "Here," handing her another of Bob's business cards with her and Martin's cell phone numbers on the back. "Just in case you're done before I get back, you're to call Martin. He'll come pick you up."

"Oh. When are you coming back? You are coming with us tonight aren't you?" Becky asked, not liking the arrangements because she was not being apprised of what the plan was, just being told what to do.

"Oh. Yah. Sure, I'll be there, although I'll be your body guard for this evening and Martin will be Bob's."

"What do you mean, my body guard? What kind of a dance is this where I need a bodyguard? I'm not sure I want to go to a place like that."

The Pip began to laugh hysterically at Rebecca's questions. "No, no it's not like that at all! Honest. But, I can't tell you right now, Becky. It's a surprise. I shouldn't have even said what I did. Don't worry there's nothing to be afraid of. Trust me; you are going to enjoy it. Let's just say it will be like every little girl's dream come true tonight. Okay?"

Before the totally confused woman could formulate an answer to Pip's question there was a knock on the door and Marcel clip-clopped his way back into the room. "All ready to go, Honey? Good!" He said. One hand was supported on an out-thrust hip, and the other hand placed under the beauticians chin, the classic effeminate doxy pose. "Now, where shall we begin? I think we should probably start with washing your hair. That way I can start from scratch. Yes, that's what we'll do," he decided, more to his self than to Becky.

Pip was smiling as she gave Becky a fluttering finger wave and said "Tootles" as she left the room.

Within seconds Marcel had Becky's head draped backwards over a sink, vigorously massaging shampoo and then conditioner into huge wads of her hair. With practiced precision the experienced artist soon had Becky's hair wrapped into a turban and returned her to the high back chair in front of all those mirrors. And taking Rebecca's face in his hands, Marcel carefully examined her skin, like a sculptor would inspect the blank from which would come their creation.

There was lots of, "hum's" and a few, "uh huh's" and finally a surprised, "Well now," as the last comment. With a wicked little smile, Marcel turned towards the many suitcases he had brought with him and began opening them one by one. Finally finding hair rollers and chemicals, he set them up on to the counter next to Rebecca, and then opened the zippered case that contained all his scissors and combs.

Making conversation with Rebecca to keep the atmosphere light, Marcel began to tell Becky about what it was like to be a gay man who wanted to be a woman but didn't have the guts to do anything about it.

"Why is he telling me all this?" Becky thought. Maybe he's just gabbing? Some people just have to be talking all the time to keep from going crazy." These thoughts and more flashed thru Becky's mind until Marcel changed all that.

"So. How long has it been since the change?"

"Whaaa? I mean pardon me?" Rebecca replied, shocked to the core.

"The change... you know transition. You are TS are you not?"


"That's okay Honey, I won't tell. I wish I looked as good as you. You look so natural. It's been some time hasn't it?"

"H-h-how did you know?" Rebecca inquired, frightened.

"I'm a hairdresser dear. I'm also a cosmetician, and a masseur. It's my job to notice things, so that I can either hide or accentuate those features in a person. Besides I noticed this." Marcel's fingers traced along Rebecca's throat where a man's Adams apple should have been. "I was wondering, did you have it scraped? Your Adams apple that is."

Becky just shook her head. "It just never grew." She squeaked.

"Lucky you." Marcel joked. Oh and the other thing I noticed is your hairline. It's not quite right for a girl. If you want I know a very good Cosmetic Surgeon, who it TG friendly. If you like I could give you his card."

There was a long pause as Becky sorted out the events of the last few minutes. Marcel had begun combing out Rebecca's hair and parting it off so that he could apply the setting gel and put in the rollers.

"We haven't been introduced as of yet. Not formally anyway. My name is Marcel, but I prefer Marcie. That's what people call me once they get to now me well."

"Hi Marcie. Rebecca, but sometimes I get Becky."

"Well, I can see why with that cute little nose you have. Girl, you look like you could pass for sweet sixteen with the right make up and clothes."

"Ya right! Pull the other one… its got bells on it," Becky joked. "Though, like any woman, I really do like the flattery, but we both know my teenage years were a long time ago."

"No. I'm serious. With those big doe-like eyes of yours and your full, very lovable lips. I'll bet you could get away with it... in fact I think I could pull it off right now. Want to try?"

"No! I'd look like an idiot. Like a three dressed up as a nine... thanks for the offer, but I don't think so."

"Oh come on, Becky." Marcie begged. "Please. I promise you won't look foolish. I tell you what. Let me try it. If you don't like it we'll still have plenty of time to change it back. Come on. Becky! I can do this. I know I can. I promise you I could make you up, and bet you could get carded at the dance tonight. Please. Let me do it. Please?"

With a little giggle Becky finally succumbed to Marcie's badgering. "Okay! On one condition, no, two conditions. One. If I don't like it, you change it back, and two, you make me look mid-to-late twenties."

"Done! Marcie exclaimed. The happy little hairdresser began skipping about the room gathering more items and placing them on the counter. All the while humming a nameless tune.

"I'll have to change your hair style slightly. So it suits a twenty-year-old. You're going to be a princess." Marcie quickly finished putting rollers in Becky's hair. "Okay Honey, while that sets, it's on to the next part."

Marcie began to open what appeared to be a large padded suitcase, but completely unfolded, it proved to be a portable massage table. Patting the surface, indicating that he wanted the 'matron de honour' to lay down on it, Marcel began mixing ingredients that had been gently warming for the last fifteen minutes in a cup. "Have you ever had a hot wax treatment before luv?" the makeover expert inquired.

"Yes. I like the feeling afterwards because it's so smooth." Becky smilingly replied. "Why am I about to get one now?"

"Well, not a total one ... just the parts that need it the most. I promise, no Brazilian wax, unless you want to thrill that special someone." Marcie suggested with a wickedly suggestive little laugh.

"No. No thank you. Not this time. Perhaps later." Becky relaxed as the warm waxy strips were carefully arranged on her legs and then quickly pulled away. Soon Rebecca had been denuded from her panties to her toes both front and back.

''If you hold out your arms I'll do them as well." Marcie suggested. Becky sleepily replied. Soon her arms were tonsured and the soft fuzz that had sparsely sprouted on her small arms was but a memory.

"You just lie there for half a tic luv and I'll be right back." Rebecca was quickly melting into the very comfortable table. She wasn't aware if she even responded to the beautician's last request. The quiet rest was short lived.

"Okay. Everything is ready... come with me love," Marcie announced and casually slid a pair of paper slippers over for Rebecca to put on her feet. The bold blonde quickly flip-flopped after the mincing queen as he wiggled his way down a short hallway. The pair entered an antique bathroom and Becky was surprised to see an ancient claw foot tub sitting before an open floor-to-ceiling window with open French doors. She stared open-mouthed at the gigantic pleasure center and surmised the water running into ornate tub was for her. Marcie added foaming bath gels to the water that burst into a fragrant rose scent on contact.

It was obvious the young beautician also appreciated the heady aroma as he had a dreamy smile on his face while holding his eyes closed lightly. Suddenly Marcie began telling Becky of the itinerary for the next few minutes. "Okay Honey, all yours. There are clean dainties laid out for you when you have completed your bath. Now, you need to stay in the bath for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Try to keep as much of you under the water as possible, please. Oh with the exception of your hair of course. I have a timer set here for you so you will know when the time is up. Here are plenty of bath sheets as well... So. Enjoy. I'll be back in about half an hour from now. And then we can continue."

Quietly Marcie wiggled out the door and pulled it shut making sure the passage lock set had clicked in place.

Without further hesitation Becky tested the temperature of the running water and carefully placed a tender toe into the foaming mass. With a little "Hmmmm," and an ''Aaahhhhh!" Becky's bottom soon rested on the floor of the tub. She giggled at the thought of the luxury she was enjoying. With a twist of her foot across the 'cross tie" handle, Becky deftly turned off the water and the room became quiet except for the last few drips of water into the tub from the tap. The relaxed patron slid slowly down into the tub till the water was not quite chin height and closed her eyes and relaxed.

Scant seconds later, or so it seemed, the little egg timer was angrily buzzing away.

"Oh Pooh!"

Quickly Becky rose from the aromatic tub and softly patted her body dry with the extra fluffy bath sheets, pausing for a few seconds to admire the soft smooth skin that had been created in the last hour or so, not that Becky did not have soft skin before, it just seemed that now, with all the extra attention that Marcie had paid the Temptress, she felt truly pampered. She noticed a new toothbrush still in its wrapper and a small tube of pearl drops tooth polish. Sensing that the items were there for her use, Becky vigorously brushed her teeth until they shone. A toothy smile was proof that she was satisfied with her efforts.

Savouring the feel, she slowly and carefully slid a pair of virgin-white silk panties up over smooth thighs to rest comfortable at the waist. The lace heart in the low front of the panties framed her perfectly and created quite a visual sight guarantied to excite any normal male upon sight. With a little giggle at that thought, Becky bent over and fastened the strapless bra around her torso. With no more than a wriggle of adjusting, she had positioned it correctly to enhance her natural charms to their fullest. Another giggle erupted as she thought about how the satin and lace prison made her look and feel.

There was a robe hanging on a hook and Rebecca, assuming it was for her, slipped into it. As she fastened it, an inquisitive knock sounded on the door.

"Come in."

"All decent are we?" chirped Marcie. "Good. Next stop, make up."

Becky followed Marcie out the door and back to the room where they had been before. Set up around her chair was all kinds of trays, some filled with eye shadow, and others filled with other items of every colour you could imagine. There were also an assortment of combs, brushes, and a hair extensions. In fact anything that was thought possible in order to enhance a person's beauty could be located in those trays. What astonished the scanty-clad vixen most was the fact that she was completely surrounded by mirrors. It was possible to see her complete body from any angle just by looking in the correct mirror.

"Now luv," Marcie offered softly, "We begin. This is where I really get to play. Soon Precious, you will look just like the girl in this picture." Marcie quickly taped up a still of Cinderella from the Disney animated feature. It showed her dressed in the magnificent gown she had worn to the Princess Ball.

"By the time I have completed my task dear, you will be an exact replica of that picture, with the possible exception that you will be even more beautiful and very, very real."

With mouth slightly open in disbelief, Becky could only sit frozen in her chair.

Marcel began applying a great variety of creams and powders to Rebecca's face and neck. At one point Becky had to loosen the robe and all but remove it as the expert quickly creamed and powdered the area of her shoulders and bosom.

Beginning with the eyes, stopping several times to examine her work from many different angles, Marcie artfully enhanced the beauty before her. With flashing eyes completed, a little colour was added to the cheeks to highlight them, and the tiniest bit of shadow was added to the valley between her breasts to draw attention to them and display the deep cleavage between.

Next she attacked the blonde's abundant hair. Marcie inserted a Royal blue satin ribbon around the back of Rebecca's head. He combed and brushed and teased and curled and basically fussed with her, again stopping many times to look and to consult the pictures that now lined the counter top. Finally spraying heavy-duty lacquer all over Becky's head, he told her to freeze for about two minutes.

He took several of the pictures that he had been consulting and held them up to Rebecca's face to compare the handiwork. A huge smile was evidence that Marcie was pleased with his own work.

The smiling artist handed Becky a small hand held mirror and asked, "Well, Hon? What do you think? Did I keep my promise or not?"

Becky cautiously looked into the device and her expression turned to shock. "Oh my god! I'm gorgeous! If I weren't sitting here looking at myself right now, I would never believe it! Marcie you are the greatest. This is unbelievable. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. This is terrific."

"Well don't get too excited." Marcie laughed. "We're not done yet. But that's as far as I can go right now. It's time for Mona and crew to take over and do their thing, and then I'll be back to put on the finishing touches."

Becky, giggling with delight, acknowledged Marcie's words with an excited nod, although she had no idea what the master craftsman had just said. The princess-to-be was amazed that she looked twenty years younger, and hadn't done anything but put her self in the hands of Marcie for a few hours. She, involved with her own reflection in the hand mirror, didn't hear Marcie leave, or the discussion that transpired as Mona entered the room.

"Wow! Becky is that you? Good lord girl. You sure do clean up nice. I barely recognized you. I knew Marcie was good, but Hell, I think I'm going to get him to do me all the time, if that is what I look like when he's done."

Rebecca continued to giggle, perhaps just a little louder at Mona's proclamation.

"Okay. Enough of this, come along girl, we need to get a move on. It's damn near five and Martin will be here to pick you up in just over an hour, and we have a lot to do before then. So let's hustle that bustle."

Becky finally sobered enough for Mona's words to make sense and followed Mona out the door. The damsel, overcome with joy and exuberance, was hard put to resist an almost compelling urge to skip as she followed along behind. They went into the adjacent fitting room where a seamstress, with a wristband full of pins, was adjusting the bust of the most gorgeous gown Rebecca had ever seen. The bodice was a mass of white on white lace. Puffy sleeves and the long skirt were of the softest robin's egg blue she had ever seen. Immediately moving towards it, she asked, "Is that for me? It's fantastic." The seamstress, mouth full of pins, just nodded a mumbled, "Um Huummm," peering over her half-glasses at the satin creation.

"But there seems to be some mistake. There is no way my waist is that small. I think all your work will be for naught, Ma'am."

"Danielle!" The tailor, taking the pins from her mouth, corrected

"Danielle, I am sorry to make you go thru all this work but I'm never going to fit into that dress."

"Huummm? Remove you robe?" she directed more than requested approaching Becky with a cloth measuring tape at the ready. Carefully looking at the woman, she smiled inwardly, noting Rebecca seemed to stand just a little taller, a little bit straighter, so that she looked her best for the examination. Danielle put the tape around her in several places on Rebecca, her chest, her waist, and lastly her hips.

"No, it'll fit perfectly!" she announced firmly and went back to her work.

"Well Becky, if Danielle says it will fit, we will make it fit. Come along dear, we still have a lot to accomplish in the next hour." Dazed Becky followed the peerless Shoppe owner over to a mirror where the woman produced another virginal white garment, a full six-boned corset. The delicious, delightfully delicate torture device was satin with lace ruffle attached around the bottom of it. "We will have to use this Becky. It's so pretty that when I saw it, I knew it was for you. And girl, now that I see what Danielle has in mind, this little wonderful little creation will suit our needs much better."

"With out pause or compunction, Becky allowed Mona to remove the strapless bra and fit the corset around her. After fastening the hooks and adjusting the stiff whalebone stays, Mona began tugging earnestly at the drawstrings in back, and dragging the much lighter Rebecca along the floor as she pulled. "Huummm," she purred. "This isn't working. We need to find something for you to hold on to. Let me see. Danielle we need your help. If you please. I need to secure Becky some where while I tighten these laces."

A wicked little smile came over the seamstress' face as she conjured a mental picture of the lovely damsel in restraints.

Mona sensing the thoughts running thru the kinky mind of her little assistant laughed and remarked. "Not that kind of secure silly. We just need to stop her from moving across the floor while I draw these strings tight. Any ideas?"

The wicked smile continued as the budding dominatrix showed Mona over to her workstation. Suspended at about five foot in height was a metal rod that ran the length of the alcove. The ends of the rod were secured in the concrete block wall. "I've. Ah. Used this before. And it has worked well for me in the past." Danielle advised as her face turned a nice glowing pink.

"So this is where you and Cynthia go on her lunch breaks eh. I shall have to watch you two a little closer from now on." Mona glowered at the budding bi-sexual dominatrix. Where Danielle was pink a moment before, she was positively scarlet the next.

With a bit of a snort a laughing Mona, Becky positively submissive, placed her hands on the bar and clung to it as hard as she could in anticipation of her midsection being strangled. Within minutes Becky was pleading for Mona to relent and release her.

"Mona please this thing is getting tight. It's getting harder to breathe."

"Take short breaths," the Shoppe keeper advised and lurched hard at the laces again.

With a soft moan, Becky complied and began to pant. There would be no reprieve.

The shop owner paused in her endeavours momentarily to use a cloth tape around Becky's compressed waist. "Twenty-four. Bet you haven't seen that measurement in a while eh?"

Rebecca blushed. "No it's been a few months," she joked.

"Danielle, what measurement do we need to be for the waist?" Mona yelled across the shop.

"What are you at now?" Danielle inquired not even stopping her work to answer.

"Just under twenty-four."

"Make it twenty-three and I'll alter from there," came the answer.

"Well you heard her. Hands back up on that bar, Wench!" Mona said with a little slap to Rebecca's saucy, panty-clad bum.

With a lot of groans and "arrggghhhh's" from both Mona and Becky, the task was finally completed.

"Good!" the Fashion Magnate announced, tossing aside the tape finally. "We'll stop there. Girl you now have, a just under twenty-three-inch waist."

Forgetting all about discomfort, Becky quickly looked for a mirror in which to admire her reflection. Not hard to do in a tailor shop; along one wall were three floor to ceiling mirrors arranged to enable the subject to be view from a lot of different angles at the same time.

Becky preened and posed before the mirror, much to the delight of Danielle, who finally found something very pleasant to occupy her time, rather than working on the satin gown she had been slaving over for some days now, watched avidly.

Mona, sensing the thoughts of both Becky and her seamstress, decided to get the ball back on track. "Okay Honey, you're beautiful, but we need to get this road show rolling. There is still lots to do, and in only forty-five minutes!" She all but yelled, gazing down at her gold Cartier wristwatch. "Here sit down carefully on the edge of this chair, and I'll help you put your stockings on."

Mona produced from a little flat box the softest of sheer white silk lace stockings Rebecca had ever imagined. She held them in her hands and the material seemed to flow as if it was liquid.

"Oh my god! They're beautiful." Becky exclaimed.

"Lean back a bit and extend your leg, and point your toes. "Mona ordered. The shop owner carefully scrunched up the expensive hose into a tiny ring and began slowly and carefully pulling the silk sensations up Becky's calves and thighs. Rebecca was enjoying every second of the material as it made its way up her legs and gave a little involuntary shiver at the feeling.

"Feels good does it?" Mona chuckled knowingly as she continued working.

All the sensory over-loaded woman could manage was a sporadic nod of her head.

"Okay now, stand up," Mona directed, and began fitting lace into the six garter-tabs hidden under the lace of Rebecca's satin second skin. With deft precision she had them fastened and straight. "Okay now… the shoes. Can't be Cinderella at the Ball without glass slippers," Mona announced, and produced two clear pumps with three inch heels.

"Actually they're polyurethane. Which is a lot more comfortable than glass, as they will flex a little bit, and you don't need to worry about stubbing a toe in these either. Mona giggled at her own joke. Quickly Mona fitted the realistic-looking pumps on Rebecca's feet, being extra careful to not fold a seam in her stockings that would show thru the clear plastic.

"Perfect!" Mona proclaimed. "Danielle! We are now waiting on you."

Looking across the room all Rebecca could see was a mass of crinolines with two little legs sticking out the bottom approaching them. Mona plucked the first one off the bundle and Becky stepped into it. This one was the fullest of the lot. It was secured and the second was ever so carefully lifted over Becky's head and gently smoothed down to join its larger sister. It was much finer in the netting and lace than the first, although the first had a built in slip, the netting was much coarser, so that it would make the gown flair out and form the proper "bell."

The third and final net was smoothed into place and Danielle had Rebecca do the requisite twirl. She was checking for height, as she wanted to see a curved hem in the skirt, longer close to Rebecca's ankles and curving slightly as they rose away from her to expose her 'glass' slippers.

Next came the gown.

Ever so gently it was lowered over Becky's head and with a bit of wiggling and adjusting by Mona and Danielle the satin and lace sensation was smoothed into place. The bodice hugged Becky's torso, perfectly describing the feminine lines of the woman within. Becky was convinced that if there had been even the slightest wrinkle beneath the smooth satin, it would be blatantly displayed.

Danielle fussed with the sleeves to ensure that the correct amount of 'puff' was present. Mona produced an inch-wide blue velvet chocker with a small cameo in the centre and carefully secured it around Rebecca's slender throat. "Okay my sweet bon-bon," Danielle announced quietly, "Slowly give us a twirl, slowly." She all but went down on her hands and knees as she checked the hem for the lay of the dress. It was designed to flair slightly, when the wearer spun, to reveal the lace-trimmed hems of all her underskirts. "Okay now, faster!" She ordered. Danielle was enjoying herself far too much as Becky complied and was now turning at a much faster rate and the hems of her skirts were rising with each turn. "Okay now, slowly again... very slowly. Okay, now stop!"

Rebecca complied immediately. Her skirts swirled a half a second or so longer around her shapely legs and thighs. Still in her crouched position, Danielle quietly announced, "God, I am such a genius." Walking back over to Rebecca she began examining the lace work on the bodice of Rebecca's dress, with a shift or two of the neckline.

Perhaps neckline was not the correct word, for the bodice of the dress began mere centimetres from the top of Rebecca's sensational corset. With the lace completely surrounding the 'neckline', one could easily peer down the front of her gown to admire delicious charms offered to the one who would stand close enough.

And then it was time for Marcie to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece the trio had created. Becky was carefully led back into Marcie's slapped up studio, and gingerly sat on a high stool, while The Miracle Worker attended to her nails. A little buffing and application of three coats of a pink followed, so light that it was barely noticeable. Marcie finally, but as quickly applied the last of the second clear coat. "Okay honey, give me your best 1000 watt smile, and show lots of teeth."

Becky complied.

"Good. Okay now you can relax." The makeup magician then began to assemble a small collection of brushes and two little paint pots of lip colour. "Okay Luv, hold your mouth open comfortably, and don't move." Very deftly, and with an assured stroke, Marcie, using a tiny brush, began applying a thin red coat of lip paint, outlining perfectly the circumference of Becky's lovable lips. The Princess could hear Marcie softly humming as he worked. The blonde beauty, quickly figuring out what it was the other almost girl hummed, silently played the words along in her head. "I'm so pretty. Oh so pretty!"

Taking a larger brush with tapered bristles, Marcie began filling in the fullness of Becky's luscious lips with a vibrant red. Minutes later Marcie told Rebecca, "Luv, don't move again," and took care of some last detail on Becky's nails. Completing that task, he returned to 'Cinderella's mouth. "This is the best part." She began to brush on a clear lip-gloss to give the princess' lips the appearance of being wet. "It make's a girls mouth look very sexy. Oh and you don't have to worry about touch ups after kissing either, especially after kissing, because this is also a sealer. It keeps your lips looking very hot and inviting, for about twelve hours. So you and you man can get involved and you will look just as good after, as you did before he ravished that cute little body of yours.''

Becky was all goose bumps while thinking about the possibility of what Marcie had just suggested. Erotic imagery flashed through her mind. She blushed furiously. It was a fantasy that could soon be a reality.

"Okay precious, we're finished here..." she turned her head and called, "Mona! Your turn," over her shoulder.

"Thank you very much for all your work, Marcie. I am truly amazed at your talents."

"You are welcome. It was a pleasure working on you. I do a lot of makeovers for movie people and they are so demanding it is ridiculous. Sometimes I think if it were not for the insane amount of money they pay me, I would tell them all to stuff it. You are a treasure, Becky. Call me anytime.''

Mona took over and carefully slid elbow-length white satin gloves up 'Cinderella's' slender arms. There was a slight amount of elastic in the cuff area so that they would not slide down during the evening. "Okay dear, stand up and let's look at the total picture."

Rebecca slowly did the twirl again and only stopped when she noticed the expressions of both Marcie and Mona. Both merely stood there staring, with out saying a word. Both had their arms across their chests. And both had their fists perched just under the mouths is if they were about to cry.

Quickly coming out of her trance Mona announced as she wiped a small tear from her eye. "Wait! I must have a picture or two of this. Wait right here and don't move."

While Mona was gone to retrieve her disc camera, Becky had time to grill Marcie about herself. It seems that she had toyed with the idea of HRT and even SRS some time ago but had decided that she would never be happy. Becky also found out that Marcie worked for Christian's, a very exclusive salon in the downtown core, and yes she did take bookings, but to phone well in advance as to not be disappointed.

Rebecca had just finished tucking away Marcie's business card when Mona returned with Martin in tow.

"Okay Cindy, up against the wall…over there." Quickly taking a double bolt of Royal Blue material ,Mona drafted, Martin to aid her, quickly draped it over a clothes rack and wheeled the make shift backdrop behind Becky/Cindy. "Okay luv... a little to your right and give me a demure princess pose."

Unsure of what that was, Rebecca just folded her hands in front of her, tilted her head slightly, and coyly looked up into the camera lens. "Perfect! Don't move. Okay now smile. Give it all you got! Excellent! Girl you are a natural. Okay Marcie. Get in there. I want a couple of you and Rebecca for the salon."

Mona clicked away again as Marcie and Becky changed poses several times.

"Great! Martin. I want you to take a few of the three of us. Will you please?'' Mona requested.

"I'd be delighted to ma'am." the driver/bodyguard replied.

Soon the pictures were over and with both Marcie and Rebecca requesting copies. One last inspection by Marcie was quickly performed and Mona carefully draped a royal blue cloak around 'Cinderella's' shoulders. The too excited Shoppe keeper fastened it with silver unicorn clasp at the collar, handed her a small white beaded clutch purse stuffed with all the normal goodies she might require in case she needed a touch up. Marcie had told her that the make up was long wearing as well, but life was never perfect.

The bulky bodyguard, Martin held the back door open of the powerful limo and 'Cinderella' daintily stepped in. Mona had handed Martin a suit bag containing all of the items that Becky had been wearing when she arrived some four hours earlier.

"Martin, if you don't mind I have to go back to my apartment for a wee bit. I have pills I need to take very shortly and they are at home."

"Yes Miss Rebecca. I will inform Mr. Arnold of the delay."


The powerful limo pulled up in front of her place and moments later, as Rebecca was climbing the stairs, with Martin a few steps behind, carrying the suit bag, a twelve-year-old ballerina coming from the other way assaulted them.

"Whoa! Where are you going in such a hurry there, Maggie? If you don't be careful you could hurt yourself."

"I gotta go meet my friends, an' I'm late, an' they're gonna leave without me if I don't hurry, an' I hafta' run over to their place as fast as I can to catch them, an' if I don't I'll never find them, an'."

"Okay. Okay," Cinderella said, trying to calm the hyperactive child. "Hurry, go and meet your friends! But be careful out there tonight okay?"

Maggie was off like a shot running down the stairs. Just before she ran thru the first set of doors to exit the building she turned and told Rebecca, "I like your outfit. You look just like a fairy princess." And then, with a slam of the inner door, the boisterous ballerina bounced away.

Rebecca opened the door and disengaged the alarm. "Thank you Martin. Here, I'll take those." She said, relieving him of the dress bag. She placed her clutch purse, phone, and keys on the semi circular Queen Anne table at the entrance to the suite. "I'll just be a sec."

In record time the Fairy Princess had hung up the suit bag in the large closet in the master bedroom and picked up her meds from the kitchen cupboard. S he quickly swallowed 4mg of dalaudid for pain, washing them down with a splash of cold water.

A quick check in the mirror, and with a smile she gathered up her goodies, secured the door, and descended the stairs with Martin's escort to the waiting Mercedes.

The powerful limo away from the curb and they headed back into the downtown core. Touching a few buttons on the dash Martin told an electronic voice they were inbound and their ETA was fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes and thirty seconds later the doorman at the Hotel Vancouver opened the door for Rebecca, offered a hand to help her out of the vehicle. The concierge took over from there and directed Rebecca to the penthouse suite, on the top floor of the hotel. The double doors of the suite opened and 'Cinderella' came face to face with Pip. Only she was dressed as if she were a palace guard. She had a tooled brass breastplate worn over a royal blue top-of-the-thigh tunic. Slightly brocaded, bouffant sleeves ended with tight black leather gauntlets pulled over her hands. The skirt of the tunic reached her upper thighs, just long enough to be decent. Light blue tights and knee high boots defined and accentuated her legs. Arctic blonde hair was styled into a pageboy, and there was a sword depending from the leather Sam Browne-rigged belt that ran diagonally across her chest and contained her tiny waist. With a grand sweep of her arm and a demure curtsey, Pip bid Rebecca welcome. "M' Lady. Please come in. The Prince shall be with you shortly."

Smothering a giggle, Becky decided to play along. "Thank you, Leftenant. You may inform the prince of my arrival."

"Of course, M'Lady," Pip said with a little giggle herself. "At once."

Moments later Robert Bartholomew Arnold entered the room.

Resplendent, dressed in a white military styled tunic with gold buttons down the front, with gold coloured, braided epaulettes decorating the shoulders, and a satin stripe running down dark Blue trousers. On each wrist cuff there was a single wide gold stripe, and a coat of arms proudly displayed on the left side of his chest. With his hair all neatly in place, Becky was sure Bob truly was Prince Charming.

"Ah Cinderella, my dear. You are looking positively radiant this evening. I swear you are younger looking every time I see you, and that is not near often enough."

'Cinderella' melted into her Prince's arms and whispered a breathless "Thank you."

Holding his love, Prince Charming ordered the attending palace guard to pour champagne for them. And since it was a special occasion she may be permitted a glass herself.

The pair stared long into one another's eyes, began telling each other how much they missed the other. Presently there was a quick rap on the door of the suite and Martin strode into the room dressed in an exact, somewhat larger, replica of Pip's outfit. The Palace Guards looked quite hilarious standing next to each other like that. Pip, was all of five foot one inch tall, and Martin, towered to six foot six inches. After the laugh was over, Bob asked if everything was prepared.

Martin removed his cell, punched in a few numbers, and announced that they were on their way down. The shorter guard helped Cinderella back on with her cape and fastened the single silver unicorn broach at the collar. Prince Charming offered his elbow and the pair marched out of the suite, while Martin and Pip stood regally at attention as they passed.

Securing the door behind them the guard fell in a step behind Their Majesties, as they made their way to the waiting elevator. The door opened on the ground floor of the lobby, and the Palace Guards had a quick look around for security reasons, and then stood at attention as the Royal couple passed. The doorman held the front doors for the pair and they descended the sweeping stairs to what had to be the perfect replica of a Fairy Tale coach-and-four. The ornate affair resembled the coach in the Disney movie.

"Oh, my God! Bob! This is too much. We are going to travel in this to the ball?"

"Yes, my Princess. Our coachmen will deliver us to the ball in this grand carriage."

Sure enough high atop the carriage sat a driver with a long cloak, a powdered wig, and a long buggy whip held tightly in his leather-encased hands. The teams of horses were all white and they sported plumage from the finely crafted tack.

Martin rushed to open the carriage door for Cinderella and her Prince, and helped her climb up into the large compartment. The Prince was also installed and once Pip and Martin were safely aboard on the outside at the rear of the carriage, he gave a quick rap of the roof and the teamster carefully edged the procession out into the busy downtown Vancouver traffic. All the while the whole process was being video taped by a lone camera man, and several curios onlookers, who had to have souvenirs as well, camera's clicking madly.

It didn't take long for them to pick up a police escort as the carriage had managed to snarl traffic as everyone stopped to see it pass. Rebecca was truly in heaven and thought that this was the finest thing she had ever experienced. Later she was proven to be wrong.

The procession finally arrived at the Commodore. The palace guards quickly jumped down from their riding spots, performed the security check, and the Prince and her date were lead from the carriage. The company moved sedately up the stairs of the grand building and up more stairs into the famous ballroom. All the while they were the centre of attention of anyone who happened to observe them passing. Following a quick stop at the cloakroom, Cinderella's cloak was hung with care by a slightly richer cloak room attendant.

The presentation came upon the entrance to the ballroom itself. Before The Prince and Cinderella could enter, the Palace Guards came around in front of the pair, drew their swords from their scabbards, and noisily crossed them above their heads as to provide an arch for the royal couple to pass under.

This managed to draw the eye of most everyone within ear shot of the loud clanking noise of metal striking metal.

The couple passed into the room and proceeded to saunter towards their table. All the while Cinderella's gown was making a slight swishing sound as the satin moved with every step that the owner made. Surprisingly they were only stopped three times for introductions. Finally the Regal Parade had reached its destination. Noting the seating arrangements, both Bob and Martin gave each other a quick look and silent message was passed on to Pip. With a nod all three knew how security was to be handled in the event that it was necessary.

Bob looked slightly troubled. He could remember, not all that long ago when security was something that only Presidents and Popes had to worry about. Ever since the events of September over a year ago, security was something Bob took seriously. Especially after direct death threats, made by a certain Middle Eastern group who thought the billionaire dot com executive deserved to die as an example for his capitalistic ways, for hording so much of the worlds wealth.

Now Bob obeyed everything his trained bodyguard and friend told him to do while in public. A smile came across his face as he thought about how, now Rebecca was involved and Pip would be much more than just a driver and companion. Little did Becky know that she had her own personal bodyguard.

The Prince felt the arm of his Beautiful Cinderella slide back into the crook of his, and he looked at her with intent and admiration in his eyes. "Did I tell you How Beautiful you look tonight?"

With a saucy little giggle Cindy stood on her tiptoes and gave her Prince a little peck on the cheek. "Yes Your Majesty, you have. Several times, in fact, but don't let that stop you. I love hearing it."

"Well let me tell you one more time, just to make sure. Rebecca you are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.''

Becky pulled herself in tight against Bob's upper arm and wrapped both of her own arms around his while laying her head against it.

"Come my Princess. Let's mingle. There are some people you will have to meet if you and I are going to be going steady."

It took Cinderella's feet half a second to understand that they were moving as Rebecca's mind was processing the 'we are going steady' part of Bob's statement. With her trademark one thousand watt smile, she clung to her lover's arm.

"Bob. That was you making all that damn noise a minute ago. Jolene is now giving me 'what for' because I never do anything romantic like that for her," a John Wayne drawled suddenly from behind.

Well Lawrence, that's because you are an old horse thief and you like stables and feedlots better than you do most people. How are you?"

"Fine Bob and you?"

"Ah you know. Still broke."

Both the gentlemen got a good guffaw out of that one. Bob was the next to speak. "Hello Jolene. How are you this evening?"

"Very well," exclaimed Miss Kitty, obviously on her third or fourth glass of champagne.

"Oh. May I introduce Rebecca Anne Stewart? Becky this is Lawrence McCalley and his wife Jolene. Lawrence is into beef production in a big way. If you have ever had a steak, chances are ole' Larry here had his hands on it somehow."

"How do you do?" Cinderella replied. "It's so nice to meet you." As she shook the cattle barons meaty paw.

"Well now, Bob. You have been a busy boy. You somehow manage to have all the money in the free world and the prettiest girl to go with it."

"Huh! Lars. You forget about the billions you got tucked away in that Caribbean Island Bank of yours."

"Is that all you two ever talk about is money?" Jolene asked. "Come on Rebecca let's go powder our nose." She announced as she successfully cut her away from Bob's arm. Jolene wanted a chance to be alone with Cinderella, so she could give her the third, forth, and fifth degrees.

"So how long have you and Bob been going out?"

"Oh. We met about a week ago, so I guess a week now."

"Well good for you girl. But, you better watch your back tonight. Whether you know it or not, you just created about a hundred new enemies, just by walking through that door tonight on Bob's arm."

The thoroughly confused Becky looked at her potty mate and exclaimed. "Pardon me?"

"Oh honey every available woman in this place has been trying to get their claws into Bob for years. You manage to hook him after only one week. There are going to be a lot of girls out there who are going to despise you just for spite."

After the pair had finished their little chat they returned to find that Bob and Lawrence had moved on to another part of the room and were busy telling jokes with a group of other 'characters'.

Jolene was the only one that seemed to notice the small palace guard that followed Rebecca's every movement, very discretely of course. Upon looking over at Bob she noticed a much larger version was intently watching everything that was happening in that area of the room. "Very strange. Naw! It's my imagination. Probably need another drink."

Cinderella was far too polite to say anything to this strange woman who had dragged her to the washroom for a little chat. She just smiled at the woman as she launched into some dribble about how one of her closest friends had said that Sheena Easton was going to be at the ball tonight, and that she had to keep at eye out for her.

Bob casually looked over his shoulder and noticed that the ladies had returned from their little sojourn. He excused himself from the conversation and casually picked up two glasses of champagne on his way back over to his Cinderella and a soggy Miss Kitty. Being the consummate gentle men he first offered a glass to his date and then the other to Jolene.

As they made small talk amongst themselves, Rebecca was fortunate enough to see an ornate sandwich board advertising this evening's entertainment. She gave a small gasp when she read the name Oliver Peterman! No! It can't be. Well, Bob did say someone who had played with Basie and Louie... I'm sure of it. Wow this is fantastic!

With out thought, she reached over a planted a kiss on Bob's cheek.

A surprised Bob just smiled as he looked into Rebecca's eyes and asked. "What was that for?"

Becky, with a little giggle and a shrug, only replied, "Just because."

After another few minutes of small talk, The Prince escorted his lovely Cinderella to their table. Rebecca was glad to know that the now intoxicated Jolene was not at their table.

During dinner Cinderella made polite conversation with CEOs, Members of the Legislative Assembly, A hockey player, and various wives and girl friends, all the while she was making 'goo-goo eyes' at her Prince. He was doing his royal best to return the torment, while fending off the advances of the same wives, daughters, and girlfriends that his lovely steady had been so polite to all evening, so far.

For some, dinner was completed and they made their way to the bar for a reload. At the front of the line was Miss Kitty, of course now very well lubricated. Huummm? Wonder where her husband is? Does he know she is this bombed, and it's not even nine yet...? Does he care?" Becky thought as her eyes scanned the room. What did she see? Oh yes, it was Lawrence McCalley all right, getting very friendly with a buxom lederhosen clad Heidi.

Bob noticed Becky's interest as well in the couple and excused himself from his little band of playboy groupies that had somehow managed to track him down.

He came up behind her chair and ever so gently kissed the back of Rebecca's neck. "Come on. Let's get some air."

The pretty Princess complied with the request and rose from her chair. She smiled brightly into her lover's eyes and whispered that she would gladly go anywhere with him.

The couple left the room and sauntered down the main hall to find a quiet little portico to sit and be alone for a minute or two. Within moments of sitting, staring intently into each other's eyes, their lips had met and they were expressing their ardour for each other rather openly in the not so private place. The tender moment was interrupted by what appeared to be Zeus, and Helen of Troy.

"Ahheeemmmm!" Zeus said, trying to get the lovers attention. Cinderella had heard the noisy interruption and pulled back slightly from her lover's kiss. However Prince Charming ignored the intrusion and pressed on a moment more.

It was with great reluctance he finally broke as he realized the interruption was not going to politely withdraw.

"Koos. Cynthia. How are you to doing this evening? Nice outfits."

"I'd ask how you two are doing, but I can see you are making out quite well." Zeus said while wiggling his bushy brows. "Good evening Miss Stewart, or should I say Cinderella. How are you this evening?"

In shock from seeing the hospital administrator in so close proximity with her Bob sent some heavy-duty danger signals thru Becky's brain. "F-Fine. Mister Baer. How are you this evening?" Remain calm! I must get Bob away from this man before he spills the beans... Oh god! This is not how I wanted Bob to find out.

"Rebecca." Her Prince said quite loudly.

"Huh? I'm sorry… yes?"

''Rebecca, this is Cynthia Baer. I believe you already know Koos here. He is the administrator at the clinic you attend." Bob said with a wicked little smile on his face. He was enjoying the torment he was heaping on the nervous Rebecca.

While Huggy and Bart fell into a form of guy talk, Cynthia made her way over to Rebecca and was busily making introductory conversation with her. Soon the pair was chatting away like old friends, as they made their way to the powder room to make the necessary repairs to their make up.

Shortly after returning from the mandatory ladies visit, the house lights began to flash announcing that things were getting underway. With out a word, all four of them drifted back into the ballroom chatting as they went. Following discreetly behind them were two palace guards, scanning the area around their 'client's'.

Zeus and Helen quickly partnered up again and were off to their own table as Becky's Handsome Prince escorted her back to theirs.

"I hope you like to dance?" He inquired.

"Love it," she giggled.

This time Bob steered them to the end of the table facing the dance floor.

As the pair teased each other with the wiggling of eyebrows and the sensuous licking of lips, the house lights began to dim.

It was Showtime!

All eyes came to rest on the stage as the opening strains of Cole Porter's, 'Night and Day' began. The curtain slowly rose and there, sitting at a full size grand piano, was none other than the elder Jazz Master himself, busy tickling the ivories.

The assembled crowd broke into a deafening roar as the portly pianist smiled a large toothy grin at the audience. The orchestra behind had soon joined in at the appropriate spot and the place quickly became a toe tapping party.

Without pausing between numbers Oliver launched into another Cole Porter classic 'Just One of Those Things'. By the time third number started "the joint was a jumpin'."

When the master segued into Bert Kaempfert's 'L-O-V-E', it was more than Bob could handle. He grabbed the fiery Scot and pulled her out of her seat. "Come on let's dance!"

This set the mood for most of the rest of the evening.

The Sage Tunesmith kept pulling standard, after standard out of his hat never once consulting a single song sheet. Proving that he indeed deserve the title of "One of the Greats. The show also featured a very talented soloist who proved that she could hit those high notes just as good as Ella Fitzgerald on another Cole Porter classic,' I Love Paris'.

All in all it was a night to be remembered by the crème da la crème of Vancouver's elite. The band never once took a break. When Oliver would sit out a number or two the orchestra would feature its, very tight horn section, pounding out greats such as 'Jumpin' Jive' and 'The Jubilee Stomp'.

Becky and Bob were having the time of their life. The both felt is if they were twenty years younger. The pair never missed a waltz, and Bob showed Becky that he could easily keep up to her when it came to the jive.

Then around 11:30 the highlight of Cinderella's evening happened.

Bob excused himself for a second saying. "I'll be right back there's something I have to take care of." He then left her sitting at the end of the table chatting with a Mrs. Woodward, whose Grandfather had, at one time, owned a fair portion of Vancouver's downtown shopping district. As the house lights dimmed once again all eyes focused on the stage. Standing in centre stage shaking the meaty palm of Oliver was none other than Bob.

A hush drew over the audience and Mrs. Woodward asked her husband. "What is that crazy fool going to do now?"

"Hell if I know, Jennifer, but if I know Robert, you can bet your daddy's last buck that it will be impressive. That man only does things one way."

"Ladies and gentlemen," Bob began. "I would like to do something special for a very beautiful lady who has stolen my heart." And with a small nod of the head to Oliver the pianist counted in the band.

The well-practiced baritone began singing a ballad as the stage dimmed to a follow spot on Bob and a fixed spot on Oliver.

"Someday when I'm awful low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight."

Bob continued singing as he slowly walked across the stage and down the few stairs to the dance floor.

"You're so lovely, with your smile so warm
and you cheeks so soft
There is nothing for me but, to love you,
And the way you looked, tonight."

He slowly made his way along the dance floor as the follow spot kept him bathed in the soft white light.

"With each word your tenderness grows
Tearing my fears apart
And the laugh that wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart."

Bob was now directly in front of a crying Rebecca as he got down on one knee and sang the next verse.

Yes you're lovely... Never, ever change
Keep that breathless charm
Won't you please arrange it?
"Cause I love you... Just the way you look, tonight."

He then set the microphone on the chair and gently tugged Rebecca's hand as she rose and the two swirled around the dance floor while Oliver and the boys played thru to the refrain.

Oliver then adlibbed on the piano note-for-note the last verse of the Kern/Fields Ballad.

As the last notes faded away Oliver began the intro of Ray Nobles, "The Very Thought Of You". The soloist crooned out the gentle ballad changing the pronouns to fit the circumstances.

Rebecca didn't hear a note of the song all she was concentrating was the beating of Bob's heart as she laid her head against his muscular chest. She knew she was sobbing and that she probably looked a fright, but, she was determined that she was going to love this man and never let HIM go.

Soon the dance floor was again filled as others passed by the happy couple. If Rebecca had of looked up she would have seen more than one wet cheek as countless couples passed by them as the pair slowly swayed back in forth lost in their own little world.

Pip and Martin were all but having kittens trying to keep an eye on their charges and look out for possible trouble spots before they became a problem.

A few more waltz'es later and Cinderella and her Prince were ready to leave the ball. After all, it was passed midnight and He did not want to witness the events that happened in the fairy tale. Thinking to himself he remarked. Besides I like my pumpkins in pies.

A hand signal to Martin and, with a slight, curt nod, the experienced man was off to retrieve the limo, leaving Pip to hold down the fort.

Pip almost sprang into action when a tipsy W.C. Fields shouted across the room. "Wher'iz'e? I wanna ash'im myself. There'e is... Bod Ernald! Uhn wanna tawk't yyyou!" Pip tensed and slowly executed an interception path, coming to its apex next to Rebecca's arm.

"Dob. M'wife wuntz yoo ta…burp… come taa a paaarteey't ma owze nxt weeek. An' bring thet sweeet young girlfrind of yers tooo... hokay?"

"Sure Murray. Have Rita call me or Rebecca the middle of the week and we'll see what we can do... okay?"

"Ssure Baw B... uh'll tell 'er ta do thut!" Murray finished off as Bob supported the weaving lumber tycoon.

"Okay, we'll see you next week then. Good night everyone." Turning to Rebecca he whispered. "Quick. Let's get out of here before he remembers that I never gave him our number."

By now the other Palace guard had returned and Pip went to retrieve Rebecca's' cloak.

Then the parade back to the street had begun. As Prince Charming and Cinderella were trying to make progress towards the door, Bob leaned over and again whispered something in Becky's ear. She nodded her head in agreement, and then Bob said. "On three. One… two… three!"

Both turned at the same time, and waved bye to Oliver and the band. The Great man had been observing them and without missing a beat gave a well-timed flourish to the keys of his instrument and raised one of his meaty paws to say bye.

Finally the pair had made it through the surging crowd and emerged unscathed and descended the steps to Bob's black cherry Mercedes limo. With their clients safely installed in the passenger compartment the guards secure themselves in the auto and they pulled away from the curb.

Becky was still clutching furiously to her soon-to-be, lover's massive arm. "Bob... Thank you for tonight. This has got to be the best day I have ever had. I felt like a fairy tale princess the whole time. You have made me a very happy girl."

"You are very welcome, My Princess. I enjoyed tonight as well."

"God, I can't get over you singing to me while you were bent down on one knee. All I could see was you and I surrounded by bright light and you singing away like it was a perfectly natural thing to be doing," Becky giggled.

"Well it was easy," Bob said, and then launched into song. "Cause I love you... and the way you look tonight."

Becky began crying again. "Oh Bob, you have made me so happy. I am falling in love with you. But. Oh Bob! Darn this is so hard to say." Then all of a sudden finding the courage Becky firmly stated. "Bob we have to talk!"

"Hold on a second." Bob pushed a small glowing green button on the console and said to the driver. "Martin. Change of plans. I need a coffee. And Becky wants a cup of tea. Stop at Tim Horton's on the way to the park.''

'Yes sir." Martin answered. After the driver heard Bob click off the mic, he calmly said to Pip, "Something's up."

"Why. What makes you say that?" Pip asked inquisitively.

"Whenever the boss wants to go to the park, it's to think and decide something."

"Oh. I see. Wait! You don't think that he and Becky are gonna..?''

"Beat's me, Pip. I've never seen him like this before. Becky is really throwing him for a loop. He's usually pretty cool around women he dates, and rarely goes out with the same one twice. Hell, that's all he talks about now is Rebecca. And, one more thing, he's back into Jennifer mode again."

No! Really. I thought Bob gave that up?" the pixie inquired.

"Ya. Well, so did I, but I know he's wearing nylons tonight, and he probably has tap pants or something like that on as well."

"How do you know that? What did you do watch Bob get dressed?

"No! Much better. This afternoon Bob had me drive him to La Vin Rose. He bought some goodies. I thought they might have been a present for Rebecca, but tonight when I got to the hotel, I saw the empty nylon box in the kitchen trash. Beside which, I know Becky gave him some tap pants."

"Huummm. Wait how do you know Becky gave him some dainties?" guard two asked.

"Because she gave me some as well at the same time. That's how I know." The giant remarked as if stating the obvious.

Pip suddenly began to giggle as a wicked little thought came across her mind. "You're not wearing them now are you? Oh! You are, aren't you? Oh Martina, you sly little thing you.''

"Shhh. Careful we don't need that getting out now, okay?" Spying Tim's, Martina carefully piloted the large car into the parking lot.

Pip jumped out the door and said, "I'll buy. You need to save your money for clothes dear."

Martin began to reminisce. He though back to the on again, off again, relationship that they had a year or so ago. During experimentation, he had discovered that, he had an attraction for soft and smooth satins and silks. The passion kept growing until there was a time when Martina would visit for the whole day and Pip would have a lesbian girlfriend to play with. Sadly because of career decisions, they had drifted apart. Now since they were working together again. Perhaps they could pick up where they had left off.

Pip returned with a paper bag and two cups for them and the same thing for Bob and Becky. She knocked on the driver's window and Martin took the little goodie tray from her. After giving the passengers there own goodies she got back into the limo, and they were off.

Rebecca and Bob had been talking ever since Bob had directed Martin towards the park.

"Bob there is something I have to tell you and I can't put it off any longer. I should have told you earlier, but every time I have tried, something somehow always happened and, well I never did get around to it. Bob. I never meant to deceive you. In fact, I tried telling you the first day we met, but somehow it didn't work out."

"Rebecca it's n-"

"Bob! Please let me continue. I can't let this charade go on any longer. After all you have done for me. And what … you ... what you have." Becky could no longer keep her composure. The tears began to flow down her cheeks as her bottom lip began to quiver. "Oh Bob. I am so sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I just have to-"

"Rebecca please. Listen to me. I already know. You didn't deceive me. If anything I stopped you from telling me. I was so intent on winning your heart that I didn't stop and think about what I was doing. I controlled you and manipulated you, just so I could have you, and I'm very sorry, but I do not regret doing it… because it has given me you. So, don't worry. I know all about your little problem down there."

"WHAT! What do you mean my problem down there? Bob just what do you know?"

It was time for Bob's confession. He very sheepishly began. "Becky, I know you are Trans Gender. I also know that had you not contracted cancer you would have completed your SRS by now. It makes no difference how I found out, but it was totally by accident. Nobody had any malicious intent to harm you. I also know that I am in love with you. I would much rather have you as you are right now? Than not have you at all... Rebecca."

"You love me?" a timid little voice squeaked.

"Oh yes. Very much so. That's what I was trying to show you tonight. You see, even though I knew about your little secret I knew I had to have you. I planned this evening to the last detail just so I could tell you I loved you. It doesn't matter to me about that other thing. Someday, if you like, that little problem can be taken care of. What is important is you. It's you I am in love with, not what you can do for me in bed. Do you understand? I'll take you any way I can get you, Becky. So, please don't pull back now. I need you. You make my life whole."

Bob took hold of Becky's shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes before he kissed her, and kissed her hard. The frail woman opened her heart to Bob and let him take her very soul right there. He had possessed her and she knew that she was now his, her body, her soul, her very being was his.

Once again Becky began to cry. Bob hungrily kissed each and every tear as it rolled down her cheeks. His mouth sought hers again. She allowed his tongue to explore her mouth and wished she could open her self more so that he could take more of her. Rebecca was fully aware of the need for Bob. It was an ache that had to be satisfied. If her lover had suggested it, Becky would have stripped to the bone in order to please the man, who had pledged his love to her. She would have happily thrown her clothes out the window never, to wear them again to satisfy him.

The two explored each other with their hands. Bob leaned over Becky and slowly she slid under him, writhed wantonly against him. Hiked the acres of expensive skirts, she could feel his manly flesh hard against her softness. Unable to control her needs, she wrapped her shapely legs around him and hanging on for dear life, begged her lover to take her right then and there.

"Not yet, my love. We have many things to discuss before that happens." Slowly, both reluctant, they returned to a more normal state. Becky still wanted to please her man, needed to please him. She knew she would do anything possible for his happiness.

After a few more minutes of rather steamy petting Bob suggested it was time to go home. He pressed the green button and told Martin they would be taking Miss Rebecca home.

Becky sensing that this might be the end of the special night was not about to let her man escape her clutches as she quickly turned the tables on him.

It was Bob's turn now to submit, as Rebecca became the aggressor. She pushed him back on the seat and all but tore off the hook and eye closures on his tunic. She hastily undid all the brass buttons, and ripped open the front of his uniform in order to gain better access to his body. Her lips hungrily sought Bob's chest thru the satin smooth surface of his camisole.

Camisole? Is my lover wearing a satin cami? She thought. Suddenly a most vicious wicked little grin grew across Rebecca's face.

"Well now. Look who has his own little secret?" She said as she smirked. She immediately dove face first into Bob's chest as her teeth gently pulled and bit his nipple. When she sensed it getting erect, she quickly switched to the other one, and, began the same treatment. Her fingers continued the torment of his already abused nipple. Slowly kissing and nipping her way back up to his mouth, her other hand sought to torment his other nipple. Roughly shoving her tongue into his mouth, exploring everything she could touch with the tiny tip, all the while Bob submitting to her advances, she was making soft humming sounds. The man moaned softly in response whenever she hit a low note.

Suddenly the car came to a stop and Rebecca stopped her assault. Looking him straight in the eyes she announced. "Come with me, lover boy. We have plenty to discuss."

Pip, already out of the vehicle, was carefully looking about for any sign of danger as Martin moved around and opened the limo door.

Rebecca exited the car with Bob in tow.

One of her small hands wrapped itself around both his thumbs as she held his arms together in mock bondage. Making her way to the door with Bob stumbling behind her, she told Martin and Pip, "That will be all for tonight. Thank you. Robert will be staying here for the night."

Pip, sensing a change in the pecking order responded with a hearty. "Yes Ma'am!"

Rebecca led her captive up the walk to the Georgian mansion.

As soon as the pair was out of ear shot Pip said to her work mate. "Come Martina…you and I have unfinished business to take care of."

~Cinderella and her handsome Prince take an evening stroll while at the Princess Ball~

*Original still lifted from the Walt Disney Production. Of Cinderella.*


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