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Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart with assistance from Rickki




Becky awoke with her head lying on her lover's chest. Bob was still lightly snoring and she started to giggle when she remembered the antics the pair of them had got up to after they got home last night.

Last night was truly a magical night. Becky had gotten to be a fairy princess for a whole night. She had also awakened desires that she had considered long gone. She had rediscovered a passion so intense that it threatened to consume her.

Becky carefully lifted her head off of Bob's sleeping form. She slowly slid out of the warm bed and padded to the washroom. She looked at the bathroom mirror after shutting the door and smiled. She had not taken off her makeup from the night before, and even though it had been applied about 14 hours earlier, and she had been soundly tumbled, Marcie's ministrations were still glowing. Reluctantly she opened the jar of Ponds and began to remove all of the beautician's work.

Covering her nudity with her terry robe, 'manor maid' quietly found her way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. "I wonder if Bob likes tea... No! He's a coffee man. Darn! I will have to pick up some beans today, and I better but a coffee grinder as well... coffee pot!"

Becky looked thru the bottom cupboard where she swore she remembered seeing a coffee maker. "Yes! Now are there any filters?" Hmmm? Try the pantry Dodo," she said, talking to herself, like she normally did. The conversation was not as private as Becky thought that it was, for standing in the door of the kitchen was a rumpled looking Bob with his Prince pants loosely done up around his waist.

"You are the cutest Dodo I ever saw. Are all Dodo's as cute as you? Or are you the exception?" the smiling voice quizzed.

Rebecca promptly forgot her task and rushed to her lover's arms and began to kiss his exposed skin.

"My god girl! You are insatiable. I can see I'm going to have to get a lot more rest, if I'm going to be able to keep up with you."

Blushing furiously, Becky giggled; she knew that Bob and she had slept less than three hours this morning. "Well maybe we should just go back to bed right now?" She beamed hopefully.

Scooping up the small woman, her handsome prince deposited the squealing woman in the center of the bed. He looked intently into her eyes and very slowly began kissing. He started at her forehead and worked from there. By the time Bob lips found Becky's lips, she was shaking with anticipation, excitement, and arousal. The aggressive male forced his tongue into her mouth and she melted. She was totally his to do with as he wished, and the lord of the manor knew it.

He continued his downward trek until he had teased her neck, shoulders, and upper arms. All the while suspended above her, he lightly grazed her pert nipples with his own body.

Suddenly Becky shuddered, and grabbed the strong male and pulled him hard into her body. She wanted him, and badly. The pair partook, tormenting, teasing, and please each other for fifteen minutes or so before...

"Damn it! Damned phone!"

"Let it ring. The answering machine will pick up. Please Bob, I must have you again!" she begged, thrusting back at him.

Again the pair was lost in the throws of passion

The lovers were slowly recovering later from their passions, lying there in that breathless state, when the apartment phone chirped.

"Oh my god! Bob! Someone's at the door."

"What time is it?" The sleepy man inquired.

"Ah... almost 11." Becky replied after her eyes had located the Napoleon Campaign clock located on her nightstand.

"Shit! Hurry and get up! Get dressed! We have a luncheon appointment with Mamma Valenti. Remember?"

"Oh no!" She exclaimed, and then she remembered the door. "Bob. What about the door?"

"Well why don't you see who it is?" He stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Becky cautiously picked up the phone on the nightstand and asked. "Hello?" into the receiver.

"Yo Bekers! Good morning."

"G-Good morning" came a sheepish reply. Still uncertain of whom it was. Then, it was as if a giant light had been switched on and Rebecca's brain deciphered who was on the other end of the phone line. She threw the receiver down on the bed and quietly shouted to Bob. "Oh my god! It's Pip. What are we going to do now? She's going to know for sure that-"

"Becky! Becky, she already knows. Remember. You told her last night that I was staying the night."

"Oh! Oh ya... now what do we do?"

All the while this was going on Pip was wondering if Becky was still there and was asking, "Hello? Yo! Anybody there?"

Bob picked up the receiver off the bed just as Pip was saying to Martin, "Don't know. She answered the phone, gave a little gasp and then nothing. I can hear them in the bed but I can't make out what they are saying."

"Good morning Pip" A more composed Bob said into the receiver.

"Yo! Bossaronnio! Good morning."

"Come on up." The bossaronnio chuckled softly as he pressed six on the pad and listened for the buzz and the two tell-tale clicks that would tell him that their guests had entered the building and the door was secure behind them. "You had better throw something on, my girl. We are about to have guests." Sliding towards the edge of the bed the big man retrieved his trousers.

Panicked to the max, Becky grabbed the first thing she came across, the long silk transparent robe from the peignoir set she had worn for all of thirty-seven seconds the night before. She placed the robe on and carefully fastened it as quickly as possible.

"Um. Nice outfit" Bob said with a vicious little smile upon his face. "I do like what I see, and I want to see more." He licked his lips in a predatory manner.

With a quick glance in the mirror Becky realized the robe was very transparent and seemed to advertise her assets, rather than obscure them from view. She then blushed and quickly put on panties, as if the tiny, fragile puff of lace would make her seem more decent to their guests, then quickly threw Bob a robe. Too bad it happened to be her short, terry velour robe with the lace edging around the piping.

Bob assessed the robe and, with a humour-filled shrug, wrapped the frilly fro around his large frame and quickly padded to answer the insistent knocking at the door.

After disarming the security, the slightly feminine-attired Bob opened the massive oak door to the pair of morning invaders. Martin and both Pip stared at Robert's attire for a second until their boss said, "Well are you coming in or not?"

Martin found the courage to answer first and replied, "Yah! Sure." He pushed the gob struck Pip thru the door.

Bob casually padded to the kitchen to see if could find the makings for a cup of coffee. He did not hear the hushed and rapid conversation the two guards had.

"See! I told you."

"Holy free Ollie!" Pip responded. "It's true; Jen-Jen is back... This girl has sent our boss on a trip into outer space and then some.''

"Told ya."

"Yes, Martina. You most certainly did," she replied and rubbed her partner's cheek thru his dark grey wool slacks.

The giant turned a most impressive shade of scarlet at the reminder of how he had been attired on arising earlier that morning.

Meanwhile Becky was frantically trying to make her self look respectable. Spying Bob's discarded camisole and tap panties from last night, she toyed with the idea for a second of using them to cover up when, with a shudder she realized that they were used. Becky then ran to her closet and pulled out her tracksuit from the other day and quickly the robe disappeared to be replaced by the more conservative exercise apparel. After slipping on her sneakers she padded into the salon to greet their guests.

"Good morning." She announced to their intruding guests.

"Good morning, Miss Rebecca. Did you sleep well?" Martin asked, only to receive from Pip a sharp elbow to the solar plexus for his stupidity.

While Martin was recovering from the sudden loss of breath, Pip casually returned the greeting. "Good morning, Rebecca. How are you this morning? Bob told us to pick you and him up this morning... I hope we are not too early?"

"No not at all. Bob and I were just sitting around enjoying the morning when you rang." Her pert bottom clenched pleasantly, reminding her that she was lying through her teeth.

Young Pip gave a little giggle at the little lie that Rebecca had just perpetuated.

Realizing the absurdity of what she had just said Becky joined her and the pair quickly had a good laugh. Then quickly both realized that there was an extremely large amount of noise coming from the kitchen area. Becky recovered first, "I think I better get in there and see what my Prince is up to, while I still have a kitchen left."

With a nod from Pip she proceeded thru the door to see her prince standing there looking more like a large doe-eyed princess surveying the mess she had created while searching for a coffee pot and some coffee beans.

In a hushed yell she screamed. "Robert Bartholomew, what the... Heck are you doing?"

"Looking for coffee." Was the man's contrite reply.

"Well sit down over here, and I will find you some," Rebecca promised in a stern manner, as if she were addressing a small child.

Sheepishly, Bob sat at the bistro table and casually crossed his legs to preserve whatever modesty he had.

Pip stuck her head into the kitchen and asked "Can I help?" surveying the sight of what had to be every pot, pan, and nick knack from cupboards and shelves now sitting on the kitchen counters. Without waiting for a response from Becky, she threw off her leather jacket and proceeded to help her sister restore order to the mess.

"Sorry Bob, I can't offer any coffee. I have a coffee maker, but no coffee… no filters, as well."

"Right! Well that says it all then." He carefully rose from his seat and proudly sashayed out the kitchen, thru the salon, into the bedroom to retrieve his wallet.

The remaining trio mostly stood around gazing in wonderment at what was going on now.

With an exhortative voice, Bob called his friend/bodyguard/driver, from the kitchen. "Martin. Here is some money. Make a run to Tim's and get four large coffees and some muffins or something. Oh... And take the scenic route back."

"Yes boss you bet. Come on Pip, we have an errand to run." He then grinned his partner.

"Oh! Here! Before you go take these." Becky fumbled for her keys, so as to help them get back in when they returned.

"Okay. See you in a while then," Pip announced as the pair exited the massive entrance way.

After the lock had clicked shut the pair looked at each other and began quietly smirking about the way the couple were attired. Bob in a very feminine robe, and Becky for all intents and purposes looking quite butch next to her cute boyfriend.

"Love your outfit Darling... did you pick that out yourself," Becky teased Bob in snobbish tones.

"Oh, this old thing. It was just something I threw on in the heat of a moment." Joking all the way, Bob fairly minced back into the bedroom. "Come on, dearie, let's do have a shower."

With a little giggle Becky quickly stripped out of her track suit and hurried to attack her terry and lace adorned man.

After the requisite nineteen minutes of kissing, fondling, and teasing, the lovers finally made it to the shower. The steam rose quickly from the large enclosure as the pair decided to mutually rub each other clean.

Eager to please her mate, Becky began kissing him on his chest, paying a lot of attention to Bob's slightly abused nipples that she had been tugging on and biting all night. Finally, slowly kissing her way south, the vixen came face to face with her intended target. Then to Bob's great delight, Becky demonstrated another of her many talents. Finally. Once more momentarily satiated, the pair surfaced and exited from the shower only when it was jointly decided that the water was indeed cold.

The giggling pair patted each other dry using thick, fluffy terry cloth towels before they realized that they were not alone. They both heard the stereo softly playing in the salon at the same instant. "Oops. I wondered if we disturbed anyone," Bob asked. Then giggling, the lovers sopped up each others mess and Becky giggled like an impish teenager, bringing the towel to her mouth with both hands in a very coquettish way.

Watching his woman, Bob found he was exercising a lot of restraint, in order not to repeat their earlier activities. Rebecca had wrapper herself in the fluffy bath sheet and with another began towelling her tangled mop.

For all intents and purposes Bob was finished with his ablations and returned to the bedroom to slip back into the Prince outfit he had worn here. Turning towards the door to close it, he spied a very familiar overnight case sitting just inside the jamb. "Martin! My Man! I must remember to give him a raise!" Robert perceived the bag was his and that Martin had swung by his hotel and picked up a few essentials for his use this morning.

"Thanks Martin!" Bob called out as he threw the bag on to the bed and zipped it open. He grabbed his shaving kit and returned to the bath to make him face presentable. Becky, sitting on one of the bistro chairs she had liberated from the kitchen, was busy curling her hair while it was still slightly damp.

"Hey cutie... Share the land eh!" Bob admonished, plunking his kit down on the counter beside Becky's personals.

"Bob, I need this part right here. It's the only part I can fit this chair into and sit while I curl my hair." She explained.

Looking over the situation, Bob decided, it didn't make a lot of sense, but then a lot of things that this woman did, did not make a lot of sense to Bob. Resolved to be patient, the big man looked for a place to sit and wait for his turn at the sink.

Casually, and not for the first time in his life, looking over the vanity area where Becky would surely be more comfortable, he absentmindedly opened the small skinny cupboard under the vanity and swung out, and then up, the fold away stool that was part of the features of the well planned room, wondering why she didn't use this convenience which had been designed and installed with the female's needs in mind.

All but dropping the curling iron when she saw what Bob had accomplished, Becky gasped in astonishment. "How did you do that?"

"Easy you just open the door swing out and snap the seat up into position." My God, she didn't know this was even there!

Becky began to laugh at her own ineptness.

The now thoroughly confused male asked.

"I saw that thing in there the other day and thought that it was either broken or hadn't been installed yet. I kept pulling on it to come out and it just wouldn't budge, so I went and got this chair so I could sit to curl my hair and put on my makeup," the silly blonde explained. With a little chuckle Bob explained to Becky how the thing worked. Before he had completed his demonstration Rebecca was already transferring her 'toolbox' and supplies in front of where he was holding his demonstration.

"You may have the sink now," Rebecca announced, as if dismissing him.

"Jeesh! A Princess for all of eighteen hours, and already she's bossing me around."

"Well someone needs to look after you. Obviously you are incapable of handling that task yourself," the palace Princess piped, her nose held highly in the air.

That earned the little wench a pinch on her saucy bottom.

"Ouch!" Becky exclaimed, butt bouncing off the stool.

With a devilish smile on his face, her tormentor replied, "Keep that up little girl and you may just earn a good spanking."

Becky just wiggled her cute tush and then stuck out her tongue at him.

"Don't stick that thing out at me… unless you intend on using it."

Mischievously, the blonde thrust her tongue out again, and when Bob moved to stand before her, she used it, again.


After, what seemed like forever to Martin and Pip, the pair finally emerged from the bedroom.

A Brown heather tweed jacket with olive box pleated wool slacks and a black turtleneck adorned Bob. Becky was dressed in almost the same colour scheme the exception being her Blazer was black. Her skirt was mid-calf and medium-brown tweed, and with riding boots, and a turtleneck, an earthy coloured knit, she was every bit the palace princess. Becky had pulled her hair back in a type of a bun, held with a gold coloured comb, and around her neck she wore her gold locket. She was holding a black over the shoulder purse and her other hand held a pair of black leather gloves.

Reaching for the now cold coffee on the counter, Bob took a big gulp and made a face. "Well, it's better than nothing, I guess."

With a with an expression of exasperation, as if she had just caught a child with his hand in the cookie jar, Becky relieved her man of his coffee and placed it in the microwave for a speedy twenty-second cook. When the appliance 'dinged' she, with a bit of flair, removed the lid from the paper cup, wrapped a paper towel around it, and handed it back to her 'child'.

"Thank you, mommy," Bob sniffed.

Both Pip and Martin gave each other a look, as if to say... "See, I told you so. Now do you believe me?"

"Okay let's get rolling... we have to be at Mama Valenti's in les than twenty minutes. I hope you like Italian for breakfast?" He said to no one in particular as he made his way towards the door.

"Be with you in a sec." Becky said and pocketed the rest of her meds for the day, just in case. She didn't forget to include a little bit of the dreaded morphine. She really despised taking it, but she knew that with out the powerful narcotic, she would not be able to cope with the pain.

Securing the door and checking the code with her phone, Becky made her way down the hall, arm and arm with her man. Martin was scout and Pip was rear guard. Soon the procession had managed to pass all levels of security and had emptied on to the walk in front of the palace and stood next to Bob's impressive luxury automobile.

"Pip. That reminds me are you still driving that shocking pink RX7?"

"Yuppers! Bopsey and I go everywhere."

"When Rebecca and I are in seeing Mama, I want Martin to… Martin, you may as well listen to this as well... I want Martin to take you into Brianne Jensen's, the car dealer where I got the Merc. I want you to see Brianne personally... I will make sure she is there. I want you to lease an appropriate car for the time that you are going to be here... Start with a six-month lease. Tell Brianne I will be in to sign the papers tomorrow. Also tell her I waive the twenty-four-hour cooling off period and will pay all penalties should there be a problem... Oh and Pip... I want you to get a NICE car! Something very comfortable, with four doors, something with style... got it? Take Brianne's suggestions... Oh, and one more thing make sure you are comfortable driving it because you are going to be the principal driver. Okay? Got it? Good! Let's roll!"

Seconds after they were secured inside the powerful auto they were heading in the direction of The Valenti's Commercial Drive restaurant. While they motored along, Bob kept his promise and with the help of his trusty cell phone, ensured that Brianne would be there to meet the pair upon their arrival, he also made sure that Pip would only see top end sedans and touring cars. When Martin pulled up to the curb of the bistro, Pip dashed out, opened the door so that Bob and Becky were able to alight and keep their appointment with the old Woman.

"Right. Off you go. And we'll see you back at Rebecca's. Tell Martin when he comes back here, I'll arrange some take out for you and him so you guys can have some thing to eat. Okay?"

Pip's eye's lit up and she flashed him a dazzler smile, she'd had the privilege of sampling Mama Valenti's creations before, and even take out, in a container was far better that anything she could ever prepare herself. "You bet! I'll tell Martin what's for lunch."

The two 'B's' entered the family establishment; there were greeted by the middle brother Aldo. "Aw! Finally! There you are. You have finally shown up. Mama has been riding roughshod over us for the last half hour waiting for you two."

Aldo escorted the entwined pair to a quiet corner table away from the regular lunch crowd. Carefully he helped Rebecca take her seat and was about to hand Roberto his napkin, when Bob spied two of Mama's old cronies quietly discussing them in hushed Italian.

Always polite, Bob rose and bowed slightly, and then greeting the pair. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Corsilli, and Mrs. DePalma. It's a lovely day isn't it?"

His greeting was returned with a quick barrage of Italian. To which Bob walked over to Becky and replied to them in their own tongue, Rebecca assumed he was introducing her as she heard her name mentioned. She turned at smiled at the old birds and was greeted with large smiles, as the 'dollys' began another rapid secret exchanging.

Realising that he had been dismissed by the women, Bob returned to his seat, casually leaned over to Becky and quietly whispered in her direction, "You ever get the feeling that you have been set up?"

"With you Bob. No. Never." The delightful dining partner giggled.

The business magnate stuck out his tongue at his lovely girlfriend as a response. "Later Darling. Here comes Angelo."

"Roberto. Rebecca. Right on time I see." The oldest Valenti brother leaned over and casually kissed Becky's proffered hand. "You are even lovelier in the day light, My Dear."

"Forget it, Angel! She's spoken for." The alpha male stated, again staking claim to his territory.

"Ah well," Angel said with a sigh. "Such is life! That is my loss then."

"Now, Mama knows you are here, but she has said to feed you first, so I have some angel hair pasta with a clam sauce on its way to you. It should be out shortly."

"Angelo. I really like your Mamma's food, but they are just far too much for me. Please just put the smallest amount on my plate please. I would be just as happy with a salad and a glass of water. I feel that all I've done in the last week is eat."

"I understand. I will personally see that you have a salad with your clams and pasta as you wish." And with that, Angelo was gone.

Pleased with her self that she had conveyed her wishes to Angelo, Becky sat back with a smile. Bob just gave a little chuckle for he knew in advance what would be the outcome of Becky's food request.

Vito was the next Valenti to visit the table with a bottle of a nice light fruity luncheon wine. With the usual exchange of greeting, he was off to rectify some very important matter that a woman across the room was frantically trying to press upon him.

Aldo was next and with a large tray of food descended upon them. Becky had gotten her salad all right, but it was twice as large as she could possibly consume, even if that was all she ate. Her portion of pasta and sauce was just slightly smaller than Bob's, which was considerable.

When Aldo left Bob chuckled slyly. "You really didn't think for one minute that you were going to accomplish anything with Angelo did you. Telling him to give you less food is like asking that wall over there what time it is. You get the same result."

"Bob look at all this food. There is no way I can eat even a portion of all this. I should have told him to just bring me a glass of juice and a piece of toast. But I probably would have gotten a gallon jug of juice and a whole loaf of bread, plus the pasta."

"I think you starting to catch on," her Lover joked, greedily digging into his creamy clams and pasta.

Later, with the wine decanter reduced by half, mostly by Bob, with effort the princess pushed back from the table, convinced that if she took one more bite she would indeed burst. "Bob, I just can't eat any more. I'm gonna be sick if I try to swallow one more bite."

From behind her shoulder she heard the unmistakable voice of Mama Rosa. "Nonsense, Child! You will not blow up as you were thinking. You are nothing but skin and bones. You will need this meal and many more just like it, to cope with the events of your future."

Mrs. DePalma and Mrs. Corcelli shook their heads in agreement as if they were privy to Becky's health conditions as well.

Turning to Bob the elder Vanenti ordered. "Roberto. Why don't you go have Angelo to show you the new wine cellar that was installed? Your lovely girlfriend and I need to talk."

Knowing that he had been dismissed like hired help, Bob rose from the table, and with a quick bow to all ladies present, turned and went in search of Angelo, in order that he could show him the cellar that he had helped to put in last year.

Becky felt an overwhelming presence begin to develop around her and then it seemed the trio of elderly ladies centered their energies on Rebecca's inner being.

"Relax child. You are far too tense. Think of pleasant thought's for a moment." Mama spoke calmly and quietly to reassure her.

Doing as instructed Becky was soon dreaming of a time many years ago, when she was quite small, sitting in a kitchen on a chair, helping her to mommy make shortbread cookies, the imagery so real the girl felt as if she could reach out and touch the surroundings. She could smell the aroma that well-used oven emitted when it was warming up. Becky felt a gigantic love coming from the vision. She then asked her mommy. Mommy, will I be a girl when I grow up? Becky felt she was devolved, had become the small child asking the questions. She gazed though a fascinated five-year-old's eyes at the woman she had loved most, throughout her entire life. Well, Little One that is not for me to decide... that is a decision you have to make yourself... You see honey, sometimes God does things a little bit differently. Some people are very plain and simple, like your Daddy, and your little brother. And others, like you, he makes very special. You will find your own way in the world. I know you are far too young to understand, but if you never remember anything else that I tell you, remember this, I love you very, very much and I will never allow you to be hurt. You are a very special child, and there is a special quality about you that not all people have... Now, come here and let's grease these cookie tins, so we can have fresh cookies for when Daddy gets home."

Becky had risen from her chair and was on the way over to her mother to help with the tins when Mama Rosa intervened. She held Becky as hard as she could, until the younger woman realized that it was but a dream of days gone by and began to shed gigantic tears with loud sobs.

Mrs. DePalma and Mrs. Corcelli refocused their minds back on the present as well.

The comforting arms of Mama Rosa held Rebecca as she continued to cry, at the beautiful but sad memory she just had. "It's okay child. Let it all out. Your mommy loved you very much. I know this. I too could see you and her talking. It has been a long time since you have talked to her hasn't it?"

"She, she died when I was twelve." Becky sobbed as Momma handed her a well worn but clean hankie.

Speaking next in her broken English, Mrs. DePalma told Rebecca, "Mother is not dead." She shook her finger at Becky as she spoke, "Momma is alive," the old crone tapped on Becky's chest, "in here... You have gift. You see with heart. It is your head that tells you this can not be… so you ignore what heart tells you. You have much to learn. But we will teach you and you will learn how to use heart and eyes to see with."

"I don't understand." Becky sniffled.

In her "comforting mother" mode, Mama Rosa held Becky and continued the conversation, "Yes child, there are many things you do not understand, but you will. You have the gift. And we know it, for all three of us have seen it. You have also seen it within you, though you know it not…" she nodded and then added ominously, "as yet."

"But I don't know--"

"Hush Child. There are many things you must learn before you can understand what we mean."

"Why do you always call me child?" Becky asked.

All three women laughed at the girl's unexpected question. As if it was indeed asked by a young inquisitive child.

Mrs. Corcelli added her two cents worth using even worse English than her sister. "So why you calla Rosa Mama? She not a yor a Mama."

"I don't know... It has just seemed proper. It is like I am supposed to call her Momma."

"Well, Carlotta. It seems our little child has finally begun to learn something." Rosa said to her sister. All three of the women shook their heads, while Becky sat there in complete confusion.

Their private conversation was broken by the loud belly laughs of the Valenti brothers and Bob, as they stood across the now empty room telling each other guy type jokes. Flashing anger Rosa leapt from her seat and moved across the room and begin slapping and yelling as she went. Not one of the boys escaped a fair measure of the blows dispensed by the short, rotund woman. In fact it seemed as if they stood there waiting for the punishment like a child would if they were being disciplined.

Quickly the boys found something else to better occupy their time, and Angelo and Roberto headed towards the front door to hangout the signs adverting the evening specials.

Triumphant, the Valenti matriarch returned to the table after dealing with the boisterous horde. "Men are like little boys. They both behave exactly the same way. Remember that child, when you have to deal with Roberto." She declared sitting herself back into her chair. Becky's table guests all shook their heads in agreement.

"Now, my Child, tell me a bit about your troubles. They are of great concern to you, I can tell. Apart from the secret which makes you a woman of some small mystery, you are grieved by issues affecting you in ways that are not healthy... You seem to be tucking them away, without confronting them; this is not a wise thing to do." The old kitchen sorceress let the words sink in, before continuing. "Rebecca, you have a lot of troubles, more than a woman your age should be burdened with."

At this point Mrs. DePalma directed a steady stream of Italian at her older sister. Rosa shook her head in agreement as did the third sibling.

"My little sister says that your concerns are of the health... This is true? No? She says you have an illness… no wait..." Rosa turned to her sister and fired a few words in the ancient tongue back at the other elder crone before she again shook her head and resumed her little talk. "My Sister also says that you have a sickness that is eating up your insides, like a cancer. Am I right?"

Very close to tears Becky shook her head at the precision the trio had predicted about her so far. In a soft mouse like voice Rebecca haltingly began her brief explanation. "I have Hepatic Cancer."

The trio of sisters pulled up very close to Becky as she began her tale. She told of how she had contracted Hepatitis C when she was 14 from a tainted blood transfusion. Of how she learned to cope over the years with the growing fatigue, each year getting just a little harder to hang on. Becky told them about how she had collapsed at work one day and was rushed to the hospital, only to discover that her liver had been riddled so bad with the disease that it was close to shutting down completely. Sobbingly she told them of the wait and the frustration of trying to find a donor that was a perfect match for her, and how she finally had to give up work, because she could no longer do what she had loved doing since she was a small child. Rebecca continued with the complications of the disease, telling them how it had also consumed her gall bladder and her spleen, and had began to affect her kidneys, before a suitable donor could be found. After the transplant last summer, things had started to improve, but because she had lost both her spleen and gall bladder, and that her immune system was all but none existent, it created a perfect opportunity for cancer to grow. Now her left kidney was infected and she was here for chemotherapy to have it resolved.

After Becky finished her story, the room drew deathly quiet, as the three sisters sat with eyes closed as if in a different dimension. Suddenly all three opened their eyes at the same time and stared deeply into Becky's very soul! She gave an involuntary shiver as the women invaded her mind and heart. As quickly as it began the entire weird experience was ended.

Rosa smiled and looked deep into Rebecca's eyes. "We have searched your soul child. We have found you pure of heart. The road you face will be long and sometimes very painful. But, you will recover. You will be well again."

A tearful Becky sat looking into the old woman's eyes. A very quiet and jerking "Thank you," was heard to escape her mouth.

Mrs Corcelli was next to speak. "I look into your future. Many things are uncertain. Is like road with many different turns… so hard to see the way. I have seen many years from now. I see a mother with three little girls and loving husband. There is a fine house on hill overlooking the sea. That is all I am allowed to see at present. I am sorry, can not see more."

The third sister reached over and grabbed Carlotta's hand as to reassure her that she did her very best.

"I think our 'Little One' has seen enough for today." Rosa announced.

At the mention of the words Little One, Becky's eyes shut wide open in amazement. This drew a smile from the senior sister when she realized why Becky had reacted so.

"Ahhh! You have doubts about our powers even still, child. Yes, as I said we saw you talk to your mommy. We saw you making cookies with her, and we hear as well. Right now it is all too confusing for you. In time with our guidance, you will learn how to use your gift to create good. You will see. You must remain patient, and you must be strong. Right now you need to heal your wounded body. That will take all your energy."

The three sisters rose, signalling that the chat was over. Becky rose with them and was hugged by all three before they began to file out and head towards the kitchen. Noticing the exodus Bob made his way over to Becky and held her tight in his arms. He could sense that she needed comforting, and with out saying a word was directing her towards the front door of the eatery. When the two lovebirds reached the limo Martin and Pip jumped from the front seat quickly swallowing the last of their clams and pasta. Pip quickly pulled a paper napkin that had been tucked into the neck of her top as she stood holding the passenger door open for Bob and Becky. The alert petite bodyguard secured the door and with a quick tap on the front window signalled Martin that all was secure and he could begin to head out. Pip dashed to the Volvo S80-T6 that she had obtained earlier that after noon and very quickly had the powerful luxury car sandwiched behind the much larger Mercedes limousine. The procession wound its way back to Becky's where the reverse procedure was performed.

Secure back in her 'modest' three thousand square feet flat. Becky went to the kitchen to fill the kettle for a much needed cuppa. This left Pip, Martin, and Bob to discuss important business.

Returning from the kitchen, tray in hand, the Mistress of the Manor set down four cups, saucers, crème, sugar, and lemon in front of the trio. Bob instantly reached for the teapot to pour, and was admonished by Becky for doing so. "Let it steep a bit please Bob, I just now put the bags in."

Settling back into the love seat Bob watched the sight of Becky's hip swaying return to the kitchen and retrieve a plate of Voortmans crèmes and the last of the tasty shortbreads. Casually placing them on the coffee table with the other goodies that made up the tea party, then handing Pip some napkins, she announced, "Luv, why don't you pass round some biscuits while I pour.''

The eager Pip all but jumped from her perch and quickly passed around the biscuits as instructed. She casually kicked Martin when the big man took three of them in his meaty paw. For the first time since early this morning Becky had finally sat back and was relaxing on the love seat next to her man. "Ahhh! Life is good!"

The break was short lived when Bob asked, "What are we going to do for supper?"

Both women stared at him as if he had rocks for brains; Martin just shrugged and reached for another shortbread.

"Can we just stay home and have dinner here for a change?" Becky pleaded.

"Ya. I guess... Sure why not. We can order something in. If you like?"

Both Pip and Martin made motions as if heading towards the door. They knew that the boss was going to be here for the duration and their services would no longer be required tonight.

"No, Bob. I would rather make something for us. I will have to pop down to the shops though to pick up a few things. I don't think I have enough for all of us, of the same thing. Besides which, there are a few things I need anyway."

Bob was intently watching his love when a slight movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was Martin and Pip quietly slipping out the front door. In a very commanding voice Bob snapped a, "FREEZE!" that brought movement in the apartment to a complete standstill. Even Becky had obeyed the order, as she was beginning to clean up after their refreshments.

"Pip! Front and center... I want you to take Becky down to 'the shops and get her what ever she needs. You need practice driving that outrageously expensive automobile you picked up today. How much was that thing again?'

"Bob it's a beautiful car," Pip stated. "It's Black Sapphire, with dark leather interior. It has GPS, a 20 disc CD stacker, and an awesome sound system. Heated seats, heated mirrors, and all kinds of safety features..."

"All right. All right. It's a nice car." Peeling off several large bills, which he then handed to Becky, he continued, "Take the 'nice car' and Rebecca here and go and get some groceries." The large man rose from his seat and kissed his lovely girl on the lips and told her to hurry back. He was getting a little tired and needed to lie down, but suddenly detested the idea of doing it alone. "You leave the rest of this mess. I'll take care of it... and yes I will even do the washing up," Bob added, just as Becky was about to protest.

"Give me just a second to freshen up, Pip and I'll be right with you," Becky advised as she retrieved her purse from the kitchen counter. She locked herself in the washroom and did a quick facial repair, and reapplied her 'Lipricity'.

Almost without conscious thought, Rebecca extracted the spring loaded syringe and held it against her thigh while sitting at the vanity chair. She gave a little twitch as the needle embedded itself into her flesh, and slowly counted to thirty, as she had done, so many times before in the past. She felt the warmth and the slight nausea that came part and parcel of the morphine. Very quickly the pain had returned to a more manageable level. Becky quickly regained her composure after disposing of the sharps in the biohazard container on the vanity and placed the empty vial on the counter next to it to be dealt with later. A last quick glance in the mirror and she was 'good to go'.

Rebecca re-entered the salon area, she walked up to Bob and panted a big kiss on his cheek, intentionally leaving a giant set of red lips there as a reminder. Very casually she remarked. "She you later honey. Pip 'n I are goin' shoppin'." and with a giggle the pair were gone.

Bob sat on the loveseat for a second wondering if he heard Becky correctly or not. "Did Becky just say she you later... Naw! I must have heard it wrong. But she was giggling as if she just pulled a funny. Guess I will get my answer when they get back."

Turning to his friend and driver. "Martin ole Buddy. What would you like to do until the girls get back?"

The hulk shrugged and said. "Why don't we see if there's a game on the tube?"

"Now there's a plan." Both of them knew that since it was Saturday afternoon the odds of catching a sporting event on the TV were better than any bookie would be willing to give. Bob tossed Martin the remote. "Here. Fire it up and I'll go see if I can round up some cola's or something." Bob really meant 'a coupla beers', but the chances of Becky having beer in her fridge were slim to none, and Slim's already left town.

Alas the search of the fridge did not turn up any cold beer. He did find a couple of bottles of Sobe's energy drink. Looking intently at the label Bob could not understand why anyone would want to drink 'carrot and orange' pop. Of course the other bottle was only slightly better 'mango and citrus' blend. "Well guess it's the closest I'm gonna get, this will have to do."

The big man returned to the action and found Martin engrossed in the local sports show giving a run down on the NHL scores and stats. He handed Martin his refreshment and flopped down in his seat to watch the tube.

"Ah! Cool! Sobe's! My favourite too. Thanks Bob.

"Hey! No problem." Bob cracked his mango drink and after the first swig decided that this stuff wasn't half bad after all. He settled into the love seat and intently stared at the TV.

Meanwhile, out on the road, Thelma and Louise, AKA Pip and Becky, were busy terrorizing the citizenry on Twelfth Avenue as they powered the sleek Volvo into the underground parking lot at Safeway.

Pip engaged the alarm and the girls rode the escalator up to the ground floor. For the next fifteen minutes the experienced female shoppers decimated the food store in search of all the things they needed for a 'load'em up'. Becky did most of the picking, as she was very particular about what product and item she chose. Pip did not know at the time of Becky's salt restricted diet, and since Rebecca had been abusing her body lately, it was time to get back on track again. Which meant no prepared foods, no ham or deli products also no smoked products or potato whips for that matter? What she did choose was, plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, Skim milk, low salt cheese. Prime cuts of meat, fryer chicken parts, and a lot of seafood.

As they shopped the girls became a little more accustomed to each other and had now begun conversing like friends do. The pair was soon joking as they walked the aisles, being silly at every chance they got. Becky noticed the Pip was a little wooden in her movements today and asked her about it.

"Pip. Did you hurt yourself?'


"I mean did you hurt yourself working out or something... I noticed you were walking a little stiff legged today, and I was just wondering."

With a hearty giggle Pip exclaimed that she wasn't stiff because she hurt her self, "although I did get a pretty good work out last night."

It didn't take more than a few seconds for Becky to figure out what she had meant. "Oh!" she exclaimed as the realization hit. Then she too began to giggle.

"I notice you're walking a little gingerly yourself today there girl... any reason why?"

"Well, I was working out last night as well," Becky giggled.

"Yes, all those pushups do take their toll," Pip teased back.

Becky's face turned bright pink when she realized that other shoppers nearby could hear their conversation as well. A middle-aged man in particular gave a hearty little guffaw when he heard the conversation. This only caused Becky to blush deeper.

Soon the pair had amassed a fair portion of food items and they wheeled the laden cart up to the check out. An overly friendly box boy helped the ladies with their groceries and Pip did her very best to tease the hyperventilating youth with every bend and turn she made. Becky gave him a 'toonie' for his troubles and Pip bade him farewell. Another stiff legged person was produced as the proud lad hid the cart in front of his tented apron.

"We have to hurry... We have one more stop to make before we head back to the apartment. Do you know where Oakridge mall is?"

"Sure. About a half mile straight south of here. Is that our next stop?" Pip asked.

"Yes. I need to pick up a little something for tonight." Becky giggled slyly.


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