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Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart with continued assistance from Rickki.




The sleek Swedish auto had been deposited in the parking arena at the mall's main entrance ten minutes after they had left the Safeway parking garage. Like a pair of commandos on a mission the pulchritudic pair clipped their way into the big shopper's paradise and began to rifle their way through the various intimate apparel shops with their credit cards held at the ready position and "CHARGE IT" issuing forth from their mouths.

Becky knew there was a 'La Senza" here, but darned if she could remember where it was. "Somewhere over by that 'darling' cable TV place," was all the help she could offer. "Oh, and there's this cute little bistro near by, as well."

Pip, the more organized of the two, quickly reconnoitred the location and then securing her battle buddy's elbow, her own self starting to show the first signs of the insidious, highly contagious female disease ISF, or more commonly known as Infectious Shopping Fever. Arm in arm the dynamic duo click clacked their way through the forest of potted palms, following the marble tile trail, Pip at the point, obviously leading the way.

The shop of sensual slinkies was the same one Becky remembered, filled with la damsel's dainties and smelling strongly of several sensuous scents. Becky, fully addicted, now in withdrawal and helpless against the temptations tormenting her, very easily broke from Pip's covering protection. Searching every nook and cranny for the elusive Reduced or Now On Sale tags, she relentlessly forged ahead, ruthlessly elbowing through the amassed enemy shoppers, very thoroughly examining anything her eyes and nose could locate. It was Pip, once again the 'Cool Hand" who calmed and restored her to reality as she fingered a cute little pink lace bra and panty set. Pip came to her senses, and sought out her partner.

"Hey, Beks? Whut's thet yore so inter'sted in theyar?" the PIP drawled, Okie roots again peeking through her semi-polished veneer.

Not entirely sure how much information to reveal to Pip about Bob's passion, Becky quickly exclaimed. "OH. Um. Just a few things that I needed to pick up." Realizing that she had better get to the business at hand, Becky picked up some very pretty camisoles and one at a time held them up to see how they would look. Pip joined in the fun, and thinking that they were on the hunt for 'bargains' for Becky, she started selecting very feminine lace and silk confections. Soon they were immersed in the entirely feminine experience and were giggling at each and every new selection.

"Oh! Becky, this is very cute," Pip remarked, holding a very pretty, delicate baby-pink teddy up to the taller woman's chest. "You! Girl, would look smashing in this. Bob will love it." She whispered in Becky's ear.

"Oh! That is lovely." Becky exclaimed. Immediately falling in love with the next-to-nothing bit of soft fluff. "What size does that come in?" She inquired.

"This is a five by the looks of it... you're what a seven, eight?" Pip asked while giving her friend the once over.

"I wish! More like nine or ten!" There was a slight pause in the conversation while the giggle subsided a bit. "What's the largest size it comes in?" Becky softly inquired, and started turning over the treasures in a search for the correct size.

"Huh?" Pip asked suddenly, staring at Becky as if she had rocks in her head. "Why would you wan--?" It was not necessary to finish the question. Striking like a ton of bricks, the answer suddenly became very clear in Pip's head. "Oh my God! Becky, are we shopping for Jennifer?"

The look on Rebecca's face was instant panic, and as she almost coughed up her clams and pasta, she felt the colour rise in her cheeks.

"We are? Aren't we? Aw that is so cute. Don't worry girl. I tell you what... I'll help you find something suitable for your 'Jen-Jen', and then you can help me find a little something for my little Martina."

"Jen-Jen? Martina?"

"Oh don't you know? That is what we get to call Bob when he dresses. Our Little Jen-Jen. And as far as Martina goes that should be easy to figure out. Martin likes his little lace goodies as much as his boss does."

The pair had been carrying on like ridiculous schoolgirls; their behaviour now set a world record for 'silliness'.

Like nearly every shop the world over, this one had sales clerks. A very prim and proper smartly dressed woman approached the giggling girls. "Good day, ladies. My name is Andrea. Welcome to my shop. Is there something that I may show you this afternoon?"

"Yes. Well. I am certain you can. We are looking for…uh, some fun things, for, you know, for having fun in," Becky stammered, totally out-of-character for one who prided herself on never losing-her-cool, while Pip nodded her head in a vigorous agreement.

Concluding that the pair were probably lovers, by the way they were holding up garments against each other and whispering in each other's ears at each and every item, Andrea suggested the a matching set would be very fetching. Both girls' eyes lit up at the prospect of that idea, and Andrea's mind knew that her suspicions were correct.

Those suspicions came crashing to an abrupt halt when Becky asked. "Do you have this any anything larger than sixteen?"

"Par... Ahem... Pardon me, Miss?" Andrea choked on the question, but regained her composure quickly. The size request was very strange. "Um... Ah... I shall have to look and see, Miss," the totally confused store Manager stated.

"Make it two. If you gots'em," Pip added.

Both Rebecca and her sidekick suddenly began helplessly roaring with laughter at the shopkeeper's reaction. Rebecca suggested they search for some more panties, while Andrea was looking for the cute little frills they intended giving the 'boys'. But amazed at the size range the shop carried, it did not take them long to pick out several delicious little numbers that, even though they would never grace their delightful little tushes, would make both of their lovers feel really special.

Andrea returned with news of her quest. "I'm afraid the largest I have in stock is size sixteen in that garment, Miss."

Pip immediately shook her head. No way would that fit Martina. Becky on the other hand, was almost positive Jennifer would be able to wear the top; however it would be just a tad snug. Dejected, the duo announced that this would be all they would be purchasing today, yes Thank you.

Andrea noticing the forlorn look on her customers suggested. "There is an 'Addition Elle' at the other end of the mall. They stock sizes for larger ladies.

Once again happy, Thelma and Louise were on the trail again, as they thanked Andrea for all her help and fashion advice.

The bargain shoppers entered the store and were all but ignored for the first few minutes as they looked around. Finally a very well developed clerk who treated them nicely greeted them. "Good afternoon Ladies. My name is Katie. Welcome to Addition Elle. This boutique specializes in plus sizes for the women of all ages. Are you ladies searching for a gift perhaps?

Suddenly loosing their nerve the pair sort of stuttered and meekly blurted out their requests. "We are looking for some lingerie for someone who has a forty-eight inch chest." Becky softly asked.

"Mine's 52" Pip added.

The clerk knew who the pair were shopping for now, but decided to play along keeping her questions confined to female sizing and built. "What size cup are they, dear?" Katie smiled.

"Um… I'm not sure," a very lost and sinking fast Becky replied.

"He doesn't have a cup size," Pip blurted before she realized what she was saying.

Quickly Becky turned to her friend and gave her the look that suggested... 'Now you've done it.'

Katie smiled. "Relax Ladies we get guys in here all the time. Now that I know for whom we are shopping, I can help you a lot more on fit and comfort. Now gentleman number one…?" She paused then, if Becky was supposed to add something here.

"Ah... Jennifer." She said unsure of what Katie was asking.

"Okay. Now what size is Jennifer's waist? How tall is Jennifer? How well developed in the chest area is Jennifer?

"Well." Becky started with a little swallow. Six feet, four inches tall, a forty-eight inch chest, and a delightful little thirty-six inch waist… I think. Auburn hair, hazel eyes." A little starry, faraway look came over her face as she dreamily describer her lover. "Quite handsome, tall, and a funny, funny guy."

Both Katie and Pip were staring at Becky as she drifted off further into 'Bobland'. Pip was the first to respond, with a little snort she began to giggle. Katie quickly followed suite with her own snort. Rebecca returned to this consciousness in time to see the pair laughing up a storm.

"Whaaa?" She asked, unsure of why she had been the butt of the joke.

"Sorry Luv." The shop manager exclaimed. "You looked like you were in a different dimension when you started to describe your guy. You must love him very much."

Rebecca, now understanding the reason for the hysterics, just stood there and nodded her head in agreement while blushing furiously.

"Now, let's find some nice things for Jennifer," Katie suggested, and directed them towards camisole outfits with tap pants. "Now, with Jennifer's hazel eyes, this cream would look very fetching and it has just the right amount of lace for that.' Oh, so sexy' feeling."

Becky felt the garment for texture and smiled at the quality of the silk with lace inserts. This is definitely a hand wash garment and she would have to tell her love so! "It's gorgeous. Pip, feel this. It's so soft it just flows through your fingers."

Pip was right in there like a dirty shirt. It didn't take her long to figure out that her Martina with the ice blue eyes would be smashing in the very light blue set.

With the outfits chosen to perfection, a twenty and size twenty-two respectively and with coordinating tap pants in XL, the happy trio made their way to the checkout.

"Would you ladies like these gift wrapped?" Katie asked.

"Oh! That would be wonderful," they both agreed.

"Here is my card. If you like, I can put both Jennifer's and..." She paused to get Pip's lovers name.


"If you like, we can put both Martina's and Jennifer's names and sizes down on our store file, and that way you will be able to take advantage of the sales and shop from home ordering." The ever-on duty Store Manager continued pleasantly as if not a single thing was amiss.

"At the sound of the word 'SALE', both Becky and Pip's eyes glowed bright with added interest. They all but wrestled the pens from the manager's hand to fill out the little four by six inch information card.

Happy with their triumphant invasion, Thelma and Louise left, as they entered, arm in arm, and giggling away like schoolgirls.

The black sapphire Volvo returned the misfit pair to the century old estate Becky now called home and she instructed Pip to pull around back. The lass of the manor then got out and manually turned the key to open the two-car garage that was her private parking spot. Pip put the sleek import to bed and the pair began unloading their groceries and bargains from the boot and back seat.

"We need some help," Pip squeaked. "We are never gonna make it upstairs with all this stuff."

With a devilish little giggle, Becky took out her 'never to leave her side' traveling companion and, after a moments hesitation punched in her telephone number. After the third ring a rather hesitant Bob picked up with a questioning hello.

"Bob. We are out back in the garage and need some help. Bring Martin with you please."

"Right! On our way!"

"Thank you," Becky said to the empty phone. Bob had already hung up. "Help is on the way."

Moments later the muscle bound duo rode in to save the day. "Someone call for the cavalry?"

Within seconds the disposition of the 'volunteer pack horses' changed quite dramatically. They stared at the amount of foodstuffs that had been purchased. Bob, being apt at math, had the bundle soon broken down into logical and easily managed proportions. "Okay, an' if'n everwun jest takes in seben bags, we'un kin do'er in oney two trips," he declared in an impressive 'Junior Samples' manner.

Becky was about to ask him if he was serious when a big smile lit up Bob's face.

Managing it with subtle precision, Pip and Becky grabbed the goodies from the mall adventure and with a bag of groceries each, headed up the stairs. Once there it was decided it would be far more productive for Becky to stay and begin putting everything away. The trio of 'slaves' then made several more trips before finally completing the task.

Finally the exhausted team plunked themselves down on the chintz love seat, Pip curling up in a leather wingback, and agreed that this place definitely needs an elevator. The pixie giggled inwardly as she realized Martin seemed unable to keep his eyes from straying to the webbed tops of her nylons visible below the hem of her short skirt

It didn't take the experienced chef long to store all the foodstuffs in the 'proper' places. And within minutes she had the makings of a highly nutritious 'Wok' stir-fry on the go. Bob entered and remained long enough to get his fingers slapped and then 'shooed' from the kitchen. A stern warning and a "Go watch the game, or something," from Becky ringing in his ears as she sent him packing.

"Can I help?" Pip asked moments later as she draped her leather bomber over the back of one of the white wrought iron bistro chairs.

"Sure," she chuckled; a glance at the girl reminding her of one of Disney's dancing faeries as the pipsqueak flitted about the kitchen. "I can always use another pair of HELPING hands." A grin split her face as Pip's chuckle made it obvious she had caught the subtle reference to her lover's intrusion earlier. "Do you know how to clean Prawns?" It amazed her at how effortlessly the small girl seemed to glide about the room in three-inch high heels.

"Yup!" came the reply as Pip started towards the fridge that Becky had indicated contained the seafood in question. "Ah lernt ta do thet doawn en N'arleens frum a Cajun Princess whin ah 'uz jesta kid," The voice of Ellie Mae of "Beverley Hillbillies" fame quipped.

Retrieving the prawns, the girl began the arduous task at the sink while softly humming. Though she was certain she heard wrong, it sounded as though Pip was singing "And Pip's gonna get sum t'nite!" as if it were a ditty's refrain.

Suddenly a gentle hug surprised her. "Hey that smells great!" Pip asked. "Is that ginger I smell?"

"Just a wee bit to give it a bit of punch. Just to 'kick it up a notch'." Becky joked, imitating one of her favourite cooking celebrities.


Minutes later, while the prawns were sautéing in clarified butter and garlic, Becky setting the dining room table and thinking to herself, this is the first meal I have served on this table, in fact this is the first meal I have served for a guest since I came here! Fortunately the apartment's owner had provided all the flatware and cutlery anyone could want, as well as all the necessary linens for this sort of thing.

Returning to check the prawns between trips, with Pip's help of course, she managed to complete most of the task before the three minutes were up in the cooking time. Then, as Becky put the finishing touches on the evening meal Pip had the dubious honour of getting Bob and Martin prepared.

"All right boys! Go wash up. Dinner's ready."

Martin and Bob immediately jumped from their places of comfort, 'Sports Beat' all but forgotten as they ravenously rushed towards the table that made the two girls giggle. Pip and Becky stood there amazed at the spectacle. "One would have to think these two hadn't been fed in a week the way they are carrying on," Pip drawled in a perfect Cultured Bostonian accent. Becky had to agree.

With the virtual mountain of hot, crunchy vegetables all but gone, and the very succulent prawns nothing but a lingering taste on the tongue, all four of the diners finally pushing back from the table, Becky rose. Who would like a cup of coffee?" Rebecca queried. "I'm going to put some on."

"Real coffee? Like brewed in a real coffee maker?"

"Yes Bob. Like brewed in a real coffee maker. I picked up some Columbian coffee beans, and some basket filters, while we were shopping today. So, now you can have fresh brewed coffee in the mornings." Becky giggled, and then blushed, realizing the inference, as she massaged her lover's broad shoulders while standing behind him. "Any one for tea? I bought a variety pack of teas as well." She continued.

"I'll have some of that Sterling I saw you sneak into the bag, if you please, Boss Becky," Pip replied and rose from the table to help clear away the debris. "And, I will give you a hand with the clean up."

"Thank you, though most of it's done actually, but I do appreciate the offer, Pip."

As the giggly girls did the wash up, Bob was half watching, but mostly listening to the girls, a 'Movie For Guy's That Like Movies' on one of the network stations. Out of the blue he began talking to Martin who was very intently watching Bruce Willis climb about on some heating ducts.

"Huh?" Martin asked his eyes and mind never leaving the large flat screen TV.

"I said. I wonder what girls find to talk about all the time. They always seem to be discussing something. And as if it was important, and they do it all the time. Constantly." Bob paused in the conversation, before continuing. "But, Like when guys talk. It's hello. How are ya'? Fine. You? Fine. Good! Yup. And then it's over. Everything that needs to be said right there, but women ... Sheesh!"

Martin grunted; Bruce was chatting with one of the terrorists.

Presently the girls returned with the beverage requests. Each of them doctored their own and relaxed back into the comfortable furniture, Becky, almost as if by design, displaying a wide expanse of smooth, silk encased thigh to Bob, as she curled up on the loveseat beside him.

Rising from the loveseat, Bob went over and turned on the gas fireplace. At the same time he dimmed the lights to give a more romantic feeling in the room, before returning to his 'love's' side. Becky could not help but notice the front of his custom tailored slacks was slightly pronounced. Savouring the memory of their shower that morning, the minx of the manor smiled slighly in anticipate of another go at the "Master of the Manor, and soon.

Bruce was getting sprayed with glass while in his bare feet, one pair of lovers were making little noises in each other's ears.

After kicking Martin to get his attention, Pip and the TV addict bid their boss and Becky good night and announced that they would not be back very early in the morning; it was, after all, Sunday.

Finally alone, the large Alpha male aced the television, in favour of some dynamic Dianna Kroll on the impressive little Bose sound system. The two lovers cuddled contently on the small love seat until Becky finally announced with a little giggle, that she had a present for him.

"Just wait right here for a few minutes and I'll be right back." She saucily teased his vision with another glimpse of firm flesh as she slid from the furniture to glide gracefully away, the hem of her skirt flipping enticingly with each step.

Bob watched the little minx wiggle her way into the bedroom, eyes watching every move intently, feeling a surge of heat flow into his loins, he almost forgot what Becky had told him and was tempted to chase after her. With the will power of a comic book super hero he resisted the urge and stood instead to make a little bit more room in his suddenly too tight pants and under shorts. Bob did not have to wait long as Becky reappeared looking very demure in a cream coloured silk and lace camisole and matching panties. With a little giggle she stood in front of her man, playing the shy schoolgirl to the hilt.

"I've got a present for you." The temporary Lolita announced.

"Yes I can see." Replied the big bad wolf.

"Not that silly... That's for later. This is for you." Becky said as she shoved the gaily-wrapped box in front of his face.

"For me, Becky? Thank you very much. What is it?"

"Well open it, silly." The saucepot giggled, simmering slowly.

Bob carefully opened the parcel and his eyes grew gigantic when he parted the scented tissue to reveal the treasures that lay beneath. In the blink of an eye Jennifer returned. "Oh Becky!" It's, it's gorgeous…. So very, beautiful!"

Rebecca noticed a little watering in the eyes as her lover held the matching garment up to inspect it closer. "Why don't you go try it on, Luv? I'll wait here by the fire for you." Becky told him as she softly kissed the damp cheek.

Jennifer now rose from the loveseat and quickly moved into the bedroom to try on the lace dainties.

While Jennifer was busy in the bedroom Becky went to the kitchen and poured the rest of that delicious wine Martin had rescued from the fridge in the Mercedes earlier. Returning to the living room with the wine in the appropriate glasses, she positioned herself seductively on the rug in front of the fireplace. The anticipation of Jen-Jen's return built a sexual heat within her and caused her insides to become buttery.

Presently Jennifer entered the room and slowly slid down alongside Becky on the soft carpet. It was difficult to tell who was seducing whom; they both tried to get the upper hand game of seduction they were playing. She flipped him over on his back, attacked the small nibs protruding through the silky top. When Jen-Jen could take no more, the situation reversed, and with a squeal Becky found she was the pinned, lying on her back while being ravished. With her lover lying atop her, Becky felt his erection slide up the inside of her thigh. She threw her arms and legs around him, gasped sharply with momentary discomfort, and then helped him to please her more fully.

Much later Becky resurfaced; vaguely realizing she'd heard the same piece come around the third time on the CD. Giggling softly while her lover lay there with a dopey grin, Becky caressed his now inflamed nipples. Planting warm, passionate kisses along his torso, across the lace at the waist of his camisole, the minx moved her mouth lower. When her lips plucked aside the lace on the tap pants, Jen-Jen grabbed her and pulled the purveyor of the tantalizing, light kisses upwards from his midsection and frantically began kissing her again.

"Let's go to the bed," he whispered seductively in her ear.

With a nod of her head and another squeal he easily drew her from the position she occupied as he stood and gathered his lovely girl friend into his arms. A moan escaped her as he cradled her, and then carried her into the bedroom to place her tiny body carefully on the top of the down comforter. "My God, woman, you're so beautiful. D'yuh know that?" He spoke in soft whispers to the submissive woman, stripping her before slowly, very deliberately descending into the depth of the inviting, available female.


The next morning was a repeat of the one before. The chirp of the apartment phone awakened the pair. But this time it was Bob picking up the phone, and in a half-asleep voice grunting. "Lo?"

A giggled on the other end told him PIP knew she had awakened Bob. "Good morning!" She trilled gaily into the phone. "What a lovely day. Today is rather beautiful, isn't it?"

"Umm... Hold on! I'll tell you more after I let you in!" Then, pushing six, he sat the small phone back on the nightstand.

"Who was that dear?" asked a sleep female voice from somewhere in the depth of the covers.

"Oh nothing, just Pip giving weather reports."

"That's very thoughtful of her"

"She and Martin are at the door." He rolled back to allow his lover to resume her warm comfy spot cuddled next to Rebecca's toy.

"Oh that's nice," she murmured in half awake daze, just before she succumbed to the sensational feeling of her lover's body cuddling hers.

Unfortunately, both were sharply returned to their senses when there began a rather insistent banging on the suite door.

Prepared to do battle, even in his cream-coloured tap panties, Bob burst out of bed. With out considering consequences, thinking only to quell the hammering, he threw open the door and was confronted by his employees/friends. Just as suddenly realizing there was no use going into damage control mode, he exclaimed, "Oh shit, not again!" and backed away from the door.

Martin and Pip giggled the whole time their boss' face turned a very pleasant crimson colour.

Barely able to contain her self Pip appraised, "Nice panties, Bossie. I knew that colour would look good on you. And they look especially great with those rosy cheeks of yours." She managed to say all this before she threw herself against Martin in a fit of hysterics. Martin was carefully trying to keep a cool composure and doing a very bad job at it.

Unable to decide whether to laugh, cry, or get mad, Jennifer gathered up what dignity he had left and said, "Thank you very much. I'm quite pleased with them myself," before he casually minced back into the bedroom to put on something a little more appropriate for receiving guests. Pip and Martin were treated to a second performance when Bob returned to the bedroom. Suddenly the air erupted with outrageous laughter when Becky saw how Bob had greeted the pair of early birds.

Quickly Pip put Martin to work in the kitchen preparing coffee, tea and a light breakfast of assorted fruits and such. She would leave the heavier food items until Bob and Becky had emerged from their shower. Which should be in just about an hour, she thought.

The passionate pair, without disappointing her, arrived right on cue. Bob sat quietly, immersed in the domestic tranquility. Becky moving with a particularly tell-tale gait, poured him a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and then gingerly sat down on a bistro chair across from him. A soft gasp accompanied a tightly held wince.

"I've a little business I need to attend to for a bit this morning," the billionaire announced as Rebecca sat quietly in her seat, a cup of tea warming her hands. "It won't take long. You may come if you like, but I warn you now it will be boring. Why don't you and Pip go play in the mall, while Martin takes me downtown? I'll give you a call when we are done. I should be back by mid afternoon at the latest, and if you like we can all go out for dinner. How does that sound?"

Putting up a good front and trying not to sound slightly wounded, Becky replied. "Ohhh, that sounds like a mall of an idea."

Sensing the blonde's pain and disappointment, knowing Becky was feeling bad, chipped in, "Ya sure. Who wants to go to a stuffy old office building on a Sunday, anyway?"

"Certainly not me."

"Not when I can go shopping, instead," piped the pest in pink. "Right Becker's?"

"Ya Right," sighed the siren in silk, a bit unenthusiastically.

Pip and Martin busied themselves as they felt uneasy being part of this conversation. As Bob and Becky carried on their conversation on the way to get dressed Bob began again." I should have mentioned it yesterday. I'm sorry, but I forgot until just a few minutes ago. Sorry pet, I know you just wanted to spend the time just lying about, and frankly, so do I, but I have to do this. It will only be for awhile," Bob pleaded.

Quickly the lovely lass forgave her man and kissed him on the cheek. As her arms went around his shoulders, not content with just a mere peck, Bob grabbed the freshly showered, scented beauty and hauled her into his lap for a much more involving kiss. Becky immediately melted into his physical grasp. With his toe the tycoon nudged the door of the bedroom closed.

A few minutes later he let her surface for air.


Smiling like the proverbial cat, Bob followed Martin down the spiral staircase to the front entrance. Pip, with Becky blushing every time their eyes met, was not about to drop even the slightest hint of what had taken place in the living room while Becky had been occupied with 'Bossie'. She finished the clean up from the light meal, while the older of the pair of pretties wiped down the counter. The kitchen phone chirped. Plucking it from the cradle, Becky asked "Hello?"

"Good morning, Becky." The preteen voice was hard to miss.

"Good morning, Maggie. How are you this morning?"


"That's good... how can I help you this morning luv?"

"Ah. Well you said that we could come over today and play on your exercise stuff. Remember?"

"Yes Dear. I remember."

"Well, I was wondering... oh, hold on a second."

After she heard the being dropped on a table, she heard the exchange of voices in the background. Christy was telling her daughter not to bother Rebecca since she had guests this weekend. The Maid of the Manor could also hear the stringent pleas of the twelve-year-old saying that Becky said it was all right, that she really had promised. Eventually Christy picked up the phone.


"Good morning, Christy."

"I'm sorry, Rebecca. Sometimes this child just doesn't think. I--"

"Christy. It is all right. And I did make a promise, after all. I promised Maggie that we could work out today, but only if it is all right with you. Oh, by the way you are invited as well."

"Are you sure? I mean you don't have to do this just because Maggie browbeat you into doing it."

"Nonsense. I haven't done anything but eat and sleep since I arrived here. A good work out would probably do me a world of wonders.

"Okay. If it's all right. When's a good time?"

"Well, I have a bit of running around to do right now. Let me throw on some jeans and a top and I'll be back, in... Let's say... an hour and a half. No. Better make it two, just in case?"

"Okay. We'll meet you at your place around one then. No. I'll just call first. Just to make sure."

"Good idea. See you.''

"Okay. See you then."

"Come on Pip. We have got a mission."

"Kewl! Whazz'up?"

"Well, first off I have to get myself ready and P.D.Q." She glanced at the large schoolhouse clock that hung on the wall, "Because I gotta hit Athletes World, or somewhere, for some workout gear. Then I have to be back here at one to sweat and bend with a twelve-year-old and her mother."

"All right, but I'm gonna hav'ta zip by the hotel to get my stuff too then."

"Where is that?" Becky inquired starting to worry about the time.

"Same as Bob's and Martin's she giggled. Martin and I share a suite right next to Bob's."

"Oh...?" Rebecca suddenly realized the implications of what her traveling companion had just told her. "OH!"

Both of them giggled at Becky's response.

"You best get yer' buns in gear girl. We got a lot to do in the next couple of hours." Pip piped pointedly.


The Scottish lass set a personal best for the time it took her to get ready. And within fifteen minutes she had fixed her hair, dabbed on some make up, slipped into a pair of casual slacks, and pulled on a co-ordinate top. She stood before the gilt mirror in the hall applying carmine lipstick as she inspected her look. With a little smile she proclaimed, "Not bad," and the pair of playful pretties was off.

Driving as Becky navigated Pip headed due west along Fourteenth Ave.

"There is this shop I saw the other day I thought looked interesting. Do you mind if we check it out for a second?" The navigator asked the pilot.

"Nope! Where is it? Kerrisdale?" The pilot radioed back.

"Yes!" The Blonde again wondered if the pixie could read minds. "Its right up there on the right hand side. I'm not sure how far along though, but it isn't all that far."

"Okay. Just shout out when we are getting close."

The foreign car breezed along the boulevard with the rest of the late Sunday morning traffic. Finally, Becky shouted, "Stop! There it is." She pointed, following with an extended finger as she twisted around backwards in her seat.

Deftly Pip pulled a double 'Uey' and then slid the machine into the curb no more than fifty feet from where Becky had first shouted to stop. The pair spilled out of the car and Pip locked then engaged the alarm with a push of a button on the car's key chain. Heard the little chirp, signalling all was secure, and the shopoholics made their way up the street to the dress shop Becky had indicated.

The enthusiasm was short lived when Becky noticed that it was closed Sunday.

Pip noticed a sport shop across the street and grabbing Becky's arm, ushered the somewhat bewildered older girl in there. Inside the store, they immediately went for the women's section and the pair quickly began selecting appropriate apparel for the afternoon workout.

Securing a few different choices Becky made her way to the dressing room. Pip followed close behind with her own selections. Moments later Becky emerged from the curtained room wearing light lemon yellow tights under a peach coloured Lycra body suit. Swaying and turning in every direction, she and Pip giggled and chattered like schoolgirls while each vied for the best viewing space within the same tri-view mirror. The duo's preening had caught the eyes of a few of the store jocks that were nonchalantly staring at the sight before them.

Moving to one side, Becky made room so that Pip could get a view of herself done up in shades of pink. The nimble nymph of the North Woods had gone for a different cut in the body suit. Where Becky had chosen the more conservative full cut that covered completely her saucy bottom, pipsqueak in pink had chosen the much more dramatic thong style that positively advertised her rounded asset.

Giggling as she preened, Pip told Becky, "You really should try these. They're much more comfortable to work out in, and give you a whole lot more freedom of movement."

Not thoroughly convinced, Becky returned to the change area to try on the other outfit.

This time she returned in white tights with an ice blue body suit. Like the first outfit, it had a gently rounded neck and three-quarter length sleeves that defined her slim arms. After a few moments in front of the mirror it was decided this outfit was a keeper as well. Especially when Pip pointed out that with a kilt and matching vest, not to mention the snap crotch, it would make a smashing outfit Bob could not resist.

When Becky turned to go back to the dressing room, a movement out of the corner of her eye focused her attention on the male viewing audience that had gathered to watch the show. Pip, noticing the horrified expression on Becky's face, quickly went into action, boldly walking up to the men and asking to speak to the store manager immediately.

All but one of them shuffled off to find something better to do.

"Today's Sunday. It's his day off. May I help you with something?" a man with a fullback's build and a quarterback's brash attitude asked.

Pip started out talking to the pumped up behemoth in a voice as sweet as aged honey, but the faerie's demeanour changed abruptly part way through her tirade. "Yes, there is something you can do for me. You can first give me his name, and tell me when he expects to be available for me to talk to about the DEPLORABLE ATTITUDE OF HIS STAFF! AND FAILING THAT HE MAY WANT TO CONTACT HIS SOLICITER TO MAKE SURE THAT HE IS AWARE OF HIS RIGHTS IN THE LAWSUIT THAT WILL VERY LIKELY FOLLOW THIS LITTLE VOYEURISTIC EPISODE OF YOU AND YOUR LITTLE FRIENDS... NOW, DO I NEED TO CALL THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES RIGHT NOW TO GET YOU TO DO THIS FOR ME?"

"Hey! Chill out, chick! We didn't mean you any harm. The way you and your friend was a strutting your stuff there, you'd think you wanted it anyway." The giant male smirked.

The pint-sized pixie was fighting very hard to retain her composure, and she would have done it if the Steroid Man hadn't made the mistake of his life. When he reached forth, as if to caress Pip's back a moment before drawing her in for a kiss.

Suddenly the giant man was laying on the floor, tears running down his face as Pip had, with the grace of a ballet dancer, brought her knee up to connect with his most sensitive spot. She then twisted the man's arm around and had her foot on top of his side as the male's arm was pointed directly skyward. Pip was applying a huge amount of pressure to the weeping mans thumb.

"You can now add a charge of attempted assault to the list Dummy."

Noticing the other males quickly draw round to the aid of their fallen friend, Becky quickly jumped into action, moving to stand directly in front of the two largest ones and in the most authoritative voice she could muster, announced to the gathering, "Unless you would like some of what your friend just got. I would suggest you all find something else to do! And quickly!"

Buffaloed and bewildered the bulked-up boys decided that Frank just wasn't worth it. If the big one were just as dangerous as the little one, they would all be hurting' unemployed units by the end of business today.

When the defeated gaggle found other things more pressing to do.

Becky relaxed.

Moving over to hug a now visibly shaken Becky, Pip thanked her, and told her it was totally unnecessary. She was confident that when she had managed to floor another one or two of them, the others would back off. As they moved back to the dressing rooms they had to walk around the still writhing form of Frank, tears still streaming down his face.

"How hard did you kick him?" Becky asked.

"I don't know. Pretty hard I think. Usually they are up and stumbling around by now." Pip replied concerned that she might have done more than damage the creep's image.

"You've done this before?" Becky asked.

"Becky both Martin and I are trained to be professional bodyguards. We both have mastered various forms of martial arts as well we are qualified on numerous types of weapons as well." Pip let that sink in for a moment before continuing.

"However, that does not excuse my behaviour just now. I let you down… I'm sorry. My first duty is to protect the client at all costs; I left you alone while I took out my anger on that worthless pile of crap back there. I am sorry I let my emotions jeopardize your safety."

Now safely back in the dressing room. Becky was asking questions like there was no tomorrow. "Pip. What are you talking about bodyguard? And… and who is this client? And, why have you let me down. You stopped that creep and his friends from leering at us. A little zealously perhaps but, you protected me."

Suddenly that famous light bulb flashed above the older blondes head. "This has something to do with Bob hiring you to be my friend doesn't it?" Becky said, now very much agitated. "You are on the job. Are you? So that's all I am to you is a client? Well fine. I don't need you services anymore, Miss Rambo. You can tell Bob to forget the whole thing." She crumpled into the corner as the tears began to stream down her face.

Pip immediately rushed to her side. "Becky. No it's not like that at all. Please listen to me. I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I am an employee of Bob's, but you already knew that. And I was hired to look out for you, but it's much more than that now. Becky, please?" She pleaded, as the frustrated woman's wails got a little louder.

"It's only been a few days, but we have learned to become more than just employer and employee. Becky, I think we are becoming friends as well. Just listen to me for a minute, okay? If this were strictly a professional arrangement I would not be here right now. I would be standing outside the door over there, armed to the teeth, just waiting to intervene if anyone approached you.

"I would not have been able to have dinner at your place last night either. I wouldn't have been allowed to be able to joke or share things with you either. I would have had to remain detached. You said you wanted to have a friend, please Becky, I think I am becoming one right now."

Pip was hugging Becky with all her strength when she felt the tears rise in her own eyes. With a sniffle to clear her running nose, she continued, "Please Becky, don't shut us off now. We have something special here. I'm your bodyguard, and I'm your driver, but I'm also your friend, and companion. I'm all of those things. Please don't let this spoil it. Okay?"

With a regretful look on her face her makeup hopelessly beyond repair; Becky looked up at her friend. With a sniffle she looked deeply into Pip's eyes. "Oh Pip. I don't know what to do. I want you to be my friend, I really do. I…I don't know what end is up anymore. My life was so organized before this week. It seems that ever since I met Bob my life has been tumbling out of control and I need to get some stability back into it."

Trying to lighten the mood just a bit, Pip decided that a wee bit of humour might help just a bit. "Ya well Bob has a way of doing that to everybody. He has a way of turning your whole world upside down and you with it. Hell. When I met Bob I was a junior in high school who was just starting physiotherapy from a broken pelvis that I suffered when I did the splits the wrong way on the parallel bars. He was a sponsor for the new composite fibre hip that I had been fitted for. I guess I was the very first person that had ever had the procedure performed. Even though I was only fifteen at the time, we became friends. Do you know that he paid for all of my medical expenses and all of my schooling and stuff?"

Somehow this sounded like something that Bob would do. Becky shook her head in response

"Since that first day, almost ten years ago, Bob has been in my life one way or another, constantly keeping me on my toes. I owe the man a great deal more than money could ever pay. And I would do anything he asked. So you see Becky, although life with Bob is a little strange at times it can be very exciting, and besides I think he's hopelessly head over heels in love with you."

Detecting a faint glimpse of a smile on Becky's face, Pip, thinking they better get a move on announced, "Girl, I hope my makeup doesn't look as bad as yours does, cuz, frankly love, Rocky Raccoon's got nothing on you!"

With a snort of the still runny nose Becky giggled, and then both giggled as they examined each other's streak lined faces.

"Well I hope we like the outfits we tried on because they are definitely ours now, with all the mascara we put on them," Rebecca quietly stated. She then broke into another giggle fit, quickly followed by Pip.

Presently the deadly duo emerged from the changing area in time to see the paramedics help a very sorry Frank on to a gurney for a trip to the emergency room.

One of the muscle-bound employees was very enthusiastically telling a police officer what had happened to his buddy, how this crazed woman had assaulted his employee. When the clerk saw Pip and Becky walk towards the till, he eagerly pointed them out to the investigating officer.

"Excuse me ladies. My name is Constable Thompson, and I wonder if you may be able to answer a few questions. I'd like to have a word with you; regarding the incident you two were involved in this morning, maybe you can help to clear this thing all up."

Assuming the lead here, Pip went into professional mode. "Why yes, of course, Constable Thompson. Miss Stewart and I would be more than happy to give you all the information that you need. To reach a proper decision in regards to this manner is our goal." Pip then reached into the side pocket of her trademark bomber, extracted a thin bi-fold wallet. When she opened it and handed it to the constable Becky saw the flash of a badge.

Constable Thompson's eyes opened very wide when he viewed the credentials of an auxiliary police officer. "Well now, Officer Knight, it seems we have a bit of a dilemma. You know I will have to make this official now?''

"Yes Constable. Unfortunately, I am well aware of that."

The investigating officer directed the pair to a couple of chairs and began to furiously scribble as Pip related the events of November 1st, 11:48 hrs. After he had finished writing, some six or seven minutes later, he asked Rebecca if she had anything to add.

Still traumatized from the events, and the apprehension of talking to a police officer, Becky could only add that Pip was doing her duty ensuring her safety and had not reacted until after the man had tried to assault her.

"Okay." The large Mountie stated. "Let's get things rolling here, shall we?" The trio began to rise when Constable Thompson started speaking again. "You know Miss Knight, for some reason your face is awfully familiar. Have you ever instructed first aid?"

"Yes. I teach emergency triage and first responders' first aid to Fireman and Paramedics, from time to time."

"That's where I've seen you before. You were instructing a class I took up at Whistler last year, in Trauma Shock as I recall." The big man smiled.

Constable Thompson's partner was trying to get a straight story from the male employees in the store. The two officers quickly and privately conferred for a moment before returning to the two different parties.

Pip laid their work out gear on the counter and the lone female clerk smilingly rang up their purchases. She was quietly telling Becky that she had seen the whole thing, and was glad that the perverts had finally been caught.

At the same time the shop owner came bursting thru the door. Obviously he'd had been trying to catch up on a few chores at home as he was wearing a paint flecked sweatshirt and ball cap. "What the hell is going on here? I get a phone call from the damn seven-eleven that the cops and an ambulance are in my store.

Just what the hell is happening? Brian. You're supposed to be Assistant Manager.

Why don't you tell me what this is all about?"

Brian began to tell him the story of how these crazy women had attacked Frank without any reason what so ever, and had hurt him so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital.

The storeowner looked over suspiciously at Becky and Pip who were chatting away to the female clerk. The owner could hardly believe what he saw. "Brian you honestly expect me to believe that those two little honey's over there kicked the shit out of three hundred pound Frank?"

Brian could only shrug.

The owner walked over to the officers and introduced himself. "My name is Tom Conners. I'm the owner. Just what are you going to do about this mess, and why the hell aren't these two lesbian bitches in handcuffs?"

Constable Thompson almost made an unprofessional move on the fairly large ex-football player, but a simple look from his partner told him that 'he wasn't worth it.'

Mister Conners! Just exactly what is happening is this. We are investigating this incident so that we can determine if there are enough grounds for a charge of sexual assault to be carried out."

"Well it's about time you charged them. I will not standby and let this sort of thing happen in my store and to my employees!"

"I'm glad you feel that way Mr. Conners, because my partner and I have reviewed what we have found here and believe there is enough evidence to hold the suspects in custody pending charges being issued."

"Good! Finally, I see some action. Well, cuff them and let's get on with it." The redneck stated.

"I don't believe handcuffs will be necessary. Do you Mr. Conners. They seem pretty tame to me right now." Constable Thompson, with his partner in tow, then walked over to the assembled male employees. "Paul Goeble, Barry Jones, Micheal Skinner, and Brian Fortin. We have found enough evidence in an injury to detain you all in custody depending charges of sexual assault and aiding in an assault of a police officer while in the line of duty. If you will please be seated we shall arrange transportation to the First Ave. detachment where you will be processed awaiting a decision as to what other charges will be laid."

Tom Conner's seemed about have a fit right then and there. "What the F### are you doing? You're supposed to be arresting those hussy's over there, not my employees. What the hell am I supposed to do for staff this afternoon while you keep these men in jail on some stupid trumped up charges?"

Constable Thompson just smiled at his partner, Constable Saunders. This was the part he liked best about these scenarios. "Why Mr. Conners, did you not just tell me that you were not going to stand idly by and see this happen in your store? And that you were not going to stand for the way your employees acted? Really sir, I would've have swore that you wanted to encourage that charges be laid."

Everyone in the store was getting a silent chuckle out of this little performance with the exception of Tom Conners and the four men about to meet the Canadian justice system face-to-face.

Knowing that he had been defeated the ex jock offered no rebuttal. "What about Frank Myers? What is going to happen about all the damage that occurred when these two crazies attacked my employee?"

"Mr. Conners, I don't think you understand. Frank Myers will definitely be charged with sexual harassment, and will be further charged with assaulting a police officer."

"Just which one of you cop's did he assault?"

"Me! Mr. Conners," Pip said and flashed the owner her RCMP Auxiliary Badge.

Tom Conners looked like the wind had been knocked out of him. He just stood there for a second and wavered slightly while the complications of this were slowly beginning to form in his mind.

Another Vancouver Police unit pulled up in front of the shop and Constable Mac Gregor began escorting suspects out to the vehicles parked at the curb. Constable Thompson finished things up with Pip and she assured him she would be in the detachment's ready room as soon as she could be relived of her post.

Making their way to the door Pip and Becky heard Constable Thompson tell Mr. Conners a few more facts. "Oh, just one more thing Mr. Conners you will not be driving away from here today. You have obviously been drinking. Therefore I am issuing you a twenty-four hour suspension of your driving privileges. If you will please accompany me, we shall give you a lift to the detachment as well for processing.

Constable Thompson gave Pip a wink on the way by, after first ensuring that only she and Becky would see it.

As the Deadly Duo was returning to 'Xanadu' for their workout, Pip heard her partner say, "Why! A simple little thing like going to a shop gets all twisted all out of proportion. Why is it always the hard way with me?"


Next 17: The Struggle Begins




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