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NOTE: This is another of those very sad chapters that my editors cautioned me about doing. Unfortunately, it is an integral part of Rebecca's journey. In this chapter our heroine experiences first hand the ravages of chemotherapy, as she is subjected to treatment herself. I hope you don't fast forward this chapter, but I will understand if it is just a bit too close to home for some of you.

Thank you for continuing to read my story... Becky.


Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Rebecca Anne Stewart & RickkiB.

With technical and literary assistance by: Christy Lake & Misty Dawn





Rebecca looked down at the sleeping form before her. She carefully sat a fresh brewed cup of coffee on the nightstand and quietly bent over to kiss her lover ever so gently on his exposed neck.

She had been up for several hours now, and had her bath, dressed, applied make up and curled her hair. Becky looked down on Bob as he slowly returned to the land of the living. With a sexy little moan he let her know that he approved of what she was doing.

"Wake up lazy bones. I have to get going soon, and you have a breakfast meeting in two hours."

With a feeble attempt at clearing his throat a gravely voice croaked. "What time is it?"

"Almost half of Luv." Came the response.


"It's almost 6:30, and both of us need to get rolling."

"Not until I get my good morning kiss." The now more alert voice responded.

Bob made a grab for Rebecca to pull her back into bed so that he could take advantage of the time neither of them could afford to waste.

"Bob! No. I have to get going. Pip is going to be here any second now. And YOU need to get up and get showered. I made you some coffee. Now come on please Honey let me go."

"Not till I get me kiss." The large man demanded.

"You never give up do you? Never mind don't answer that. I already know the answer."

"The large man pulled Becky back into bed determined now more than ever to get what he wanted.

As Bob was about to declare victory the bedside phone chirped. "Damn! Oops! Sorry Becky's momma." He proclaimed looking skyward.

As she was giggling at her man's attempt at showing his care for her beliefs, she pushed 6 on the receiver and deposited it back into the cradle.

"Come on Lothario! You better hustle. That's Pip and Martin and they are on their way up the stairs now as we speak."

What Bob said next was not part of the human language; it was slightly reminiscent of a noise that might have come from a disgruntled lowland gorilla. Never the less the reluctant man finally rose from the still warm bed to face the day.

"Good morning, Pip, Martin. Would you like some coffee? I just made some for Bob.

"Naw. We just came from IHOP." Pip said patting Martin's extended tummy.

Becky gave a little giggle as she instinctive took the zip up suit bag Martin was holding. "Just let me give this to Bob and we are on our way.

Becky took the garment bag and hung it on the back of the bedroom door before returning into the ensuite to catch Bob before he jumped in the shower. She was in luck. Her man was just lathering up his face for the morning scrape.

Her lover watched the expression of the usually confident Rebecca change to the scared little Becky. "Bob. I have to go now. Pip and Martin are in the kitchen. I... uh... When are you going to be done today?"

"You okay?" The big man asked. "Come here." He said gently, arms open to receive her trembling form. "It's gonna' be okay, Luv, honestly. I talked to Koos about this and he said you'd be just fine. You read the little booklet they gave you explaining the procedure."

Rebecca shook her head in the positive as she gave a little sniffle.

"Then you know what to expect. Pip is going to be with you the whole time. So if you need anything, all you have to do is look at her and she will make sure you are given all the special care my little girl deserves." He held the woman tightly against his body trying to carefully not cover her hair in shaving foam.

"You have my number programmed into your phone, if you need to all you have to do is call, and Martin and myself will break every land speed record in the book to get here... Okay sweetie?"

Still not entirely convinced, Becky did shake her head and resolved that she would be brave. After she repaired her face, she gave Bob a little kiss on his forehead and was heading down the spiral staircase with Pip to face the day.

After a quick drive to the clinic, Becky and Pip walked up the steps to what would most assuredly be one of the hardest days of Rebecca's life.

After exchanging hellos they quickly brushed past Cathleen and found Prue.

"Morning Rebecca. How are you feeling this morning?" Prue asked taking, the concerned woman's hands in her own.

"A little scared and fragile, " the Scottish lass replied.

"Hi, I'm Pip. Becky's companion." The voice of the outspoken pixie piped. She deftly shoved her hand at Prue when the nurse tried to draw Becky close.

Taken back slightly by the odd and offending action, Prue withdrew and quietly replied. "Hello. I'm Prudence Walker. The acting Head Co-coordinator of this hospital, and Rebecca's friend."

Realizing that Pip had gone into bodyguard mode by blocking Nurse Walker from getting closer, Becky gave Pip a look and told her, "It's alright, and Prue is my friend."

Trying to put things more at ease Prue carried on. "Well, Rebecca, let's get you to the lab so Dave can take some blood." The 'Deadly Duo' followed Prue down the corridor and entered the semi sterile lab.

"Good morning, Dave," Prue said. "Good morning, Dr. Serratia."

The supposed busy Dr. did not even acknowledge their presence.

"Hi, Prue. Hi, Rebecca. Who's your friend?" the tall technician asked.

Hi, Dave. This is Pip. Pip this is Dave Hicks. He's one of the technicians here."

Before Pip could reply to Rebecca's introduction, the very preoccupied Dr. Serratia swivelled around on her chair. "Well, MIZZZ Stewart. Back among us again, I see, and you have brought a little friend with you. Isn't that nice. Well IT will just have to wait out side for you."

"My direct orders are to remain by my client's side at ALL times, Doctor," Pip stated in a very matter-of-factly manner as she assumed a defensive posture.

"Client! Ha! What is that! What is this, Stewart, your bodyguard?" The 'snarky' doctor asked.

"Why yes, as a matter of fact, she is my bodyguard, Dr. Serratia." Rebecca stated dryly. Turning to Pip she pointed to the doctor and said. "PIP! Kill! And don't leave any evidence!"

The small package of dynamite with the very short fuse took a step towards the Dr. and growled. That was enough to make the 'brave' doctor cower against her workstation, coffee cup and eyeglasses crashing to the floor. Very slowly, and with extreme caution, the nuisance worked her way along the desk, large eyes never leaving Pip until she reached the outer door. Rushing thru the portal Dr. Serratia ran down the corridor to get reinforcements.

All the other occupants in the room started to laugh hysterically, all except for Pip, who was following the receding Dr. with her eyes and growling.

"Rebecca! You are definitely a laugh a minute girl! Dave announced. You slammed her butt good last week, and today you have her running down the hall with her tail between her legs. That witch is gonna make my life utter hell today, but that was worth two days in hell." The comment prompted both Prue and Becky to hug Dave.

Momentarily the mini-Rambo turned her attention towards her charge, checking to see if she was in danger. Rebecca put her at ease by simply holding out her outstretched hand so Pip could 'high-five' her.

Once her blood had been taken, Rebecca had a wait while it was being analyzed. She decided to pay a quick visit to the children's ward. She ushered Pip into the change room, after she had asked Prue to create a temporary ID for Pip, so they could both visit the ward. When the dynamic duo had put on their lab coats, Rebecca secured her locker as Pip was just finishing rolling up the sleeves on the miles too big garment. With everything 'kosher' the Duo was off in search of Auntie Jan.

Along the way they exchanged pleasantries with Pickles and just before they entered the children's ward they ran into Shelly.

With a deep breath Becky threw open the double doors and marched into the ward. Pip was about to get exposed to what really happened on a cancer ward. While she put on a pair of latex gloves, Becky told Pip. "Please, stay right here, and do not move. I'm going to be right over there. I promise I will not be out of your sight." Slipping the disposable surgical mask around her neck, Becky closed the distance between Pip and her intended objective.

True to her word, Rebecca moved to Tracy's bed and held the frail angel's little hand. "Morning Princess," she softly cooed, brushing the child's forehead with the back of her hand.

"Mornun, Aunbecky." The small voice was a mere croak.

Fighting back the urge to break down, Rebecca bit her tongue. "Hi, Sweetie. You have such pretty eyes. Did you know that? In fact they are so beautiful that you'll be the prettiest movie star in the whole world."

Tracy managed a smile that brought tears, not only to Becky, but also to Robyn, the nurse supervising Tracy that morning, as well as to a very shocked Pip, who had never seen this sort of misery before in her life.

"I can't stay very long today, sweetie, because I have an appointment in another part of the hospital this morning. But I am here right now. I will stay with you as long as I can.'' Tracy understood what Rebecca was being careful not to say.

"What's your dolly's name?" While she spoke Becky held the Raggedy Anne doll so that Tracy could see.

Tracy's face lit up with a smile and then broke into a soft, halting giggle. "Hatz Annee. Hevrebuddy nowz hat… Silly,'' the child managed, the effort choking her.

Becky wanted so desperately to hug the frail creature, to make her pain go away, but she knew that would be impossible.

Robyn left, leaving Tracy in Rebecca's care while she attended some of the other children. Becky and Tracy shared a few more moments of chuckles before the small child slipped into peaceful sleep. Quietly finishing a silent prayer for her friend, she felt a firm and reassuring hand on her shoulder. Turning away slowly, so as not to wake the delicate angel, the older survivor gazed deeply into the kind eyes of the Head Nurse Wytte. With very little effort Aunt Jan drew Becky to her feet and hugged away the pain.

"She is asleep."

"Yes," Aunt Jan then slowly led the distraught woman from the sleeping child and returned her to the arms of Pip, a very red-eyed Pip.

When the duo's eyes had dried a bit, Aunt Jan asked, "How're you today?"

"A little frightened, but I'm going to be alright."

"Don't worry child... You are very strong… You will get thru this. You'll feel very bad for a while afterwards, but soon you will feel much better." When Becky looked even more frightened, the old nurse shrugged slightly and continued. "It's better you know now than to find out later. The booklets I know they gave you do not describe this fully. So expect the worst you can imagine and be surprised at how easy it is." When the expression on the beautiful face drew tight, she soothed, "You will get better. Just remember that. Okay?"

Nodding her head the woman sucked back a sniffle and wiped at her ruined makeup with the back of her hand.

"Now, I think you'd better wash your face. I'm sure you want the doctors to see a pretty Rebecca Stewart, not one with the leaky red eyes.''

Accompanied by Rebecca into the staff room, Pip and Becky quietly repaired their streaked makeup. A few minutes later they thanked Jan and found their way back to Prue's station.

When the pair came through the double doors Prue motioned. Hanging up the phone, she advised, "Ah. Just in time. I was just about to page you. Dr. Geoff is out of surgery, and on his way over to see you. So, if you like, have a seat, and I'll get your file."

Moments later slightly terrified, Rebecca sat on the examination couch in room three while Pip stood next to her squeezing a hand reassuringly.

When Dr. Geoff came into the room, tightly wound Becky gave a small squeak, prompting the protective Pip to pop away from the table and assumed a classic defensive posture befitting even the most learned martial arts master.

Instantly recognizing the stance, Geoff promptly lowered both arms to his side and bowed lightly to the aggressive protector, indicating that he was no threat. Softly, speaking a small phrase in Korean, he bowed to Pip again. Relaxing her posture, Pip repeated the small ritual. Not sure of what to make of it, Becky was gob struck at the sight. Geoff finally cleared up the confusion by telling her that two students of the arts were just saying hello.

"Oh..." she replied, not fully comprehending why they did what they did.

"Now, Rebecca, let's have a look, shall we." The handsome doctor then picked up Rebecca's file and began scanning the last couple of pages, familiarizing himself with the results of the morning's blood test. After a few hums and uh-huhs, he closed the file and announced. "Well, shall we get on with it?"

The doctor explained what was going to happen; she was going to be set up with an IV drip. Ten minutes before the chemical mixture was to be started she would be given something to help settle her stomach. This pill was essentially hi-powered Gravol and would help to control the nausea that accompanied the treatment.

Tightly holding Pip's hand Becky followed Prue down the hall to the adult out treatment section. Becky was happy to see Donna there.

"Did you recover from the stage show on Friday ... Madonna?" Becky asked with a giggle.

"Hey Prue. Hi Rebecca. Ya. I was lucky to get out of the cafeteria alive, with my virtue intact. The question is how are you doing?" Donna asked compassionately.

Becky gulped and with a reluctant shrug replied, "Okay, I guess."

"Ready to get going?" Donna asked as she took the file from Prue and was directing Becky to a reclining chair. "Sweetie. You can either sit, or lay down, which ever you prefer. Most of our friends sit, recline all the way back and relax."

"I think I'll try the chair this time." Becky's mind harkened back to a time almost four years ago when she had first sat in one of these chairs in Victoria. Her mind knew what to expect, but her heart was dreading it with every beat.

Donna helped her sit in the chair and said. "Honey this is Jenna. She is going to start your IV now. All you have to do is relax. Would you like a glass of juice or a ginger ale perhaps?"

Becky's mind flashed back at the word ginger ale. Suddenly she remembered the diet of ginger ale and plain crackers that had kept her alive during her last go round. In a halting voice she replied. "Ginger ale... Please."

A slightly older woman knelt down in front of Rebecca's chair and introduced herself. "Hello, Rebecca. My name is Jenna Hitch. I'm going to apply a heating pad to your hand in order to get the vein to stand up nice and big. Is there a hand that you prefer?"

Rebecca just shrugged. The IV was not the problem; it was the chemicals they were about to add to her bloodstream that bothered her. The thought of allowing poison to be put into her blood that would kill every white blood cell she had in her body, scared Rebecca and scared her deeply. Becky was so immersed in her own thought, that what Jenna was telling her barely registered.

"What hand do you write with, Rebecca?"

"Huh? Sorry. Pardon me."

"Which hand do you write with? That way we don't mess up your good hand. Can't have you not being able to not sign the insurance forms now, can we?" Jenna droned on.

Becky casually lifted a seemingly very heavy left hand.

Softly humming the whole time she worked, Nurse Hitch applied a disposable heating pad to Rebecca's right hand, wrapped it in a warm damp towel. Next she began setting up the IV unit at Becky's side. She began exchanging small talk with Pip who was all but having kittens trying to figure out how to be helpful and protect her charge all at the same time. Jenna helped by getting a straight back chair for Pip to sit in on Rebecca's left side. When Pip sat Rebecca immediately grasped Pip's hand and held on tight.

Returning a few moments later with a little plastic pill cup and a cup of ice water, complete with bendy straw, Jenna checked the progress of the heated area. She was still humming that nameless tune.

"Okay Rebecca, we're going to begin now. I'm going to get you set up with this IV." She indicated the instrument beside her. "I'm going to make sure that it is flowing properly, and then I'm going to give you a little pill that will help settle your tummy. Okay Sweetie?"

Rebecca didn't know why, but she felt an overwhelming urge to reply. "Yes Mommy." Instead the frightened adult just nodded her head a few times in a most child-like manner.

"Don't be scared. It's going to be alright." Jenna consoled as she calmly stroked Becky's head, as you would a small child.

The very experienced nurse wheeled over the IV cart and crouched down in front of Becky to prepare the site. All the while still humming the little tune. It became so infectious Becky had begun to hum the lullaby herself as she tried to relax.

"Okay. Just a little pin prick here, and we'll be done." Quietly calming her, Jenna quickly prepped the site properly. "There. That wasn't so bad, now was it?" Once more the adult shook her head in a child's manner before she could catch herself as Jenna deftly applied surgical tape to the tube she affixed to the back of her hand. The RN gently lifted Becky's arm and placed a formed Styrofoam support under her hand, wrist and forearm. Slightly frightened by the mystery of it all, the patient watched apprehensively as the nurse quickly secured Velcro straps in place firmly arresting any possible movement. "Oh, honey. This is only to ensure that your hand stays straight the whole time. It will make getting your medicine a lot easier if there are no bends or restrictions. Okay?"

Again Becky could only nod her head.

Gently smoothing Becky's hair with few strokes, she reassured her charge, "Oh Hon, you're doing fine. Just relax. Everything will be alright." After checking the IV drip one more time, Nurse Hitch reached for Becky's stomach pill. "Here you go sweetie. Now swallow this all the way down, and here is some water to help."

With a tremendous amount of effort Becky finally freed her left hand from Pip's secure grip, and reached for the offered cup. "Sorry Becky." Pip apologized. The pixie had not realized how much pressure she was exerting on Becky's hand.

"Good girl! Now drink it all up." The motherly nurse patted her patient. "Do your friends call you Becky?"

"Uh huh." A frightened little voice replied. "Sometimes."

"Stay right there, honey." With a little smile, Jenna checked the IV one last time, before she walked away. "I'll be right back."

Pip, whose eyes were as big as saucers at what was going on here, looked at her friend. "Hey, Beckers, you okay?"

"I'll be alright, just a little scared. That's all."

"Like, does this stuff they are going to give you, does it like hurt or anything? I mean can you feel it when it goes in? Does it burn?" Becky's friend inquired.

Cleared her dry throat before hoarsely replying, she shook her head, "No it doesn't burn, and it's not painful. It' just makes you feel really sick to your stomach."

"Ohhh..." Pip accepted, trying not to let her phobias show.

The humming nurse returned carrying a glass IV bottle. Hanging it on the hooked arm of the IV stand, she made ready. Finishing quickly she smiled at her very uncomfortable patient and with another reassuring pat, Jenna consoled, "Don't worry, sweetie. It will be over soon, and then you can go home."

Crouched down in front of the woman she casually rubbed Rebecca's forearm to tell her about what to expect. "Becky, you probably won't feel much like eating for a while after this, but when you do, try something very light. For some of our friends, scrambled eggs works, for others it's soup. I would suggest you start with soda crackers. Just suck on them slowly until you can swallow them properly. When you get home, I want you to go directly to bed. Put on your jammies and stay there for a while. You have to allow your body deal with the Prednisone and other chemicals." The mothering nurse paused briefly to make sure Rebecca had absorbed everything she had just told her "You will probably feel quite nauseous for a while."

Jenna turned to Pip for the next part. "Make sure a cold compress is available for Becky, that seems to help, and it's also wise to have a large bowl close by, just in case."

Turning her attention back to her main interest, Momma Jenna looked her very nervous patient in the eye. "Okay sweetie, everything is going to be just fine. I will take care of you. You'll see. Things will get better. You will get better. And you will be able to enjoy life, as it was meant to be. Okay?" Helplessly Rebecca found herself nodding in child-like trust of the woman kneeling before her. "Good."

Rising from her kneeling position and after checking the IV set-up one more time, Jenna glanced at her wristwatch. "Okay, Becky, it's time. Are you ready?'

Pip's friend applied a fair amount of pressure to her hand, but nodded resolutely.

"Good girl. Okay, I'm switching it over now. It's going to run slowly to start, and then in a few minutes I'll let it flow a bit faster. You let me know if it gets to be too much, and I will slow it down. Okay? Now, you are going to feel a bit of nausea. That's only natural. Just try and remain calm and rest."

The words no sooner left Jenna's mouth than Rebecca felt the urge to be sick. With a little groan, she tried to relax. This was going to be a long haul.

"Doing great sweetie. You're doing well. Try and think of a nice place. Pretend you are on a picnic and it's a lovely spring day. Imagine you are nine-year's old again. The sun is shining and you're running barefoot thru the meadow. Pretend you're in you prettiest dress. You're picking fresh daisies as your dance and play." Jenna then began humming the little lullaby again, just loud enough for Becky to hear it.

While Rebecca's mind drifted in hypnotic spellbound fascination, her insides were having a violent reaction to the poison entering her body; experiencing the worst combination of carsickness imaginable coupled with that of the worst ride on any roller coaster she had ever been on.

The voice broke thru the fog and urged her to try to concentrate on not getting sick.

"You're doing fine sweetie. You just keep picking baskets of daisies and dancing in the meadow. You're doing great."

A cool damp cloth was being gently being applied. She opened her eyes to see the very concerned face of her friend, Pip, softly wiping her brow. With a half-hearted smile, she thanked her petite friend for the efforts to comfort her.

"Becky. I'm going to speed it up just a bit now sweetie. You let me know if it gets to be too much."

Immediately Rebecca violently reacted to the increase IV drip. Pip looked at the IV bottle with a burning hate that she had never felt before. "Nurse Hit…"

Nurse Hitch was way ahead of her. "Okay honey. It's okay. I've slowed it down a bit. That was just a bit too fast for you. You'll feel a bit better now. You're not going to be sick now, are you Sweetie? Good girl. I'm so proud of you. You're doing fine." The mother hen said, comforting her baby chick.

Jenna one eye on Becky, the other on the IV, was trying to write up the report, all while soothing, "Looking good, Sweetie. You're doing fine. Just about half way."

At that moment, as far as Rebecca was concerned this was finished before this had even started. However she persevered, and while concentrating on dancing in the golden meadow, she was once again lulled away by the soothing rhythm of the contagious little lullaby Jenna hummed.

Finally, the IV expired. A very shaken and sick Becky rose from the chair. With a lot of help from both Jenna and Pip, ashen faced and weak, Becky stumbled as she tried to stand unaided.

"Careful sweetie. Not so fast. Take your time. Becky. Are you going to be okay?" Mother Hitch cautioned.

"I feel terrible... I, I feel like I'm gonna be sick any minute."

"Don't worry honey. That's natural. That's your body reacting to the treatment. It's trying to rid you of the cancer. Give it time. You will feel better.''

Becky was lowered gently into one of the wheelchairs that always seem to appear magically when needed in and around hospitals and clinics and Pip took over the controls. Just as they were leaving, Jenna took Becky's face in both of her hands and told her to take care and get well.

Pip wheeled Becky down the corridor to where they had started the day. Prue met them at the desk and very gingerly gave Becky a hug. They retrieved Becky's purse and jacket from the locker before securing it, and Prue showed Pip where she should park from now on to avoid plugging the meter.

Leaving her client with the co-coordinator, Pip went to pull the Volvo around to the new entrance area. Prue was crouched down in front of Becky's wheelchair holding her left hand, and softly telling her about her last weekend with Jeffery. Prue's new lover had taken her to Harrison Hot Springs for the weekend and they spent it in glorious luxury being pampered by the ever-attendant staff. The Kiwi claimed it was all very romantic.

With a little help, Becky was soon safely installed into the passenger side of the expensive sedan, and Pip carefully threaded their way thru the late morning traffic to get home. After securing the garage Pip all but carried Becky up the expansive curved staircase to her suite. Safely inside the older girl's little love nest, Pip helped Becky get into a pair of tartan pattern cotton jersey PJ's. Smoothing out the rumpled bed she then tugged Becky down in a half reclining position.

"You stay right here and don't you dare move," General Pixie ordered. "I mean it!"

The determined warrior then quickly went to the drying room in the ensuite and retrieved a couple of fluffy face clothes and some soft hand towels as well. She carefully soaked one of the face clothes in cool water before wringing it out and placed it nicely folded on top of her little bundle. She then took the bundle to Becky's side and deposited them on top of the nightstand beside the bed.

"Be right back. Don't move."

Becky looked up thru pain-ridden eyes as if to say, 'Yah. Right! And just where do you think I would be going?'

A little grunt from Pip and she was off in search of a large bowl for Becky, just in case.

Moments later Pip returned with a large Tupperware salad bowl, placing it beside the small pile of terry cloth on the nightstand. Reaching across the bed, the pip-squeak turned the ringer of the bedside phone completely off. Placing the bowl on the bed beside Becky, she quickly fluffed the pillows and applied a fresh cool face cloth to Rebecca's perspiring forehead. Holding one hand she smiled into Becky's agony-contorted and worried face. "It's gonna be okay, Beckers. Ole Pip is on the job. Ah ain't lost a client yet, 'nd you shore ain't gonna be ma furstun..." the girl soothed softly in her barely understandable 'Okie.' Then, suddenly, she shook nose to toes silently, instantly became the cool, efficient Pip. "I'll be right here with you the whole time. So, don't worry. Would you like a drink of something? How about some juice? No? Water then? With a whole bunch of ice in it?"

Becky slowly nodded her head at Pip's suggestion.

"Okay. Be right back. Don't move!"

The pixie's miniskirt butt was barely round the corner to the kitchen when Becky felt the unmistakable signs of upheaval. This time it wasn't going away. Instinct prompted the manor maiden to turn sideways and reach for the bowl that Pip had thoughtfully provided, and emptied the contents of her stomach into it. This sight greeted Pip retuning with Becky's ice water. There was little the diminutive friend could do but hold Becky's hair out of the way and wait for the retching to subside.

Minutes later, drenched with sweat and tears, Becky finally collapsed onto her back atop her pillow. Pip wiped her face with a clean washcloth and was patting her face dry with a fluffy towel when Becky drifted away into a deep sleep.


Mid-afternoon caught Pip really beginning to worry about her friend. Rebecca had been either completely comatose or violently retching. Unsure of what to do the pining pixie phoned the Cancer Clinic and asked to speak to Nurse Walker.

Prue assured her this was perfectly normal. "Everyone reacts a little differently. Some just get a very bad stomachache others are in agony for days. Rebecca is going to feel quite ill for at least a day or so. Encourage her to eat and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids. Get her some ginger ale, some ginger cookies or something like that ... anything with ginger in it. It will help settle her stomach."

When Prue paused for a moment, Pip scribbled furiously, trying to record these gems that Prue was telling her. "The only thing that will cure this is time. Those chemicals injected into her body today are killing off every white blood cell that she has. That is what the cancer cells need to survive. Without white blood cells they cannot survive. Rebecca's body is reacting to the absence of those cells. Pip all you can do is, be a friend. She'll need help with the simplest of chores right now, even something as simple as going to the bathroom. All you can do is make her as comfortable as possible, and hold on." She paused again to make sure Pip was still with her. "Okay?"

"I just wish there was something more I could do." Becky's friend pleaded.

"Honey, just being there when she needs you is about all you can do. Okay? I've got to go now. I have to get back to my other patients. Let me know though if she does not show any sign of improvement by Wednesday morning. Okay?"

Pip rather reluctantly agreed with Prue, and hung up the phone. Peeking around the corner of the bedroom, she saw that Becky was still sleeping. Her next call was by cell to Bob. "You need to stop by a bakery or someplace and pick up some ginger cookies, and also some ginger ale."

"Oh. Having a little party are we? How is Becky?"

"Bob. The cookies and ginger ale are for Rebecca. Remember it has to be ginger. It helps settle the stomach."

"Sure Pip, not a problem... How's she feeling now? Put her on will you? Let her say hi."

"Bob, I really don't think she's in any kinda shape right now to be chatting on the phone. Just remember those things I told you to pick up, and don't forget!" she ordered her boss.

Bob stared at his phone for a long second after the determined little nursemaid rang off, not quite sure what to make of the conversation. He did know that he would be ' in deep do-do' if he forgot those items Pip had wanted. He wrote them down on the day planner he had been carrying and then went back to conclude his meeting.

Pip returned to the bedroom to see Becky moan and rip some more of her insides out again. She rushed to bed and carefully supported her friend as she recovered. Once again Pip gently repeated the washing down process that she now performed quite regularly. Over the last three hours she had become very efficient. Now she carefully and softly wiped all of Becky's face and neck to make her feel better, patting her dry before emptying the contents of the bowl, washing it and her hands thoroughly before returning it back to the bedside.

"Would you like a sip of ginger ale? It might make you feel better."

Becky just shook her head slightly back and forth in response.

"Come on Becky, you have to drink something. Prue told me you need plenty of fluids. How about some nice cold water then? Would that make you feel better?" The concerned friend asked in a worried, plaintive tone.

"Ginger ale then, please," the patient replied haltingly.

"Okay. You stay right there. I'll be right back. One tall cold glass of ginger ale coming right up." Pip went to get up off the side of the bed she had been sitting on, but felt Becky's hand on her forearm restraining her.

"Thank you..." It was a tearful voice crying out in misery. "For everything".

Pip sat back down and comforted the weeping woman. "It's okay, Becky. Things will be just right you'll see. Honest." Pip just let the larger woman get it all out of her system, hugging her softly against her small body, patting the troubled larger woman's back.

Later, after Pip had administered some morphine and a shot of Gravol the doctor had prescribed, Rebecca had fallen asleep. She covered the resting form of her friend and ever so gently kissed her friend on the forehead before she tiptoed from the room.


When Bob and Martin arrived some two hours later loaded down with a flat of ginger ale and three different types of ginger cookies and two different types of ginger pastries, Pip was asleep in the chintz wingback in the master bedroom. As she heard a sound she immediately dropped into a defensive posture in front of her charge. Without hesitation, Bob dropped the small bag of confections on the carpet as a sign of surrender, before Pip relaxed her position. The aggressive behaviour disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Neither said anything. Nothing needed be said. "She is sleeping."

Bob moved over to look down at his love and ever so lightly ran his finger across her cheek. He turned his head to Pip. "How is she? The first one is always bad. How is she taking it?"

Pip motioned for Bob to follow her out the room. He softly closed the bedroom door on the way so the added noise would not disturb the resting woman.

"Oh Hell, Bob! I don't know. She is really sick! Ghad, she's spent all day either violently puking her guts out or sleeping. The nurse at her clinic said this was to be expected, and just comfort her as best I can. But… oh damn… I feel so damn helpless... One thing for certain though, you were right, she is going to need round the clock care for this. I just hope I'm qualified to handle it."

Bob did something he rarely did then. He used her real first name. "Misty. You are more than qualified for this, and I'm not just talking about medical training here. I know you are definitely up to speed on that. What I'm talking about is, you. You are without a doubt the most qualified person I could ever hope to find, because you care, and you are devoted. You'd spend twenty-four-seven on the job just to make sure that it was done correctly, and I also think you and Becky could become very close friends." Bob carefully held the much smaller woman in his arms as he continued. "It may surprise you but Rebecca and you have more in common than you think. You both share a common background somewhat."

Pip looked up at the tall man's hazel eyes with a questioning look in her own eyes, when she saw that trademark Bob Arnold smile she knew what he was talking about. However she could still not believe it.

Pulling away from Bob she noticed the discarded bakery goods on the carpet and scooped them up without thinking. Half in a daze, thinking about what Bob had just said, she walked into the kitchen and began putting the delights in a more secure container.

Emerging from the pantry where he had stored the rest of the ginger ale, Martin began putting a few cans he's set out in the fridge to get cold. Finished, he knew his sparring partner was deeply concerned about something and saddled up to the dumbfounded Pip. "Hi. How was your day?" He softly asked his best friend.

"Hi." When it was all she said to him, the large ex-football player, as she gave him that 'don't even ask' look, knew it was useless to ask. She would speak when she was ready and not before.

Returning to the master bedroom Bob was just in time to see Becky trying to get out of bed. "And just where do you think you are going, Young Lady! " he demanded.

"To the bathroom." The tiny voice pleaded. "I have to... I have to go to the bathroom." She slowly stumbled away from the bed. Bob rushed to her side and helped Becky make it to her intended destination, stood just outside the door while Becky took care of her pressing need. Sticking his head back around the corner after he heard the flush he watched Becky wash her hands.

After taken some Dalaudid for pain and drinking some ginger ale, Becky began to drift off again to a peaceful sleep. Which was probably a good thing in more ways than one. Outside the bedroom door Bob and Pip were having a 'discussion'

"Pip, go! I can handle it. You need some rest. Now go--"

"What I need is to have someone pick up some things from the hotel so I can wash my face and have a change of clothes. There is no way on this green earth, Robert Arnold, that you are prepared for what you will have to do to help Rebecca. I can barely handle it and I've had lots of training in treating shock and trauma victims. So, NO! I am not going anywhere. You on the other hand are going to send Martin back to the room and get him to pick up those things for me. And while you are accompanying him, pick up something for dinner for the three of us. Cuz I ain't playing maid to you two macho honchos! Martin can't boil water without burning it, and I don't think you are much better!"

After she laid down the law according to Pip, Bob and Martin regrouped for a huddle. Martin was bewildered. Never had he seen this easy going girl talk to Bob like that before, sure they were friends, die for one another friends, but never had Pip been so forceful or determined standing her ground before.

After sitting at the bistro table set in the kitchen, and draining all the fresh coffee, Bob picked up the list he had complied as Pip had dictated what Martin was to pick up for her. The two giants then lumbered out the door and were last seen moving off into the gathering dusk. When they were out the door, Pip sneaked back into the bedroom to see that Becky had not been disturbed and fell back into the comfortable wingback. Satisfied her friend was comfortable; she stared out the half-open window at the evening night.


An hour and a bit later Pip, alerted suddenly by a soft low moan, jumped from her chair in time to see Rebecca slowly waking up. Immediately rushing to her friend's side and waited until Becky's eyes opened before saying, "Hi."

A few seconds later the very drowsy patient whispered, "Hi"

"Feeling a little better?"

"I'm okay.''

"You look a little better." Pip added trying to cheer her friend up.

"Funny. I feel like crap."

''Hold on. Stay right there I'll get something that will make you feel better." Pip stated, slipping into the bathroom. Moments later she returned with a large bowl of warm water, some soap, facecloths and a small stack of hand towels. Then she carefully helped Becky have a welcome sponge bath, and had brought a hairbrush and scrunchie, so that she could do something with her hair. Minutes later Becky was beginning to show signs of a small smile beginning to form on her lovely lips.

"Thank you. I feel a lot better now." The appreciative woman said.

"Hey, no pro-blem-o" The young Okie replied, seizing the opportunity to inject a bit of humour into the situation. "Yuh feelin' upta sumthun ta eat, Pilgrum? How'z 'bout sum crackers or..." she suddenly dropped her Duke impression and snapped her fingers loudly. "Bob brought back some ginger pastry thingies that look pretty darn good. How'd you like one of those?"

Becky shook her head at Pip's suggestions. "I'm very thirsty. Could I just have a glass of water instead? Please?"

The petite care giving friend was up and on her way into the kitchen before Becky had finished speaking. Quickly retrieving items, Pip placed them on a small plate, found a bendy straw for the beverage. Pip returned to Rebecca's bedside, the tray piled high with goodies in her arms. "'Fraid we all outta water today, Mizzy. All ah cud fine is summa thisa hyar gingered ale, but ita lookin' purty good 'n th' can wurn't cracked er nuthin." The saucy Okie propped the surprised Becky up in the bed and set the tray across her lap. "Now eat! And drink! And don't give me any sass!" The older blonde's eyes looked down at a stack of plain crackers, a few ginger snaps and a tall glass of ginger ale.

Almost reluctantly she took one of the crackers and broke a small piece off, placed it in her mouth and let it soak up whatever saliva she had left. As she sat there Becky could not remember her mouth ever hurting like this before. Her teeth hurt her gums hurt, even her tongue hurt.

Hearing the faint chirp of the phone in the parlour, PIP rushed to let Bob and Martin back in.

The enterprising pair had been busy while they were gone. They not only packed Pip's things, they had stopped off along the way a picked up two giant pieces of thick foam and a pair of sleeping bags.

Pip silently closed the door to mask the noise the stumbling pack mules were making. "What the... What is all this, Bob?" she asked looking at the pile of equipment on the floor.

Martin gazed over his shoulder as he passed. "Looks like we are going to the mats."

"We're going to need a few things, if you're going to stay here." Bob remarked while watching the pixie take a quick, but thorough inventory.

"Okay. That I can understand, but it looks like you've enough gear here to outfit a scout troop... A large Scout Troop at that." The bewildered pixie questioned

Laughing lightly, Bob replied, "Ha! You really don't think that hunky hulk beside you is gonna stay away from you do you? God he's been whining so bad the hotel was thinking there is a dog in the suite... and I'm certainly not sleeping there all alone. So... We needed a few provisions."

Even though Pip did not approve of this arrangement at all, she well knew there was little one could do when Bob Arnold decided 'this is the way it's going to be'. She turned to Martin and told him. "Go through that door over there," she indicated with her finger. "Go down a bit and on the left hand side is a room, put all this 'stuff' in there please."

In the meantime Bob had quietly slipped into the master suite and was softly kissing Rebecca's forehead. When she awakened, she smiled and made a feeble attempt to hug her love. He took over and hugged her instead. "Hi baby. How are you feeling now? A little better?"

Baby shook her head as she hugged back.

The pair remained that way for a long time. Bob bent over the bed and Rebecca pulling up to get as close as she could to her man. Neither was very comfortable. Bob felt an irresistible urge to collapse from dizziness, and Rebecca was growing weaker by the second. Bob finally ended the embrace when Becky began to shake. He softly laid her back down on her pillows and held her hand while he sat on the edge of the bed. Neither spoke. Words were unnecessary for this pair of lovebirds to communicate.

Moments later his lover had drifted back off into contented sleep. For some reason, like a child might do after her mommy had hugged her, Becky had drawn Bernadette up in to a hug before drifting off.

After the trio finished a spicy Thai takeaway, sleeping arrangements and shifts were established. It was decided that once Becky had taken her last round of anti rejection drugs, and a dose of morphine administered, she would probably sleep for several hours. Pip would get some sleep first while Bob stood first watch. Pip would relieve him after she had rested a few hours, so Bob could get some sleep.

When Pip went to relieve Bob of his duty, she found him fast asleep in the large wingback chair and the down quilt from Rebecca's bed drawn up around him. Some time during the night Becky had obviously gotten up, probably to go to the washroom, discovered him there asleep and covered him. As she crept softly to stir the snoring Bob Pip was surprised to see Rebecca propped up in bed staring at him.

"Shhh. You'll wake him," she softly told Pip.

The woman's young friend then turned her attention towards Becky, content for the moment to let the offending man sleep. "Hi," she said, grasping Becky's hands as she sat on the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"A little better. But I'm really, really tired. I don't seem to remember it being this bad last time," the patient replied more alertly than she'd seemed since leaving the clinic.

Suddenly roused from slumber, Bob remarked, "Oh, there you are. I was about to go get you, because you were taking so long. Good thing you came in when you did."

Quickly she offered her own rebuttal "Good thing! Hah! Your snoring woke me and I came to investigate the noise. You have probably been keeping Becky awake for hours."

"I wasn't slee--" Bob never finished the statement. Instead he looked down and recognized the quilt that was wrapped around him and knew that he had not been the one that put it there.

Pip was the first to snort, with Becky a millisecond behind her. Both girls got a little chuckle out of that.

Bob just sat there dumbfounded. "Whaaa?"

"Pip, would you make me a cup of tea, please?"

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay with tea? You ate very little yesterday. A piece of toast at breakfast and a couple of crackers is not a lot to have in your stomach. I don't want to see the tea make you sick."

"Me neither. I just would like to try a cup of tea. I just fancy one, that's all."

"Okay! One cup of tea coming right up." Turning to her employer she began to instruct him as to what was to be next on the agenda. "You. Give Rebecca back her quilt before she freezes to death. There's a sleeping bag on a hunk of foam down the hallway with your name on it. Now scoot."

The large man obeyed with out voicing a protest. A rarity to be sure when it comes to Bob Arnold.

"Oh and don't be scarred if Martin rolls over and hugs you, he probably doesn't know that I got up yet." Pip added in an attempt to inject a bit of humour in the situation.

As Bob shuffles out the room, he muttered, "Charming."


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Dear Readers: This is the first chapter that I have released after Becky left us. As many of you already know, she died peacefully in her sleep on May 7th, after a long desperate fight with cancer. She left me enough material and rough notes to put the finishing touches on her story, so you will be able to see this project thru to it's ending. I hope you will continue to show the support that has made this story the success that it is.

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