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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With assistance by Christy Lake & Misty Dawn


~ Part # 18 LIFE GOES ON~



The next morning proved to be a little easier on Becky, and all her guests. Bob had made arrangements to go to Tokyo months in advance and he could not reschedule them at this late date. Best he could hope for would be to delay them for a day or two. A fierce argument ensued between Becky and Bob about this with Becky finally relenting and Bob sticking to his original plans. Later that day both he and Martin would be off to visit the volcanic islands, for what could work out to be a few weeks. Not a likelihood any of the group of four was looking forward to with much enthusiasm.

Becky had just returned to a freshly made bed after Pip had helped her to the washroom for a very necessary bathroom break. Sitting in agony Becky quietly asked Pip for a favour. "Would you please go into the kitchen? On the counter by the cookie jar you will see a pill bottle with hydromorphone on it. Would you please bring me two of the pills and a glass of water?"


Bob and Martin were away packing up the remnants of his and Martins things and checking out of his suite. The hotel I'm sure, was sad to see Bob Arnold sign the bottom of the bill as he had occupied the penthouse suite now for almost three months. Hopefully he would be successful in his business venture and return with his credit card intact to grace them with his money once again.

Sometime after Becky had swallowed her pain meds, and was feeling decidedly better, Becky and Pip were in the middle of a heart to heart over a pot of PG Tips. While helping Becky with her 'toilette' Pip had discovered Becky's secret. Bob's hint had been true. Rebecca did have more in common with Pip that originally met the eye. Becky told her about her struggle for acceptance and doing it all alone, the disappointment of finding out the her only dream was slowly destroying her body. Pip told of how her accident with the parallel bars had damaged more than just her hip. A few more cups of tea and many more tears and the pair had forged a bond that would grow stronger with each passing day.

"Pip." Becky said hesitantly. "I've been thinking. I want you to move in with me here. There is lots of room. We seem to get along alright, I am obviously going to need some help, and besides I deserve a round the clock body guard." Both highly emotional girls got a small giggle over that last comment. "You can have the room down the hall. We can get some furniture for it and make it nice for you that could be your own private area for when you want to be alone... What do you say? Shall we give it a try?"

"Becky I already have my own place here. I rent a small walk-up at English Bay. I have that to contend with as well. I can't afford to pay rent there and share with you here. That just doesn't make sense."

"Who said anything about paying rent here. I have enough money to cover the expenses here and then some. We won't be living the highlife, but we will still be able to live like a couple of princesses" Becky explained.

"No I absolutely refuse to live here rent free without paying my share!"

"Fine. So you pay half the expenses. That make you feel better?"

"Yes it does." The triumphant woman responded. Then she realized that she had fallen for a classic Bob Arnold manoeuvring tactic. Pip had left a door open and Becky had walked thru it and slammed it shut.

Another round of giggles ensued.

After a few more minutes of chatting, it was time for Rebecca's daily barrage of life sustaining drugs to begin again. After she had swallowed the last round with a couple of crackers to line her stomach Becky was showing signs of fatigue again.

Her best friend helped her slide down into a more comfortable sleeping position and she quietly drifted off.

When Bob and Martin had returned. Pip informed him of the new arrangements. "Excellent idea." He exclaimed and went to scout out the room so that he could arrange what furniture stuffs Pip would require.

Pip was imagining what the room would look like with a bed a small dresser and few personal items. "Bob. I just need a bed and a dresser you know? That's all. It isn't like Becky is going to need me here forever, a few months max."

Bob just looked at her as if she had rocks in her head at the simple plain request. Just basic furniture is all she needed something very Unitarian, however that was not to be, "You are not considering the Bob Factor." Pip thought. "You are wasting your breath talking to him. Bob only does things one way. Everything is top drawer, without exceptions." Bob just pulled out his cell and began to dial.

"Ah! Moner! Just the person I'm looking for. I need a favour. Ya, ya, ya. Cry me a river. We're all busy. And besides when have you ever come out of the short end of doing me a favour? Can't think of an answer can you? No I thought not.

Listen, Pip is moving in with Becky. She needs at minimum a bedroom suite.

The place is already mostly furnished, however I'm sure you could probably come up with some expensive item they just can't possible live with out. What I want you to do is make the arrangements ASAP! I'm off to Tokyo today so I won't be here to take care of it. Send one of your designer flunkies over here and make this room into a masterpiece... Oh and Mona, today! The girl is sleeping on the floor on a hunk of foam and a sleeping bag. You pay the bill and I'll square with you when I get back. Got it? I don't know probably, at least two weeks. Possibly more depends how it goes. If they don't have any money and just want to pick my brains, I'll be back by the end of the week. If they are serious...who knows…. eh? Fantastic. Mona she was gorgeous. You and your team did a terrific job. Rebecca was the most beautiful woman there. Thank you. An open house? At the Robson store? When? No, I'm sure she would love to come. Well she's a little under the weather right now. Tell ya' what call her towards the end of the week. She's probably jump at the chance to go. Oh, and Moner. She doesn't pay for a single thing. Remember that. I'll pay you when I get back.

Yes the tap pants were very pretty. Hhaa! Yes she knows all about Jennifer... No. We worked everything out... You never know. Becky and Jennifer may come shopping there some day soon... No! Mona, no camera's this time...

Ya we'll see all right. Mona must run. Got a pile to do before this evening's flight. See ya when I get back...

I love you too. Don't worry I'll be just fine. Martin is coming with me. You know what he's like in a foreign country. Hell he probably won't sleep the whole time we're gone...

Right. Gotta go. Remember today! You still got Becky's number? Good. It's private so don't give it out to anybody with out her permission...

Okay. Right. Yes I will...

What the hell do you need something from Japan for? You must half the damn islands National treasures locked up in that West Van house of yours. Okay... Byeeeeeeeeeee." Bob flipped his phone shut and rubbed his ear. "God that woman could talk the ear off a cob of corn."

Looking around the room again Bob announced to Pip. "Okay Mona promised me that someone will be here this afternoon to make this right for you. You order what ever you want. I want you to be comfortable."

"Bob is all this necessary? Pip enquired, still a little uneasy with the arrangement.

"Hey look. I ask you to give up your vacation to do me a favour. Which reminds me we never discussed how much I'm going to pay you for this... "

"Bob. We agreed no money. Remember?"

"Like hell we did! You said I didn't need to pay you, and I said, We'll talk... So, now were talking. How does fi-?"

"Bob. No! No money. I mean it!" A very determined Pip replied.

"Okay. Okay... Sheesh. I tell you what. How much time you got on your lease on the dive you rented at hippie hangout?"

"It's not a dive! It's in a very nice high-rise I'll have you know that it looks out over the bay. It has a terrific view." The pixie proudly announced.

"Okay. How many months left on the lease of your, quote un-quote very nice high-rise with a view, Do you have left?"

"Lease expires in March. Why?"

Okay I pay the lease out of your apartment. You move in here with Becky. I give you an allowance for-"

"Bob! No money!

"Listen for a second will ya! I give you an allowance for EXPENSES for BECKY. Plus any out of pocket expenses you incur while doing this. How's that?"

"Okay. Deal!" The soon to be princess in pink spits on her hand the same time as Bob and they shake. Still Pip can't help but wonder what she just agreed to that, she doesn't know about, because the master wheeler-dealer has that classic B.A. I gotcha look on his face.

The pair returns in time to see Martin pleading with Becky in the kitchen. "AW come on Miss Rebecca. Let me make you a cup of tea, and you get back to bed. Pip is gonna kill me if she discovers that I let you do this. Please?"

"Do what? Becky what are doing out of bed? You okay? Martin why didn't you stop her? She should be in bed. The fiery little arctic blonde shouted.

"I tried to, but she wouldn't listen." Martin pleads.

"Well just pick her up and carry her back then. You're almost three times her size!"

"I'm fine! Honest! I feel okay. I just felt a cup of tea would make me feel a little better... Okay?" little 'miss sickie' stammered.

At the same time Bob had been guiding Rebecca towards one of the bistro chairs. He sat her down and quickly rushed back to the bedroom to retrieve her robe.

Pip still not very happy with the way things were preceding put on the kettle for a cuppa. Martin like an little puppy trying to please it's master was getting in the way helping as best he could.

Within a few minutes the four of them were silently sitting across from each other staring at their teacups and a plate of ginger snaps. Becky really didn't want the tea after all, Bob hated tea, Martin was only drinking it because he wanted to get back into Pip's good books, and Pip was too worried about Rebecca to even care about her tea.

This was the picture they created almost five minutes later when the phone chirped sending three of the residents in high alert. Becky just calmly picked up the phone and said. "Good afternoon."

Becky listened for a brief moment while the caller explained why the interruption. "Of course one moment please. May I ask who is calling again please?... Just a second." Becky took the phone and held it to her chest so the caller could not here her talking. "Pip phone. It's for you. A Michel something or other from Le Belle Designs and Furnishings."

"Oh. That would be Mona's contact. Here let me handle this." Bob volunteered as he effortlessly wrestled the receiver from Becky's hand,

"No Bob I'll take... it." Too late Bob was already instructing Michel as to what he wanted.

"Hi there. This is Bob Arnold. I'm the person that you need to talk to about this... Yes Pip is the woman who this is for, but I'm the one paying for it okay? Good! Now I need you to get over here and have a look at the situation here and create a bedroom suite for this young lady today."

Bob paused for another few seconds as the caller tried to explain that it didn't work that way, she would need to get a feel for the area before she could possible come up with an adequate design. Bob smiled throughout the entire explanation.

When she was finished explaining 'artistic inspiration' to Bob he calmly stated. "I've got a $1000 bill in my pocket. It's yours if you're here within the hour... Thought so. I'll see you then." Turning to Pip the experienced negotiator directed. "Give Michel the address and directions on how to get here please."

With a little giggle, she gladly accepted the phone from Bob. She loved seeing him work. Moments later she had done so and returned the receiver to it's resting place.

No entirely sure what had just happened Becky announced. "I'm going to go have a bath. Maybe that will make me feel better." She slowly and painfully rose from the table and with Pip's help slowly made her way into the gigantic ensuite.

Pip helped her to sit on the throne and proceeded to make a nice fragrant bubble bath for her friend to appreciate the healing aroma. While Becky was soaking Pip returned with clean panties, bra and another set of jammies for her to lounge around in if she was feeling up to it. She helped her patient from the tub, get dressed and lightly brushed her hair for her while Becky sat at the makeup station part of the vanity. Becky had washed her face, brushed her teeth, and had to admit was feeling a lot better.

"Thank you Pip. I don't know what I would have done without your help yesterday."

"Don't worry Becky. Ain't no big thang. You need help and I'm going to make sure that you get it. Okay? So you don't have to apologize or thank me all the time. Cuz we is friends now. An' friends do for friends... Now you just put a smile on your face and saving the thanking for Bob."

Slowly the pair made their way back to the salon. Bob had installed himself in the corner of one of the loveseats reading the financial section of the National Post. While Martin, sitting adjacent to his Boss pouring over the stats from the latest NHL standings. With Pip and Becky adding to the scene, it created a look of domestic bliss.

The chirping of the phone announced Michel's arrival. The French Canadien breezed into the suite with all the 'ooh's and aah's that you would expect from an interior designer. "Thez place it is Marvellous no? Such textures, and colouring. Surely you are not in need of Michel's services that much." She exclaimed as she closely examined the furnishings and accessories.

Finding this a tad amusing Pip announced, "Why don't I show you where we were wanting some furniture?" She led the 'artistically professional' down the hall to the bare white walled bedroom. To actually call it a plain room would not do it justice. There were two tall 3/4-length windows along the outside wall, with a large walk in closet next to that. The spare room as most standards are these days was gigantic.

Michel walked about the room for several seconds before saying a word. Bob had now joined them and was standing there unsure of what exactly she was doing. He did know from years of experience though, when you hire somebody to do a job, you let him or her do his or her job without interfering.

Michel removed a miniature voice recorder from her portfolio, and began a steady stream of French, while she held it close to her mouth. She then dropped her leather folder after retrieving a large measuring tape from it and handing Pip one end indicated she was to hold it up against the other wall. Michel then proceeded to repeat the same procedure on the other wall. "Merci"

After taking a few more measurements she turned to Bob and said. "Impossible! I cannot do as you have asked me in the time frame that you have given me. I would need far more time than a single afternoon to create a vision truly befitting a room as fine as this. I cannot do this. So. Messer. Arnold I am afraid I would be wasting your time if we were to continue." She then began to place everything back in the leather portfolio and zip it close.

"You mean you can't sell me a bed, a dresser and a couple of nick knacks in an afternoon?" A confused bob asked.

"Messer! I do not sell nick knacks as you call them. I create living spaces that are suited to the person's tastes and surroundings. If you are looking for a bed might I suggest the local mall.

Pip was sensing two gigantic egos about to run head long into each other with the force of a freight train. Stepping between Bob, as he was about to launch into what he considered a snotty 'artsy-fartsy' airhead, Pip quickly redirected the conversation.

"What was your idea for this area Michel? Please let me know?"

In heavy accented english Michel informed Pip of her interpretation of the room. She envisioned French provincial. "With a wall treatment to start. A canopied four-post bed with an amour and highboy on the adjacent wall, and over here a reading area with a day bed or a comfortable chair and several other accessories. The correct draperies and some accessories, and it would be magnifique."

The Pixies eyes and face were definitely smiling by the time Michel had finished describing what she intended to do.

"How long do you think it would take?" Pip asked now a lot more interested in what the decorator had in mind.

"Oh. It could take several days to find just the correct pieces to make this room perfect. The painting and decorating alone would take a day. If I was to start right now I might be able to have it completed by say, by the end of the weekend.

Pip's hopes were suddenly dashed by the announcement. She was really beginning to take an interest in what Michel had suggested, but sleeping on a piece of foam for another three or four days was something she was not looking forward to. Bob noticed the change on Pip's face and decided to come to the rescue.

"I'll pay you an extra 10% if you are done by end of business Friday!" He stated.

Oh Messer. You cannot rush these things. But I can understand your concern for your daughter's happiness. I will be very rushed to do so but it will be possible. Messer. Arnold we have a deal."

"Thought so." Bob said as he shook Michel's small hand. Reaching for his billfold, Bob pulled a crisp $1000 bill out of the clip and handed it to the smiling consultant. "I also believe that this was part of the arrangement as well."

"Merci Messer. I shall see that your daughter is not disappointed."

"Bob isn't my father." Pip piped in. "He is my boss. I work for him here on staff." Pip further explained.

"Oh please excuse me in my assumptions.

"That's okay. He sorta like being called daddy there for a minute anyway, didn't you, Daddy?" Pip teased.

"Now to begin thes properly I will need some personal information about you Pip" Michel requested. Her portfolio was now open and her pen at the ready. "Let me see you are young, you dress contemporary, you are active physically. I'd say your favourite colour is Pink. No?"

"Ya. How did you know?" an inquisitive Pip asked.

"Well duh... Could have something to do with the pick stretch top you have on and the pink mini skirt, or maybe it was the pink tights you have on. No! I know.. It had to be the pink shoes you have... Ya that's it!" Bob said sarcastically.

Michel smiled, she had been found out. "Actually Messer Arnold it was the lovely pink barrette that mademoiselle is wearing that decided it."

After a few more minutes of Michel asking Pip questions they proceeded to move off. Michel bade her good byes for now and said she would be back shortly. As she slowly closed the door to the suite she observed Michel frantically dial a number on her cell and start directing the action as she walked down the hall.

Meanwhile Martin had, had his hands full. Becky had turned sick again. Tea was not a good idea. Martin was trying to comfort a heaving Rebecca and at the same time wondering what to do. This was the sight that Bob and Pip were treated to as they returned to Becky's bedroom

Take charge Pip quickly told Martin to go boil some water. She then directed Bob to go soak down a few face clothes in cool water and bring them back with some towels. All while she was rubbing her friends back, while she lurched her insides out.

Minutes later after Pip had wiped down Becky's head with the clothes, and further instructed Bob to fetch a small glass of water from the fridge. She gave Becky another 4mg of Dalaudid for pain, and a Gravol to help settle her stomach.

"Here sweetie. This will make you feel a little better." She directed Becky handing her the pills in a little plastic dispensing cup.

"Ank ou." Was all Becky could croak.

After sliding Becky back down in the bed again she ensured that everything was in order before she pulled the bedroom door almost shut, leaving it open just a crack.

All three of them stood there looking dumfounded at each other unsure of what to do or say. This was the same position they were occupying when the phone rang almost a full two minutes later.

"Good afternoon." Pip flatly stated into the mouthpiece. "Oh yes. Hello Michel. Not a problem. No we will be here. There is one thing I must ask of your people though... Thank you. They must work quietly. We have a very sick person here. And being quiet is of the utmost importance. Can your people do that Michel?... Thank you; I appreciate you telling them that... Okay I'll see them in a few minutes then... Yes Bye for now."

Turning to her other two companions. "Michel. She's sending over a coupla' guys to begin painting and fixing, Say's they 'll be here in a few minutes."

Bob kicks back into gear, becoming that take charge kind of guy that he has become famous for. "Good!" Bob exclaimed. "Pip it's your responsibility as well to make sure that they do a good job and that they do not disturb Becky any more than absolutely necessary."




"I want you to find out who I used to hook up the communications here, I forgot. Anyway the number should be on my laptop. I want phone services in Pip's room and I want direct hook-ups installed to the, Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Becky's doctors. I want them accessible to Pip at the touch of a button. I also want one of them monitors things hooked up so Pip and Becky can communicate, and hear what each other is doing in their rooms. Also tell them to make sure it goes one way as well, that way Pip can hear Becky without disturbing her with her own ambient noise. Got it?... Good!"

The general then locates his briefcase as his army scurries off with their assigned tasks. He takes out his day planner and begins to record some notes on the day's developements. The chirp of the parlour phone breaks his concentration. "I'll get it!" Bob yells to know one in particular.

"Hello. Yes... Oh sure. Just come on up. I'll buzz you in." Bob pulls the receiver from his ear, presses 6 and returns it to the cradle. After opening the door for the workers he directs them down the hall to Pip's new room. As they are walking down the passageway he impresses upon the heavily laden tradesman the necessity of being quiet.

The workers inquire as to where they could park their vehicle and Pip show's them where the service parking is at the rear of the building. She also gives them Rebecca's pass key for the back entrance door only, explaining that the door is never to be propped open and is to remain secured at all times without exception. The sight of Martin in a suit with his hands casually lying crossed in front of him is enough to remind them Pip is very serious about what she just told them. This does seem to make the men move a little faster unloading their truck.

Soon the experienced tradesmen have Pip's vision of the room entrenched in their minds and the 'busy little bee's' were buzzing away contently. Several times that afternoon Michel made an appearance usually with another tradesperson to survey 'la petit project', as she called it.

When the 'bee's' finally left that evening both Pip and Bob were unsure as to what they had let them selves in for. Becky quickly had a look at their destruction, she didn't seem too concerned about their progress and the state of disarray the room was in.

Finally the dreaded hour was looming that would signal both Bob's and Martins departure. Both couples seem to split up and head to different areas of the suite to say their farewells. Bob and Becky had commandeered the bedroom while Pip and Martin were making do with the parlour.

Although Becky was far too ill still to satisfy her lover the way she wanted to, she did make sure that he would be thinking of her often.

That last hour fly by and sadly the foursome were saying their 'so longs' at the apartment door. It would be some weeks before they would see each other again, but they promised to talk nightly by phone. With tearful eyes both girls hugged each other as 'their men' rounded the corner and disappeared down the staircase.

After a very light dinner Becky returned to the comfort of her bed and Pip took up her post at the side of Rebecca's bed.

The next morning Pip found herself covered with a down comforter. Sometime during the night Rebecca had taken the comforter off her bed and covered Pip's sleeping form in the wingback chair next to her bed. The now more alert companion gazed at the peacefully sleeping Becky and silently thanked her for her kindness. Pip very carefully crept out the room softly closing the door behind her.

When Becky arose almost an hour later, she opened her door to find Pip slowly and purposely going thru her 'Tai chi' exercises.

"I always wanted to learn how to do that." She stated.

"It's not hard all it takes is concentration." Pip replied not even disrupting the fluid motion of her exercise.

"Could you show me sometime?"

"Sure. Let's wait til you are a little better." Pip then ended her exercise with a very deep bow. Rebecca just stared amazed at how limber the 20 something woman was.

Breaking the trance Pip announced. "How would you like a cup of tea? You at least got as bit of colour to your cheeks this morning. So that's an improvement."

As the deadly duo were enjoying the early morning sunrise Michel's little bees invaded their tranquil little world. Pip buzzed them in and the pair quickly took up their assigned tasks they had started the day before.

Becky announced she was going to have a bath and was off to do that very thing.

As her roomie was cleaning up the rest of morning wake-up the 'chirp' announced the arrival of Michel, complete with two assistants. The three of them were loaded down with different types of material for consideration for the new drapes and fabric treatments. Pip conferred with Michel and a tentative decision was made by the French Canadien designer as to what fabrics would be best suited to go where and how best to be applied. Moments later Michel and her mobile minions had departed and the sanity level increased back to its normal settings.

Becky had really enjoyed her soak. After she had dressed in fresh comfortable undies and some cotton flannel pj's, she returned to her room to notice that Pip had been a busy bee herself. The bed linens had been changed and the bed had been made with crisp military precision. "Pip. I am most impressed." Becky thought, as she remembered to thank her friend for all her help.

"Feel up to a bit of breakie?" A bright cheery voice shouted thru the now open bedroom door.

Rebecca glanced at the clock. She knew that she had meds to take at certain times and some with food while others had to be taken on an empty stomach. "No. Not yet Pip. I have some meds I have to take on an empty stomach here in a wee bit. Thanks for the offer though, perhaps a bit later?"

"Hey. Sure just say the word." Her Okie Bunkie replied. "Um." Pip began again. "Do you like got a list of all yer meds, and what times ya have to take 'em, and whether with or without food, round some where's?"

Rebecca regretfully shook her head. "No. I suppose I should though, just in case for emergencies. "

"Well why don't we sit down right now and do it. That way if you get sick again I can at least know what meds you need to take and when. "The experienced care giver logically explained.

"Yes. I'm sure you are correct... Tell you what, put on the kettle and we'll do it right now." Becky suggested.

"No." Pip countered. "How about I pour you a glass of juice and we write it all down... You girl, need to get more than just tea and a few crackers into your system. And since you are unable to eat right now we can do the next best thing, liquid nourishment!" Pip begins to direct the taller woman towards the kitchen as she continues the conversation. "Have you ever tried protein supplements?"

"YES! They are horrid!" Came the very fast reply. "I had to drink those before I had my transplant and directly after in the hospital. They were disgusting!"

"Ahh. But you have never had one of my creations." The pixie giggled. "I make some of the most refreshing drinks you will ever have, and I guarantee that they will not taste 'good for you'. Maybe later I'll zip down to the Safeway and scoop some goodies, and make us two of Pip's Perfect Picker Uppers They're very creamy, you know."

Before she knew it Pip had Becky consuming a large glass of a mango and tangerine cocktail she had made up the night before. "This is really good juice." Rebecca announced as they were compiling the list.

"Told ya." Was all the reply she got.

After the list was compiled Pip was amazed at the amount of different drugs that Rebecca had to take each and everyday just to stay alive. "How do you remember all these?" she asked

"I don't know. I just do. I have to. At first I had a chart with everything on it and what times, just like we are doing now, but after a few months of consulting it everyday, I just learned which ones to take when and with what." Becky replied with a shrug.

"What about your pain meds? How often do you take them? I noticed we haven't discussed them."

"Well I take them as need be. I use a drug called Dilaudid, which is a hydromorphone it's in pill form and I usually get the 2mg one prescribed because it allows me to increase or decrease the dosage as I see fit. I also have clinical morphine that I keep for emergencies. I always make sure I have one with me just in case... Oh ya! I also keep a second daily supply of pills on me, for the same reason."

"You sound as if you have this all thought out." Pip replied still amazed at how someone could keep track of 22 different prescriptions, without making a mistake. "How often do you take the Dilaudid? Average. And how much?" Pip continued.

"Varies. I try not to let the pain get too bad before I take something for it. I have had to learn pain control, or else. You either walk around like a zombie, or you are in bed wishing you could end it all because it hurts so bad." Becky realized she was still spouting information and not answering Pip's question. "Sorry. Anywhere from 4-6 mgs of Dilaudid about every5-6 hours. Morphine is 25, or 30 units if it gets really bad and that is not less that 4 hours apart, and never together!" She looked into Pip's eyes as she finally gave Pip the info she required.

Becky's care giving friend looked at her watch and walked over to the cupboard where Becky kept all her prescriptions. She carefully counted out the morning's dosage of Tacrolimus and handed them to Becky with a cold glass of Brita water.

Graciously accepting the help Becky responded with a quiet. "Thank you."

Pip then sat down at the table again and programmed her watch to sound an alarm 5 minutes before each and every prescription Becky had to take. Looking over at the puzzled patient, Pip just smiled and replied. "Just in case."

Becky slowly and painfully rose from her chair and went back to the same cupboard and showed Pip how she laid out the pills a week in advance, in little pill compartments. Actually the container resembled a small flat plastic tackle box, much larger then your average pill dispenser. Becky showed her how she had to calculate when, and how much she would need for a refill, because she would have to go to the pharmacy at the hospital to pick them up. "And you do not want to run out. I never let myself get lower than a 2-week supply, before I re-order. That way when I pick them up the following week I still have a week in reserve, just in case."

Pip hugged her friend with out saying a word; it wasn't necessary. Becky knew that her friend was saying she was sorry that she had to put up with so much just to live another day.

Suddenly feeling tired again Becky announced that she was going to go relax on the loveseat and maybe read her book. Pip announced that. "Becky that is a terrific idea. Why don't you do that, and in about 45 minutes or so I'll have some breakfast for you."

"Aw Pip... I'm not so sure that-"

"Rebecca you have not consumed enough food in the last 48 or so hours to keep a cockroach alive. You need some nourishment and you are going to have some if I have to tie you to a chair and force it down your throat. Are you reading me! Commandant Pip commanded.

"Yes Ma'am!" Becky sarcastically replied as she threw in a salute for good measure.

"That's better!" The pint size General relied, breaking into a giggle. Becky quickly joined her and the two friends were hugging each other again.

"Becky. I am serious about what I said about feeding you if I have to."

"I know. It's for my own good. It's just that the mere thought of food is enough to upset my stomach again. I'll try. Honest." Becky sincerely stated.

"Good. You read your book and I'll give you a call in a little while to let you know breakfast is ready."

"Yes mother."

Less than an hour later, Pip gently gave Becky a shake to wake her. "I made you some scrambled eggs. Come on it's on the table." She announced as her patient returned to this reality plane.

Becky reluctantly and slowly ate the offered meal, well quite a bit of it anyway. Washing down a major amount of her next load of meds, she thanked Pip again for all her care.

"Sheesh! If yer gonna be thankin' me every time we turn 'round here girl, yer never gonna git better. Yer gonna' be too tired ta recover. From now on just one group thank you at either the end, or the begining of the day." She joked.

"Thanks." Was Becky's only reply.

A voice from across the other side of the apartment quickly changed the subject.

"Hello. Ma'am? Are you there?"

Pip left her friends side to go greet the inquiry. "Yes. How can I help you?"

"Were all done painting in there now. I just wanted to know if you wanna have a look at it, just in case there was something else you wanted to do."

Pip responded with. "Sure not a problem. We'll be with you in just a second." She then turned back to her friend. "Wanna come see what they been doing to my room?"

Before Pip could even finish her question, Becky was already out of her chair and slowly made her way across the room, with Pip closely at her elbow, the duo entered the source of concern for the last 24 hrs.

When they entered the room they were amazed at the transformation. Gone were the plain off white walls. In its place was a pink on cream, three colour wall treatment that adorned the upper half of the walls. The lower half had, had rose coloured wainscoting and chair rail attached and ran around the entire circumference of the room. The bottom part of the wall was papered with what appeared to be very old Victorian style wallpaper, in a soft pink paisley design. The trim at first glance appeared to be white, but on closer examination, it was to be found to be pink as well.

"We are not done yet. The electrical has to rewire the lighting, for the wall sconces behind where the bed will go, and he has to add some more lighting fixtures in as well... but what do you think so far?"

Pip was like a kid cut loose in a toy store. She was all giggles and eyeballs as she worked her way around the pink room.

Becky asked a few questions about technique on the wall treatment while Pip bubbled about the room. The two tradesmen were satisfied they had made another happy customer after Pip had thanked them repeatedly for the last five minutes.

As the workmen were leaving they announced that the electrician would be here soon, and so would the drapery crew.

Pip sat and waited by the phone like an impatient teen waiting for her boyfriend to call and ask her out, to the prom.



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