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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to: Christy Lake & Misty Dawn


~ Part 19: It's Just One Foot In Front Of The Other~


Friday morning finally came round, none too quickly as far as Pip was concerned either. The lights had been installed the draperies all hung, and later this morning the furniture and the accessories would be here. So Pip was torn between two places with Becky's announcement.

"Pip I have to get back to the ward. There are people depending on me to show up when I can. And besides I would feel a lot better if I was doing something to help, instead of laying about all day."

"Rebecca. You are doing something. You are recuperating from a very trying couple of days. Or don't you remember, what was it, late yesterday afternoon heaving your guts out again for the umpteenth time since Monday?"

"Pip. I remember, but I am a lot better now honestly. I need to do this. I promise. I'll only just go for the morning. Just to see how it is."

Pip explained. "Rebecca I have workmen in and out of here all day today I can't just up and take off at the drop of a hat. And I most certainly am not letting you out that door alone. Nor am I leaving the run of the place to a bunch of strangers."

"So drop me off at the hospital and come back for me at lunch. What's wrong with that?" Becky pleaded.

"And what if you get sick then what?" Pip shouted a little more excited now.

"If I get sick ... fine. I'm at a bloody hospital where they care for sick people. Can you think of a better place to be?"

Pip didn't have an answer for that. In fact the room was quite silent for a few seconds as the only sound they could hear was the 'tic-toc' of the schoolhouse clock in the parlour.

Finally with determination Becky resumed her quest. She finished cleaning the hair from out of her brush so she could finish creating this mornings 'do'.

The small protector mumbled as she walked away defeated. "I don't like this, not one little bit."

Rebecca had chosen a pair of slacks and a smock type top for today's outfit. With her sneakers she would blend in more and look like she was part of the staff, not some visiting doctor. Armed with her cell phone and her meds, she grabbed her purse and coat and quickly escorted a still grumbling Pip out the door.

Pip parked the S80-T6 Volvo out the back of the clinic where she had been informed to do so when they visited. "I'm going in with you." .

"Suit yourself. Don't you have a bunch of workmen showing up with your furniture in an hour?" Becky glanced at her watch noting that it was now 8:12. "No. Make that less than an hour," she giggled as she sauntered into the building.

Pip stopped her before she got to the door by holding up a single hand in front of Rebecca's path. "At least let me TRY and do my job will you?"

Becky smiled and gave her friend's arm a little squeeze. "Thank you."

"Hmmmm!" was the only response.

The pair made their way down the corridor to the change room. Before they reached the room Dr' Geoff intercepted them.

"Miss. Stewart. How are you Rebecca?"

"Hi Dr. Geoff. Look Pip it's Dr. Geoff. You remember him from the other day?" Becky said with a giggle.

"Of course." The alert guard responded putting her self between the doctor and Becky. "Nice to see you again."

Once again the students bowed slightly to each other as a sign of respect.

"I was hoping to see you. I was going to have one of the nurses call you to see if you could come in on Monday, but since you are already here, why don't we just do that now? Do you have a few minutes to spare?"

"Why of course Doctor."

"Good just give me a second and I'll see you in #3." Turning to the desk he shouted to the co-ordinator on duty. "Miss Davidson. Kelly, would you please pull Miss Stewart's file and I shall see her in #3 in five."

"Yes Doctor. Of course." The tall auburn haired Nurse rose from her chair and retrieved the file before directing Rebecca with her honey sweet voice into the mentioned examination room.

"Hello. I'm Becky Stewart, and this is my friend Pip. Nice to meet you." Rebecca said as she offered her hand for Nurse Davidson to take.

"Kelly." The fine-featured face replied. "Nice to meet you too." Kelly smiled and placed the file in the slot on the door as they entered. "I was wondering when I was going to meet you. Joan and Prue have mentioned your name a few times already and Matron Wytte is constantly singing your praises. Not to mention your notoriety with Dr. Serratia."

"Well, don't believe everything you hear, Kelly. I'm just here to correct a small problem I have. If I can help while I'm here that so much the better." Becky thought it best not to even mention the comment about the feud with Dracula in Drag.

"I just transferred in from another part of the hospital, to replace Prue. I guess Nurse Walker now that she is officially the boss."

"So it's official Prue is the head of this department now?"

"Yes... Officially she started the first of the month, but Sapphire is still here and doesn't retire for another month yet. Not sure where she is going to after this though." Nurse Davidson said with a sad look on her face. "I will miss her. She was a good department head."

The door swung open and the good doctor filled it. Kelly excused herself and returned to her post as Geoff held the door open for her.

"Now Pip I'm going to physically examine your friend here. Is there a way I can do it without you threatening to cause me grievous bodily harm?" Dr. Geoff joked.

"Naw. Go ahead doc, but I gonna keep 'n eye on ya', just the same. Member I kin still take ya out from 'cross da room dere." The Okie bodyguard joked back.

"Right. Just let me pop out and put on some body armour and I'll be right back," Dr. Geoff fired back. He then strode out the room to return shortly with another clipboard, and Nurse Davidson in tow.

Kelly wheeled over a portable machine that recorded B/P, Temp, and O2 levels and began attaching the sensors to various parts of Becky's appendages. As this was happening Dr. Geoff began his interrogation.

"How has the stomach been today? A lot better? I know it was terrible, but it is part of the procedure." He continued as he closely examined all her lymph nodes. "I'm sorry there is no way to make it better for you. If you like I can prescribe some Gravol to help, especially with you taking Morphine as well." He paused shortly to get her patients reaction to the request. "That is like a double whammy on your innards you know?"

"I already take Gravol Doctor." Becky replied as best she could as Geoff was vigorously massaging her neck and throat area.

"Okay. You let me know if you need any more though okay?" He stated as his attention now moved to her shoulders and chest area. "Any problems with breathing? Shortness of breath?"

Becky shook her head in the appropriate response. At the same time Pip's cell began a slow quiet beeping sound. "Phooey! Excuse me for a second please." She apologized reaching for the compact device. "Knight here." She announced into the receiver turning slightly so as not to be overheard.

Becky could only catch snippets of the conversation but she could see the troubled look on her friends face. "Right! Where is he now? What time did he do a runner? I see... No she is with me... Okay keep me posted... Pardon me? Constable Thompson I don't require the use of anything other than my hands and feet to do my business. I can protect myself and my client just fine. Unless you are offering me a job? Are you informing me that I am on the payroll?" She joked. No I didn't think so... Okay bye. Knight out."

She then closed up the miniature communications device and turned back to a trio of questioning faces. Guess they had heard more of her conversation than she had wanted them too. Quickly finding an excuse to explain the interruption she stated. "Ah, an old friend of mine. He's in town and wanted to get together. Sorry."

Dr. Geoff was the first to respond. "Well tell your OLD Friend to call you later and shut that damn phone off! There are a lot of sensitive machines in this clinic that do not respond kindly to microwave interference signals. Please!"

He then made his way over to where Nurse Davidson had recorded all of Becky's vitals on a clipboard. He carefully looked at all the info. "Hmmm. B/P is a tad low. Rebecca, what is your normal BP?" He asked, returning to examine her fingernails.

"Um. Usually around 110 over 50to60. Why?"

"Nothing to worry about dear, just a little concerned that's all. Still get dizzy do you?"

"Yes. A bit."

"Okay... Well it seems as though everything seems to be in order. Do me a favour though take it easy will you? I don't want you passing out, and you bonking that pretty head of yours." He said with a smile. Suddenly his face changed expressions as if he just remembered something. "What are you doing here today anyway?"

"I came in to help out in the children's ward. I'm a volunteer there." Rebecca proudly announced as she was returning her outfit to its original condition.

"NOT TODAY YOU'RE NOT!" Dr. Geoff said quite forcefully. "Becky. You are not going to go near that or any other ward here today. In fact what is going to happen is your friend is going to escort you back out that door you came in and take you home to rest! You have had a very bad experience, came close to dying on me just the other day as well. You will not go back there with out my direct permission. Do you understand?"

"But Doctor I feel fine. I'm okay honest."

"Right, I'm sure! Pip. What did Rebecca have for dinner last night?" The oncologist asked turning his attention to Becky's friend

"A protein supplement and a cup of broth."

"Still not on solid foods eh? Definitely not!"

"Come on doctor that's not fair. I need to be doing something. Those kids need me. Nurse Wytte depends on me being there."

"Not if you become a patient there yourself. No and that is my final word!"

"Well fine I will just go there myself then." The impetuous child replied.

"OH no you won't Missy!" The doctor countered. "I am the head of this part of the clinic and what happens in this building is my responsibility. Rebecca, do not force me to make this official. Since you are a volunteer here I am technically your boss. Don't make me do something we are both going to regret later."

The doctor stopped his order after the last statement. He softened as he carefully picked up Becky's clenched fists. "Please Becky go home. I want you to be here as well, but you can't do that if you are not fit. You may feel better than you have felt in days. Yes that's true, but you still have a fever, you are weak, your pulse is jerky and your BP is low. The slightest amount of exertion or stress and you will be flat on your back in the tower over there with a bunch of tubes running in and out of you. I for one do not want to see that. Okay?"

"But I feel a lot better I know I can do this."

"Becky, go home get some rest."

"Well how about on Monday then? Can I come back then?"

"I tell you what. After you have recorded three consecutive days of normal temperature you come in and see me. If you are in good shape I will give you my blessing. Fair enough?"

A defeated Becky answered shyly, "Fair enough."

"Now get out of here. It's a lovely day and I have real work to do." He said as he playfully clapped his hands behind her as if shooing away a cat.

The drive back to Xanadu was very quiet. Pip secured the sleek Volvo in the garage and walked silently back to the suite with Rebecca.

They no sooner walked in the door than the phone chirped. Indicating they had visitors. Pip buzzed them in telling Becky it was the furniture movers.

Still demoralized Becky went into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed.

Pip had to deal with the workmen at the moment or else she would have been at her friend's side. When she had finally sorted out the task she discovered that Becky had fallen asleep on top of the bed. She casually slipped off the lightly snoring woman's sneakers and covered her with a comforter that was retrieved from the linens cupboard.

Silently pulling the bedroom door to, she refocused her attention back to the problem at hand. Thinking aloud, "God these guys are loud. Why are furniture movers so noisy!" Finally unable to handle much more of the insistent chatter and loud banging, she reacted.

"Oh Phooey!" Singling out what she perceived to be the boss she boldly walked up to him and stated her 'request'

"Hey. Sure lady not a problem. I'll tell'em myself." The burly man swivelled in the doorway and shouted down the hall to offending crew. "Hey! Idiots! Ya' Wanna hold it down a bit here will ya'! The lady here's got a sleepin' baby that she don't want woke up okay! Danny! You wanna be a little bit more careful with that friggin' table? That ain't no beer keg yer packin' about now!" Turning back to an exasperated Pip he proudly but quietly stated. "There ya' go lady. I told them myself."

"Thank you..."

"Tony. Ma'am. My name is Tony. This is my best crew. Don't worry ain't gonna' damage or scratch nothin'. They's real careful when it comes ta furniture."

"Thank you Tony. Please QUIETLY remind them to be as quiet as possible."

"Hey. I cun do bedder than that ma'am just you watch here." Turning back to the crew about to enter the suite he shouted, "First person to say a word in here spends coffee break sweeping out the van!" Suddenly the insistent chatter ceased completely.

Over the next hour the crew demonstrated just exactly how good they really were. They had assembled Pip's bed entirely, placed the area rugs in the exact places Michel had directed, positioned the daybed and stood ready to place the accessories.

Tony ambled up to Pip who was busy making a shopping list in the kitchen. He stage whispered to the Petite Pixie. "Got everything 'bout done, that we can do fer now. We gotta wait fer Meechell ta git here now. So my crew and me is gonna stop for a coffee till she gets here. We'll be outside if ya need us. Sure hope we didn't wake year youngin'. My oldest just had a little girl." He proudly stated, puffing out his chest. "An' I know whut it's like ta wake up witha cranky baby. Anyways we gonna be outside fer now."

"Thank you Tony. I'm sure everything will be just fine." Pip calmly replied. "Speaking of cranky baby." Pip quietly slipped into Becky's room to see how she was doing. Becky hadn't moved a single bit since Pip had covered her over an hour ago. It was at this time that Pip's watch decided to be punctual and started to beep. She quickly covered it with her hand but it was too late. Becky had heard it.

A tired head lifted to face the world through bleary eyes. "Hi. Sorry to wake you. You looked so restful sleeping like that. Guess it's time for some meds. How about some breakfast? How about some toast? Or maybe a boiled egg? Does that sound good? An egg in a cup with some toast and juice. How does that sound?"

Becky just sort of shook her head and grunted as she swung her feet over the side of the bed to sit upright. "You go wake up and I'll make you some breakfast okay? Don't dawdle, this won't take long." Pip responded.

Becky slowly weaved into the washroom to fix herself up a bit and presently joined her friend in the eating area. "May I have a cup of tea please?" she asked slowly, expecting NO as an answer.

"Sure just sit down and I'll have your breakfast ready for you in a minute. Then I'll put the kettle on. We can have tea after you eat." Pip emphasised the word after and directed Becky to a waiting chair.

The eggs got consumed, and so did most of the toast, as well as a huge pile of meds. Becky sat sipping her tea more alert and feeling better than she had in days. Out of the blue she asks. "Pip what was that phone conversation about you got at the hospital?"

Oh, that? That was nothing. Don't worry about it, handled." Pip dismissed

"Pip. Don't handle me. What was that call about. It was more than just a friend in town looking for a dinner date. I am not stupid, and I don't think everyone else in that room was either." Becky's voice was becoming more insistent the more she spoke. "Now, who was on the phone?"

"Oh Phooey! Ain't no big thing. I got it covered. That was Constable Thompson from the sporting goods incident from last week. It seems Frank Myers did a runner from the hospital after the police charged him with assaulting a police officer. Seems he called up a buddy of his and he just walked out the front door of the hospital, got into a friend's car and drove away, goony gown and all."

"So the guy is a moron. Why the phone call?" Becky inquired still unsure of why the hush-hush call.

"Becky. He did not take the news of his arrest very well. He was uttering death threats against you and me. When Myers never appeared in Court this morning to hear the charge. The Judge ordered a warrant for his arrest. Constable Thompson was just giving me a phone call out of common courtesy. That's all." Pip explained quite fully she though. It was definitely more information than she wanted to reveal to Rebecca. "Anyway you don't have to worry about Myers, he isn't a threat."

Rebecca knew better than to beat a dead horse and went back to sipping her tea with a small. "Humph."

The phone chirped, announcing Michel's arriving with Frank and two assistants in tow, closely followed by a foppish looking soul carrying Michel's portfolio. "Mademoiselle Petite. How is you dez fine morning? This is truly a beautiful day is it not?"

Michel wasted no time ushering the work force down the hall like arrogant children. The parade entered the room and Pip was astounded at what was being created in the bedroom. "B-Becky!" she squeaked. "You better come see this."

Rebecca came rushing down the hall as fast as she could. "What's the matter? What's wro-?" She never did finish that statement. However she did start another. "Oh Pip it's gorgeous." Becky flitted about the room as if she was lost in a fairy tale dream world. "I love it. Oh Pip you are so lucky. This room is simple beautiful. No let me take that back. This room is not simple by any means it's elegant. I am very jealous."

"Ya it is sorta cool looking isn't it?"

Michel was a little taken back by Pip's lack of enthusiasm. "Cool. She calls it coool. I search the ends of the earth for just the right items to create this masterpiece in record time I might add, and she gives me coool?"

The foppish man immediately moves in to nurse Michel's bruised ego.

Pip sensed that she was not being thankful enough of Michel's work added. "Michel, it is really awesome! It really is. This is gotta be the way coolest room I have ever seen." She said turning on the grateful schoolgirl charm.

"Yes! Yes. Enough of that for now." As if bored with hearing about her own greatness. "You, over there fix that drapery." She demanded as she indicated the offensive article to one of Tony's crew. Turning to her personal secretary. "Cherrie. Be a dear and fetch me my note pad."

"Yes Mademoiselle. At once."

Pip could almost see the little man tore between bowing and curtseying. Becky felt sorry for him "To be someone's whipping boy or girl as the case may be. How dreadful." she thought.

Being the perfect hostess Rebecca offered Michel a cup of tea. "Yes. That would be an outstanding idea. It you were to show Cherrie where the kitchen is I'm sure he could take care of it."

Dismissing the snooty designer she made her way out the room with the mincing man. Safely tucked away in the kitchen Rebecca began her own interrogation. She did find out that she was wrong about Michel. It was all an act for the customer and workmen.

Cherrie explained. "You see Michel gives the impression of being an overbearing snob intentionally. That way the workers won't argue with her and get the job done in record time correctly. She treats me like dirt in front of the others to reinforce the idea. She really is a great person to work for."

"Are you gay?" Becky asked out of the blue. Stumbling over the name Cherie.

"My name is Chuck. But, I prefer Charly, with an L-Y. I'm not sure if I'm gay. I do know that I'm not much of a man. I'm sorry if that disturbs you."

Becky let out a hoot at Charly's last revelation. " Me disturbed about that. I hardly think so. What I do object to is people being used as doormats, that's why the questions."

After taking Michel and Pip each a cuppa, Charly & Becky returned to the comfortable breakfast nook to continue their conversation. Becky observed every move the small feminine man made as he sat straight up on the edge of the chair, legs crossed at the knees. Daintily sipping tea Charly tried to explain to Becky how he felt. Michel and Charly were lovers, had been for years, their relationship was more of a lesbian love affair than it was a traditional heterosexual one. Physically he was a man in some regards, but Michel and he were definitely two females in love with each other.

Only in public did Charly have to 'butch it up' and try and resemble a male. Without warning Charly rose from the chair and looked into the small mirror at the end of the counter. He began running his fingers thru his hair combing it in a different direction. Moments later Charly turned away from the mirror and faced Becky. Transformed, Charly was now a petite Charlene.

"I keep it styled like this to make it easier. A friend of Michel's who works at Christians does my hair for me."

At the mention of Christians, Becky's ears perked up again. "That person just wouldn't happen to be named Marcie. Would it?"

"You know Marcie?" Charlene gushed. "Isn't she just incredible."

"Yes, she is. Marcie did my hair for a fancy ball my boyfriend and I attended at Halloween."

"OH MY GOD!" Charlene exclaimed, hands flying to the face. "You're Cinderella."

Both girls now collapsed back into their chairs in a fit of giggles. When Pip and Michel walked into the kitchen, this is what they saw,

Michel immediately exclaimed, "Charlene! I mean Charly. What is going on dear?"

Charlene jumped from her perch and rushed to her lover's side. "You are never going to guess who this is?" she exclaimed, indicating Becky. Charlene was bubbling over with the info and could hardly restrain herself.

"Well I guess you had better tell me before you blow a fuse." Michel playfully said back to her mate. "Who is she?"

"Cinderella." Was all Charlene said, is if that meant everything.

For a brief moment there was a look of confusion, then it clicked. She hit her self in the forehead with the palm of her hand and exclaimed. "But of course. Yes this all makes sense now. Yes. Yes... Cherrie. Quick, like a bunny run and get my folder."

"Que Mademoiselle," Replied the underling, dropping into a quick bob before scurrying off to retrieve the expensive leather portfolio.

Pip very confused as to what was happening, let Tony and his crew out the door and secured it firmly behind them. She watched them pull away from the curb in the large delivery truck before dashing back up to the apartment.

"Yes this all makes sense now." Michel was muttering as she hastily flipped through pages of the newspaper. She stopped, folded it over and presented it to Becky. There in front of her eyes was a very charming Bob Arnold down on one knee singing to his Cinderella.

"Oh my god!" Becky squealed. She just couldn't believe her eyes. The Princess looked again to confirm the sight. "Oh my god." She repeated. Still unwilling to trust her eyes, her flaming cheeks were now a bright scarlet.

"You are famous." Charlene exclaimed, now even more excited than Becky. "You have you picture plastered all over the Vancouver Sun. You can get a seat in any restaurant in town now just by showing up."

Michel cleared her throat. "I think Mademoiselle could do that before the picture my Cherrie. You do not know who her lover is?"

Charlene had no idea. She did know that he was very cute, for a guy. "No. Who is he?"

Quickly grabbing Charlene's arm Michel quickly started to change the subject. "We have embarrassed Miss Stewart enough with our endless prattle.

Becky could still not believe her eyes as she read the story the reporter had wrote about the evening.

Shortly thereafter Pip and Becky were thanking Michel and now Charly for all their work, as they escorted them to the staircase down to the front entrance.

Almost two hours of solitude passed before the phone chirped again.

Quick off the mark Pip grabbed for the phone before Becky could get half way to it. "2C. May I help you?" Pip then listened to the voice on the other end explain the interruption.

"Hello. This is Lori Hardiman of Trans Global Communications. I received a message that you needed some more communication and security equipment installed. I'm here to do that."

"Hold on I'll buzz you up."

Pip then went to the top of the landing to greet Ms. Hardiman. The raven-haired uniformed clad tech bounded up the stairs with her work case in one hand, a small cardboard box tucked against her chest in the other.

Pip showed her to where the additional equipment was to be installed. "Wow! What a beautiful room. Sure has changed since the last time I was here."

"Thank you. I just got the furniture delivered this morning." Pip gushed. Turning to business she then asked. "You know exactly what Mr. Arnold requested I hope?"

"Pretty much. I was told that he wanted another panic station installed here. Also he wanted a monitor installed as well that would listen for noise in the master suite. Is that going to be permanent or is that temporary? Like a parent would have for a kids room?"

"No that would be temporary. I would appreciate it if it was portable as well, so I could take it with me to every room in the house."

"Hey Not a problem. I got just the little gizmo right here. Or if you like I have a very small battery operated one that works off a base. It's very James Bond looking. Has a little earphone that clips behind your ear, almost undetectable. Has a range of about a mile unobstructed about a 1/4 mile thru reinforced concrete," she giggled, very proud of her own design innovations.

"Hmmm. That one sounds very interesting let me give that some thought in the meantime you get started on the rest."

Becky rounded the corner into the room just as Lori finished explaining what she had available. "Hi Lori. How very nice to see you again. How are you?"

"Hi Rebecca. Fine. And you?''

"As best as I can with what God gave me. I hear you are going to hook up Pip's bedroom to the rest of the house?"

"Yup! Got all the do-dad's right here in my kit."

"She sure does have a nice room eh?" Becky said as she wandered around the pink pleasure palace again, running her fingers over the surface of everything she could touch.

The Tech was somewhat caught up in the grandeur of the room as well. "It really is something spectacular. "It's like one of those rooms right out of 'Homes Decorated'. It's gorgeous."

"Well, we should let you get to work. Would you like a cup of tea? I was just about to put the kettle on?" Becky the consummate hostess asked.

"Okay. That would be nice, thank you."

Pip busted in. "Why don't I make you some lunch instead Becky." Her fingers drumming the face of her chronograph divers watch. The only thing Pip got for her troubles was an impertinent Becky sticking out her tongue at her.

With a giggle and a swat both girls left Lori to do her thing, with a promise to call when lunch was ready.

The trio enjoyed some very nutritious 'veggie wedgies', Pip called them. Triangle shaped multigrain flat bread lightly toasted with yoghurt and cream cheese spread, and a variety of fresh peppers, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. All washed down with a strawberry and banana energy drink. Pip was determined to make sure the cancer was leeched from Becky's body one way or another.

After far too long of sitting and just plain gabbing, Rebecca was showing signs of fatigue. At Pip's 'suggestion' she went to have a rest in her room, while Lori explained to Pip how all the equipment worked. Being an electronic toy junkie, Pip had gone for the mobile monitoring system with two earpieces and verbal communications options package. This brought a smile to Miss Hardiman's face for a few obvious reasons.

"Say bye to Rebecca for me, will you please Pip?" Lori said as the bodyguard/companion escorted the tech to the front door. With an exchange of 'we will definitely be in touch' Pip watched the entrance door click shut before returning to the apartment.


After a much-needed rest both Pip and Becky were relaxing in the parlour reading. Becky another W. Somerset Maugham classic, and Pip was discovering all the features and instruction of her new play toys. A little chirp once again interrupted the tranquil scene.

Becky picked up the phone. "Hello... Oh Hello Mona. How are you? I'm okay. Still a little tired but I'm managing to cope. Uh... No, he never mentioned it... When? That's tomorrow! No, not really. I would love to. I love your shop. And if you are having a sale I might even be able to afford something...Yes.

You want to what? You must be joking. Yes I remember. They didn't really think I was Sheena Easton! How could they? We don't even look the same let alone have the same hair colour. Well thank you for the compliment, but I still don't believe I look anything like her... You do?.. You will?... Well that definitely puts a different light on the matter... Ok. Hold on, I'll check. She's right here." Becky placed the receiver against her body and motioned to get Pip's attention.

"Pip. Mona is having an open house. She offering 20% off on all merchandise as well. She wants us to show up as window dressing and gush about her store. She says last time I was mistaken for Sheena Easton, and her sales have been thru the roof ever since. She wants to know if Sheena and her secretary want to come to her open house."

Becky paused for a second as Pip began to howl, in a very unladylike manner. She was sliding off her seat on to the floor, she was laughing so hard.

"Okay. What's so bloody funny? And what am I not being told?"

"Sorry, Beckers. That was my fault. I started that whole thing." Pip paused to wipe the dark trails of makeup from her cheeks. "Tell Mona that Ms. Easton's secretary would love to see some of Vancouver's elite part with some of that old money. That is if you are game?" she asked.

Becky returned the phone to her ear. She was going to really have a chat with Pip about this little stunt.

"Mona. We would love to be there. However, there is one thing I want to make clear, I will not say that I am Sheena. If I am asked for an autograph, I won't do it. And if someone should ask me if I really am Sheena, I won't lie... Okay? If you want to have a little fun then by all means... Uh huh... Okay... All right... Now I understand. Okay Mona you have yourself a couple of impostors. Right... You are even providing transportation. Isn't that nice... No I guess she wouldn't at that now would she... Okay. Well I guess we'll see you then... Okay bye for now."

As Becky was returning the phone to the cradle she just managed to see the last of Pip disappear down the hall to her pink pleasure palace.

"FREEZE!" She shouted in the most authoritative voice she could muster. " Is there something you need to tell me about Sheena Easton, Miss Secretary?"

Pip realizing she had to come clean, put on her shy innocent little girl mask and wandered back into the parlour as if she were pure as the driven snow.

"Okay. What do you want to tell me about Sheena?" Becky asked.

"Nothing to tell." Pip remarked, a little more assure of her ground now. "We went in there Mona gushed all over you. You! You went and introduced me as your secretary. Some of the gossip crowd heard you, heard your accent, saw how Mona was directing you and someone suggested that you were Sheena Easton, come to shop at Mona's place. When I was asked I just never dispelled the theory, and let them think what the wanted... Oh ya... I also told them you don't get to Vancouver very often and wanted to spend a quiet afternoon shopping without all the paparazzi... Maybe that contributed a bit I don't know." She exclaimed with a shrug.

Rebecca stared at her friend barely able to stop from laughing at the entire ludicrous mess. Adapting a more youthful tone she responded. "Naw! Really! You Think?"

Becky was the first to get hit with an accent pillow, but Pip wasn't far behind as the two 'mature teenagers' begun destroying the well-manicured room.

After a light dinner the duo were relaxing within inches of the telephone. Pip staring at Becky out of the corner of her eye, was trying to remain aloof. Rebecca, on the other hand, wasn't hiding anything and was staring directly at the appliance wishing it would ring. The phone had barely started its chirp when Becky had the receiver on her hand, beating out Pip by mere nanoseconds.

"Hello." She inquired. Then a large smile enveloped her face. A very dreamy "Hi" was the next thing she said. Pip knew it would be awhile before she got to speak to her lover.

"I'm missing you." Becky moved around on the loveseat away from Pip, just to get a little bit of extra privacy. "I'm fine. No really I am. You can ask Pip later if you don't believe me... Yes... Oh you found them... Well I thought Jennifer could use a little treat as well."

Suddenly Becky erupted in a fit of laughter. It seems both Bob and Martin's luggage had been thoroughly searched at Tokyo's Narita Airport, and the inspectors had noticed the difference from the intimate fashions that males usually carry.

Trying to hold back her laughter, but doing a terrible job at it, Becky apologized. "I'm sorry Bob. I didn't think they were going to tear your luggage apart like that. I didn't mean for it to turn out bad." Becky began howling again. "He tried to what? With Martin? Oh my god I don't believe it. What did Martin do? No I guess not. It's not everyday that some guy tries to pick him up I'm sure."

Pip was beginning to get quite excited by now. She had heard Martins name mentioned, and luggage search, and someone trying to pick him up, and that was almost more than she could stand. She snuggled in next to Becky in hopes of hearing the conversation.

After some time it was Pip's turn to talk to her man. She now turned away from Becky to get a little added privacy.

All too soon it was time for all parties to say good night. After many "I love you's", and "I miss you's," by all four of them, Bob rang off with a promise to call back on Sunday.

Several minutes later, when Pip and Becky quit feeling sorry for each other, they began to rummage thru the icebox for some ice cream, the universally consoling food of women the world over. A litre of Pip's famous hand made ices and a couple of spoons would go along way to mending sad hearts.

Finally, the very long and exhausting day had come to an end. Becky had just finished her last slug of meds and was preparing to snugly up closely with Bernadette. Tonight she would imagine it was her lover, and hug the furry little beast all night long.


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