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*WARNING*: The end of this chapter contains a scene of a violent nature. There is also some very course language. Most certainly not suited for respectable people. If it were possible to portray the scene without the vulgarities I would have done so. Please dear reader; do not be too offended by certain descriptions used here. Thank you.........Rickki.


Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB.

With thanks to: Christy Lake & Misty Dawn





Do do! DO DO! DO DO! DO DO!! DO DO!!! "What is that damn noise?" Pip thought as her preset alarm clock was efficiently doing its job. With a quick slap on top of the clock the offensive punctual little timekeeper was silenced for another day. Somewhat more awake now Pip slid off the edge of the mattress and crash landed on the floor. She had forgotten how much taller this bed was than the foam she had been sleeping on for the last week. She quickly limped out into the main part of the house and crept quietly into Becky's room to check on her patient. Just as she had predicted Rebecca was still sound asleep. She smiled to herself, her momma's cure for a sleepless tot; feed them a glass of warm orange juice. That coupled with Becky's meds did the trick. Pip doubted if Becky had stirred once the entire night.

She tiptoed back to her room and grabbed a fresh pair of thong undies she preferred so well, and a pretty lace bra, before she shuffled off to the bath for her shower. Stepping from the steamy booth she dried her self with the thirsty bath sheet and ran a brush thru her almost white arctic blonde hair. Pip bounded back to her room mindlessly whistling Pacabel's Canon, as she went. Donning her traditional pink uniform, Pip made her way to the kitchen to put the kettle on for Becky.

"According to my reckoning she should be getting out of bed right about now." Pip thought gazing at the dial of her expensive chronograph. No wanting to disappoint, who should round the corner at that very moment but...

Becky flopped down in the chair in a very unladylike manner. She gathered her robe about her and lowered her head to her arms, as they lay crossed on the table in front of her.

"Good morning Sunshine." Pip teased.


Pip had gone over to the counter and had gotten Becky 4mg of dilaudid, and a glass of cold water from the Brita in the fridge. She lightly punched her roomie in the arm and offered the pills to her patient.

Taking the offered pills and kindness, Becky swallowed them straight down and with a more understandable answer, replied "Thank you."

"Okay Becky it's now 07:15 hours. You can have a bit of breakfast now before your meds or you can wait until 10:30 hours. Which would you prefer?" Pip said in a very crisp military fashion.

"Can I just get away with a piece of toast right now?" she asked.

"Why of course. Then later on I can make you a healthy nutritious breakfast to give you enough energy to keep you going for a while."

"That's what I was afraid of." An insolent Becky replied.

Pip poured the tea and the two friends sat and discussed the plan of attack on the day. After a bath and such, a quick run to the Safeway, and then it was time to go shopping.

"Shopping!" Pip announced.

Rebecca gave the universal female reply. "Shopping? Did someone say shopping?"

"Yes I believe they did." Pip responded.

Becky continued with. "Oh goodie! I love shopping."

To round out their little repertoire they both shouted in unison, "Charge!"

It was almost 4 hours later the 'Deadly Duo' were now prepared to do battle in the arena of discounted woman's fashions. With a nourishing meal under their belts, Becky's chemically enhanced, with all of her various meds, and a quick trip to the Safeway to replenish the depleted larder, the 'bargoon commando's' entered Mona's on Robson, courtesy of Heritage Carriage Services. The block long jet black Lincoln pulled up in front of the store on cue as Mona's hired photographers who, 'just happen to be standing there' recorded the entire event.

"I have to admit Mona sure knows how to put on a show." Becky (Sheena) whispered to her secretary.

"Darling! There you are so nice to see you back so soon. When I got the call saying that you might stop in today I was overjoyed." Mona gushed giving Becky a hug and air kissing either cheek.

Putting on her thickest brogue 'Sheena' replied in a singsong voice. "Mona! It's great ta' be here. You have just a nice wee shoppe. I just have grand time whenever I visit."

Mona and Becky walked arm in arm as Pip, sharply attired in a Brooks Brothers business suit for women was trying her best to play and both work at providing security for her friend.

The hired paparazzi continued to click away madly as the semi crowded shoppe began to gossip about just who, that was that just entered. Pip could hear one of The British Properties elite brag to who ever were in earshot. "Oh that is Sheena Easton she comes here all the time. We chat quite regularly; She is such a nice girl you know. So down to earth. Not at all like those stuck up celebrities you hear about all the time in the magazines."

Needless to say, her 'friends' were very impressed and were now badgering her for an introduction. "Oh she's not like that at all. She really values her privacy. Why it was just the other day, Halloween in fact when she was here and we were discussing the very same thing." She heaped on, thereby increasing her standing with all of her far too rich and idle friends.

Mona had directed 'Sheena' to one of the private fittings room before they dropped the act. "Mona! You are without a doubt crazy insane. How are you ever going to get away with this I'll never know?" Becky stammered.

"Ha! You ain't seen nothing yet!" The Modern-day PT Barnum sang. "You just wait and see. Remember that woman that was all insistent on getting close to Sheena when you were here on Halloween?"

Becky shook her head; very suspicious of what Mona was conspiring to do.

"Well. I made sure she was here today when you came in, and the little darling brought at least half a dozen of her coffee club friends with her. Amazing what a little promise of an additional 10% will do to a woman's head."

Mona paused while Becky's mind was clicking a million miles a minute trying to figure out what Mona was up to.

"If my assumptions are correct, she is busy telling all her friends who you are, and they in turn are phoning their friends telling them to get their buns down here, because Sheena is shopping here again... Pretty slick eh?"

But Mona." Becky pleaded. "I really wanted to do some shopping. You have such nice things here and I was really looking forward to trying some of them on. I can hardly do that while being besieged for requests for autographs and pictures."

"Oh. Don't you worry about a thing. Ole Moner has that one covered too. You just listen to what I have to announce to the store and you will see that you will be able to shop in 'relative peace' here today." Mona made a back and forth see-sawing motion with her had indicating relative. "Now you just stay right here, and listen to my announcement."

Becky shrugged and tilted her eyes skyward as Mona opened the fitting room door. Standing directly in front of the door guarding it was Pip. There was no way in the world that anybody was getting passed her without permission.

Mona stepped away from the door and quickly clapped her hands twice to get everyone's attention. Ladies! Good Afternoon ladies. Welcome to my little open house. Word has no doubt spread of my special guest's arrival. My guest would like to able to shop amongst you all in peace and quiet without all the fuss... If? You will let her that is... She has requested that there will be no pictures, and that she will not be signing autographs either. I have made arrangements for a few promotional photos to be taken through out the afternoon and they will be available to you if you so desire at a later date... Just let the consultants helping you know that when you are up at the till and they will put your name down on the list. Does that sound agreeable?"

Mona paused for the crowd's reaction. Noticing a sea of nods she continued. "Now in order for this to happen we must all behave like mature adults. For security reasons I also think it would be best that we try not to use our guests name too loudly today… If the rest of the area merchants were to find out about this, then I'm afraid we all would be upset, because a certain Scottish Songbird would be forced to leave and nobody would get the chance to say hello. So do I have your solemn promise that you will let our guest shop in peace?"

Mona didn't need to look at the assembled shoppers to know the answer, it was obvious by the thunderous applause the well-heeled ladies were making at the opportunity that had just been presented. Turning on her heels, Mona went back into the room, as Pip took her position in front of the door again.

Mona and Becky were relaxing enjoying a fresh cuppa. Waiting a reasonable amount of time before 'Sheena' made her entrance. Pip had been playing bodyguard the whole time outside the door. She stood there with a stern look on her face hands crossed in front of her. A casual passer-by could barely notice the small cream coloured earplug in Pips right ear or the curly cord that descended from behind her ear to disappear down the collar of her dusty pink silk blouse. Many of the stores patrons were kept at bay by such a formidable sight.

Nancy Rodgers, pretentious wife of the communications giant was still holding court over her rapidly increasing group of 'close personal friends' when the fitting room door opened.

Becky gave Pip a wink and the security guard and the client formed into a complete unit as she began to casually look at all the designer name fashions that were all on sale for today's event. Mona had assigned a young trainee consultant to be 'Sheena's' personal helper for the day. The barely out of high school girl was blushing proudly all afternoon as she bent over backwards to help her famous customer.

Every so often one of the braver shoppers would find some reason to saunter past the pair on a pretence of finding the right thing, that just happen to be right next to where 'Shenna' was standing. Becky would smile warmly at each of their hello's and ask them how their day was going, and yes wasn't Mona's such a fabulous shoppe.

Between trips to the change room, every article of clothing that Becky tried on and wished she could afford was being carefully hung away by the eager clerk. Whenever some of the more status-climbing woman would notice what 'Sheena', was selecting, they would scurry over to the same rack and pick up the very same thing that she was about to try on. After all, they could brag to their friends, Sheena Easton has this exact same dress. I was there when she purchased it.

Some time later Mona approached Becky and asked her if she would pose for a few photos in front of the cash desk with her and some of the staff. With a frightened giggle Becky complied. She posed as best she could flashing her best Hollywood smile.

Mona decided to get a little more mileage out of the promo, and reward one of her most lucrative clients. After all it was her help that made today a smashing success, even though she was unaware of the part she played in today's performance.

"Nancy!" Mona announced from across the room. "Nancy. Could you come here for a moment please? Our guest." Mona cleared her throat upon mentioning the word guest. "Our guest would like to know if you would like to be in a picture for her scrap book." Mona bit the inside of her lip to stop from laughing. She knew that Nancy Rodgers would kill her first born to enhance her social standing anytime she saw the opportunity.

"Oh I would love to be in a picture with OUR GUEST!" The plastic consumer loudly proclaimed, just in case someone had missed her being asked. 'Sheena' asked for an extra copy of the photo and Nancy said she wanted a whole stack of the photos. Mona was quick to comply with the request. After all it was Mona's company Robert's Fine Photography that was recording the entire day's event. Nancy Rodgers was always good for another buck or two when it came to increasing the limelight around her.

Pip began to notice signs of Becky's fatigue. Suggesting that she sit down for a bit, she escorted 'Sheena' to the staff lounge area. Pip fed her some more Dalaudid and a sip of water before covering her up with a safety blanket she liberated from the nearby first aid kit. Pip told Mona that Becky was resting in the room and Mona in turn left word that under no circumstances was their guest to be disturbed.

'Sheena's' personal shopper was not to be dispirited, she volunteered to stand guard outside the room while Pip checked out the petites section. Smiling Pip thanked the employee for her help today. Soon she had found a few outfits that she possible couldn't live without, especially after Mona let Pip know that Bob had arranged to pay for everything they picked out today.

"Becky doesn't know it yet but everything she tried on today and liked has been placed to once side and I will arrange to have it all delivered at the start of the week. Same with what ever you select as well Pip."

Mona and Pip, after fighting the growing crowd, were casually sampling the remnants of the hors d'oeuver's that Mona had provided for today's event when Pip's faithful timekeeper beeped. "Excuse me please Mona. I have to go take care of something."

Pip quietly roused her slumbering friend. "Hi. How are you?" She softly asked.

"Where am I?" Unsure of the strange surroundings, Becky continued. "What time is it?"

"Almost time to go. It just turned four now." Her friend assured her.

"My pills. I need to take my meds." Becky exclaimed, now more wide-awake.

"Don't worry got them right here." Pip assured her as she handed Becky a disposable cup of cold water and her next load of drugs.

Becky proceeded to get up from the couch, as she stated. "I have to pay for my dress and that scarf I picked out before we go."

Quick to the point, Pip replied. "Already taken care of."

"Oh thanks Pip how much do I owe you?"

"Now by me. Mona said they were yours for being such a good sport today."

"Aw. That was sweet of her. I must thank her before we leave. Right now I need to use the washroom. I must look a fright." She said as her hands were trying to tame the long unruly honey blonde mass.

"You do that and I'll be right back. I need to let Mona know we are leaving and the car needs to be brought around front.

Mona came rushing in to the room moments before Becky had finished the repairs to here makeup. "Oh Becky! I could just kiss you!" She gushed, reaching for the startled woman. "Today is the best day on record for individuals sales, and it's not even done yet... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Mona exclaimed as she was hugging Rebecca much too tightly. "Thanks to you and Pip you have made today a terrific success."

"Your welcome. I guess. I really didn't do anything. I almost wrecked you promotion by refusing to deceive everyone." Becky apologized.

"You are so silly sometimes!" Mona remarked. "It's your friendly attitude and willingness to help out that made today such a huge hit."

Pip returned moments later, back in bodyguard mode. "Ready to go?" she asked Becky.

Becky shook her head. "Ya I guess so."

Pip then gave 'Sheena' her instructions as to what she was going to do, precisely! "When I open this door you will follow behind me at a brisk pace! You will not stop for any reason! No matter what any one says! You just smile and keep walking. You go out the front door and immediately get in the car! The chauffeur will close it and you will immediately lock it! You got it?" Pip looked very serious the whole time she was giving 'Sheena' her instructions.

"Aren't you being just a little melodramatic about this whole thing?" Becky joked.

Becky! There must be 80 or so people out there, all waiting for you to appear so they can say bye to you. Who knows how many more are waiting outside on the sidewalk... You will do as I tell you or, there is going to be a riot the likes of which you will regret for years to come.... Okay? So just do as I tell you and everything will be all right. Please Becky. Trust me. I know what I'm doing."

Becky conceded. "Okay... If you say so. But I still don't see how all these people think I'm some rock star. We don't even look the same. She is a lot shorter than I am, and she doesn't even have blonde hair."

"Oh Becky?" Mona interrupted. Uncurled in the shop keeper's hands was a promotional photo of the very same star, and sure enough she had blonde hair, dyed for a guest spot she was doing for a TV series shot here in Vancouver.

"OH MY GOD!' Becky exclaimed. What Pip and Mona were telling her was true. She did look close enough like Sheena to be easily mistaken for her.

After a few more seconds of consoling a now visibly shaking Becky, Pip announced. "On three. Ready. One, two, thre-"

The door opened and Pip started walking 'Sheena' was right behind her as Mona brought up the rear. Most of the sales staff was busy preparing a path for the trio, so they could beat as direct line to the door as fast as possible. Meanwhile the bargain hunters and social elite had spotted the dash for the door. The room erupted in thunderous applause that could easily be heard out on the street by the fans that had gathered out there to catch a glimpse of a famous rock star.

Without a hitch 'Sheena', Pip and Mona made it to the safety of the stretch Lincoln. The driver sealed them securely inside before quickly accelerating away from the curb.

When Becky looked around out the back window to see the diminishing crowd, she observed Mona waving to her as the fans pried her for information.

Pip now started to relax a bit, as the tense moment was now behind them. Soon the seclusion and safety of Xanadu loomed before them.

They had a very interesting day to say the least. They had done almost three solid hours of shopping in one of the most exclusive Shoppe's on the west coast, and didn't even have a single thing to show for all their efforts. Mona had promised to send their purchases over to them later.

"I think I'm going to have a bath and relax." Becky announced as she shed her high heels crossing the deep Berber carpet on the way to her room.

"Good idea. I think I'll have a quick shower and out on something more comfortable... What' a ya want fer dinner?" Pip asked, the disappearing ex-rock star.

"I have no idea. You decide. I'm not even hungry. All I can think about right now is a nice relaxing bath." She said her voice trailing off at the end as she entered the ensuite.

"Well, I guess that answers that then." Pip said to no one in particular as she started off down the hall to her room.

Pip stood in front of the commercial size stainless steel refrigerator and tried to get some inspiration for the evening meal. She had put on her work out suit made from parachute silk with a cotton liner; it was pink of course. Her still damp hair was casually pulled back on her scalp with the help of a pink alice band. Staring into the depths had not helped her make up her mind as to what type of nutritious and satisfying meal she could prepare.

"What are you making?" The blonde voice behind her asked.

"Don't know yet. I was waiting for inspiration."

"Well don't you think it would be more impressive to the fridge gods if you were on your knees when you asked for the help?" Becky joked.

"SOT!" Pip shot back.

"Pardon me? What is sot?" Becky inquired, she had never heard of that dish before.

"It means, stick out tongue. You know just like if you would actually doing it."

"Well why wouldn't you just do it instead of just saying it?" A confused Becky asked.

"Because, It's used in written and verbal communications where there is no direct line of sight between the two people involved. The other person knows how you feel by the way you respond to their last transmission." Pip explained

"Oh." Becky acknowledged it was all clear as mud to her.

Pip saw the confusion in Becky's face and continued. "You use it a lot in computer talking. There are a lot of short forms they get used instead of writing out the whole thing. For example if a person wanted to say I'll see you later. They would type. C, U, L, 8, R. See you later.

It now made a bit more sense to Becky. She decided to make a little joke of it, not wishing to show her lack of knowledge about the confusing electronic devices. "O, K, W, A, T, Z, 4, S, U, P, R. she giggled all proud of her little joke.

Pip quick on the ball zipped back. "Nothing for you. If you aren't good."

"SOT!" Becky exclaimed as she tilted her head to one side and threw out her shoulder just as an impertinent child might do.

Pip snorted and Becky giggled.

After quite some time of discussing the evening meal the 'deadly duo' sat down to a nice dinner of grilled chicken breasts lightly coated in a mild (?) Thai sauce, some stir fried veggies, and of course one of Pip's famous energy drinks.

The dinner was being digested and the wash up completed, the friends were relaxing in front of the TV, absently paying little attention to what was on. Becky was almost asleep when she was jolted awake by the announcement on the TV

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled programe to bring you this important news break. This is Alex Merren reporting to you from our studios here in Burnaby. We now go live on location with Kimberly Fox... Kim. Can you tell us what is happening?

"Well as you can see, the police have co-ordinated off several blocks at and around the Metro Town skytrain station. It appears as though there has been a stabbing in a hold up at a newsstand at the station. Also I am being told that there was an elderly woman assaulted and her purse stolen as well. Police suspect that this was also the same person who attempted to rob the kiosk. They have basically shut down this end of the station and there is virtually no traffic coming in or going out at this present moment. I am also being told that police are now searching door to door in an attempt to apprehend the person responsible for the cowardly act."

"Kim. Is there any word on the state of the shopkeeper?"

"Police are not releasing any information on that as of yet. I have learned that he is a 68 yr old disabled male. The ambulance took him away just moments ago, but at this time I am not aware of his condition."

"What about the woman? How is the woman who had her purse stolen?"

"From what I have been able to gather so far she is unharmed just a little shook up. She is presently giving the police information about the assault."

Kim held her hand to her left ear for a second and pauses as she closes her eyes.

"I am now being told by my source that she is working with a sketch artist and there should be a composite drawing available of the subject shortly."

"Are there any other witnesses that observed the assault?"

"As you can see the police are interviewing everyone they can find as to, just, exactly, what they saw. I know have Constable Robert Horseman, of the Burnaby RCMP Victim's Crime Unit standing before me... Constable, what can you tell us about the would be attacker."

"Hi Kim. It seems from what we have been able to gather so far that we are looking for a white male. He is described as being, 6,2 to 6,4 in height. About 180 to 200 lbs. muscular. He has closely cropped brown hair. He also has a small gold cross earring in his left ear. He is wearing black jeans; a Los Angeles Raiders work out jacket and what appears to be expensive cross trainers. He was last seen on the sky train platform." Horseman paused. "That is all I am able to tell you at this moment."

At he mention of the earring in the left ear Pip's attention went from mildly curious to extremely intent. " That sounds like Myers. He has a gold cross earring and the description fits."

"Is it possible that the suspect may have jumped on the skytrain and is now miles away from here? Kim asked.

"It is possible, and we are not ruling out that possibility."

Kim continued to milk the overworked constable for information. "What about the condition of the shop keeper?"

"At this time we are unable to ascertain his condition. There was a considerable amount of blood loss. You will know more about his condition as I am updated."

Is there anything else you can tell us about him?"

"At this point in time I cannot, pending notification of next of kin." Constable Horseman guessed Kim's next question and continued. "The elderly woman that was also attacked is in good condition and was, as far as I know, unharmed in the incident... That is all the information I have at present."

"Thank you Constable Horseman." Turning back towards the camera Kim continued. "Well as you can see. The police are presently on the hunt for the man that committed this terrible act of violence on two senior citizens." The professional newscaster then paused for effect before ending her transmission. "This is Kimberly Fox. Reporting to you live on location, from the Metro Town skytrain station."

"Thank you Kim. CTV will continue to bring you updates on the ongoing investigations as we get them. Stay tuned for the full story on the 11 o'clock news, with Katie DeVille. This is Alex Merren. And you have been watching a CTV special news presentation. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programe.

"Phooey!" Pip muttered under her breath.

Becky sensing her friends distress at the news broadcast asked, "Pip. What's wrong? What's the matter? Are you upset at the news broadcast? It's over now."

Oh. It's ok Becky I'm all right. I'm just upset at senseless violence." She lied. "How about a cup of tea, and maybe we can see if there are any of those cookies left that Bob bought. If you haven't scoffed them all." She teased to lighten the mood.

"ME? How about you! I noticed you didn't think they were poison. How many have you had?" An insulted Becky stated as a tasselled accent pillow sailed across the room in Pip's direction.

Without conscious thought Pip seized the flying object in mid air, spun on her heels and fired it back at Becky at a much higher velocity. Becky squeaked just as the upholstered puff struck her directly in the chest. She recovered her balance and was now lobbing pillows at Pip's quickly receding backside as the duo sped across the room.

Pixie and the Princess were just polishing off the last of the tea when the Saturday Showcase Movie was interrupted. Pip scrambled for the remote to turn up the volume on the large HDTV hanging on the wall.

"…is Alex Merren. Bringing you an update on the robbery and assault earlier this evening at Burnaby's Metro Town Skytrain Station. Police have released this composite drawing of the suspect in this evenings attack"

As the image flashed onto the screen Pip all but dropped her teacup as Becky gasped.

"Oh my god! Pip it's him it's the guy from the store last week. That guy, you know... Oh Pip it's him. I know it is. Look!" A rather agitated Becky exclaimed.

Pip casually returned her cup and saucer to the accent table beside her seat and announced, "I need to make a phone call. Be right back."

Alex Merren continued to drone on. "Police are asking residents of the area or anyone who may have information concerning this crime to call the Crime Stoppers Hot Line at, 604,280 8477. That's 604, 280,TIPS. If you are calling long distance your call is toll free at 1800,280 TIPS. Once again that's 1800,280 8477... We are now going live on location to the Burnaby Skytrain station with an update on the situation from Kimberly Fox. Kim are you there?"

"Yes I am Alex."

"Kim what can you tell us about this incident? Have there been any further developements?"

Well Alex. As our listeners now know. There has been a sketch released by the Burnaby detachment of the man they are now actively seeking. The police are at this time not releasing too much information at the moment as they feel that doing so may tip their hand."

"What about the man that was stabbed? Is there any information on him? What is his condition?"

"I have been told that he is in critical condition in the Burnaby General, and the authorities are being very tight lipped on what his chances are. He may not survive the night. His wife and children have been notified. And are with him at this moment. Other than that there is little I can tell you about him."

"Kim has there been any discussion as to why this happened? Was it a robbery gone bad, or was it a deliberate attack on seniors that seem to be far too common these days?"

"Police are unsure at this moment as to the motivation behind the attacks. They will confirm that drugs were involved in this matter. Alex I now have with Constable Horseman of the Burnaby detachment. Once again Constable is there anything you can tell us abo-"

Becky hit the mute button as Pip returned to the room her face a little ashen. Becky knew it was because of the private phone call she just made. "Pip? Are you okay? It's him isn't it? The guy from the store, it's him right?"

"Yes I'm afraid it is Beck. I informed the authorities of the information I had and our involvement. They are going to check it out and call me back."

"Why would he do something like that? He stabbed an old man and stole that old woman's purse. That is just so wrong. I just don't understand it." A very confused and worried Becky complained.

"I don't know either, Beck. We both knew that Myers wasn't the smartest fish in the pond before this, but, he is really going to do some time in jail now, especially if the old guys dies.

"It's just stupid. That old lady probably didn't have much more on her than bus fare. He would rob her for a few dollars, it sounds pretty senseless to me."

"Becky. I have never been able to understand the violent nature of men to begin with. A lot of them feel that, woman are here for only one thing, their personal pleasure. When you feel that way about the female of the species, it's not that far a reach to not have any respect for any one else's life either. Also remember that newscaster, Kim, thingy ma bob, what ever her name is, she said drugs were involved. Maybe Myers was stoned and went a little crazy."

Pip sat beside her friend and 'huggled' her as they stared at the TV with no sound.


Sunday morning dawned and the duo decided that a bit of a gym workout would make them feel better. A quick call to Christy and Maggie and a time was set for a good solid aerobics workout. Pip worked them mercilessly and by the end of it both Christy and Becky had been convinced that they felt so much better now. The pair dragged themselves into the kitchen as Maggie and Pip redid the exercise again only in real time this go round.

As Christy and Becky say enjoying a good cuppa, and both wishing they were 20 years younger, Christy decided it was time to ask Becky a few questions that she had been pondering about for some tome now.

"Go ahead. I'll answer as best I can." Becky replied.

"Well I was just wondering." Christy started, trying very hard not to sound like a lawyer during discovery. "You said you were over here from the island to get some treatments. What are you being treated for?"

"Christy I have hepatic cancer. I am here for chemo. That is why my friend is living with my and why I have leased this place."

"At the risk of sound bold, how far into your treatment are you?"

"I had my first session Monday last." Becky replied looking a little sad remembering the effects of the last week and what she was looking forward to in her future.

Christy reached over and held Becky's hand in the way that woman the world over can sense a friends pain and let them know that they are there for them and that they care.

"I want you to know that whatever myself or Maggie can do to help you, we will. Anything at all. If you need something picked up at the Safeway or you need a ride somewhere, or if you just need someone to talk to over a cup of tea, all you have to do is call. Okay?"

"Thank you Christy that is very kind."

"Hey. We are neighbours, it's what good neighbours do."

The tender moment was invaded by the singing of two young people who had far too much energy. Pip and Maggie entered the kitchen belting out their version of Avril Laveine's Skater Boy. The grand finale included a big giggle and a round of 'high fives'

"High five mom!" Maggie shouted holding out her arm so that weary Christy could slap it away. "High five Becky." She said repeating the same performance.

Pip poured the sweaty youths a big tall glass of carrot, orange & mango juice and they sat at the other two chairs at the table.

"Mom. Can we get an exercise bike like Becky's got? I promise to use it all the time, and you can use it too Mom. So can we? Pip say's they don't cost a lot. She said they are relatively cheap. So can we Mom? Please?" Maggie drew out the last word in order to enforce her resolve at the request.

"We'll see." The universal mother stalling tactic, mothers use the world over. "Right! Now young lady, we both need a shower before one of us gets confused with being a stinkpot. So come on let's get those little buns of yours in gear."

"Thank you for letting us use your exercise stuff Becky."

"Your welcome Maggie. Anytime."

"Thank you for showing me those 'tie kwand o' moves Pip. Ashley will have a big surprise next times he tries to push me down."

"No problem Maggers." Pip shot back as she gave the exuberant preteen another 'high five'.

"Thanks for letting us work out today Becky, and thank you Pip for showing how much better I would feel after a good strenuous work out. If I felt any better, I don't think I could stand it." Christy said as she mockingly limped to the entrance.

It was decided after a couple hours of bathing priming and preening that 'The Duo" would go for a drive and retrieve Pip's car from car park storage. Pip was not all that comfortable that her little pink RX7, "Boopsie" was in an East Van. Storage lot, even if it was patrolled. She developed that feeling the very first day her and Martin dropped the car off, and she noticed the gang graffiti spray painted on the walls inside the patrolled area. Much better that 'Boopsie" be close to her in the garage at Xanadu. After all, there was ever so much room Becky argued.

She approached the booth, the sound of industrial rock pouring from it was almost deafening. Pip produced her ticket for claim for the attendant. The pimply-faced youth looked like he hadn't seen a decent bed in weeks, "Drugs!" Pip thought. That would explain the slovenly appearance, the constantly sniffling nose, the dark eyes that showed almost no iris and the dank smell of mildew. "I'm glad I'm getting my car out of this place."

"Well. Ok. Like you see. (sniff) Like I'm like sorta here by myself right now. My partner is, um, gone for lunch. (sniff) and, he won't like, be back for like, maybe five, ten minutes yet." The obviously agitated youth stated as he looked at the cheap plastic watch for the third time since the conversation began. (sniff) "So you like, are gonna hafta come back if you want someone to get your car, cuz I (sniff) can't leave this place." (sniff)

"Right! How about I go up there and get the car myself? You have already been paid for the rental and if you tell me it's location my friend will drive us up there and I will get my car and be on your way, by then your friend should be back with your 'lunch' and everything will be okay?

"Uh. Sure I guess so lady. Uh (sniff) just let me like find out where it is (sniff) okay?"

"Fine I'll just wait right here while you do that."

"(sniff) Okay. Like I got it. But I'm gonna need some 'ID', just in case you're like car thieves or (sniff) somethin'."

Pip smiled slyly as she looked at the youth. She was going to enjoy this next part. She casually slipped her hand inside her trademark leather jacket and pulled out the brown leather "ID" wallet that had her RCMP identification, and flipped it open in front of the youth's eyes. "Will this do?"

The poor kid didn't know whether to spit, go blind, or just die on the spot. He just stood there with a shocked look on his face as if he just met his redeemer in the fresh. Pip easily fished the claim check and keys from the youth's hand, while he just stood there speechless. Without thanking him, she turned on her heels and returned to the Sleek S80 Volvo.

"Becky. Do me a favour, don't say a word, stare at that kid with a mean look on your face." Pip directed putting the car in gear to begin the spiral climb to retrieve 'Boopsie'.

Just before the car rounded the first bend Becky observed the youth grab his cell phone and frantically began to punch in a number. By the time they had reached the third level they suddenly were faced with what appeared to be street kids, scurrying in every direction. Pip softly chuckled to her self; she had disrupted the real business of this car park. Even if it was only for a few brief minutes, it still felt good. Finally they reached level five. Pip drove the luxury auto, much more slowly now searching for her little baby. Stopping in front of a pillar she told Becky. "There she is. I'll go start it up and you slide over her into the drivers seat and take the wheel."

"Okay." Becky would soon wish that, she had done exactly as Pip directed, but she didn't. Becky got out of the passenger side of the car and walked around the back of the vehicle to get into the drivers door. That was when she got the biggest fright of her life. A hand came around her mouth and she felt a large presence grab her from behind and drag her into the shadows.

"Don't make a fuckin sound, or I'll run you thru." The voice growled from behind her. Becky could felt hat there was definitely something pointed poking her rib cage.

"Well now. If it ain't one of the fuckin' sluts that started this whole fuckin' mess. Not so brave now. Are you? Where's the other slut? Out blowing some junkie from some crack? You don't need to answer. Because you can't." He smirked. " You know what FUCK PIE. You are my ticket outta here. You and me is gonna get in that fancy little car of yours over there and we are gonna take a ride. And when we are safely out of the city. I might decide to let you go... After I FUCK YOU! That is. Hell you'll probably enjoy it having a real man stretch that little whoring pussy of yours."

"LET HER GO MYERS!" Said the demanding voice less than 20' from where they were standing. "I'M THE ONE YOU WANT. After all I was that one that kicked your faggotty fat ass in front of your friends. Come on. Let's see if you are any better this time now that you have a fair chance, and a knife to boot."

"Why Should I? I got what I fucking want right here anyway. But if you want to see your friend live. Then you are going to do something for me."

"I highly doubt that Myers. Give it up. You are not going to win." Pip announced as she began to circle her prey.

"Oh Really! You fuckin' think so eh?"

Becky let out a small involuntary squeak at she felt the knife sink deep into her body. She knew that the knife had cut her. The pain was too deep and lasting too long for it to be just a little poke.

"HEY SLUT! Your friend here is bleeding. You still want to negotiate with me as to what the fuck you think I'm gonna do?"

With even more resolve Pip continued. "LET HER GO MYERS! It ends right here! Right now! Give up now and you walk away! Hurt my friend and you will never see sunshine again! " Little did Myers now that Pip had toggled a switch on her small phone to activate the beacon sending a direct signal to 911 Officer needs assistance.

"I don't think so! Myers laughingly joked. "The way I see it I hold all the cards, and you got squat! I want you to get the keys from that car and open the trunk. Go on. DO IT!"

Becky gasped as once again Myers knife thrust another hole in her now blood stained top.

"OKAY! Don't hurt her anymore." Pip held her hands up in front of her body to indicate she was no longer a threat. She slowly walked over to the Volvo, never once taking her eyes off of Frank the entire time.

She retrieved the keys and proceeded to walk back over to Myers with them swinging from her fingers. She purposely made them swing back and forth to get the assailant's attention just as she got with 10 feet of the pair. Pip quickly tossed the keys thru the open space of the car park and down to the ground outside. As predicted Frank Myers eyes followed the keys. His plan was suddenly going all-wrong.

This was the break Pip was waiting for with all the force she could muster she planted both of her feet into Myers surprised face. As he reacted to the massive amount of potential energy just released upon his face he fell back against the wall. Myers bleeding and spitting out teeth was MAD NOW! Pip smiled and motioned for the burly male to come on. As he rushed towards her the martial arts master flipped her self over Myers body and was now behind him. Before Frank's miniscule male brain could decipher what had just happened, one of his knees had suddenly given way to by a kick from Pip.

Determined now more than ever. Myers quickly swung round with one of his massive paws and missed his target by miles, Pip was trained, she knew better than to stay within target range unless attacking.

"Come on big MAN! Surely you can do better than that. You aren't going to let a little girl like me beat up a big strong MAN like you, are you?" She taunted placing special emphasis on the word man. This time when he lunged, Pip side stepped him and used the force of his advance to crash him head on into a concrete pillar. She then delivered a good solid kick to the large mans ribs. She knew it was solid, She heard the crack as she transmitted her foot deep into his body.

Myers now saw the discarded knife he had liberated from the sports shop he had been fired from only a week before. He lunged for it as Pip was distracted by a moan from Becky.

"Hey, hey, now SLUT!" He chuckled. "Let's see how good you are now."

Pip momentarily closed her eyes as if saying a small prayer as Myers made his last desperate move towards her. With deep resolve Pip let the man get with in her protected circle before acting, "This one was going to be close, but it ends now", she thought. Moments before the knife was to make contact with it's target. Pip turned and redirected the force of it deep into Myers groin. As he screamed from the sudden pain, Pip wasted no time in delivering one of her knees into Myers exposed chin. Another well-placed kick took out his other knee. When Myers crumpled to the concrete floor clutching the remnants of his manhood, Pip delivered the final blow. With a high-pitched squeal she planted both of her feet deep into Myers chest. The fight was over.

Pip rushed to Becky's side while pulling her cell from its little holder attached to her belt loop. As she knelt to comfort her friend she frantically hit the send button requesting an ambulance at the car parks address. Pip removed her jacket and propped up Becky's head with it. She pressed her hand against her friend's wounds; Becky winced at the added pain and pressure. "Hold on. Baby. Help is on the way." She told her friends as the tears streamed down her face.

Becky looked sleepily up into her saviour's eyes. "Is it over?"

"Yes Becky it's all over. He will never hurt anyone again."

Constable Thompson was the first to arrive the large Chevy's tires squealed rounding the corners.

"HOLY SHIT!" Were the first words to escape his mouth as he quickly scanned the area. He then noticed Pip crouched over Becky and quickly dashed to their side.

Looking up at Thompson Pip said, "What took ya?"

"Had to stop for coffee, and a donut." The veteran detective joked. Looking over at the now lifeless form crumpled on the floor. "Myers?" he asked.

Pip shook her head.

Thompson snapped his walkie-talkie from his belt and shouted into it. "Where's that damn ambulance?"

A voice on the other end replied. "Just arriving now sir"

"Well make sure it gets here on level five as fast as it can we have a critically wounded woman here and it looks like one DOA." Thompson looked over at his partner to confirm his suspicions.

"He doesn't look good Colin." Constable Thompson's partner Gavin Mac Gregor, announced as his latex covered hand was measuring what was left of Myers pulse.

"Make that two critically wounded, one a prisoner of the Vancouver Police."


"Ambulance will be here shortly. How's your friend holding out? He said as he took off his jacket and draped it over Becky's now shivering body.

The large refitted Ford 350 ambulance's lights painted a post psychedelic mosaic on the parking lot walls as it squeaked to a halt.

One of the attendants rushed over to Myers, where Constable Mac Gregor announced that this man was a prisoner of the Vancouver Police.

The other attended to Becky. He immediately noticed the Medic Alert bracelet that Rebecca was required to wear since her surgery last summer. It signified that she was positive HEP C, she was a liver transplant recipient, and that she was immunosuppressed.

The diligent paramedic began treating Becky's wounds as Pip helped by continuing direct pressure on the wound. Pip's hand was replaced by a large abdominal dressing, only to be returned to press down on top of that. Pip knew that risk she was taking being exposed directly to Rebecca's blood. She didn't care. Her friend's life was more important at the moment. The attendant gave her a smile, he knew how much Pip cared for her friend.

Both the attendants now had a very quick 'pow-wow' to discuss the triage of both casualties. Myers was life threatening. Stewart's was only serious. Myers would be transported first.

Both trained professionals loaded Frank Myers on to the gurney and slid him into the van. As one of the attendants began to hook up life support to the dying Myers, the other attendant, with Colin's help, was quickly assembling a portable stretcher to transport Becky. With Pip's hand still firmly attached to Becky's side she was loaded into the ambulance as well.

Just as the door was closing Pip yelled to Constable Thompson. "Colin! The keys for the car and my house, I had to toss them out the window over there." she indicated with her head.

"Don't worry Misty. We'll find them. I'll make sure you car is safe."

"Hold it!" she shouted to the attendant closing the door. "Colin. There are two cars. The pink RX7 is mine the Volvo is leased for Becky."

"Right! Got'cha!"

Within minutes the bulky vehicle was making headway to the emergency entrance of Vancouver General.

The attendant was very busily describing the situation to the nurse on post, so that they would be prepared for them when they arrived.

Becky was begining to loose consciousness as she saw the harsh florescent lights on the ceiling of the emergency room slide past her. She could barely hear Pip say, "Hold on, Becky you're gonna be okay."



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