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Rebecca Anne Stewart's


by Becky Stewart & Rickki

With thanks to: Christy Lake & Misty Dawn.




It was late that evening when Becky finally came to. Pip was sitting across two chairs with a blanket thrown over her staring out the window. As soon as Becky moaned, she forgot all about the view of the north shore mountains and rushed to her friend's bedside. Her friend tried to focus her eyes after returning from the most incredible dream she had ever had. Parts of it were so vivid and other parts were quickly fading in her still dream like state. As she concentrated on clarity, the only thing she could see was someone dressed in surgical scrubs. Presuming it was either a nurse or a doctor Becky began her inquiry.

"How am I?" She asked thru cracked lips.

"You're gonna be just fine." Pip's voice said.

"I must still be feeling the effects of the medication." Becky thought. "I could swear that Dr. sounds just like Pip."

"Becky. You okay?" Pip asked again.

She finally opened her eyes as much as she could; weary of the harsh light the fixture was raining down on her. Her eyes did not betray her now, for standing there dressed in mismatched blue/green was her friend and savior.

"Nice outfit." She croaked.

Pip reached and fed her a few sips of ice water. "Not too much!" She cautioned. "Nice and easy... You've had a big operation and the anesthetic has not worn off yet. I don't want you to be sick because your stomach is not awake yet.

"You gave us quite a scarre therre young lady." A very rumpled Leo Kearn's look alike announced. Becky looked over at the splitting image of Rumpole of the Bailey, complete with half glasses and yesterdays lunch spilled down the front of his tie. "Glad to see yourr back with us... My name is Doctorrr Morrtimerrr." The bushy eyed practitioner said, rolling his 'R's' for effect.

"Now. How arre you feeling? A little tirred? A little sore too I'll bet? Yes. Yes. Well that is to be expected and we should be able to fix those as well." He said with a 'harrumph' then continued.

"We got most of yourr history frrom the trransplant and cancer clinics. I do need to ask you some questions though." He paused again looking over his glasses at his captive audience before proceeding.

"Now. I need to confirrm the amount of morrphine you are presently taking and also dilaudid as well, wouldn't want to see you over dose herre in the hospital, now would we? No... I didn't think so."

I guess she wasn't supposed to answer that question because the good Doctor did not wait for a response. She was still smiling internally at the absurdity that a doctor who looked at though he had stepped right out of a Rumpole of The Bailey novel, could be a carbon copy and have the same last name as the author of the said novel.

As Becky was considering these things in her drug induced euphoria. Pip was quick to introduce herself and supply the medical practitioner the required information.

"Hmm! I see... and you Missy have been prrovinding carre for Miss Stewarrt everr since then I gatherr?"

Once again the doctor looked over his glasses at the patient before continuing. "Well young lady you have been verry lucky today. Although the punctures were quite deep, they did not do any significant damage to any majorr orrgans. Who everr decided to rearrange yourr interrnal goodies durring your trransplant may have done you a grreat serrvice."

Finally some good news, Becky smiled and Pip reached for her hand, and held it tight. She too was relieved to know that her friend was going to recover completely.

"Now we arre going to keep you herrre for a few days. Rregarrdless of your minorr wounds. You arre still not showing prroper balance in a few arreas of yourr blood worrk, and that concerrns me. So, you shall rremain a guest herrre at ourr lovely little inn for at least anotherr day orr two... I shall stop in to see you in the morrning. I will also leave a standing orrderr forr you at the nurrses station for Morrphine orr dilaudid if you wish. All you need do is tell the nurrse on duty that you arre in pain, and they will fix you up post haste. Now! I want you to get a good nights rrest. Therre arre some tests I wish to have rrun tomorrow, beforre yourr brreakfast... Have you any questions?"

Mortimer peered over his specks barely giving Becky time to answer his question.

"Good then I shall see you in the AM." As quickly as he appeared Dr. Mortimer had disappeared.

Well. That was morrrrre than interrrresting." Pip joked, imitating the Doctors enunciation.

Becky snorted just before Pip. Then they both started the giggles. Somehow the laughter turned to tears as all the tension of the day had suddenly been released.

"Oh god I am so happy you are okay." Pip sniffled. "When Myers stabbed you it was all I could do to stay focused. All I wanted to do was kill him for hurting you."

"How is Myers?" Becky asked. Concerned about a human life, even one as screwed up as Frank's was, was still important to Becky.

"Well, he is stable. But I do think he will ever have children. From what I have found out from Colin, he lost a fair amount of his manhood when he stabbed himself." As far as Pip was concerned this was no great loss to the species, in fact she may have just done the world a favour by ending that gene pool.

Pip handed Becky her water glass, and fished out some more ice chips for her to suck on. "Oh I almost forgot. You missed The Valenti sisters while you were sleeping. They trooped in here about an hour ago and left just as you woke up. What a strange family that one is. I don't think either one of them said a word much passed hello the whole time they were here. They just all held hands with you in the middle and hummed. It was all pretty spooky if you ask me."

"The dream!" Becky deciphered. "Mama and her sisters. They were the ones that made that happen"

Pip was still droning on about the strange goings on of the clairvoyant trio when Becky changed the topic. "Squeak?" Becky started calling Pip, Squeak some days ago when during a bout of the giggles, Pip actually squeaked. Becky couldn't resist it because Pip and Squeak just fit together to well.

"Squeak. Why are you wearing hospital clothes?

"They're called scrubs, Becky."

"Why are you wearing scrubs?"

"Because, my clothes were ruined and I haven't had a chance to go home and change yet."

Becky started to cry. Slowly at first but quickly increased. "Oh Pip I am so sorry." She wailed.

"Becky it's not your fault." Pip told her as she began hugging the distraught woman back.

"Yes it is. If I had done what you told me, none of this would have happened. If I had only just slid across the seat like you told me to do. Then al o--"

"Oh yes it would have Becky!" Pip exclaimed cutting her off in mid sentence. "Except it might have happened to a little old lady and Myers might have done something far worse to her. We might not have been involved, but it was still going to happen. And that is not your fault! Myers is a pig! An animal. His kind doesn't deserve to be in society. They should all be locked away where they can't hurt anyone ever again."

A now blubbering Becky begged. "But, your outfit. It's ruined. I know it was your favourite."

Pip giggled. "Becky you are funny. I can always get a new outfit. Its just clothes. The important thing is you are going to be all right. Okay? Now I think it's time you got a bit of rest. So slide down into the bed and you have a little nap. I'll talk to you in a little while." She then kissed Becky's forehead like a mother would to a sleepy child. Pip thought that Becky would soon be sleeping as she returned to her post.


"Yes Becky?"

"Have you told Bob yet?"

Pip suddenly thought of the ramifications of that. As calmly as she could she answered her friends question. "No I haven't."

"Are you going to?"

"Don't see as how I have a lot of choice there Beckers."

"He's gonna flip." The tired voice stated.

"Yup!" Pip sighed.


Pip was awakened to the sounds of the hospital waking after another long restless night. She glanced at her chronograph and noted "06:35. I must have slept four hours straight.. Jeesh my back sure feels like it. Phooey!" Misty's attention was now drawn to her friends bedside. Becky still lay slumbering. Pip searched her mind for the correct time that Becky had woken and needed more morphine in a hurry. That must have been around 1:30 she deduced. While she was standing there gazing at her friends sleeping form, Becky's nurse who would be going off shift in the next few minutes joined Pip.

"How's she doing?" She softly asked.

"Still sleeping." Pip replied. Ah, Lucy. Thanks for all your help last night. You were really quick."

"That's okay Pip. I sorta figured she would need a shot, it was over 5 hrs since her last dosage, so I knew when she woke up she would be hurting. By the way, the charge nurse has authorized her 25 cc of clinical morphine every 4 hrs if she needs it. All she has to do is ask, and it will be here."

"Thanks again Lucy." Pip stated she meant it.

Lucy then looked at her sleeping patient and stroked her face. "So peaceful. It's a shame I have to wake her up."

"Why do you have to wake her?" The troubled friend inquired in a stage whisper.

"Sorry. I have to check her vitals, and she will probably wake up when I do it... I have to get the machine to do that and I'll ask the charge nurse to prepare another dosage for your friend, at the same time.... Be right back."

Pip looked down at Becky's resting form. "That is a shame. She is resting so comfortably."

Lucy returned shortly with the little cart that had all the gizmos she would need to complete the chore of taking Becky's vitals. She had slipped the little tweezers over her finger to monitor her pulse rate and was wrapping the blood pressure cuff around her slim arms when Becky's eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning Sunshine. Did you have a good sleep?" Lucy sang to her patient. Becky nodded very slowly then winced. "Just be patient Luv. I'll take care of that in a second... I just need to finish this first." Moments later she had the info safely stored on the machines little computer. Lucy reached over to the tray she had with her and after confirming the correct dosage, administered the clinical morphine thru Becky's IV.

Rebecca looked over at her friend who was holding her other hand and smiled thank you before her heavy eyes closed again.

"She'll probably sleep for another 20 minutes or so. If you wanna get a cup of coffee, and wash your face you should have plenty of time." Lucy instructed Pip.

"Thanks Lucy. A cuppa' tea and a bit of water would probably do me a world of wonders."

Pip was back in time to see a 'groggy' Rebecca return to us once again.

"Hi. How are ya?"

"Like I got hit by a bus."

"HA! You should see the bus." Pip joked. Pip held her friends hand as the quietly chatted. "Dracula was here while you were sleeping and stole a bunch of your blood."

"Oh. Funny I didn't feel a thing. I hope she didn't leave a mark." Becky joked reaching for her neck.

The two friends chatted about simple mundane things for a while. After some time Pip announced. "How would you like a little sponge bath? I'll bet that would make you feel a lot better."

Becky shook her head as she closed her eyes. "Yes. A bath would make me feel a lot better." Becky thought.

Pip returned with a stainless steel bowl full of warm sudsy water. There were a few towels thrown over her shoulder and she was carrying soap and a couple of face clothes. She began to carefully wash Rebecca's face with the cloth ever so gently before proceeding on to her neck, arms and hands. She was careful to pat dry all the parts before continuing on to the next one. Pip reached behind Becky's neck and undid the string holding the gooney gown shut. Making sure that the door to her room was closed she careful slid the gown off Rebecca's arms and tossed it to one side. Pip then continued on with her little bath. She carefully looked at Becky's dressing for any signs of seepage and smiled when it still looked fairly fresh. Soon Becky was fully washed and she had a clean gown on. Pip had just finished tying it back on her and was emptying the basin when Dr. Mortimer walked into the room.

Although he was wearing different clothes than yesterday, he still looked like he'd been wearing this outfit for several days.

"Good Morrrning Miss Stewarrrt! How arrre you this lovely day? Did you have a good rrest?" He really wasn't all that interested in Becky's answers because his attention was more focused on what the 3 ring binder in his hand told him. A few 'hmmms, and uh huh's', and the good doctor began speaking to her again.

"Now my dearrr. Lets have a look at my worrrk please... Rrroll overr on to yourr side and we shall just have a little boo, shall we? Hmm?"

He carefully pulled back the dressing and had a quick look at her wound. "Well it seems to be healing quite nicely. You! Arre a verry forrtunately woman my dearrr. An inch or two lowerr and you could have been in much morre serrious trrouble than you werrre... Yes. Well I think I've seen all I need to see forr now. Just leave that like that forr a moment and I will have the nurse changed that forr you, and give you a frresh drrressing."

"Dr. Mortimer?" The weak voice asked.


Dr. Mortimer. I was scheduled for my second session of chemo this morning."

"CHEMO! You must cerrrtainly won't be keeping that appointment!"

"Yes sir. That's my point. I wonder if someone could contact the cancer clinic and tell them what has happened and that I won't be there today."

"Yes! Yes! I'm sure that can be arranged... I'm afrraid that yourr trreatment will just have to wait for a little while, until those stitches can mend.. I won't be having you back herre bleeding all over the place because you coughed and they brroke open! We shall tell the apprroprriate people of you yourr demise, so don't you worry about that."

"Thank you doctor."

As Pip and Becky watched the 'Rumpole clone' leave the room Pip remarked to her friend, "Well I guess that settles that."

After a 'nutritious' breakfast of cold boiled egg, with hard unbuttered toast. Pip and Becky were relaxing chatting.

A small shy student nurse knocked on the door before entering. Both Becky and Pip wondered who that was. No one ever bothered knocking before. "Miss Stewart?"


"Um, Miss Stewart. I am Andrea, your day-... Oh! I didn't know you had visitors. I'm sorry. I'll come back in a bit." She babbled, turning to come back from where she came.

"Andrea. That's okay. This is my very good friend Pip. She was with me when I was attacked. You're not interrupting anything, honest. Come in please. And quit calling me Miss Stewart. I feel like I'm in trouble when you do that. My name is Rebecca or Becky."

"Yes ma'am, I mean miss, I mean Rebecca." Andrea apologized.

Both Pip and Becky smiled to try and relax the nervous student. "Come on in Andrea. We don't bite. Much."

Becky giggled. "Pip, cut that out. Andrea has an important job to do. Let's not start giving her a complex, yet. Andrea we're joking. It helps lessen the pain sometimes.

"Miss Stew-... Rebecca. Mr. Mortimer asked me to change your dressing.

It was Pip's turn this time. "Doctorrrrrrrr Morrrrrtimerrrrrrrr did, did he?" She mimed. Both Becky and Andrea got a 'tee hee' out of that one. It broke the ice and student nurse was a little bit more relaxed now.

Trainee, or not Andrea soon proved that she knew what she was doing. Becky had been asking her questions about her schooling, how long she had to go before graduation, just general chit chat, to make her feel a bit more comfortable.

Minutes later Becky was cleaned and dressed and ready to face the world. "Thank you Andrea. That is a lot better."

Time drags ever so slowly in a hospital when you are recovering. Nothing to do but lie there and stare at things. The ceiling, the wall, the view out the window. Anything, just to speed the clock up. Becky was drifting somewhere between awake and snooze mode when she had another visitor. As Becky's mind focused to see whom it was she observed Pip go from catnapping to fully alert assuming a perfect, well from what Becky could tell it was perfect. Dragon stance.

Dr. Geoff bowed to Pip who returned the greeting. "Pip. We have to quit meeting like this. People are beginning to talk." Geoff joked. With a smile he turned to face a now, much more perky Becky.

"Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca. What I am going to do with you? I can't let you out of my sight for a minute can I? I give you strict instructions to go home and rest, but no. What do you and the caped crusader do? You two decide to rid Gotham city of all of its criminals in one weekend." It was then that Dr. Geoff's smile faded to a sad expression of concern. "How ya' doing? Your chart says you got a pretty deep wound but it missed anything vital."

"Doctor. We weren't looking for Myers. He found us." Becky tried to explain in her paranoid manner.

"Hey. I know, I was only joking." Geoff explained before continuing on into another joke. "Word has it that someone sent Bozo a business card from a plastic surgeon that handles SRS."

"I hope he uses it. The east side is running low of hookers I hear." Pip caustically added.

"Becky. Prue, and Joan and Jan and Pickles, well hell! Just about everybody down there said to say hi. They said they would try and stop up and see you to say hi in person sometime today. I stopped in on my way by. I have a disciplinary hearing to attend this morning. As you may have noticed by the way I'm dressed." Geoff remarked as he stood to display the colour-coordinated outfit.

Becky finally noticed the Doctors attire. Gone were the scrubs and lab coat. To be replaced by a tweed sport jacket, oxford cloth shirt with knit tie, and a pair of dress slacks and loafers. Becky smiled at the almost feminine actions of the doctor and couldn't resist saying. "Come on Luv. Give us a spin so we can see your outfit."

Geoff blushed, but smiled and complied, as if he were a debutant showing off her premier gown to her mother.

"Very nice." Becky remarked as she winked at the inside secret they shared.

The Oncologist came back to Becky's bedside. He carefully lifted both of her hands, and held them in his. "I'll try and look in on you again later today. You get some rest okay."

As he turned to leave the Dr. directed Pip. "Take care of our Becky will you please. We need her back as soon as possible."

"Don't worry doc. She ain't goin' nowheres that I ain't goin too. An I don't plan on her leaving this room!"

"Okay Ladies. I really have to run. Bye for now."

"Bye. Good luck." Becky painfully waved.

"Later doc."

Tedium soon set back in again and Pip decided it was time for a brew. "Becky how would you like a hot cuppa? Maybe I can find us a cookie or a danish or something. Whatta' ya' think?"

"Okay, but not that stuff out of the machine again, I want a real cup of tea. Becky had a strong dislike for what the vendor tried to pass off as tea."

"You bet. I'm gonna have ta' go to the cafeteria to get that though, but they will prolly have a better selection of treats." Pip said rising to retrieve her purse and wallet.

"You! Young lady! Will stay exactly where you are and do not move! If you open Morrrrritimerrrrs stitches he is gonna' hava fit." Pip ordered, with a giggle

Becky chuckled a bit and then winced as the movement caused her added pain.

"You okay?" Pip asked after watching the rapidly changing expression on her friend's face.

"I'm okay." Becky pleaded a look of terror on her face as she held her side.

"Becky. If you need something just say so. You don't have to be a martyr."

"Pip I'm okay I want my tea."

"Rebecca! You need some pain relief. I'm going to get you some." Pip stated as she turned to leave the room.

"No! I'm okay. Honest. You can get me something after, my tea."

"ARRRGGHHH!!!! What am I going to do with you?" She yelled as she walked out the door on her way to the cafeteria.

"I love you too." Becky yelled after her, as she winced again from the effort of raising her voice.



Several hours later, Becky woke. Her lunch tray was sitting on the rolling table in front of her. She lifted the lid and immediately put it back down, overcome with the smell of overcooked cold broccoli and meatloaf.

"Egad! What is that?" A friendly voice said from the door. "Becky. You should order the fresh food. Don't bother with the leftovers." It joked.

Becky giggled as her face lit up. "Hi Lambchop."

"Hi. Becky. How you holding up?"

"I'm okay."

"Prue. Have you met Pip? Pip this is Prudence Walker she is THE Administrator at the cancer clinic."

"Becky. I'm not the administrator for the whole thing, just our little bit. That's all." Prue replied taking Pip's offered hand.

"Hi again Prue. I think we met once before. A week or so ago... But I may be wrong. A lot has happened recently." The other half of the duo explained.

The three of them gabbed like old friends for a good ten minutes before Prue had to get back to work. "Here let me do you a favour and get rid of that tray for you. Unless you were thinking of eating it?"

"God no. Just the smell of the ruddy thing has put me off food for the rest of the day. Please help yourself. Maybe you want it Pip?"

"Becky I never wanted the thing when they set it down over a hour ago. What makes you think I would possible even think about wanting it now?"

"Okay so I shall dispose of this for you."

"Careful Prue. That might be considered a biohazard. We would want you getting into trouble by simply tossing it in the bin."

"Hmm. you got a point Becky. I guess I'll just have to take it down to the Hazardous Waste folks and let them take care of it."

"Just as long as it's not the kitchen." Pip joked. "I would really hate to see this stuff recycled."

"Take care Becky. I'll stop back later. Get plenty of rest. Okay Luv? Huggles I gotta run."

"See you Prue. Thanks for stopping in."

"See you. Prue."

Becky had a fitful night. She kept both Pip and Lucy busy every few hours. She was worried about what was going to happen with Myers. Constables' Thompson and MacGregor had dropped in to see them late in the afternoon. She would need to identify Myers as her assailant. Something she was in no way prepared to do right now. Becky also worried about Bob. He was going to go ballistic when Pip fills him in on what has happened. She worried about Pip's health. She even worried about her own health. What was the delay in her treatment doing to her? That was why she was resting so quietly now. Lucy had, under permission stepped up Becky's dosage in order to make her more comfortable.

"Good morning. Dr. Mortimer." Andrea the day nurse said greeting the Rumpole clone.

"Good morrning young lady. How is ourr patient doing this morrning? Rrresting comfortably I see."

"Yes Doctor. She just nodded off again. I gave her another 30cc of morphine, about ten minutes ago." Student nurse Andrea said as she consulted her watch.

"Yes. I can imagine she is beginning to feel just a tad uncomfortable with all this added stress and pain." Mortimer replied his eyes never leaving the patients notes. "Has her dressing been changed today yet?"

"No Doctor. I looked it over and didn't see any signs of seepage, so I thought I would wait for your instructions before I did anything." A very diplomatic Andrea replied.

"Fine nurrse. You did the correct thing. I would like to make surre that the wound is kept as clean as possible I don't rrealy want to see any signs of an infection as Miss Stewarrt is immuosupprressed. So when she is more alerrt, please see that that task is perrforrmed for me."

"Of course doctor."

"Good. Then I shall leave you too yourr duties... Oh by the way. Wherre has Miss Stewarrts shadow gone to? I don't see herr about this morning."

"She went home to get a change of clothes and to clean up a bit Doctor. Did you wish to see her? I will tell her you were looking for her when she returns?"

"No. No. Its quite alrright I was just wondering wherre she might be. Just in case she decided to jump out frrom underr the bed orr something and attack me." Mortimer said as he wandered out the room.

Andrea shrugged and wondered what that was all about. "Can't understand why Pip would attack him?"

A much fresher looking Pip returned to see Becky awake and more alert. "How are you feeling?" Becky's friend asked. Pip had gone back to Xanadu to freshen up grab a few things, and call Bob. It had not gone well.

"I brought you a few things to make you feel a little better. Some clean undies, some jammies, and a bit of make up and your brush." She said taking out the contents of the large bag she carried with her.

"Pip. Where is your leather jacket? Why are you wearing that coat? Is it raining out?"

"My jacket is in the cleaners Becky. Along with both yours and my clothes from the other day… They are going to try and see if they can get them clean."

Suddenly Becky looked quite pained. The horror of the events just 3 days ago were still too fresh in her mind to deal with.

"Beckers you okay?"

"Uh huh." A blubbering Becky replied. No longer able to hold back the tears. Everything suddenly materialized about Sunday. The event flashed thru her mind as she filled in the gaps that her brains self defense mechanism had so confidently forgotten for her own mental well-being. The duo did not feel so dynamic right now. Pip and Becky both consoled each other as reality came crashing in on them. After many minutes of alligator tears and much rocking back and forth hugging, some resemblance of order was reestablished.

"How would you like me to give you a bath? And then you can put on some clean PJ's. I'll brush your hair and you can fix your face a bit. I'll bet you will feel a lot better after you do that."

Pip handed Becky a fresh Kleenex, removing the saturated one that the still sobbing girl held tightly in her fists. Becky replied more with a head bob than an actual "Uh huh," but Pip heard her just the same.

"You stay right there and I'll be right back with your bath stuff. Why don't you pick out a pair of PJ's while I'm doing this?" Pip directed as she headed towards the washroom with a towel over her shoulder and a stainless steel washbasin thumping against her thigh.

It didn't take long to restore the smile to Becky's face. Amazing the powers a simple sponge bath and some clean underwear and PJ's can do to restore a persons self esteem.

Pip stood beside a now sitting upright Becky and slowly and carefully removed the tangles and snarls from the blonde mop. She produced a blue ribbon almost the same colour of blue that matched Becky's 'Blackwatch' tartan jammies, and wrapped it around the back of her head tying on top. It not only looked cute, but kept Becky's renegade tresses under control. Pip handed Becky her electric toothbrush with a bit of 'Pearl Drops' on the end and a cup. Happily Becky giggled away as she performed a basic hygienic function, which up until now had been denied to her. A little concealer, a dab of eye shadow and a quick pass with a tube of 'Lipsexy' and Becky was beginning to feel a lot better.

"Thank you Pip. I don't know what I would do with out you. You have been such a good friend these past couple of weeks."

"Hey. Don't worry about Beckers. Glad I could pitch in. Frankly, it was getting kind of boring there for a bit. We need some excitement to get the blood flowing again."

Becky looked at her friend in shock until she saw the sly little smile on Pip's face and knew that she was joking. Giggling she said, "Thanks anyway."

After the mess had been cleaned up Pip had gotten permission for Becky to get out of bed, so that Pip could change the bedding.

She had noticed a few spots of blood on the sheets and really didn't think Becky needed any more reminders of what had happened.

Andrea had volunteered to help and between the two of them had transferred Becky to a wheel chair and was busy stripping the bed.

"Well I'm glad to see you up and about."

"Auntie Jan!"

"How are you child? You gave us quite a scare."

"I'm much better now. How is Tracy? How are things on the ward? Are the kids getting all their stories? I miss them so much. How are Shelly, Donna, and Robyn? Is my spot still open as a volunteer?"

"Lord sakes child! Breathe!" Jan ordered.

Becky gasped for breath and was about to continue when Jan put her finger to Becky's lips and softly held it there for a brief second.

"Tracy sends her love. The kids miss you and hope you get well soon, and all the girls miss you a lot." Looking over at Pip and Andrea finishing making the bed, she remarked. "My goodness. Is the budget so tight here now that patients and visitors have to make their own beds?"

"Um. Nurse Wytte." Andrea explained. "Um. Pip volunteered to help me. I didn't ask her to. She was going to do it by her self if I didn't pitch in... I mean she was go-"

"Relax," Auntie Jan's eyes searched for the students ID tag. "Andrea. That young lady who is helping you gets her own way more often than not. You don't need too apologize. You are not in trouble… In fact my guess is she probably browbeat you into doing it.

Pip 'harrumphed', both Becky and Aunt Jan laughed. Andrea wasn't sure what to make of the situation.

Shortly Becky was restored to her fresh made bed and was sitting comfortably chatting with her two friends. It didn't take too long for Becky to get tired again. After all she had, had a pretty busy morning so far.

After another nutritious lunch, this one of a plain tuna sandwich, no butter no mayonnaise. Pip and Becky were sipping their tea, while they nibbled on a monster oatmeal raisin cookie, most of which would be saved for later. Pip had scooted down to the cafeteria while Becky was enjoying her lunch to obtain the life giving supplies




"Yes Becks."

"Did you tell Bob?"



"And what. He's pissed."

"Ya. I thought he would be."

"He's taking the first flight back he can arrange."

"Uh Oh! He is pissed."


"So, Now what?"

"Becky, what do you mean, now what? It's not your fault. You didn't go looking for trouble. It found you. You! Are going to get better. Bob will do what ever Bob wants to do regardless of what you or I say."

"But, what about his business with the Japanese? He can't just walk away from that. It's too important."

"I don't know Beck. Don't you worry about Bob. I'm sure he has thought of some logical excuse why he needs to return home so quickly, and still leave things open for discussion... Now you get some rest. Or I'll tell Andrea that you need a sleeping pill to help you relax."

Becky resigned herself to Pip's direction and with her friends help she slowly slid her self down in the bed and Pip threw a hospital blanket over her to ward of any chill real or imagined. Pip shut off the harsh overhead florescent light and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the wall of the hospital corridor outside Becky's room, and tried to think of what she was going to tell Bob when he got here in, just over 6 hrs, Pip told herself looking at her chronograph. She had a lot of explaining to do. Although there was little that could have been done. Pip had still put Becky's life in danger, even if it was unintentional. She knew she messed up badly at the sport shop those few weeks ago, and now her friend was paying the price.

As Pip beat her self up she faintly noticed the approach of a statuesque brunette moving towards her looking thru Becky's binder. As the woman was about to enter Becky's room, Pip asked. "Yes may I help you?"

Rather taken aback the woman looked over the top of her half glasses and wondered why this person was touching her arm, stopping her from entering her patient's room.

"I'm Dr. Jennifer Pope. And may I ask what concern that is of yours?"

"Sorry doc. I'm Rebecca's, ah, friend. I was just wanted to know why you were going to disturb her, she just fell of to sleep."

The doctor checked her notes to see if there was a mention of this person in her reports. Finding what she was looking for she said. "Are you Misty Knight?"

She shook her head. "Pip."

"Pardon me?"

"Pip. It's my name. Everyone calls me Pip."

"I see. Pip... As I said I am Dr. Pope. I am from The Mental Health Department. I was scheduled to see Miss. Stewart any way, but since her unfortunate accident, it was thought that I might be able to help her a bit sooner."

The doctor then dismissed Pip and breezed into the room, with Pip close on her heels. Dr. Pope looked at the patient resting peacefully. She slid into the chair in the corner that Pip had been occupying for the last three days. Jennifer crossed her legs at the knees to show a wide expanse of dark nyloned encased leg and dangled her foot as she read more of the information in Becky's binder. A few minutes later she pushed the glasses off the end of her nose and stared intensely at Becky for a good 5 minutes before speaking.

"How long does she normally sleep?"

"Depends. Sometimes for several hours, other times just a few minutes. That's why I didn't want to disturb her."

Dr. Pope moved her chair to one side. "Come sit beside me." She offered indicating the other chair. "You and I can have a little chat."

Pip took the offered seat apprehensiously. She wasn't entirely comfortable being around shrinks, as she called them. Pip hesitantly said, "Okay..." And cautiously placed her cute bottom on the seat.

Dr. Pope trained Physiologist saw the reluctance in Pips eyes and body language and tried to put her at ease.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to analyze you. You're not on my list of people's brains to shrink... I just thought maybe, you and I could talk and you can tell me a little about your friend. Something that's not in this stuffy dry report I have."

She then tossed the offensive binder on the edge of the bed, where it sat until the end of their discussion, well over an hour later.

They talked about how she and Becky had met, what kind of a girl Becky was, even what was her favourite ice cream. Pip told the doctor all about Bob. She told Jenny that her and Becky shared an apartment in Kerrisdale near the hospital. She told of how she had nursed Becky thru that first session of chemo and had learned a lot. She also told Jenny that she was prepared to help her friend with the rest of the treatment, now that she knew what to expect. They pair laughed there way thru both Sheena Easton episodes. Then the conversation turned dark. Pip started to describe the events leading up to the stabbing. She pulled no punches as she nervously told in detail what had happened in the sporting good store, and what Becky's reaction was to the whole affair. Pip started to shiver involuntarily as she recounted the episode in the parking lot on Sunday. Jenny's reaction surprised Pip when the Dr. took off her lab coat and draped it around Pip's shoulders. She suddenly felt reassured as her nostrils faintly detected the classic scent of Chanel #5 from the Doctors smock.

"Thank you." She squeaked.

Dr. Pope squeezed her hand and smiled as if to say, don't worry it's all right.

"Dr. Pope?... Do they think there might be something wrong in Becky's head?"

"Call me Jenny. Pip. And why would you think that?"

"Well I was wondering. Sometimes she starts crying for no reason, and she will forget stuff. Like, the other morning we was sitting sipping on our tea just after breakfast. All of a sudden she said she wanted a cup of tea and got up and started to make it, even though she had half a cup in front of her."

Dr. Pope's eyebrows rose slightly at Pip's last statement.

"Tell me. Have you noticed any other examples of unusually behaviour?" Jenny asked.

"Um. Not really anything specific actually, sometimes she will just forget things. She will be talking and forget what she is talking about, or she will forget words. Like she will forget what a clock is and stuff like that."

Jenny held Pip's hands in her own, as she tried to console the now concerned friend. "Pip. What Becky has that causes those things is called Ensolopathy.

It is a brain disorder, but before you start getting all worried about that, let me explain it to you more completely. Ensolopathy is caused by a build up ammonia in the body. Becky's body is fighting hard to get rid of it but it can't do it fast enough. What happens is the ammonia heads straight for the nerves of the brain. It can cause, dizziness, forgetfulness, and confusion. If left unchecked it could bring on sessions of panic attacks, dimensia, and a host of other terrible things. The good news is the condition is not permanent, and with the medications she is taking we can keep it at a manageable level... Okay?"

Jenny paused to let Pip absorb the explanation. "The best treatment is to make sure she keeps taking her meds at the correct time and that it is consistent day after day... Does she still take Laxalose?"

Pip shook her head. "Twice a day. Once early in the morning and then again in the early afternoon."

"Good." Jenny said with a smile. "Just make sure she continues to take it at the right times, and make sure you still remain being her friend. That is what she needs the most right now is a good friend."

"I would never desert Becky." Pip proudly announced.

"Becky is really going to need you in the weeks to come. You will have to do a lot more than hold her hand. I'm afraid, she will be totally dependant on someone's help for even the most simplest of tasks; and a lot of it won't be pretty."

"Jenny. I have a bit of training, First aid. And I teach courses in first responders to fireman and police as well."

"Oh. Good. Then you may need to draw upon your training and discipline in the future."

Dr. Jenny Pope looked at her watch and exclaimed. "Oh my! Look at the time. I have to get back to the ward. I'm surprised my beeper hasn't gone crazy by now."

Dr. Pope gathered up the binder after Pip had surrendered her smock back to her. "Will you please tell Becky that I was here and I will stop in to see her tomorrow for a little chat."

"Sure okay Doc. I can do that. You're pretty cool for a shrink you know?"

"Well thank you Pip. Us shrinks like to hear things like that." Jenny joked. "I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Ya. I'll be here."

The pair made their way towards the door as the continued their conversation. "Have you been here the whole time since Sunday?"

"Pretty much."

"Why don't you ask them for a bed. They have day beds for visitors on the ward you know?"

"Well if I did that I wouldn't be next to Becky. What happens if she needed something in the middle of the night?"

"Pip, I'm sure the rest of the nursing staff can easily handle that situation. You don't see everyone else here with their own personal bodyguard do you? You need some rest. Or you are going to burn yourself out and then what use will you be to Becky then?"

"Don't worry doc I will. I have a bed roll stashed under Becky's bed, and I plan on using it, and besides my relief should be arriving soon, likely tonight."

"Hmmm... Get some rest Pip. You need it." Dr. Pope told her over her shoulder as she started walking towards the nursing station.

The diligent protector slipped back into the room and resumed her post, staring at Becky, and occasionally glancing out the window.

Both Becky and Pip awoke to the dinner tray being dropped onto the portable bedside table. Instinctively Pip jumped out of her chair and almost delivered a deathblow to the hapless Food Services employee.


"Yer' crazy lady!" He exclaimed as he cowered out of the room.

"Sorry. You startled me... Sorry. Sheesh touchy guy."

"Pip. What's going on?" A very sleepy Becky asked thru half opened eyes.

"Nothing Becks. Your dinner is here."

"Hmm. I'm scared to look. What is it?"

Pip cautiously and slowly lifted the lid sniffing the air for lethal gases as she did. Detecting none, she proceeded to remove it completely.

"Actually. It looks not bad. Tonight for you Madam." Pip recited with a bad French accent. "We have zee chefs macaroni and cheese. Served with a side salad of semi crisp lettuce leaves and a fruit cocktail complete with zoes lettle maraschino cherries that everyone loves so well."

Becky was giggling at Pip's antics. Not only was she providing oratory portrayal but her hands and arms were adding dramatic effect as well.

"And for dessert, the piece of resistance, a roll of Vanilla ice cream. All for your dining pleasure this evening Madam."

Pip pushed the rolling table to one side as she pressed, and held the button raising Becky to a sitting position. She then rolled the table back into place so her friend could comfortably reach her food without stretching too far. A napkin tucked into the neck of Becky's jammies and she was ready to dig in.

"Actually this doesn't look half bad." Becky thought as her eyes began to look over the evening meal.

Andrea burst into the room obviously in a hurry, with the small plastic dispensing cup of Becky's mealtime meds. "Sorry I'm late. I had an emergency with one of our new arrivals today."

"What happened?" Becky inquired.

"Oh. It's okay now. Patient woke up and didn't know where he was and started to rip out his IV. Said he was going home. He's resting now... Erin. The ward nurse gave him something to calm him down. He should be sleeping now... Sorry I have to go I'm terribly behind right now. I'll stop back later before I go off shift." Andrea replied as she rushed back out the door.

Both girls simultaneously said. "Okay. See you later."

Then with a giggle they both yelled. "Snap". Again in unison.

Becky yelled. "Double snap!" Before Pip could the second time.

"Eat your crappy dinner!" Pip jokingly whined.

"Pardon me?"

"Never mind. Just eat your macaroni's."

Sometime after the nutritious dinner had been consumed, Becky asked for her novel that Pip had so confidently brought up. Pip smiled lovingly knowing that her friend was feeling better. This was the first time since Saturday that she had even thought of reading. She was definitely on the mend. The spirit of adventure didn't last long though. She had barely made it past two pages before Pip carefully slipped the book from between Becky sleeping fingers. Pip restored the bookmark and set it on the shelf by the miniature closet. The blonde pixie then threw an extra blanket over her sleeping friend and lightly kissed her on the forehead. "Sleep well my friend, Sleep well."

Pip then closed the door shutting out the outside world from Becky's room, turned out all the lights save the nursing light that stayed on 24/7, rolled out her foam and sleeping bag at the foot of Becky's bed and assumed her post. Staring alternately at her friend, and out the window, so as not to have her eyes get too fatigued.


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