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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to: & Christy Lake





Pip had heard them coming. A hospital at 2am still had a fair amount of ambient noise. The difference was, this noise was getting stronger, and seems to be just outside her door. The heavy door with it's grumbling hinges sighed, as it slowly swung open.

There silhouetted against the soft hall light Pip saw Bob and Martin fumbling with a flashlight in the semi darkness. Without thinking Pip leapt from her perch towards the pair to give them a hug and welcome them back.

Martin just saw a shape coming towards his boss and quickly interceded. With one huge arm he surrounded Pip and sent her to the floor, and knelt over her ready to deliver the next blow least the attacker move. As his eyes were begining to get accustomed to the darkness now, his mind realized that he had just knocked the wind out of his girlfriend.

"Oh Shit!"

"What happened?" Bob whispered none too quietly.

"I just floored Pip. I saw something coming towards you and reacted." Focusing his attention on the doubled over body gasping for a good breath, he continued. "Aw Jeesh! I'm sorry Pip. I didn't know it was you. Honest."

Bob snorted no longer able to remain composed.

Pip slowly rose from the floor; still trying to fill her lungs with much needed oxygen, and gasped. "Hi. Nice to see you too."

Martin began what were to be several hours of apologies for decking her.

Bob silently wandered over to Becky's bed and kissed her forehead. No one could see the single tear running down his cheek, as he gazed at the poor wounded creature that lay before him.


Becky's eyes fluttered open. In the dim predawn light she could see and feel someone holding her hand. Momentarily she thought it was Pip until her eyes told her differently. A smile grew on her face as she slowly stroked the sleeping head that lay next to her. A quick glance around the room showed a slumbering Martin, back leaned against the wall with Pip huddled in her sleeping bag curled up like a kitten against him. Becky smiled even more at the idyllic sight. Together again, reunited. Her world was once again complete. Her love was home, and that's all that mattered.

She lay there for some time before they were disturbed. Lucy was making her rounds.

Becky put her finger to her lips and silently let her intentions be known. "Shhh… you'll wake them." She whispered.

"Oh. Okay" Lucy whispered back, still unsure of what to make of all the people in this what is supposed to be a small private room. Hesitantly she asks. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"Okay. I just woke up myself."

"How's your pain?"

Becky pulled a face. "It's okay."

Lucy began the pain spiel all nurses give. "On a scale of-"

"I know. On a scale of one to ten, blah, blah, blah." Becky recited. "About seven,eight."

"I'll prepare another shot for when I take your vitals." The efficient nurse stated.

"Lucy I can put up with the pain for a while. Please, I just want to say hi to Bob and then you can put me out." She pleaded

Bob groaned. But never moved. Martin was snoring and Pip was matching his snores in perfect timing with her own.

Lucy took in the strange sight before continuing. "Okay. How about I get you some dilaudid instead? They last a bit longer and won't put you out so easily."

"Thank you Lucy that would be fine."

Her runners squeaked as she turned to leave, while finally awoke the dozing Bob.

"Hi Ya Sexy." Becky whispered as teasingly as possible.

Suddenly Bob's eyes shot open and he bolted upright. "Becky!" He exclaimed with a gravely throat before clearing it. "How are you? Why didn't you wake me?"

She giggled. "I just did. Silly"

Bob's throat was a lot smoother now. "How are you?" He rose from his chair and carefully kissed his lover on the forehead while squeezing her hand.

He casually looked across the tiny room at the terrible racket emanating from Martin and Pip and thought. "Aw. Let 'em sleep. Probably the first decent sleep either of them have gotten in weeks."

Lucy crept back into the room and Becky introduced Bob to her as the night nurse was handing her patient her much needed pain medication.

Bob, being the consummate charmer that he is, soon had the perky nurse divulging information about Becky's injuries and treatment. Bob also knew his love would only downplay the entire episode, and would divulge precious little detail about the extent of seriousness of the entire mess. His business reasoning, get your information from as close to the source as possible.

Martin and Pip were now showing signs of life. Actually Martin was wide awake not wanting to move, lest he disturb the small bundle clinging to him as a baby would to her mothers bosom. "Hi. Miss Rebecca." The hulk softly said, in a manner that truly showed that they were actually a lot friendlier than the miss notation had inferred.

"Hi Martin. How was your trip?"

"Long, boring, and uncomfortable. I'm glad to be back home where a guy can get a decent steak."

Becky tittered. "What's the matter sushi not your cup of tea Luv?"

"Not hardly." The sedate monster flipped back.

"Rebecca." Lucy called. "I need to take your vitals, and have a look at your dressings. Since you are awake, why don't we do that now? While it's still fairly quiet." The experience night nurse never waited for a reply. She was going to do this now anyway regardless of whether her patient wanted it done now or not. Shoes squeaking once again she turned and headed out the door to retrieve the needed equipment. "I'll be back in a tic."

"Hmm." Bob remarked. "Efficient woman."

Martin had now resurrected Pip and was begining to stretch out the sore cramped muscles on his 6'5" frame. His lover and partner were slowly doing the same with slow precise cat like moments.

"What time does the cafeteria open around here? I could use a cup of coffee." Bob stated.

"Six." Pip had come to know the timetable for most things around here. After all she had lived here for the past 4 days, leaving Becky's side only to retrieve a few basic items from home, and the essential sojourns for their life-giving brew.

"Great! It's quarter after." Bob remarked after gazing at his stainless steel 'Rolex Oyster.' "Martin. Dash down and get us some refreshments and see what they have for something to nibble on as well."

He looked over at Becky, then quickly to Pip to see if his lover was allowed to have such essentials at this time of the morning. Pip just shook her head, as if granting permission, and Becky giggled. Bob fished his billfold out of his wool dress slacks and peeled off a couple of twenties and passed them to Martin.

"Come on kiddo. You can show me where the place is." Martin ordered as he directed his tiny companion out the door.

"Love to." Pip squeaked as the giant almost swept her away as he headed towards the elevator.

The prince and his princess smiled at the scene, as Bob casually slipped off the jacket to his Seville Row suit. The tie had long been liberated from around his neck.

Becky gazed up at her unshaven knight in shining armour and thought. "God! He's handsome. Even in a wrinkled suit, unshaven, and with tousled hair. He's sexy!"

"Whaa?" He asked as Becky smiled at him with a saucy grin.

"Oh nothing," She teased. "Just enjoying the view."

This situation could have gotten a lot more intimate quite quickly if not for the intervention of a returning Lucy. She wheeled the portable machine into the room. It's wheels strangely out of sequence with each other.

"Sorry I took so long. I had to brief one of the other nurses who will be taking over for me tomorrow, because I have four glorious days off begining in," She paused to consult her watch. "Just over half an hour from now."

"Well, we better get this over so you can get out of here, then." Becky directed.


Lucy proved that she was a credit to her training, as she quickly and fervently got all of the business out of the way.

Bob winced a little when he saw Becky's exposed wound, but it quickly turned to anger shortly thereafter. Becky knew that her man had just made a vow to make life very uncomfortable for the guy who had hurt his gal.

"All done!" Lucy announced. "Hopefully you will be gone by the time I get back Becky." Lucy held her patient's hands with a wee sad look on her face. "I really enjoyed nursing you. You were a pleasure to care for. Look after yourself Becky, and I really hope that you walk away from the big 'C' fully cured."

"Thank you Lucy. Thanks for all the care, especially those one a.m. emergencies."

"Take care Becky." Turning to Bob she directed her conversation at him now. "And you! You great hulk! You take care of her, and don't let anything like this happen again!"

"My dear lady." He began. "If I had been in the same country at the time of this incident, I can assure you that it never would have happened."

Lucy chuckled. "You know. I honest believe you."

Turning back to Rebecca she said. "Take care Becky. Be well."

"Bye Lucy, and thanks!" Rebecca said to the nurse as she quickly stepped out the door.

"Now vhere vere ve?... Ahh. Yes... Now I remember." Bob said, imitating a mad German scientist. "I vus just about to kiss yer sveet little body." He approached Becky's bed with both his hands held in front as if he was about to grab her bounties, with his eyebrows rapidly traveling up in down in time to his tongue flicking back and forth in his mouth.

Becky couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous sight. "How do you do that?" She giggled between snorts.

"Vell little girl. First ve need to have ze talent, and den you have to practize like zis for many hours a day on a victim to be very good at it." Bob's tongue was flicking in and out of his mouth at an incredible rate.

Becky squealed as Bob finally reached his target and very lightly tickled the end of her pert nose with his tongue Her instinctive reaction was to bring her hand up and rub the effected area, which left her open to his advances in the middle. He quickly dived to her tummy and lightly kissed her through her tartan jammies. That brought her hand back down to protect her midsection while Bob zeroed in for the kill on her giggling mouth. She didn't object. She submitted to his ardour and allowed him to take her mouth.

"Yup! Still feels the same to me. This must be my girl!" That earned him the first of many swats that day.

As the two 'teenagers' played their games, limited as they were due to Becky's injuries, Pip and Martin had returned with all the fixings for a right proper tea party.

The foursome were sipped and relaxed with their morning 'eye-opener' when Dr. Mortimer entered the room. He was talking as he was walking, expecting answers, even though he wasn't sure if Rebecca was even awake.

"Miss Stewarrrt. How arre we his fine mornning? Still on the mend I-" his booming voice cut short when he noticed the presence of so many people in the room. With a 'harrumph' the senior practitioner continued. "Excuse but I must have stepped into the wrrong rroom. I thought this was 1048E. Not! The Hotel Vancouverr!"

"Dr. Mortimer." Rebecca began to explain. "This is Martin Gibson. Pip's boyfriend."


"And this is Bob Arnold. My boyfriend." She continued her face a glow with twinkling eyes. "He and Martin were out of the country when this happened. They just got back a little while ago."

Bob was the ever-present gentleman and rose to greet the already familiar character. "Hello Horace. Nice to see you again." He said offering his hand in greeting

"Rroberrt." The good doctor said rather coldly. John Mortimer hated being called Horace. A nickname pegged on him by the administration years ago because of his uncanny likeness to some British Barrister. "Nice to see you again I'm surre. Is it budget negotiation time again? My but how quickly a yearr can go by when one is not paying attention."

"Now Horace. That's not nice. Please not in front of the ladies." Bob mockingly returned.


In the meantime Pip and Martin had untangled from each other and were rearranging them selves in some resemblance of order.

Mortimer was about to walk around the bottom of the bed to the other side to check on his patient, then thought better of it when he saw 'Dynamite' and a 'Wall of flesh' apposing him, probably just not worth it, he may have thought as he changed his mind and contented himself with approaching the left side of his patient instead.

"If you will excuse me. I wish to examine my patient." He ordered as he fumbled with the curtain he was trying to draw around Rebecca.

Bob laughed at his fumbling. Only once before had he seen Mortimer so flustered. It was last years budget meeting when Bob and the rest of the board of directors vetoed the doctor's idea for patrolled parking for Doctors. "Pip. Martin. Give him a hand."

"Yes sir!" They both replied

Horace did lighten the mood before he left though; he announced that he would take one more blood culture today. If that, showed no signs of infection than Rebecca was free to go home under supervised care.

"Thank you doctor. You have no idea how happy that makes me." Becky gushed, her face a giant grin that threatened to touch either ear.

Bob shook the doctor's hand, quite respectful of the senior staff member's position. He had had his fun at Dr. Mortimer's expense. "Thank you John. You made someone a very happy girl this morning. Let me know if you have any more ideas you are considering for this years budget, and I promise I or the other board members will have a look at them."

Dr. John Mortimer knew what he had just been offered. Although Bob was not the chairman of the board at the hospital, he knew that nine times out of ten Bob was the financial clout behind any new project.

"Good day to you all." Horace remarked as he sauntered from the room.

Bob and Becky had returned to their coffee and tea respectfully, only to find that they had gone cold during the Dr's visit.

The door swung open and the food services worker 'dropped' Becky's breakfast tray on her portable table. He bid a hasty retreat when he saw that the vicious animal that attacked him the other day now had help. Of course it didn't help the workers resolve when Pip growled at him.

Bob looked confused and Becky shrugged, she had no idea what that was about as well.

Becky lifted the lip on the breakfast to find a hard-boiled egg. Some unbuttered toast. A carton of milk, some pads of unsalted butter, some grape jelly, and the 'peelie-wally' beverage they had the nerve to call tea.

Pip jumped in and began fixing up Becky's breakfast. She took the boiled egg into the washroom and cracked it and ran it under hot water to remove the shell. It was beyond Pip's reasoning why the food services would send an invalid a unpeeled boiled egg with no way of preparing it without consuming bits of shell with it. She then chopped it up added a bit of the butter, and sprinkled a bit of pepper from one of the packets before presenting it to Becky.

"Eat!" She ordered. Pip buttered the 'door stop toast' as Becky had christened it, because that was about all it was good for, slathered the grape jelly on it, opened the carton of milk before she stuck the straw in the juice cup, after confirming that is was not grapefruit juice like yesterdays meal was. She then dumped the tea and went back to sample more of Martin's affections.

During the entire process both Bob and Martin were strangely quiet, preferring to keep a low profile, rather that make a fuss.

Another 'wholesome' meal consumed. Martin and Bob were standing around unsure of what to do next. Bob wanted to do a few things with his lover he had been missing for the past few weeks, but unfortunately that was not possible. Finally he announced.

"Hun. Martin and I are going to head back to the apartment and have a shower and such. We'll come back in a little bit, and I'll stay with you while Pip goes to get cleaned up. Okay?"

Becky didn't want her man to go anywhere, but she realized he had probably had been wearing the same clothes for close to 48 hours now. She shook her head to answer the question, knowing that, that was the logical course of action.

"Is there anything you need? Anything I can bring back?" He asked as he lightly caressed her cheek and neckline.

"Just you lover."

With a hearty chuckle the lover replied. "You can count on that sugar!" He kissed her softly on the lips before he said he would be back shortly.

As he turned towards the door he had to all but pry Pip and Martin apart. "All right you two! Save it for later. Let's go."

Martin bumped into the 'vampire' from the lab as they were leaving. He apologized of course after he helped much smaller male back to his feet. "Sorry guy. I didn't see you there." The pair continued down the corridor towards the elevator, with Bob shaking his head as they walked.

The lab tech had retrieved his sample and a bit of his dignity and was off in search of his next victim.

Becky wanted to make her self up a bit for Bob before he got back. She painfully started to swing her legs over the side of the bed to make her way to the washroom to start the procedure. "Whoa! And were do ya think yer' goin'?" Pip inquired.

"Squeak. I have to go pee, and I want to get washed and brush my hair and maybe put on a clean set of jammies before Bob gets back. I caught sight of myself in the mirror during breakfast and, I don't blame Bob for wanting to leave and, and not look at me from what I saw in the mirror."

"Becky. Bob is not leaving you. He's gone to have a shower and get changed that's all. He'll be back in a bit."

"I know that. I just want to make myself look a bit better okay?"

"Becks I understand. Come on I'll help you, because there is no way you are going to be able to walk that far yourself. Come here give me your arm... Come on lean on me...That's right."

Becky winced as the pain shot through her body like an electric jolt. This was one of the few times she had been able to try and stand so far this week, and it was the first time she had been able to put any weight on her feet. She shook as her body reacted to the sudden pain.

"You okay?"

She shook her head as her eyes became a little misty. "Uh huh I think so."

"Okay As long as you are all right."

"I'm okay. Honest."

Pip didn't believe her any more that Becky believed herself, but she also knew her friend was a fighter, and would have to find her limitations sooner or later. Better her friend know what they were while she was around to help. Just in case.

"Now slowly... One step at a time."

Becky was gradually making her way towards the washroom, and with each and every step there was a new jolt of pain 'zapping' her.

"Doing good. Nice and easy... Watch the corner!... All right we're almost there... Doing good."

They had finally reached the door to the washroom. "Okay Becks. I'm going to go thru the door first and then, you just slide in behind me sorta kiddie corner like okay?"

Becky nodded. She had no idea how they were going to do this part she hadn't thought that far ahead. The few times she had been allowed to come in here yesterday was on the seat of a 'johnny-chair'.

"Okay Luv. Here we go... Nice and easy. That's right. Just take your time... Good! We made it. Okay now I'm going to slowly turn you around and we are going to lower you to the seat. You ready?"

Becky was concentrating. Still in a lot of pain, she was determined she was going to make it.

"Okay. Now that wasn't too bad now was it? Okay, now we are going to sit you down. Ready?"

Another head bob.

"Oh hold on. Stand still for a sec. Put your hands on my shoulders." Pip directed. "That's right. Good. Helps if we pull your jammie bottoms down first before you sit." Her friend joked as she let the cotton tartan bottoms float to the cold stone floor followed by her plain cotton bikini panties.

"Okay you ready. Here we go now. Slowly sit... Don't worry I got you." Pip confirmed after Becky winced again from the pain of a different movement.

"All right! We made it!"

Becky smiled. Proud of her accomplishments... "No more." she thought. "No more sitting on bloody bed pan. God that thing was cold"

Pip went to get a few items for Becky to help her wash up; this gave her an opportunity for a little privacy to perform a now demanding bodily function.

Some 20 minutes later. Becky had been washed thoroughly. She had on clean undies, and bra, and had allowed Pip to slip a very nice nightie over her head.

Becky felt somewhat more pretty now as she sat in a purloined wheelchair, while

Pip brushed out her long honey blonde locks. A small pink ribbon tied around the back to keep her hair out of her face and Becky was ready to apply her own make up.

Pip cranked the bedside table down to her new level and had opened the top to reveal the mirror inside so that her friend could see what she was doing. Becky regretted that Pip hadn't dragged her entire 'tackle box' up here. A tube of concealer, a bit of blush, some eye make up and a wee bit of cinnamon coloured 'Lipsexy' would have to do.

Minutes later, Becky sat back and smiled. She was obviously much happier now. Content that she now looked the best she could for her man upon his return.

"Give us your hand Luv, and I'll fix your nails." Pip offered as she took the emery board and co-ordinating polish from the same kit she had packed for her friend.

Becky volunteered her hand and softly placed it on the table in front of her. Pip saddled up her chair and began the treat.

"Pip. Thank you very much." Becky smiled. "Thank you for everything. I don't know what I would do without you." Her eyes were now starting to mist over as her voice slowly changed to reflect her mood.

"Hey! No problem. And don't you dare cry on me! We just fixed your makeup and Bob will be back soon, and we may not have time to fix it before he returns. So you just stop that right now."

The smile was back on Becky's face as she playfully slapped her friend's arm with her free hand.

Sitting there all made up now, Becky patiently waited for her man.

"Hey Bek! How about a cruise around the ward? They got a cool sunroom here with lots of plants. It will give you different view for a change. Whata ya' think?"

"But what if Bob and Martin come while we are gone?"

"Aw they'll find us. This place ain't that big... Tell you what?"

"What?" Becky inquired in her small childlike voice.

"We have to go past the nurses station to get there. We just tell them at the front desk, that if anyone's looking for us. We'll be in the sunroom. Come on let's go. I'll drive."

Pip jumped up and started pushing the chair the same as she drove, in a very commanding and determined manner. She also provided sound effects as the chair squealed around corners attempting to drown out Becky's own squeals of laughter.

The bright Late November sun struck her in the face instantly warming Becky as it hit her. She gave a delicious little giggle as she could feel the warmth soaking into her sore body.

"Oh Pip. This is heavenly. Thank you."

"See I told you." Pip bragged as she flopped into a seat next to Becky and drew on her Serengeti shades to ward off the sun harmful rays.

Pip could almost hear Becky purr as she closed her eyes and let her self be absorbed by the warm bright sunshine.

This was how Bob and Martin found them almost fifteen minutes later. Becky was lightly dozing in the sun, while Pip was leafing thru an ancient copy of MacLean's magazine.

Bob approached his lover and softly kissed her on the forehead, before her eye's fluttered open. Becky's first instinct was to throw her arms around her man's neck, but half way up there her wound told her that was not a wise decision as she cringed and quickly pulled both her arms in to hug her now protesting side.

Bob saw the action and briefly gave her the raised eyebrow dirty look, before he continued on with his kiss. Suddenly from behind his back he pulled out the largest bouquet of long stem blood red American Beauty roses Rebecca had ever seen. He presented them to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Oh my god!" She squealed, hands flying to her face in shock. "Oh Bob they're beautiful." Rebecca screamed. As she cradled them in her arms as a mother would her 'newborn bearn'.

Becky motioned with her finger for Bob to come close. "Closer." She teased. As Bob's mouth met hers she grabbed the front of his teal coloured silk shirt, and pulled her man into a kiss he would not soon forget. She had missed him. A lot! And she was letting him know that now. She knew she was unable to give Bob what she really wanted to, her body, but she would have to be content with this for now.

After a few minutes of awkwardly bending over Becky in her chair, Bob slid his own chair over in front of Becky and sat down with his legs spread wide. He then grabbed the side of Becky's wheelchair and pulled her in as close as he could against him

"Now I have you exactly where I want you to be." Bob slyly smiled.

Becky did her best southern belle routine. She played the back of her hand across her forehead fainting 'the vapours'. "Oh please Sir. Do not harm me. I am but a poor innocent virgin, unwise to your cruel and wicked ways. I fear my virtue will not remand intact if you persist."

Red Butler in his uncaring manner replied. "Frankly my dear. I don't give a damn!"

"But Sir, surely you will have to wed me is you persist. Oh the shame of it all."

Pip and Martin started clapping. "Bravo! Bravo Encore!" They both yelled.

After around of giggles and guffaws, and more than a few strange looks from the other inhabitants of the room, Pip announced that her and Martin were to fetch some tea. Orders were placed and the 'Mutt and Jeff' combo were off.

The two 'B's fell back into their pattern of restricted ardour, Becky was still somewhat able to show Bob how much she had missed him and was loosing no time in demonstrating it despite her injuries.

"Oh Bob I missed you so much. I have been so all alone in the big bed with no one to cuddle with."

"Don't worry Becky I'm not going anywhere I will remain by your side from now on. I promise. Until you get better I will be with you every minute of every day."

Both mouths again eagerly attacked each other. Trying to out due each other in their display of passion. In the middle of an especially terrific kiss their world was once again invaded by interruptions. Bob noticed the tall slim brunette in the lab coat, searching the room for her prey, and he broke off the embrace.

"OH! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I'm Dr. Jennifer Pope. I have been meaning to have a little chat with Miss Stewart, if you don't mind that is?"

"Not at all Doctor." Bob said rising from his seat to offer his hand. "Bob Arnold. I'm a friend of Becky's."

With a smile Jenny replied. "Yes, a close personal friend I see."

Becky had come off the worst of this meeting she was blushing a deep red while she took the doctors slim manicured hand in her own and squeaked out. "Rebecca Stewart. I'm pleased to meet you."

Dr. Pope had manoeuvred herself around so that she was now in front of the seat Bob had occupied and slowly slid into it.

"Rebecca. I am from The Mental Health Services here in the hospital. You and I were scheduled to speak to each other because of your involvement in the cancer clinic, but since you have been subjected to a horrible event. I thought it would be prudent that we have our little chat now." Jenny looked into Becky's eyes and saw the uncertainty. She knew that Becky really didn't want to have this little chat.

"Are you comfortable here or would you prefer someplace more private? Maybe we should go back to your room and have our little chat there?... Okay. Mr. Arnold if you could excuse us for a few minutes. Please?"

"Of course." Bob replied. Turning towards Becky, he carefully lifted both her hands and continued. "Princess, I have some things I need to check on anyway. I'll just go and do that for a while, and then come back."

Becky knew damn well Bob had nothing better to do. She knew he had cleared his timetable indefinitely just to be with her. Bob was only being kind.

"Can't Bob stay with us?" She asked as her hand sought his, demonstrating that she was hopelessly attached to him.

With a little smile on her face Dr. Pope answered her question. "Of course he can. If that is what you really want? Becky sometimes the questions I ask can become very personal. Are you sure?"

Rebecca proudly announced. "I have no secrets from my lover. None what so ever, what ever you ask can only make our love stronger."

Once again the doctor smiled. "Well, shall we then?" Indicating with her arm that Becky should lead the way.

As the were rounding the corner to go into the room The trio encountered Pip and Martin on the way back form their tea run.

"Good morning Dr. Pope." Pip brightly said.

"Good morning Pip. How are you today?"

"Much better thank you." Pip teased, as Martin turned slightly pink.

Bob looked at the pair and instructed. "We are going to have a chat for a few minutes with the doctor. Please see that we are not interrupted.

"Yes sir!" Both bodyguards answered in unison, suddenly back on active duty.

"Hmm." Jenny remarked as Bob relieved his troops of his coffee and Becky's tea.

Rebecca was starting to show signs of fatigue by now. This had been the most excitement she had seen in almost a week now and her illness and now her injuries were begining to win over her resolve.

"Perhaps you would be more comfortable in bed?" Dr. Pope asked.

Moment's later that is exactly where Becky was with her blankets pulled up snugly and smoothed around her. Amongst one of Jenny's talents, was making her patients feel comfortable and relaxed, and the easiest way to do that was to make them feel good about themselves and their surroundings.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Are you comfortable now?"

"Uh huh" The child in Becky responded. She was indeed feeling cozy warm and protected.

Jenny noticed the well used teddy bear with the fuchsia ribbon and bow around her neck and inquired. "What's your teddy's name?"


"May I?" Jenny asked indicating that she wished to pick the stuffed toy up. She was secretly looking for any sign of emotion as someone else handled her patient's security blanket. The look of uncertainty on Becky's face as she shook her head, spoke volumes to the trained Psychologist.

"Such a pretty name for such a lovely friend." Jenny casually hugged the toy and offered it to Becky, who greedily took it and closely inspected it for any signs of abuse. Jenny's keen eyes were noting all of this.

"Becky how long have you had Bernadette?" The doctor asked as she observed her patient grooming the toy.

"Since I was very little. I got her for Christmas one year."

"This was when you were still Charles?" Jenny asked.

A very weak and almost unnoticeable, "uh huh."

Dr. Pope leaned across the bed from the chair she was now sitting in beside Becky. She carefully held one of her hands and asked. "Becky, Tell me about your mother."

Suddenly a floodgate had burst open. Becky happily told of all the good times that they had when they were very young. How she had learned to care for her younger brother and sister. How mommy had instructed her how to bake and how to cook. What a properly cleaned house should look like. How her mommy was very beautiful and encouraged her to be Becky as much as she wanted. She would instruct her as if she were her daughter, and teach her everything a girl would need to know to keep a proper home, even how to look after herself with beauty products.

All too soon though, the conversation took on a bleak nature as Becky recounted their move to Canada and how her mommy got sick on the voyage over and never got better again. With tears streaming down her face she told of how her world came crashing down around her when her mommy died in the spring of her 12th year.

"That must have been very hard on your father?" Dr. Pope inquired looking for an emotional response. The lack of one from Becky prompted to ask some questions about Rebecca's father.

"What about him? He hated me!"

"Surely you are exaggerating Becky?"

"NO! I'm not! He truly hates me. He disowned me when I was 21. I haven't spoken to him since."

"That does not mean he still hates you now just because you refuse to talk to him?"

"NO! You don't understand!" A now very visible distraught Becky pleaded. Becky started to explain all the terrible fights that her mommy and Father had when she was little. A lot of them were about her. Father would insist that, that was a boy. The doctors proved it when they closed up the secondary sex organs Becky had been born with. Her mommy would say that he was wrong. They had made a terrible mistake. That child is not a male. Becky told of how after her mommy's death, Father had forced her to have an operation to remove any doubt what so ever that his child was a male. She told of being forced to take male hormone injections so that her body would develop as a male would after she had started to grow breasts, and her body was begining to show signs of development.

"If this is true Rebecca. They either were very low dosage or they didn't work on you because from what I have seen you do not have any male physical characteristics." Dr. Pope remarked.

"They would make me sick to my stomach and I would refuse to eat because I hated what he was doing to me." Between sobs Becky carried on with her story. "Then one day I had enough and decided to do something about it. I had read from a friend of a drug called Premerin and how they gave it to woman that had a hormone problem. So I went to the library and read up on any information I could find about it. I knew I had to have some if I was going to stop Father's plan. So I started stealing to get them. I would steal the money out of the milk boxes that people put out for the milkman and would buy stolen drugs from a friend I knew. Anyway I could think of to get the pills. I would collect pop bottles along the ditch, offer to clean houses anything, almost anything at all to get them."

Suddenly Becky stopped the conversation and both Bob and Jenny looked up sympathetically at Becky.

"Then one day we decided to break into Fuller's Drug Store and steal all the drugs from there and sell what we didn't want. My friend Sean wanted the speed because he liked to get high. I only wanted the hormones... We got caught. Father persuaded the judge to send me into the army so they could make a man of me, instead of going to Reform School."

Becky gulped some of her now cold tea before continuing.

"I had finally escaped Father's forced hormone program but look at what it had cost me. I had to stay in the Canadian Forces for one full term. If at the end of the term I had kept my nose clean all record of my criminal experience would be removed because I had still been a juvenile at the time. Because I was an A student in high school, I was allowed to wait until I graduated in June before I would leave. That way I would have a high school education. I completed basic training, how I'll never know. I had a lot of help from some very nice boys and I made sure they knew I appreciated it. I qualified for Officer Candidate School. So I begin streamlining into that area. I also found out that they would pay for my university education if I had a trade they could utilize. I had no interest in Engineering, but that coupled with a lot of Geology and Palaeontology courses, I would at least be able to do something I wanted when it was all over." Becky stopped again and looked up into Jenny's compassionate eyes. "Guess I'm sorta getting away from your question aren't I?"

"That's okay Becky. I think you are answering it. Please continue.

"All the time I was growing up after my mommy died I would try and appear to be a girl as much as possible. I would spend hours at a sewing machine tailoring my boy clothes so that they would enhance my figure. Father's new wife, thought that was great and would heap the entire household's mending and repairs on me. I didn't really mind because it allowed me to make my alterations without suspicion. I even managed to make a few dresses and some tops and skirts as well from material salvaged from other projects.... Oh ya your question. Um, when I went into the forces it was impossible for me to do this at the time because it would definitely be frowned upon by my current employers so, I would wait until I was on leave or something most times. Oh! I still wore girls clothes, it's just that, I always made sure they were very plain and subdued looking. I had also discovered birth control pills by now as well so I was getting those thru a post office box from an outfit in New Jersey."

Dr Pope's eyebrows shot up at the announcement. "How often were you taking those?"

"Once a day every day. I did have a girl friend who gave me her supply for a while. I would pay her for them, plus a little extra and she would give me her pills, but that stopped only after a year or so because she didn't want to get pregnant again."

"You do know that taking another's pill is dangerous for you don't you?"

"Oh! More dangerous that having an occupation that could potential kill you?

Or how about being in a situation where I have to live with a bunch of men all the time, which if they even suspected I was the least bit like I am, would probably save the government the money, and kill me themselves?

More dangerous than that?

More dangerous than having to hide your breasts everyday before you went out the door?

More dangerous than knowing that this entire thing is a facade and it is tearing you apart every day!

Is it more dangerous than that?"

Becky was screaming and crying at the end of the last statement. She finally broke down and she could not continue any further as she sobbed into Jenny's offered shoulder. She continued with get wrenching tears and wails that soon brought Pip to poke her head thru the door. A quick nod from Bob had her return to her post fast enough.

"It's okay Becky. It really is. You had to tell somebody those things. They have been tearing up your insides for years. Go ahead girl. You have the right to cry." Jenny stifled a sniffle and fought back her own tears. She turned her own tear-streaked face towards Bob and directed. "Have Rebecca's nurse step in here for a minute please."

"Right!" Bob dashed out the door and quickly made his way down the corridor with Martin trailing inches behind. Pip remained at her post as she now stood in front barring the entrance to the room. Bob and the charge nurse rushed back into the room; just as Martin shrugged his shoulders at Pip when she inquired with a head bob 'What's going on?'

"Nurse Wholeman. I am Dr. Jennifer Pope. What is Rebecca's usual dosage of morphine, and how often is it prescribed?"

"Um it's usually upon request by her, and it's between 25-35 units minimum four hours."

"When was her last dosage?"

"Her last pain medication was dilaudid 4mg at 06:45."

"Nurse please have prepared a dosage of 20 units and add 10cc of gabapentine as well. I will authorize the change myself.

"Right away Doctor. "Charge Nurse Holly Wholeman then turned on her heels and quickly went to carryout the doctor's orders.

"Thank you."

Through the entire time Jenny held the still crying Becky rocking her back and forth reassuring her. "Everything's going to be all right. Don't worry baby. I'm going to make sure that everything is going to be just right, you wait and see."

Becky tried to say something past the blubbering but all that came out was a pathetic little mew.

"Shhh. That's okay sweetie don't try and say anything. Just be quiet and relax."

Jenny then began to hum a little tune that sounded strangely familiar to Bob but for some reason he could not think of the name of it. All the while Jenny continued to hold and rock back and forth patting Becky on the back as if she were consoling a small fragile child, for in fact right now Becky was, her state of mind was that of a poor frightened little girl.

Moments later Nurse Wholeman had returned and presented the syringes for the Dr's inspection. Jenny nodded her head and the nurse added them to Becky's IV. Slowly Becky's eyes closed and her body became limp in Jennifer's arms.

"Holly. Could you give me a hand we'll slide her down into the bed and she can get some rest... Thank you."

"No problem Dr. Pope."

Jenny now directed her attention to a bewildered Bob that had still not moved, frozen in his spot since his return from fetching help.

"Sit down Bob." Jenny directed. Pointing to one of the chairs. He took one she the other. "Bob I apologize for subjecting you to that just now. Those feelings Becky has have been carried around in her have been for a very long time. I'm not so sure that even I would not have gone off the deep end, knowing what I know now."

Jenny searched Bob's face for any sign of reaction his stony face and downcast eyes told of his shock of his love's past.

"Robert! Look at me."

He slowly lifted his eyes to gaze in Jenny's kind face.

"Becky is going to need a lot of help in the next little bit. Not only does she have to deal with the devastating events of her past, but also she must now deal with the horror of a brutal attack and, the pain and frustration of dealing with cancer. That is lot on anyones plate. She is going to need a friend. Someone who can comfort her, and sometimes be a parent, somebody she look up to as an authority figure, someone who can assure her that everything is going to be all right"...

Jenny paused again while Bob's mind registered what she was telling him. "Bob. I think you can do this. I think you can be this person, but I need to know if you have the commitment and the resolve to do this. It will not be a walk in the park by any means. It will be painful for both you and Becky. It will mean sacrifices on both your parts, if she is every going to be able to grow again."

The big man looked deep into Jenny's eyes; he was quickly dealing with the events of the last hour. The self-assured take-charge captain of industry was quickly returning to his senses. He cleared his throat before speaking.

"Doctor Pope, I will move heaven and earth to do whatever is necessary to help my Rebecca get better. I will commit all of my resources towards that cause. Anything that I can do, I will, to make sure that happens. No matter what it takes!" A very determined Bob Arnold replied. The shrewd businessman was back and in full colour.

"Well that sounds like a commitment to me." Jenny replied. "You know this is not going to happen over night don't you? I can't just wave a magic wand and everything be better, like in your Cinderella world." She paused and smiled at that last statement as Bob's questioning eyes wondered what she was inferring to.

"Bob. It took me a while to put it together, but now I remember you. I was at the Commodore on Halloween when I saw your display of love and affection for Rebecca. I thought it was very romantic. I think my husband was sincerely jealous of you that night and hated your guts. I think I might have even cried a tear or two when I saw you down on your knee singing to Becky."

"That was a very special night for us."

"Yes. I'm sure it was. I'll bet that you stole Rebecca's heart after that performance."

Bob chuckled. "Ya I suppose you're right. I was batting a thousand that night."

"Bob... I can see you care a lot for Becky, and even more crucial is, I can see her love for you. In the next few months to come she is going to need someone to lean on for emotional support as well. Pip and I already had a chat the other day about what her involvement was with Becky. Today was Rebecca's turn. My point is she is going to become very dependant on you, and Pip. She is very strong willed woman. To be able to survive the horrors she has divulged already to us, is testament to her resolve. However, I also think we have just scratched the surface of the pain she has had to carry with her for years. I suspect there is a lot of emotional baggage. I cannot stress this enough, for her own safety this has to be dealt with and soon. Frankly I'm amazed so see she is still with us, I know if I personally had half the crap heaped on me that she has, I doubt I would not have been fitted for a rubber suit by now."

Bob looked into Jenny's eyes before he spoke. "Dr. Pope, I have been doing a bit of research in the last little bit. I am not without a few well-placed contacts in the medical field. I have asked Doctor's such as you quite a bit of information about Rebecca, and just what to expect. I have also discussed ways that I can help. Now that you have arrived on the scene I shall be adding you to the list of professionals to call upon."

Jenny's eyebrows rose when Bob had mentioned his medical friends. Suddenly she formulated a working idea, and then a leap of logic. She hesitantly then started to ask more questions. "Bob. Just a question here? You wouldn't happen to be on the Board of Directors for the VGH and University Hospitals would you?"

Bob chuckled. "Guilty as charged, madam."

Jenny slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand making quite a loud noise. "Oh god! Don't I look like a fool now? Here I am lecturing you on care of patients and, forgive me, you must thing I'm a blithering idiot."

"Dr. Pope. How were you-"

"Jenny or Jennifer please."

"Okay Jennifer. As I was saying, how were you to know? I never announced it to you or anything. As far as you lecturing me, don't you ever stop! One thing I have learned in this world is, once you have the experts in place doing their job; listen to them, because that's what you are paying them for. You are concerned about Becky's mental health, and so am I. Anything you have to tell me that may be of some importance will be appreciated. Okay?"

Bob once again held out his hand for the doctor to shake. Two professionals had reached a working decision. It is what is done as a sign of respect.

"Are you really as rich as the papers make you out to be?"

"Naw! Richer!" Bob joked. "Oh! Jenny. I would appreciate it that you sorta kept mum about who I am, I really don't need the staff all-frothing at the mouth trying to ply Becky or me with special favours. Okay?"

"I could see how that might create an interesting situation." Jenny giggled. "Okay. I can do that."

Becky groaned in her sleep, which immediately stopped their conversation with heads snapping around in her direction.

"How long will she be out for?"

"Um, hard to tell. I say probably till dinnertime, about another 2-3 hours. I'm going to prescribe her some gabapenine, to help keep her calm, and it will also help a bit with her pain management. So that should keep her pretty zonked out of it for the next little bit."

Without another word being spoken, both Jenny and Bob headed out of the room, closing the door behind them. Immediately Martin's bulk covered the front of the door, deifying anyone entry.

Jennifer noticed this and again it puzzled her. "Bob I was just wondering here about your two friends here. Just what exactly do they do? Are they bodyguards?"

"Hell no Jenny! Martin and Pip are much more than just bodyguards, although that is one of their duties. Martin is also my friend, companion, driver, and a host of other things, and that short little stack of dynamite with a short fuse over there is Becky's bodyguard, friend, etcetera, etcetera. I never leave home without them."

Jenny was a bit bewildered, "I guess when you are one of the most richest men in the world, someone, is always trying to hurt you and your family." She thought, as her and Bob slowly sauntered down the corridor. Martin began to fall in step behind until Bob gave him a brief hand signal to indicate it was all right go back to his post


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