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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to: & Christy Lake


~Part # 23 Meshing Together~



"What are they saying? Voices. I hear voices. Where are they coming from? Hello? Can you hear me? They can't hear me. They're getting closer. Louder. Let me sleep please."

"Rebecca. Can you hear me? Are you okay? Wake up Luv. It's time to wake up."

Slowly an eye fluttered open, the other still refused to budge. The eye then closed.

"Wake up sweetie." The voice commanded. "Come on now. That's right, open them eyes... That's right. Good morning Sunshine. Did you enjoy your sleep?"

"Um, Ya... Yes. I guess so." The tiny voice hoarsely whispered. What time is it? Who are you?"

"Well to start out with I'm Elsa. I've been looking after you all night long. It's now 6:15 AM, and today is Friday." The nurse cheerfully reported.

"Friday? What happen to Thursday?"

"Well I'm afraid you slept thru a major portion of it... Did you have a good sleep Pet?"

"I don't know. I don't remember."

"Well you were pretty tired yesterday they told me. Do you remember Dr. Pope speaking with you?"

"Aye. That was just before lunch. Wasn't it?"

"Yes I believe it was... You have slept since then until just now... How do you feel?"

"Sore. And I have to pee!"

"Okay you just stay put and I'll get the 'little Johnny' for you." Nurse Elsa directed.

"If it's all the same I'd rather walk if I may? I really hate that thing."

"Are you sure you're up to it?"

"I'm going to give it a good try, and real soon too." Becky desperately said.

"Whaaa!" The voice in the corner grumbled as his foot fell off its perch. Bob opened his eyes to see Elsa helping Becky out of bed on her sojourn to the can. He jumped up from his resting spot, immediately regretting it as his body violently rebelled against the sudden movement. "Damn!" Realizing what he just said he added. "Sorry Becky's momma," Hoping that would cover up his momentary slip.

Supporting the other side from the nurse, he helped shuffle his love as far as the washroom door.

"Bob. You're gonna have to stop here. There isn't room for all of us in there. I'll be fine. We can take it from here honest." The concerned nurse declared

"Okay, but I'll be right outside this door. You just holler if you need a hand."

Some relief was obtained by that little visit. Now she required relief of a different sort, as she was finally returned to her bed. Elsa handed her the little medicine cup with the one little bright white pill that Becky was getting very used to seeing all the time, also in the cup was her morning dosage of tacrolimus, one of her anti rejection drugs. She fumbled with the water glass and pill cup trying not to get it caught up in her IV line.

Elsa recognized her plight and helped move it out of the way. "That might be able to be taken out today Hen." She said indicating the offensive clear plastic tube.

"Well you won't hear me complaining when they do."

"Let's just see what the doctor has to say when he comes in this morning. In the mean time Luv, I have to take your vitals. Be right back."

It was now Bob's turn to administer his own brand of nursing. He idled up to the bed in the same spot Elsa had just vacated. "Morning. How are you feeling now?" Her lover asked planting a soft affectionate kiss on her forehead.

"I'm okay. You? Did you spend all night in that chair?" Becky inquired.

Bob smirked. "Either on it or falling off of it. Ya."

"Where's Pip?"

"I gave her the night off. She and Martin had a bit of catching up to do, and besides, I wasn't going anywhere without you anyway. So I decided to sta-"

"Kiss me. You crazy fool."

Robert definitely obliged her without losing a moments notice. Their tongues were intertwined with each other as they refamilliarized themselves with already explored territory.

" Ahem!" The authorative voice behind them said. Becky thought about breaking the embrace, Bob didn't and kept right on kissing his best girl.

Finally the much-needed refill of affection was complete. The pair gazed in each other's eyes and smiled. "God I missed that." The aroused male stated. His mate only purred.

"You realize now that all your vital signs are going to 'corry weeky' now don't you? Your BP is probably going to be off the chart!" Elsa joked as she pushed the large man away from her patient. "What am I going to say to Dr. Mortimer when he looks at these numbers?"

"Just tell Horace the truth." Bob flatly stated.

Becky started to laugh. This was just too much to believe. "Oh ya. You called him Horace yesterday. Dr. Mortimer's first name is Horace?"

Bob started to chuckle as well. "No. Too bad though, It's a perfect name for him don't you think?"

"Too perfect!" Becky giggled.

"His real name is John. Someone just hung Horace on him because he looks so much like Rumpole."

"His first name is John, really?" Becky inquired, still giggling, while holding her aching side.

"Ya pretty strange eh?"

"Um.'' Elsa wasn't quite on the same page as the two hyenas. "Isn't the real Mortimer, I mean the author Mortimer, that writes the Rumpole stuff, isn't his name John as well?"

"Yes!" Both Bob and Becky laughed at the same time.

"Snap!" Bob yelled "Gotcha!" He said pointing his finger at Becky.

Elsa was now laughing as well. The three of them were having far too much fun for this early in the day, and were about to be told so.

"Now see here! The stern and commanding voice at the door barked. "There are patients still sleeping! This is not a comedy club, nor is it the local pub! This noise will desist immediately. Do you hear me?"

"Yes Matron Winters." Elsa meekly replied. "I was just getting Miss Stewart's vitals, and we were just having a bit of fun, trying to start the day with a bit of a smile. Ma'am."

"I take it by the merrymaking that you have completed your task?" Matron asked as she raised one eyebrow to enforce it.

"Yes Matron Winters."

"And you sir! Visiting hours are not until 11am later today. Can you explain your presence here at this time?" Nurse Winters demanded training her guns directly on Bob. "This patient has been a very harrowing experience. What she requires is rest and plenty of it. NOT! The latest standup comedy routine."

Bob gave Becky his best million-dollar salesman smile and a wink. The master negotiator was about to go to work.

Becky smiled back. "This ought to be fun. I love it when Bob is on the schmooze, It's almost an art form to watch him perform."

"My dear lady," He began. The arm indicated the way they should head to have their little discussion. Becky could barely make out what he was saying now as he led the Senior Matron out the door. "No one more than I, has known the difficulties that Rebecca has had to experience in her life time. If I were to tell you them all, you would break down and cry right here on th-"

The noise of the breakfast tray slamming down on Becky's rolling table brought her out of her half daze.

"Morning!" The chopped voice uttered.

"Good morning. How are you this morning?"

Nothing not even a smile as the food services server started to briskly walk back towards the door Becky asked for a small request. "Excuse me. Do you think you could push that tray over to me here so I can have my breakfast while it's still warm? Please?"

Just before he ducked around the corner, Becky heard him say. "The nurse will get that for you."

Becky thought, "JERK! But, her mouth said, as syrupy as she could muster. "Thank you very much for all your help. Have a pleasant day."

Becky looked at the rolling table with her morning meal on it just out of arms reach. Making a decision she slowly swung her legs out from under her blankets and gingerly dangled them over the side of the bed. "Well looks like I'm going to have to get this myself. I can do this. I'll just take it nice and easy." Slowly she slid her bum off the bed and stood on her own two feet, something else she had not done unassisted for almost a week now. Immediately she felt a sharp pain in her side and almost gave up entirely on the idea. "Cold hard toast and a rubber egg, just not worth it." she thought. That would have probably been the end of it, had she not have been busted.

"Just WHAT do you think you are doing Missy!"

Becky looked over to see the stern face of Matron Winters standing there with a surprised Bob beside her.

"Ahh… I was trying to get my tray. The food person put it way over here and wouldn't bring it over to me so I had to get it myself." Becky pleaded.

"You! Get that bottom of yours back into that bed and see that it stays there until further notice. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

Matron Winters carefully helped Becky back under the covers and snuggled them down around her ensuring that she won't be going anywhere. All the while she was telling her patient how she was jeopardizing all the doctors work by being so foolish. "And for what? The food is terrible anyway. You should know that you been here for five days now!"

Becky wasn't taking any chances of being yelled at some more. What ever this woman wanted, she could have as far as she was concerned. "Yes Matron Winters."

"Hmm." Was the stern administrators only reply. She wheeled the table over and positioned it in front of Becky before lifting the lid. Becky looked out at the sight before and questioned just exactly what it was. Her fright filled eyes went from the tray up into those of the Matron.

The Nurse smiled as if to say, see I told you so. "Well looks like today you have red river cereal and I think this is supposed to be an omelet." She paused to look at the dietary sheet that accompanied the meal. "Yes I was correct, a vegetarian omelet with no salt. Looks yummy don't it?" She sarcastically remarked.

Becky was not entirely sure if the senior nurse was serious or joking, all she could do was stare at the vanishing backside as Matron Winters went to get Beckys meds.

Bob was no help he just stood there and shrugged. Their attention was drawn to a loud discussion just outside Becky's door. It seemed that justice was about to be carried out on an ill-mannered food services employee.

"You there! Freeze! What is the meaning of your attitude when you serve the patients on my ward their meals? You intentionally put the trays out of their reach when the majority of them are bed ridden. Do you get some sort of sick pleasure out of this?" There was a half second pause as Matron Winters searched for the hapless fellows name before she continued. "Carlos Estavez? Or are you just plain stupid to even think about how they are going to get their meal?"

"Hey Lady! My union rep said all I have to do was put the tray down in the room. I put it on her side table. You got a problem with that, take it up with the union. I did what I was supposed to do."

Bob moved his head slightly to get a better view of the goings on. Just as Carlos turned to leave, Matron Winter had different plans for him. She stood toe to toe with him and laid down the law.

"I really don't care WHAT you're union rep. said your job description was! You are on my ward and I am the boss. You will perform your duties to my expectations or you will not be performing them at all! Do you understand me, Mister Estevez?" She barely stopped for him to reply before she lit into him again. "And do not think for one minute that, that feeble excuse you offered me is any protection. I will be speaking to Margaret LeYeung, your local union president today about your behavior, and do not expect to hide behind that blanket either! I get my way all the time Mr. Estavez, so just remember that when you start thinking about what you are going to say to Ms. LeYeung when standing in front of her trying to explain why you were doing a haphazard job!"

Bob observed the Determined woman calmly walk back to the nurses station and pick up the phone all the while giving Carlos Estavez a look that was pure death. The nosey Bob heard her ask to speak to Margaret LeYeung immediately before he turned his attention back to a giggling Becky.

Nine thirty came and went along with another shovel full of meds, as did eleven o'clock. Bob was blankly staring at a snoozing Becky when Martin and Pip returned looking refreshed and rosy cheeked. Martin announced that they had jogged here this morning just to get a bit of exercise.

"Bob. What did Dr. Mortimer say this morning?" Pip inquired.

"Well seems that most everything is okay. Becky may be going home tomorrow if today's blood work looks good."

"Oh that's just fantastic. I'll bet she was happy to hear that?"

"I don't think she knows yet Pip. She was asleep when Mortimer was here. And he did all his talking to the nurse." Turning his attention to Martin he said. "I would kill for a decent cup of coffee. But since there isn't a 'Tim's' around here why don't you zip downstairs and procure me a cup of the next best thing?"

"Sure Boss!"

"Oh and Martin." He said to his faithful friend, as he was about to disappear out the door. "Might as well get Becky some tea. She'll be awake here shortly. You want anything Pip?"

Turning her attention towards Martin, Pip replied. "Ya... Hunks. Could you get me a Snapple?"

"Sure thing Peaches!" Martin returned, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Give me a break you two. I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Pip saddled up to Bob and ran her fingers thru his hair teasing him. "What's a matter 'Bobby Wobbie'? Didn't you have a good night last night? Poor baby."

Of course Becky picked that exact moment to open her eyes. She saw her lover sitting legs askew on a chair his hands on her best friends hips while Pip was snuggled up close to Bob massaging his head.

"What the? Huh?... Pip why are your doing a bump and grind on my boyfriend?"

Bob started to howl.

Pip was dumbstruck. "I was... No. I mean we were just. I was just goofing around honest. Tell her Bob!"

By now the large man was rolling on the floor holding onto his sides, tears streaming down his cheeks. It did not take but more than a millisecond for Pip to start up as well, and soon the room was reverberating with laughter.

Andrea came rushing into the room and quickly shut the door. "Shhh!!!!! You must be quiet. Matron Winters is in a terrible mood today. She is ready to kill anything or anybody that get's in her way." Andrea directed all the while motioning with her arms to hold it down.

"What is Ms. Winters still doing here now? I though she went off shift at 7:30?" Becky inquired.

"She was supposed to but her relief got in a fender bender on the way to work this morning and still hasn't shown up. Plus she reamed out some Intern for trying to get some of the nursing staff to do his work for him. Plus you all heard what happened with that ignorant man for the food services. Mind you he's had it coming for a while. He treats the patients like dirt... So you can see she is not in a good mood, and I don't need her making my life anymore uncomfortable. Please?"

"Don't worry Andrea. She won't get mad at you for that." A now recovered Bob remarked.


The afternoon passed peacefully, that Evening did as well. It was Pip's night in the barrel, as Bob and Martin bid their farewells for the evening. Fortunately Martin had jogged back to Xanadu earlier that after noon to get the cherry black Mercedes as there was a light rain falling when the pair hit the street out in front of the hospital.

Pip had done a bit of finagling to get the charge nurse to give Becky 30mg of morphine instead of the usual 25 at bedtime. So it was Pip who opened her eyes at 6am to see a smiling Becky peering at her.

"Good morning sleepyhead." She chirped. Sounding as joyful as she possibly could.

"Morning. How was you night?"

"Dunno. I don't remember... So okay I guess... How was yours? Comfy was it sprawled out on that chair like that?"

"Oh just ducky!"

"Oh my. Aren't we the sorely puss this morning... Just isn't the same without the first cup of tea is it?"

Pip gave her the one eyebrow raised look that she had been practicing in the mirror.

"Well don't worry Pip. Pretty soon you can have a cuppa. The cafeteria should be open by now. I'll have mine the usual way please."

"Obviously that one eye thing wasn't working for me." Pip thought as she started stretching out the kinks her body had picked up during the night.

"I'll be back!" She huffed.

"Okay Arnold." Becky giggled.

A while later Becky and Pip were enjoying the invigorating first 'cuppa' of the day. Her vitals had been taken and the last IV had been removed from her arm. Both Pip and her were sure Mortimer would give them the thumbs up. It was just a matter of waiting for the official 'okey dokey.'

"Well Miss Stewarrt. Worrd has it that you arre dissatisfied with things arround herre and wish to leave us? Well if that is the way you feel about it then, by all means do not let me stop you. I want you to take it easy forr at least a few weeks, and let those stitches mend. No morre leaping off tall buildings forr a while… Shall we?"

A giggling Becky replied. "Yes Doctor. I mean no doctor."

Turning his attention to Pip he looked over the top off his bifocals waggling his bushy eyebrows while speaking. "And you. See that she does what she is told. I have no wish to see such brilliant worrk be destrroyed but some foolish act."

"Don't worry doc. I'll see that she follows yer' orders to the letter."

"Rrright! Now I shall sign off on this young lady and as soon as Drr. Pope gives herr seal of approval, and patient serrvices has a worrd with you, you arre frree to go... Good Bye. And don't come back."

"Thank you Doctor Mortimer. Thank you for all your help." Becky gushed, thoroughly amused at the old curmudgeon's acting ability's.


Pip jumped up from her chair, and shouted, "Yes!" as she jumped her fist down to emphasize the point.

"We're going home! We're going home!" The exuberant mature adolescent chanted.

The merrymaking was interrupted by the arrival of breakfast. "Here you go Miss Stewart! Here is you breakfast. I am going to place it on the table over here. Will you be dining in your bed or would you prefer to sit in the chair and have your meal?"

It's not often Rebecca Anne Stewart swears or has a cross word for anyone for that matter, but this was beyond even her level of composure. "You know Estevez! You're an asshole! Just put the bloody thing on the table and get out of here!"

"Yes Miss Stewart. Your wish is my command." The upset food services worker recited as he cow towed out of the room.

"What's his problem?" Pip asked.

Oh. He was being jerk and Matron Winters had had enough, and yesterday told him all about it. Guess the telling off didn't stop there."

"Don't worry about goof balls like that Becks. They just ain't worth it... Besides, We're going home!"

"We're going home!" The pair chanted again.

Becky barely touched breakfast. She was all washed, with her make up on, hair neatly arranged, patiently waiting for Bob to appear with some clothes. She drummed her fingers on the table as she sat half looking at all the instruction she was supposed to do that Patient services had dropped off.

"What time is it?" She sighed.

"Just ten now Beck."

"Where is he? You did tell him this morning didn't you?"

"Yes Becky I did." Her friend emphatically stated. "It's only been just over an hour or so. He'll be here any minute now... Besides we can't go anywhere until Dr. Pope gives her okay as well."

"Well you won't need to wait any longer then." Said the voice from the door. A tad anxious to get out of here are we?"

"Morning Dr. Pope."

"Hey doc!"

"Good morning Becky, Pip... So John has decided to kick you out of here has he?"

"Uh huh." Becky the schoolgirl giggled.

Jennifer Pope sat on the edge of the bed and lightly held Becky's left hand. "Good. I'm glad you are going home. That's the best thing for you. Unfortunately, you know that our work is not over now though? You and I still have many bridges to cross and streams to forge."

"I know doctor. Thank you for helping." Her patient shyly replied.

"I want to set up weekly meetings with you, and perhaps with Pip and Bob as well. Okay?"

"Uh huh."

Jennifer's hand softly caressed the side of Becky's cheek. "Good girl. You can do it. I will have my receptionist phone with the arrangements on Monday. I will make sure that they are acceptable to Geoff's crew as well as with Ms. Wytte's schedule."

Becky looked up at the doctor's kind eyes. She was unaware that Jennifer had known of the arrangement that her and Aunt Jan had between them.

Dr. Pope saw the collision of feelings in her patient's eyes, and the fear on her face. "Don't worry Becky it was Auntie Jan that suggested I come and see you sooner as apposed to later. She thinks the world of you, and sees a special gift that you have. I have noticed it too."

Becky gulped. "Okay." She halfway chocked.

"Okay now. Let's see what we can do about getting you out of here. Are you wearing your PJ's home? Rather bold fashion statement don't you think?"

"Oh it's all the rage in Paris!" Becky camped. "It'd just the newest thing."

Jennifer being quick off the mark quickly joined in. "Oh I must ask Marcie all about them then." Her hands flipping about in exaggerated fashion.

"You know Marcie?" Pip and Becky asked in unison.

"SNAP!" Becky yelled.

"Ya. Whatever." Pip jokingly replied.

"I'm not really sure we are talking about the same Marcie. This is a patient of mine I have been treating for some time."

"Oh." Becky replied a bit crestfallen. "I thought you were referring to a Marcie we know, who is a make over stylist at Christians.

Jennifer smiled. She now knew it was the same Marcie, but professional courtesy dictated that she not betray her trust. "I'm sure your Marcie is a very nice person and knows her stuff as well." Dr. Pope diplomatically replied.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"BOB!!!" Becky screamed.

"Sorry we're so late. I took forever to get Mona to open the shop early so I could pick up something for my princess to wear home."

Pip and Martin had moved off to one side hoping they would not be noticed. Martin effortlessly picked up Pip so that she could be face level with him and she wrapped her arms around the giant's neck and began the greeting process.

"Good Morning Robert." Dr. Pope greeted extending her hand.

"Morning Jennifer. I assume all the 'I's' have been dotted and the 'T's' have been crossed?"

"Just finishing as we speak. I can see no reason to keep this patient here any longer than necessary. In fact to do so would be counterproductive." Jennifer replied giving Becky a wink.

"Well in that case. Will everyone please, get out of my bedroom so I can get dressed." Becky announced making shooing motions with her hands. "Pip. Can you stay and give me a hand please?"

"Sure Beckers. Right! You heard the lady! Everybody out! Out! Go on git' outta here!"

Becky gazed into the bag of accessories Bob had brought, while Pip unzipped the garment bag. Her fingers slid thru the soft material of a light satiny blend slip, and found a small flat cardboard box that indicated that Mona had included some of Becky's favourite nylons. She pulled the items from the bag and she noticed an ice blue bra and panty set that was more feminine than functional, but what really grabbed her attention was when Pip opened the garment bag to reveal a raw silk high waisted dress in navy blue.

"Oh my god Pip! It's gorgeous!"

"This must have cost Bob a bundle. Look at this thing. I'm jealous. Too bad we are not the same size."

It didn't take the duo long to transform Becky into the beauty that would compliment Mona's creation. Becky quickly stripped to the buff and slid the ice blue creation up her bottom with an uncontrollable shiver. She gingerly leaned forward and cupped herself while deftly fastening the catch of her bra in back. Pip helped adjust the straps for her so that they didn't pinch or bind. Becky giggled when she slowly rolled the sheer donut of silk up her calves to fasten them into the tabs sticking out from under the lace side panels of her panties.

"Think I should call Bob back in here right now?" She saucily asked, vamping Pip.

"HA! You do, and we ain't never gettin' outta here today sister!"

"Help me with this will you please?" Becky asked as she held out the top part of the dress so that Pip could hold it while she carefully held her balance and stepped into it. This movement caused her a fair amount of pain, but she didn't care. Becky had been deprived of feeling pretty for the better part of a week now. She could stand most any annoyance to achieve her goal now.

Becky sat on the edge of her bed and gazed into the mirror on the flipside of her rolling table. Quickly with practiced strokes she changed the colour slightly on her makeup to emphasize the blue in her outfit. Pip produced some bobby pins from her own purse and Becky fashioned a do that flattered the dress and it's wearer. With Pip's help and a lot of 'ohh, ohh, ohhh's', Becky squished her severely swollen feet into the size 7 navy pumps. Holding on to the rolling table for support, she stood as tall and proud as she possible could for Pip's inspection. Two thumbs up and a big smile indicated she had passed.

Pip threw back the curtain, propped open the door, and told the boys they could come back in now. We were ready. Martin whistled. Which earned him a punch in the stomach from Pip. Bob stood and stared with a dopey grin on his face.

"You like?" His soon to be again lover asked.

Gulp. "Uh huh." He croaked.

Convinced that her man enjoyed the show, Becky collapsed into the wheelchair that Pip now offered. She was suddenly drained of all energy. This is when Dr. pope chose to wander back into the room.

"I've finished all the paper wor-" She halted in mid sentence when she realized just how Rebecca looked when she was properly made up. "Wow! Becky. That dress is spectacular. Where did Bob say he got it from?"

"Oh just a little five and dime I know over on Robson street." Bob bragged.

Pip, noticing her friends plight asked. "Becky? You all right? You're looking a little wiped.

"Somebody pulled my plug." She softly responded.

"Are you uncomfortable? Are you in pain?" Dr. Pope asked.

"A little bit." Becky almost whispered.

Pip spoke up. "Translation. Ya. She's in pain. When ole' Tuffy say's she's a little bit uncomfortable, it's usually means it's time for another shot of morphine."

Jennifer reached over and pulled the call cord summoning a nurse. She then walked over to the door and waited for the staff to arrive so that she could state her order to them. She turned back towards Becky and carefully held her hand saying. "They'll just be a minute."

True to her word, within a matter of minutes Becky was slowly drifting in that little dream like world that all patients have when the powerful narcotic hits their system.

Martin and Pip were putting the finishing touches on Becky's packing and had started the caravan to trek their bundles down to the parking area.

Becky slowly smiled as she finally joined everyone back in this reality plain. "Thank you Doctor. I guess I was a little too caught up in the excitement and let myself get a little run down."

"That's okay Becky. I'm glad I was here to help... Now I've made an appointment for you to come and see me on every Thursday for now until you can reschedule your therapy. I have already run it past Geoff and it's not a problem with him. So... It looks as though Thursday afternoons belong to me for a while. Are you okay with that?"

"Yes, I guess so." Becky lazily replied.

"Good. Well you have a good weekend and, please take it easy. I'll see you on Thursday 1:35pm. ish. Sharp!"

Turning her attention to Bob, she bid her farewell to him as well. "I assume that you are going to ensure that the only strenuous activity she performs today is the one where she is exercising her lungs by snoring?"

"Oh of course. You can count on me. In fact I intend to personally make sure that she does that very thing by keeping in close proximity to her body until you need to see her on Thursday."

"Hmmm. That's what I was afraid of." Jennifer giggled, as Bob wiggled his eyebrows Groucho Marx style.

"Take care Becky I will see you on Thursday."

"Okay doctor. Thank you for all your help."

"That's what I'm here for." Turning her head to nod at Bob she spoke his name as in saying good-bye and briskly clipped her way out of the room.

"Well let's say we blow the Popsicle stand!" Bob announced as he grabbed the back of Becky's chair making her emit a small squeal.

He wheeled her up to the nurse's station so that Becky could say good-bye to all the nursing staff that had been so kind to her during her stay. With a flourish of hugs and vows of never to come back, Becky was finally rolling down the corridor to freedom. Martin and Pip quickly filled in behind them as they finished toting the rest of Becky's luggage, balloons and stuffies. All the plants and flowers she had donated to the other patients on her floor. Perhaps a flower or a small plant would make them feel just a little bit better she reasoned, when she stated her request to the charge nurse.

Bob wheeled her chair out into the brisk late fall weather and Becky felt a cold fresh wind blowing on her face. She was almost overcome with tears at the feeling she had been deprived of since Sunday last. Martin quickly had her installed in the back of the impressive Mercedes and was helping Pip stow the rest of her booty in the limo's spacious trunk. He expertly wheeled the car down the ramp on to 12th Ave. and they headed back to Xanadu and safety.



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