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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to Christy & Misty




Becky was sad. She had only gotten to wear Mona's beautiful creation for a little over an hour and a half before she had to surrender it up in favour of a more practical set of satin lounging pyjamas, she did however, refuse to abandon the slinky ice blue confections she had slid on earlier though. Still, she was finally home, and her lover was sitting with his beefy arm holding her tight against his muscular frame. She was warm, safe, secure, and very much in love.

Bob had been discussing the plan of attack for the next few days to come with his 'troops' while Becky cuddled up like a kitten utilizing the heat that her lover's body generated.

"Okay. On Monday, Pip you will take Rebecca to the clinic for her blood test and check up. That way Martin and I can see about more appropriate living arrangements for us."

"Why can't you and Martin stay here?" A little voice squeaked from under Bob's burly arm.

"I guess we could do that. If that is what you really wanted Becky?"

The little mouse whimpered a very childlike. "Um Huh."

"Well I guess that's been taken care of then... Martin. Arrange to get our things out of the storage room in Mona's shop, and have them delivered here. I will still need to find a location to set up an office here somewhere in town."

Martin nodded his head in the affirmative.

Bob paused for a second as he put together the next idea for his plan. "Pip. You know the area pretty well. I know Shaunessy is a very nice neighbourhood, but I doubt it has much to offer for commercial space. See what you can find me locally in a nice area that can act as a small office and mail drop for the business end of things. It should probably have a couple large rooms or two, as well and an area large enough to hold meetings in... I know. Contact that Herb guy that leased this place to Becky. See what he has available for commercial ventures in a good location. Nothing flashy. I would prefer a nice store front as apposed to a big high profile glass and metal affair."

"K. Boss. Will do." His eager lieutenant replied.

"Oh. And don't forget that I need access to communication ports. I don't want to be arguing with some city father about the aesthetics of a satellite dish sitting atop a building, after I sign a lease."

"Bob." Pip hesitantly said. She had been avoiding telling her friend and employer this next item since his return. Now seemed the most appropriate time to breech the subject.

"Yes Pip."

"Within the next day or two, Becky is going to have to go to the remand centre and identify Myers as her assailant."

"What the fuck for! Hasn't that asshole upset this girl enough! The prick did it! The cops know it! Fry the bastard and lets move on!" Both Martin and Pip were taken aback. It was not often that Bob lost it, and most certainly never like this before.

"I'm sorry. She has to it's the law. If she doesn't press charges than the defence could argue that it wasn't that big of deal."

"I'm afraid she's right Bob." Martin pleaded. "According to The Charter of Rights, Myers has the right to face his accuser."

"That's bullshit!" A still furious Bob replied while Becky sought refuge further under Bob's arm. Sensing what he was doing to Becky by his outburst, the outraged billionaire decided to calm himself down, so that he would not further frighten the innocent victim in this entire mess anymore.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry for that display of immature emotion." Turning his attention to face Becky directly, he apologized again. "I'm sorry baby. I just don't want to see you hurt any more, and I'm sorry I scared you. I only want what is best for you. I don't really care about anyone else in this matter, just you alone." He then gave his princess a small peck on the forehead as she nodded her acceptance to his plea for forgiveness.

Pip started the conversation again after a few seconds pause. "Bob. Now that the police know that Becky has been released from hospital, they are going to want her to do that as soon as possible, so that they can process Myers for the additional charges they have prepared against him."

Bob got that look on his face, the one that Martin and many of Bob's business advisories knew all to well. It was a look of determination. A decision had been made. He untangled himself from Becky and reached into the jacket for his cell phone and pushed a few buttons thereby summoning the person on the other end that Bob Arnold needed his services.

He walked into the kitchen for a little bit more privacy as he began his conversation. "Mike. Glad I caught you. Sorry to have bothered you on your day off. I need the services of your firm. Who is your best litigator for criminal cases? Good. I would like to retain his services."


Dinner was a quiet subdued affair. Becky was having a five-minute nap to recharge her batteries while Bob, Martin, and Pip quietly analyzed the events of the past few weeks. Bob was a firm believer in making sure that his troops knew exactly how he felt on a certain subject and what exactly was the next plan of attack. His theory being that the more information you give someone the better off they are when they need to make a decision in the matter. Before Becky had woken all three of them were, in agreement as to what was happening, and going to happen in the days to come. Although Myers was behind bars, Bob made doubly sure that Pip knew that Becky didn't sneeze with out her help.

Rebecca woke and spent the rest of the evening curled up in Bob's arms watching some movie on the large HDTV mounted on the wall, while Martin and Pip played kissy games on the floor by the other love seat across from them.

During the night Bob had attended to Becky's pleas for some relief, and he lay softly caressing her shoulder when Pip quietly knocked on the door the next morning.


"Hey. I made some coffee. You want me to bring you a cup?"

"No. I'll get up. Becky just went back to sleep. I'll put on a robe and be out in a minute."

"K boss."

Pip woke Becky almost two hours later. It was almost time for her 9:30 meds. And, she felt Becky would rather be aware of her surroundings when that happened. As the still groggy woman sat at the bistro table sipping her tea she asked what was on the agenda for today. She was informed that Martin and Pip were off in a few minutes to a mobility aid shop to rent her a wheelchair for the short-term duration while she recovered.

"Bob. I can walk honestly. I'm fine."

"Becky. I just saw you walk in the kitchen just a few minutes ago. You are not fine! I also saw how you sat in that chair, and I saw the pain that registered on your face when you did it. If I am to take you to Mama Valenti's for dinner tonight. I can either have Martin carry you in, or you can sit in a wheelchair. Take your pick?"

"Were going to see Mama Valenti tonight?" The little schoolgirl giggled.

"Yes. She wanted to see you as soon as possible, something to do with your spirit not being aligned properly." Bob replied, unsure of what that meant, but it was obviously important to Rosa Valenti, and Bob did not question Mama when she told him to do something, it was too painful if he should decide not to obey her.

Also we have to get some groceries, if we are going to all be living here." Pip added. "The larder is getting a little scarce."

"Ya, and the way Martin consumes food, he'll be knawing at the furniture soon unless we feed him." Bob thru in.

"ME! What about your hollow leg! You can pack it away just as well as I can. I've seen you attack mountains of ribs that would make a lesser man cry."

"Ha. What can I say, I like ribs."

"So we need a trip to the Safeway." Becky deduced. "If you give me a bit, after I've had my breakfast, Pip and I will get going."

"You're not going anywhere Missy!" Bob ordered.

"Ya!" Both Martin and Pip added simultaneously.

"Snap!" Pip yelled. All pleased with her self. It was the first time she had won at the child's game since her and Becky began playing it some two weeks ago.

Martin sat there like he had missed the whole thing. "Huh?"

Bob patted him on his shoulder as he rose to get another cup of coffee. "Don't worry son. You'll figure it out."

Becky was lost in the bliss of a soak in the monstrous tub, after a healthy breakfast of a boiled egg on half a multigrain bagel, and a large glass of Pip's now popular energy drink. Bob slipped into the room and seriously thought about joining her, so did Becky as she almost succeeded in pulling him in with her.

"Martin and Pip are away to do a little shopping at the Safeway, and pick you up a chair."

"You mean we finally have the place to ourselves with no kids?" Becky joked.

"No. No kid's."

"Then why are you still dressed, and standing there?"

"Ah? Because I have some work to do?"

"Pooh!" Becky did the perfect little girl pout. It was all Bob could do to resist taking her in his arms and sweeping her off to the bedroom, soap bubbles and all.

"Sorry Baby. But I have some things I need to take care of. My business doesn't run itself. Just because I'm not in Japan right now, doesn't mean that I'm still not actively trying to close this deal."

Becky did want to pry into Bob's business affairs. It was none of her concern. With a quiet resolve, she accepted his explanation and slid further down into the tub to continue her bath, all the while pouting.

"If that lip sticks out any further a little bird is going to come roost on it."


Bob kissed his little girls forehead. "Finish your tub, and I'll try and finish things up as fast as I can." He rose and turned away to leave the room. Half way out he changed his mind. "When the tech that installed the phones and stuff, did they put in a port for a computer anywhere?"

"Um. Not too sure, but Lori did mention something about a port over by the bookcases in case I wanted to add a PC later. She wanted me to be able to access my security from it, or something? I don't know exactly, but she said something else about doing with my cell phone."

"Oh? Now there is an interesting idea." Bob pondered. "What's her name again?"

"Lori Hardiman. Her card is pegged to the cork board in the kitchen."

"Thanks Luv."

After the water had chilled her slightly, Becky determined that it was time to abandon her bit of paradise, either that or she would be so relaxed that someone would have to carry her out of the tub, because she just wouldn't have the energy.

She patted herself dry with the thirsty bath sheet and dusted herself lightly with powder. Becky stepped into the plain cotton panties she picked to 'slob' around the house in, and bent over to cup and fastens her bra. She examined herself closely in the mirror and for the first time got a really good look at the gigantic black and purple bruise that adorned her right hip. She gingerly touched the angry looking red scar that she would carry with her for the rest of her life. Becky was not too concerned. She already had a very large scar starting in the valley between her breasts, running from her sternum down towards her tummy, where it separated and ran under her rib cage on both sides to finally end just above her hip. She thought back to her 11th hour liver transplant last summer, and how she had almost lost her life then as well. The doctor had told her then that she was lucky without that donor it would have been only a matter of days before her old organ had given out.

Once again building up the resolve to press on, Becky put aside her melancholy feelings and concentrated on making herself as appealing as possible for her man.

She brushed the unruly mass of blond tresses into some resemblance of order and secured them back with a white scrunchie creating a fetching ponytail. Becky then tiptoed into the bedroom, cautious that Martin and Pip might have returned, and Bob, being a guy, had left the bedroom door ajar. "Ahh. Safe. They're not back yet."

The now relieved woman dashed over to select a plain white ribbed cotton 'T' from her dresser drawer and then went to the huge closet to pull out her pink on white nylon track suit. She winced when she bent down to retrieve her deck shoes, and closely held her side as she returned to the bed to grab a pair of white cotton sweat socks.

A minute later she was back in the ensuite and was applying the minimum allowable makeup necessary to trap her man. With a saucy little pout she pursed her lips as she liberally applied a soft pink lipstick.

Becky straightened up the bath area and went in search of her prey. She located her target clicking away at his laptop on the kitchen table. She slid her arms around him as sensuously as she possibly could and kissed him full on the lips, there by transferring a major amount of lipstick to her lover's lips.

"Did you just do what I think you just did?" He asked.

"Uh huh." Becky giggled.

"I'll have to remember not to lick my lips now."

"Guess so. Cutie." His tormentor laughed.

"Hmm. Give me a minute. I'm almost done."

"Okay... would you like a cup of tea? I'm going to put the kettle on."

"Not really, but I would kill for a cuppa coffee if you are volunteering?"

"For you my prince, anything."

As they sat relaxing with their selected beverages in front of the gas fire, Rebecca asked Bob what time he made reservations for.

"Actually Mama told me to have you there at six sharp. So I guess she made the reservations, since she told me what time to be there."


"In the meantime. We have most of the afternoon to just mess around." Bob pulled Becky into him briskly. She surrendered to her lovers much stronger arms and melted into his body. Still a little cautious of Becky's injuries he softly kissed her and slowly added more passion as he gauged her reactions to his advances. Soon the pair were actively exploring each others bodies like a pair of love struck teenagers.

"God I missed you!" Becky moaned as Bob playfully nibbled on her neck.

"Don't worry I'm not going anywhere." The muffled reply came from a bit south of her neck as his teeth drew down the zipper of her nylon warm up top.

She wanted him! Now! And badly! She didn't care what she had to endure. "I have to feel him inside me now!"

"Bob. Make love to me, now, please?" She begged.

"I wish I could my pet. But you know what the doctors both said. Nothing strenuous for at least another ten days."

"TEN DAYS! I can't wait ten days... I'll, I'll have gone crazy by then. Please Bob. Don't make me wait that long."

"We'll see." came the flat reply.

"We can play little games if you like?" Becky teased.

"Such as?"

"Well I haven't seen my Jen Jen for such a long time. Maybe she can come and visit for a little bit, while I'm healing."

"Would you like her too?" He asked.

"Uh huh." Becky replied as she slowly stroked the front of her lover's slacks, making his erection grow even bigger.

"You are a naughty girl. You know that?"

"Uh huh." She giggled as she bent to rub her cheek across his harshly restrained crotch.

"Becky. Don't, please. You know what the doctor said. We can't be doing this." He moaned as Becky released him from his prison and kissed the now free captive.

"Oh my god!" he moaned again throwing his head back against the back of the love seat they were half on half off of. He was now her play toy. She controlled him with her every move and the both of them were loving it.

Half an hour later the sleepy couple were awaken by the return of Pip and Martin.

Pip was first thru the door and when she saw the compromising scene that Becky and Bob presented, she halted Martin dead in his tracks, before he could see it for himself. Becky was cuddled on top of Bob holding on to her prize in one hand as the pair slept. Bob's slacks were lying on the floor where they were discarded some time ago.

Pip coughed loudly to announce her presence, and then moved back to the entrance out of sight, and waited until the frantic teenagers resorted themselves to some resemblance of order. Making a big noisy production of entering the suite Martin and Pip were once again back inside.

"Hi. Were back. Whatcha been up to?" Martin teased, suspecting that they were making out on the love seat when they came in, that's why Pip pushed him back out the door.

"Nothing." Bob shot back; at the same time Becky giggled "Oh one or two things."

"How about some lunch." Bob suggested. "I'm starving."

"Hmmm. I'm not surprised." Pip shot back. "But first we need to unload all the groceries... If you're not too busy there, Romeo, perhaps you could, you know, give us a hand."

A red faced Bob got up from his seat as Becky giggled her hands held to her mouth trying to stop from making things more embarrassing for her lover.

As the pair proceeded to join Martin retrieving their bounty, Becky suggested. "I'll help. I 'll start putting things away, as you bring the-"

"NO!" Came the command from two different sources.

"Snap!" They both shouted again.

"Double snap" Pip shouted.

"Can you do that?" Bob asked, looking at Becky for a confirmation of the rules.

She just giggled and nodded her head in the affirmative.

Pip stuck out her tongue at Bob who proceed to chase after the faster and much younger agile female. "Don't you move from that spot." Bob shouted over his shoulder, as he disappeared out the door.

Bob volunteered to make lunch, which surprised both Pip and Martin. It was a well-known fact that Bob couldn't boil water without directions. Lunch consisted of cold cuts stacked high on hoagies, slathered with generous quantities of Dijon mustard and mayo. The meal was washed down with a great deal of strawberry and banana smoothies that Pip had created while 'Bob the cyclone' destroyed the kitchen.

Martin and Pip had finished adjusting the rental wheelchair for Becky, and Bob had wheeled her into the bedroom for a nap. He carefully placed her on the bed and crawled in beside her. She snuggled up close to him spoon style and softly purred as Bob slowly stroked her side and thigh. His hand snuck around her waist and held her tightly against him while he kissed her on the check and told her to. "Go to sleep. We have a big night ahead of us, and you, need some rest."

"Yes Daddy." Becky teased.

"Never mind Yes daddy, just close your eyes and get some rest."

"Okay Daddy."

This time it was a command not a request. "Go to sleep."

Becky was the first to wake shortly after four. Bob was quietly snoring on his side and the slight woman easily slid down to the bottom of the bed to escape his embrace. She winced from the effort, and quietly limped to the kitchen to get herself some dilaudid for pain relief. She quickly swallowed the 6mgs and washed it down with a cold glass of water from the Brita in the fridge. Mentally feeling better knowing that relief would not be long in coming, Becky slowly made her way back into the bedroom and into the ensuite to begin getting ready for her evening out. The quiet little mouse had cleansed her face and was applying her Vichy skin rejuvenator, when Bob stumbled in to the room. Without saying a word he installed him self in the water closet and relieved his stress with a loud sigh.

"Hey. Did you have a good nap?" He asked.

"Uh huh, and you?" She smiled back as she began to carefully smooth in her base coat.

"Ya I guess so. I don't remember... Ah... I'm gonna have a quick shower. Will that interfere with you doing your face and stuff?"

"No it's okay. Turn on the fan though, just in case."

Her lover began to whistle the opening refrain from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, as he returned to the bedroom to remove his clothes. Becky found that she now had the catchy little tune running thru her head and soon began humming it right along with Bob's whistling. She quickly changed the tone of her humming when her lover strode back into the room as free as the day he was born, with a clean pair of jockeys over his shoulder.

Becky had come up with a saucy little idea. She smiled evilly and waited until Bob had started to steam up the clear glass shower stall door before she acted. As quickly as she could she grabbed Bob's plain 'mighty whities' and carefully limped into the bedroom to make the exchange. "Just where I thought they'd be." She exclaimed all proud of her self. Becky carefully lifted the silk tap panties that Mona had selected for Bob, and quietly crept back into the bath to display them on top of the bath sheet Bob would need to dry himself from the shower when he was finished. She then returned to her task and tried not to giggle.

A much more refreshed Bob stepped from the shower and without conscious thought grabbed for the bath sheet. The silk and lace confection came with the towel and just before his face contacted the fluffy bath sheet, he noticed the switch in undies. His eyes shot over to where Becky was sitting, but she just coolly brushed on her makeup, casually humming the sonata.

"Hmmm." Bob thought to himself. "Guess Jenjen is back." The large male made sure that he was completely dry before he even attempted to step into the cool satiny tap pants.

Becky noticed the change in personality as 'Jen Jen' all but sashayed over to the mirror next to her to begin his ablutions. She felt a strong pair of arms delicately touch her shoulders and slowly slide around her until they had hugged her neck. A pair of soft moist lips slowly descended and kissed her gingerly on her own lips. Becky smiled up at her lover, as he slowly withdrew and began the ritual male prerequisite called the face scrape.

When Bob was finished, he was about to add some gel to his hair, when the fashion conscious Rebecca told him to sit. She surrendered her seat to him and directed the silk clad buns to slide into her spot. "Let my do your hair." She breathed into his ear.

Bob shrugged. He wasn't about to resist. As far as he was concerned she could do just about anything she wanted short of cutting off 'Big Bob & the Twins'.

Becky smoothed some hair gel into his head and teased his hair to stand, so she could style it. Bob had no idea what she did; He didn't see her do anything different he didn't do every day. The mandatory side part was still there. Maybe just a bit higher than usual, but the overall effect was amazing. The look was softer, more flattering, it looked like it belonged.

Taking her can of cement in hand she quickly circled his head, barely allowing him to close his eyes to ward off the invasion. All proud of herself, she declared, "There. Much better."

Bob moved back and forth in front of the mirror trying to see the difference from all angles. He had to agree with her. It did look much nicer. Not really effeminate in any way, just a bit less harsh then the way it normally was.

Becky wasn't finished yet. "Hold still." She commanded, as she reached for her tweezers. She held them to the space between bob's eyes and grabbed a hold of the first of many hairs to remove Bob's light unibrow.

"OW!" The insulted man shouted. "That hurt!"

"Oh sit still. You baby." Becky chastised. "Put your hands down to your sides. This will only take a minute."

Bob was beginning to get just a bit worried. He was not entirely sure about any permanent changes in the feminization process. "Ah. Becky? OW! What are you doing?" He inquired.

"Relax. I'm not going to pluck your brows like mine. I'm just going to clean them up a bit, so they look a little better."

Bob sat and endured the torture. After she was finished, he had to admit, that it did look a lot better.

"Give me your hand." She ordered.


"Give your hand. I'm going to give you a manicure."

"Becky. I don't need a manicure. I just clipped my nails."

"Yes you do. Now hold still."

Once again he endured the pampering bestowed upon him.

"Hold it Becky!" He suddenly shouted. "No nail polish. I draw the line there."

"OH quit whining. It's not nail polish. It's a nail hardener. It helps keep your nails in good shape. No one will even see it." She held the little bottle up so he could see the label. "See. Only you and I will know you are wearing it.

Bob resigned himself. He knew he was defeated before the first protest. "All right. I guess so."

"Good girl." Becky teased as she began to apply the clear coat to Bob's now nicely rounded fingertips.


"There! All done. Now that wasn't so bad now. Was it?" She cooed into his ear.

"No I guess not." Bob said as her held out his hands palms down to inspect the shiny surfaces of his nails.

"Now don't touch anything for at least 10 minutes." She directed as she moved him off her perch.

"What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I can't even get dressed."

"Well you could hang around and continue to look sexy for me."

'Jen Jen' sat on the edge of the counter swinging his legs back and forth, knees pressed together, while he and Becky chatted away. She was putting the finishing touches on her do for the evening, and grabbed the cement in the can, to make it official. This was the look she wanted.

Becky stepped back from the mirror and selected her scent for the evening. She sprayed the sophisticated scent of Marc Jacobs. She 'accidentally' allowed some of it to drift onto Bob as well. Becky walked into the mist and allowed it to fall on her; she went over to her lover and rubbed herself all over him before the perfume could finish evaporating into the air.

Bob knew exactly what she had just done. He had surrendered long ago. "You realize that I know smell exactly like you do, don't you?"

"Uh huh." She cooed. "You are my property. Why should I not let everyone know it?"

Bob's usually cold calculating mind was at a loss for an answer. He really could not think of a valid argument to object with. He was captured. Forever hers.

Bob was now able to brush his teeth and carry on getting dressed. Becky observed him getting a pair of, what must be 100 pairs of plain black socks.

"There are going to be a few changes around here." She thought. "Starting with Bob's choice of underwear and socks." She filed the idea away for the next time she was out on a shopping expedition.

Rebecca suddenly realized how late it was. She had to kick it into hyper drive, if she was to be ready on time.

"Bob. Wear your black double-breasted blazer, and your olive slacks... Oh and is your sand coloured turtleneck clean? If so wear that as well. Oh... and do be careful of your hair. I haven't got time to fuss with it now dear."

"Yes dear." Came the reply from the closet across the room.

Becky fussed with the suspender belt and made sure her seams were straight. The black satin ensemble stood out quite sharply against Becky's soft pale skin. She careful lifted the black elegant cocktail length evening dress off the hanger. It was one of the ones that 'Sheena' had selected on the crazy Saturday at Mona's. The giggly schoolgirl stepped into it and slowly slid the delicate zipper up her back. All the while she felt the soft feeling of the garment evoke feminine responses in her. Becky turned to face the mirror. The built in crinolines the designer had put into his creation, moved a half second behind her and swirled as the were designed to do when that movement was performed. The Temptress giggled as she blew a kiss to her lover who was watching the entire event from the comfort of the wingback chair between the tall windows.

Becky fastened her gold serpentine necklace about her neck. Its length guaranteed that it was sway freely about her neck and accent the outfit to its best advantage. Standing on one foot, she threads the post of her diamond stud thru one ear and then repeated the same procedure on the other ear. A cocktail ring on her right hand and Bob's Engineering ring, generously wrapped at the back with tape, on her left, she carefully slid her olive green bolero jacket on, and did up the three tightly spaced gold ornate buttons, thereby hugging the jacket snugly against her.

Inspection time. "Yes perfect!" Turning her attention to Bob she asked. "Sweetie. Would you please help me with my shoes? I don't think I could manage."

The large man was on his knees in front of her in nano seconds. He caressed her foot and softly kissed her Popsicle toes that were barely visible thru the midnight black silk stockings. Bob regretted having to put shoes on such things, thereby hiding them away, but he also knew that the sight of the high heel pumps would excite and inflame him. With a fair amount of effort he was able to push Rebecca's feet into the just 'slightly' too tight fantasy items.

Becky carefully stood putting full weight on her feet and winced slightly at the pain that the pressure was now causing her. If she took some more dilaudid now, by the time they reached the restaurant she would be feeling a lot better.

Pip and Martin were already to go. Martin was attired in a charcoal suit with a silk plum 'T' shirt underneath. Pip's idea. His date for the evening had selected a soft pink chiffon number almost an exact duplicate of the one Becky had obtained from her Whistler shopping experience, what seemed like, ages ago.

Becky noticed the killer heels that her friend was wearing and almost brought her up to the same height as her. Becky thought, "Oh my god! Pip those heels are going to be killing you by the end of the evening. They have to be at least five inches. "Nice shoes." She remarked as she gave the pink temptress a wink.

"We ready to roll?" Bob asked as he clapped his hands.

"Almost Honey. I just need to get my meds and grab my purse." Becky said making her way to the kitchen to get then now prerequisite pain medication. "Darling. Would you be a sweetie and get it for me please?" She didn't expect a reply. She knew that Bob had already made his way into the bedroom and was now actively searching for the black sequined clutch purse.

When Becky came back out of the kitchen she noticed that Bob was holding her purse hands crossed in front of him, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be doing. "Thank you." She said, rewarding his good behaviour with a kiss on his lips. She once again made sure that a fair amount of her lipstick transferred to Bob's lips.

He looked at her without any sign of emotion and inquired. "You did it again, didn't you?"

"Uh huh." The little imp giggled.

The procession was out the door, while Becky programmed the code into her cell phone, thereby engaging the alarms. Bob and Martin once again helped Becky with the stairs, this time she was standing, with their support, not bumping along in a wheelchair as she thought she might be.

The impressive auto wound its way back to the part of Commercial Drive, know throughout the city as "La Bambino Italia". Pip jumped out and surveyed the street looking for possible hot spots and Martin put the flashers on and opened the Mercedes' large trunk to retrieve Becky's new mode of transportation.

"Bob is this really necessary?" She protested.

"Becky. Come on, it's for your own good."

"Bob I'm fine. Honest. Please?"

"Fine. But you stumble just once." He warned his finger pointing the air indicating he meant what he said. "You will be sitting in tha-"

"Yes Master." She cooed.

Bob carefully slid out of the car and cautiously helped Becky out and supported her with his arm as the slowly made their way into 'Mama Rosa's'. Pip played door person and Martin brought up the rear wheeling the empty wheelchair.

"Good evening Angelo." Bob announced after they were in the door and walking up to the reception area.

"Roberto! Rebecca! Come sit!" He ordered as he directed Becky to one of the finely crafted leather and wooden chairs that adorned the area. "How are you feeling now? Are you all right? Mama has been so worried about you. She has been making life pure hell for us since your little 'accident'." Angelo's eyes were raised skywards for a second as he spoke the place of damnation before they returned to see the smiling face of Rebecca blushing quite badly.

"I'm fine Angelo. Thank you for asking. Now mama will see that I am fine also, and your life will get a little better."

"I will decide when you are fine young lady." The elder Valenti declared, as she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Mama quit doing that!" Angelo cried. "You scare ten years off my life whenever you do that!"

Before anyone could say hello to Rosa Valenti, she unleashed a long stream of Italian aimed directly at Angelo.

Becky looked over at Bob, he was the only one that she knew of that, could understand what was being said.

He looked back at her as if to say. "You don't wanna know."

"Now my child. Come let me look at you." Mama directed easily pulling Becky from her seat. "Hmmm." She said as her eyes looked deep into Rebecca's soul. "Just as I sensed. No matter. That too, shall be fixed this evening."

Turning her attention to Bob, "Roberto. Give me a kiss and tell me that you love me."

"Yes Mama. I love you."

"Angelo! Why are these people still standing here? Can you not find them a table like you are supposed to do?"

"Yes Mama." The well-dressed portly man replied. "Right this way please." He continued as he directed Bob's party to their table.

"Mama focused her attention on Martin wheeling the empty chair. "Young man! She will have no need for that thing tonight. You may take it away."

Martin confused as anything looked over at his boss for confirmation. Bob nodded his head in the direction of the street indicating to go ahead.

"Yes Ma'am" Martin replied after the order was verified.

"That is a good man you have there Roberto. He is very loyal. Treat him well."

"Yes Mama. I know, and I do."

It was now Pip's turn to feel the imposing effect of the head of The Valenti Family. "You are Rebecca's shadow? Make sure that you are also her friend." With that Rosa Valenti returned to wherever she had materialized from.

Pip loudly gulped. "That is one weird woman!" She surmised.

After the table was settled, coincidentally in the same place that they had been at for their luncheon date some weeks ago, young Tony appeared with a dusty bottle of Chianti He had remembered Becky from her last visit, which made him smile. This time it was different. "AH! Who is that?" He thought noticing the pink clad pixie at the table. "There is someone else with them this time, almost the same age as me. God! She's gorgeous." The young hormone engaged adult thought.

Almost stumbling over his tongue and his feet he greeted the table. "Good evening Miss Stewart, Uncle Bob."

Hello Anthony." Becky replied.

"Hey. Tony... Tony these are two of my friends. This is Martin, and this is Pip. Martin's girlfriend." Bob stated as he sadistically took pleasure in watching the young bucks hopes fade.

Martin put the sealer on things when he rose to shake young Anthony's hand. "How do you do Tony? Pleased to meet you." Replied the giant as he towered over the smaller Anthony Valenchenza.

"Please to meet you too Martin." The young man choked.

Becky gave both Bob and Martin dirty looks. She saw they were having a bit of sport with the inexperienced young man.

Tony had left the table feeling utterly dejected. Things then got back to what passed for normal with this crew.

Becky once again refused 'LaSalada & Zoupa' when Antonio offered, and convinced Pip to do the same. Both the human garbage cans ordered the house salad.

Martin put his away in record time, while Becky and Pip sat there shocked at the display of food consumption speed endurance.

Pip asked her friend, "When are they going to take our order for food? Watching these two eat has made me a bit hungry."

"Don't worry Pip. I don't think this place has menus. They just bring out the food, and it always seems to be just what you wanted. I have never ordered a thing in here yet. Trust me you'll see."

"This place is really weird" Pip thought to herself.

Moments later, there was a procession of dishes brought out by the three Valenti brothers.

"Aldo! Vito! How are you?" Bob shouted.

"Roberto!" The pair shouted back.

"SNAP! Becky and Pip both screamed trying to beat the other.

"Double Snap! They shouted again.

Becky finished it off with "Triple Snap!"

"Phooey!" Was Pip's response, she had never had a triple snap before and was lost at what to do. "Just wait till next time." She thought.

Becky gazed down at her huge plate Digby Bay scallops in a white cream sauce, layered over angel hair pasta. Her eyes lit up at the sight. "Yummy. Just what I wanted."

"What did you get Pip?" she asked her friend.

"Ravioli. My favourite." She replied as she was eyeing up the tasty delights.

Bob had the biggest mountain of steamed blue mussels that Becky had ever seen on anyone's plate. While Martin was quickly tying into a giant size portion of spaghetti and meatballs, no doubt his favourite as well.

All conversation ceased for the better part of a few minutes as they each discovered the gastronomic creations before them.

Pip was the first to speak. "Spinach and goat cheese. My most absolute favourite!... How did they know?"

Both Bob and Becky almost gagged on their meal from laughing when they heard that.

It, was Bob that recovered first. With a sip of his wine to clear his throat he simple replied. "Pray that you never find out Luv."

"Yup! This one weird family!"

Just at that moment the party of four observed a procession that would prove to Pip beyond a shadow of a doubt that her suspicions were true. Rosa Valenti's two sisters all dressed in black marched across the restaurant towards their location. As they passed their table, Martin and Pip both tensed slightly but never moved upon the advice of Bob. The two elderly clairvoyants paused slightly, and without saying a word to anyone looked deep into Rebecca's eyes and bowed their heads ever so lightly before continuing on to their seats just behind them.

Bob rose from his seat, with a polite, "Excuse me for a second." he wiped his mouth with his linen napkin and made his way to the sisters table to pay his respects. "Mrs. Corcelli. Mrs. DePalma." So nice to see you again." He bent low and kissed each of their hands as he addressed them.

"Roberto. You are a good boy. You come to say hello to us, when you would rather be with your fiancée. That shows respect, and that is a fine thing in this world." Carlotta told him in best as her English permitted.

"Bob's eyes opened wide when the younger sister said the word fiancée. He had never thought of things that way before, but he was now. Maria DePalma began a steady stream of Italian so fast that Bob could barely take in everything. He did understand the words for 'I think the baby has just opened his eyes.'

"Yes Roberto. Your Rebecca, she will make a lovely bride, and you, you will spoil her and your lovely daughters with love and affection."

"But? How? I mean. How can that be? I mean" Bob gave up in resignation. He would never know how they knew, what they knew, but he did know was, that time would help him understand what they meant. An ashen-faced Bob returned to the table in quiet contemplation.





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