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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB.

With, continued thanks for Christy & Misty





Pip was keeping a weather eye on the strange sisters all the same thank you, despite what her friend and employer said. Suddenly she noticed the leader of the weird clan approach them to sit with the rest of her 'gang.' Mama Rosa was dressed in the same black flowing robes that her two sisters were adorned in, and around their necks were the same large gold medallions, connected with a heavy rope gold chain. "Yup! This family just get's scarier by the minute." She concluded.

Without saying a word Rebecca almost robotically rose from her seat and walked over to join the Valenti sisters. Pip felt the strong arm of Bob pull her back down into her chair, as she was ready to do battle the trio.

"Your friend cares for you very much." Mama said to Becky as she sat in the proffered chair. "She is fiercely protective of you. She fears us because she does not understand us. But, That too can be a good thing."

Becky sat silently and nodded her head in agreement. For some reason she could not understand, there were many voices in her head that she could not explain. One of the voices broke thru the confusion and she could plainly tell it was Rosa's.

"Relax my child, we mean you no harm." She said. "We will help take away your pain and rid you of the terrible burdens you now carry because of the evil doings of that man. Let your mind drift along. Do not fight it, just relax and you will find that we can all talk together."

Without warning as if a light had been switched on, she could now sense the feeling of the other women beside her as they all tightly held hands.

"Yes my child, now you can see. Talk to us and we can talk to you. Let us relieve you of you pain and we will make you grow. To grow spiritually is a good thing."

Bob, Martin and Pip stared at the strange sight before them. All of the women at that table had their eyes closed, and were humming some strange song as the tightly held hands and rocked back and forth. The billionaire leaned over and quietly whispered in Pip's ear. "Watch. You might learn something."

Pip sat mesmerized by the scene. Her own head seemed to be in utter confusion as if there was someone trying to say something to her but she could not understand what they were saying.

"I think I'm coming down with a headache." Pip declared.

Bob smiled and said. "It will pass, just relax." He then closed his eyes as if he had joined the rest of what Pip declared to be, zombies.

Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun it was over. Bob opened his eyes, and Pip's headache was starting to decrease significantly. The only one that seemed any worse for wear was Becky, who collapsed at the table and was now being supported by Rosa and Carlotta's strong arms

"Roberto!" Rosa sharply said, demanding immediate assistance.

"Martin! See to Becky now!" He ordered.

The giant man moved at close to the speed of sound and was now cradling the unconscious girl in his arms. The three Valenti sisters rose from their table and directed Martin as to where to take Becky. A simple nod in their direction indicated that Bob and Pip were not invited. Moments later they were rejoined by the burly bodyguard, devoid of his charge.

"They told me to tell you she is resting and will out very shortly." The 'side of beef' said as he began the search of his plate for any scraps of food he might have missed.

True to their word, Rebecca returned, looking a lot more refreshed and calmer looking. Bob rushed to her side and hugged her fiercely.

"Did they...You know?"

Becky nodded yes.

"So you can...?"

Again the smiling wench nodded her head.

"Oh...." Was all that he could say, now knowing that things in their life were about to change, now that Becky was beginning to realize her full physic potential?

"Martin. Get the car. It's time for us to go home."

Amid a barrage of good nights, backbreaking embraces and promises to return soon, the party of four were finally wheeling their way home to the safety of Xanadu.

Martin trudged up the grand stairway, carrying a very tired and sleeping Becky up to their suite. At Bob's instructions, he laid the softly snoring bundle on the bed, and backed off to let others take over.

Pip 'shooed' both bulky males from the room and carefully undressed her still somewhat unconscious friend. Unfortunately Pip's gentle actions awoke Becky, as her eyes fluttered open as she made a soft moaning sound.

"You okay Becky?" She asked.

"I'm really tired. What time is it?"

"It's almost 11."

"My pills!" Becky excitedly said. " I need to take my eleven o'clock meds."

"Don't worry. I'll get them for you in a second. Let's get you into something a bit more comfortable first though okay?"

"Thanks Pip. What would I ever do without you?" A very tired and appreciative Becky stated.

Minutes later Pip had returned to the now comfortable woman, all snuggled up in bed wearing her 'fuzzy tartan jammies.' "Here." She said, handing Becky the little plastic medicine dispenser cup with all her scheduled time sensitive pills. "I put some dilaudid in there for you as well… Here. Drink this."

"Thank you Pip. I really appreciate it."

"Hey. NP Becky. NP."

Bob had been leaning against the doorjamb, watching his efficient little nurse's aid administer loving care to her patient. It was now his turn to administer his own brand of care to the love of his life.

"How you doing?"

"Okay." She shrugged as she scooted over in bed to make room for the large male to lie beside her.

"Did you enjoy yourself this evening?" Bob inquired as he softly caressed her cheek, before softly kissing her.

"Uh huh." She hummed. Accepting his advances. "Thank you very much."

Her lover knew that she was beyond the point of exhaustion. He continued to hold her tight as he sensed her drifting into a deep restful sleep. It wasn't long before he joined her in deep slumber.


Becky once again was the first to awake. Not because she was well rested, but because she had woken up in pain. She padded her way to the kitchen in her bare feet and quickly washed down another 6mg of the hydromorphone. She quietly hobbled her way to the ensuite. Closing the door between it and the bedroom, so as not to disturb the slumbering male, she took care of her most urgent need of relief. "Bath time!" She announced to herself, and instinctively pushed down the lever for the plunger and started her own brand of herbal therapy.

After she had slowly lowered herself into the slightly too-warm soothing waters, she lay relaxing with the 'soup' almost up to her chin. "This is just sooo cozy." She giggled. "Wish I had brought my book. I could stay here all day."

Her little bit of spiritual bliss was soon to be interrupted as the ensuite doors swung open to permit Bob entry on his way to the water closet.

"Hey." He said in way of greeting, as he washed his hands after completing his chore.

"Hey yourself. Big boy." Becky cooed, in her very best Mae West. "Why don't you join me for a dip. The waters fine. I promise I won't bite… Much."

Becky squealed as the large male clumsily all but flopped beside her in the giant tub. Becky had to quickly adjust her posture or drown, as the water level came dangerously close to creating a larger mess than the waves caused by Bob's stylistic entry. Peering over the side of the tub like a couple of two year olds they both exclaimed, "Oops!"

"Snap!" Bob yelled. Beating Becky to the punch.

She slowly and as sensuously as she possibly could, reached over and drew the hunky middle-aged man over on top of her for a kiss and a cuddle.

"Hey! I wonder if we could, you know, mess around in here." He joked.

"I don't know. Wanna give it a try?" Becky teased as her arms encircled his neck to draw him even closer.

"Okay. We can do that." Bob replied, 'rather matter of factly'. "You only have nine more days to wait."

"Oh Pooh! Bob. That's not fair. I mean right now." His water nymph whined.

"I know you do. That's why I said it… Oh. Didn't I tell you? I'm part sadist."

With an evil gleam in her eye, Becky slowly trailed her hand down the front of her lover's body until she found the very sensitive bulging bag of nerve endings, and applied enough pressure to get his attention. "I am too." She declared with a very determined look on her face.

Bob jokingly gulped, to show her that, yes she did have control of things, at the moment.

Becky focused her attention now on an area just above 'Big Bob's Friends.' Gone was the concerned expression from Bob's face to be replaced by one that indicated that he approved of what she was doing.

"Becky. Stop that! Please?" He said, not entirely sure what he really wanted her too. "Please? The doctor said we had to-" Suddenly, a small gasp fell out his mouth, before he continued. "-To, wait. Becky. Please Luv? We have to wait."

"I am waiting. This is how I want to spend my time waiting. Any objections?" The very much in control woman inquired. "No. I didn't think so." She continued when she saw the look of uncertainty on Bob's face.


When 'the two B's' had finally made their way to the kitchen for coffee and or tea, they found that they had been the late risers. Both Martin and Pip sat dressed in workout gear, wiping away sweat from their own form of physical exercise.

"So look who finally surfaced." Pip joked taking a long sip of her carrot and orange energy drink

A very indignant Becky looked over her shoulder at Pip and teased. "SOT!"

"Ya. Well SOT & STEW you too!" Pip shot back.

"Whaa?" was both Bob and Martin replies. Both Becky and Pip giggled at the confused look on the face of the men.

"Never mind dear." Becky consoled her lover by patting the top of his head like a small child. "It's a girl thing. You wouldn't understand."


Sunday was to be a quiet affair. All parties needed to gather their energies and focus on the next few days ahead. Bob spent far too much time, as far as Becky was concerned, doing business 'stuff,' as she called it. "He's spent all day at that stupid table, on the phone, or punching something into his stupid computer." She whined to her self. Actually it just seemed that way. Bob would stop his work whenever his Love was awake, only to return to it once she had gone for a nap. It's just that whenever Becky woke from a nap Bob was busy working.

By mid afternoon Bob had prioritized his tasks and had created a plan of attack, with a brief summary on each item. He had learned long ago that, although a lot of his business was left to chance, he could eliminate a lot of the guess work ahead of time with a little bit of prep work. His priorities firmly fixed in his head, he smiled and logged off the slim line 17" laptop he had purchased just a few weeks ago. He returned it to the soft leather computer case, that he never seemed to be without, and went in search of his 'love deprived mate.' Bob was happy to find that she was still sleeping. In the mid afternoon light that managed to find it's way past the opened curtains he stood for a few moments staring at her, resting so peacefully. The 6'4" man slowly and carefully slid into the bed beside Becky, trying his best not to disturb her rest. She barely noticed his presence, and with a little 'mew' she snuggled into the large mans body.

Dinner was another quiet affair. Martin and Pip had slipped out earlier to pick up a video to watch. As the two couples silently watched Peter Parker climb walls, and munch unsalted popcorn, they created a scene of domestic bliss times two.


Bob did his best to run back into the bedroom, to silence the screaming alarm, before Becky was shocked out of bed. In his wake he had left a trail of wet towels and an upset floor lamp in a dive that was worthy of any NFL receiver. Too bad the damage had already been done. Becky awoke to see the lather up face of her lover trying to figure out how the 'stupid clock radio' went back together. With a little boy look in his eyes the kneeling man was fumbling away.

"I don't think that's how it goes Bob." She said, clearing her throat from the nights sleep.

"Guess we need a new radio. Huh?"

"Looks that way." Becky giggled. "What time is it? By the way?"

Bob shook the small little rectangle and stared at the LCD readout. "It's either 8888 or it's 8888. I'm not sure" He replied inverting the screen to look at it from a different angle. "Either way, I don't think that's the right time."

Becky slowly sat and in a now well practiced move hooked her heel on the top of the mattress and used the added strength of her legs to help her sit up and swing her legs out of bed. Both her arms were wrapped around her midsection, carefully holding everything in place, as she winced from the move. Bob had long abandoned the now 'non-operational' timepiece and was offering support to a very gingerly moving Becky.

"Where are we off to? The kitchen or the washroom?" He asked as she tenderly applied her full weight to her feet.

"I think the washroom first."

"Okay. You want me to get your pills from the cupboard for you, while you're in there?" The helpful man inquired.

"Would you, please?" It's marked dilaudid. They are little yellow tabs."

As soon as her bottom rested on 'the throne' her knight in mentholated foamy was off to fill her request.

"Thank you."

Becky could just make out the peals of laughter coming from the kitchen. She did manage to hear Pip jokingly say. "Nice Look Bob! Is that how corporate is dressing these days or are you shooting a commercial for shaving cream?" Pip's voice was getting louder and slightly laboured as Bob pursued the much smaller and faster female across the living room.

Shortly after a red faced Bob came back into the ensuite with the bottle of pills to present to Becky.

She couldn't help but giggle when she too, could see what he was being 'razzed' about. Before her stood Bob, wearing nothing more that a face full of shave cream and a pair of silk boxers. The high cuts in the sides with the satin piping softened the look on what would have been a normal pair of men's boxer shorts.

Soon the time restraints of reality had kicked in and all four of the Xanadu residents were now frantically trying to make their self appointed schedules.

Bob had pecked Becky on the cheek as he finished buttoning his Armani suit. Grabbing his leather satchel and with a nod to Martin the pair were out the door with a promise to call later. "Don't forget your phone." He shouted over his shoulder. "Love ya!" The heavy maple door clicked shut, securing the two females inside once again.

"You better get your buns in gear girl!" Pip stated the obvious as Becky 'hurried' to finish getting dressed.

Some 20 minutes later the sleek Volvo, was motoring towards the 10th Ave. location of the B.C. Cancer Society.

"Good morning Cathleen." Becky giggled at the Shirley Temple look alike.

"Rebecca!" The receptionist squeaked as she abandoned her telephones. "How are you? God I missed you. Are you okay now? I heard about your accident. I'm glad they caught the man that did it." All this and much more poured out of her mouth, without Cathleen taking a breath.

All Becky could do was giggle. "You sound like me sometimes. You know that?"

Huggles all the way around ensued, with promises of "I'll tell you everything at coffee today."

Becky and Pip now made their way thru the double doors into the main area. Joan was busy with the orientation of a new patient and barely had time for a wink in her direction and a quick, "Glad to see you back."

"Thanks Joan. Glad to be back."

Becky grabbed a new lab coat of the rack and threw a smaller version of the same thing at Pip. "Here. Catch!"

"What's this for? I don't need this." Pip replied tossing the offensive stark white coat on the bench beside her.

"Please Pip. It will make things go a little smoother. Okay. You will be less conspicuous. Trust me. Okay?"

The sound that her elfin friend made was not entirely human in it's nature. Pip hung her Gortex jacket in Becky's locker and watched her secure it and pocket the key. Becky clipped her ID tag to her lapel, and the duo were once again back at the nurses station.

"How you feeling now?" Joan asked during the first hug.

"Much better." Becky replied during the second. "Joan?"

"Yes Becky."

"Pip is going to need a pass for Aunt Jan's ward."

"Sure give me a second, and I'll see what I can come up with." Joan then looked at her watch. "Aren't you supposed to be getting your blood taken right about now? The mother hen inquired.

"On my way as we speak. Pip you stay here. I'm off to the bio lab. I'll be back in a few." Without waiting for a reply from her protector, Becky turned on her heels and managed to almost clip clop her way down the corridor to her intended appointment.

Pip stood there with her mouth open, pointing in her direction. "But. Bob said to." She gave up it was useless. Becky had already started down the hall and Joan hadn't even started making up Pip's temporary visitor's pass.

"Good morning Geronimo!"

"Becky!" The over worked lab tech shouted. "How are you?"

"Fine Dave. And yourself?"

"You know I get by." Dave realizing that Becky had probably just got out, he directed her to a chair, so that she could rest. Becky Immediately removed her lab-coat after fishing out her Blood test card and slid into the offered seat.

"Hey. You remembered." Dave joked as he took the card from the manicured hand.

"I may be blonde, but I'm not entirely dumb." Becky joked back in her best bimbo imitation.

"Mr. Hicks?" The voice came from across the room. I need cultures on Johnson and-, Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you had somebody here. Please excuse me."

Becky looked across the room to see an early thirty's woman in a dress that screamed June Cleaver. "All she needs is a couple of crinolines under that thing and she would be ready for a 50's sock hop" she thought as she watched the approaching woman.

"Oh Becky. This is Dr. Allheart. Doctor. This is Rebecca Stewart." The polite aboriginal stated, making the introductions.

"Dr. Allheart. Please to meet you." Becky countered.

"Please. Call me Amelia. I don't really get into that doctor stuff. We are all scientists here doing research, all of us trying to find a cure."

Becky giggled. It was refreshing to find someone else in this department who was not so staid. "Where is Dr. Serratia?" She inquired.

"Oh! Didn't you hear? She got hauled up on a disciplinary hearing and she is gonzo!" Dave was happy to announce. "Dr. Allheart, sorry. Dr. Amelia. Is her replacement."

"Oh really." A surprised Becky replied "Of course! That's where Geoff was going that day he stopped in dressed to the nines."

"Excuse me, Dave but, I don't think that you should say such things when they are not entirely accurate." Amelia stated. She then turned back to Rebecca before continuing. "Dr. Serratia has decided to take her owed back vacation before she returns to her new position."

"Oh okay."

A smile crept across the doctor's face. "Although I must thank you for creating a situation that allowed me to get this position."

A bewildered Becky inquired. "Me? What did I do?"

With a chuckle Tech Hicks jumped back into the conversation. "Becky. It was the problems that she caused for you and the way she treated you that finally made Dr. Geoff and half the nursing staff file a report against her."


"Now hold out your arm! I want some of that blood of yours."

"Okay." Becky giggled.

Mere minutes later Becky was back thru the bio-sealed door and came face to face with a slightly perturbed Pip.

"What's the matter Pip?"

"Becky. We have to talk."

"Why? What's the matter?"

Pip directed Becky to a seat back at the nursing station so they could wait for her next appointment. "Becky. I am supposed to be with you every moment that you are away from the house. Remember I am supposed to be your bodyguard?"


"Becky. Listen for a moment please. There is a reason why Bob wanted me to be your protector. I don't think he wanted me to tell you, because he didn't want you to worry."

"Too late." Becky thought. "With a statement like that I'm already worrying." She looked into Pip's eyes and implored her for an explanation.

Pip swallowed and calmly took both of Becky's hands before continuing. "You remember 9/11 don't you?"

"Yes. Of course everyone remembers that."

"Well, when the Fundamentalists' were stating their Credo, Bob was named as one of those they sought revenge for in their Jihad. He has had an attempt made on his life already. That's why he never goes outside the house without Martin at his side. Have you ever watched what Martin and I are doing when you and Bob are walking somewhere?"

"I thought that was for crowd control? So that no one got pushy."

"Well it is, to a certain extent, but it's also much more than that. Becky these people have vowed to hurt Bob. It is not above their nature to hurt you to get back at him. That's why you must always stay close to me at all times, not just when you think you need to, but all times. Do you understand?"

A very small mouse like voice answered. "Ya. I guess so."

"It's not so bad is it? I mean, having me close by. Is it? We have a lot of fun when we are together right?" Pip asked, holding Becky's hands tight and looking at the sad face in front of her.

"Ya. I don't know what I would have done if you were not there to protect me and look after me on more than one occasion."

"Becky. We can still be friends, but I have to look out for you at all times. That may sometimes mean that I will tell you no, you can't do something. I hope it never comes to that, but it could. So please, help me out a bit will you? Okay?"

"Okay Pip. I'm sorry. I guess I never thought of it that way."

"Now give me a hug. And lets see what is next around here for you." Pip ordered. Her arms open to receive, what was quickly becoming her best friend.

A few minutes later Joan popped by and told Becky that the Doctor will see her in #3. If she would just go on in, he would meet her there in a bit.

"Thanks Joan."

"Your welcome Becky."

True to his word, Dr. Geoff cruised into the room a minute later. "How are you today Becky?" He inquired as he was barely in the room.

He squared off with Pip and the two were now performing what was becoming, a ritual between them. Geoff bowed, arms tight against his sides, paused and waited until Pip had returned the salute. They both straightened up at the same time, and were heard to say. "Domo. Arigato."

Geoff took his seat, and crossed his legs at the knees and swung his foot back and forth while reading all the updates in Becky's binder. "Well Luv." He announced. "I think I should have a good look at everything, just to make sure… so, I'll leave the room and you put on that paper gown over there, and Pip has my permission to assassinate anyone who enters here that isn't a member on my staff. Be back in a bit."

Moments later the door opened and Joan came in wheeling the prerequisite little box that monitored all a patients vital signs. "Sorry Becky. I have to get your vitals."

"That's okay Joan. I was wondering when you were going to be in here doing that. How's life without Prue around here?"

"Huh! Not bad I guess." Joan remarked hooking up the machine to Becky.

"You don't sound very convincing."

"I depended an awful lot on Prue's expertise and training for too long I guess. Training someone else to take over for her is, um, interesting… Open!" She ordered as the temp sensor made a beeline towards Becky's mouth. "Close!"

Joan proved her efficiency, as she was now taking Becky's BP and making sure the machine recorded all the information accurately. "Hmmm. Your BP is a bit low. Is that normal for you?"

"Hatsaay?" Becky asked around the intrusive little probe.

"114 over 56."

Becky shrugged. It sounded normal to her. "Normal for the last year anyway."

Joan pulled the probe from Becky's mouth when it began to beep. She carefully recorded everything the machine had told her and attached a printout of the same thing from the machine, to the page in the open binder in front of her.

"The doctor should be back any second. If you want to hop onto the examination table over there I'll take a quick look at your dressing."

Becky obeyed without once thinking about it.

Joan opened the gown on one side and quickly observed the state of the bandage. "Hmmm. Looks pretty clean. Is that the same dressing that was on there since Friday?"

"No. Pip put that on this morning after she cleaned and dressed it." Becky boasted proud of her friend's achievement.

"I'm impressed Pip. Much better than I can do. After Geoff has had a look I'll let you have the honour of doing it again if you like. Sorry Becky, but I have to take it off. Hold still this might be a bit tender."

I don't know who made the bigger face Becky, at the loss of skin she was imagining was being ripped off her, or, Joan who was feeling every little centimetre of tape that she had to pull from her patients abused body. "Pip. Remind me when you dress it again I have some 'Steri-strips' I'll give you. That will make it a lot more comfortable on Becky and will help to let the wound heal faster.

"Thanks Joan. I'd appreciate it. I can cross them off of my list to pick up at the pharmacy today."

Becky could feel the soothing warmth from the strong, harsh examination light that Joan was now, shining on the brightly coloured area. Joan looked intently at the incision looking for any signs of seepage or infection.

"Any signs of bleeding, or anything that you noticed while changing Becky's dressing Pip?"

"None since Saturday. There was a bit of leaking then but none since. When do the staples come out?"

"That's up to Dr. Mortimer or Geoff to decide, but I'd say probably next week at the latest. It looks pretty good to me. It's healing nicely." She now turned her attention back to Becky's face. "You were damn lucky. An inch in either direction and you and I would not be having this conversation right now. You know that eh?"

"Yes Joan. I am very aware of that. I think you are probably the 49th person to tell me that in the last week."

"Very aware of what?" Dr. Geoff inquired as he rushed back into the room.

"Oh the patient was just remarking how cute you are doctor." Joan joked as she sashayed out of the room, wheeling the noisy machine in front of her.

"Lay down flat again. Please Rebecca." The doctor directed as his hands reached for the stethoscope hanging out his lab coat pocket. He delicately felt around Rebecca's torso, pressing occasionally of tender areas to gauge her reaction to the pressure. "Any shortness of breath? Heart palpitations? How's the dizziness?"

"Huh? No. No. Still there." Were the answers respectfully.

"How's her energy level Pip?"

She thought for a brief second before answering as accurately as possible. "Improving."

"Sit up please Rebecca. Breathe deep. Hold it! Okay. Again. Hold it. Okay. Relax." Geoff continued to feel around Rebecca's body applying slight amounts of pressure in key areas in order to complete his evaluating. As the gentle Doctor slowly run his finger across Becky's back where her left kidney is located, Geoff got a violent reaction from his patient. "Sorry Becky. I didn't think it was that sensitive. I won't do it again. I promise… Okay?"

Becky swallowed and shook her head affirmative.

"Okay Becky, you can get dressed now. I'm done for today. Just give me a call when you are decent and I'll come back in okay?"


"Yes Rebecca." The Oncologist answered.

"Why is my kidney so tender. Is that the cancer causing that?"

"Yes Becky. I'm afraid it is. You get dressed and we will talk in a minute. Okay?" With that Geoff swung out of the room letting the door latch tightly behind him.

His first stop out the door was the telephone on Joan's desk. His eyes searched the list in front of him for Physicians on staff. He quickly located Mortimer's number and called his answering service to have him paged at this location.

"You okay? Joan asked the concerned young practitioner.


Joan knew the added pressure was because of Rebecca. "It's getting worse isn't it?"

"Ya. Afraid so Joan. She did not need this delay. This incident has set her back quite a bit. I just pray we can get her better before this stupid growth gets too big."

Joan reached over and placed her hands on either side of the doctor's shoulders. She was reassuring him that he would be successful. He would find a way to beat the tumour back. He would find a way for his patient to walk out of here a happy woman. That was what Geoff was good at.

"Thanks Joan for the vote of confidence, and the little pep talk was beneficial as well, but right now I haven't got time for your compassion. I have a patient to cure!" Geoff proclaimed rising from his seat like the proverbial Phoenix.

Becky had just finished fastening and straightening her skirt, when Geoff came back in. "Love your outfit." He gushed as he strode across the room "Where did you get it?"

"Mona's on Robson St."

"Very chic!" Geoff vamped.

"If you like I could talk to Mona and she might be able to help Marilyn shop. It would be no problem. I'm sure she would love to help."

"Let me think about Becky. Okay?"

Becky reached across the table and gently rested her hand of the Doctor's forearm and smiled. "Sure. Okay. I'll tell you what. If you change your mind just phone her up and tell her Sheena sent you." Becky said with a naughty little giggle.

Geoff looked bewildered. Pip had snorted and started to laugh at Becky's statement, while her partner just continued to giggle away.

"Oh! I'm sorry Geoff. We weren't laughing at you honest; It was just a very funny experience that happened in her store a few weeks ago. That's all. Get her to tell you about it while Marilyn is shopping." Becky assured him.

"Well you have my curiosity peaked. I guess I might have to call Mona at that and find out about Sheena myself." Geoff now looked at Rebecca very seriously. After he cleared his throat he began to explain what he thought was happening to Becky's body.

Becky sensed the change in the doctor's manner and just as quickly as the light-hearted moment began, it was over.

"Becky. That pain you are feeling in your kidney is the tumour. I haven't run any tests to confirm it, and, at this point in time, I don't think it necessary to subject you to them. The growth is swelling. That's why you are so tender there right now." The Oncologist paused to draw a deep breath. The delay in your treatment has set you back. To what extent I can only guess right now. The problem is, your injuries from the assault. I can't send you for chemo while you are still healing. It would probably tear your wound wide open by the vomiting and coughing the treatment would induce." He paused again while this part sunk in.

Becky sat there for a moment as she absorbed the news. She was not entirely surprised by the revelation, just dreading to hear the actual words. "How long before we can resume treatment?" She asked putting forward her bravest face.

"That depends on a number of things. First we need to get you healed enough so that we don't do any further damage to you. We can wrap your midsection in a bandage to add some support for your internal organs. That will reduce the chances of damaging your incision. Still it will be quite painful, and it won't be comfortable."

"Okay. When can we begin?"

"Easy girl! You have a bit more healing to do before we even entertain that idea. We also need to consult Dr. Mortimer. He will need to have an active hand in this as well. Right now. I want you to go home and rest. I want to see those feet elevated and you doing as little as possible. That way, those stitches of yours will mend properly and we can get this happening."

"Okay. So I basically keep leading the same old boring existence I have been leading for the past two weeks then?"

"Yup! Only you are going to do more of it, and for longer times." Turning his attention to Pip he started to direct her on the recuperation schedule. "Pip I want you to make sure that she does all of these things I just mentioned. If she argues or put's up a stink, you have my permission to give her a spanking!"

The blonde pixie giggled. "I can do that!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Becky protested.

"Wanna bet!" Both Geoff and Pip replied simultaneously.

"Snap!" Pip screamed, as she went into her best NFL touchdown dance.

Geoff just shook his head and Becky giggled.

"Now get out of here, and don't come back until Thursday when you come to visit Jenny! You hear me!"

"Yes Doctor Geoff." The impetuous child replied.

"Ahh! Children!" Geoff said throwing his hands in the air and looking skyward on his way out the door.

Becky and Pip were quick to follow behind. As the pair walked down the corridor back to the change room, or Pip thought they were, Becky just continued right on walking.

"Ah Becks?" She called pausing in front of the large door. "The locker room is here." She stated her thumb jerking in the direction of the door.

"Yes I know." The older blonde replied as she continued down the hall. "There is something I must do first."

Pip came running up to her friend. "Becky. Come on, the doctor just got telling you not three minutes ago to go home and rest. Where are we going?"

"I have to go see the ward!" The determined woman declared.

"Becky! Come on now! You know that is not a good idea. Please. Don't do this. Let things heal a bit first before you go in there."

"Pip. If you don't want to go in there, I understand. I'll go in there myself. You can wait outside."

"Becky! You know that's what I meant. Now come on." Pip pleaded. "Please. Be sensible."

The determined woman walked on with a bit more added resolve.

"Yer gonna do this regardless of what I say. Aren't you?"

"Yes. I have to"

"Okay. At least promise me you will leave when I tell you to go?"

Becky never answered her.

The double doors swung wide to admit Becky and Pip into the Children's' Ward.

"Becky! You're back." Robyn announced.

"Hi Robyn. How are you?"

"Fine. How are you doing? I heard about the attack."

"Robyn. Have you met Pip before? Pip this is Robyn."

"Hey. Pleased ta meet ya'" The Okie drawled.

"Is aunt Jan in?" Becky inquired.

"Ya. She's just with one of the kids. You remember Tracy don't you?"

Becky shook her head. That was the reason why she had to come here. Ever since she woke up this morning she was nagged by this feeling that there was something very important she had to do. Now the feeling was crystal clear. Tracy was the reason why she had to make the trek.

Becky turned on her heels and immediately strode over to the station where she grabbed the mandatory mask and latex gloves. The mask was around her neck and the gloves were being tugged up her hands by the time Pip had caught up to her. Without saying a word to her friend she walked past her and didn't stop until she was at Tracy's bedside. Softly parting the curtain's that surrounded her bed, she slipped inside.

Jan noticed Becky's presence before the frail child's mind could even begin to register who was in front of her.

"An Eckie." The waif tried to mutter. Her eyes filled with tears as another spasm of pain jolted the small frail body.

Becky carefully placed the back of her gloved hand against Tracy's cheek and softly told her to "Shhh."

She then leaned forward. With a blatant disregard for the rules of the ward Becky kissed the dying child softly on the forehead. "Hello Princess. You look very pretty today."

Pip was standing back a bit from the action, but she swore she saw the child's eyes and face light up from the simple act of kindness Becky had shown.

Next Becky committed the ultimate sin as far as the administration was concerned in this treatment centre. She tore off the latex gloves protecting both her and Tracy from the spread of any disease. She slowly stroked Tracy's face and smiled. It was the first time in weeks that Tracy had felt the skin-to-skin touch of a human. Becky now slipped one of her arms under the feather light body of Tracy and with the other slid it under the covers to wrap it around the sticks that Tracy had for legs. A tiny hand found one of Becky's arms, latched on, and squeezed it as the fragile girl smiled back at her. She hugged the tiny bundle against her and began to rock back and forth, softly and haltingly singing a lullaby she had learned when she was a small child.


"Ali Bali. Ali Bali Bee.

Sitting on her Nana's knee.

Asking for a wee bobbie,

To buy some Coulters candies"

(Note: A very old Scottish lullaby.)


Some time during the lullaby Tracy's tiny hand relaxed its grip on Becky's arm as she made a quiet sighing sound. Becky sat there for many minutes afterwards rocking back and forth holding her precious bundle. The tears were streaming down her face and had managed to moisten the collar around her top.

Finally Aunt Jan managed to break thru the fog. "Becky. It's all over now. Come on dear. It's time to let go."

"Has she?"

"Yes dear, she has. Tracy is in God's hands now. Come on Luv. You have done your job. Let others do theirs now."

Rebecca reluctantly laid the bundle back on the bed and kissed the child on the forehead. "Good bye Sweet Princess."

Matron Wytte had finally managed to pull Becky away from Tracy, and was doing her best along with the help of a tear streaked Pip, to shepherd her into the day room. Just before they reached their objective Becky collapsed in a heap on the floor.

"Donna! Shelly!" Jan shouted.

The two alert nurses rushed to Jan's side and helped Pip and her lift Becky, and carry her and deposit her on the day bed. "Donna! Get me a monitor. Shelly! Grab some blankets. When she comes around she is going to be shaking like a leaf."

"What do you want me to do?" Pip asked.

"Crawl on the other side of her and hug her tight try and keep her as warm as possible. This girl is going into shock."

"Sweet Jesus!" Pip replied. Her emergency and trauma shock training suddenly kicked in.

Shelly was the first to return with an armload of blankets. Donna was hot on her heels with the portable monitor.

"Quickly get her covered up and secure. Donna. Get this thing hooked up as fast as possible."

"Yes Jan."

Within seconds the little computerized machine was beeping away recording Becky's heart rate.

"What's the BP?"

"105 over 47, and rising."

"How's the heart rate?"

"Weak but steady. It's climbing as well."

Jan then turned to Pip as the both held Becky cocooned between the blankets. "Hold on tight Pip. She's coming around."

The words were no sooner said when Becky's mouth shot opened and she began to wail. Tears were freely flowing from her as she began to vibrate violently.

"That's okay Baby. It's gonna be all right. You just rest. It's okay." Jan softly soothed her while her arms were wrapped around Pip and Becky holding them together like a sandwich.

Although Pip's arms were not as long as Jan's, she was doing her best to achieve the same results. She blinked repeatedly to rid her vision of the tears that kept materializing from her eyes. She looked over at Jan for direction and saw two long black trails of mascara trailing down the elder woman's cheeks as well.

After many minutes Becky's wailing had now subsided to a low moan, as the tears streamed down her face. Shelly had produced a cool damp cloth and was trying her best to wipe the patients face. Pip had noticed damp cheeks on her as well.

Jan and Pip lost all track of time, as Becky continued to ease her troubled soul. After what seemed like hours, she had finally cried herself out, and had fallen into a deep sleep.

Pip slowly worked out the kinks her body had produced holding on so tightly to Jan's arms.

The Matron had removed her lab coat and was inspecting her triceps when Pip noticed the large finger shaped bruises on her arms.

"Jan. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"Don't worry about it Pip. You did what you needed to hang on. That is quite the grip you got for such a small frame. You must work out quite a bit. Are you a student of the martial arts?"

Unsure of exactly how much information she should give the concerned Matron she played it close to the vest. "I've had a lesson or two."

Suddenly Pip's chronograph began to buzz. "Ah! Phooey!"

"What's the matter?" Nurse Wytte inquired.

"It's 11 am. It's time for Becky's anti rejection drugs. We have to find the key to her locker. I need to go get them so she can take them now!"

"Where is it?" Donna asked as she had just finished packing up the monitor.

"She put it in her coat pocket. The top one."

Jan reached inside the tight pocket and quickly drew out the key on a small chain. She tossed it to Pip, and yelled, "Go!"

Pip caught the flying bit of metal and was out the door and sprinting down the corridor back to the locker room. On the way back she almost knocked over Scotty and Pickles absent-mindedly discussing shop as the walked along.

"Hi Pip!" Pickles yelled after her.

"What the bloody hell was that?" The elder Scotsman inquired.

"That was Becky's friend Pip. She looks like she's in a hell of a hurry. I hope there is nothing wrong."

"Well lad. Don't just stand there with your tally wagging in the breeze. Go after her, and find out man!"

"Aye Aye Captain!" Bill replied as he took off in hot pursuit after Pip.

Pickles did catch up with Pip just to see her disappear into the day room. He softly rapped on the door before entering. Cautiously he stuck his head in first, in case he was disrupting something. All eyes were on him as he observed Matron Wytte holding Becky while Pip was trying to wake her gently.

"Everything okay here? Can I help with something?"

"Hey Pic." Shelly replied. "No. Everything's fine now. Becky got a bit of bad news and we are helping her get over it. Everything fine honest." She assured the concerned tech as she ushered him back out the door.

"Becky? It's time for your meds. Come on now. You need to take these." Pip directed as the confused woman regained her awareness.

Becky swallowed the assorted chemicals and almost immediately hugged Pip and began to silently cry again. Jan hugged the pair of them and held them close until Becky had finally cried herself out.

"I'm tired." She finally announced. "I wanna go home and go to bed."

"Good idea." Aunt Jan said. "That is probably the best place for you right now."

Twenty minutes later Becky was doing her best with shaky hands to repair what was left of her make up in the change room. She secured her locker and Pip and her walked slowly out the back door, got into the luxury Volvo and returned to the protection of Xanadu.



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