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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by: Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to: Christy & Misty





Bob quietly sat sipping his 'Glenmorangie' while Pip disclosed the events of the day. He made a mental note to call his old friend Koos Baer, the head of the Cancer Society and see what he could do to help Tracy's family and parents. "Perhaps I could set up some sort of endowment of fund to help families of kids with cancer cope with the financial drain on their life savings, or something." He mused.

Becky was sleeping soundly. She had done so, ever since they had come home and Pip had given her six milligrams of dilaudid. Reluctantly Pip now woke the frail bundle to take her six p.m. meds.

"Becky. Come on. Wake up. It's time for your pills." She gently urged her.

"Kay." Was the sleepy response.

"Come on sit up, and I'll help you with them."

"Uh huh."

"How are you feeling now?" Pip inquired as she handed her the small plastic pill cup and a glass of cold water fresh from the Brita.

"Um. Tired." Becky replied taking the offered meds. "What time is it? Where's Bob?"

Pip shook her head. "Becky isn't aware of what meds she is taking." She thought. "It's just 6 o'clock now Becky. Those are your six p.m. pills you are taking."

"Oh ya. I forgot. Sorry."

Pip hugged her friend after retrieving the half full water glass. "Feel like something to eat? Breakfast was a long time ago you know?"

Becky shrugged. "I guess so."

"I found a recipe for some 'parmesan chicken' in your little box that looked pretty good so I made that and some basmati rice… You think you might be up to a bite or two of that?"

"Okay. Just let me fix myself up a bit first okay. So I don't look like something the cat dragged in." Becky replied slowly sliding her legs out from under the comforter to make contact with the bedroom carpet.

"Kay girl. Ya' got ten minutes, and then I send in the troops to yank yer' butt out of there." Pip joked as she helped her friend limp to the ensuite and satisfy a most pressing need.

Almost twenty minutes later the foursome was sitting around the dining room table quietly consuming the tasty victuals Pip had managed to concoct.

After the meal Martin was helping his lover with the dishes. Becky and Bob had retired to the living area and had commandeered the sofa in front of the gas fireplace. The distraught woman was telling her man all about Tracy, and how the little girl never had a chance to have a life. Between his lovers tears Bob offered hugs and kind words of condolence.

"Becky. I know this is not much comfort right now, but there was nothing more that could be done for her." Bob paused while he hugged her tight. "There is something we can do to help all the future Tracys' in this world though. I think that maybe we can help with some sort of fund or scholarship, something, that would help families and victims of this dreadful disease."

Becky looked into the man's eyes to hear what he had to say. She too wanted to help all those vulnerable children that couldn't look after them selves.

"Thank you Bob. You made me feel a lot better already." Becky then reached up to kiss her 'knight in shining armour' on the cheek before squeezing him tight.

"I'll talk to Koos and some of the other heads at the society, and see what we can come up with. In the mean time, I have made some inquiries into Tracy's family, and we can see what can be done to help them… Okay?"

"Uh huh. Thank you Bob. I love you."

Becky's proclamation had stopped the conversation cold. Those three little words were the most powerful ones in the English language. Bob wasn't sure if Becky was saying it out of friendship and kindness, or because she was truly head over heels in love with him. He hoped it was the later, but given the circumstances of the past few weeks he thought it best to keep his thoughts to himself.

Becky had her own kind of turmoil. "Damn! Sorry momma. Why did I have to say that She thought. "Why can't I just learn to keep my big mouth shut?" Becky wanted to tell Bob how she felt, but she did not want to move too fast, and scare him away. She was afraid that dumb statements like the one she just made would accomplish just that. Trying desperately to get the conversation back on track she came up with. "Bob. If it is at all possible, I would like to attend Tracy's funeral. I don't know a lot about her other than she is from Prince Rupert, and her mother has been staying here in a hospice while Tracy was undergoing treatment. I guess her dad has to work back in Rupert."

"Is that what you really want to do Becky?"

"Yes." The reply was very quiet but at the same time decisive.

Bob hugged his love again. "Okay. Then I shall see what can be done to make it happen."

She hugged him back, once more chasing back her tears. "Thank you." She squeaked.

"Anytime Princess. I love you too."


Tuesday and Wednesday went by slowly. Becky continued to rest and recoup her strength. She had also managed to deal with the loss of Tracy, and was reluctantly looking forward to meeting Tracy's parents when they attended the memorial service for their child at the hospital chapel.

The dawn, what there was of it, broke cold and grey. It was official. The winter rains of the lower mainland had come again. Becky was soaking in her bath while Bob and the rest of the house were busy discussing affairs in the kitchen.

Becky slowly and carefully pulled herself out of the soothing soup and had begun to pat herself off with the thirsty bath sheet. She was thinking of the events of the day. She knew she was going to be upset during the service for Tracy today, but she had resolved to be as strong as she could for the sake of her little friend's parents. She didn't remember dusting herself with the powder or even getting her underwear and applying the basecoat of her make up. Her mind was a million miles away. She was thinking about how, and what she could do to help all the Tracys' in the world. "There must be something that I can do! Some way that I can make a difference!" Becky slipped into her robe and clicked her way out of the ensuite on the way to the kitchen to join the others. Her mind still out there in outer space, she instinctively reached into the cupboard where she kept all her meds and grabbed the next day's container from the weekly supply. It didn't even register to her that today was the day she had to refill her weekly dispenser, as she moved with her 9:30 meds over to the fridge to get some water.

"Yo! Beckers! Are you with us?" Pip shouted finally breaking thru outer space and returning her to earth.

"Huh? What? Oh. Sorry." She apologized "Did you say something?"

"Ya. You okay? You don't look so good." Pip stated as she slid from her chair to hug the confused woman.

"Sorry. I was just thinking about something else… I'm okay. Honest."

"Hmmm!" Was Pip's reply as she directed the bewildered woman to the chair she had just vacated. "I'll put the kettle on. That will make you feel a bit better, once you have a brew in you."

"Thanks Pip. That would be great." Becky then realized that she was not alone. Sitting across from her, were Bob and Martin, and they were showing great interest in the strange behaviour that their friend was exhibiting this morning. "Sorry. Good morning everyone." The embarrassed woman stated.

Her lover carefully took her hand in his and looked deep into her eyes before he softly said. "Becky. You okay? Really? You know if this is going to be too much for you today. We don't have to go. I'm sure everyone will understand."

"No! I must go. This is something I have to do. I just have to." A quite visibly distraught Becky revealed.

"It's okay. I understand. Don't worry. I was just concerned about you that's all."

Sensing it was time to go find something else to do Martin rose from his seat and announced that. "Um. I'm gonna go make sure the car is all nice and clean and ready to go. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Both Bob and Pip knew that the car was perfectly fine. Martin kept that thing immaculate and always made sure that it was ready to go before he went to bed at night. They both knew that he was just saying this to get out of a delicate situation that he felt he had no business intruding in.

Becky looked over at him, for she too knew what was going on. "That's okay Martin. I'm all right honest. You stay right where you are and finish your coffee. I have to go start getting ready if we are going to be there by 11:30."

"Yer' not goin' nowheres until you eat somethin' today!" Pip ordered as she sat the large steaming 'cuppa' in front of Becky. "I don't care if we are late or not. Yer' gonna' eat some breakfast before yer butt goes out that door. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Becky saluted.

With a little chuckle Bob announced, "Well I do have some calls to make. So if you will excuse me…"

Becky did have her breakfast at the allotted time. It consisted of porridge oats with madera sugar, and a large glass of a banana kiwi energy drink. Of course there was the mandatory load of anti rejection drugs and diuretics that came with it.

The sombre quartet did make the service on time. Becky had worn a charcoal business suit, with a high-neck fine lace virgin white top. Her hair pulled back into a very conservative bun and a black and white relief cameo broach at her neck. She looked very much the conservative professional as she held her small clutch purse tight against her as she walked arm in arm with Bob. Pip had forgone her usual pink profusion today, in favour of a plain black Brooks Brothers suit for her. Both Martin and Bob had plain black double-breasted funeral suits. Bob had a burgundy and black striped tie, and Martin had selected a nice plum coloured one that was almost the same colour of his shirt.

They were met at the door of the small chapel by the non-denominational pastor, who greeted them warmly. Jan and Prue zeroed in on Becky when they saw her enter and immediately went to offer moral support. She clutched the first of many Kleenex that day, tight in her hands as the trio air kissed each other in greeting.

Pip and Martin had fallen back along the wall and had become part of the shadows. They were on duty today, and they took their job very seriously when they had to.

Becky soon ushered Bob over to the parents of Tracy and introduced herself. Clearing her throat she somehow found the courage to continue. "Excuse me. Mr. and Mrs. Richards. My name is Rebecca Stewart. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I loved Tracy and that I am so sorry for your loss." She was doing her best to choke back tears and felt that her trembling voice would betray her any second.

"You're Becky?" Samantha Richards asked, her tear streaked face offered up for her to see.

"Yes." Becky answered as she slightly nodded her head.

"Please. Would you like to sit down?" Offered Samantha as she made room for Becky to sit beside her.

Bob and Ken Richards had already introduced themselves and were standing back in the foreground, trying desperately to think of a subject to discuss that would allow this awkward situation to pass it bit easier.

"Tracy. Spoke of you a lot. She said that you made her laugh. Thank you for helping my child when I couldn't be there." As soon as the words left the pained mothers mouth she broke down and sobbed on the offered shoulder. Becky only moments behind her tried her best to hug and console the grieving parent while she herself shook with the emotions running rampant thru her.

Rebecca and Samantha sat together and held hands through out the short memorial service. They cried, hugged, and somehow throughout the ordeal had become friends.

A small reception after the service had allowed the group to become more acquainted with each other. The staff that had attended the service had to return to their jobs and, after offering their condolences, had drifted back to their posts.

Bob and Becky had learned that the family was from Prince Rupert. Ken was employed at the pulp mill as a chemical engineer, and had to remain at work during the whole affair, only visiting his daughter on long weekends and whenever he could afford the expensive plane fare to get here. Samantha had come down and was staying at a nearby hospice that had been set up by the hospital and tried to remain by Tracy's side as much as possible. Unfortunately she had fallen ill with a flu virus and got to spend very little time with her youngest daughter those last few precious days. This made her even more grateful that Becky had been there to cheer up her baby. They were returning to Rupert tomorrow Ken had said after the cremation and they would bury Tracy in the local church cemetery.

Bob had sensed that he should offer his friendship and invited them to be his guests for dinner this evening. They had respectfully declined, and Bob had almost let them get away with it, but when he insisted they attend because he did not want to be the only one to listen to Becky crying for the rest of the day, they accepted the generous offer.

"Good. Then it's all set. I will phone and make reservations at Mama Rosa's for say seven this evening then?"

"Yes. That would be fine." Ken Richards accepted on behalf of himself and Samantha.

"Do you have a car?" Bob inquired.

"It's not a problem. We can take a cab."

"Are you sure? I could have my driver swing by and pick you up on the way by. It would be no trouble. I'll just get you to give him the address." Turning to the motionless hulk standing against the wall Bob called for him. "Martin."

"Yes sir?" The prompt employee answered as he quickly made his way to where the group were standing.

"Ken. Give Martin the address of where you are staying, and we will come pick you up on the way by." The take-charge businessman directed.

"No it's okay. We can manage." Ken protested.

"No I insist. You will be my guests. It's the least I can do."

"Okay. But I pay for dinner then." Ken asserted.

"We'll discuss it then." Bob returned.

Samantha didn't know what to do or say. Becky helped her out in this regard. She quietly told her that to let Bob take them to dinner. It was his way of contributing, and believe you me he can afford it.

Looking at his gold-faced Movado watch, Bob announced that they had to really get going. Becky was going to be late for her next appointment.

They split up and Bob had promised that Martin would be out in front of their temporary residence at 6:45 prompt to pick them up.


Dr. Pope looked up from the notes that had been complied on her patient in the last few weeks. Her thoughts and concerns for Becky's mental health were push to one side momentarily as she complimented her patient of her professional look today.

"I just came from a memorial service for a little girl who died of cancer the other day."

"Tracy Richards. Came the concerned doctor's reply. "Yes I was sad to hear about that as well." Raising from her chair the doctor directed Becky over to the other side of the room where the seating was a lot less formal.

Seeing that her patient was as comfortable as she was going to be, considering the circumstances, Jennifer Pope began. "When we last talked, you were telling me a bit about your childhood. I would like to start there again if we may?"

"Kay." Becky squeaked.

"Tell me about what happened when you moved to Canada. What happened to your mother?"

Becky closed her eyes and mentally prepared herself to answer the doctor's question. "Mommy got sick on the ship on the way over, so was Father. I had to care for both of them on the way here. When we got here we all had to go into quarantine because the immigration people thought that mommy might have some disease. Father and I were finally released after he got better and I was sent to Ayr, where we were now going to live. I stayed with my aunt and uncle that had come over the year before, until Father finally came home. I never did see mommy again. She was in a hospital in Montreal, which was at that time at least a two days journey to get there. I found out later that she died from complications of bronchial pneumonia." Becky gulped and her fists clutched the balled up Kleenex tightly as she took a deep breath.

"What happened after mommy died?"

"We finally got a house of our own. Father had found a new girlfriend a few weeks after we got there and when we moved into the new house, she would be coming with us. She had two boys of her own already and they would be coming to live with us as well. I was told that she was to be my new mother and that I was to call her that and give her the same respect that I had shown my real mommy. I remember my response to his order earned me a severe beating and my first visit to the local surgery."

"Your father beat you because you refused to call his new girlfriend mother?" Jennifer asked as she scribbled furiously in her little notebook. The entire conversation was being taped but she wanted to make sure she added certain details the analog record would not pick up.

"Uh huh. I refused to call her mother because she was not my mommy. Father had allowed mommy to die in a hospital far from home and I would never call her mother. She hated me right from the start. She would say mean things to me when Father wasn't there, and when he was she would be really nice. Her two sons hated me as well, they were really mean. They were older and bigger than me and they were always beating me up and taking my things. If I ever said anything I was beat for being a tattle tail and Father would always say to stand up for myself when those things happened. Olivia knew that I was different and she always made me do the housework when father wasn't there. She would tease me, let Brian, and Norman pick on me as much as they wanted. They used to call me horrid names all the time especially at school or if I was with someone else."

Jennifer looked up to see Becky choke on the next revelation.

"Brian used to masturbate into the seat of my underwear and put them back in my dresser. He told me that it was for my own good, and to get used to it because that's what was going to happen with all my boyfriends."

Becky was visibly shaking now.

"Becky. I think it's time we took a bit of a break okay?" Dr. Pope suggested as she reached out to comfort her patient. "I know this is very hard for you to live through this again, but when it is all over with, you will feel so much better. Just keep remembering that okay?"

After tea was brought in by Jennifer's receptionist Stephie, Becky and the kind doctor continued, "Becky. You mentioned that Father made you have an operation when you were young. Maybe you can tell me a bit about that?"

"When I was about thirteen I started to develop breasts. I was so happy despite the torment it brought from Brian and Norman. I thought finally someone is going to believe me that I'm really a girl. The doctor can not ignore this now."

"Didn't you tell me that you had female genitalia as well?" Jennifer inquired flipping quickly thru her notes.

"Yes. I had a small opening under my deformed penis."

"Well surly the doctors could not ignore that? They must have noticed that during medical exams?"

Becky explained. "Dr. Finlayson was our family doctor. He and father were Masons together. He told Father that it was a deformity and that it would close up with a bit of surgery."

"Hmm. I see. Go on. Tell me what happened when you started to develop breasts."

"At first I tried to hide them from everyone. I didn't want the two morons to see them, but Olivia noticed them one day when I bent over to pick up the laundry basket. She told me to strip to the waist and to stand stock-still. She called me every name she could think of. She called me a freak. Spawn of the devil, and that, I should be put to sleep for being such a deviant. Brian and Norman both heard her and they made life a living hell for the next year and a half. They would continually pinch my nipples and hit them making me cry. Then they would tease me about being a sissy and a 'Nancy Boy.' Olivia tried to humiliate me by making me wear an apron whenever I did housework, but it backfired on her, because I enjoyed every minute of it."

Suddenly Becky grew very silent. She stared at the floor and haltingly began the next sentence.

"Father finally found out. He beat me senseless again and I ended up with three cracked ribs and another visit to surgery. He tried everything he could think of to get me to become a male just like him. After all I was a Stewart. One day he would inherit the title of Chieftain. Then I was to be his heir apparent, and there was no way that Alexander James Stewart was going to be denied his place in history. He would just not stand for it. Charles Alexander Stewart would be the man to replace him, if it was the last thing that Father did." Becky spit out with distaste. "He would continually tell me that time and time again. 'With my last dieing breath I will turn you into a man. As god is my witness." With a little sniffle, Becky clutched her Kleenex tight and continued.

"He would continually enrol me in rough and tumble sports to toughen me up he would say. It did teach me to run. I learned how to run, and very fast. I look back now and think that it was probably a survival instinct that I had learned as I developed my new found skill. I can remember soccer, and then came baseball, and rugby. If the sport involved physical contact you can be assured that Father was ready to sign me up. The other members on the teams never wanted me to be there. I couldn't throw a baseball to save my life. I could work a soccer ball as well as the next person as long as there was nobody after me to take it away. No wonder I was shunned and tormented."

Becky paused briefly to allow Jennifer a chance to catch up with her frantic scribbling.

"I remember when he signed me up for baseball. I knew that if I even showed up at the ball diamond I would be in for a pounding. Three of my grade school alumni had made that quite clear. So I would hide out. Father would drop me off at the park and I would go and hide in behind the snack bar until the game was over. Then I would roll myself in the dust to look scuffed and present myself to Father after everyone had gone home. This plan worked for almost the entire season until Father had an afternoon off and decided to go watch his 'son' play. When he found out about my lie, I made another visit to the surgery. This time I had a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm."

"Hold it there for a second please Becky." Dr Pope interjected. "You have named three times now that you had to go to the hospital because your father had beaten you so badly. Didn't the staff or the doctors get a little suspicious of all of these injuries?"

"There was only one doctor. Jennifer, and he was a personal friend of Fathers. You see it didn't take long for Father to become an upstanding member of the community. He could count among his close personal friends the Mayor, the Judge, the Police chief, of course the Doctor and also the local MP for the district. I guess they all thought that they were really doing me a favour."

"So, tell me about the operation you were forced to have."

Becky gulped again, shook her head, and slowly began anew. "It was when I was fourteen. My breasts were developing and so were my hips. I was constantly letting out the seat of my slacks to accommodate my larger bottom. Olivia noticed, well actually a lot of people noticed, including my classmates and my gym teacher. Anyway, she told Father, and I was sent back to see Finlayson again. He said that my testes had not dropped yet and that it was time to close up that little hole. I was given an injection and scheduled for the corrective surgery. I think that this was the lowest point in my life. My dream, the only thing that kept me from chucking it all was being ripped from me."

"What do you mean, chucking it all?" Dr. Pope interrupted.

"Um, you know ending it, ending my useless existence. I was a freak you know. I wasn't a male and I wasn't a female either. I was," Becky gulped loudly. "Am, a genetic misfit." She screamed. Becky was crying now. This revelation was just far too painful to admit.

"Rebecca Anne Stewart!" The doctor yelled. "You stop that right this second! You are not a freak. Ignorant and foolish louts have subjected you to some very cruel things. The fact that you are sitting before me in that chair is proof enough that you are not a misfit! So you can just forget that train of thought right now."

Jennifer Pope slid out of her chair and knelt before the sobbing patient. "Becky. Look at yourself. Despite all the evil you have had to endue, you have evolved into a pretty nice person. You found your way, and there is no doubting my mind, that you made the only choice you could." Dr. Pope offered Becky a fresh Kleenex and held the wastebasket up so that she could dispose of the other sodden mess. "We only have a few minutes left, so lets just wind this little bit up and we will stop for today. Okay?"

"Uh huh." Becky sniffled.

"So they made you have surgery to close up your vagina. Did your testes ever descend?"

"No. I had to have another operation after that so that the surgeon could make that happen. Father was told that my testicles would probably never be formed properly and that I was for all intents and purposes sterile. He did not take the news very well. After I had healed, I was all but ignored by him. I would never be able to carry on the bloodline, so what use was I? He would continually say. I should have sired a daughter; it would have been a lot cheaper. I guess this made things a lot easier for Norman and Brian to torment me even more now, because they would continually make my time at home a nightmare. So I started spending less and less time at home, and started to hang out with people that were not exactly in Fathers good books. That's how I met Sean."

"Was Sean your boyfriend?"

"Not exactly, I loved him, and he was my first male lover, but he wasn't exactly my boyfriend. We were mostly just friends. He was a little bit kinky, and I was very receptive to new ideas." Becky said with a little giggle.

"Well I think we should leave off here for today, while we are on a high note. Are you okay Becky?" Jennifer asked from the comfort of her leather tub chair.

"I'm fine. I guess." She paused as she wiped the last of the tears from her mascara-streaked cheeks. "So Doc. Give it to me straight. Am I all screwed up or what?"

"No. Rebecca. You are not all screwed up. I doubt that if I had been subjected to what you have been through that I would be able to face the world as you do everyday."

Becky flippantly added. "Ha. This is nothing. We haven't even got to what a living hell it was in the Army being TG."

"Another day, Rebecca, another day." Jennifer consoled a she softly placed her hand on Becky's shoulder. So, I shall see you the same time next week then?"

"Okay. Doctor." Becky reached over and hugged Jennifer Pope as the learned psychologist was approaching her patient with the same idea in mind.

"If you go out this door and to the right, you will see a washroom and you can fix your face. You make sure you get lots of rest, and I'll see you again next Thursday."

"Okay. Thank you. Thank you for everything." Becky mewed as she headed towards the mentioned door.

Pip was impatiently gazing at her watch between glances towards the door that Becky had gone thru over, "One hour and thirty-five minutes ago! What is taking so long? I hope she is okay?" As she gazed up one more time after checking the time on her timepiece, she noticed her charge coming towards her from down the corridor.

"What happened? You were away a long time are you okay?"

"I'm okay Pip. I little tired, but I feel all right. Sorry to keep you waiting so long."

"That's okay Beckers. I was just concerned that's all. I didn't want Bob hanging any guilt trip on me for not looking out for you." Pip joked. "After all, you are the client!"

"I'll client you!" Becky responded, as she swung and missed with her open hand at the much more nimble bodyguard/friend.

The giggling duo made their way down to the sleek T80 Volvo for the return trip to Xanadu.

"Where's Bob and Martin?" She asked as Pip powered the expensive car out from under their protected parking area.

"Gone to look at a property over in Kerrisdale for Bob's new office. Had to meet there at three."

"What time is it now? Becky inquired as she winced a little from the movement of the car.

"About twenty to four. Why?"

"Oh nothing. I was just thinking, they're in Kerrisdale right?"

"Ya?" Pip hesitantly replied.

"Well remember that little shop that we wanted to visit on that Sunday that was closed?"

"Uh huh?"

"Well it's in Kerrisdale, and you know, we still haven't checked it out yet." Becky giggled.

"So you think that because the boys are in Kerrisdale, we should go shopping?"

Putting on her best dumb blonde look the older one replied. "Well ya!"

"Can't argue with that logic." Pip giggled as the car took a hard right on Oak Street and another on 14th Ave. "Kerrisdale. Here we come!"

"I'm going to have to stop and get a drink of water though please, I think I need to take something to make me feel a bit more comfortable."

"Sure thing Beckers. There's a Town Pantry at the Chevron there. Will that work?"

"Perfect. As long as they sell bottled water. It will be just fine."

Becky 'dashed' into the convenience, while Pip idled the sleek auto in the no parking zone. Moments later the mission had resumed with Becky swallowing 4mgs of dilaudid, washing them down with the reason for their pit stop.

The commute home from work had begun as the powerful Volvo shuffled its way along 14th Ave.

Within minutes they had parked and were threading their way along the cobblestone side walks of the stately business area. The pair of 'business women' entered Heritage Clothiers and were met by the eager to please middle aged matron.

"Good afternoon Ladies." She greeted them. Instantly spotting money by the way they Pip and Becky were dressed. "My name is Terri Nobel, and welcome to my shop." She greeted throwing her arms open to show off the displays of conservative and pricey co-ordinates.

Becky was the first to speak. "Thank you. This is the first time we have been in here. We were driving by the other week and I noticed your shoppe, so I though I would pop round and see what you had."

"Do I detect a wee bit of a Scottish accent?"

"HA! A wee bit?" Pip teased.

Becky giggled slightly while Terri smiled at the obvious joke. "Yes I was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada sometime ago."

"Well it's always nice to hear such a refreshing accent. The flattering shoppe keeper implied. "Now. You two look like you have just come from the office and on your way home, so it there something that you were interested in that I may be able to show you?"

"I'm not sure yet, perhaps if we could just have a look around." Becky suggested.

"Why of course, you just look all you like. If you need a hand or have any questions just call. Okay?"

"Yes thank you. Terri."

Hey Beckers!" Pip called from a few displays over. "Look at this. This is so cool."

"What is it?" Our heroine asked clicking her way over to where Pip was hailing her. Rounding the side of a mannequin advertising skiwear, she was affronted by a row of pink ski suits and winter wear. Pip was in her glory. It didn't matter to her that the next rack had blue ones or the one after than had peach, or yellow or white. She was hooked on the entire block of pink staring her straight in the eyes.

"I just have to try these on!" Pip announced taking a pair of stretch ski pants and a knit turtleneck in the exact same colour. She marched across the store to find Terri so that she could check the fit of the garment.

Becky was casually looking through some of the other sweaters and knit tops when Terri came over to see her. "You friend seemed quite excited about those pants and sweater." She stated trying to create an open conversation.

"Yes. That's Pip. Anything pink and she is hooked. If you show her a ski jacket or a winter coat that goes with that in pink, I'll bet you a dollar right now she will buy it and the pants and top as well."

"Hmm. What an interesting bet. Either way I win." Terri responded.

"Yes, I guess you would at that." Becky smiled as she held up a cute little angora cowl neck sweater in a soft off white. "You have some nice stuff here." She continued.

"Thank you. I try." The experience businesswoman was succeeding in getting the customer to talk. She knew that was the key to earning their respect and loyalty. "Are you new to the area?" She asked.

"Yes. I just moved in a month or so ago. I leased a nice place over by the hospital while I'm here in Vancouver."

"Oh that's nice. It's so hard to find decent property these days, especially in a nice area."

"Well I had an agent locate it for me, but I'm pretty impressed by what he did manage to locate." Becky was getting really interested in the angora she had come back to it twice now.

"Would you like to try it on?" Terri offered.

"Sure why not. It's only money." Becky answered after she spied the on sale price tag of $179.99.

Terri showed Becky to the fitting rooms and was able to dash over to the ski clothing section to snatch up a bright pink car coat length Columbia brand Thinsulate ski coat. She was hanging it on the hook in front of the cash desk when Pip came out of the change room for the second time.

"Oh my god!" Pip exclaimed. "That's gorgeous."

Terri smiled and slipped it from the hanger and held it out so that Pip could slide her arms into the sleeves.

The shoppe owner knew she had a sale. There was no need to sell the jacket, the colour and fit of the coat had sold it's self.

The blonde Pixie paraded back and forth in the new outfit, all proud of herself. Becky now feeling a bit better from the effects of the powerful narcotic, re-entered the main shoppe area looking for a mirror so that she could observe the delicate angora knit she had slipped on.

"Beck! Isn't this incredible?" Pip asked her friend as she continued to admire herself.

Becky smiled and winked at Terri who returned her own smile; nothing needed to be spoken between the two. "Yes Pip. It's very nice."

"Wow! Becky that is beautiful! That sweater is you girl! Bob is gonna loose it when he see's you in that." Pip quickly turned to Kelly. "Do you have one in pink?" She managed to stammer out at an alarming rate.

Miss Nobel was quick on the ball. "Well, not exactly like that one Miss, but I'm sure I can find you something that will work." With that Terri was off to the other side of the store to hunt for a pink angora knit for Pip.

Becky was busy critically examining herself in the mirror. Her hands instinctively went to her tummy and pushed the slightly rounded feature until it was again flat. She cursed herself for all the rich food she had been consuming lately and mentally decided that today was day one of her new diet.

Soon the pair had decided that if they looked at any more bargains they just couldn't possibly justify saving Bob so much money.

As Terri thanked them for shopping she casually slipped a new bright 'loonie' across the counter to Rebecca. "I believe. I owe you this?" She said as the pair of them giggled at the inside joke.

They were no sooner outside when Pip's phone began to chirp. A mere second later so did Becky's. The 'bargoon commandoes' enjoyed a giggle as the each answered their pages instantly know who was on the other end.

"Hi Martin." "Hi Bob." They both responded simultaneously as they high hived each other with their free hand.

"We're on our way."

"Snap!" Becky yelled before Pip even opened her mouth to respond.

"SOT!" Pip snapped back as the pair secured themselves in the 'nice car' and made their way back to Xanadu.

The frenzied rush to get ready left most everyone in absolute chaos, all except Bob and Martin who sat quietly as the rest of the house yelled at inanimate objects they could not seem to locate. Glancing at his watch Bob mentioned to Martin that, he had better go pick up the Richards and then swing back here; this was going to take awhile.

"Right Boss." The giant replied as the hulk slipped out the door.

Give the girls credit they were only fifteen minutes late, as they stood all flustered and out of breath, but essentially ready at 6:45.

"Okay! I'm ready. Let's go." Becky panted. Looking around. "Where's Martin?"

"I sent him to pick up the Richards because you two were running late."

"We ain't that late. Jeesh! Give us a break!" Pip countered.

Bob snorted and went back to ready the rest of the evening paper, leaving Becky and Pip standing there to figure it out themselves. Pip shrugged and plopped down on one of the suede loveseats, while Becky went in to the kitchen to get the meds she would require for the rest of the evening. She also packed an ampoule of morphine and a couple extra tabs of dilaudid, just in case.

Shortly there after Bobs phone chirped. "Ah that would be Martin on his way back. If you ladies are finally ready. We can be on our way." Bob chastised.

"SOT!" Becky announced on the way by as she pulled her wrap closely about her.

"Ya SOT!" Pip added, directly at Bob.

This earned them both a playful swat on the bottom as Becky tried to secure the door between giggles.

Soon they were all safely inside the expansive Mercedes, with Pip and Martin in the front and the Richards and the 'two B's' in the back. On their way for a quiet dinner at Mama Rosa's.


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