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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

Hot Crossings

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB  

With thanks to Christy, Misty, & Katrina


~Part #27 - Back To The Same Old Same Old~


Alberto greeted his guests warmly. "Miss Rebecca, so nice to see you again, and Roberto. My brother." He exclaimed very loudly making a fuss and hugging them. "And I see you have brought guests with you this evening." The portly walrus continued with exaggerated hand gestures.

Bob, the consummate gentleman declared, "Alberto. These are Ken and Samantha Richards. They are down from Prince Rupert."

"You are welcome here at Mama Rosa's. Come let me show you to your table." The immaculately polished Valenti male decreed.

Both Vito and Aldo noticed their arrival, and with small waves they continued to pamper the other guests they had been assigned too. Mrs. Valenchenza son, Tony also noticed the arrival and he had a fantasy about Pip as soon as his radar spotted her. "Damn! She's with that walking mountain again." He silently replied. Cursing his luck.

Soon the party had been seated. Bob, Becky, Ken and Samantha on one very private table, and Pip and Martin a discreet couple of tables over, effectively blocking anyone who dared approach. Becky giggled to her self when she saw the look of uncertainty on Samantha Richards face. "She must think Bob is with the mafia or something."

She reached over and lightly touched Samantha's arm and smiled. "Bob. We need to go powder our noses for a second. We'll be right back." Both gentlemen rose from the table as the ladies prepared to visit the 'loo'. Pip followed discretely behind. Allowing Becky her freedom but ensuring that no one would get close to touching her.

"You must think we are some sort of gangsters or something?" Becky inquired once they were safely inside the ladies.

"Oh No! Not at all." Samantha lied.

"I can explain. Bob is very wealthy, and Martin, that's the really big guy that picked you up, well that's his body guard in case somebody tries to attack him."


"And Pip, she is my bodyguard, in case someone tries to get to Bob by hurting me. So you see it all makes perfectly good sense." Becky explained.

"Why would anyone want to hurt your boyfriend?" The perplexed woman inquired, still unsure of Bob's career.

Becky was touching up her make up, as she continued. "Remember I said Bob is wealthy?"

Samantha gulped. "Here it comes, he's some kind of drug dealer." She thought.

"Well Bob is VERY wealthy. He is one of the richest men in North America. He owns several computer software companies, and is partners in another few as well."

Samantha grabbed the counter for support, relieved that the RCMP would not come crashing down on them at any moment.

When the pair of ladies returned to their table each a lot happier because of their chat. Samantha could not help but notice that Becky's 'shadow' was just off to one side and followed them with every movement.

The foursome was treated to their absolute favourites, without ever placing their orders, all courtesy of Mama's special gifts.

Pushing back from his plate unable to eat another thing, a stuffed Ken Richards remarked. "That was incredible. That has to be the best Italian I have ever eaten."

"So you like my food?" The ancient voice asked behind them.

"Mama!" Becky squealed at the sound of her voice. If the old woman had not been standing so close to her Becky would have made it out of her chair to hug the senior Valenti. As it was the elderly woman effortless pushed Becky back into her chair and patted her shoulder in reassurance.

"Sit child, and rest." Turning her attention to Bob she fired off a quick few sentences in a very brisk manner.

"Yes Mama. Of course Mama." Was Bob's response. Mama, this is Ken and Samantha Richards. Folks, this is Mama Rosa." Indicating his dining guests and in return the elder matriarch.

Rosa looked carefully at the couple for a second before reaching for Samantha's hands. "I am sorry for the loss of your baby. God does many strange things, that we sometimes do not understand, but with faith you will, in time understand his purpose."

Becky smiled as she felt Rosa's presence, and power grow. She felt the feeling of sorrow and hopelessness being lifted from the troubled mothers body. As quickly as it began it was over.

"You will soon find peace." Mama told Samantha as the bewildered woman tried to decipher what had just happened to her. Becky reached over and with a small smile, gently squeezed Samantha's hand. Samantha smiled back suddenly a lot more at peace with life than she had been for months.

Turning her attention to Rebecca, the old woman just stared intently into her eyes. Becky returned the stare just as strongly as her teacher. Rosa and Becky both closed their eyes momentarily, and when Becky opened hers she simply said. "Yes Mama."

"Roberto. I shall leave you with your guests. Do not forget to tell them of your plans. Good night. It was nice meeting you. Ken and Samantha." The old crone cackled before she strode back to her kitchen.

Ken looked over at his wife. "You okay?" He inquired, concerned about Samantha's health.

"I'm fine Ken. In fact I think I feel a lot better now than when we got here this evening."

Bob looked over at Becky with one raised eyebrow. Becky smiled and nodded her head up and down. Bob knew instantly that Samantha Richards had been the beneficiary of some of Rosa Valenti's special magic.

"Bob thank you for suggesting this. I wasn't sure it was a good idea, when you came up with it, but I'm glad we decided to take you up on your offer."

"Your welcome Samantha. It was my pleasure, but we are not done yet. I have an idea I would like to put to you folks."

Ken looked at the philanthropist with just a bit of scepticism in his face. Unsure of where Bob was going with this, he let him continue.

"I have an idea I would like to try and, well, just let me tell you what my idea is and then, you let me know what you think of it. Okay?"

"Sure." Ken and Samantha replied simultaneously.

"Snap." Becky thought not wanting to interrupt the conversation.

"I was looking at your folks situation." Bob began. "And here you folks are from out of town, you're not rich by any means, just working stiffs right?"

"Ya?" Ken questioned unsure of what Bob was up to.

"Well, I would like to set up a trust fund, if you will, to help out parents with kids with cancer that have to travel to Vancouver so that they can get treatment. You know to help with the additional housing and food expenses. There are a few hospices and such like that around, but as you probably know Samantha, they just don't adequately cover everything. We need something in place, like a service or something that will arrange to get them properly located, and maybe help out with the added expenses, if needed. What do you think?"

Samantha looked over at a smiling Becky before, answering Bob's question. "I think that is an very generous idea Bob." Mrs. Richards then sought the comfort of her husbands arm, as she wrapped hers around it. "Speaking from experience, you have no idea what kind of a burden it is financially and emotionally to have to do this. If there was something in place, like a service, to offer advice and suggestions that could help, I'm sure it would make the mothers and fathers a little more at ease, and they could concentrate more on helping the children, than worrying about how they are going to pay the rent."

Bob stuck out his bottom lip and nodded his head. "That was a hell of a good idea she just had." He thought. "Samantha, I like that. Fine. That's what we'll do then. Oh!" Bob paused for a second as his mind clicked on the next point. "When we get this all set up, I want to name it in honour of Tracy. We can call it The Tracy Richards Memorial Fund, if you like."

Becky reached over to hug Samantha. She had started crying again. Becky carefully pulled Samantha out of her seat and with a bit of help from Pip had managed to get her into a bit more private area, so she could compose herself.

Even Ken was not without a bit of mist in his eyes. "You're serious about this?" He asked directly to Bob.

"Yes. Very much so Ken."

"Do you have any idea how much money this is gonna cost? Where the hell you going to get financial support for something like this? And who is going to administer it?" A still sceptical Ken Richards enquired.

"Well I haven't worked out all the details yet, I'll have to have a discussion with some of the board members at the hospital and the Cancer society, and as far as the financial part of this, but don't you worry about that that is where I come in. I'm sort of an expert in that department." Bob smiled.

Ken shook his head, he was still unsure of how this was going to work. The province was cutting back on medical expenditures and programmes. They were not about to institute a new idea in the near future. "I don't know Bob. I mean, you look like you are a pretty savvy business man, and god knows, any one that can afford a chauffeur and a couple of bodyguards can't be hurting, but, you are talking millions here, in the first year alone. Where is the province going to find that money?"

Bob chuckled. "Who said anything about the public trough having to cough up any money. This idea will be entirely privately funded, and if it's is managed correctly it will be self sufficient in a few years, and may even be able to have enough money in it to expand to other programmes."

"Well I hope your friends are very generous here Bob, cuz this is gonna cost a whack of change!"

"You just let me worry about that part Ken. Okay?"

"Okay. I wish you luck."

"Now smile." Bob directed. "The ladies are returning."

When everyone had been re-seated, Bob caught Tony's attention and ordered aperitifs for the four and tiramisu for all six in the party.

"Thank you Bob." Samantha stated. "Rebecca explained to me a bit more fully about your idea, and why you wanted to help. This is very generous of you, and a very commendable thing to do. Thank you."

Your welcome Samantha, but it's not all that great of a thing. I have a bit of money, and I like helping children. That's all. It's not that big of a deal. Besides I still am going to need someone to help organize things to get them started, and I think a mother who has had to go thru all the hardships and headaches would be a logical choice. Don't you?"

Samantha nodded her head in agreement. "Yes that would make sense. I mean who would know better than someone who has had to go thru all that."

"So. You interested?"


"You Samantha. Are you interested in helping out?" Bob asked sipping the last of his merlot.

"Me? Why me? I live a thousand kilometres from here. How could I possible be any good? And I don't think I'm qualified." She pleaded.

"What do you mean you aren't qualified? Excuse my brashness, but you just lost your baby to a horrible disease. I'd say that makes you extremely qualified. And as far as you living in Rupert, that's what faxes machines and e-mail's are for.

"Um. Ahh." The poor woman was speechless. She looked at her husband for support, but Ken was just as dumbfounded as she was. Samantha then looked over at a beaming Becky, who nodded her head to her that she should take it. "Bob, I have no idea what to do, where to start, or even what it is we have to accomplish." She pleaded.

"Don't worry about that. You will find your place. I know you will. Your experiences will be invaluable when it comes time for the logistics part of this."

Samantha once again looked at Ken for a reaction. "I don't know honey. It's up to you. I will support you 100% if you decide to go for it. You know that." He explained.

"It will be a few days before I can arrange anything with the folks at the society." Bob explained. "When we have some kind of a plan roughed out, then we will be able to sit down and come up with something concrete."

"But, I don't understand what you need me for?"

"Samantha. We are going to require your services for a lot of things. I'll be involved at the start but, I can't devote all my time to this so I'm going to delegate a lot of the responsibility to you."

The perplexed woman finally surrendered and accepted Bob's request. "Okay. But I'm still not sure of how I can help."

"Well what you can do to help is, when you get back to Rupert, you can record all the things that you had to do to make this trip happen, and all the things you wish you could change, or wish you had help with. That way when the council for the fund sits down to try and come up with a goal and a mission statement, you will have all the practical data we will need to make sure that we had thought of everything."

"I can do that." Samantha smiled.

"Good then it's settled then!" Bob declared. He reached over and refilled everyone's wine glass in the process. Raising his own glass he announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Tracy Richards Memorial Fund. Dedicated to help the parents of children undergoing out of town treatment of cancer therapy."

"To the fund." Becky proclaimed raising her glass to clink with everyone else's.


"Ya Ken."

"There's just one thing that concerns me?"


"Just how much bloody money do you really have?" He laughed

"Ken Richards! That is not polite!" Samantha shouted to her husband as she slapped him on the arm.

A chuckling Bob replied. "That's alright. Don't worry Samantha. In answer to your question Ken, a lot!"

"Well in that case dinner is on you." Ken joked again.

"No problem." The billionaire chortled.

The ride back to Xanadu was very quiet. After they had dropped the Richards off at the Hospice they were staying at, with a promise that Bob would be contacting Samantha sometime next week with some more information, Becky, and her man were cuddling in the back of the Mercedes.

"That was a very generous thing you did tonight. Thank you." Becky whispered as she reached up to lightly kiss Bob on the cheek.

"Hmmmm, if I keep doing generous things, do you promise to kiss me some more?"

"Maybe." Becky giggled. "You'll just have to find out now won't you?"

She then involuntarily giggled as Bob began to mercilessly tickle her in her most sensitive spots. He only stopped when the car had come to a halt and Pip had opened the passenger door to observe the tear streaked face of Becky giggling herself crazy while Bob was busy licking the inside of her thigh.

"Ahemm!" Pip announce loudly.

"Oh! I guess we are home. Thank you Pip." Bob stated as nonchalantly as possible. He then reached for Becky's giggling hand and stepped from the expensive limo as if nothing had been out of the ordinary.


Becky arose to see the grey overcast morning of another Vancouver winter day. She teased her unruly locks as she patted her way to the kitchen, for a cuppa.

"Morning Princess." Bob declared, his fingers furiously tapping away at the keys of his laptop.

"Morning Bob." Becky returned leaning across the front of her lover, doing her best to distract him from his work. "How are you this morning?"

"Fine as frogs hair!" The large man announced. Bob gave up trying to type until Becky had quenched her cuddle thirst.


"You ever see frogs hair?" The alert mate inquired.

"No. I don't think I have."

"Pretty fine, isn't it?" Bob chuckled, pleased that Becky had never heard this old standard before.

The moment was broken moments later by the frantic screams of the stainless steel kettle, as it did its level best to achieve lift-off. Becky uncurled herself from her precarious position on Bob's knee and reluctantly made her way over to silence the harsh whistling.

"So what's the plan for today?" She enquired

"Well I have to see if the location that we looked at yesterday will suit our purposes as an office. It used to be a lawyers office, until the old guy retired last month. I was hoping that we might be able to take over the place, and with a bit of renovations make it over into something a bit more suitable to our needs."

"Oh. That sounds like a good idea." Becky politely said.

"Hey. You wanna come with us this morning? You can have a look around and see what's there, maybe you can come up with an idea or two for changes."

"Hmm. I guess so." She shrugged. "Where's Pip and Martin?"

"They're in the workout room, doing something." Bob answered, as he began his insistent clattering of computer keys.

After the foursome had cleaned themselves up, and were quite respectable looking, they wound there way over to the Kerrisdale location of the proposed office space.

Becky smiled as she entered the heavy wood paneled office. The entire place positively shouted, "This is a man's office!" "I could see how this place appeals to Bob. There isn't a thing feminine in this entire space."

From the tiled entrance, to the deep pile carpet, and the etched glass on the solid wood doors, this was indeed a very conservative male oriented place.

"Bob. This place is gorgeous. But it's a bit dark don't you think? It needs a few bright colours to liven the place up a bit."

"I like it!" The defensive man replied. "It looks like a great spot to think and sip on a glass of single malt, while you sit back smoking a big fat ole' stoggie."

"Ewww!" Both Becky and Pip exclaimed.

"Snap!" Pip shouted, beating Becky to the punch this time.

Becky was not about to give in so easily on the ideas she had been formulating in her head. "Bob?"

"Ya Princess." He called out as he was investigating the brass sink fixtures in the half bath off the largest office.

"Remember Michel, the person you hired to redo Pip's room?"

"Oh ya. Sure I remember."

"Why don't you give her a call and see what she can suggest for decorating ideas. After all she did do a very good job on Pip's bedroom."

"Ya!" Pip enthusiastically agreed. "That was a cool job she did on my room."

"Okay. I'll give her a call. I have to get a hold of that person that did the security install as well at Xanadu. What the hell's her damn name again?"

"Robert Bartholomew Arnold! We do not need that sort of language around here!" Becky sternly shot back, both fists firmly planted school marm fashion on her hips.

"Sorry Becky's mamma." Bob apologized, looking skyward for forgiveness.

Pip giggled. It was funny to see the normally confident captain of business, reduced to an embarrassed school kid, by a single statement from her best friend.

"That's better." Becky responded. "Her name is Lori Hardiman, and I have her business card at home, if you like."

"Ya that's her." Bob mumbled. His head stuck in a closet size room that at one time held a fax machine and other assorted types of communications equipment. "I'll give her a call and maybe they can all meet here after lunch or something."

Bob had negotiated with Herb Doman to let him have access to the office, so that he could check on the feasibility of making this his base of operations. He had full intensions of signing a five-year lease with the property manager, providing certain conditions could be met. Bob smiled when he posted a $1000.00 good faith deposit to hold the property until Bob could complete his findings in a timely fashion.

The party, with Herb in tow, had been Bob's guests at the Executive House for lunch. Becky was introduced to the Mayor and Provincial Minister for Business Development. After consuming a leisurely business lunch, they all shuffled back to drop Herb off at his office before winding their way around the corner to meet with Michel and Lori. She was the first to show and Bob had immediately put her to work investigating all the ideas that the geek side of his personality could imagine. Lori was in tech heaven as she thought of the possibilities that Bob proposed.

Moments later Michel and Cherrie flitted into the office. "Good afternoon everyone." Michel stated as she allowed her faithful lapdog and lover to remove her woollen cape. Becky looked up to see Cherrie, only it wasn't Cherrie, it was Charlene that greeted her in all her feminine glory.

"Charlene?" Becky inquired with a smile. "You look wonderful. You are positively beaming." She continued as she hugged the slightly larger gurl. "Are you, ah, are you Charlene full time now?"

"Uh huh." The assistant giggled. "Ever since that talk with you. That night I decided to quit hiding and show the world who I really am."

Becky held her back at arms length before she drew her in for another hug. "Oh Charlene. I am so happy for you. I wish you lots of success."

"Thank you Rebecca. I owe it all to you."

"Me? What did I do? All we did was have a little chat one afternoon. You can possibly give me the credit for this. It just wouldn't be fair."

"Oh no! It was you who finally convinced me to quit worrying about what other people perceived me as, and get me started to understand what I really wanted."

"Well I'm glad you decided to do something then. You look so much happier now. You are just one big smile."

"Thank you. You look pretty good too there, Cinderella." Charlene giggled.

"Cherrie!" The voice announced from another room.

"Oops! Guess I better get back to work. I don't want to make the boss mad you know?"

Becky giggled. "No I guess not."

"Cherrie! Where is that girl?"

"Que Mademoiselle?"

"Oh there you are! Hop out to the car and get my big sample case and my laptop. That's a good girl. Now quick like a bunny!"

"Que Mademoiselle."

Michel now briefly turned her attention to Becky. "Hello Miss Stewart. How are you today?"

"Not bad at all Michel. It's so nice to see you and Charlene again."

"Merci. I understand that I have you to thank for the referral today." Michel rattled off in her heavy accented English.

"Well you did do a nice job on Pip's bedroom. I thought perhaps between the two of us we could still keep this place conservatively masculine, but add a bit of feminine touches here and there to brighten it up a bit." Becky smiled.

"Ho ho! I see. The master of the house wants to have his den, and the real boss of the house will let him have his way but it will be her way as to what he gets to do. Yes? No?"

Taking Michel's arm she quickly pulls her out of earshot of male ears. "Something like that." She smiled.

By the time Bob, Lori and Martin had returned from the roof. Michel, Charlene, Becky, and Pip had mapped out the entire office complex and had decided on the look they wanted to project.

"Was that, that Michel decorator woman I just saw leaving?" Bob inquired.

Pip looked quickly to Becky for guidance. "Why, yes it was." Becky replied. "You were so busy with Lori doing whatever it is that you 'geeks' do, that I decided to show her around so that she could see what had to be done." She then saddled up to the large man and coyly rubbed herself against his body in a very suggestive and teasing manner. With a pouty little face, she continued. "I hope you don't mind, but you were so busy."

Bob thinking that this place could very well turn out to be a pink perfuse of colour decided to firmly state his maleness by stuttering, "But, but, I wanted to keep the paneling and the look of a conservative office. I like it this way."

"Don't worry sweetie." Becky cooed. "Your wood paneling is not going to disappear, nor is the tile entrance, or the etched office doors, not even the hardwood floors. I wouldn't do that to all this beautiful wood. Now would I?" She said with a wink to Pip.

"No. I guess not." The little boy replied.

Pip was having a hard time trying not to show any emotion. She knew that what the four of them had agreed upon was not what Bob would have envisioned for his all male office suites. Horrified that her face would reveal her inner struggle, she quickly found something else to do in another part of the room.

Suddenly Becky jumped. Her purse started playing Beethoven on speed again.

"What the hell is that?"

"Phooey!" Becky replied. Opening her purse to allow the song to become even louder. "It's my phone Bob, and I don't know how to fix it."

"Why don't you just reprogram it?" He suggested.

Becky shrugged as she flipped open the cover on the miniature device. "Hello?" She slowly walked away from the group to enable to hear the conversation somewhat better. "Yes. Oh! Hello Joan. How are you? Fine, fine. Honest." She paused and looked at Pip, who was looking back at her trying to gauge the phone call and deciding whether she needed to intercede on Becky's behalf. Becky shook her head indicating it was all right while she continued to listen to what Nurse Banks had to tell her. "What time?… No that should be fine. Okay. All right see then. Huggles!"

Pip was the first to enquire. "Who was that?"

"Joan from the clinic. I have an appointment with Dr. Mortimer on Monday morning, right after I get my blood tested."

"Oh!" A pair of voices exclaimed.

"Ya I know. Snap!" Bob added.

Soon Lori had finished her evaluation, and was promising Bob a quote would be sent to his business mailbox, before tomorrow noon. With a flourish, she then bid Becky so long and was out the door.

"Well. What do you think of this place as my base of operations?" Bob inquired, as his arm slowly slipped around Becky's waist.

She giggled slightly. "It has potential, and with the right touches, it could be very nice."

Bob gave Becky the classic one raised eyebrow look, before he quietly chortled. "Come on. I'm hungry. Let's go get some dinner. You can buy."

"Okay. I can do that, but we'll have to stop at an ATM on the way to MacDonald's, because I am fresh out of cash." Becky said with a serious look on her face.

"Not Mickey D's again?" Pip exclaimed. "Can't we go some place different for a change?"

"Your right! I got a better idea. Martin. Let's go get some fish and chips!" Bob announced. "You ladies coming?"

"Where we going? Becky inquired in an excited little girl voice.

"To get some fish and chips!" The rest of the party proclaimed.

"Snap!" Martin shouted as loud as he could. Pip 'high-fived' him. Finally the giant had won a round of the childish game, and he was not going to let anyone forget it, as he went into his touchdown dance right then and there. Becky was giggling as she observed Martins antics, as Pip joined the fun as well.

"Come on you two. Martin, check the back. Pip. Make sure the front is secure and lets get out of here.

"Right Boss!" The hulk replied. His victory dance now a memory.

After fighting rush hour traffic, the black cherry Mercedes finally found Bob's favourite spot for fish and chips, a little shoppe right on the wharf in the tiny historic fishing village of Steveston. The foursome dined on the best halibut and chips that Becky swore she had ever tasted before they had returned with full bellies to the safety of Xanadu.


Monday morning found the merry band squabbling frantically to get out the door for all what they considered very important appointments. Bob wanted to close the deal on the office, after looking at what Lori had proposed for the renovation. He knew that he would not have a problem with the neighbourhood heritage council, as all of Ms. Hardiman's additions would be unnoticeable, unless you were on the roof looking for them. It was just a matter of securing the correct building permits, and Bob knew that there would not be a problem there.

Pip and Becky had a different agenda. Becky needed to be at the clinic by 8:30, so that she could have her 'prelims' done, as Prue and Joan called them, before she saw Dr. Mortimer for 10am. They were both very experienced in dealing with tight schedules, as girls are the world over. It didn't take the seasoned veterans too much longer for their perfectly coiffed heads to bob down the hall on their way to Becky's rendezvous with the blood lab.

"Good morning Dr. Raeder. How are you this morning?" Becky enquired.

"Hey doc." Pip threw in.

"Morning. I'm fine. A bit rushed. Dave hasn't shown up for work yet, and we have a heavy load today, so it looks like you are going to be subjected to my fumbling's this morning. It's been a few years since I've had to do this so please excuse me if I'm a bit rusty."

"That's ok doctor. I'm sure you will be just fine. How come Dave isn't here this morning?" The patient enquired, as she took her normal seat and removed her cardigan.

"His car broke down in the middle of the Lionsgate Bridge, on the way here this morning. I just got off the phone with him." Amelia offered as she looked at the card Becky offered her and compared it against the checklist she had. "He's going to be a tad late this morning."

Becky giggled. "Yup. I think you might be right."

The doctor proved that she had learned her job well taking Becky's blood. She was able to hit the uncooperative vein first time, after her 'victim' had explained that it was probably the best possible choice for success. It was the one with the least amount of calluses on it.

"You must get you blood taken a lot?" Amelia surmised.

"Not as much as I used to. At one point I was getting my blood taken every day."

"What forever for?" The confused doctor asked.

"I was taking a fairly high dosage of cumadin, or warfarin, and they were scared about internal bleeding."

"You have high blood pressure? You records don't indicate that. In fact your blood pressure is a bit on the low side if anything."

"Oh no, it wasn't for that. I had a back up of pressure because my liver couldn't rid my body of the toxins. It had backed all the way to my oesophagus, and I had varicose veins so bad that they thought that I might have a bleed internally." Becky explained as she applied pressure to the bit of cotton covering her recently poked arm.

"You sure do have your share of problems, don't you?"

Becky shrugged at the concerned doctors last revelation. "Ah, I do okay."

Dr. Amelia chuckled slightly. "Well you definitely have a good attitude about it. I hope you don't loose it. A positive outlook is very important around here." Amelia finished labelling the samples and was filing the paperwork when she reached over and quickly applied a small round bandage to replace to cotton ball. "Looks like we are done, I'll get the results processed and give them to your oncologist as quickly as I can okay?"

"Okay. Thank you Dr. Amelia."

Pip, who had been closely observing the doctor work, had remained silent the entire time. She finally spoke. "Thanks Doc. Catch ya' next time!"

The dynamic duo were off once again. After stopping to ask for directions twice along the way, they had finally navigated the maze of tunnels running under the gigantic hospital complex, which comprised an area of 10 blocks in either direction. As the plodded along they noticed several golf carts whiz past them. Deciding that next time they would kidnap a cart, for the return sojourn. Still in all they were early for their 10am appointment with the Leo Kerns look-alike.

"Rebecca Stewart? Dr. Mortimer will see you now. If you will follow me please." The receptionist led our heroine down a hallway that "could really use a good coat of paint, and some new carpets." Becky decided as she carefully stepped over the threadbare floor covering.

"Please remove your clothing and slip on this gown with the opening to the front. The doctor will be in to see you shortly." She said with a practiced smile, before shutting the door on the tiny examination room. Becky shrugged, while Pip looked for something to occupy her time. Deciding that last July's MacLean's magazine was not that far out of date for a doctor's office, she started to flip the pages in an attempt to relieve the boredom. Becky had complied with the task and was now trying to preserve whatever dignity she could barely concealed in the disposable paper gown.

Pip jumped to her feet. Ready to do battle with the intruder when the door opened some five minutes later.

"Ahh Miss Stewarrt! Ah herr everr prresent shadow! You may rrelax young lady I mean yourr mistrress no harrm." Turning his attention back to Becky the efficient doctor began again. "Please lie flat on the table and we can begin. Now wherre is the confound nurrrse? Always rrunning off when I need herr the most! How am I going to give you an examination with out a nurrse being prresent?" Mortimer strode over to the door. Threw it open, and in a voice loud enough for the next office to hear bellowed. "Nurrse Pyyrrd! If you please!"

"Sorry doctor I was helping Mrs Goddard down the stairs. You should get an elevator here you know that!"


Pip shook her head and Becky just giggled.

"Now, if you will be so kind as to assist ME, we can starrt the examination!"

"Yes doctor." The overworked and under paid health care worker replied with a small wink to Becky.

The elder practitioner proved that he had not lost his touch in the last week or so, he carefully felt around the area where Becky's wound was, and looked for any signs of infection. "Well it seems to be healing just fine. The scarr seems to be developing perfectly. I think you arre out of the woods my dearr lady! You werre very forrtunate that I was therre to save you."

It was Becky's turn to wink. "Yes doctor."

"Now, we need to make surre that you do not undo all my beautiful worrk durring yourr trreatment. You know if it was up to me, I would have you wait anotherr two weeks beforre you did anything so foolish, howeverr yourr Oncologist seems to think that farr too much time has been squanderred alrready! So against my betterr judgement we arre going to bind you, so that nothing happens to destrroy my worrk.

Becky didn't notice that the doctor's able assistant had brought a table close that had the requirements for the doctors little fix it job. With a precision of many years of practice the pair had Becky wrapped in the "elastoplast" type bandage in record time. The main difference being in this one was, that once it had been wrapped and began to dry it hardened. "This will offerr you some prrotection. It will be harrder to do basic chorres, which you arre not supposed to be doing in the firrst place, howeverr it does bend, but will rrestrict movement which is the purrpose of this entirre experriment."

"Oh my god! This thing is almost as bad as a corset!" Becky exclaimed, as she felt it tightening around her.

Nurse Pyyrd giggled. "Well it's not quite that tight honey, but it does do wonders for the figure, not that you have to worry about that."

"Still, it's pretty tight." She complained one last time. "How long am I supposed to wear this? How am I supposed to have a bath?"

"You can have a bath orr a showerr with out any complications whatsoeverr. It brreathes so you don't have to worrry about odourrs either. It's actually quite a rremarrkable garrment. It's lightweight, it's supporrts and prrotects all at the same time." Mortimer replied as his knuckles knocked on the almost hard shell. "I suspect if you had been wearring this when you had your little jaunt thrru that parrkade, we would not be having this discussion now."

Dr. Mortimer excused himself with out saying a word and both Pip and the nurse helped Becky get redressed.

"Don't worry about wearing this, you'll won't even notice it in a day or two, and as far as how long you will be wearing it, it might be for a few weeks, so you should try and get used to it."

Becky just rolled her eyes and accepted her fate. "Okay, I guess. Thank you for all your help nurse." Becky stated, sliding off of the examination table.

"You just take care of yourself, so you don't have to come back here and see that old reprobate again." Nurse Pyyrd announced as she opened the door.

"I hearrd that!" Bellowed the voice from down the hall.

"Yes doctor. See you later I have to go." The tireless assistant replied with a wink and a smile, as she was off to attend to another fire.

Pip inquired at Information Services about the availability of getting one of the golf cart rides back to where they had parked at the Cancer clinic. The flat answer was that they are reserved for hospital business and not for patients use. She would be better off contacting Patient services and have them arrange something, if they were patients here at the hospital. Frustrated and upset at the "cow flop", as Pip called it, she positioned Becky in a comfortable chair in the small Tuck Shop in the lobby while she dashed back to pick up the wheels.

Soon they were back where they started and were chatting with Joan and Prue as they returned from coffee. Minutes later they were sitting in surgery number three, waiting for Dr. Geoff.


"Ya Becky?"

"Can I ask you a dumb question?"

The Doctor wannabe giggled. "I believe you just did."

Becky stuck out her tongue like an impertinent schoolgirl.

"What is it?"

"How come we always wind up in number three room? I know there are others, but this is the one we always use why?"

"That's because this is Dr. Geoff's room. He likes the vibes in this room. That's why he uses this one, says it has positive energy."

"Oh. Guess that's why I feel comfortable when I am in here."

"Guess so. I don't know. I just do what makes him happy, and a happy doctor makes my job a lot easier.

"What makes your job a lot easier?" The voice inquired stepping into the room.

"Why do you do that?" Joan asked in frustration.

"Do what?" Dr. Geoff returned.

"Walk into a room like that when we are talking about you. You do it all the time!"

"Oh. Sorry. Guess I'll listen at the door from now on and wait until you are done, before I enter, would that be better?"

"Arghh! Never mind. It doesn't matter. I'll go get the cart." Joan hopelessly replied leaving the room

Geoff shrugged and turned his attention back to his reason for being there. "Good morning Becky. How are you today?"

"Fine doctor, a bit sore and compressed, but other than that okay."

"Ahh yes, the torturous support tensor. Just think of the enhanced figure you will have when it's all over with. Your boyfriend will love it. Unfortunately my dear, it's very necessary for what we are about to do." The concerned Oncologist slid onto a small four-wheeled stool and demurely crossed his legs before continuing. "The reason for the bondage device you are now wearing is, we have to restart your chemo therapy, and as soon as possible. The delay we have had to experience because of your unfortunate demise has not helped the cause any. I wish we had more time to let you heal, but I'm afraid we are fighting time now. The sooner we begin, that better your chances of recovery."

"How bad is it getting? Is the cancer spreading?"

Dr. Geoff wheeled his stool closer and took Becky's hands in his. The cancer is always spreading Rebecca. It continues to grow all the time. Has it metastasized? No. We think not, but we must get you back on track and soon." The concerned doctor then scooted his stool back across to the desk and retrieved Becky's ever increasing folder. "That's why we have decided to schedule you to resume treatment on Thursday. I want you to report to the blood clinic to get your blood taken, then you will come and see Prue or whoever is he-"

"Prue? I thought she is in administration now?"

"She is, but Joan has exams starting this week and Prue has found someone to volunteered to take Joan's place while she is away. So you may see her around as she tries to do her own job as well." Geoff explained.

"As well as who's own job?" Joan asked, the cart with the wobbly wheel announcing her arrival as she pushed open the heavy wooden door. She then looked intently at the doctor, "See. I can do it too."

"Ahem! As I was saying, you will report to Prue after getting your blood drawn. I will have a quick look at you. If, your numbers are well within the limits, we will then send you over to the wing and they will administer the treatment." Doctor Geoff then dropped the file on the desktop for emphasis. "Now young lady. You and I are about to have a heart to heart."

Becky giggled and tried to relieve a bit of the stress the situation had created. "Thank you for the compliment doctor, but I am hardly a young lady."

"Don't change the subject on me when I am in my serious mood!" Dr. Geoff jokingly snapped. "What I was beginning to tell you was, that the same rules apply as last time. You will not come near this building unless I so direct you to do so. You will take every, and all opportunity to rest, and under no circumstances do I want to find out that you have been spotted in the children's ward! Until I say different! Is that clear Missy?"

"But, they ne-"

This time Geoff was very forceful "I said! IS that clear Missy?"

The shy beaten schoolgirl relied in a quite mouse like voice. "Yes doctor."

Dr. Geoff slid the stool back across to Becky, taking her hands in his once again, he continued. "Becky. It's for your own good. You are about to get knocked flat on that cute little tush of yours. I don't know if you realize that, but you are going to get a lot sicker before you get better, and I just want what's best for you, and I wanna see you make a full recovery."

Sniffing back a tear, the fragile woman shook her head in response. "Okay. Could someone please tell Dr. Pope that I won't be able to make my appointment with her on Thursday then." She whimpered.

"Hmmm. Sorry. I forgot about that." Geoff wheeled back over to the desk to retrieve Becky's file. This time when he wheeled back it brought it with him.

Joan had begun to wrap the blood pressure cuff around Becky's arm and had fitted the pulse counter on her finger already when the doctor spoke again. "Joan, check, with Jenna see if she can reschedule Becky for Friday instead of Thursday. Same time. If she can, make the changes with Amelia and we can go with that."

"Yes doctor. Shall I finish this first?" The efficient co-ordinator asked.

"Naw. I can handle this I think. You just squeeze this little thingy here until the patients head turns blue and then read what the numbers say right?"

"Something like that." Joan returned as she winked and turned her attention to Becky. "If he messes this up, let me know and I'll retest you when I get back."

In less than half an hour Becky had survived Dr. Geoff's nursing ministrations, the rescheduling arrangements had been made, and the dynamic duo were winding their way back to Xanadu for some lunch.

Pip was busy munching a lettuce and greens sandwich, when Becky declared. "I think I would like to get my hair done. Pip. Do you remember Marcie? The hairdresser from Halloween?"

Wiping a dollop of mayonnaise from the corner of her mouth, Pip swallowed before answering. "The one from that fancy place downtown. Ya I remember. Why?"

"Well I feel like getting my hair done just one more time, before, you know, before I loose it all."

Pip looked up and saw the pain in Becky's eyes at the thought of loosing the wayward blonde mop. "Becky. It will only be for a while. It will grow back in no time."

"Ya I know. It's just; well, I don't know, I just don't want to loose all my hair. Oh heck Pip, truth be known, I'm scared."

The friend slid out of her chair and quickly tried to envelope Becky in a reassuring hug. "Hey. Beckers. It's gonna' be okay. You heard the doctor. They are gonna treat you and then you will walk away from this fully cured, and you and Bob can live happily ever after."

"Thanks Pip. I needed that. What did I ever do to deserve a friend like you?"

"Oh that. Ha! That was easy. You met all the basic requirements for friendship and I just happen to have a free space to fit you in. That's all."

Becky snorted in a very unladylike manner and they both wound up laughing so hard tears were streaming down their faces. They both admitted they felt better now that they had let go some of the stress of the morning's proceedings.

"Now why don't you go phone what's 'er name and see if they can fit you in for an appointment?"


Becky had slid out of her chair, and had fished around in the bottom of her purse for Christensen's phone number and dialled the number in record time. "Good afternoon I would like to make an appointment to have Marcie, I mean Marcel do my hair please… Okay. Sure I can hold on. Thank you." Covering the receiver with her hand Becky informed Pip. "You know I could use a cup of tea right about now."

"Would you like me to make you a cup of tea Becky?" Pip asked back in a manner that suggested that Becky had just interrupted her in the middle of something important.

"If it's not too much trouble. That is." She giggled back

Pip threw her hands up in the arm. "Well I suppose! It isn't like I have anything better to do."

"Oh Pip?"

"Ya." The younger blond asked turning her head towards Becky. Who just stuck her tongue out at her and went back to listening to Mozart, which was the hold music presently playing in the background.

Suddenly. "Yes! Yes, I'm here. Yes of course I would like an appointment before Christmas! Is Marcie, Marcel that booked up?" Becky nodded her head a few times as the receptionist was busy telling her that this was a very exclusive shop and that Marcel's services were in high demand. "Oh okay. Well I was hoping to have Marcie do my hair again, but I guess it's not to be… sorry? Pardon me? Yes I guess you could put my name down if there is a cancellation. Yes it's Rebecca Anne Stewart. Sorry. You don't have my name in your computer. No. I'm not a regular customer I just moved here, but Marcie did do my hair on Halloween. What do mean I must be mistaken? She was away that day on assignment? She was giving me a makeover at a friend of mine's place on Halloween. I can assure you of that!"

Noticing the anger, and frustration on her friends face, and in her voice, Pip enquired, "What's the matter Beck? Can't they fit you in?"

"Apparently not. Some snooty nosed receptionist doesn't believe me when I told her Marcie did my hair. I think she thinks I'm trying to influence her to make a space for me."

Pip smiled slightly. "Well you are aren't you?"

"That's besides the point." The frustrated blonde now returned her attention back to the telephone. "Yes I'm still here. Thank you… Yes. Wednesday would be just fine. I shall see you at 11am sharp thank you."


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