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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~ Hot Crossings ~

by Becky Stewart & Rickki B

With thanks to Christy, Misty, BobA, and a big hug for Jenna Hitch


~Part # 29 Decorations & Declarations~



Becky and Pip paraded into 'Mona's On Robson' unannounced. The had both donned their, 'we are traveling incognito, so you don't know us' sunglasses, as to not draw any unwanted attention to themselves on the cool grey December day.

Mona spotted them instantly. "Darling! How are you?" She gushed rushing without stretched arms to hug both her and Pip.

"Mona. It's such a pleasure to see you again." Becky replied hauling out her thickest Scottish accent. The pair air kissed and quickly rushed to the safety of the back of the store.

This was getting to be like old hat for Pip, as she assumed her usual post. The sight must have been something else as people looked over at what appeared to be a young teenager, playing at being a bodyguard to a famous rock star. She could faintly hear one of the patrons speaking frantically into her cell phone.

"I'm telling you she's here right now! Just walked in the door. Honest! Yes I'm sure it's her. Nancy! I was standing just as close to her as you were that day. I'm sure I would recognize her anywhere."

"Oh great!" Pip thought. Just what I need another full crowd scene.

Becky and Mona emerged a few moments later and began looking for the perfect outfit for dinner this evening.

"We don't have much time, but I want to find something really special for Bob tonight."

Pip was quick to mumble. "You can say that again."

"How about this?" Mona suggested, holding up an ankle length crepe dress in a burnt chocolate. "You know those highlights that Marcie added to your hair will make this look smashing with the right accessories."

"Hmm. That's worth consideration."

"Or how about this?" This time it was a severely cut jet-black wool suit dress. You can get away with this you know?"

"I don't know Mona. I think my days for clingy dresses like that are over."

"Nonsense girl! You have the shape and you are slim enough to carry this off, and look damn good doing it I might add! Now quit being foolish and go try this on." Mona stated as she pushed Becky and the wool suit towards the changing area. "And here take this one as well." She added, handing her the crepe dress. "Since you are already in there."


Mona quickly turned to Pip who was smirking at the way Mona had buffaloed Becky into trying on that dress. "Now there little girl," focusing her attention on the 'teeny bopper' providing security, "let's see what we can come up with for you shall we?"

"I'm cool Mona. Honest!" Pip protested.

"Don't be such a child, and come with me." Mona directed grabbing Pip's small hand in her own. "Let's see what the missy's section can offer up for you today, shall we?"

Mona had selected a midnight black wool pleated school girl mini skirt from one of the racks, and quickly pulled a bright pink polished silk blouse with a large floppy collar and a tie at the throat that was designed to be done up in a large bow. The full cut feminine sleeves where perfect for this, and the small seed pearl buttons made the entire blouse very prissy looking. Looking at Pip's eyes expand in wonder at the sight of the gorgeous blouse, Mona smiled and continued leading the girl around the shop. She selected a charcoal cashmere blazer, with black satin piping, and an embroidered crest on the breast pocket. Armed with some co-ordinating knee socks, Pip was quickly ushered into her own changing room.

The shoppe keeper looked at her bejewelled Cartier watch and frowned. She knew she didn't have a lot of time. She had observed Janice Patterson call her very best friend, Nancy Rodgers and inform her that Sheena was back. Breathing a little sigh of relief she smiled when Rebecca stepped out of the change room.

"See I told you, you could wear that." Mona declared. "You must have that dress." Mona's eagle eye caught something not quite right with how the dress was hanging. "Hold on a sec." She exclaimed as she adjusted the clingy wool creation around Becky's waist. "What are you wearing?"

"Pardon?" The very confused patron asked.

"Under that dress. What are you wearing? It's like some sort of body armour. Are you and 'Jenjen' experimenting with a bit of kink? You are, aren't you?"

"No." Becky giggled. Leaning close to Mona's ear she whispered. "I have to wear this restraint thing right now to help my wounds heal. I restart chemo on Friday, and they are scared I'm going to rip out my stitches. So I have to wear this until I heal."

"Oh." Mona put her hand to her chin and thought. "Well it's for sure you can't wear this dress with that thing on, and you can't remove it to put on a full boned corset." She threw up her hands and announced. "Sorry Luv, but you won't be wearing this outfit to dinner this evening."

Becky looked just a bit sad. She knew Mona was right. The hard wrapping around her midsection stuck out like a sore thumb in this tight dress.

"I still think you should get the dress." Mona added. "After all you won't be wearing that contraption for very long, and the holidays are only a week or so away."

Rebecca nodded in agreement. Unsure at first of this style, she found that now, she actually liked the way it accented the positive, as Mona had pointed out.

"Hurry. Go try on that crepe dress, and let's have a look at that."

Becky and Pip passed each other on the way in and out of the change rooms. Each turned and looked at the other as they continued walking, and gave one another the thumbs up on the way by.

Mona slipped the cashmere blazer onto Pip and smiled as the willing post teen beamed at herself in the mirror. "All you need is a boater hat, and that outfit would be perfect, that and a pair of patented black 'mary janes'."

"No hat!" Pip demanded.

"How about the mary janes then?"

Pip shrugged. "Sure. Why not." She was thinking of later on when she was with Martin. "After all," she thought. "Isn't it just about every males fantasy on the planet to make it with a schoolgirl?"

"I can see that little mind of yours concocting up something there Pip. What naughty little scheme are you hatching inside that pretty little head of yours?" Mona enquired.

"Who me?" The innocent schoolgirl replied as she demurely turned both her feet inwards and crossed her hands over her bosom. "I'm just an innocent little girl. What would I know about such things?" She cooed.

"Right! And I believe you too." Mona snickered.

Becky's second choice was perfect on her. Once again Mona had proved her mastery, as the dress fit like it was cut for her, and no alterations were needed.

Pip signed the chit for the goods to be put on Bob's account and the two pretenders escaped moments before Nancy and her entourage rushed into the shoppe.

Becky pushed the speed dial on Bob's phone and informed him to be home as soon as possible. He and Martin were taking them out to dinner.

"What did Bob say when you told him he was taking us out?" Pip asked as she tried in vain to squeeze her way over to the left hand lane to get onto the Burrard St. Bridge.

"He said he figured as much and had already made reservations someplace special."

The girls beat the boys' home by mere minutes. Becky had gone directly to the fridge to get a glass of water and flopped down into the chair as she swallowed 6mg's of dilaudid.

The evening out was magical. Bob had made reservations for four at 'La Maison.' A very nice French restaurant, near English Bay, that had been once been a large turn of the century home to one of Vancouver's founding families. Bob and Becky danced to the soft piano playing romantic waltzes all evening. While Martin and Pip made kissy face much to the chagrin of the other patrons.

"Just look at that young girl throwing her self at that man. Her mother and father should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen." One blue haired diamond encrusted socialite was heard to remark.

All too soon the evening had ended and Bob and Becky lay in bed cuddling and whispering secrets to each other. "So tomorrow you have to go see Jennifer Pope again. You gonna be okay with that?" Her concerned lover asked.

"I'll be okay." She assured. "Jennifer and I have some good talks, and she says that is helping me work thru some of my accumulated baggage."

"You know if you want me to be there, all you have to do is say so. You know that don't you?"

Becky looked up and kissed Bob squarely on the cheek. "You are so sweet. What did I even do to deserve a guy like you?"

"Just unlucky I guess." The sweet guy chuckled.




Bob and Martin left the two girls sipping tea when they motored towards Bob's new proposed base camp. When the solid door of the Mercedes limo clicked shut, he took out his trusty cell phone and punched in the speed dial for Michel's phone. Confirming that she would indeed be there for their appointment, he closed his phone up and sat back to watch the stately homes of Shaunessy slide by his window. He smiled, he was happy with is life; finally all his hard work and determination had purpose. He knew there was only one factor that was responsible for bringing him such happiness and success and that was, Becky.

Bob's cherry black limo pulled up in front of the large Vancouver landmark. Martin quickly jumped out and ran around to the passenger side to open the door for his boss. Bob casually stood like the billionaire he is, and gave Martin a quick wink. "Show time!" He softly said as he strode past the giant man, attaché satchel in hand in the front door of the building with out so much as pausing. The bodyguard smiled inwardly, he knew this was all for show to impress the punters, as there were faces pressed against every window of the Cambie St. centre piece known as Vancouver City Hall.

"Good morning!" Bob announced to the receptionist just inside the double wooden doors. "My name is Bob Arnold. I have a meeting with the members of your planning department concerning development permits."

"Of course Mr. Arnold I'll tell Mr. Edwards that you are here. If you please have a seat here in the foyer I shall have him come down and meet you here."

"Why thank you Kimberly." Bob replied after looking at the girl's nameplate on her desk to confirm her name. I wonder if I may prevail upon you to have one of your men please tell my driver where he may park the car. It's a little bit longer than the average vehicle, and I would really hate to get a ticket while we were here today."

"Certainly Mr. Arnold. I will have that taken care of immediately. Would you care for a cup of coffee or tea while you wait?"

"Yes, Sara a cup of coffee would be very nice, if it's not too much trouble of course?"

"No trouble at all sir. I shall be back shortly." The efficient woman answered. "Obviously this man is important. Look at that suit he has on. I'll bet that thing costs more than my monthly pay cheque." She thought as she punched in Brad Edwards's local and told him his 7:45 was here already. She quickly turned on her heels and motioned for one of the burly guards to show Mr. Arnolds chauffeur where to park his limo, and don't doddle, this guy is a big shot, she tried to impress upon him.

Minutes later Martin was discreetly standing off to Bob's side; his hands crossed in front his black Armani suit. Although Martin was wearing his wrap around sunglasses and gave the appearance of aloofness, the bodyguard's eyes continually moved never staying on any one target longer than a few milliseconds. From his position he was able to scan the majority of the room without moving, and still keep his boss in sight. Martin saw a party of people enter the building using the same set of stairs as they had used. We casually watched them until one of the members of the group suddenly turned in Bob's direction and purposely started to walk towards him. Martin moved slowly to put himself in front of the man's goal and his boss. The man would be going thru him if he thought he was even going to get close to Bob.

Of course our ever-alert hero watched the entire procedure and smiled. As the man got close and it was evident he was going to have to deal with Martin, Bob chirped up. "Its okay Martin, thank you." Rising from his comfy seat he turned to greet the man who had at the last moment had changed his plans and decided to stop and see Bob.

"Good morning Mr. Mayor. How are you this lovely morning?" Bob greeted the incumbent.

"Fine Bob, and yourself?" Mayor Candell reached out his hand to accept Bob's greeting.

"Couldn't be better Harry."

"Good. What brings you to our little corner of the world this morning? The concerned Mayor enquired.

"Oh I have a little bit of business to attend to with your planning department this morning. I'm renovating a heritage building in Kerrisdale. I need a place to set up shop here in BC since I'm going to be spending so much time here."

"Oh." Harry replied. After thinking for a second he continued. "Why didn't you give my office a call I'm sure we could have found you something suitable downtown in one of the financial buildings in the heart of the core?"

"Thanks, but no Harry. I'm not all that comfortable with all that glass and recycled air. I much prefer something like, like this building." He said as he motioned with his hands around him. " I'll tell you what Harry. I'll make you a good offer on this building we're in. I like the looks of it. It's fairly modern looking, has a good location, easy access. What do you say? I can write you a cheque if you like?" Bob joked.

Harry got a chuckle out of that. "There's no doubt in my mind about that Bob, but I'd have to run that past city council. I don't think they would appreciate me selling off a city landmark without being consulted first."

Brad Edwards was watching the conversation form besides Kimberly's desk. He wasn't sure whether he should break into the conversation the new Mayor was having with the man he was intending on raking over the coals. "Maybe I'll just wait?" He decided. Unfortunately for him Bob had spotted him lurking and turned his eyes from Harry Candell over towards Edwards. Harry had noticed the change in focus and then he turned his head to see what had captured Bob's attention so quickly.

"Well there he is now." Harry said to Bob. "Brad come over here I want you to meet your most important client for the next five to ten years. I want you to ensure that this man gets what ever he wants to the best of your abilities."

"Yes sir." Brad Edwards quickly shot back. "Shit! So much for putting this pompous ass thru the ringer!" Good Morning Mr. Arnold, Brad Edwards. It's a pleasure to meet you." The department head smiled.

"Well Bob I have to run. Although I don't control as big an empire as you, I still have a city to run, and that is a full time job. If you're still in the building later on call me, I'll let you buy me lunch over at the Executive House."

"Okay Harry. If I'm still here I'll give you a call, but no strippers this time okay?" Bob joked.

"Ahh." Harry complained as he gathered up his entourage again and headed up the massive marble staircase to council chambers.

"Mr. Arnold, if you will please follow me we can get this meeting under way." Edward's announced indicating the elevators against the wall.

"Certainly." Bob replied as he stooped to retrieve his leather satchel.

Martin fell in behind and smiled every time Brad Edward would give him a nervous look. On the way up in the elevator, Martin just stared at Brad, making the smaller man very anxious to get this over with. His plans to really run rough shod over Bob back fired when the billionaire stole his thunder and suggested the changes that Edwards was going to propose even before he suggested them. It was a matter of Edwards stamping Bob's application and having his staff type of the corresponding permits.

An hour later Bob was in the back of the luxury Mercedes and was phoning Michel to meet him at the new address. Instead, they had agreed to meet at Tim Horton's, Bob's favourite coffee shop in half an hour, and for Michel to bring her calculator and a sharp pencil.

The two burly men were enjoying a cup of coffee when Michel and Charlene arrived. Both of the gentlemen rose from their seats to greet the ladies and Bob offered Michel the seat across from him. He immediately set in to telling Michel what he wanted the office to look like, forgetting that the girls had already decided as to what was to be done and where. Michel smiled politely during Bob's instructions, she would add a few personal touches to appease the powerful man, so it would reflect a bit of his personality. After all she was a businesswoman and wanted her firm to be successful as well.

"Bob, I understand exactly what you need, however I have my own way of doing things. I design concepts around a persons personality, that way it is a true reflection of what that person represents." Michel was not going to allow the big man to interrupt, this was her time, and she continued to march right on. "Now in order for me to do this there are a couple of things that need to take place. One of these things is direct verbal communication of your likes and dislikes, which I think we have already covered. The second is I must have some personal history on you to truly do this justice. I need to know who Bob Arnold really is. So why don't we start right there. Just exactly who is Bob Arnold?"

Bob looked at the crazed woman and wondered if she had rocks in her head. "I don't understand what you want?" He enquired.

"Okay, lets start with some personal history. Tell me about where you went to school and how you got started okay?"

"Ya, okay." He shrugged. Charlene sat with pen poised to record the bio in short hand so they could refer back to it as a reference later on.

"I graduated with a Regent's diploma from a small high school in upstate N.Y. Then I started working for a local electronics store. I had the grades to carry on at college but my parents never had the money, so I never got the chance. I mooched the time away, and read. I guess you could say I was an avid reader, still am, and I pick things up pretty easy, so I guess I'm also a quick learner. I read everything I could to do with electronics. I got interested in artificial intelligence and taught myself all about the then-new personal computer and computer programming. I started putting together components and I designed my first computer. God it was ugly. It must have weighted over 200 lbs and it probably took up all of this table and the one next to us." He indicated with his hand. "My lucky break, although I didn't know it at the time was when, I came to the attention of 'that' company in Redmond, Washington. I had called them to inquire about a bug in an early version of the fledgling company's BASIC programming language. When they asked me if the company should send me a corrected version of the language for my use for reporting the bug, I told them that I had already fixed the bug and made a few enhancements to the language to improve it. I guess they were sorta impressed with my talents because they asked me to become a consultant for the company on BASIC and several other programming projects.

That led to many trips to Redmond at company expense to work on the projects. When it came time for the company to go public and sell stock on the stock market, they gave me a thousand shares of the stock the same as the other early employees of the company. I promptly forgot about the stock and it sat in the broker's account being managed for me. Hey you never know, one day it might be worth something, I mean look at Coca-Cola and Kodak right? Well, one day the broker calls me to inquire what I wanted to do with all the money that stock had earned. That's when I learned I was a millionaire, not once but, several times over."

"Smart investment." Michel stated.

"Thank you. So I quit my job. I was working at one of the local computer stores as a service technician, and I formed my own company. The computer market took off and one of my products, a spreadsheet program, became the industry standard almost overnight. I was lucky. A bit of careful planning, some blood, sweat, and tears, oh, and being johnny on the spot had paid off, and big time. I was now rich beyond my wildest dreams. I could do anything I wanted, buy any thing I pleased on a whim without thinking, and for a while I did. I sorta when crazy, traveling the world partying, you know all kinds of fun things."

Bob leaned back in the plastic seat, tilted his head back, and laughed. "Did you know that at one time I had a beach house in Santa Barbara, a chalet at Aspen, a penthouse in New York, a flat in London, a rambling plantation on Maui, and a nice little apartment of the French Riviera. I had more cars then I could possible drive. Oh god I was so foolish. I guess not having all the nice things in life that other people had when I was growing up made me a bit crazy. I wasn't till I got bored with it all that I realized what a pompous ass I really was. I decide to take a trip back home to see what life was like in my old hometown. My mom and dad had long moved away. I bought them a place in Florida, in one of those gated community's on the golf course you hear about, anyway, I wasn't until I saw the poverty and the unemployment back home that things really hit me. Here I was on my way to becoming a billionaire, and the people I grew up with were trying to find full times jobs just so they wouldn't loose their houses. So, I decided to do something about it, and I have been doing it ever since. I lobbied industries to set up businesses in the town, and I sunk a pile of money into the town's infrastructure, a new school, and a library. I made it advantageous for business to want to go there and relocate. It just sorta snowballed form there. Now, I help out educational institutions all over the States and Canada in the form of grants and donations for new facilities. Plus I have a few charities that are very close to my heart, that I take a very active part in."

"You mean like The Cancer Society, and the Make A Wish Foundation?" Michel asked.

"Ya, I given them a dollar or two." Bob smiled.

Charlene who had been furiously scribbling away and had not said a word past the introductions finally decided to speak up. "Mr Arnold."

"The name is Bob, Charlene."

"Yes sir. I mean Bob. I have done a bit of checking into your business life, I thought you have several university degrees, several doctorates. When did you go to school to get all these?"

"Charlene, I have a whole drawer full of degrees from Princeton and MIT and a bunch of others. None of them is worth any more than the paper they're printed on. They're all honorary from places I've donated to. Why do I let people think I've had tons of education? Well, most people won't believe that I'm essentially self-taught in most of what I know. Despite the fact that I never had a real chance to get a college education, I think it's important that others have that chance, as many as possible, as long as they are willing to work hard for it. That's why I donate to the colleges and that's why I have several scholarship programs set up. I've been blessed in everything I've done up until now and I want to share my good fortunes with those that truly need it."

"Bob. Why the hell haven't you been nominated for a Nobel Prize yet?" Michel giggled.

"Do they have a prize for giving away money? I never knew that." The billionaire joked back.

"Maybe we can work on them." Michel suggested. "Now, dear, what I need from you is a bit of personal stuff, like what makes up Bob. What are your hobbies, interests, stuff like that?"

"Hmm, not sure what my hobbies are. I like fine foods, pleasant conversation, the touch of a woman, Jeesh I sound like I'm interviewing for 'The Dating Game' here."

Charlene gave a very unlady like snort, much to the chagrin of her lover, and the one raised eyebrow just as much told her so. Michel then looked back at Bob and said, "lets try this from another angle. Did you play any sports in high school? Were you in any clubs, you know, things like that?"

"Well I played football and basketball all the way thru school. I was a member of the chess club. That's about it really. I didn't have a lot of time for social activities. I always had some sort of part time job as far back as I can remember. My family wasn't very rich, and what ever we could do to help out was greatly appreciated."

"What position did you play in football?" Charlene asked getting ready to record the info.

"I was a wide receiver. I was pretty good at running I guess."

"And in basketball?"

Bob laughed suddenly recalling the adventures he had during his formative years. "Oh ya, basketball. For some reason I was never all that great. I mean I made the team each year, but I never scored a lot of points. I sorta left that for the hot shots, I played defence and I stayed there most of the time, blocking who ever was brave enough to try and make that glory point from the other team."

"Surely you must have had some hobbies. I mean you didn't just eat, sleep, go to school, and work all the time. You must have had some other interests?" The persistent newly acclaimed girl enquired.

"Oh I did. That was radios. I loved anything to do with them; I must have tore apart thousands of them by the time I had graduated. I built my very first 'Heath Kit' by the time I twelve. I remember I saved and saved for that thing, finally my dad and mom chipped in and bought it for me for my birthday. I was hooked after that. Guess that's why I got started in the communication business, got bit by the bug, and been feeling the effects ever since."

The trio kept interrogating Martin's boss until they were sure they had gleaned every possible scrap of useful information about his life. Convinced that they had enough to paint an accurate picture of who was Bob Arnold, they parted with an agreement to get started on the remodelling as soon as possible. Michel had promised to touch base with a builder she used, Warren of Maile Construction to discuss the 'reno' later this morning, and she would let Bob know what had transpired, hopefully later tonight. She and Charlene left Bob and Martin outside Tim's as they drove away in Michel's newly purchased Audi.




As noon hour approached, Pip could sense the growing apprehension in her friend. She hugged her and told her that everything was gonna be cool, honest. They finally left the safety of Xanadu and drove the short hop to Jennifer Pope's Tenth Ave. office.

"Hello Becky. How are you today?" The kind doctor enquired, as Becky entered her office and hugged the standing Psychologist.


Jennifer offered a seat away from her desk, as she continued talking. "Everything healing well?"

"Uh huh." Came the one word reply as a now very nervous Becky slid into the very comfortable leather club chair.

Jenny smiled she knew from experience that a lot of her patients were nervous for the first few minutes. She also knew that this was also the best time to get started, before the patient was unable to ask the thousands of mind cluttering questions that the human mind psyche can think up. "Last time we were talking about the relationship with you and your father and what events that had happened for you two to have a falling out. I would like to continue from there if we can?"

"Okay." She squeaked.

"Now at the end you mentioned something about your boyfriend Sean?"

"He wasn't exactly my boyfriend, in the traditional sense. He was my first lover, and we had sex lots of times, but we never dated or anything. Sean was caught up in the protest thing that was popular at the time. He was into trying new and different things. He was also the first one to introduce me to drugs."

"Let's talk about that for a second. " What kinds of drugs did you do?"

"With Sean? Only stuff like smoking pot and opium. We also did things like meth amphetamines and things like that, but never anything really bad. It was later on that I tried cocaine MDA and stuff like that."

"Okay. So tell me how did you and he get into trouble with the law?"

"Sean had told me about this new procedure that they were developing for people like me, where they could eventually one day have an operation and become female."

"And this was while you were still in high school?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes. Spring of my last year."

"Go on." Jenny directed.

"He told me about these pills they had developed from horse urine to help women with their menstrual cycle." Becky paused for just a moment, swallowed, and then continued.

"One day we got it in our heads that Fuller's the local drug store would have these in stock. Sean wanted to break in and he could steal all the uppers and downers he could find, he even had a list of what to look for, and if I helped him, I could get all the premarin I could carry. So on Easter Monday when everyone was in bed, we broke a window in the back of the store and I climbed thru." Another gulp, as she resumed her confession.

"I knew it was wrong. Oh Jenny, I knew it was so wrong, but I was desperate. Father was hell bent on turning me into a man, and I knew that it was not right, but what could I do. If I got away with this, I could at least slow down the treatment that Doctor Finlayson had me on." She paused once again, this time for a sip of cold ice water.

"Well we got caught. I cut myself on a piece of glass from the broken window, and tore a large gash in my leg. Sean grabbed a bunch of bandages from off one of the display shelves and wrapped my leg up best he could. He scooped whatever he could find and we got out of there as fast as possible. I limped home and after examining myself in the bathroom, wrapped up my thigh as best I could and rolled up my pants and the bloody bandages and hid them under my bed. My leg bled most of the night, and I knew I should have gone to the hospital for stitches, but I didn't wanna get Sean in trouble." Another pause, and another sip.

"Olivia found the stuff I stashed under my bed the next morning. She immediately told Father, who confronted me with it. I was still trying to protect Sean, and I told him I slipped and cut myself on a piece of metal at the old Forsyth mill. He told me to drop my drawers so he could have a look. When I did he saw my cotton panties I was wearing and backhanded me do hard I fell against the end table and broke the lamp. He would have beat me to a pulp I'm sure of it, if Olivia hadn't stopped him. My leg had started to bleed and there was blood running down it and into my shoe. She was scared that I would get blood on her new carpet. Father marched me to the car and we went to the infirmary. While we were there Constable Kerr was telling Father about how someone had broken into Fuller's drugs and had messed the place up. They had hurt themselves in the process because there was blood everywhere. Father got very suspicious and brought Constable Kerr over to where I was getting treated. The constable told me that, that was a nasty wound I had, and then asked me if there was anything I knew about the robbery that I wanted to tell him." Another break, this time Jennifer offered a Kleenex from the box on the table beside Becky.

"I confessed on the spot. Father hit me so hard I litterly flew off the examination table and crashed into the glass medicine case. I looked up and saw the rage in his eyes, If Constable Kerr hadn't been restraining him, I'm sure he would have killed me right then and there."

Jenny reached across the small area separating them and held both of Becky's hands in hers. "You okay? Would you like to take a small break?"

"No." Becky cried as she shook her head. "I want to get this off my chest. Please?"

"Okay. What happened after that? I assumed you were charged with Break and Enter?"

"Uh huh." Once again Becky swallowed to clear her throat. " I was taken to the police station, and I was charged as you said, with break and enter. A week or so later I was brought before Magistrate Griffin and on the advice of my social worker I pleaded guilty. I was still a juvenile, so I knew I was probably looking at going to reform school. Father was a friend of Judge Griffin, and the day of my trial, before we went inside, I noticed that he and Father were talking off to one side. I assumed they were talking about me."

"Okay." Jennifer added, looking over the tops of her half spectacles that were mostly for show. "Then what happened?"

"I was given a choice. Magistrate Griffins told me that I could either join the armed forces, and serve a full four-year term on regular duty or, I would be sent to Bowmanville Juvenile Prison where I would serve a term until my 21st birthday. He also added that if I took the armed forces route, and completed my full term that all records of my little indiscretion would never appear on my file, because I was a juvenile. If however I did not serve my full term, I would be returned to him and spend the remaining days until I was an adult in Bowmanville anyway."

"You obviously choose the armed forces?"

"Jennifer. I really didn't have much of a choice." Becky sobbed. She cleared her throat and continued with her story. "I asked for a few minutes to think about it, and the bastard remanded me to 24 hrs in custody, so I could think about it properly he said."

"They sent you to a reformatory for one day to help you make up your mind?" Dr. Pope enquired.

"No. They put me in the city jail overnight. I was all by myself. There was nobody else in this part of the jail and I could barely hear anything that was happening outside. I remember there was a small window up near the ceiling, I couldn't reach it and it wouldn't open but I could stand on top of my bunk and look out. It was not a nice place to be. When the policeman came with some lunch for me I told him that I had reached a decision could he please tell Mr. Griffins I was ready. He told me that I could tell Magistrate Griffins that when I saw him in the morning. At that time I think that was one the worst night's I can remember. I had these horrid nightmares that I still occasionally have. A certain smell even to this day, when I sense it I am reminded of my stay in jail. It's like a kind of mildew, musty smell."

"Can you tell me a little bit about them? The nightmares I mean." asked the inquisitive Jennifer Pope.

"I guess so, after all that's why I'm here right doctor?"

"Yes Becky, you are here to work thru these things so you can heal properly. Please continue."

"Okay." The small woman shrugged as she continued. " I dreamt I was being gang raped by all the prisoners. One of the policemen would come and talk to me; actually it was more like taunt me. He would tell me how the cons would love to get their hands on a little queer boy like me. He told me how I would be forced to have sex with them all the time, and then he told me that I would probably like it, and maybe I should get sent to prison because that's where they send sick perverts like me!" Becky shouted, her voice rising and getting louder with every sentence.

Dr Pope reached over and gentle squeezed Becky's hand and gave her a concerned look that said for her to calm down just a bit. She smiled when Becky realized her intent as she reassured her that everything was just fine by gently patting Becky's hand.

"Do we need to talk about this part any more?"

"No we don't have to do that right now, but we will have to come back to it later, you understand why don't you?"

Becky nodded, uh huh.

"So you choose the army?"

"Yes. I don't think it was any longer than half a second later after he asked me, when I told the judge what I was going to do. He told me that he would allow me to complete my school term, as he had talked to my school principal and if I got a passing grade in all of my subjects Principal Bowes assured him that I would have enough credits to complete high-school. I remember I was quite happy about this because I would finish a year earlier than everyone else, and I didn't have to put up with any more of the tormenting from most of the students."

"Did you get hassled a lot in high-school?"

"I don't know if it was a lot, but everyday that I can remember, someone found some way to torment me or do something nasty."

"I think I understand. Your peers despised you because of your sexual orientation and how you looked. You don't need to describe that anymore." Dr. Pope assured. "So the judge allowed you to complete your school year. Then what happened?"

"On my seventeenth birthday I had to report to Magistrate Griffins at the court house, where I was put on a train bound for Camp Borden."

"Had you finished school by then?"

"Yes. The principal had arranged for me to take my final exams early so that I could have everything done by the time my birthday rolled around."

"Okay. Go on."

"Well they put me on this train. I remember I was so angry with Father, because I know he had arranged this entire thing. Do you know that bastard was at the train station when the Judge and Constable Kerr dropped me off and made sure I was on the train? He was standing there talking to Griffith and shaking his hand when the train pulled away. I saw him out the window. He never even came to say good-bye to me. He just wanted to make sure I was effectively dealt with and no longer any bother."

"That was a bit cold of him." The emotionally attached doctor stated.

"Ya, but that was my dad, sorry Father."

"Becky do you realize that, that is the first time you referred to that man other than calling him father?"

"Sorry. It won't happen again." The woman snidely replied.

"Okay. So you were off to Camp Borden, was it? So what happened then?"

"I was never so scared of anything before in my entire life. They shaved all my hair off, the first day we were there and we had to surrender all our civilian clothes. Good thing I had bought boys underwear for the trip, because this undressing was done in a very public place. We were paraded in a big long line down a table where there were stacks and stacks of clothes in front of us. The corporals were constantly yelling at us and verbally insulting me and the other recruits. I was used to the torment from my days at school, but I could see that it really bothered some of my fellow 'pussers.'"

"What?" The bewildered psychologist asked. "What pray tell is a pusser?"

"That's what they called raw recruits. Everyone called us that. All the staff, even recruits that had been there longer than us, and I guess some of us called the groups behind us 'pussers' when they came in too."

"Hmmm." Dr. Pope mumbled as she furiously made a few points on her pad.

"They told us how to do everything. We had to relearn how to do even the most simplest things, including brushing our teeth. We were told to strip and we were all given green boxer shorts to put on. I was immediately in trouble, as I had to keep holding mine up because they were so big. One of the corporals noticed my predicament and had one of the stores people alter my shorts so they fit. I inspected them later and I was impressed. He had taken in the waist a great deal, but he had also put darts in along my hips to accommodate my different shaped backside. Almost all of my clothes didn't fit, so the corporal pulled me away from the group and had the stores clerk fit me personally. When the corporal wasn't looking in our direction we could talk. I told him that I was pretty good with a sewing machine, as I watched him work. I even helped him removing stitches, as he had to not only shorten all of my trousers quite a bit but also had to take in the waists, as the normal male pant in my size did not fit my bottom. We shared a joke as he grabbed a few pairs of the female equivalent and made the alterations from them, it was a lot faster that way. Their work dress slacks were almost identical aside from the slash pockets, where as the male version had a taper pocket. Later on we would become friends, and before I had left camp after my training, we had found out that we both shared a common interest in sexual preference."

Becky paused for a second to collect her thoughts. "Dr. Pope. Did you know that is was illegal to be a homosexual back then? We could go to prison if they found out we were gay."

"Yes dear. I know that. However I don't think homosexual is the correct term to describe your situation do you?"

Becky giggled. "No. I guess you're right. But it was for Jack, and he lived in constant fear of being found out everyday of his career."

"Okay so tell me more about basic training."

"What's to tell? It was hard, tough, and horrible. I was constantly yelled at by not only the upper ranks but by my fellow recruits as well. They would yell things designed to upset me and make me fight harder, to try and be more of a man. I just kept my mouth shut and tried as hard as I can to do what ever they told me to do. How I ever made it thru I have no idea." Suddenly Becky smiled as she remembered something. "There was one thing I was good at though, well actually a few but one physical thing, and that was swimming. I was a silver cross swimmer when I joined the army and was light years ahead of the rest of my class. The instructors even used me for lifeguard duties when they learned of my achievements. You see you can't graduate basic training in the Canadian forces without learning how to swim, and a lot of my class mates couldn't swim a stroke."

"Well see." Dr. Pope pointed out. "Not everything you did there was horrible."

"Oh no not everything. There were some good times as well. I was very good at the academic side of things. I was a whiz in first aid and orienteering and I became really good at communications. Myself, and a few others were selected to take special testing because we all had completed high school. I found out later it was to see if we were officer material. When we graduated, besides my self, there were three others who had applied for Officer Candidate School and we were accepted. So we got sent to Kingston to the Royal Military College to start training there. This was a lot different. They were still very hard on you but they treated you with a bit of respect. The abuse was different. Instead of being called Pusser, the word had changed to Mister, but the tone was still the same. Also we got to go to school. I was going to university and the government was paying me to do it. All I had to do was choose courses that they suggested and agree to stay in for four years after I graduate. I wasn't too happy about that part, but I did not want to go back to being a grunt. I heard life was very hard for those that had washed out of the officer programe and had to return to their units."

Becky suddenly started laughing. "Oh Jennifer. You are gonna love this part." She giggles as she leaned over and lightly touched the smiling doctors hand. "The uniforms we had to wear now were very different. They were very bright scarlet with black accents and piping, and very severely tailored. We also wore black stirrup pants with a little gold embroidered stripe running down the leg, and these very cute black and gold pillbox hats that were cocked off to one side at an outrageous angle. We also had to wear these little white cotton gloves. We looked like bellboys, straight out of some old nineteen forties movie. I tell you Jennifer, if I had access to a sewing machine, I could have done wonders to these things believe me." Becky continued to giggle.

Jennifer had joined in and decided that it would be a good time to take a small break, to stretch our legs.

"Good idea, doctor. Do you mind if I just pop out and touch base with Pip, you know how she worries so?"

"Sure. That would be fine, but don't be too long, we still have a lot of ground to cover. Okay?"

Becky's mood instantly changed upon hearing that, she was once again reminded of why she was here. She swallowed and quietly replied. "No. I'll be right back." Becky stepped out of Dr. Pope's office and made her way across the reception area to greet her friend. Pip saw her coming and threw down the magazine she was leafing thru to prevent terminal boredom.

Glancing at her watch Pip remarked. "Finished already? That was quick."

"No we are just taking a bit of a break, that's all."

"Oh, okay. You okay Beckers?"

"Ya. Why?"

"Oh nothing." Her troubled friend replied. "Just concerned, that's all."

Becky leaned over and spontaneously hugged her friend. "Thanks. I better get back in there. Dr. Pope said not to take too long."

"Kay. I'll be right here when you get out." Pip called to Becky as her perky bottom was bouncing back thru the doctor's office door.

Jennifer was at her desk furiously clicking away on her computer. "Just sit back down where we were Becky. I just want to make this entry while it's still fresh in my mind."

"Sure okay." Her patient shrugged as she slid into the over stuffed leather chair.

"Now let's begin again shall we?" Dr. Pope asked as she resumed her position across from Becky. "Now. You were going to officer school and university courtesy of the Canadian government. What were you taking for courses?"

"I was trying for an engineering degree. They wanted me to take physical or chemical engineering, I really didn't want to take engineering at all. I wanted to take palaeontology. Or even geology, but I knew they would never pay for that. So I took the courses they suggested and my second was geology."

"That's a pretty heavy course load for a 17year old. That doesn't leave much of a social life." Jennifer pointed out.

"I didn't have much of a social life back then. We had to live in the barracks, although I now had a single room, and got to wear civvies to class, I still had to be at the forces beck and call whenever they wanted. They made sure we were never bored in the off hours. We were frequently 'volunteered' to help out with one function or another in the Officers Mess."

"Still you must have been able to go out on the town occasionally?"

"Oh, a lot of my course mates did all the time. They couldn't wait for their off nights and go out and get blotto. I went a couple times, but I wasn't really interested in getting stinking drunk and going to watch strippers, which seemed to be their chief source of entertainment. Some times I would bum a ride with them and then I would go to see a movie, or go to the library, and a café or something. That's how I found Silver's Place. It was a gay bar. I had never been in one before, and had never knew they existed until I had read about it on a flyer tacked up on a light pole in downtown Kingston."

Becky changed position in her chair and began again. I remember I was so scared when I first went in there. I had just reached my 18th birthday and had to go away for more field training for the summer, so I knew I wouldn't be back for a while, so I decided to take a chance, and see what it was like. The place was dark and I almost turned around and walked back out when I went thru the door. Everybody in the place had turned to stare at me. I almost did until this giant drag queen introduced herself and asked me if I wanted to sit down. We started talking and soon after that we became friends and I was hooked on the place. When I got back from course, I started going there more and more, and I had started wearing more comfortable clothes now, and I even had a few things stashed at Suzy's, that the girl that I met the first night. It seemed that every available night I was there dressed to the nines and dancing my heart out."

"How long did you go there?"

"Oh all the time. Right up until the end. I would have to go away on course, or I would have to go overseas on a posting, but as soon as I got back I would make a beeline for Silvers."

"How many overseas posting did you serve?" Jennifer enquired, pencil posed to record the information.

Three. One in Egypt, and two in, well actually one and three quarters in Germany." Becky answered suddenly sad again."

Jennifer instantly picked up on the subtle change in body language and asked her to describe her experiences in Germany.

"Oh Germany was a lot of fun. It's quite different when you get posted over seas. Everyone leaves you alone and discipline is very relaxed, well for us it was. We had weekends off to do what ever we wanted and we were allowed to leave the country and travel anywhere that wasn't part of the Bloc. I had fallen in with two others friends."

Jennifer noted the sarcastically way that her patient had said the word friends.

"And they were cross dressers. This was all very private, because if we were caught we knew that we would be going to jail for sure. Since they were from a different base then me, I felt fairly safe. Brianne and I even became lovers for a while. We would meet up and drive up to Hamburg where there was this hotel that we stayed the entire time of our leave dressed enfemme. Then on the Sunday before, we would drive back to our appropriate bases, me in Lahr and Brian to Baden Baden, and report back just like everything was normal. Oh. I had also started taking hormones again too."

"What were you taking?" The concerned doctor asked.

"Oh estrogens mostly. Stuff like that is so easy to get in Germany. You just go see a discrete doctor, pay him for the visit and he gives you a form to take to the pharmacy, and tada, instant girl pills.'

"Okay. Go on."

"Well I was really having a lot of fun. Partying and dancing, I felt really alive. My first posting was the best time I had ever had in my life. When I got back and had to go back to school I couldn't wait to submit my name again for another posting there. It was my second posting there that was my downfall, and that's what finally ended my relationship with Father."

Jennifer peered over her glasses a bit puzzled why Germany would have anything to do with Becky's estranged parent.

"One time Brianne and I had a big fight. He didn't want me to take hormones and wanted me to remain male. I wanted to fulfill my life's dream, so we broke up. I stayed away from the clubs for a few weeks, and then at the end of May I decided to go back to Hamburg. I guess I was having too much fun to be careful. While I was out shopping with a few of the girls, who were not as passable as I was, Brian and some of his buddies spotted us. Brian said something smart assed to his friends about how the blonde was some guy from the base in Lahr, and it went downhill from there. When I reported for duty on Monday morning I was marched into the Adjutant's office and charged with being a homosexual."

Becky once again stopped her explanation, stared at the floor, as the tears began to appear on her cheeks. "Forty-eight hours later I was returned back to my hometown of Ayr, dishonourable discharged from the Canadian Forces and kicked out of school. I was so depressed; I didn't even bother going home, what for? So the bastard could finish killing that fuckin' faggot?" She screamed, throwing her arms up in the air. "If he was upset with me before, he was going to break all records for pissed off ness when the humiliation of his oldest son being kicked out of the army for being a queer!"

Dr. Pope slammed her steno pad down on the low table in front of them. "Rebecca! Stop that right now! You are, and never were, queer as you put it! So just stop that right now. I will not have you demean yourself in that manner in front of me. It's embarrassing."

"Sorry. You're right. I shouldn't have said that."

Jennifer Pope had calmed down considerable now. She regained her cool demeanour as she began to ask the next few questions "How was it determined for them to allege that you were gay? Did they catch you in the act, or did someone testify against you?"

"They didn't need to. The asked me if it was I who was dressed up in girls clothes, I said yes. They asked if it was for some prank or something, I said no I do it all the time. So they told me to wait outside while they decided my fate. A few minutes later I was sent back in, a release form was shoved under my face and I was told if I signed this I would not be charged with being a homosexual, and I would not go to prison. I signed it. It said that I freely admit to being a homosexual and that I no longer want to be in the Canadian Armed Forces, so I guess I did it to myself."

"So there was never any evidence presented that you were gay other than the fact that you were frequently wearing woman's clothes, correct?"

"Yes, but, I was. It was true. I do prefer men."

"Becky what I am trying to understand is, that they had no evidence of your being gay. Did you admit to them that you were gay?"

"No. Just the paper" A very puzzled Becky hesitantly replied.

"But yet they could convict you of being homosexual, by the mere fact that you prefer woman's clothes. You know if this had happened today, you would have yourself grounds for a pretty remarkable lawsuit."

"Doctor, it's passed, I had all but forgotten all about it, the only time it ever comes up now is when I want to leave the country, I can't get a passport."

"Rebecca, let me look into that for you okay? I think with a letter from me and a few other people we could get that fixed for you, especially with all the backroom clout you boyfriend wields." Jennifer joked.

Becky just shrugged. "Sure I guess so."

"Well I think we should call it quits for today, don't you?"

"Yes. I guess Pip will be all worried again about how long we are taking."

"Yes she might be. That was a good session Becky. We covered a lot of ground. I want you to take extra care these next few days coming up, and if you don't feel up to coming in next week, all you have to do is have Pip call me. I will definitely understand okay?"

"Okay Doctor Pope. Thank you."

Jennifer Pope rose out of her comfortable chair and hugged her star patient tight. "You take good care of yourself next week, and remember if you don't feel up to it, just call. Good-bye. I'll see you next time."

"Okay. Thank you." Becky smiled. She then turned and proudly made her way out to meet up with Pip.

Rebecca had barely cleared the door, when Jennifer was on the phone to her personal lawyer asking advice about what can be done to rectify the injustice inflicted upon her patient.




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Please note: Some of this story did actually happen. A lot of the events that are described by Becky are based on actual experiences. The names have been changed to avoid embarrassment, at Becky's request. Thank you for your continued support.

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