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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB.

With thanks to Misty, Christy, Bob A. & a big hug to Jenna.

~Part # 30 The Best Care Anywhere~




Bob rolled over and silenced the new alarm clock. This one was a lot better than the old one he assured himself, smiling as he restrained himself from sending it the same place as he had the previous two. He glanced over the still prone body of his lover and leaned carefully over to kiss her on her shoulder. No response. He slowly trailed kisses down her arm as he pulled back the blankets to reveal more flesh. Where Becky's arms bent, Bob's mouth left that tender spot, and continued it's way down the satiny material of her ankle length gown. Soon he had made his way down to his loves cute pert bottom, still no response. He kissed her tush, and continued south, down the outside of her thighs, onto the inside of her kneecap. He chuckled slightly as his target was almost in sight. Ever so slowly he kept trailing soft wet kisses down her calf muscles until his goal was in view. Cautiously he lightly touched the end of his tongue to the arch of her foot, finally some signs of life. Again his tongue gently contacted the sensitive skin. A moan this time, he was definitely making progress. Deciding to throw caution to the wind Bob opened his mouth and enveloped it around her big toe. That brought him an unexpected shiver from his victim and a wee twitch. "She's awake and faking it the little imp. I'll show her!" Bob ran his tongue along the entire length of Becky's foot and she squealed. He did it one more time just to prove to her that he could. She squealed again. Quickly now the large man headed up to meet his lover face to face.

"Good morning you little faker."

"What? Who me? I was sleeping." Becky giggled.

"Ya right." Slapping her exposed bottom lightly he continued. "Come on we have to get up. You have exactly…" His head turning back towards the clock, "one hour and forty eight minutes to be at the lab. We both have a lot to do before then, so hustle them buns little girl."

"Hmm. Can't we just stay here? I have more parts that could use lots of kissing?" She pouted, sticking out her bottom lip for effect. Bob leaned over and took that bottom lip into his mouth and playfully bit it before giving her a kiss so deeply that his tongue touched a few more parts that in Becky's opinion could use some more of his attention.

"Okay. Lets just stay here but you have to phone the clinic and tell them why you can't make it, and you can't lie." He suggested.

"You're no fun." Then thinking for a second, she smiled wickedly and said. "Okay. Hand me the phone."

"No. You're gonna get that saucy bottom of yours into the bathroom and get it ready to face the day." Becky suddenly lost her playful manner when the reality of the next few hours finally pierced her early morning euphoria.

Reluctantly she left the comfort of her warm bed and got on with the day. Almost an hour later she sat sipping the remainder of her tea, while the rest of the household residents were going about their breakfast business. Suddenly Pip plunked in front of her, two boiled eggs in a bowl with a couple slices of oat toast.

"Eat!" Was the one word command.

"Don't wanna!"

"Tuff! Eat!"

"Pip, please I am not hungry. I couldn't eat this if I wanted to."

"I don't care. Try and eat it then. You need something in your stomach."

"Why? So I can throw it all back up in a couple of hours? I'd rather not."

"So at least you will have a couple hours worth of nourishment." The concerned caregiver replied plunking down a large thick and creamy energy drink.

"Mmmargghhh." Becky growled.

"What was that? Did you say something?"

"Why did it sound like something?" The childlike Becky pouted.

"Yes it sounded like, thank you Pip for providing me with a nourishing breakfast. This will make me feel better today, but you know, I can't be sure. Perhaps if you were to say it again, a little louder this time?"

"Arrgghh!" Becky once again protested.

"Oh you are quite welcome Becky, anytime, not a problem."

All too soon seven o'clock loomed and the duo were descending the stairs to the trusty steed that would dispatch them to Becky's appointed doom.

"Good morning Cathleen. How are you this morning?" Becky greeted as she passed the receptionist on her way to the change room. They were on their way there to all do the same thing, it was so they could divest themselves of their damp outerwear, and get ready to start the day.

"Oh hi Becky! How are you today? I haven't seen you for a while." The young girl asked shaking the water from her own jacket and umbrella. "Lovely weather we're having isn't it?"

"If yer' a duck!" Pip shot back uncaring as to whom Cathleen was asking.

Becky gave a final inspection in the mirror and pronounced herself sufficiently turned out. She secured the contents of the locker and Pip and she marched towards the blood lab to begin their first of many indignities that day.

"Good morning Dave. Good morning Dr. Raeder." Becky chirped as the bio door 'hissed' her and Pip's arrival.

"Becky!" Dave shouted. "And Pip! Come on in. How are you this morning?"

"Fine, thank you Dave, and yourself?"

Dr. Amelia Raeder was busy on the phone as Becky entered. She looked over her shoulder at the intrusion, smiled and raised her arm up to wave at the new guests.

"Good, good. It just hasn't been the same around here without you to stir up a bit of excitement." The experienced technician joked.

"Dave it's only been a couple of weeks." Becky reasoned. "You couldn't have been going thru withdrawal symptoms that bad already." She joked, as she handed him her blood info data card for the screening.

"Just about. Life sure is a lot more interesting when you are around. I have noticed that."

"Dave I don't know if that is a compliment or not." Becky asked.

"Oh it's a compliment alright." Dave joked handing the little wallet size card back to her. "Now lets get the nasty side of this visit over with shall we?"

"May as well." Becky shrugged as she offered up her arm to Dave to poke.

Pip turned her head at this. She assured herself she was not afraid of needles. "I just don't really need to see this part." She reasoned as she turned her head away when the point of the sharp slid into Becky's abused arm.

Quickly the tech had filled the required five vials, and as Becky was applying pressure so as not to leave a bruise. "Stay right here. I'll be back." He announced, after labelling the vials and marched off thru the next set of bio sealed doors to set these samples up on the computer-assisted analyser beyond the glass wall.

Amelia Raeder had completed her phone call and had come over to greet Rebecca and Pip. "Good morning Miss Stewart." She announced as she walked across the large room. Turning her attention towards Pip she called good morning to her as well. "Ready to face your big day today?"

"I guess so." Becky shrugged; still keeping pressure on the little cotton ball that covered the little poke Dave had given her.

"Okay." Tech Hicks announced when he 'swooshed' back into the room. "Your samples are being processed and we should know in about an hour or so what the results are. I'll make sure Dr. Geoff gets these ASAP."

"Okay Dave. Thank you. Bye Dave. Bye Dr. Raeder."

Becky and Pip sat in the waiting area in the very same chair that she had, when she first met Prue, which seemed like ages ago, she told her companion. Every noise and movement of someone going by was amplified by the anxiety of her wait. Pip was reaching over and calming her whenever she would jump, which felt as though it was every few seconds.

Becky recognized a couple of familiar voices coming their way, and she was not mistaken when she saw both Prue and Pickles deep in conversation approaching her.

"Well speak of the devil, and who should appear." Pip announced, letting Becky know that she had determined who they were as well.

"Hi Prue. Hi Pickles."

"Becky!" They both shouted simultaneously.

"Snap!" Three quarters of the group shouted.

"Double snap!" Becky and Pip yelled.

Quickly covering Pip's mouth so she wouldn't be first Becky excitedly screamed, "triple snap!"

"Hey! No fair you cheated!" Pip protested.

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Na ahh."

"Did too."








"All right children that's enough. Prue ordered, clapping her hands in order to get the two very mature grade school girls to end the insistent debate.

Pickles who hadn't said a word after the initial greeting just stood there laughing at the scene unfolding about him. "Well it's nice to see you again anyway Becky. Hello Pip. It's nice to see you again as well."

"Thank you Pickles." The schoolgirls chorused again.

Before they could form the word Prue shouted. "Don't even think about it!"

The quartet broke into laughter, and were doing just that when Dr. Scott strode around the corner. "Well now, just what do we have here?" He enquired in that thick Glaswegian accent of his. "I'd say this gaggle was a hen party if it were not for the sight of my delinquent tech." Looking down at his ancient Timex he pointed at its face and said. "Yer' late lad! There be no time for yer' mornin' gruel today boy, you'll just have to start yer' day hungry, now off with yea before a' clatter ya about the chops!"

Pickles, deciding that it was just easier to humour the old porridge basher than argue with him, decided to comply. "See you at coffee Prue. Becky it was nice to see you again. Take care eh? Nice to see you again too Pip." He smiled flashing his best movie star smile at her.

Dr. Scott boldly walked up to Rebecca, took both of her small hands in his, and stared intently into her eyes. "How are ya' Lass. I hear ya' been havin' a rough go lately?"

With a light touch to Pip's shoulder, Prue had managed to restrain Pip when the elder doctor had performed that move.

"A wee bit." Becky shyly answered, "but I'm okay, and back on track now."

"Aye, and see that you stay there now. You need to keep all your strength for the battle ahead." The elder practitioneer smiled as if to reassure his younger friend. "Now I have to get to the shop before that love struck Romeo has a chance to undo all the work that we had accomplished from yesterday." Turning to the others he bad them good-bye and was off.

Becky quickly regained her focus and began her interrogation of Prue. "So, how's Jeffery? Are you two getting along all right?" She quickly noticed Prue's face turn a warm glowing pink and knew instantly that things were going very well with the two lovebirds. "I take it my cousin has been treating you okay?"

"Ya, he does alright. We are planning to go away for the weekend. He knows of this place near Tofino on the island, and he wants to take me there for the weekend. He says it's just what we need, no phones, no TV, no interruptions, nothing to do but lie around and watch the winter Pacific storms crash on the shoreline."

"That sounds romantic." Becky smiled. Her little cousin was trying to impress Prue. She knew of the place that Jeffery had in mind. She had told him about it a few years ago and he had used it a few times already with a lot of success. "I'm sure you will enjoy it. Middle Beach lodge is a very nice place; it's the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. You will love the scenery; it's breathtaking. Course you won't have to worry about breath taking scenery now will you, if I know Jeffery, he is going to try and do his best to take your breath away as much as possible." She giggled.

Prue was now a bright shade of crimson. Becky knew exactly why the two lovers were trying to get away from it all this weekend.

"So when do you leave?"

"Jeff's picking me up here at work. I'm all packed and my kit is in the boot." Prue explained glad that the subject was not quite so intimate now.

"Well I hope you have a lot of fun. Jeffery can be a really funny man when he gets to let his hair down."

Once again Prue was blushing. This only made the trio laugh even harder at her predicament.

Prue unfortunately had to get back to the office, and left Becky and Pip in the capable hands of Erin, Joan's temporary replacement. Moments later Dr. Geoff had appeared and reluctantly authorized this morning's treatment.

"You know, I wish we could leave this for at least another couple of weeks, at least until after Christmas, but I'm afraid that every day the treatment is delayed now is adversely effecting the out come greatly." Turning to Nurse Halfenelvin, he continued. "You tell them to take extra care today. I don't want them to take any chances, make sure they take their time and don't rush any part of that procedure."

Erin smiled knowingly at the doctor. She knew that Nurse Hitch had to be one of the most caring person's on the entire staff if not the most. She had earned the nickname Mommy honestly. "I'll tell Jenna to handle with care. She will be the one administering the treatment today." The learned nurse assured the concerned doctor.

"Good!" He replied knowingly. "I know Mommy will do her best. She gives the best care anywhere." Turning his attention back towards his patient, he looked her sadly in the eyes. Well, are you ready?"

"Yes, I guess there's nothing for it." Becky resigned.

"Now when you get home and you have rested for a few days and, you are feeling a bit better, I want you to do something okay?" Geoff asked.

"Okay. What would you like me to do?"

"I want you to go back to bed and rest for another few days. If I see you around this complex within the next week and a half there better be a fair amount of blood loss on you behalf! Do you understand?"

"We'll see." Becky quipped; stealing one of the doctor's previously used lines.

Dr. Geoff threw up his hands in the air and stepped back from his patient. "Fine! Be that way." Looking towards Becky's faithful companion he began again. "Pip, you have my permission to hurt Becky if she decides to come near here before I give my say so, alright?"

"Sure doc! With pleasure!"

"Oh, just remember nothing permanent, and nothing that shows, we wouldn't want people to talk now would we?" Geoff kidded.

"Right! Good idea."

"You two are mean." Becky pouted. "Erin, please help me." She pleaded.

"Fraid I'm with the doc, and Pip on this one, Luv."

The over extended Oncologist then ushered the duo from room three on their way to see Jenna Hitch. "Now get out of here all of you. I have real patients that need my attention. Nurse Halfenelvin, when you are ready send in that next patient with that hangnail please."

"Right away doctor."

Erin accompanied Becky and Pip down the corridor to the Treatment area. As they shuffled along Pip pipes up, "Is that doctor always like that?"

"Huh? What do you mean, Pip?" Becky enquired.

"You know always joking like that. It seems ever time we see him, he's got to make a joke or something, I don't know it just seems different, not what I had expected a cancer doctor to be like…"

Erin smiled as they continued along. "Well I can't say if he's like that all the time, I've only known Geoff for a couple of years, but I can assure you he is very serious in what he does. It is a very grave situation he is in every single day, and he has decided that a little bit of humour can go a long way to making a lot of his patients feel better, so he makes light of the situation, if it stops the patient from thinking about the pain and discomfort for a minute, and that's a minutes more relief than that had before they came in the door to see him.

"Ya' yer' right." The Okie bodyguard replied. "He's just not what I figgered' a doc ta' be like, that's all." She shrugged.

Erin reached over and gently squeezed Pip's shoulder, which she allowed her to do, incidentally. "Trust me. He's the very best at what he does. I came all the way from California to train with him.

The trio finally rounded the corner into the treatment area. As they made their way past the partitioned off little cubicles, they finally ended up at a brightly lit on at the far end. Becky thought it looked faintly like she would imagine an executioner's chair if it were not for the added little extra's the room had seemed to sprout. There was an Elmo mobile swinging above the chair. Along one wall was a shelf filled with all different kinds of stuffed animals. Even the table had adornments on it. There was a myriad of children's stickers all over it and there was a gaily-coloured cloth on top of it depicting flying balloons and fluffy clouds. "This must be part of the children's' ward." Becky surmised. There was nothing child like about the chair that prominently occupied the room though; it was very adult looking.

"Hello Sweetie. How are you this morning?" Nurse Hitch greeted. "Oh Erin, just put Becky's things over there on the table, while I get her settled will you please?"

The nurse efficiently complied and slid a chair over for Pip to sit in as well before leaving. "I'll see you when you are all finished Becky. Jenna is going to look after things from here on in, but I'll make sure to see you before you go, okay?"

Becky barely shook her head, and I don't think anyone other than Jenna heard her utter, "uh huh."

"There we go, now you just sit right here in this chair and get comfy okay?" Nurse Hitch directed.

Another head bob and a mutter.

"That's a good girl." Jenna assured. Just sit back and relax, everything is going to be just fine. I am going to take good care of you. That's right. Now lay your head back on this pillow. There you go, now isn't that better?"

"Uh huh." The frightened girl responded. Becky could swear she detected the faint odour of baby powder, maybe it was her imagination, "maybe it was my subconscious playing tricks on me, the room surroundings, the way Geoff had called Jenna mother, that must be it, but I still swear I can smell baby powder."

Becky had resigned herself to the feelings that had started to envelope her, she was becoming very comfortable to the surroundings and Jenna's little powder scented pillow was working effectively on reducing the girl's fears of the pain she knew she was about to experience.

Jenna had returned now and was carrying a small pill-dispensing cup with a glass of ice water, which she set down on the table next to the chair Becky occupied. "Okay Sweetie." She cooed. I'm going to set up the IV and get you started here now okay?"

"Uh huh."

"Okay, here we go just a little prick." Jenna softly stated as she held Becky's right hand still and inserted the long sharps up into Becky's vein that ran along the back of her hand. The experienced nurse then asked. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" as she taped down the IV properly. She then reached up and slowly began the glucose drip. "Now we are going to let that run for a few minutes to make sure everything is okay. Now I want you to slowly and carefully lift your hand, so I can slide this underneath it. Okay? Ahh, That's a good girl. Careful now. Nice and easy, no sudden movements. There we go. Good. You can relax now." Jenna quickly did up the Velcro straps on the foam pad that she had laid under Becky's wrist, making it impossible for her to bend it. "This is so you don't bend your wrist during your treatment. We wouldn't want any accidents now would we?"

Becky responded with a very faint and drawn out, "nooo." She had noticed that indeed Janna Hitch was being very motherly; she had made that last statement sound as if she were talking to a toddler discussing potty habits.

"That's a good girl, you are doing just fine. Now we are going to give you a little pill and I want you to swallow it right down okay? It's going to help your tummy feel better later on. Okay baby, here we go, now here is your pill, and here is some nice cold water to wash it down with. That's a good girl. That's it swallow it down. There we go. That wasn't all that bad. Now we have to wait for a few more minutes and then we can start the rest okay?"

"Uh huh." She shook her head.

"Okay Sweetie, you just rest there for a minute, you friend and I are just going to be right over here talking, so don't worry. If you need anything just call okay?"

Once Pip and Jenna were out of earshot, the experienced nurse's disposition changed slightly. Gone was the doting mother to be replaced by a caring and matter of factly professional caregiver. Jenna reached out her hand and introduced her self again. "You looked after Becky after her last treatment here?"

"Ya." Pip responded, letting out a large gasp of air.

"You had your eyes opened a bit didn't you? You weren't quite expecting what you saw were you?"

"No. It was a bit frightening to put it mildly." Pip admitted.

"Well she doesn't seem to be any worse for wear because of it. It's a shame she had to suffer thru that other ordeal. I understand you are responsible for saving her life?"

Pip shrugged, she wasn't being modest, the jury was still out on who was responsible for what, when it came to that entire incident as far as she was concerned.

"You are a good friend. Are you planning of continuing to help with her treatment?"

"Ya. Why?"

"Well because from here on out it's going to get very difficult. She is going to be in a lot of pain. She's already had to deal with the pain she has with the healing from her transplant and now the assault, but now she is going to be in constant pain from the chemicals invading her body. Hair loss usually begins after the second or third treatment, and can be a very depressing and disturbing time, especially for a girl. She is going to feel as if she is worthless and may even express a desire to end it all. You have to provide the strength and security. You also have to be her friend. She is going to need constant care, and that will mean very little time off for you, because when Becky is awake, so will you be, and when she is asleep, you will have to do all those other things that you need to, to maintain a home."

Pip took all of this in. It just made her even more determined to help her friend. "Nurse Hitch. You can count on me. I am very committed to seeing my friend pull thru this and get better. She has a life to live, and I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that it happens!"

Jenna Hitch smiled. This is exactly what she wanted to hear. Usually when she gave the family this speech the all but crumpled in front of her, unsure of what to do next. It was refreshing to meet a determined young person who was ready to give 400%. "Good girl!" She announced. "Now we need to get your friend well. So she can get on with her life."

Pip and Jenna returned to the cubicle to see Becky relaxing breathing deeply with her eyes closed. She barely flinched when Jenna began singing that little lullaby and softly patted the top of her head on the way by. "How are you doing Sweetie?" Mommy Jenna asked.

"Okay." Sweetie responded.

"I guess we are ready to begin. Now honey, I'm going to run this in very slowly, remember you are going to feel the urge to throw up. It's important that you not do that okay?"

"Uh huh." A now tense Becky responded. Pip had found Becky's left hand now and Becky was squeezing it very tight.

"Okay baby, here we go nice and easy."

Becky's insides immediately convulsed a mere second or two after she begin to feel the thick liquid enter her system.

"Doing good Sweetie. That's right."

Jenna was humming that tune again. "Think of the meadow. Picking flowers." Becky imagined. Jenna produced a cool damp cloth and gave it to Pip to administer. All the time she was humming that little song. It became so infectious that soon Pip was humming it as well, and soon after Becky fell into the carefully baited trap and let the feelings of the moment carry her away to that special place that Jenna had previously suggested.

The entire time Mommy Jenna offered reassurance and patted the top pf Becky's head, as you would a small child whom you were proud of. "That's a good girl, so brave to take all her medicine like this." She cooed.

After what seemed like an eternity to Becky but was only 39 minutes 54 seconds to Jenna's records. The efficient nurse had flushed the IV site and put a small 'Barney The Dinosaur' bandade over a little puff of cotton protecting the recently vacated site.

"There we go Sweetie. All done. Now that wasn't too bad now was it?"

Becky tried to shake her head but it refused to even acknowledge the command her brain had given it. Pip and Jenna were both helping her into another of those magically appearing wheelchairs, and Jenna had called over to Erin Halfenelven to tell her that Becky was enroute.

"You take good care Sweetie. And got lots of sleep and rest. You were a very brave girl today." Jenna leaned over and lightly kissed Becky on the forehead and bade her on her way.

Erin ushered Becky out the side door to where the Volvo was opened and ready for her. It was pouring rain, and Pip had pulled up as close to the door as possible so Becky' would not have far to walk. They both helped Becky into the sleek Swedish import and Erin waved good-bye.

Twenty minutes later, Becky was being undressed on her bed, fitted with cozy fluffy jammies and her feet being tucked in under the covers. Pip quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed the stack of towels and the large Tupperware bowl she had laid out in advance before leaving today. She then dashed back to the master suite and set the load down on the end table beside Becky. She produced a scrunchie as if from mid air and pulled Becky's untamed locks back behind her head by her neck. She then ran to the ensuite and dampened one of the soft terry facecloths, and placed it on the pile of towels on the table. Glancing at her watch to check the time she smiled knowing that it would be another two hours yet before Becky would need some more of her medications.

"Becky. Are you in pain?"

"A little bit."

"Ona scale of…" Pip didn't even get to finish the question; her patient had heard it a thousand times before and blurted out her response.


"I'll be right back. Don't you dare go anywhere!" Pip ordered

She then quickly made her way to the kitchen, and secured three-milligram vial of clinical morphine from the cardboard dispenser. She carefully placed the vial in the spring-loaded injector and pulled back the collar to set the spring. Next she retrieved a large glass of water from the Brita dispenser in the fridge. She snapped a lid on the plastic cup and added a bendy straw and, added a couple of tabs of Gravol to help with nausea before she sped back to her friend's side. "Here. Roll over on to your side." She ordered. Pip lowered Becky's pyjama bottoms and quickly set the tension-activated device against Becky's thigh. "You ready?" She asked. "On three. One, two." As soon as the word three left Pip's mouth the spring had sprung and the powerful narcotic was being automatically being injected into her friends body. "Now swallow this." She offered, as she handed her the pills. "Drink." She ordered, handing her the water. "Now slide down into bed and get some sleep."

Becky complied without a word. She didn't have the strength or the determination to protest. She truly could not ever remember a time in her life feeling this bad.

Pip fluffed up the pillows and pulled the sheets and then the comforter up to Becky's chin, making sure the top sheet was properly turned back. She then flopped down in the wingback chair, Tupperware bowl at the ready, waiting for the main event to begin.

Becky didn't wait long to disappoint her. She suddenly bolted up in bed and leaned towards Pip to retrieve the plastic device. Pip was ready and had the bowl placed under her chin and placed a hand between Becky's shoulder blades while her patient supported herself on one elbow.

Becky violently retched, voiding her stomach of what ever she had eaten recently.

Pip held her breath and tried not to think of what Becky was actually doing, she tried to concentrate on making her feel a bit better. She wiped Becky's forehead with the damp cloth and cleaned up her face mouth and hands from the residue splatters that had been deposited there. She held her closely while her friend cried and cried, from the pain and the despair that she felt. Pip rocked back and forth and found she was now humming that same infectious little lullaby that Jenna Hitch had been humming just an hour or so ago.




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