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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB

With thanks to Misty, Christy, and big ole' stuffins' hugs to Jenna Hitch & BobA


~Part # 31 Mending, Musings & Merry Making~



It was almost one pm when Bob and Martin had returned. Becky had just fallen off to sleep and Pip had warned both the men that any noise what so ever would be detrimental to their heath.

"How is she?" He enquired attempting to peer over Pip's shoulder as she was trying to close the bedroom door.

"Not very good Boss." Pip admitted. "The nurse told me that from here on in they would start to get really hard on her."

"Damn! I wish there was something more I wish I could do?"

Pip lightly touched the large mans forearm. "We're doing it. By making sure she gets lots of rest and looking after her. That's what we need to do. Just be here for her, for support and comfort."

Bob shrugged, unconvinced that, that was all they could do to help. Martin shuffled off to the kitchen to see what that large commercial model refrigerator could offer up in the way of food for his now growling stomach.

"Sit down both of you and I'll make you some sandwiches or something." The efficient Warden directed. ( Note: In this instance the term Warden is an affectionate one used by a friend to refer to her mother. She is a kind, loving, and very exacting parent that only wants her children be the very best at what they do. This one's for you Stormi.) Pip then reached for the jar of coffee beans and heaped ten scoops into the coffee grinder. Making coffee first was meant to appease the two males until something more substantial could be arranged to fill the gapping voids in their midsections.

"What did they say at the clinic today?" Bob asked loudly, to be heard above the noisy appliance.

"Just what I told you. There are some other things that we don't need to go into right now, and some of that only if Becky wants to, she should tell you herself."

Lunch was served and all three of them tied into the large stack of roast beef sandwiches, with lots of veggie products on them of course, also a huge pitcher of lemon and mandarin energy drink evaporated. Bob was continually looking out the kitchen door expecting to see his love standing there, or was it hoping? Either way he was like a puppy lost without his mistress there for him.

It was after three before Bob got a chance to see his love. She had just been cleaned up by Pip after another 'go round' with the Tupperware bowl. Becky was reclining back in bed her face freshly washed, and her hair neatly pulled back with the aid of a scrunchie when Bob made an appearance at the door.


"Hey yourself." Becky hoarsely whispered.

Biting his bottom lip as not to show his own pain the big man carefully slid on to the edge of the bed and gingerly hugged his lover. "Feeling a bit better now?"

"As long as you keep hugging me like this I'll be fine."

"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere."

"Oh yes you are!" Exclaimed a returning Pip. " You are going to sit over here and watch me force feed Becky some food."

"Pip. I'm not hungry."

"I know, but you have to eat, and you need to get liquids into you, a lot of liquids. So let's get started right now."

"I don't want any. Please."

"Becky, it's just some dry crackers and some ginger ale. At least give it a try. I promise it will make you feel better."

Becky made a pouty face and shook her head no. She was convinced that she knew best. Anything that went in was coming right back out. "As long as I don't eat, I'll be just fine." She thought.

"Well at least try some ginger ale. Or even water. At least try something."

Bob looked over at the battle of wills and was watching the escalation of aggression between the two opposing forces. He knew that neither one of these two were about to back down and concede to the other. "This requires logic and tact." He thought.

Smiling at Pip he lightly touched her arm, took the plate of unsalted crackers and the glass of ginger ale from her, and motioned for her to let him try. He promptly grabbed a couple of crackers before setting them down and popped them in his mouth. "You know these things aren't bad." He noticed.

"Bob. That's not going to work. I think I'm a bit old to fall for that ploy." Becky announced.

The big man ignored her. "But they're kinda dry." He then gulped down a major portion of the ginger ale. Suppressing a small belch he began. "You know Becky, Pip's right, and so are all those doctors and nurses…" Bob had launched into his lecture. He was going to bore her to death with logic as to why she should eat, and then after that he was going to work on her emotions. Making her feel guilty for letting down all these people who were only trying to help her. After close to seven minutes of Bob droning on and on, Becky had had enough.

"Okay! Enough already! If I eat the bloody crackers and drink the pop will you stop the lecture?"

"Yes." Was all he said, handing Pip the empty plate and glass for her to refill for Becky.

"Is this how you get clients to sign all those contracts?" Becky enquired.

"Um, I can't tell you that. If the ones I used that ploy on ever found out anyone else knew, they would be too embarrassed." He snickered.

She giggled. "Come here and hug me you big lug."

Pip returned from the larder in time to see the intimate embrace. She discretely stood in the doorway out of sight until the pair came up for air.


"Oops! Looks like we're busted."

Becky managed to eat a few crackers and sip some of her ginger ale before drifting off to peaceful sleep once again.

At the dinner table that night, Pip, Bob, and Martin discussed a workable timetable for all of them. It was decided that, between the three of them, for 24 hrs per day there were to be at least one of them close by and alert. This was the only way that Pip would agree to relinquish some control, knowing that a structured watch was in place and would be adhered to. Martin was happy with the arrangement because, even though he would have to stand watch, it meant that his lover would get some down time and they would be able to spend it on developing their relationship.

Becky had a very restless night, and kept Bob quite busy running back and forth trying to keep up with the mess. He was becoming more efficient at dealing with the problems that cropped up when the chemicals ravaging Becky's body ejected anything that she had managed to swallow. He spent a fair amount of that first night leaning against the headboard with his lover curled up against his chest as he slowly and tenderly patted the poor girls bottom, as a mother would do to comfort a small child.

Reluctantly the next morning, the men left Pip in charge of Becky and sped off to oversee the construction start of the new office. Throughout that morning Pip swore, Bob must have called every hour on the hour for an update. It got to be so bad at one point, Pip would not even say hi when she picked up the phone, she would merely say "She's fine," and then hang up. So it was no wonder that by 1pm, Bob and Martin had left Michel in charge of the project and returned to Xanadu.

Becky woke soon after their arrival and was anxious to get up and make herself look a bit more presentable for Bob. Against his better judgment, Pip had helped her with a '*P.T.A.' bath and she presented herself to him in the kitchen, wearing clean jammies and her hair pulled back in a simple bun. Becky had applied the most basic of makeup to hide that ghoul like washed out appearance, and give her a bit of colour. In honour of the occasion Pip had made tea for her and laid out an assortment of ginger bakery products from the large supplies that Bob had purchased on the way home. The roses he had also picked up at the same time were prominently displayed on the small bistro table as well.

"Well I think we should have a big tree for Christmas this year, even if we can't go away." Bob stated. "Maybe sometime during the holidays, when Becky is feeling a bit better we can steal away to Whistler or something for a few days. What do you think Becky?"

"I would love to go to Whistler for Christmas, or even for a few days. It's just not the same without snow, but I'm not so sure I will be able to go."

"Why not?" Bob was the first to enquire.

"Because of my health. If I can stick to the programe for my treatment, I will have just had a session on the 22 or 23. That hardly makes me a candidate for pleasant company until at least New Years Eve." She pouted.

"Ok so it's settled then." Bob announced. "New Years Eve in Whistler. I'll see about getting us a chalet for a week, and we can just kick back and watch the snow fall and toast weenies in the fire place, while we lay about on a bear skin rug in front of the hearth."

"Ah. Maybe we better get two chalets Bob." Martin suggested. " I really don't think you and Becky are going to appreciate it when Pip and I start to make out on that rug in front of that fire."

"What makes you think you are gonna get any?" Pip joked.

Becky giggled, which stopped everyone cold. It had been the first time in over 24 hrs that she had shown any other emotions except fear, or anger.

Bob leaned across the small table and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Nice to have you back."

Pip's eyes misted over as she smiled at what the big man had just said. Becky's eyes were leaking badly by now, and even Bob had a bit of a watery eye, at the tender moment.

Moments later though, the frail Princess had had enough excitement for now and was carried back to her bedchambers by her handsome Prince. He kissed her lightly as she hugged him tight and he carefully slid into the bed beside her. They both drifted off into a calm restful sleep. Becky a few minutes before Bob.

This process was continued for the rest of the week. By Thursday Becky was up and about and getting bored. By Friday she was well enough to want to accompany Pip to do the shopping, due to boredom mostly. As they wheeled the cart around Safeway checking off their list as the selected items went into their cart Becky asked Pip. "What are you going to get Martin for Christmas?"

"I'm not sure yet. He says he doesn't need anything but some new socks and shorts. Bob gets all his clothes for him. All he has to do is drop into the tailor and they outfit him with everything he needs, so I guess clothes are out."

Becky had a saucy look in her eye as she giggled. "Maybe for Martin, but I bet they don't have a single thing there for Martina?"

Pip snorted loudly. "And I just bet that Jenjen is getting low on dainties as well?"

"Now that you mention it." Becky snorted back.

"Becky is feeling much better now." Pip thought. "There's that sparkle in her eye and that funny crooked smile she has when she is happy. Definitely feeling better."

Becky was continuing right on as Pip listened intently. "You know we should get them each a little surprise for New Years. Oh! Pip do you remember the name of that shop in the mall where we were at last time?"

"Um." She thought. "No, not off the top of my head I don't, but I do remember where it is. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If it involves shopping I am." Becky tittered.

"Well come on girl! Lets get this mundane chore over with, so we can get on with it."

"Oh, and maybe we can have a quick look in LaSenza, where I can get Bob some Christmas wrap for his present."

"Beckers. You are one naughty little girl, and I love it."

"Ya well no worse than you there Miss Lolita."

"*SOT!" Pip yelled.

"Ya well *SOT and STEW!" Her partner returned.

The merriment continued as they wheeled their way into the produce section. Things really started getting silly when Becky told Pip that they needed celery.

"Right!" Was her answer as she ran off to procure the item. She came marching back with a large bunch of it and it was jumping up and down as a majorette would with her baton if she were leading the homecoming parade at the local high school.

Things went downhill from there when Becky grabbed two large carrots and began rapping them in time on top of the clear plastic display cases. "After all if Pip could be a majorette I could be a drummer." She decided. "All we need now is a horn section." Becky called to the other half of the duo.

The pair was having entirely too much fun for the sedate Cambie St. grocery and the other patrons were trying their best to show their distain while looking like they weren't involved.

Finally their antics caught the careful eye of the produce manage and with a good strong dose of the evil eye from him, the two exuberant would be teens decided that a more conservative approach to their shopping habits would be in order. Becky walked away with her nose held high in the air as if she was the snootiest thing in Shaunessy with Pip following suit behind her.

Pip and Becky thanked the bag boy by vamping him in the middle of the parkade. He would definitely remember this afternoon, as he would brag to his friends later on.

With the groceries safely put away back at Xanadu the deadly duo returned to their shopping excursion plan. Oakridge Mall wouldn't know what hit it when these two descended upon it.

With the sleek Volvo safely parked in secured parking the girls gazed at the mall directory for the name of the shoppe that they were at last time they visited.

"It was something French." Pip tried recalling.

"It was at the other end of the mall I remember that. Oh! And the girls name was Katie that helped us. She was the manager I think?" Becky added.

"Well let's just head that way maybe we can think of it or come across it on the way there. Come on Becky, let's go this way." Pip directed as she stepped off down the wide tiled concourse.

"Kay." Becky smiled as her eyes were trying to take in all the different types of shoppes along the way. The curious woman must have stopped at every store she saw that caught her eye.

"We're never gonna find this place at this rate." Pip silently protested as she gazed at the time on her chronograph. "Come on Becky. I think it's just around the corner." She added trying to encourage her companion to hurry it up.

Sure enough there it was, just as the sign proclaimed Addition Elle. Pip quickly dragged Becky away from a store that sold ridiculously expensive scented candles and soaps.

The 'duo' entered the shoppe and Becky headed directly to the 'scanties' section, with Pip only a few feet behind.

Katie, the store manager had seen them enter and with a quick head bob had dispatched one of her employees to look after the pair, which she continued assembling a new display.

"Good afternoon my name is Danielle. How may I help you this afternoon?" she greeted them with a friendly smile.

"Good afternoon Danielle. I'm Becky and this is my friend Pip."

"Hey." The other half of the duo shouted over her shoulder as she was rummaging for a suitable pair of bikini panties for Martina.

Becky smiled. "We are looking for some Christmas gift ideas for some friends."

"Okay." Danielle smiled. "Is there anything in particular that you had in mind? We had a very large selection in intimates. What size is your friend? Perhaps I may be able to help you in your search?"

Pip looked over at the attentive sales clerk and held her hand as far above her head as possible. "Big!"

Katie had been observing the action as she put the finishing touches to the display and then casually wandered over to the cash desk and reached under the counter for the customer register file box. She walked up, greeted the duo, and handed Danielle the little plastic file card box. "Good afternoon ladies. Buying some Christmas presents for your friends today?"

"Oh hi Katie. Well we were thinking about it, and it is Christmas." Becky smiled.

Turning to her assistant she remarked. "If you ask the ladies what their friends names are. You will find that their sizes and preferences are marked on their customer card." She then turned back towards Becky and Pip and continued. "I hope you find something suitable for your friends, after all Christmas is a special time of year." She had a wicked smile on her face. Instantly both parts of the duo knew that she had remembered them and just whom they were shopping for. "If you require my assistance, please don't hesitate to call me, if not I shall leave you in Danielle's capable hands."

Soon Danielle had helped select a large bundle of intimate apparel for both Jenjen and Martina. Pip had gone crazy with the pink and had at least six pairs of silk soft pink bikini panties, and another 4 pair of tap-pants all in various shades and tints of pink as well. Becky had been just as generous, except she had been a tad more adventurous in the colours. She had her selection ranging from teal to ice silver to a soft blue even to midnight black. She was just admiring a pair of very dark cherry tap-pants with lace around the legs with a saucy smile on her face when Danielle once again made some more suggestions.

"How about a camisole or a chemise, or perhaps a teddy to go with these. You know we had a very wonderful selection of peignoir sets and slinky night-gowns that would make a girl feel very sexy for that special occasion."

Both Becky and Pip giggled. They looked at each as if to say, do you think they are ready for that before they decided to make a leap of faith.

"That would be perfect." Becky replied as her partner giggled.

Danielle escorted them over to the sleepwear, and although they saw many different things that were indeed very dreamy and felt very special, they just could not be convinced that Jen or Mar were quite ready to make that leap, just yet. Both of them had decided that a tunic style cover-up, almost reminiscent of what the ancient Greeks wore, was more in tune with the occasion. Mar was getting a very soft pink while Jen was to be resplendent in champagne.

The pair finally declared that, this was enough. As the were standing at the cash desk waiting while Danielle rung up their purchases, Becky's eye caught a display of naughty bikini panties that had satin ribbon ties adorning the hips, she giggled and quickly threw a pair of soft pink ones and a champagne pair on the counter before the bill had been totaled. Pip immediately snorted and started laughing uncontrollably. "Becky you are something else!" She exclaimed between snorts. "You really know how to push things to the limit don't you?"

"What?" She asked feigning innocence. "They will love them trust me. Save them for New Years Eve. They can model them with their new nighties." She giggled.

Danielle didn't know what to think of the pair of crazy women who were very responsive to her purchasing suggestions. She did know that they had money and price was not even considered when the looked at the items she selected. She smiled as the registered totaled the final amount and was thinking of the commission she would earn for these two. "There we go ladies." She smiled handing two bags to Pip and another two to Becky. "I have enclosed gift cards and boxes, and some tissue paper as well in there for you. I hope your friends enjoy them selves and I hope you have a Merry Christmas."

"Thank you Danielle. You have been very helpful today."

"Yes you have." Pip added.

Katie managed to stop them before leaving and wished them a Merry Christmas as well. She was pleased to hear from Becky than Danielle had been very helpful today.

The two conspirators left their treasures in the boot of the Volvo until they could be safely smuggled into the house unnoticed by inquisitive eyes. Later that night Pip stole down and managed to secure them in the storage closet of the work out room. Convinced that they were safe there until Christmas, she slid the door shut and shut off the lights. When she returned into the parlour, Bob was still on the phone to a potential partner in Germany, who looked promising as a manufacturer for the new cell phones that Lori and he were hoping to develop.

Saturday started as a lazy day. Bob and Becky were having a lay in as Pip and Martin put the exercise equipment to good use.

Bob had just returned to bed with a refill for himself and a fresh cuppa' tea for his Love. The pair cuddled together, reluctant to leave the warm safe confines of the grand bed they occupied. Both had looked out at the grey Vancouver morning and just knew that the rain was here to stay for the entire day.

"I'm am so comfortable. I don't want to ever move from this position, ever." Becky giggled as she snuggled in as close as possible against the large man.

"Don't blame ya' Kid. I'm sorta enjoying this life of riley myself." He replied as he sipped at his hot coffee.

The both heard the unmistakable sounds of Pip and Martin in the kitchen. "Maybe we should close the door?" Becky whispered.

"Why? What did you have in mind?" Groucho replied, wiggling his eyebrows.

"You never know." Becky teased.

A flash was almost seen to leave the bed and the door mysteriously closed itself as Bob jumped back into his lover's arms. Becky pushed her lover back so that he was reclining and slowly slid up his body so that she lay on top of him. She slapped his hands away as they tried in vain to caress her bottom. Becky held down Bob's arms as she began to kiss him. She started on his neck and ever so slowly began working her way downwards. By the time she had managed to tease the hair on Bob's chest between his hard little nibs they were interrupted.

"Becky." Came the knock on the door. "It's nine thirty. Time to take your tacrolimis."

"Thanks Pip. I'll be there in a second." She then released her lover's arms, who, then quickly reversed the situation and threw Becky on to her back. He was able to easily hold both of Becky's hands stretched high above her head by using on of his own, while he tickled and teased his captives much larger and prominent nipples. She involuntarily sighed as she succumbs to the feelings and submitted to her lover's ministrations.

"Go take your pills and I'll go start the shower." Bob suggested, as he released her arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

"Mmmm." Becky smiled. "But I wanna stay here and play." She pouted.

"Maybe later. I'll send Pip and Martin out on an errand or something and then we can chase each other around the house while they're gone."

"Promise?" Becky asked, sticking her bottom lip out for effect.

"Promise." He said as he playfully nibbled on the protruding flesh. "Now get going before Pip has to come back in here and start giving me what for because you aren't out there yet."

"Ya, ya, ya." She said as her lover lifted himself off the bed and made his way to the ensuite to start the shower.

"Hurry back, or I won't save you any hot water." He threatened.

"Well that took you long enough." Pip complained as she pushed a glass of water and a small pill dispenser cup in Becky's direction. " Thought you were told to rest and take it easy?" Pip tried to keep up the intolerant mistress act, but her facade was slowly cracking. One look from Becky and she gave up all pretence of the act and began to giggle.

Becky just wrapped her dressing gown tighter around her and swallowed the pills. "What's for breakfast today maid?" She snottily asked her friend.

"Nothing for you today."

Suddenly Bob's voice could be heard from the bedroom down the hall. "Hey Becky. You coming or am I gonna start with out you?"

Pip looked at her with a confused look on her face as to what exactly Bob was referring to. She incorrectly assumed the wrong thing when Becky giggled and replied, "be right there." She then turned back to Pip and Martin and simple said. "Sorry gotta go," and skipped out of the kitchen to meet up with her lover.

The shower was declared by both parties to be fantastic. Once again Becky had demonstrated that she had not lost her talents as she managed to maneuver around inside the five-foot square enclosure. She thought of picking up a non-slip mat for the bottom of the shower because the imported Italian marble was hard on her knees, as she washed all of her lovers 2000 parts, some just a bit more thorough than others.

"It's about time you two resurfaced." Pip chided as she slipped the fresh made omelets, still hot from the pan under their noses. "I thought I was going to have to call search and rescue to retrieve the pair of you."

"Pip" Becky mewed as sweetly as possible.

"Yes Beckers." Pip replied looking up from her domestic chore.

Becky stuck out her tongue like an insolent little girl and smugly replied. "And STEW."

"Don't you think that thing has got you in enough trouble today Missy?" Pip shot back, still firmly entrenched in her roll as a strong willed and disciplined mother.

"Yes mother." Becky giggled back as she reached for her next dose of meds, and a large tumbler of her morning energy drink.

"That was a most excellent breakfast." Bob complimented Pip. "But you didn't need to." He continued. "We could have done it ourselves."

"Bob you are forgetting rule number one in this kitchen. That rule states that under no circumstances are you allowed near any appliance of food prep process in this establishment. Short of getting a glass of water from the fridge or a cup of premade coffee from the urn, you are banished from here except at meal times." Pip matter of factly stated.

"Ya!" Becky added, glad the focus of Pip's teasing had shifted to someone else.

It was decided by the foursome that after a cursory clean up by all parties, that they would go out for a little bit of Christmas shopping. So it was by one pm that they were all ready to go. Becky and Bob were dressed like the Lord and Lady of the Manor that they were, all natty looking in tweed and earth tones. Martin was wearing his trademark designer suit with a silk T-shirt underneath in a bold complimentary colour. Pip had also managed to compliment Martin's outfit with an exact female copy of virtually the same thing. They were both wearing their earpiece so they could communicate with each other lest they all be separated. Little did they know that Bob's plan all along was to spend some time with his lover shopping for their two trusted friends without their knowing what was being purchased.


"Robson St. My good man." Bob directed as Martin held the limo door open for him and Becky.

"As you wish Sir." Martin returned playing his part.

It had been a while since Becky had been in the back of the long luxurious Mercedes, she had almost forgotten the comfort of the soft leather heated seats and the extra legroom that the vehicle provided. She wrapped her small arm around Bob's much larger one as the cuddled close in the middle of the seat. Martin had pulled the car up in front of 'Bentley's' as per Bob's instructions.

"We should be able to find lots of neat things in here for Martin, and maybe even something for Pip as well." Bob informed Becky as she got her first look at the store of toys for men.

"Hmm. Bob somehow I don't thing there is going to be a lot of things that Pip will like in here." Giggling at the sight of one of the stores many personnel who were dressed as different characters from storybooks and males fantasies.

"Welcome to Bentleys of Canada." An almost 'x-rated' Raggedy Anne said as she minced over with her mitten hands swinging back and forth as she bounced.

Pip was still eyeing the doorman who was attired as a toy soldier straight out of 'Babes in Toyland', complete with red circles on his cheeks, as he stood crisply at attention eyes unblinking.

Bob ushered Becky along the way that is until her eye caught something that interested her, as Bob's attention was distracted in another direction she took off. When Bob turned back, his Love was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn! Oh shit!… Oops. Sorry Becky's momma." He cursed then quickly apologized his head turn towards heaven. "Martin." He called out knowing that the big man would only be a step away from him. "I've lost Becky. Any idea where she went?"

"She went over towards the British empire memorabilia section. Hold on I'll ask Pip where they are." The large man quickly looked around to see if they were drawing attention and put his hand to his mouth as if he was about to cough. Moment's later he informed Bob that their quarry were over on the north side of the shop under the large flag of St. Andrews cross.

Bob could easily see the large bright blue flag with the white diagonal cross on it from the position he was in and quickly headed towards it.

"Hey." He whispered over Becky's shoulder. "The idea is to ditch the help not me." He stated as his arms snaked around her midsection. He leaned into her back and softly kissed her neck.

Becky wrapped her arms around the back of her, lewdly grabbed a hold of Bob's lower cheeks, and roughly pulled him in against her. She was giggling loudly as Martin and Pip stood in front of the display blocking any unsuspecting shoppers from the graphic show of affection.

"You know. I don't think they have a bedding section in this store, but the Hotel Vancouver is not far from here, if you like we can go there or return home if you're interested?"

Becky quickly turned and playfully slapped him on the shoulder. "You naughty little boy you, thinking of such things here in public."

"But, but…" He stuttered.

She then grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled him in to one of the most sensual kisses he could ever remember, before pushing him away.

"You like teasing me don't you?"

"Yup." She giggled.

"That's good." Bob replied as he grabbed her swung her around trapping Becky's arms to her side and took the same liberties with her mouth as she had just done to his moments ago.

"I don't believe this. Pip whispered into her concealed microphone. "Don't these two know they are in the middle of a very busy store?"

"I think that's the point of this entire thing. The fact that it is a very public place." Martin coughed back to her.

When Bob finally released Becky from her confinement he asked, "what were you looking at?"

"Oh nothing really. I was looking at these little knick knack things here and I spotted some other stuff." Becky shrugged as she carefully inspected a small bronze statuette of a piper, upon turning it over she remarked. "Figures. I see something I like and it's so outrageously expensive it's unbelievable."

"Becky." Bob explained. "If you see something you like, buy it. I have lots of money, honest. More then we are ever going to spend. Trust me."

"I would be very careful who you mentioned that too Mr. Moneybags. Someone might take advantage of you one of these days." Becky lectured.

"Becky. Somehow I doubt that someone would ever be you." Bob replied as he carefully pried the small figurine from her grasp. "Oh my god!" He exclaimed in mock dismay. "This really is expensive!" He chortled. That earned him a punch in the arm.

"Hey. You wanna play a game?" He softly asked as he leaned forwards to kiss her.

"Sure. What you got in mind. Big boy!" Mae West replied.

"Just follow my lead and do what I say okay?"

"Okay." Becky giggled.

After handing the statuette to a reasonable facsimile of one of Snow White's dwarves, Bob hooked his arm around his lovers back and they followed 'Sneezy' to the check out area. He paid for the bronze piper and when Sneezy had handed the bag containing the gift-wrapped statue over to him, he then thanked the clerk and wished him back a Merry Christmas, before then continued on. Bob whispered into Becky's ear, "Okay stay with me we are going to casually look like we are shopping until we get to the elevator. Okay?"

"Okay. What ever you say." Becky giggled.

The pair worked their way over to the elevator and casually milled about looking at the displays. Just before the elevator door was about to close Bob grabbed Becky and pushed them both inside sealing them off from the rest of the store. As the conveyance rose to the second floor Martin and Pip were panicking.

"Damn it!" Martin shouted. "Pip they've done a bunk on us!"

"Ya I see. I'll take the stairs you grab the next elevator." She replied into her lapel as she quickly ran towards the curved open staircase that rose to the second floor.

When the elevator reached the second floor, Bob quickly pulled Becky out and off to one side and they hid behind a large display of Peacock fans that a harem girl was demonstrating.

Martin punched the elevator buttons and swore as the slow machine rose up to where it had deposited his boss's. "Where are you Pip?" He spoke into his cuff, much to the amusement of a ten year old who was busy staring at the impressive giant.

"Just at the top of the stairs now. I can't see them! Damn it!"

The door of the elevator burst open and Martin charged thru it in search of any one of the three people he needed to locate. His eyes rested on the back of a blonde who was wearing a tweed jacket almost identical to Becky's, and he was off running. "I think I found 'Cupcake,' no sight of 'King' yet though. I'm heading towards electronics."

"Right. Meet you there."

While their attention was being diverted, Bob and Becky quietly slipped from behind the display and quickly stepped into the elevators closing doors. Becky was giggling loudly and Bob had to 'shoosh' her for fear of being heard.

Martin and Pip met up outside the gigantic computer display and both realized instantly when their prey turned around that this was not Becky. "Damn!" The giant barked.

Pip was still searching for the pair when she peered over the concourse and spotted them one floor below. "Martin. There they are." She pointed out. "They doubled back on us. We are definitely going to have to be a lot more careful with these two." She proclaimed as they ran towards the long curving stairway back down to the main floor.

"Hmm." Was all Martin said. He was really confused. "Why would Bob do this to me?" The ex-footballer thought. "Bob had always complied, to the letter every time I told him what needed if there was a security problem. It's not like him to put himself and Becky in danger like this. Why? I just don't understand."

The over anxious pair finally spotted their charges sitting down at a camping display in fold up chairs with a newspaper in front of their faces. Pip put her hand on the large man's forearm and motioned with her eyes in the direction of Bob and Becky trying to hide behind the papers. Martin snorted and Pip giggled at the sight. "Just who did they think they were fooling? They stick out like a sore thumb sitting there like that."

"What do you want to do?" Martin asked. He really wanted to get to the bottom of this.

"I got an idea. Follow my lead and do whatever I say." Pip smiled as she circled around behind the unsuspecting pair. When she was close enough she gave Martin a wink and dashed in for the kill. Pip grabbed the back of Bob's and Becky's ears like the misbehaved little imps they were and started to march them out the door. "Come along children!" She loudly exclaimed. "You have been very naughty to run away like that. If were weren't in public, I would give you both a sound spanking."

The insolent kids could do nothing but comply. With a chorus of "Ow's" and "Oh that hurts," they followed along obediently as Pip directed them away from the display. They group must have made a very interesting sight as here was a much smaller and younger woman leading the par around like a couple of delinquents.

Pip finally released them when they had walked down the aisle and Martin had caught up with them. He still wanted some answers and was not going to be sedated until he understood fully why Bob had been so foolish.

Pip directed them to the onsite snack bar that the store boasted. She pointed to the table and told them, "SIT!"

"Uh oh." Bob whispered in Becky's direction. "I think we are in trouble."

"Well if we are. It was all your fault." She pouted. Her ear still stung slightly from being so rudely twisted.

Martin stood not more than three feet away from them and without saying it, both Becky and Bob knew that they weren't about to go anywhere by the scowl that Martin had on his face.

Pip plunked down two cups of tea and the same amount in coffee before directing Martin to sit as well. "Just what the hell were you trying to prove?" She shouted her anger finally starting to show through. "Do you have any idea what might have happened? How the hell am Martin and I suppose to do our jobs when you pull a stunt like that?"

Her larger than normal boyfriend softly rested his meaty paw on Pip's arm letting her know to calm down a bit. "Besides, it's my turn!" He thought.

The man of few words began talking in that soft slow way of his. He had a way of letting people know that he was deadly serious about something without raising his voice and shouting, and now he was clearly demonstrating it. "Bob, do you remember Mohamed Abdul Jabar?"

The billionaire sheepishly looked into his friend's eyes and softly replied. "Yes."

"Do you recall what he said he was going to do? Do you recall why he singled you out and what he promised the Islamic Nation what he was personally going to do to you, when he caught up with you? Do you remember that?"

Bob signed, resigned to receive a proper dressing down. "Yes I remember."

"Perhaps then that you forgot that Jabar is still out there somewhere, and hasn't been spotted in public since September in Paris after that assassination of the German Industrialist, or that he had promised him the same thing he promised you?"

"No I haven't forgotten. You made your point. It was very irresponsible of me to endanger both your lives and Becky's as well by doing something so foolish. Please accept my apologizes. It was just a bit of harmless fun, that's all."

Martin sat back in his chair and sipped at his coffee. He had made his point; there was no sense in continuing the chastisement any further.

It was now Pip's turn to take over. She tried using the same method of Becky that had been so successful on her lover. "Becky, did you know that Myers is going to be alright and that he is going to stand trial any day now?"

"Ya, but I didn't think that…." She tried to explain what had happened but Pip quickly stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Did you also know that he is in Vancouver General hospital, and if he really wanted to he could find a way to bust out of there and come looking for you?" Pip knew that, that would never happen. There was a special ward in the hospital that detainees were kept in and were not allowed visitors of any type, save legal and medical representation, but she was gambling that Becky didn't.

"You mean he could walk away just like last time?" The scare little girl enquired.

"It's possible." Pip stated.

"Guess we really messed up eh?" Becky stated as she stared at her teacup.

"Ya." The Okie waif replied.

"OH Pip, Martin I'm sorry. We didn't mean to cause any problems. We just wanted a few minutes away from you two so we could look for a Christmas present for you. That's all. We weren't trying to be…" Becky stopped in her explanation and loudly cleared the lump in her throat. "I'm sorry." She pleaded looking up misty eyed at her friends.

"Well there was no harm done. This time!" Martin added trying to lighten things up a bit, but still remind them that this was serious stuff. "Just don't do it again. Okay?"

Becky sniffled. "I promise."

Bob rose from his seat and hugged both Pip and Martin. The much larger man was unsure of all the attention they were drawing in such a public display of emotion, and you could tell it made him uncomfortable. Bob then got a very wicked smile on his face winked in the girls direction and leaned over and with both hands on either side of Martins face gave him a kiss worthy of one he would share with Becky. If it had been another male on the planet who had committed such an offence, they would be in some kind of serious hurt right about now, but all the four of them could do was laugh them selves silly at the spontaneity of the situation.

"Come on let's get out of here before we get arrested. How about we have an early dinner at Mama Rosa's, my treat." Bob directed.

"Sounds good to me." Martin replied, as he echoed the sentiments of the entire group.

"Right!" Bob declared with another wicked smile. He then casually wrapped his arm around Martins and said loud enough for the entire bistro to hear. "Sweetie. Why don't you bring the car around for us please."

Taking her cue from Bob, Becky quickly follow suit by vamping Pip. "We'll just wait right here for you while you're gone." She boldly stated as she tightly held onto Pip's arm.

Her friend was very uncomfortable at present. With Martin gone she was the only person 'hands on' in the detail, and she took her job very seriously, especially after today's episode.



Across town in the part of Commercial Drive, known as 'Little Italy,' Rosa was telling her eldest son that she would be with Roberto and Rebecca, and as soon as he could to sit them in a nice quiet place when they arrived. Angelo did not question how the old woman knew that Bob and Becky were coming here. Fifty years of being her son told him that she just knew that's all.

"When are they expected to arrive?" He inquired of the quickly receding back side of his mother.

"Soon." Was all she said as she disappeared back into the kitchen.

The Valenti male went back to organizing the tables for the evening's dinner menu, which would be starting in less than an hour from now. Fifty years he had been evolved in the family business and he was always amazed at the amount of work that always needed to be done each and every day. He smiled thinking about the pleasant experience. They had, had a good life. They had never wanted for anything when they were growing up, especially when Angelo's father was still alive. Mama was a lot stricter than the old man, but she had instilled a hard work ethic in all of her sons and their loyalty to her was unquestioning. His life was good, even if he had never married. The private man preferred his romantic liaisons private and would have them far away from the microscope of the Valenti family. Being gay was not something openly discussed in his family. Convinced that everything was perfect Angelo pinned the fresh carnation to his lapel, brushed off the imaginary dust that had accumulated on his neatly pressed jacket and slipped it on and stood at his post ready to greet the soon to be arriving dinner crowd. This first reservation was for just over ten minutes from now and he had Anthony already setting it up, complete with the small linen reserved placard in flowing script lettering held up by the solid brass bookstand

"Tony he shouted to his much younger cousin. Set up a table in the alcove for Roberto. He and his lovely girlfriend will be in for dinner very soon."

"Sure thing Uncle." The university student shouted back his arms full of fresh crisp linens to be strategically placed in little storage compartments throughout the eatery. "Any idea when they are going to be here?" He enquired, his heart and emotions roaring at the thought of seeing the blonde diva, which had stolen his heart when he had first laid eyes on her.

It was Vito, Angelo's younger brother, than answered the young hormone enraged youth's question. "You just keep your mind on your work and don't you be concerned about that girl that comes in with them. She could break you in two, and if she doesn't, I'm sure her boyfriend would without raising a sweat. You have enough to worry about with graduating school. You don't need to get involved with girls yet at your age." He had remembered what had happened when they had visited a week or so ago, when it was all Tony could do to refrain from grabbing the blonde temptress and kissing her, when Tony had confided in him, his love for Pip when he first laid eyes on her.

Tony had just finished adjusting the sign when he heard Angelo greet them.

"Roberto, my brother. What a pleasant surprise. Rebecca. You are looking more beautiful every day. Come let me see you up closely." The smooth operator schmoozed. He had hugged her closely and kissed her lightly on the hands before acknowledging his adopted brother again. He then hugged and kissed Bob on either cheek, as Martin stood back and got a little chuckle out of the display. Glad that it wasn't him this time, who was being kissed by a man.

The sharply dressed man had shown the party to their seats and had pulled out the chairs for both Becky and Pip. "It is so nice to see you again. It has been far too much time since last you were here. Mama was very happy when she found out you were coming."

Pip leaned over to quietly have a word in her lapel. "I don't recall Bob calling ahead telling them we were coming."

"Neither do I." Martin coughed.

"I tell you Martin. This is one strange family." Pip replied. She was still convinced that the entire Valenti family was like something out of a lost episode of The Outer Limits.

Anthony, the bus boy swept by, updated his uncle Robert on his progress at university. All the time he kept sneaking glances over at Pip hoping that the giant sitting beside her would not catch him. His admiration had not gone unnoticed by Becky though. She smiled smugly at the goings on, and thought it was really cute.

During the magically appearing dinner, Becky suddenly stopped eating and placed her fork down on the side of her plate as if she had reached a decision and was about to do something. Pip thought she needed to make a stop to the ladies and quickly disposed of her linen napkin and pushed back her chair to get ready to roll, but Becky just sat there.

"Becky. You okay?" Pip enquired. Confused as to what was happening.

"Yes. Fine." She replied as if her mind was a thousand miles away.

Pip looked at Bob for guidance. All he did was casually shake his head as if to say don't worry about it; everything is okay.

She sat there unmoving for the better part of a minute. Suddenly she rose from her seat and walked over to another table about fifteen feet away from theirs. Martin and Pip both noticed the three Valenti sisters approaching and without a word being spoken, they and Becky all sat down at the table and held hands. It was a strange sight to behold. All four women sitting stone straight with their eyes closed, holding each other's hands.

"This is one seriously messed up family." Pip said under her breath, so that no one would hear.

As suddenly as it began it was over. All four women stood at the same time, and without saying a word departed to carry on with what they were doing before this strange occurrence. Becky returned to the table, daintily slid into her seat, placed her napkin back on her lap, picked up her fork, and resumed eating. It was as if the event never happened.

Pip however still sat there and started at Becky. Finding her courage she asked. "Becky, what happened there? What was that all about?"

Unsure of exactly how to answer Becky gave the best explanation she could. "First we said hello and then I let them ask me about everything that has happened in the past two weeks or so, and I told them."

"What do you mean you told them? You, never said one word the entire time you were there, and neither did they." Pip questioned.

"Pip it's hard to explain, but we can talk to each other without saying anything out loud, I guess it's like telepathy, I guess."

"Hmmm." Pip replied. She was not impressed. "If those people hurt Becky in any way what so ever they would have to deal with me! And it won't be pretty!" She thought.

"Oh my lord!" Becky suddenly exclaimed, as if she had suddenly remembered something very important she had forgotten to do.

"What's the matter?" Both Bob and Pip asked. Martin just looked up from the remnants of Pip's dinner as he swallowed the last of her tortellini.

"I'm not sure." Becky hesitantly replied. "But I think something is happening here and I'm not sure I understand it completely."

"Well are you going to share it with us at least?" Her bestest friend asked.

"Um, okay, I'll try." Without moving what so ever Becky asked Pip. " Pip, did you just threaten Mama and her sisters if they hurt me, and then say, I mean, think, that it won't be pretty?"

The focus of attention was now centered on Pip. She felt like she was under a spotlight, and now had to confirm the harmful thoughts she had for the Valenti sisters. "Ya I thought that. Becky I am worried about what they might do to you and I don't want to see you harmed." She pleaded.

"That's okay Pip. You were trying to protect me. I don't think badly of that. In fact it's very reassuring somehow knowing that you care enough to do something like that." Becky smiled as she gentle touched Pip's forearm to reassure her.

Bob sat back and took the corner of his linen napkin, whipping the corner of his mouth and added his two cents worth. "Pip. Rosa and her sisters have a certain gift that a lot of people these days either don't understand or refuse to believe it even exists. Becky also has a gift, and she is just now learning what it is and soon she will learn how to develop it and how best to use her gift to help others. This is about a simple as I can make it. If you don't have the gift or at least some sort of twinkling of it, you will have a hard time understanding it all exactly."

Becky nodded and waited to see the reaction on Pip's face before she continued. She did notice that Pip's reaction was to scrunch up her face slightly and shrug as if to say, whatever.

"Pip I don't know why I can do this or even how. I just know that there is something different happening to me and I need to know what that something is."

There was an awkward moment or two of silence before Bob piped up. "Now how about a little slice of tira misu, and an espresso or a latte?"

"I think I'll pass on the cake Bob, but a cup of tea would be nice." His lover replied.



This Sunday morning began as most of the others now that the house had fallen into a routine. Today's difference was that Bob and Martin would not be allowed the luxury of lazing around Xanadu fondling their favourite toys. At the mere mention of a hairdresser and 'fluff stuff' as Bob called it. Both men had decided that they had other business to take care of and, that it would pretty much take up all the time that Marcie was going to be here. Please accept our apologizes for not being here but needs must, was the excuse given.

Pip and Becky high fived each other, mission accomplished get rid of the boys so the hens could have a party.

"What time does Marcie get here?" Becky asked as she carefully arranged a tray of finger foods to be put in the oven a bit later. You could tell she was impatient to get started.

Suddenly the phone chirped and Becky squeaked.

"Right about now I'd say." Pip replied as she went downstairs to answer the door.

"Wow! Nice place Becky. Did your lover buy this for you?" Marcie asked as she unburdened herself of goods on hers and Pip's second trip up the stairs.

"No, I had leased this place before I met Bob." Becky giggled, pleased at the compliment regarding her good fashion and fiscal sense. "We can set up either in the kitchen or the ensuite. If you like Marcie." She suggested.

"Oh it doesn't matter, either will be just fine. All I need is access to water occasionally a good mirror and a comfy chair for you to sit in."

Fifteen or so minutes later they had installed themselves into the gigantic ensuite that was off of the master bedroom.

"Oh my good lord! Will you see the size of that tub?" Marcie exclaimed on the first trip in with her stuff. "Becky this place is bigger than my Kit's Beach condo. And look at that vanity. I do declare child, you are better equip here than I am at work." She gushed.

"It's not that great." Becky humbly admitted. "It is pretty nice though, oh and check this out." She said as she swung out the studio seat that was tucked away under the counter. Her hand then found the switches that operated the concealed lighting behind the gigantic make up mirror. "We had office, day and night light here. All at the touch of a switch." She explained.

Marcie was very impressed. This set up was indeed better than the one she had at Christians, and she thought that they had bent over backwards too accommodate her. "This is going to be a pleasure today." Marcie smiled as she directed Becky to a chair she had installed in front of Bob's sink. It was bigger and deeper than Becky's small clam shape 'Corlon' sink.

"Ohh!" Becky gasped as her delicate neck contacted the cool marble of the counter top.

"That better?" Marcie asked as she repositioned the towel under the back of her head.

"Much." Becky sighed as the expert's fingers began massaging her scalp and shampooing her hair.

The soft smooth strains of a romantic jazz album could be heard wafting thru the air from the concealed 'Bose' speakers carefully placed throughout the room. Becky gave an involuntary shiver as she relaxed and mentally thanked Pip for putting on the mood music.

After, Becky had been properly washed and conditioned and the excess water sponged from her head. Marcie sat her back at the stool under the vanity and flipped on the day light feature of the make up lighting. She then reached into her bag and carefully pulled out a case that contained, hopefully Becky's new wig. Marcie undid the catches on the case to reveal a Styrofoam headpiece with a long blond mop on it the exact same colour as Becky's hair. She set the head on the vanity in front and after a few minutes consideration began to fuss with Becky's real hair. Marcie would stop every few minutes to look at the wig, maybe adjust something or snip a bit here and there, so that is was the exact copy of her customers original tresses. She pulled Becky's hair back tight against her head, with the aid of a stocking had pulled the wig over top of her head, and had begun to fit it properly. She pulled, tugged, smoothed, and sniped. She punched, flattened, rounded, and stretched, until it fit Becky's head and looked essentially as if it were Becky's original hair.

Pip had brought in a tray with tea and a few small pastries that Becky and her had prepared earlier. The three of them munched and jabbered away happily as if they had been girlfriends for years. Except one of them wasn't a girl. Marcie may have resembled a girl in her mannerisms and even in the way she talked, but she was still dressed as a man, a very effeminate one, but still the same a man. When her attention was distracted, Becky pulled Pip over for a quick secret. Pip giggled and agreed wholeheartedly to Becky's devious little plan.

When Marcie had announced that Becky's new hair was complete with a proclaimed "Tada!" Pip and her co-conspirator moved in for the kill. The both grabbed either arm of Marcie and marched her into the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes." Becky giggled.

"Um, ah Becky." Marcie tried to plead. "I don't think this is a good idea. I think you are very good looking for a girl but, um, I like guys not girls. It just wouldn't work." Marcie explained

Pip and Becky started howling. Marcie thought they wanted to take her to bed. She stood there completely confused at the happenings of the two connivers as they could barely stop the tears from flowing down their face.

"Whaa?" Marcie questioned.

Pip was the first to regain control. "Marcie we don't want to take you to bed. We just wanted to have a little girl party, and since you aren't exactly dressed as a girl, we thought we would help you get more in the mood.

"You want me to get dressed?" Marcie asked, still a bit confused as to why.

"Uh huh." Becky responded. "We want to spend the day with our hairdresser, and just hang out and do each others nails and drink some wine and just have fun. What do you say?"

"Honey." Marcie vamped. "You should have told me this is what you wanted to do earlier. I have this outfit that would knock your boyfriends eyes out. I would have been all prepared when I got here."

"I just thought of it a few minutes ago, but I have plenty of things in my wardrobe, I'm sure we can find something appropriate to fit you." Becky explained.

The trio went to work. It was decided that all three of them would play dress-up, but first they needed to put on makeup and do their nails so the appropriate lingerie was in order. The giggling girls sat in the kitchen wearing the slinkiest of scanties, as they laughed, joked, and compared nail colours and lengths. Marcie had managed to construct an impressive set of daggers for her own hands in a matter of minutes, which soon became a deep crimson to match her carefully painted lips. So the trio passed the rest of the morning and had a light lunch doing 'fluff stuff' as Bob called it.

After lunch it was on to more serious endeavours as they had decreed that they couldn't have a proper dress-up party without trying on a bunch of clothes. So it was almost forty minutes later when the three of them were all adorned in cocktail length gowns, dripping with jewelry, posed on impossibly high heels. It was a problem finding some that would fit Marcie's much larger feet, but when they did find a pair of sandals with a modest three-inch heel she could cram into, they then designed an appropriate outfit to match the delicate footwear.

All three ladies vamped there way into the parlour as Becky changed the music, and Pip went to replenish the chocolate and strawberries, and open another bottle of raspberry zinfandel. The sensuous beat Of Barry White began to pulsate thru the efficient Klipsch speakers and Becky and Marcie began to grind to the music, remembering what it was like just a few years ago when the club scene religiously played make out music such as this.

"Ooh….Love to love you baby" they sang as Pip returned with the wine. She was immediately scooped up by the other revelers and joined in the bump and grind show, proving that she was just as adapt as her co-conspirators were.

The ladies had gabbed the entire afternoon away and it was getting close to dinnertime when Bob phoned asking if it was okay for him and Martin to come home yet.

"I should get going." Marcie announced, as she sat up straight in the loveseat she had managed to fully occupy for the last half hour or so. "I have to pack up all my gear and cart it down and drive home."

"You're not driving home." Becky decreed. "You have been drinking, and there is no bloody way your are driving home from here. Not now anyway. Maybe later." Becky slid forward in her seat and set her half full wine glass she had been nursing for well over an hour, down on the end table. "I know. Why don't you stay for dinner? I'll tell Bob we have to go out for dinner, and you are coming along."

"Oh no Becky. I can't do that." Marcie protested. "I have kept the men away from both of you all day. It's their time now. I wouldn't want to intrude." Marcie explained.

"Nonsense." Pip agreed. "Besides, I don't think we've taken anything out of the freezer for dinner anyway. I guess I must have forgot." She giggled.

Becky and Marcie gave each other the knowing look. Pip had definitely had her share of the wine today.

"So you see, we would have to go out for dinner anyway." Becky decided, as she threw her hands up in the air. "Now the only thing we need to decide is where and what we are going to wear. Any ideas there Marcie?"

"Are you sure? I mean I would feel really awkward if you weren't sure."

"Trust me. It's cool." Pip proclaimed.

"Okay." Marcie giggled. "Where we going?"

"Where would you like to go? We should keep our choices within the province tonight though. I mean don't you have to work tomorrow?"

Marcie began to laugh hysterically. "Becky that is so funny. Keep it in the province. As if your lover was going to fly us somewhere else for dinner this evening."

"Ahh Marcie. Don't laugh." Becky said with a very straight face. "He rented a helicopter for me and flew us to Whistler for lunch just after Thanksgiving. So I wouldn't put it passed him if you suggested dinner in, wherever," Becky indicated by throwing her hands up in the air. "That we wouldn't find our way on the way there."

"You're serious?" The beautician asked.

"Yup!" Pip replied as she drained the last of her glass.

Becky just looked at her and smiled. She then casually leaned over and slid the almost empty wine bottle out of Pip's sight, just in case. The wine was starting to hit her friend, and she didn't want her inexperience roomie discovering what a raspberry hangover felt like. "So where are we going for dinner?"

"How about the drive thru at 'Rotten Ronnie's?" Pip suggested with a giggle.

"Not!" Marcie declared, beating Becky to the punch by nanoseconds.

"Been there done that. Still have the bad memory." Her partner shot back.

"Oh I know where we can go!" Marcie proclaimed. "But I'm not sure we can get in, and it's very expensive."

"So." Pip and Becky replied simultaneously. The pair looked at each daring the other to say snap first, and decided to smile instead.

"What's the name of this place?" Becky asked as she winked at Pip, who shared the little secret with her.

"It's called 'Puccini's. But I don't think we will ever get in now. People have to make reservations weeks in advance to get in there, but Becky; oh the food is to die for. A big Hollywood producer, who had the hots for me took me, and this actress for dinner one night. It was exquisite."

The producer or the meal?" Pip giggled.

"The meal silly. The producer was just okay. He wanted to play the girl as soon as we got behind closed doors. Anyway, the food and the service were terrific."

The conversation was interrupted by the loud click of the lock on the apartment door disengaging. With a flurry that proved that Pip could still perform her job, even after a few glasses of wine, she was up and had assumed a defensive posture blocking the way from anyone getting in without her permission. She hoped with all her heart that it was the boys returning, but since the events of the car park, she took her job very seriously now.

Martin's smiling face peeked it's way around the large solid maple door, and Pip's face lit up like the Christmas tree in Victory Square every Christmas eve. She abandoned her stance and dove into the arms of her lover as he was trying to secure the door behind him and Bob.

"I think someone missed me today." The quiet giant proclaimed, his smile almost touching either ear.

"Bob. This is Marcie. She was the one that did my make up at Halloween for the dance."

"Pleased to meet you Marcie. I want to thank you for the fantastic job that you did, not that my princess really needed all that much fixing up, because she is already a radiant beauty."

"Alright that's enough." Becky declared placing her hand over Bob's mouth. "You're giving me a sweet tooth."

"It's still nice to meet you Marcie."

"Thank you it's nice to meet you too Bob." Actually Marcie was thinking "What a hunk! This man is stud material, and then some, and he's rich to boot. Becky you better hold on to this one real tight."

"Bob." Becky cooed. Her bottom lip stuck out in a little girl pout.

"Yes sugar." He smiled. She had his attention with that look. It worked every time.

"We want to go to Puccini's for dinner this evening, but Marcie says we will never be able to get in. The reservation list is about two weeks long."

"Is that Mike Puccini's restaurant you are talking about?" He enquired.

"Yes." Marcie replied, as she shook her diamond-encrusted head at Bob.

"Let me see what I can do." Bob smiled. "Oh what time do we want to have dinner?"

"How about 7:30? Would that be okay for everyone? That way we will have time to get dressed and relax a bit before." Becky decided

"Okay 7:30 it is." The billionaire announced pulling his miniature cell phone from his pocket and striding into the kitchen.

Marcie looked over at Becky with a questioning look on her face. "Can he really get us in for dinner this evening?"

"Probably, if there is a way. Not too many people say no to Bob when he asks a favour." Becky stated. "However, we have a more important detail to take care of." She giggled as she directed Marcie back into the master suite. "What are we going to wear this evening? I think elegant and dressy don't you? Do they have dancing? I would love to go dancing." Becky proclaimed as she swirled around the room to the imaginary tune playing in her head.

"No. Not there, but I know a little club close by that does, and I know I can get us in there. The owner is an old boyfriend." Marcie smiled.

"So it's settled, dinner at Puccini's and dancing to follow. I better tell Bob to break out his tux."

"It's not that fancy." Marcie stated. Tell him a nice suit would be perfect."

"Good that's the men sorted, now on to more important details. I think basic black is called for this evening. Don't you? And I have the perfect outfit for you to show off those legs of yours." Becky directed. As she began to select items from the gigantic closet that, somehow managed to accommodate her steadily increasing wardrobe."

Marcie was in awe once again of the depth of Becky's fashion items. "I've seen smaller wardrobes for movies." She thought as she stood there eyeing the expanse of finery.

"Here let's start out with this." Becky directed, pitching what appeared to be a light piece of black chiffon at Marcie. "Oh! And of course you are going to need the correct foundation garments." She giggled as she opened drawers to reveal a very sinister looking black satin merry widow. Oh and the correct stockings of course."

"Oh of course." Marcie giggled.

"Now! What are we going to do about shoes? I know! Sit down there on the settee, I have an idea." Becky then began to pull out three of four pair of basic black pumps. Some had outrageously tall heels. Marcie had lots of experience with skyscraper heels before, but the height of the ones Becky was producing was going to be a challenge.

Bob peeked his head around the corner and said we were a go for 7:30ish at Puccini's. Becky told him to wear his black Armani suit and tell Martin to wear the same. We were going dancing afterwards. He knew better than to ask any questions and just accepted the directions and walked away to inform Martin what the plan of attack was. Bob was not quite sure that Martin heard all of what Bob had told him as Pip was doing her best to cover every square inch of the man with every part of her body. "Good thing we have lots of time to get ready." He thought as he flopped into the leather wingback and flipped thru some papers regarding the new business.

By seven the entire crew had been washed, fluffed, teased, combed, brushed and attired in basic black for a night on the town. Martin and Pip had their little earphones plugged in and had replaced the batteries in the unit, just in case it was a long one tonight.

Martin had brought the Mercedes around to the front and stood with the door open while Pip was escorting the rest of the party out the front door. Once everyone was securely locked inside the reinforced auto they were off.


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*Note: PTA= Pits,tits,& ass.

SOT= Sticks Out Tongue

STEW=Sticks Thumbs in Ears and Wiggles




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