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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB.

With thanks to Jenna Hitch, and a big ole' hug to Bob A.

~Part: #36  The Feast Of St. Stevens~



Becky's eyes fluttered open as her mind slowly woke up as well. She looked over at the still comatose form of her lover and smiled. "Let him sleep." She thought. "The poor man probably needs his rest after last night." She silently giggled to herself. The waiting period imposed by Dr. Mortimer had been rescinded by ultimate decree last night, and by mutual consent she added. Becky carefully slid her way off the far side of the large bed and tried to quietly pad her way to the washroom to begin her day. She winced at the stabbing pain that hit her when she straightened up a bit too fast as she reached for a towel to dry her hands and face. "Phooey!" She silently cursed, before tiptoeing her way out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen. She swallowed six mgs. of dalaudid and filled the kettle for tea. The quiet mouse was fumbling with the coffee beans when Martin poked his head around the corner.

"Morning Becky." The giant man softly said.

Becky dropped the mason jar that held the coffee beans and they spread across the stone counter and onto the tumbled Italian tiled floor.

"Sorry." The big man apologized, after Becky had come down from the ceiling. "I didn't think you would be up so early. I'm usually the only one up at this time. I think I'll just go do my stretches." He announced, when he noticed that Becky was not acknowledging any of his excuses.

"Not so fast there, Gentle Ben!" His morning companion ordered. "You can help me clean up this mess you helped create. Get the broom and dustpan out of the cleaning cupboard over there and start sweeping. I'll make the coffee."

When Bob surfaced some six minutes later, Becky and Martin were sitting across the table from each other sipping on their favourite beverages.

"Umm, fresh coffee." He mindlessly said as his sense of smell woke up."

Soon all the three of them sat around the table sipping away.

"So what's the plan for today my sweet?" Bob ventured.

"Well we have a lot to do today. First off this house has to be cleaned from top to bottom, and I could use a hand with that."

"Not a problem." Bob decided. "I'll just get my phone and we can call a service to come in this morning and do that. In fact, we should have them come in all the time, that way you wouldn't have to clean at all. What' a ya think?"

"Not!" Becky adamantly protested. "Not in my house. Bob is that your solution to everything, just make a call and hire someone to take care of it for you?"

He large man thought for a moment before answering. "Ya." He replied with a shrug. "It hasn't failed me yet."

"Well not this time. Both you and Martin are going to help me clean this place from top to bottom and everything in between today."

"But, I have, we have things to do today. There is stuff that I have to take care of." He pleaded.

"Oh, like what?"

Bob looked over at Martin for support and saw the same look of fear on his face as he knew must have been plastered on his. "Well you know stuff. I have to go to the new office and check on progress. And you know there is always something there that needs to be taken care of." He offered hoping to appease his lover.

"Uh huh. I thought that's what you hired Lori and Michel for? To take care of those things. You mean to tell me that they can't do their job, because they look like they are pretty competent to me."

"Oh, oh they are they are very good."

"So the problem would be then?" Becky asked waiting for Bob to finish the sentence.

"Help" A small voice replied. The captain of industry knew he was defeated. A woman with no professional negotiating skills to speak of had soundly trounced him.

"It won't be that bad, Luv. After all Martin will be helping, and Sara and myself will be here too. We can direct you two. I'm sure with the four of us pulling together we can have everything finished by late afternoon." Becky smiled.

"Late afternoon?" Both males chimed.

"What could you possible clean in here that would take all day? Becky this place is already immaculate. Martin is scared to set his cup down anywhere in this house for fear that you will bean him for leaving a mess. You are constantly running around after me with a cloth in your hand wiping up any fleck of dust you happen to see, whether its imagined or not.

"That's precisely why we are cleaning this place today. It's filthy. The silver needs polished, the walls need to be wiped down, and the bathrooms are disgusting. The kitchen looks like a campsite. Who knows how much laundry there is piled up? You think this stuff just magically does itself?"

"Ya, well, I mean no!" Bob pouted.

"Right so lets get to it. Sara will be here any minute now, so why don't you two get yourselves dressed and Martin you can give Bob a hand on polishing the silverware."

"Yes ma'am." The giant quietly complied.

"Sorry buddy." Bob apologized to his friend and bodyguard. "I tried."

Becky smiled to herself. She could tell just exactly how motivated these pair were, but there was work to be done, she thought as she slipped back into her commanding mother position. "Let's go. Chop, Chop! The sooner we start the sooner we are finished." She proclaimed, clapping her hands behind Bob to get him motivated.

Sara arrived scant moments later and Martin let her in. "Good morning Becky." The chipper Brit declared. "So what are we up to this morning? It look's like we are about to give this place a good New Years cleaning by the looks of things?"

"Aye." Becky replied as she air kissed her friend and health provider. "We have a dinner party to host and this place needs a proper scrub from top to bottom. I have Martin and Bob in the dinning room polishing all the silver, so that should keep them occupied for several hours, that way you and I can get down to the business at hand, and things will be accomplished a lot faster. What do you say? Are you up to giving me a hand?"

"The question is Luv, are you up to the challenge?" The concerned nurse asked. "You're taking on a fair piece of work to accomplish in one day, and you aren't exactly ready to be playing Molly Maid. Maybe you should think of hiring someone to do this for you, this time?"

A lone voice came from the dining room as it briefly interrupted its polishing. "I tried that argument already." It announced, before resuming its chores.

"We can do this. I'm sure it shan't take us much more than the morning and perhaps into the afternoon, by tea time we can have this place shining, and then I'll feel a lot better."

"Ya, if it doesn't knock you for six first!" Sara shot back. "Becky you're taking on too much for right now. Trust me I kn…."

"That's what I got you, Bob and Martin for, you are all going to help me so that it gets done proper and I'm not too puggled by the end of it."

"You're wasting your time." The dismembered voice shouted from the silver polishing room.

Sara shook her head. She knew that Bob was right. She was wasting her time. She was slowly learning all about Becky. When the blonde got something fixed in her head, she was like a terrier after its prey. She was unlikely to give up, despite the odds.

Becky picked up her bucket and cleaning paraphernalia and quickly proceeded in the direction she was heading when Sara entered, back into the Master suite to scrub the ensuite from top to bottom.

Sara headed into the kitchen, draped her coat over one of the bistro chairs, and rolled up the sleeves of her sweater to make a proper start there.

By the time noon had arrived and the boys had complained about the slave like conditions they had been forced to work under. Describing such barbaric conditions as no food, and the lack of stimulating female companionship, in Bob's case. The girls had decided that the easiest way to appease them was to feed the pair of gannets. This would at least keep them quiet while they were eating. They all sat and made an impressive amount of sandwiches and at minimum several gallons of soup disappear, before Becky declared that it was back to the mining pits for all slaves.

True to Becky's word, by the time teatime had arrived the place had passed muster. All, the facilities had been scrubbed, all the laundry had been spun and folded, the linens had all been ironed and every bit of polished metal gleamed in the reflection of the light that shone from the chandelier. The foursome all but flopped into the love seats in the parlour and relaxed as they sipped on the hot beverage, and munched on a light snack to bide them over til dinner.

Becky slowly drifted off into a sleep, most likely caused by sheer exhaustion. Martin was directed to softly pick her up and deposit the sleeping princess on her spacious bed.

"She's completely knackered." Sara commented as she softly closed the bedroom door, sealing off the outside world from Becky's private sanctuary.

Sara woke Becky for her dinner, and the 'crew' spent the night watching 'the telly' as Sara called it. All had decided to spend a quiet night, as tomorrow would be chaotic. The morning would be somewhat crazy with remembering last minute details, and when the caterers arrived shortly after one, then, all hell would probably break loose. Becky was worried about her 'do' being a total 'bomb', but Bob assured her that everything was going to be perfect.

Becky woke to the sound of water running. She cautiously opened her eyes to look out the window and noticed the hard freezing rain pelting the side of the building. The sound of the thick rain on the glass, just made her think that it was cold out and thankful she was in bed. As she rolled over to cuddle with her favourite toy, she was only able to find an empty spot. Bob had recently gotten up and had headed into the ensuite to have a shower. The bed still warm and alive with his scent, Becky scrunched up one of his pillows, and quickly hugged it to her face and inhaled deeply. Finally coming to her senses she all but frantically screamed, "What time is it?" The blonde in near panic mode tried to untangle herself from the thick covers, but her struggling only made things worse. She winced at the pain she had caused herself in her haste, as she looked over at the still new alarm clock that sat on the table beside the bed. "Whew!" She sighed in relief. "It's only seven thirty, still got lots of time."

Finally, detangling herself from her self imposed prison she patted her way to the water closet to start her day. Bob was joyfully singing the words to his own version of "Deck The Halls" while he lathered up himself. Occasionally, the water raining into his mouth drowned his words out, as he sputtered away.

"Check the halls, I've lost my dolly. Fa, la,lalala, la, lalala.

I need her soon 'cuz I'm feeling jolly." Bob then gargled the warm water, spurted it out, and continued right along with his singing, oblivious to his love's presence. "Don we now our gay apparel. Fa,la la, fa,la la la, La la la."

The large man shut off the steaming shower and opened the door to find an amused Becky leaning up against the counter listening to his antics. Bob abruptly quit his impromptu recital. "Oh! I didn't know you were up. Sorry, did I wake you?" He enquired as he reached for the thirsty bath sheet, to dry himself off with.

"No, Pavarotti, I think the rain woke me up, but we can go back to bed, and you can try again if you like?"

"I'd love to." He smiled, draping the towel over his shoulders, thereby hiding very little else of his body. "What time is it?" He added, as reality just hit him as well.

"Past seven thirty." Becky stated. "I'll go put the coffee on." She volunteered, as she also knew that there was a lot to accomplish today, and they had better get on with it. She spun on her heels and quickly donned her robe and slippers and proceeded out the bedroom door, but not before she had selected her lovers undergarments for the day. "I'll show him gay apparel." She giggled, tossing Bob the frothy rayon blend champagne coloured confections. "Here. Put these on this morning."

Minutes' later Bob, his hair all combed, and cleanly shaved, met up again with Becky in the kitchen. He pulled her in a hug so tight; it was designed to make her 'swoon'. Her small hands snaked around to his backside. Her sharp talons fiercely grabbed his cheeks as she pulled him against her. The pair played tonsil hockey for a brief moment, before they realized that, the other two occupants of the room were closely observing them. It was hard to tell who had the pinker face, Becky, who was feeling flushed from the strong embrace, or Bob, who was slightly embarrassed that someone might have observed the power exchange just a little bit closer than he wanted to openly admit at present.

"I think maybe you should get us some ice from the refrigerator, please Martin." Sara announced. "A large bucket if you please." She laughed.

"Ya well maybe we should make that two buckets. One for each of them." The giant Swede replied.

"Oh give it over. Both of you." Becky countered, as she unpeeled herself from the middle of a Bob sandwich.

Becky poured, as Bob sat. She also refreshed all the other cups in the room as well. "Bob." She cooed at the large man.

"Yes princess." He replied. Everyone knew by the tone of Becky's voice she wanted something. She was using all her innocent charms to get him to do something that normally would not have been done.

"Do you think we can add some decorations downstairs in the lobby for Christmas? Just for the party." The imp enquired.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure. I guess so, but I think we should contact Herb Doman first, and see if there is going to be a problem. Why? What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know." She sighed. Something Christmassy."

"Well I'll call him this morning and see if it's possible. You know we should have thought of this a few weeks ago, it would have been done by now, that is if we can."

"I know, but I just thought of it. A nice big runner with a fir tree and some presents hanging out of it. It would look pretty cool there. Wouldn't it?" Becky giggled, like a small child.

"A runner? You mean like a sleigh?"

"Uh huh."

"Becky. Just where in the hell…Sorry. Just where do you think we are going to find a runner in this city, a week before Christmas?"

The distasteful look that Becky gave her man when he slipped up quickly changed to a pout, as she stuck out her bottom lip for emphasis.

Looking up at her for forgiveness for the minor infraction, he surrendered. "All right, I'll see what I can do. I'll make a few calls and find you a sleigh."

"It doesn't have to be a very big one." She added as she leaned across the distance to kiss Bob on the cheeks as a reward for seeing things 'logically'.

Martin decided he might be able to help a bit. "Erik and Julie used to have a cutter that they used to use in the restaurant at Christmas. If you like I can give them a call and see if it's available?"

Bob chuckled for a bit before answering. "Oh yes. I remember them. Are you sure Erik is still talking to you after that stunt you pulled on them the other week?"

"Oh I'm sure they will see things my way." Martin dryly added. "I'll just make them an offer they can't refuse."

Shall I leave it in your capably hands then?" Bob asked, his mind already figuring out how he was going to fulfill his loves latest whim.

"No problem Santa." The giant replied. After all, all it took was a bit on money and some gentle arm-twisting.

Some time later, Bob had contacted Herb as he was just getting in to work. Sabrina had put him on hold for several minutes while she fetched her boss his morning coffee. He didn't have a problem with anything Bob wanted to do. He knew that it would be tasteful and that Bob would cover any expenses, or repairs because of it. The billionaire's next call was to Michel. He wanted her to drop everything and get herself over here PDQ. He had a small sideline job for her that had to be completed by early this afternoon, and of course he would pay her cash.

Erik and Julie were a bit concerned about lending out the antique sleigh. They had used it for several years in the restaurant for Christmas dining until it go so fragile that they were afraid someone would hurt themselves if it gave way. The old cutter was not very sturdy they said. Martin promised that Bob would cover any damage to the heirloom, if they would be so kind as to lend them it for the rest of the Christmas season. A truck had been arranged to pick it up from a storage unit in Burnaby where the couple lived, and it would be here later this morning.

"There you go my sweets." Bob announced when the plan had come together. "Everything is all arranged. You will have your runner predominantly displayed in the foyer by early this afternoon, just in time for your soirée this evening."

Becky jumped into the man's arms and hung off of him hugging him tight. "Oh Bob. You are so wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" She kissed him repeatedly.

Michel proved once again that she had a flair for just the right thing, and that she could provide the service on time as well. She had arranged the cutter in the foyer as promised. In the seats was a gaily-decorated Christmas tree, sort of leaning over to one side. It was surrounded by wrapped presents with a teddy bear and a candy cane placed in the appropriate places to accent the display. She had also taken plush burgundy and gold ribbon and intertwined it in the stair rails up to the floors above. A gigantic wreath now hung on the entrance, and she had carefully hidden some pine boughs and some cinnamon and cloves around the area to give it that extra little bit of punch. Charlene was busy hanging little groups of brass bells on the banister when Becky was called to inspect the display.

"It is not exactly my best work." Michel explained in her thick French accent. "But considering the time you gave me to work in, I think I achieved perfection. No?"

"Oh Michel. It's gorgeous. It's perfect. It's exactly what I imagined it would be." Becky gushed as she excitedly hugged both Michel and her lover. "Come up stairs for a cup of tea, before you go. Surely you must have time for that?"

Charlene was a bit reluctant. She had wanted to inspect some woodwork one of the cabinet-makers was doing for her at ACC. She had caught him using MDF(medium density fibreboard) board on some of the shelves when she had told him that only 100% maple was to be used. He tried to tell her that it would never been seen and that it would cost her a lot less money that way. Charlene laughed in his face of course; he had missed the point entirely. Cost had nothing to do with this project. This is what is required for the customer's tastes. She wanted to ensure that he understood this completely before he had finished the job. "Ahh, I should get back to the office project." She explained. "That carpenter is supposed to be almost finished, and I want to make sure that he understands exactly what I want done, and he doesn't cut any corners, to save a bit of cost."

"So phone him and tell him you can't make it back to the site today and that you will inspect his work on Monday, before he submits his bill. I find that usually motivates people quite effectively." Bob volunteered.

Charlene joined the rest of the group for tea and cookies, while Becky was trying to explain what she needed to do next. Both Michel and Charlene promised to be here at the anointed hour, and that they would be wearing their best holiday frocks for the occasion.

"Which reminds me," Bob interjected with. "I don't remember you going to Mona's this week, or last week, for that matter to pick out something to wear, so, just what are you wearing tonight?"

"Don't worry sweetheart. I have our outfits all picked out for this evening." Becky giggled as she tickled the end of his nose with her lips.

"Why do I have this cold shiver suddenly running down my back?"

"Trust me. You'll love it." Becky added.

"Now I'm really worried. Whenever someone says that to me, it means I about to have something done to me, I may not necessarily enjoy." The large man declared, as he raised one eyebrow for effect.

Michel leaned over against her lover and loudly remarked. "I think we should get here early this evening my pet, something tells me that we will want to get good seats for this event."

All four ladies laughed loudly at Bob's imagined plight. Even Martin let out a small snort.

"I wouldn't laugh too hard if I were you there, mountain man. I haven't told you what you are wearing this evening either." Becky added.

"Oooooooohhhhhh!!!!!" Remarked the rest of the room.

"We will definitely have to make sure we get here early." Charlene decided, as they made their way towards the door. "See you later Becky. I can hardly wait until this evening Bob." She added, just to rub it in.

"Bye for now. See you in a wee bit." Becky called out as the heavy maple door swung shut on the leaving pair.

Becky now focused her attention back to the caterers. She had to make sure that everything was perfect for this evening. She was already impressed by the decorations and the details the special events business had installed. "This outfit is definitely top drawer, as Bob suggested." She thought, as she observed a white-jacketed waiter stacking crystal champagne flutes in a proper pyramid.

"Madam." The head co-ordinator quietly called out to her. "I have just been informed by the chef that we do indeed have the fresh Digby Bay scallops and the Prince Edward Island lobster, that was ordered. He informs me that it touched down at the airport some forty five minutes ago, and is enroute as we speak."

"Oh that's fantastic!" Becky screamed. "How is the Alaska king crab coming?"

"I think he is almost finished making the crab cakes as we speak. Would you care for a sample when they have cooled enough to try?"

"Yes please." Becky giggled.

"We're having crab cakes?" Bob enquired as Martin's ears picked up the announcement at the same time.

"Just small individual ones as appy's." Becky indicated by the show of her fingers, and thumb.

As the late afternoon light began to lessen, Becky was inspecting the last minute preparations with the catering crew. Along one side of the dining room was a wet bar, which would be staffed at all, times by a bartender and a helper. The dining room table had been transformed into a giant serving platter with every imaginable form of seafood that the mind could think of. In addition to the scallops, lobster and, crab there were New Zealand blue muscles, fresh caught calamari from the depths off of Port Hardy earlier this morning. A gigantic portion of fresh peeled prawns had been acquired from the docks of Steveson Harbour as well as the best-smoked sockeye salmon that the experienced chef could rustle up, and that was just the seafood display. There was an Alberta baron of beef, ready to be carved, as well as a very tender braised chicken made with maple syrup, lemon, and cashews. Various salads had appeared, as well as many different types of finger foods. There was a separate table set up for the desserts. This ranged from cheesecakes to, light as air mousses, from Scottish shortbreads to German pastries. There was a sorbet, and a glace, both disputed to be made special just for this evening's event.

"How many people did you say you invited to this thing tonight?" Bob asked as he surveyed the amount of food being carefully arranged.

"Not that many, actually." Becky offered as an excuse. "Oh my! Bob look at the time. We have to go get changed." Her ploy had taken the large mans attention off of the question, for a moment, but Bob was not to be out buffaloed by his petite lover, he had argued with the best negotiators in the business. He knew he would get his answer soon, if he were patient.

"You have got to be joking?" The excited man remarked when Becky began showing him what she had in mind for him to wear this evening. "You actually want me to wear that?"

"Yes. Why? Don't you like it? I think it will look very sharp on you. We'll be matching too, just like perfect Christmas hosts." Becky explained.

"Now I know why you wanted me to try on those dress boots the other week in Eingledew's (a nice place to buy good quality footwear in Vancouver)

Becky had selected a pair of high waist black satin breech pants for her love. He was to wear a heavy pleated tuxedo shirt, with black dome fasteners and a bright red quilted satin smokers jacket with black piping. The breech pants were designed to be tucked into knee high black riding boots, and Becky thought that a small ribbon tie with a cameo inset worn tight at the throat would look perfect.

"I don't know Beck's, this isn't exactly what I had in mind for this evening. I thought I'd just wear a nice jacket, a sweater and some slacks, you know sorta casual."

"Bob this is a jacket, slacks and a top. It's, just a little bit more Christmassy." The experienced woman had saddled over to caress her lovers arms and thighs. "I got something special for you to wear under it to make me feel all tingly." She teased.

"Oh? Like what?" He eagerly enquired. Bob was always interested in making Becky feel tingly like that, it usually meant that they both were going to tingle from top to toe before long.

His love had opened a small tissue paper wrapped box to reveal a virgin white camisole with lots of soft eyelet lace. She then held up a pair of lace trimmed bikini panties that were the perfect match for the top.

"Hmm." Bob smiled, as his love provided the provocative display.

"And I'm wearing almost the same thing, and they are matching." She breathed into his neck, "Here put these on." She offered tossing him a pair of white silk stockings and garters.

Bob tried to look embarrassed, but his eyes straightened to his lover who was divesting herself of her track suit to reveal that she was indeed wearing the exact same thing as he soon would be, with the exception that her intimates had a lot more lace and frills on them. She saucily bent over thrusting her plump tush in Bob's direction as she teasingly straightened the seam of her own virgin white stockings and adjuster her garter belt. Becky knew that the man was staring straight at her saucy bottom, and when she looked over her shoulder to see if she was correct, she could see the little beads of perspiration on his top lip as the large man tried in vain to remain composed.

"Honey." She reminded him. "We have to get ready for the party."

As if a spell had been broken he came to his senses, and started to carefully and slowly don the required items. Bob kept an eye on his naughty lover as she was dressing faster than he was.

Becky was wearing her Santa's helper outfit from the other day, with the exception of a long opaque mid calf red skirt, trimmed in white fur. The gauzy skirt was slit quite high, and whenever Becky would walk it opened almost all the way to reveal all of her treasures, but she stood still all was very chaste and demure.

Her lover was having problems as he fumbled with his own clothes. He for some unknown reason was having trouble concentrating on what he was doing and had now buttoned his tuxedo shirt three times incorrectly. Becky couldn't help but giggle, sitting on the edge of the bed doing up the zippers on her own knee-high leather boots. "Here let me help, you silly goose." She teased. Her hands undid all of the dome fasteners on the crisp white shirt and her fingers just couldn't help but tease his little buds as she carefully scratched along them with her sharp nails. "We must make sure that everything is just perfect and there aren't any unnecessary bunching of fabric, right?"

"Yes." Bob swallowed.

Becky just couldn't resist rubbing herself up against the smooth satiny front of her lover's breech pants. She felt his appendage grind against her with every move. She could also feel it swell in size and knew she was being unfairly cruel. "There we go sweetie, how does that feel? Now isn't that much better?" She cooed.

Finally finding his composure and voice Bob suddenly chirped up. "You really are quite the tease sometimes, you know?"

"Who little ole' me?" Scarlet replied."

"Hmm." The excited man grumbled.

"Here, come with me, I want to fix your hair." She directed as she led him into the ensuite and sat him at the vanity. Becky brushed, combed, and teased until her lover's head looked a lot softer and fuller than it normally did. She sprayed a liberal dosage of her 'cement in a can' and with a drop of her favourite perfume behind his ears, she pronounced him almost complete. "Now don't you move or do anything right now. Just go sit on the chair beside the bed and wait for me. I'll be out in a second."

"Yes Mistress." The large man teased, which caused them both to giggle.

Becky continued to finish her make up and cemented her own hair into place. She then put two coats of lip treatment on her lips and sealed each coat in between. She then applied a third liberal coat, which she did not seal and forcefully walked up to her lover. She 'pulled him out of the chair and promptly transferred the majority of the last coat of lipstick to his lips. Now his lips were the same deep red colour as hers were. "Blot dear." She suggested as she handed him a tissue. "And quit growling. It's very unbecoming."

"Oh, they'll be something coming alright." He replied as quickly turned the tables on her swatting her delicious bottom with his open palm, as she ran squealing out the bedroom door.

One last inspection of the facilities and everything was ready. Guests should start arriving any minute now. Bob caught sight of Martin and Sara and noticed that the pair was both decked out in Christmas green. Martin had tight breech pants like himself with knee high boots in black and a short waistcoat trimmed in gold holly around the edges. He also wore a forest green silk shirt with large pouffy sleeves. Bob could just faintly detect the almost invisible strap of a camisole under the shirt when he moved just the right way. Sara was almost the same except she wore a long flowing very full skirt and the hem of it was trimmed with the same gold holly that adorned the vest.

The household seem to notice each others outfits all at the same time, and enjoyed a good chuckle as the toasted them selves and the serving staff a Very Merry Christmas, before the festivities began.

Martin excused himself as he went to check the doorman downstairs. Although he was celebrating this evening as well, he was still on duty, and he was just a bit leery of letting the responsibility of security be someone else's job. He adjusted the earpiece that kept him in constant contact with all four members on his team as he strode down the grand staircase to the front entrance.

"Remember." He instructed the temporary doorman and valet hired for this evening's event. "No one gets in that door that doesn't either live here or has their invitation to the party with them. If they insist that they be allowed entry, contact me and I will come and decide. You both got that?"

Both men, much smaller than Martin understood exactly what he said. Martin didn't care whether they understood why, only that they understand what he wanted them to do, and they did it. Mona's photographer had arrived, so before he returned upstairs he helped the slightly foppish man with the bulky equipment, after he had instructed him where to secure his vehicle.

Becky upon seeing the photographer's arrival immediately wanted to get a picture with the four of them and then several with the serving staff. The small man accommodated the Lady of the Manor, and was quickly arranging the subjects in the picture to best show off his talents. He had the two waist coated waiters complete with white gloves holding trays loaded down with champagne flutes standing on either side of the picture as to frame it. Next to them were two more white-coated bartenders. Moving further inside were the two kitchen, and serving attendants and standing next to him was the chef and his helper, all were dressed in their best whites. Arranged in front of the staff was our foursome, resting comfortably on chairs sipping on their proffered glasses of champagne.

While they were finishing up the last of the photos Martin's earpiece came alive. He quietly indicated to Bob that they had company, who quickly informed his love.




An hour later, Becky knew that her party was a success. She had greeted Prue and Jeffery, the first to arrive. Moments later she had introduced Bob to Shelly and Norman, followed closely by Robyn and her husband. Next it was Bob's turn for introductions as he asked Becky if she had remembered Larry and Kitty from the Halloween dance at the Commodore. Dr. Geoff showed up with a young blonde on his arm, which was fascinated with every word that came out of his mouth. Something that Kelly and Joan kept teasing the man about at every chance they got that evening. Pickles had shown up with a dozen roses for Becky, and blushed a deep red when she kissed him in front of his date. Jennifer Pope introduced her husband to Bob, who just happen to be a businessman and owned several magazines on tourism. Charlene and Michel had arrived early as promised and gushed non-stop about Becky and Bob's outfits.

Mona and her hubby were thick as thieves in the kidding department as well. Taking every opportunity to rub her hand against Bob's buns whenever, she passed behind him. In fact, Bob noticed that several of the women at tonight's gathering, were finding excuses to casually pat his bottom whenever he wasn't paying attention. It was if they were all sharing a private little joke.

Marcie arrived stag, but that didn't slow him down very long as he and Mona's photo expert quickly became acquainted.

Jenna showed up and dotted over Becky like the mother that she portrayed at the clinic. She took every opportunity to make sure that she hugged and gave words of encouragement to her adopted child most of the evening.

Some time during the second hour of the party, Becky suddenly got very quiet. She carefully slipped out of her chair and told Martin to go downstairs and greet Rosa Valenti and her sisters. Martin looked at her strangely for a moment before realizing that Becky would know that they were arriving long before his staff had informed him of their arrival. "Yes Ma'am." He replied, and was down stairs waiting for the trio before their long black ancient Buick had pulled up to the curb.

Becky was overjoyed that the party was going so well. She was also very happy that she had taken the caterers suggestion for music and had let him supply recorded CD's of background music, sprinkled with Christmas favourites. The soft jazz seemed to flow from the hidden Klipsch monitors that were strategically embedded into the walls and ceiling throughout the entire flat.

Part way thru the evening Becky had dashed across the hall to Christy and Maggie's place. She had invited them formally, but she knew that they thought they would be intruding if they showed up, so Becky was forced to do the neighbourly thing. She informed Christy that if she didn't return with her back to the party right now, she would command Martin to forcibly take her over. Finally Christy relented and begged for, five minutes to make herself more presentable to Becky's guests. It turned out that they had a good time as well, because Christy and Koos Baer's wife had gone to school together, and they spent a lot of the evening laughing about old times.

When Aunt Jan came thru the door of the apartment, Becky knew that everything was complete. She hugged the elder caregiver and almost let a tear escape when she laid her head on Jan's shoulder. This did not go unnoticed by Mama Rosa, who made a point of meeting and talking to the woman who had managed to make such an impact on her child. The two women spent a long time in a deep discussion that no one knew anything about.

"Oh Bob. Thank you very much." Becky gushed as she ran up and physically attacked her man. "This has been a very special evening for me. Everyone is having a fabulous time and is getting along so well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She kissed him over, and over. Becky then drew her mans ear down to her level and whispered. "I got a special surprise for you for later on tonight, after everyone has gone home." She then giggled and bit the end of his ear playfully before taking the lobe in her mouth and sucking it in and out.

As far as Bob was concerned, the party was over right now, and everyone could do as they pleased. He wanted Becky and he didn't want to have to wait. His little tease then forcefully slapped his panty-covered bottom and gave him a very dirty smile as she walked away. She had accomplished her mission. She had teased her man enough so that he would be thinking about what she had in store for him for later on.

Whenever Marcie would let the photographer up for air, he would snap off pictures of the event at random. Some of the shots were posed, but the majority of them were candid caught in the action shots. He tried to get the best of everyone present, but at the same time use his lens to catch them at something they would rather not have had anyone record for prosperity.

Whenever someone's glass was getting empty, there would be a waiter at your side to quickly hand you a new one. Most everyone had started with champagne, but most of the ladies had drifted to different types of wine. Some of the men had preferred beer, others hard liquor, and the well stocked bar seemed to fulfill all requests. It looked like the party was a complete success. Even a very fluid Miss kitty, was having a good time without going too far over board. She did try and corner Becky sometime during the evening and grill her about why she hadn't made it on the dinner cruise on Jimmy Peterman's yacht last week. Becky pulled her to one side and quickly informed her of her health problems and that she was in no shape to go anywhere last week. Kitty did feel somewhat foolish for a moment, but when Becky swore her to complete secrecy, she felt much better about the embarrassing situation.


Bob had made several announcements during the evening. The last one was to inform everyone that, those who had consumed alcohol, and did not have a chauffeur to drive him or her, they would be provided with one for the trip home this evening. If in the morning they wished, all they had to do was inform the driver of their intentions and he would return them here to pick up their stranded automobiles. Bob had carefully arranged for a limo service to provide him with as many cars and drivers as he needed starting shortly after midnight.

When the party finally began to break up and people slowly made their way out. Each of them were handed a basket containing scented candles, body washes and several varieties of fruits and nuts. Bob and Becky being perfect hosts, they saw each and every guest to the door and amongst much hugging and kissing, wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Finally it was just the four of them and the busy catering staff, clearing up the mess as fast as possible. Becky presented each of them with a little red envelope with a gold seal on the back, thanking every one of them for a job well done.

They were prepared to stay and clean up everything tonight, but Bob quickly made them change their minds with a bit of monetary incentive. "If you and your staff leave right this minute and come back tomorrow to finish cleaning things up. I will pay you another full days wages for your services. The head chef insisted that he at least be allowed to make sure the food had been carefully put away, so as not to spoil, but other than that the staff was ready to roll. Bob handed each of them a magnum of champagne and told them to return sometime after mid morning tomorrow to finish off. Another round of Merry Christmas, and Xanadu was finally back to its normal compliment.

Martin offered to drive Sara home, but she refused saying that she could easily make it in her trusty Mini. He escorted her down the stairs and watched as she drove off into the two o'clock fog. The big man ensured that all the doors were secured, including the main entrance again and quietly bolted the door to their suite. He then surveyed the apartment ensuring that Bob and Becky had retired, before he allowed himself to relax. He wandered down the hall to the pink pleasure palace and flopped into bed. "What a night!" He said aloud to the empty air about him.



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