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Rebecca Anne Stewart's

~Hot Crossings~

by Becky Stewart & RickkiB.

With thanks to Jenna Hitch, and a big hug to BobA.


~Part# 37 Jingle Bells~



Becky awoke to the sound of talking outside her bedroom door. She immediately rolled over to seek the protection of the resident's alpha male, only to find in her half awake mind that his spot was cold and empty. Then it dawned on her, one of the voices she heard outside her door was her beloved talking to one of the catering crew.

"Thank you again for all of your help. You and your people really made our little party a roaring success. Everything was perfect."

"We were glad to help Sir. I was a bit worried about some of your requests given the short notice, but I'm glad we were able to locate them all in time."

"Yes, well, next time I promise we will try and give you a bit more notice."

"I take it this party was your wife's idea at the last minute?" The voice continued.

"Ahh, you might say that yes." Bob chuckled.

"Well I see that my boys have everything all packed up and loaded, so Sir I thank you for the business, and please give us a call the next time you have a social function. It was a pleasure serving you."

"You are welcome." Bob joked. "And thank you once again for coming to our rescue."

"Our pleasure Sir." The departing voice said as the solid maple door closed behind it.

Becky decided that she should finally get up and make an appearance, especially after looking at the clock and noticing that it was very close to time to take her next load of anti rejection drugs. She stumbled to the washroom just as Sara tapped on her door to remind her of the time.

"Thank you Sara. I'll be there in just a minute. Just let me throw something on please." She tried to yell thru both doors.

When the Lady of the Manor had finally joined the rest of the residents of Xanadu, she found that they had been up for several hours. She was the lazy bones this morning, as she felt a bit self conscious sitting there in an expensive champagne coloured pennoir set that Bob had selected for her, with Mona's help of course.

Bob and Martin were busy playing with their train set under the gigantic pine that dominated the living area. Many of the males guests last night Ohh'd and Ahh'd about it, and Becky had to drag them away from it a few times during the night as they demonstrated it to anyone who showed an interest. At one point last night, there was Bob and two other prominent business men on their hands and knees under the tree playing like little kids with his pride and joy. This morning as Becky sat watching them, she was somewhat lost in her own thoughts when the phone beside her suddenly chirped, which caused her to jump. As an instinctive reaction she grabbed the phone off the hook to answer it before anyone else could come close to getting it.

"Good morning." She smiled into the receiver. "PIP!" She screamed. "Oh my god! Bob its Pip. How are you? I missed you. How have you been? How's your mom, and your sisters? Oh my god. I don't believe it. I missed you. I'm fine… Oh he's fine too…Oh ya he's okay as well, I'll let you talk to him in a second. I think he misses you too." Becky smiled as she looked over at Martin.

Both Bob and Martin were anxious to talk to the arctic blonde bombshell, both for different reasons of course, but since Becky had control of the phone right this moment, they would have to be patient and wait their turn. Their turns eventually did come. Bob first, because Becky knew that if Martin went first it might be some time before Bob ever got a chance to say hello.

While Martin got his turn to say hi, Bob located Becky staring off into space with a hangdog look on her face so pronounced that is was evident for all to notice she was unhappy.

"If you stick that lip out any further a little birdie is going to perch on it you know?" The large male said to her upon noticing her condition. "You miss Pip a lot don't you?"

"Ya." She sighed as she slowly shook her head. "I mean I really like Sara a lot, and I know she is only temporary, and I wish she could stay, but I really miss Pip." The frail woman responded, fighting back tears as she spoke.

Bob immediately did his St. George routine and slid in beside her to hug and comfort his love as if she were a small child who awoke from a bad dream. "Did you know it was snowing out?" He informed her, trying to get her mind of the subject.

"No." She sniffled.

"Yup. It was snowing when I got up this morning, looks like we may have a white Christmas after all if it keeps up."

Bob and Becky knew, as did the other million and a half people that lived in the lower mainland that the chances of having a white Christmas here was astronomical.

"Here come see for yourself." Bob offered, pulling her from her comfy perch on the chintz love seat. He lead her to the large floor the ceiling window that dominated the wall in the library portion of the room and threw back the heavy tapestry curtains that never seemed to stay properly in place, since they had been relieved of their sash some time before.

"I have to remember to put that back on these curtains." Becky chastised herself as she looked at the view being offered to her. "Oh Bob, it's pretty. It's like a fairyland, the fresh snow hanging on the trees like that. I wish it would stay pretty like this, just for Christmas.

Both adults knew that wishing for snow to hang around in Vancouver would be a dangerous if not foolish thing to wish for. Still it stimulated the child like feelings inside them and somehow inspired them to do something about it.

"I feel like going outside and building a snowman, or making a snow angel." Becky announced as she held her lover tight.

"Well why don't we?" He offered back. "You have some snow boots and some mittens and a scarf don't you?"

"Uh huh." The exuberant child giggled back.

"Well off with you then, put on some warm clothes and we shall do just that." He suggested as he patted her perky bottom to encourage her on her way. "I'll inform the 'Posse'. Off you go."

The blues long forgotten, Becky skipped into the bedroom and began tearing things from her dresser to prepare for a romp in the snow. She quickly selected a pair of soft pink undies and matching bra. Leaving a wake as she went, she quickly divested herself of the satin creation that Mona had so carefully directed Bob to purchase for her just last week. She quickly washed herself, a quick birdie bath, she giggled to herself as she carefully examined her features in the large mirror set up behind the sink. Becky quickly applied the, what she considered the minimum amount necessary of make up and decided to highlight the innocence of pink today.

She pulled her hair back, what was left of it anyway, and quickly ran a stiff brush thru it, before she realized her mistake. A few moments of reality broke through as she looked down at the large quantity of hair tangled up in the teeth of the hairbrush. Quickly grabbing the counter for support, she mentally willed herself not to let this get to her. She was stronger than this disease. She would not let cancer control her life, she would make the cancer disappear if it was the last thing she did. With a determined look in her eyes she slicked back what was left of her once unruly locks and carefully secured one of the wigs that Marcie had made up for her. Her mind harkened back to the conversation just a few weeks ago when the experienced cosmetician had told her that she should have a minimum of three wigs all the same, that way one could be set aside for good, one for everyday use and the other would be getting set for her by Marcie at Christian's, and that if she rotated each one every few days then she would always look her very best.

Becky ran to her enormous closet and slid into a pair of stretch ski pants, and her fluffy angora roll neck sweater. As an after thought she also grabbed her angora tam and scarf and threw the scarf on the bed. Singing a little song about it beginning to look a lot like Christmas she pulled her now secured hair back and carefully placed the tam at just the perfect angle, she pulled down two tendrils of hair and made sure that her little chapeau was carefully pinned into place. "Perfect." She exclaimed as she air kissed herself in the mirror. Leaning forward, she retrieved her set of princess cut diamond earrings and quickly slipped the posts thru the respective holes and secured them tight. Becky knew that the look would make appear casual, but classy.

She sat back on the bed, and after pulling on a pair of long thick socks she then tugged on her black boots, and with a bit of effort zipped them up into place. During all of this she didn't even notice that Bob had been carefully spying on her, as he got himself ready to go.

"What?" She asked, when she finally noticed the dopey grin the wealthy man had pasted on his mug.

"Nuttin honey."

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, just enjoying the view." He offered as an explanation. "And enjoying it very much." He continued, as he stared at his lover, bent over trying hard to close the dresser drawer she had ransacked minutes before. "You ready to go?" He asked as he took over the operation of the wayward drawer.

"Just about. I just need a bit of lippy and my jacket and I'm ready." She announced.

When the pair emerged from their room they had noticed that Sara had changed into a pair of jeans, as had Martin, they were ready to go play in the snow as well. Sara had remembered to grab her digital camera from her car this time, so that they could record the event for prosperity.

"Martin. Bring the car around." Bob commanded when he noticed that all was prepared.

Becky had already applied two coats of light pink paint to her lips and was now waiting for the topcoat of gloss to dry. She quickly sorted out a small purse and wrapped her angora scarf around her neck as she slipped on her matching mittens.

Bob could not help but notice how much his love reminded him of a cute innocent snow bunny and he told her so.

"Thank you for noticing." She whispered into his ear, before nibbling on his lobe.

Finally the entourage was on their way to play in the snow.

"Bob, I hope we are not driving up to Whistler again." Becky asked as the powerful Mercedes accelerated away from the curb.

"Nope! Been there, done that."

"So where are we going?" The inquisitive woman asked as the heading into the downtown core. "There isn't any place to build a snowman downtown." She pouted.

"Who said downtown was our final destination."

Becky was content, for the moment to let that be his final answer. She knew of a better way to spend her time then playing twenty questions, and she moved in on her prey to prove it. She did keep one eye on the passing scenery and from time to time noticed familiar landmarks slide by. The Lions gate Bridge, and the Upper Levels Highway. When the stretch limo pulled up at the lift station of Grouse Mountain, she finally got her answer.

"Wow!" Sara exclaimed as the cable car quickly lofted them skyward. "All the time I have lived here in Vancouver and I have never been up here. I'm glad I brought my camera with me."

Soon the trusty lift had deposited them on top if the mountain, them, and about a dozen skiers, that is. The four of them were like tourists as they stood and stared at the sight laid out before them. Below them lay the entire metropolis of greater Vancouver, all glittery from the fresh blanket of snow. It was a rare sight to be sure, especially with the unexpected gift from the weatherman.

Becky was the first to start the foolishness, when she scooped up a handful of snow and threw it directly into Bob's face. He quickly reciprocated by bending over to scoop up his own handful. When he did, this gave Martin the perfect opportunity to push his boss and long time friend head first into the snow bank in front of the billionaire.

"I'd run if I were you Becky." Martin told her. "When Bob gets up and finds out you not only hit him with a face full of snow, but then pushed him down into the snow bank, he's going to be looking to get even."

"Me? But, but, I didn't…" she never got to finish that statement, but she did scream as her lover quickly wrapped his powerful arms around her and hauled the blonde bunny down on top of him.

Sara was quickly snapping pictures with her trusty digital camera. She had it set on action shots, which enabled the camera to take pictures at a quicker rate as the exposure was at a much faster setting. She did notice that Martin was soon involved in the frolicking as he was pelted with snowballs from the now giggling pair. The determined nurse was doing her best to make sure that she captured the merry making to be downloaded later to her computer. Changing memory cards on the fly, she was able to run after the 'kids' as their play area was quickly expanding.

Suddenly the tables were turned on her from spectator to active participant. "Huh?" Was her response when she looked up from the viewfinder when someone said, "Sara, think quick." She was met with a face full of fresh powder from what she thought was her friend and patient.

Quickly demonstrating that she had learned a thing or two growing up with three older brothers, Sara quickly stowed away her expensive and delicate memory preserver, and began to give just as well as she could receive.

Soon though, the foursome were all reduced to a giggling mass all splayed out on the snow, tired but very happy for the experience. "How about some hot chocolate?" Bob asked as they lay there trying to catch snowflakes with their tongues. "I'll buy."

"Well since you offered, how can we refuse?" The first of the other teenagers answered back. Soon they had managed to brush a major portion of the accumulated snow off of each other and were sitting inside the Grouse Nest, looking out at the panoramic view before them.

"What a gorgeous sight." Bob remarked to know one in particular.

"Yup." Was the general consensus.

"Oh look." Becky exclaimed, as she pointed out a bunch of teenagers trying to build a snowman. "That's what we were going to do."

"We still can if you want to." Bob remarked as he loudly sipped at his warming beverage.

This made the rest of the group distinctly aware of their age. The hour or so fun that they had in the snow, had reminded the over the hill teens that they were not as young as they once were. Suddenly the thought of making a snowman, or sitting there watching someone else do it, while they sipped on their hot chocolate seemed a lot more appealing. Without a word being spoken, it was decided that they were further ahead observing someone else getting cold.

The foursome enjoyed a good laugh as they looked at the pictures Sara was able to capture with her camera. Bob had refilled everyone's beverages and had even sprung for a piece of spice cake for each of them with a warm gooey cream cheese topping. Soon Sara had noticed tell tale signs from Becky that she was starting to lag. With a nod of her head she was able to get Bob's attention and indicated to him, without her patient knowing that it was time to go.

With a collective sigh the foursome piled back into the cable car for the ride back down to the bottom of the lift. The late afternoon sun was now waning and the temperature on the mountain had dropped considerably in the last hour. What had been a nice minus two degrees Celsius with the sun on your face was now a slightly cooler minus ten with a slight wind. Becky cuddled into the big man for warmth and slept all the way home to Xanadu.




Everyone slept well that night. When miss lazy bones finally surfaced, she was once again reminded that she was the last one to get out of bed.

Bob kissed his sweetheart lightly on the forehead before he and Martin ducked out to check on progress at ACC. It had been almost a week since he had actively been involved in what was going on there and he was very anxious to see what had been accomplished without his direct involvement. When the cherry black SEL Mercedes pulled into its secured parking spot at the rear of the building, Bob knew that he was about to be impressed. It was barely passed seven thirty, but the crews had been hard at work for some time already by the looks of things.

"Michel!" Bob screamed over the whine of a screw gun as it secured another piece of tiling.

"Hi Bob. Enjoy your day off?" The efficient woman asked in her thick French accented English.

"Yes I did as a matter of fact." He replied, giving her a quick hug. "Looks pretty good. I'm impressed." He shouted back to her.

"Thanks we're trying. Should have the majority of the heavy work finished before Christmas." She yelled back to him, as she pulled him over to a little bit quieter area. "I told the crews that I want everything basically completed before the holiday starts. I only want to see fine-tuning done after that time. So they better hustle. Also, they all want to get paid so they have some extra money for Christmas as well, and I don't pay without seeing results." She added with a sly smile.

"That reminds me, how are the funds holding up? Do you need any more money?"

"We are okay at present, but I have a big payroll to meet this week. I'm going to need about ten, or twelve grand before Wednesday. These guys are going to want to get paid before the holiday. I promised them they would be able to get their wives all the turkey they wanted if they gave me one hundred percent, and so far its been working." Michel quietly joked.

"What's the balance in your operating account?" The financial guru enquired.

"Oh, I'm not sure at present Bob, but there is plenty to make the payroll and any hidden expenses that crop up before the end of the week, that I am sure of."

"Still I think I'll transfer another ten grand into that account just in case." Bob remarked as he made a mental note to call the bank. "Now, when are you planning to shut things down here for Christmas?"

"We'll be working right up until Wednesday afternoon. If I slack off now, these guys will have to change my nickname." Michel joked.

"I'm sure its either Witch or Scrooge." He joked back.

"Probably a combination of both." Michel flatly replied.

"Well Michel. I don't want these guys working past noon on Wednesday. In fact I wouldn't mind if you shut things down tomorrow night, but that's entirely up to you. I do want you to thank them for me and maybe you can supply them with a bit of Christmas lunch or something." He then peeled off a thousand dollar bill from his billfold and handed it to Michel.

"What do you do? Print those bloody things up in your basement?" She enquired as she accepted the large bill.

"No I got a little printing press near Ottawa that cranks them out for me as I need them." He joked. "Now show me what you've done in the past week. I want to see where all my money has been going."

The nimble designer quickly showed her employer all the changes that she had added since his last inspection. The dark sombre air that permeated the place was gone. It had been replaced by a bright cheery attitude. The ceiling tiles had been installed and the indirect lighting that shone thru them still gave the feeling of a turn of the century office, but now made the surroundings look up to date. Everywhere that Bob's eyes looked he noticed a marrying of old world craftsmanship and new world technology. There was state of the art electronic equipment set into old oak paneling and somehow Michel had made everything look as if it belonged there.

"It took a bit of doing between Lori and myself to make sure everything was correct." Michel pointed out. "But I think it will work just fine."

"Michel. I must say I am very impressed. This is much better than what I had imagined." The smiling billionaire announced.

"Ha! You ain't, as they say, seen nothing yet. Wait until you see the command centre. Lori hasn't left this room for over a week. I swear she has been living here night and day since the electricians did the basic wiring in it."

"Really." Bob remarked. He was very interested in seeing that room.

On the way down the corridor, Michel pointed out the office of PM Securtec, which Martin was interested in seeing. The hulk almost peeled off to have a first hand look himself, but responsibility prevailed and he would have to be content with a quick glance on the way by.

The trio entered a large room that was nothing but computer monitors and boards and wires running everywhere. Bob immediately recognized the pert bottom of Lori as it stuck out from underneath the large control panel in front of him.

"Merry Christmas Lori." He loudly said to her, which caused the overextended tech to hit her head as she jumped from the fright she had received from Bob's greeting.

"OW! Shit!" She replied, rubbing the top of her head as she surfaced from under the curtain of brightly coloured wires that hung in front of her.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Bob apologized. "I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and let you know how impressed I am with what's been happening here."

"That's' okay Bob, I needed a bit of a break anyway." She replied as she stole a swig from her Mountain Dew and continued rubbing her forehead. "Merry Christmas to you too."

Bob noticed the goose egg sized bump that was starting to form on the raven-haired beauty and quickly directed Martin to have a quick look at it.

"I'm fine." Lori protested. "If I stopped every time I bumped my head, I would never get anything done."

"Still. I am the boss, and Martin will have a look at it just the same." Bob ordered.

The gentle giant quickly examined the area noting the broken skin and enquired. "Michel where's the first aid kit?"

"Down the hall and just inside the door of the staff room." She replied as she quickly started to take an interest in the now quite large bump on her co-workers forehead.

Martin quickly returned and within minutes had treated the broken skin and had threatened Lori to keep that ice pak on her head or he would do it for her. "Here swallow these." He directed, handing her a couple of extra strength Tylenols and a glass of water, after he made sure that Lori's pupils had responded correctly when he examined them for dilatation.

"So, Partner, why don't you tell me what you are up to here?" The inquisitive man enquired after Martin had administered his care.

Lori quickly explained that this was the nerve centre of the entire operation. From this room she would be able to monitor every official anywhere in the world, as long as they could get a signal from them that is. "And once we get permission and have that other satellite in place, I should have visual on anyone, anywhere on the face of the earth." The tech proudly explained.

"We better watch out here." Bob joked. "The US government is gonna start taking an active interest in us soon. Uncle Sam is gonna want to know why we have our own spy network in place." He chuckled.

"Oh don't worry. That's almost a gimme." Lori added. "What with all those ties you have to their military. Partner!"

"How long before we are operational?"

"Ha! Hell Bob that is far down the road at present, I have no idea. Maybe a month. We could probably start booking clients for spring if you wanted an accurate time line."

"Hmm. That soon." Bob pursed. "Martin my boy! Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us in the next three months."

"Yes sir." He remarked, hooking his thumbs into the pockets of his wool dress slacks.

"I assume that the security system is in place and operational?" Bob enquired.

"You bet." Lori replied. "It's not quite fully operational as yet though, by the time I'm done with this hook up here, we will have video and audio twenty four seven in every room and every angle on the outside of this building." Lori then pulled Bob to one side and whispered in his ear. "And later on tonight I have will have a direct feed on all the traffic coming and going on the street outside from both directions, and the alley to boot."

"How the hell did you arrange that?" Bob asked.

"You don't want to know." Lori laughed.

The large man threw up his hands in the air and remarked, "I'm sure I don't." as he walked over to examine one of the numerous flat screen monitors that dotted the room.

Lori continued to explain some of the further working of the room and what the potential of this technology could offer. Her partner was dully impressed and told her so.

"However," He remarked. "I don't want you working here thru the holidays at all. Once the security system is in place, I want you to make sure that the monitoring company is notified and they actually make physical inspections of this place over the holidays. I don't want all your hard work to go down the drain, just because some criminal decided to do his Christmas shop lifting at our place. Alright?"

The large man didn't wait for an answer it was unnecessary, he knew that he would be obeyed. "I'll have the bank transfer another ten grand into your operating account Michel, and Lori, I assume that the company that you bought all of this stuff from would want to see some money before the end of the month?"

"Yes I would." Lori giggled. "I quit my job at Trans Global last week, and I haven't had a paycheque this week yet."

"I see." Said Bob, as he peeled off two more large bills from his never-ending supply. "Here Merry Christmas."

Turning on his heels as he made his way out the door. Remember Wednesday noon! And Lori, no working between Christmas and New Years. Take a break; go on a trip or something.

"Merry Christmas Bob." Both of the ladies said at the same time.

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Martin." Michel wished the giant man.

"Yes Merry Christmas." Lori added.

"Merry Christmas to both of you."




Becky was in the kitchen working on a pot of her world famous lobster bisque. She had just sent Sara out to the local market to get all the fresh lobster she could locate, when Bob phoned to inform her that he was done for the day and on his way back.

"That's fantastic Luv. I'm just in the middle of making a large pot of soup. Oh! I forgot, would you do me a favour?"

"For you my love, anything. You need but to ask and I would change the moon and the stars to make you happy." The large man gushed.

"Nothing that drastic Luv." Becky giggled. "I sent Sara out to get some lobster for my bisque, and I forgot to tell her to stop by the bakery and get some bread for it. Would you be a dear, please?"

"Sure I think I can handle that." Bob replied as he leaned forward, taping Martin on the shoulder to let him know that there was a change of plans. "What kind of bread would you like?" He asked for both Martin's and Becky's benefit.

The large car quickly changed lanes and made a right at the next corner so that they could head over towards Commercial Drive to the small bakery that Bob liked to frequent.

"I don't know something that goes with lobster bisque. I know! How about some potato scones? See if they have any of those, or maybe some sourdough, or some calabresse, something like that." The chef answered as she slowly stirred the large soup pot bubbling away on the gas range.

"Right! Potato scones, or something like that it is. See you in a bit. Love ya!"

"Love you too." She giggled as she kissed the phone.

Sara had returned from her expedition and cautiously placed her still live bundle of newspaper wrapped crustaceans on the counter.

"Um, they are still alive." Sara remarked as she made a face to show her displeasure.

"Oh good. That's is really fresh. This is going to be 'sooo' good." Our heroine declared as she slid another chopped onion into the bubbly creation steaming away.

"But they are still moving and everything." The aprehencious nurse indicated.

Oh, I'm sorry. Does that bother you Sara? I didn't think, you know with you being a nurse and all. Hey look I'll finish this part off and you go hang those Christmas cards that came in this mornings post." Becky smiled. It had never occurred to her that a trained nurse would be a bit squeamish at the sight and thought of consuming food that was still alive when she cooked it. Never the less the caregiver quickly left the room and went to occupy herself with the bundle of cards that had arrived that morning.

Becky managed to finish preparing the calorie-laced seafood supreme soup and, Sara managed to forget all about her encounter with live Atlantic lobster, when the foursome sat down to lunch that day. Both Bob and Martin raved about Becky's culinary expertise, and managed to put a major dint in the contents of the large stockpot that the talented vixen used to create lunch in.

After a lazy afternoon and evening it was decided by all the residents to get a good sleep in for the next days adventures. Becky had to go into the clinic for a check up and was also scheduled to see Dr. Mortimer one last time to ensure that her wounds were healing well.

The next morning, Martin had dropped off Sara and Becky at the main entrance of the clinic, and Bob informed the pair that he and Martin would be upstairs visiting Huggy.

"Just call when you are ready to go, and we will be right there to pick you up." He told her as he stole one last kiss when they parted.

Sara managed to get her ward inside the building without getting them arrested for 'lude' behaviour, which she was sure was going to happen after the display that Becky and Bob had performed in front of two of the security guards entering the same building.

"Hi Kelly." Sara shouted when they finally lost the company of the curious guards.

"Hi Sara. Hi Becky!" Kelly Davidson shouted back at them from the mound of pre holiday paperwork that threatened to topple over any second. "How are you doing? All recovered from the party?" She added.

"Ooh yaa!" Becky drawled, drawing out the words for emphasis. "We are all done. Recovered and ready for the big day now. How about you Kelly, do you have anything planned for the holidays?"

"Unfortunately I have to work." The frustrated co-ordinator sighed. "Someone has to keep this place going during the holidays, and it's my turn this year I guess. At least I don't have to work Christmas day; Joan pulled that one. But I have to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day."

"Sorry to hear." Sara replied as she lightly hugged her long time friend. She had worked her share of the holidays over the years and knew how sad and lonely this place can be, especially during this time of the year.

"But I hear Prue is going away with her new beau." Kelly giggled.

"Oh?" Becky's ears picked right up upon hearing Kelly's last statement. "I never knew that. Well now I shall just have to have a little talk with that cousin of mine, and make sure his intentions are purely above board." Becky stated with a very authoritarian voice.

"Becky." Kelly giggled. "I don't think that is why they are taking off for a few days."

The three of them now giggled at that last revelation. "No I guess not." Becky said, stating the obvious.

"Hey Becky, aren't you supposed to be in the lab by now getting your blood tested?" Kelly enquired, bringing the threesome back to business.

"Oh my! You're right. I better get my buns in gear." She announced as she quickly headed off towards the changing room, with Sara in tow under her arm. "See you in a wee bit." The now late patient announced as her pert bottom disappeared thru the swinging door.

"Sorry I'm a wee bit late Dave." She apologized. "We were gabbing with Kelly, and I completely forgot about the time." She apologized as she draped her white lab coat across the back of her seat and offered up her arm to the blood-letting ritual.

"That's okay." The hurried tech replied. "We're a bit disorganized this morning anyway. You already for Christmas?" He asked.

"Think so. Got everything done I can think of anyway." She smiled as she observed Dave swab her skin with the antiseptic. "How about you, you got everything done?"

"Ha! Haven't even started yet!" He laughed. "I figure I'd wait til about noon on Christmas Eve before I really get serious about it."

"Good luck!" Sara wished him. "I finished up about a week ago, and I was finding the shoppes out of a lot of things I had intended on purchasing." She explained.

"Well that's the difference between you and me Sara, you know what you are going to get old Aunt Betty and Uncle John. I won't know until I actually see it. I figure that the last minute pressure will stimulate me and encourage that buying decision."

Tech Hicks quickly finished up taking his patients blood. "Press down firmly please." He directed Becky as he labelled the four tubes of blood he had extracted from her body this morning.

After wishing Dave and Doctor Amelia a very Merry Christmas the pair were sitting in the waiting area waiting for the appearance of Becky's favourite oncologist.

"Well I think she looks quite cute with her belly showing like that." Sara remarked. As they tore apart the fashion faux paus of some rock star 'wanna be' in the magazine they were sharing.

"Ya well you would, you prefer girls." Becky teasingly whispered into her friend's ear.

"So? What's that got to do with it?"

"Well you would think she's hot because she is showing off a lot of flesh in this picture. I think it makes her look trashy."

"Becky," Sara laughed. "She is supposed to look trashy, that's the point. It's the style."

Her partner made a face that clearly expressed her displeasure for that fashion statement. "You would never catch me wearing something like that ever!" Becky announced as she closed the book on the subject.

"Becky you are not eighteen years old, on you or me that look would just look, well… foolish."

"I have news for you Sara. It looks foolish on that girl as well."

"I thought it looked kinda sexy. I wouldn't throw her out of my bed."

"You wish!" Becky cackled.

The conversation would have proceeded downhill even further if they had not been interrupted by Kelly who announced that Dr. Geoff had finished surgery and was on his way over as we speak.

Becky quickly chased down Kelly and tried pumping her for more information about Prue and Jeffery.

"Not too much I can tell you. Lambchop is keeping this one pretty close to her vest. She did hint at it being warm and needed her bikini. So I think they are off to either the Caribbean, or Hawaii, or someplace like that. Maybe Mexico, I'm not sure." Nurse Davidson surmised.

"Hmmm." Becky thought. "I think I'll just have to call my younger cousin and see what his plans are for Christmas. Maybe invite him for Christmas dinner, perhaps?" She smiled.

"Oh here comes the doctor now." Kelly explained.

Becky turned and looked in the direction that Kelly had indicated, there was Geoff strutting down the hall. He had dyed a pair of surgical scrubs a deep crimson red and had sewn on wide white bands at the wrists, knees, and down the front. The bottom part of the trouser part was black to simulate boots, and on the ends of his black scrub slippers he had sewn on little bells, which jingled with every step. He had donned the traditional red hat, of course and had found a fake beard that hooked over his ears.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas." He bellowed as he slid in beside Sara. "And what would you like Santa to bring you little girl? Wait! Don't tell me I can read your mind. And those are very naughty thoughts you have been having there Sara." He chuckled. "I don't think playmate of the year will fit in Santa's bag." He joked as Sara began to playfully pummel him with her fists. "Ouch! Ouch!" Santa continued as he quickly got out of striking range.

Turning his attention back to business he focussed on his primary concern. "And how are you today Becky? Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas party. I really enjoyed myself. And before you ask, yes I did meet Mona, I had a chance to talk to her, and yes Marilyn is going to go shopping one afternoon at her place. Thank you."

He quickly escorted the pair into surgery number three, and bade his patient to sit. "How are you today?" He once again enquired. Not waiting for the answer he knew was coming along with the questions that were to follow about Marilyn going shopping, the young specialist looked down at the chart in front of him and ignored what Becky was saying.

"Now it seems," He continued as he quickly flipped thru the several pages that kept multiplying in her folder, "It would appear that there is a slight increase in the production of the white blood cells."

"What does that mean? Becky enquired as she forgot all about what she was asking about Marilyn.

"Well, that could be good news and it could be bad news as well. It could mean that your body is responding well to the few sessions you have had and that your body is compensation for the chemo and stepped up the production levels, if that is so then your body will just naturally slow down the production and get rid of the excess and that will be the end of it."

"And the bad news?"

"Unfortunately the bad news is, IF, the cancer is becoming more active, then there is a greater chance of it metastasising. Without a biopsy I can't tell. And I really don't want to subject you to that this close to Christmas. So why don't we look at this as good news and enjoy the holiday. After new Years we will start you back up again on the therapy and we will remove all doubt of the bad news scenario. How's that for an idea?"

Becky shook her head and weakly smiled, "Okay."

"Right. Now I need to inspect that luscious body of yours. If you would be so kind as to remove your clothes, I'll be back in a second." Santa smiled as his tongue flicked in and out of his mouth, much like a lizards would.

"Get out of here you pervert!" Becky giggled as she looked for something to assault him with.

As soon as the door shut behind him, Dr. Geoff directed Kelly to schedule Becky another CT scan as soon as possible and have her squeezed in immediately after Christmas for an angiogram of her kidneys, both sides. He was definitely worried about the increased blood cell activity; there should be fewer white blood cells at this point of the procedure, not more.

In Kelly's presence the concerned physician examined Becky thoroughly, probing and feeling every spot where he suspected the disease to have affected. When he was finished he allowed himself a small smile. "Well Becky, its not as bad as I had feared, which is a good thing. However, we need to get you back on the programe as soon as possible. It's just unfortunate that the time of the year, and your assault has hampered our efforts, but don't worry. Come the New Year we will make sure that we get rid of this crap and make you a happy woman again." Closing the growing file he looked up from his work and winked at his slightly aprehencious patient. "Now you have a good Christmas, and have a blast at New Years, and I'll see you on the sixth." He announced consulting the picture calendar that hung on the wall beside him.

After all the good byes were made, Becky had one more stop to make before she left the hospital. Against Sara's advice she purposely strode into the changing room, slipped into a crisp clean lab coat and after throwing Sara one to put on, clicked her way down the wide corridor towards the Children's Ward, with a protesting Sara steps behind.

Jan Wytte had seen her enter and had ambled over to greet her eager volunteer before she could even say hello. The pair hugged fiercely without saying a word as they smiled, and the first of more than one or two tears flowed down both of their faces.

"Good morning Auntie Jan." Sara said, greeting the well-respected matron.

"Merry Christmas Sara. How are you coping looking after my star worker? She's quite the handful isn't she?"

"She keeps me alert. I can say that much about her. Sometimes you wish for an extra set of eyes." She smiled as she kidded 'her' star patient.

Becky just simply stuck out her tongue, like the impertinent child she was portrayed to be.

"Now what brings you here so close to Christmas Dear?" Jan asked Becky as she held on to her arms still in a half embrace.

"Well I thought I would stop in and see if I can lend a hand or something. This close to Christmas, I thought someone here could probably use a break, or something."

"Hmm, well I think we got everything pretty much under control. But now that you mention it, I did want to discuss something with you, and I haven't had my break yet, and I am so starved for company, perhaps you will allow me to buy you and Sara a cup of coco?"

"No. But I think I could buy you a cup." Becky smiled back.

"Well, how could I possibly turn down an offer like that? Throw in a cookie and you have yourself a deal!"

After the trio had made themselves comfy with their selected beverages and treats, for which neither had to pay, because they were all hospital employees, Nurse Wytte got a serious look in her eyes. "Becky," she began. "I have a proposal for you. You know I think that you have a very special gift when it comes to helping people especially children."

The attentive woman shrugged yes and continued to listen.

"The local college is offering an accredited course for nursing staff on dealing with juvenile illnesses. And I think you should take this course. I think you would be very good at it, and the information that you would learn from it would be invaluable no matter what you decide to do later on. I am prepared to sponsor you for this course if you want to. The first part is for twenty-four weeks of instruction, pretty much book work and such in a classroom, and then you have another twenty-four weeks practical, then you come back for another twelve weeks to complete the course and then write the final exams. If you are interested, you are looking at spending the next year or so in class, but when you are done, you will be well on your way in a profession that is very well respected and in dire need of qualified people."

"But, how can I do that? I am undergoing chemo. Jan I have hepatic cancer. I can't go to school, and get treatment. What if I get too sick? Then what? All your work will be for nothing."

Jan noticed the confused look on Becky's face; she quickly reached out with her arm and softly placed her hand on the troubled woman's shoulder to calm her down before continuing. "Sweetheart, listen to me for a second. The course doesn't start until April. By then you will hopefully have completed your chemo and you will be fit as a fiddle. I need to know before January twelfth if you are interested, because I have to register you as being my choice from this department." Aunt Jan paused briefly to let this entirely sink into Becky's bewildered mind. "There will be other nurses there from other departments and hospitals, from all over the province, and a lot of them won't be from cancer clinics. You will meet people from just about any form of nursing that involves juveniles."

Becky sat there 'gobsmacked.' Her mouth was open slightly and her eyes were as big as tea saucers. Frozen in expression she was unable to move.

"You are supposed to be a qualified RN or RNA, or have the equivalent in experience to attend, but since I am one of the founders of the programe, and am also the head of the thing, I think I can find a way to get around the experience requirements. You may have to take some additional training in the meantime to familiarize yourself with procedures and such, but I'm convinced that you would be an ideal candidate for this. So what do you say?"

"I ahh…" Becky's head was shaking up and down furiously, but occasionally it would also move back and forth like on of those bobble heads that you see in the back windows of cars.

"You don't have to answer me now. If you like you can talk it over with Robert and then you can tell me yes right after New Years." The sage auntie smiled.

It was shortly after that that the tears started. First Becky, followed closely by Jan, and then Sara who got caught up in all of the emotions flying about broke down as well.

When Bob and Martin picked the pair up almost half an hour later, Bob knew that something was amiss. Becky had that air about her that said she was deeply in thought as if she pondered some life breaking decision. He knew immediately that something had happened at the clinic, he had his fingers crossed that Becky had not heard some disturbing news.

"Becky, what's the matter?" He enquired as he pulled her in close to him as she sat on the heated seats of the luxurious Mercedes.

Lost in thought, at the events of the last hour she simply replied. "We need to talk, but not yet. I need some time to think."

The big man smiled and carefully hugged her. He deposited a small kiss on her forehead before replying. "Sure. You just let me know when. I love you."

Becky curled up under the large arm draped over her, content to be safe and secure in her lover's arms.




~Part# 38 "And so Merry Christmas"~




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