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Hotwives II

by Donna Williams


I was now a hotwife, Vicky was a pseudo hotwife, and John was a sissy, cock sucking cuckold. Everyone got what they wanted, if not more!


* * *


Once John had fallen asleep, Dave and Rick left as we had planned. When John woke that morning, he found me in the shower. "You want to join me?" I asked.

"May I?"

"Of course. Could you scrub my back please?"

We proceeded to shower without bringing up last nights activities once. I could tell by John‛s hardon that he never did get to cum last night, but he said nothing.

As we went to get dressed, John noticed his male attire hanging on the rack. While dressing we talked about casual things, like what needed doing at home. Once we had everything packed, John left a tip for the maid.

"I need to stop and pick up a few things to make dinner tonight, before going home," I informed him in the lobby. "Could you take these home and start the laundry?" I asked handing him my bag. "I‛ll take our dresses to the cleaners."

He looked around to see if anyone heard me say ‛our dresses‛. He then responded, "I‛ve never done it before. I don‛t want to mess it up."

"Just read the tags on the clothes and follow the instructions on them and on the detergent. Hand wash all the lingerie in Woolite and hang it to dry. I need to check out now. See you at home," I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

I guess he was feeling the frustration, because I heard him mutter to himself, "What am I now, the maid?" as he walked away.


* * *


As I pulled in to the shopping plaza to buy groceries, I noticed a uniform store along side the cleaners. In the front window was a maids uniform like those worn at the hotel. I then recalled John‛s utterance about being the maid. I turned in the dresses with the cleaners and then stepped into the uniform store.

"May I help you?" asked the lady at the counter.

"I don‛t know. I was nearby and the maids uniform in the window caught my eye. I thought I‛d take a look at it."

"Fine, take your time. There are more over along that wall," she said pointing to the racks of maids uniforms."

As I was browsing, she came along side. "Are you in the service industry?" she asked.


"Well these are for the service industry. You know, hotel and motel maids, and the like. Those over there are for the household servants."

"What‛s the difference?" I asked.

"Mainly the material. These are more rugged, due to the work the maids perform. They have to stand up to some rigorous work. Those have a more feminine looking material, so the maid looks nice when serving the household."

"I see."

"So, are you interested in the service industry or household uniforms?"

"The household ones, I guess. I really just came in to look. Seeing the uniform in the window clicked with something my husband said this morning, and caused my curiosity."

"What‛d you do, ask him to perform some task you usually perform, and that caused him to ask if he were the maid?

"It‛s come up before, I take it? With other ladies stopping by?" I asked.

"Yes, and it pisses me off every time I hear it, pardon my language. They just don‛t think before they speak. Sounds like they think of the wife as the maid. I‛ve sold a few uniforms to wives because of it though, and they weren‛t the ones that were going to end up wearing it. If you know what I mean?"

"I‛m beginning to get the picture." I responded. "Well, lets see what you have over there, then."


* * *


"Honey?" I called out. "I‛m home! When he appeared I again gave him a kiss on the cheek. I informed him, "There‛s groceries in the back seat, could you bring them in please?"

Once he had brought in all the groceries, I started putting them away. He didn‛t ask if I need any help. Once I was done, I gathered everything I thought I‛d need for dinner. Then went to find John. He was in the living room reading the paper.

"Did you have lunch?" I asked.

"I‛m not hungry," he answered.

"Well, suit yourself. After last night I famished." Boy, that remark didn‛t help his attitude any. "What‛s stuck in your crawl?" I asked.

"What do you mean? Nothing is," he responded.

"I don‛t know. Seems ever since we checked out of the hotel, you‛ve had a little attitude. Is it because I asked you to do a little laundry? How‛s that going anyway?"

He threw the paper down. "You want to know?" he asked. "Last night, when I hadn‛t achieved an orgasm, you said you‛d help me, but I had to do what you said. I did everything that I was told to, but you didn‛t help me get off. Then, in the shower this morning, you noticed my boner but just ignored it. Now, you‛ve got me doing maids work by washing the clothes!" he huffed.

"I guess you didn‛t learn a thing from last night," I angrily responded. "Orgasm denial is part of being a cuckold. It‛s not about what you want. As the cuck, you‛re supposed to be happy for the hotwife, and get off on seeing her fucked by a real man.

And is that what you think of me?" I asked.

"What do you mean, what I think of you?" he asked

"I do the laundry all the time. Do you think of me as a servant? Your maid?" I asked, rather loudly. "I do the cleaning, and cooking. What do you do? I‛ll tell you what, I‛ve set out the makings for dinner, you can cook tonight!"

"I‛m not hungry," he responded.

"I didn‛t ask if you were hungry. If your not going to eat, I‛ll just ask Rick over."

"I‛m not the maid! I‛m not cooking for him!"

"Oh? I think you had better. I wouldn‛t want to be in your shoes if I ask him over and you haven‛t done as I asked. As for being the maid, I can fix that too!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You‛ll see," I said. I walked over and picked up the phone, pretending to dial Rick. I watched John fidget. "Hello Rick, Donna here. . Me too, thanks. . .John? Well . . "

"Ok, ok, I‛m sorry. I‛ll cook."

"Hold on a minute Rick, John wants to tell me something." Looking at John, "Are you going to drop the attitude?"


"Are you going to do what I say?"

"Yes, yes anything. Just don‛t ask him to dinner, please?!"

"Fine. There‛s a bag in the trunk of my car. Go get it and take it into the bedroom. You can open it then. You‛ll know what to do with it then. Well go on."

I watched him go out, then return and head into the bedroom. As he reached the door, I said into the phone, "Well, I‛ll talk to you later Rick. I gotta go help Vicky with something." And hung up the phone.

By the time I reached the bedroom, John had the uniform out. "You want me to put this on, don‛t you?"

"Of course!"

"How long have you been planning this?"

"Just since this morning. I heard what you muttered when you left the hotel. Then when I got to the cleaners, I found this uniform store right next door. I wasn‛t sure I‛d go through with it, until your little rant earlier. Think of it as fate, your fate. I‛m going to get my lunch now. Put it on, all of it, and report back to me," I instructed him.


* * *


I had just finish my lunch when John came into the kitchen. "Turn around, so I can see how it fits," I instructed. "Very nice. Is it comfortable?"

"I guess."

"Well either it is or it isn‛t. Which is it?"

"OK, it‛s comfortable."

"I thought you were going to do away with that attitude? You need to show a little more respect. The sales lady said you‛d need some instruction, to be a proper maid. She offered to come by and teach you. You want me to call her?"

"No, please, this is embarrassing enough."

"You should be thankful. They had other uniforms, like the hotel maids wear, and they are made for durability, not comfort."

"Thank you for my comfortable uniform, Donna."

"We can‛t have that, Vicky. You need to address me as Mam, not Donna." The sales lady sure was helpful.

"Yes Mam," he replied.

"Very good. We‛ll discuss some other proper deportment later. Now, how is that laundry coming?"

"I‛ll check Mam."

"You might as well do the laundry from last week while you at it. Strip the beds and do the sheets too. Put a fresh set of sheets on, while those wash."

"Yes Mam."

As he was doing the wash, I changed into some grungies, and handed him the clothes I had been wearing. "These too, Vicky. I‛m going to go out and mow the lawn." That was normally his job. He used to always comment about the husbands who let their wives mow the lawn. Called them wusses.

"I can still do that, there‛s no need for you to."

"I don‛t mind," I said. "Besides, I don‛t want you to get your new uniform all sweaty. It‛s the only one you‛ve got. Now, you just do the maids work, and I‛ll take care of the man‛s work," I stated, while heading out to the garage.


* * *


After mowing the lawn, I felt invigorated. I took a good long shower and changed into something nicer, but casual. I noticed my grungies were still on the bathroom floor.

"Vicky?" I called.

"Yes Mam?" she responded when she caught up with me.

"Why are my dirty clothes still on the floor? Have you finished all the laundry?"

"No Mam. I‛ve another load to do, and the lingerie is still soaking."

"Well put those things with it. Might as well get it all done."

"Yes Mam."

"I expect you to be a little more diligent in the future. How‛s dinner coming?"

"I haven‛t started it yet, Mam," he answered.

"Don‛t you think you should get started? The roast is going to take a while to cook, you know. You have to cook it slow so it will be tender."

"I‛ve never cooked one before, could you show me how?"

"Well, I‛d hate to see a good roast ruined, so I‛ll be in to teach you in a second. Now get back on the laundry. I think the lingerie has soaked enough. Wash it out, then rinse it good, in cold water. Once you‛ve rinsed it, take it out and hang it on the line."


"That is what I said."

"Yes Mam."


* * *


After I taught him how to prepare the roast, I handed him a cook book and told him he could find the recipes for everything else in it.

"May I say something?" he asked.

"Of course. What is it?"

"I could have changed and then mowed the lawn. You didn‛t need to do it for me." I couldn‛t figure it, last night didn‛t emasculate him, but this did. Must be worried the neighbors will be thinking like he thinks. Yes, he definitely needs an attitude adjustment.

"Well, maybe I‛ll let you do it next week," I commented. "If your so set . . ."

"Yes please?" he interrupted.

"You shouldn‛t interrupt!"

"Sorry Mam."

"As I was saying, since you‛re so set on it, I‛ll just have to get you one of the more rugged uniforms."

"I can‛t mow the lawn in a maids uniform. Outside where everyone can see me?"

"Well, you can‛t mow it inside," I chuckled at my joke. "The uniform won‛t hinder your ability to mow the lawn. Besides, the windows need cleaning also. That‛s the Maids job, so you‛ll need the uniform for that too. Anyone that sees you will wonder when we got a maid, or think we‛re being uppity. If your worried anyone will recognizing you, how could they? They‛ve never seen Vicky before. And you know good and well you look completely different from my husband, John. If you‛re so concerned, we could bleach your hair blond, cut it into a short pageboy style, or cut it all off so you can wear different wigs. But wigs will get awful hot in the summer."

"Are you punishing me for last night?"

"Punishing you? What ever for? I didn‛t really want to have sex with Rick, but once I did, I enjoyed it. Besides, I figured turning you into a sissy cocksucker would have been punishment enough. No, I wasn‛t going to bring up last night at all. It was your attitude this morning that brought this on."

"I‛m sorry. How long are you going to punish me for that?"

"We‛ll see. Now, shouldn‛t you be preparing the rest of tonight‛s dinner?"

"Yes Mam. I‛ll get right on it Mam."


* * *


He did a tolerable job on dinner, but being a new maid clearly showed when he set the table and served it. I had to correct him a few times, but went easy on him because I wasn‛t entirely sure of the correct proprieties myself.

The next morning, we got up and dressed for church. Went to one our favorite diners for brunch with a few friends afterwards. Once we got back home, John headed for the couch to read the Sunday paper. He usually reads the comic pages first, then if he‛s still awake, move on to the sports.


"Yes dear?"

"I need to go to the book store, do you want to come along?"

"No thanks, I just want to read the paper."

"OK, see you in a bit."



I figured I‛d let him take a little time to himself early on. I had planned on giving him some detailed instructions on proper maid decorum, etiquette, and propriety, but I‛d never had a maid before, so didn‛t know all the rules myself. Thus, I was off to the bookstore to find a book or two to help me, us, along. His training would commence when I got back.


* * *


"May I help you?" asked an assistant at the bookstore.

"I‛ve been looking for a book about maids, but can‛t find anything," I responded.

"What about maids in particular are you looking for?"

"Oh, proper uniform wear, proper etiquette, how to set a table for and serve a dinner or party, that sort of thing."

"Well we have books that show proper place settings for various occasions in the How To section, but I‛m not aware of anything in particular dealing with maids. I‛ll do a keyword search on our database to see what might be available. Don‛t they go to classes to learn that sort of thing?"

"I reckon most do, but my maid hasn‛t had any training, and I was hoping to find something useful here. Plus I‛ve never had a maid, and want to make sure we do things properly, you know? Wouldn‛t want any mistakes in front of guests!" I giggled.

"Here we go," she remarked as the screen on her computer displayed a few titles. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, then giggled.

"Something the matter?" I asked.

"No, nothings wrong," she replied. "Except that we don‛t carry any of these books. Judging from their titles, I can see why!"

"Why‛s that?"

"Well, there‛s one called ‛Sissy Maids‛ and another called "Male Maids and their Mistresses," she laughed. "Can you believe that? Men as maids?!"

"Well, why not? A little equality, eh?" I responded.

"Can‛t you just see them, in a girly maid‛s uniform, curtseying to their employer?" she laughed again. "Would seem awful humiliating to me."

"Yes, but once you‛ve humiliated them into wearing the uniform, you can make them follow your orders with little to no trouble at all." I replied.

She looked over her glasses at me, inquisitively asking, "Sounds like your talking from experience?"

"Well . . .not much, but some. That‛s why I‛m looking for books."

"Right, the books. Well you could probably get these off the Internet. You want me to print the list?"

"Sure, thank you."

"No problem. Say, I know, maybe, no, the library is closed today. Wait, do you know the antique book store over on Lexington? I bet, if anybody had such books, they‛d have some outdated guides."

"I hadn‛t even thought of that. You‛ve been a great help!"

"My pleasure. Maybe you can tell me how the training went, next time your in?"

"We‛ll see. Thanks again."

I found the one book on dinner planning that included information regarding proper table settings, in the How To section as she had suggested , purchased it, filled out a customer/employee survey form praising the assistant, and headed over to Lexington Blvd.


* * *


"Man, haven‛t they heard of the alphabet?" I was wondering. The books were in no particular order, but at least they were grouped, pretty much, according to content.

It took a while, but I did manage to find one with a very long title: ‛The Servants' Guide and Family Manual: With new and improved receipts, [microform]: arranged and adapted to the duties of all classes of servants: housekeeper, cook, lady's maid, nurse, housemaid, laundrymaid, dairymaid, butler, valet, coachman, groom, footman, and gardener. Forming a complete system of domestic management, from the most recent and authentic sources, aided by numerous private communications. To which is added an appendix of lists, rates, and tables, and other useful information.‛ Published in London in 1830. It appeared to be a first edition. Another I ran across was on uniforms, that dealt with various types of ensembles, and the time of day each was to be worn. I figured that they should give me a good start. And I still had the list of books that I might be able to find on the Internet. At least the titles had peaked my curiosity. So I made my purchases and headed home.

Yep, just like I figured. He was sound asleep on the couch. "John! Hey John, time to wake up!"

"Huh? Wa‛fo?" he groggily responded.

"Well, sit up, and I‛ll tell you." Once he had gained some of his senses, I informed him, "I picked up some books that we need to read."

"Why do I need to read any books?"

"Well, last night, when you served dinner? You made a few mistakes, but I knew you were trying so I didn‛t say anything. So, I got some books to help you be a better maid!"

That woke him up. "You‛re serious?"

"Yes, now I want you to go change into your uniform. It‛s time for your lessons!"

"Why do I need to wear that? I can read just as easily as I am!"

"Attitude, for one. If you were in uniform you wouldn‛t be questioning me now, would you!? And the training is not just reading, you‛ll need to practice to make sure you get it right. No more arguments, now. Go change."

He returned a bit later, and stood before me. "OK, first, I want you to fix your pony tail into a feminine style. Gather it higher on the head instead of at the neck." He did as instructed. "Much better. Now, I want you to go back to the bedroom and put on the bright red nail gloss, and the matching lipstick."

"May I ask why Mam?"

"You shouldn‛t question my orders, you know, but in this case I‛ll explain. When you are performing some of the tasks necessary for your training, the flash of red, as you move your hands around, will serve to keep you focused on what you‛re doing. As for the lipstick? It simply matches your polish. Hurry back!"

"Yes Mam."

Upon his return, I led him into the dining room. "Here you go Vicky," I said, handing him the book on table settings. "I want you to sit here and go over the introduction to learn the terminology and then skip to the section pertaining to dinner. When you‛ve read those sections, I want you to set the book aside, and see if you can set the table properly. Once you‛ve set the table, you can look at the book again to see if you got it right."

"Yes Mam."

"Don‛t dally. I expect you to learn quickly. After all, your hair‛s not blond, yet!" I giggled. "Oh, and Vicky? There will be a test."

"Yes Mam."

As John sat down to read, I grabbed an ice water from the fridge, and headed back to the living room to do a little reading myself. As I passed the dining room, John sat hunched over the book, and appeared to be intently reading.


He looked up, "Yes Mam?"

"That is not how a lady sits. Get your chin out of your hands, elbows off the table, and sit up straight!"

"Yes Mam, Sorry Mam." he replied, as I turned away.

Turning back, I said, "Oh, and Vicky, the maid always stands when his Mistress enters the room or is addressed by her."

He immediately stood, "Yes Mam. I‛ll remember Mam. Thank you Mam."

"This is so cool," I smiled to myself.


* * *


The ringing of the silverware and clatter of the dishes informed me of when John started his hands on practicing. Afer a while the noise faded into the background, as I became engrossed in what I was reading.

"Excuse me Mam."

"Yes Vicky?"

" I believe I am ready to be tested now, Mam."

"Tested? Oh, right. OK then, I‛ll be right there."

I followed John to the dining room, and he handed me the book. "I would like you to set places for five. You may begin, Vicky."

"Formal or Casual, Mam?" he asked.

"How should I know?" I asked myself. Aloud, I merely replied "Formal, please."

He pulled out our best linen table cloth and a lace overlay, and proceeded to set the table. As he was performing his task, I returned to the living room to look over what he had been studying.

A while later, he returned. "The table is ready, Mam."

I again followed John to the dining room, book in hand. I compared his work with the various photos in the book, and was pleased with the result. "Very nice Vicky. However, I would prefer you learn how to fold the napkins, like in this picture here, for placement on the plates. Do you think you could do that?"

"Yes Mam. Would you like me to try now?"

"No, you can practice that later. Right now, I‛d like for you put everything away, and come find me when your done."

"All finished Mam," John informed me later.

"Good, now we are going to go over a few lessons in etiquette and protocol."

"Yes Mam."

"First, you need to learn to curtsey. A good maid must always curtsey to her Mistress when she enters the room, exits the room, and responds to an order. Additionally, when answering the door when guests are expected, you will curtsey to each. There will be no need to curtsey for unexpected guests and delivery persons." I then instructed him on how to perform a proper curtsey, and had him practice until he no longer fell over or wobbled.

"Very good Vicky. Now for lesson number two. When entering a room, you should always knock if there is a door and it is closed. If there is no door or it is open, you should announce yourself by saying ‛Excuse me Mam‛ and while performing a curtsey. When you leave the room, you will again say ‛Excuse me Mam‛ and curtsey. Easy enough to remember, I should think. Any questions, Vicky?"

"No Mam."

"Good, now I want you to go put on your black pumps, with the three inch heels, and report back here."

"Yes Mam," he responded, turning to do as I asked.

"Hold it right there, missy," I ordered. "That is one demerit."

He turned back, "A demerit? What does that mean?"

"That‛s two," I responded. "For each breach of protocol, and other mistakes, you will get a demerit. Five demerits warrant some type of punishment. I haven‛t figured out the punishments yet, but I‛ll think of something. Now, can you tell me why you received the first demerit?"

He stood there for a minute fiddling with his apron hem while he thought.

"Maybe your first punishment will be to bleach your hair blond. You just spent a good half hour practicing, and not but a few seconds ago told me you had no questions."

"I‛m sorry Mam. I am supposed to say ‛Excuse me Mam‛ and curtsey when leaving the room."

"Is that all?"

He stood there again, thinking, and soon began to shake and tear up, "Please Mam, could you tell me?"

I could tell then that his will was crumbling, that his attitude would soon start to change. He had been ‛acting‛ as a maid as penitence for his remark yesterday morning. Now, now he was slowly becoming a maid.

"When I told you to go change your shoes, that was an order. You are required to curtsey to an order, and respond properly. Therefore, you should have curtsied, replied ‛Yes Mam‛, then said

‛Excuse me Mam‛ while executing a second curtsey, before turning to leave the room."

"Yes Mam, sorry mam."

"And the reason for the second demerit?" I then calmly asked. As I watched a tear slowly run down his cheek, I almost felt sorry for him, but pulled myself out of it. I knew he had no idea, so I answered for him. "When I gave you your first demerit, you not only questioned it, but did so improperly. That will not be tolerated. Do I make myself clear, Vicky?"

"Yes Mam," he quietly responded.

"Good! Now, see if you can get it right this time! Go change your shoes!"

He performed successfully this time, and was wiping his tears as he headed for the bedroom. Now I had to think. I had planned on leaving him be during the week, and then continue his punishment on the weekends. Would he revert back to his old attitude if I did that? I realized I liked the control I now had over him, and I wouldn‛t need the threat of bringing Rick around to control him. I couldn‛t lose that! No, I think I need to intensify things during the next week.

"Excuse me Mam," he said, while executing a perfect curtsey, upon his return.

I smiled, he smiled.

"That was very good Vicky. I had you change shoes so I could have you practice your curtsey in heels, as your balance changes considerably, but you managed it perfectly."

"Thank you Mam."

"Here are a couple of more books I picked up. They were very hard to find, and rare, so take care of them. I want you to read them thoroughly. You will be expected to comply with everything you learn from them."

"Yes Mam," he replied with a curtsey.

"I‛ve ordered Chinese for dinner. The money for it is in your purse hanging by the door. Do not get it out until the delivery person tells you how much it is. You are to open your purse in front of him or her as the case may be, and then extract the money. In the meantime, I‛m going to get a bath and get ready for work tomorrow."

"Yes Mam," he replied, again with a proper curtsey.

I could tell he was nervous about answering the door, dressed as he was, but he managed not to question my orders. It would be an hour before the food was delivered, and I should be out of the bath by then, so there would be no sneaking of the money into his apron before hand.

As I bathed, I mentally went over today‛s events, and thinking, "I could get used to this." I then made a mental list of the various chores he could do, once he got home from work. No, it definitely won‛t be an easy week for him now.

Finishing my bath, I returned to the living room expecting to find John reading diligently. To my surprise, he wasn‛t there. I found him, instead, reading at the dining room table, while seated with proper posture.

"Any problems yet Vicky? I asked.

"No Mam, seems pretty straight forward."

"That‛s three," I remarked.

He looked up, thought a second, then muttered, "Shit!" before standing and saying, "Sorry Mam."

"That‛s four. Your muttering aloud is what got you in this predicament in the first place. A lady‛s maid does not curse!"

"Yes Mam, er no Mam," he replied. At that time the doorbell rang. I thought he was going to try and get out of answering it for a second. "Excuse me Mam (curtsey©), that may be the food you ordered."

I watched as he answered the door as I had instructed earlier. After thanking the delivery man, and proffering a tip, he returned. "Excuse me Mam ©, Would you care to eat in here, the dining room or the kitchen?" he asked.

"I‛ll have mine in here, and you can have yours in the kitchen," I replied.

"Yes Mam. Excuse me Mam ©."

He carried everything to the kitchen, and prepared a lap tray for me. "Excuse me Mam ©" he said upon returning with my food, "Your dinner." He gently placed a napkin in my lap, and then set the tray there also. "Will there be anything else Mam?"

"No thank you Vicky, enjoy your dinner."

"Yes Mam. "Excuse me Mam ©," he replied before heading back to the kitchen.

After dinner, I told him the maid would be off duty once he cleaned up. When he finished, he had his bath and we went to bed. I was aroused by the days events, so we didn‛t go to sleep right away. I had him wear a nighty, and he proceeded to satisfy me like Vicky had been taught. Poor boy, he went to sleep still frustrated.


* * *


Each day, after work, Vicky had to report for duty. I gave him a different chore each day, which he had to perform after or while cooking dinner. Monday I had him clean and polish all the silver he had managed to get his fingerprints on while practicing setting a proper table. Tuesday, I handed Vicky a gift box, and in it were a pair of white gloves and a note saying, ‛For when handling the silver.‛ He thanked me properly.

His chore for Tuesday was cleaning the bathrooms, which he was told to hold off on until after dinner. Wednesday, he did what laundry there was, including the sheets. He had to hang the sheet out on the line. Thursday, he brought in the sheets, and after dinner, had to scrub the kitchen floor my hand. Friday, he had to dust and vacuum the whole house.

Saturday morning, while he was putting on his makeup, I handed him another gift wrapped box. Bigger than Tuesday‛s. In it was the new uniform I had promised him, it was black and I included a pair of black work loafers. The lady at the uniform store was excited to see me again, and delighted in hearing how things were going. I explained why I needed the more rugged outfit, and she laughed, saying "I couldn‛t agree with you more!"

I could tell by the look on John‛s face, he knew it would be Vicky mowing the lawn. "I want you to start on the outside part of the windows this morning while it is still cool, and when the dew on the grass dries, mow the lawn. Once you‛ve finished with the lawn, you can do the inside of the windows, where it will be a cooler to work." I instructed him.

"Yes Mam, he replied, and proceeded to finish dressing.

"That‛s FIVE!" I exclaimed. "Hmm, what shall your punishment be?"

"Mam?" he asked, before he finished buttoning his uniform. "May I ask what I did to deserve number five, please Mam?

"You failed to show your appreciation for my thoughtful present, and I can only assume you don‛t like it. Nor did you show any appreciation for my consideration of you working in the heat."

"I am so sorry Mam!" he responded. "Thank you so much for my new uniform and for your kind consideration of my working conditions, Mam. Please don‛t bleach my hair Mam. I would never live it down at the office," he begged, tears streaming down his cheek.

"Well, I‛ve got all day to think about it. Besides, I probably couldn‛t get you into a beauty salon without an appointment today anyway. I‛ll let you know my decision this afternoon. You had better do a good job on the lawn and the windows."

"Yes Mam ©," he tearfully responded.


* * *


John finished dressing as Vicky. The uniform was a bit shorter than his other one. The skirt on that one went to his knees, on this one, it stopped five inches above the knee. The apron was full, bibbed and fitting over the shoulders, with ruffles on the straps and the hem. The cap was a full mop cap, instead of the dainty little thing he had been wearing.

He gathered everything he needed to do the windows: white vinegar in a spray bottle, old newspapers, a trash bag and the little step ladder, and then started on the shady side, which happened to be the front, of the house. He forgot to get a pair of gloves, so his nails were going to be a mess by the end of the day.

At the same time I was working on my flowers garden out front pulling weeds, and could keep an eye on him as well as any neighbors that may express interest in my new maid.

Miss Martha, a nice elderly lady was the first to notice Vicky. She was taking her morning walk with her toy poodle. As he neared the driveway, she stopped and stared a bit. I guess she was trying to recollect if she had seen Vicky before. I knew she would be on the phone gossiping as soon as she got home.

Across the street, I noticed Amy backing her pride and joy from her garage. A fire engine red mustang convertible with a white top. She parked it in her drive, and looked over at Vicky, when she stepped out of it. She returned to her garage and came back out with a hose, bucket, etc., so I figured she was going to take advantage of the morning coolness to wash and wax her car. She kept looking over at Vicky.

"Keep your eyes on your work Vicky." I didn‛t even need to look and see if he was watching Amy as much as Amy was watching him, I knew he would be, especially in his horny condition. I then turned to him, and remarked, "If she catches you staring at her, she‛ll come over to satisfy her curiosity."

He immediately changed his position so his back was to Amy. Of course, I could tell by the slowness at which he was now moving that he was checking her out by her reflection. Amy frustrated many a man in her time, being as how she was a lesbian. I wondered if she would find John interesting now.

Of course, Amy‛s appearance brought out several of the guys in the neighborhood. Some beginning to do their yard work, and others pretending to, until their wives came out too. Mary was the first to notice Vicky, I could tell by her husband‛s (Frank) reaction. Now he didn‛t know which way to look. Mary was soon talking to Jill, and Jill‛s husband Tom was soon apprised of the new ‛lady‛ on the block.

"Your getting an audience Vicky," I informed him. "The grass is dry, now, so when your done with the front windows, take off the apron and then go ahead and mow the lawn."

"Yes Mam," he replied and almost fell off the ladder trying to execute a curtsey.

"Carful now, I‛d hate to have to run you to the ER if you fell and broke something. You don‛t have to curtsey out here while working on the yard or house. When you take the ladder back to the garage, please bring me an ice water, before getting the mower out."

"Yes Mam."

Soon I could hear mowers starting up all over the neighborhood. John soon disappeared with the ladder. I stood and walked over to check his work. "Morning Donna." I heard right behind me. I whirled around to find Amy also looking over the windows.

"Morning Amy, nice day eh? How‛ve you been?"

"Good, good. I haven‛t seen John working on the yard recently, is he alright?"

"Oh yeah, he‛s fine. He‛s been doing a little extra work recently, so I filled in for him last week. He wasn‛t too keen on that idea, so he got me some domestic help for a while."

"So I see. Windows look good."


"Does she hire out? I hate doing windows."

About that time John reappeared at the door with my water. He hesitated a bit, but soon realized it would have been silly to retreat back inside. He gathered himself together and came up to us. "Excuse me Mam ©. I‛ve brought your water."

I smiled in response to his curtsey. He either forgot what I had told him earlier, or was confused due to Amy‛s presence. "Thank you Vicky. Amy, this is Vicky, my new maid. Vicky, this is our neighbor across the street, Amy Carter."

"My pleasure, Miss Carter," John responded. "I need to start on the lawn now, mam. If you ladies will excuse me?!"

"Well," I thought to myself, "he seems to fit his image. Amy didn‛t even show any recognition."

"Polite thing isn‛t she?" Amy remarked. "Pretty too, you know what I mean?"

"Uh-oh," I thought. "Yes, she‛s coming around. She didn‛t have all the skills one normally finds in a maid, but for the past week, she seems to be becoming more domesticated."

As we conversed a bit about Vicky‛s chores and how much of a help he‛s been, John began cutting the lawn. He was very meticulous in how he cut the grass, always cutting diagonally across the lawn, believing it looked better from the street that way.

Amy became a little quiet as she watched him, then she looked back at me then John, then back at me.

Turning again to give John a longer look, "You didn‛t say earlier, does he hire out? I like the way he does his chores!" she remarked, looking back at me with a very large grin. "I was completely fooled, until he, sorry, she cut the lawn exactly like John. Mind telling me what‛s going on?"

I was wondering if anyone else would catch on, as I answered, "It‛s a rather long story, but lets just say for now, that John made some rather chauvinistic comments that upset me, among other things."

"Really? Must have been pretty bad, and I didn‛t think he had it in him."

"Me neither, but his punishment seems to be taking it out of him."

We stood there quietly watching him a little longer, before Amy remarked, "My curiosity is peaked, and I would like to hear all the juicy details, if your of a mind to indulge me, that is."

"I‛ll think about it," I replied. "Why don‛t you come over around 5 O‛clock and we can have a dip in the pool, and maybe have Vicky grill a little something? He should be done with his chores by then."

"Sounds lovely," she responded. "I‛d hate to have him sweating over a grill though while we relaxed by the pool."

"No, don‛t be silly. What good is having a maid if I can‛t relax and enjoy myself. That is what maids are for after all."

She chuckled, "I hadn‛t thought of it that way, you lucky devil. OK then, I‛ll be back around five."

As she turned away, I had another thought. "Oh Amy?" She stopped and turned back towards me. "Do me a favor and wear your sexiest bikini?"

She smiled, "No problem. Are you going to wear yours?"

"Of course. John will get an eyeful and not be able to do anything about it!"

"Speaking of eyefulls," she replied. "Vicky makes quite the dish. How does she look in a bikini?"

I laughed, "I don‛t rightly know. If I had one to fit, I think it would be a kick to see."

She looked at John, measuring him up a bit, and replied, "I bet I have one that‛ll fit him. I‛ll dig it out and give you a call. You can come over and get it, and if it fits him do you think you can get him to wear it?"

"I‛m sure I can, he has a punishment coming." Her eyebrows raised in an unspoken question. "I‛ll tell you about that too," I said, smiling.


* * *


John finished his chores inside the house; I had retrieved the bikini from Amy. It was delightful, pink, with ruffles. I told her to just come around back to the pool when she was ready, as John and I would be in the water already.

I had him make preparations for grilling tonight‛s dinner, making a pasta salad, putting three baked potatoes on the grill and marinading the steaks. He didn‛t even question the number of potatoes.

Around 4:30 I said to John, "Vicky, you‛ve done a wonderful job on the lawn and windows. I bet it was hot in that uniform?!"

"Thank you Mam. Yes it was rather warm."

"Well, I think you deserve a swim to cool off, don‛t you!?"

"That would be really nice, Mam."

"Glad you agree, let‛s go change."

We went up to the bedroom and I had Vicky undress me, and get my bikini out of dresser, and redress me, before I let him change. I sat at my vanity brushing my hair, and watched as he undressed and went to get his trunks from his dresser, his hardon leading the way. All that he found was the pink bikini.

"What‛s this? Where are my trunks?"

"I want you to wear the bikini, John."

He noticed the change in names. "But I‛m not a girl. Besides, it will look silly on me."

"I do believe you have a punishment coming. So, it‛s either wear the bikini or we get your hair bleached blond, in payment for your demerits!"

He knew I had him, and reluctantly replied, "You know I can‛t have my hair bleached. This isn‛t fair, Donna."

"It‛s either that or the bikini. I‛ll go swimming and you can put your uniform back on and continue to serve me out by the pool, while thinking about your hair. You may not have noticed, though, being as you were inside and doing the windows, but it‛s gotten mighty hot out. I bet it‛s even hotter out on the pool deck, the sun reflecting off the coooool water and the hhhhot dry cement deck. The sun‛s rays will just be drawn into the black color of the uniform."

"OK, ok, you win! I‛ll wear the bikini," he whined, caving in. "It is quite pretty," he remarked, surprising me.

I smiled and rubbed my pussy, as I watched him put it on. He looked at the result in the mirror, "See, I don‛t do it justice. Maybe a one piece would fit better?"

"I think it‛s just fine John, and you don‛t have a one piece. We can go shopping for one later in the week if you want. As for now, that‛ll definitely do. Besides, no one will see you out back in the pool. Come on then, lets go get wet."

In the pool, John didn‛t know what to do with himself. He was usually rambunctious and liked to splash a lot, but he was more subdued.

"Come on John, relax. Enjoy your time off from being Vicky."

He followed my lead and did a few lazy laps, and while floating on his back, eyes closed and relaxing, Amy walked through the gate. The clanking of the gate closing quickly got his attention.

The frightened look on his face as he saw Amy was priceless.

"Hi Donna, hi Vicky," Amy called out.

"Hi Amy, come on in, the water‛s fine."

John turned away from her, towards me, eye‛s wide with fright, and arms and hands trying to cover the bikini.

"Relax John, she knows. I invited Amy over this morning, after you gave yourself away. She recognized your mowing technique."

John was still nervous, but watched intently as Amy dropped her cover-up and dove in. She surfaced in front of John. "How does the bikini fit, Vicky?" she asked.

"Huh? Aaaa . . ."

"It‛s mine you know. I let Donna borrow, when she said you didn‛t have one. If it fits, you can keep it."

"Where‛s your manners John, thank Amy?!" I directed.

"Thank you Amy, it‛s quite lovely, but I don‛t have the body for it."

"You called him John, not Vicky?" inquired Amy.

"I decided to give the maid some time off."

"My my, I would have expected Vicky to want to wear the bikini, but not John. Are you a crossdresser John?" Amy teasingly asked. "Are you gay too? Trying to get a tan so you can look sexy for your boyfriend?"

"Please Amy," John timidly replied, his eyes starting to shine as he fought to hold back tears, "don‛t say that. I‛m not a crossdresser. Donna made me wear this."

"Now John," I admonished, "you know that‛s not true. You chose to wear it. Isn‛t that true?"

John was now quite red faced. "Yes, but it was better than my other choices."

"Oh? You mean you have other bathing suits, but liked this one so much better?" teased Amy.

I joined in, "You should have heard him Amy, he even said it was quite pretty."

"But . . . "

Amy kept on, "Come on John, fess up. There‛s no shame in being a crossdresser."

"But I‛m not . . ."

"Not ashamed? Well that‛s good. Say Donna," asked Amy, changing the conversation and not letting John talk his way out of the corner he found himself in, "you don‛t happen to have some sun block do you? I could find any at home."

"Gee, I forgot all about that. John, could you go over to the pool closet and see if there is some there."

John was reluctant to get out of the water, as it somewhat hid how he looked. However, he did as requested, finding some, bringing back around and handing it to me.

"Would like to join us for dinner Amy, we‛ve got plenty?" I asked.

"I‛d love to, thanks Donna," she replied.

"I think you should start the steaks now John."

"OK Mam," he responded, almost throwing in a curtsy.

"Oh, I was going to have her put some lotion on me," Amy coyly pouted.

"Never you mind," I responded. "He has work to do."

"Well, could you do it then?" she asked.

"I‛ll do you if you do me," I replied.

We spread a couple of towels on the pool deck, and I proceeded to oil Amy. I took this opportunity to fill her in on John‛s being Vicky. I told her about how I got him to perform oral on me, and about his ‛maid‛ comments, but left out the part of our double date. I even mentioned that he hadn‛t had sexual release in a week. Every once in a while, she would let out a soft moan, as if in sexual bliss, and make little comments about feeling good, loud enough for John to hear.

"I bet he‛s hard now," she whispered. "Guys get really aroused seeing to girls together."

"I can‛t really tell from here. He‛s keeping his back to us, so you‛re probably right," I whispered back. "John, be a dear and bring us a couple of ice teas," I called out.

He had to turn towards us to fetch the tea, and we could see he was definitely aroused. While inside, I switched places with Amy and she proceeded to oil me down. Once he brought us the tea, he had recovered somewhat, but seeing Amy rubbing my body, and hearing me moan, changed that quicky. Problem was, I was really getting aroused too as Amy slowly applied the sunblock to my breasts. I guess our bedroom games had brought out some bi tendencies in me.

"Mmmm, that feels wonderful Amy," I remarked. "Mmmm. Set the tea down John, and that‛s one."

He looked confused, but he knew better than to question my count, but I‛m sure he had no clue as to what caused the demerit.

"Now go tend the steaks."

"What was that about?" asked Amy.

"In order to make sure he complies with his duties properly, and maintains proper maid discipline, I set up a demerit system. When he does something wrong, he gets one demerit. When he gets five demerits, he gets a punishment. He had a punishment coming today, and I had been teasing him about turning his hair blond. Instead, I gave him a choice, wear the bikini, or bleach the hair. He is so frightened of being turned blond, I had little trouble getting him into the bikini."

"That is so wicked!" she giggled. "So what did he do wrong this time?"

"Maybe you should ask him. He gets so flustered and starts to tear up, when he doesn‛t know the answer, and he gets even more submissive. And for some reason, it arouses me to see it happen. Go ahead and ask him!"

"I see. You are getting turned on a bit. Those nipples are going to poke through in a minute," she laughed, giving them a little tweak. "OK, tell me the answer to expect. I can‛t act superior if I don‛t know."

"He walked up on our conversation and just stood there ogling us, in a clearly unlady like fashion. He was supposed to say ‛Excuse me Mam‛ to let me know he was back."

"I see. But I thought he wasn‛t the maid right now?"

"Oh, your right. You got me so riled up I forgot," I laughed. "No wonder he looked confused. You can ask him anyway, and see what happens."

"And what if he can‛t answer me? Can I pick a punishment?"

"No, that wouldn‛t be fair. He can only be punished when he gets 5 demerits. You can tease him about being punished though. He gets so submissive though, you might get him to accept some sort of punishment."

"Yeah, I like to tease," Amy responded while stroking my nipples.

"Mmmhumm, so I‛ve noticed."

"Vicky!" Amy called out.

John hustled over to us. "Yes Miss? More tea?" he asked dropping quickly back into maid mode.

"No thank you, Vicky. I was just wondering why Donna said ‛That‛s one‛ when you brought the tea out? She won‛t tell me, so I‛d like you to."

"It‛s John, not Vicky, please," he started, recovering somewhat but remaining polite. "I believe that is between my wife and me."

"See," I remarked, "I told you he wouldn‛t know!"

"I admit, I had no idea why you said ‛that‛s one‛, I thought it was only when I‛m Vicky?!" he remarked.

"Well, if you had been Vicky, what is ‛it‛ and why did Donna say ‛that‛s one‛?"

"Go ahead and answer her John, if you know the answer that is," I urged.

"Come on now, I‛m dying of curiosity. You would leave a girl hanging would you?" she seductively asked.

"Geeze, I can‛t win. Ok, ‛it‛ is a demerit. When . . ." and John described the demerit system to her.

"So? What did you, sorry, would have been Vicky‛s mistake if you had been Vicky?"

"I don‛t know, " he replied, and looking at me, said, "Sorry."

"See," I remarked, "I told you! I bet you can figure it out, Amy."

"Well, this is all new to me," she replied. "Don‛t tell me though, Give me some time to think about it."

I then had sort of an epiphany, "OK, let‛s make a bet. If you figure it out before John, then he can work as your maid next weekend, but if he figures it out first . . .Hmm . . . I know!, You can be Vicky‛s assistant maid."

"Wait a minute, don‛t I get any say?" asked John.

"What‛s wrong John? Are you afraid? Worried Amy‛s smarter than you?" I asked.

"No, that‛s not it. I don‛t get anything out of it," he replied.

"You get an assistant. That will make your work easier, won‛t it?"

"Well, yes, but . . ."

"What would you like to bet then?" Amy cut in.

"Well . . ., I shouldn‛t have to be the maid at all! I think that would be more fair," he replied, looking a little smug.

I wiped that off, however. "No, that‛s not fair. After all, you know the rules, Amy doesn‛t. So you have the advantage. So the bet stands as I stated."

"OK, she can be my assistant, but . . ." Thinking on it some more, he got a little smirk on again. "But, she has to wear a short French maid‛s dress. You know, with the frilly petticoats sticking out below the hem of the short skirt, black stockings and 5 inch heels."

"My my, you have quite the fantasy picture of a maid. What do you say Amy? Can you live with that?"

"I will if he will!" she replied, putting on a look of indignity.

This took John by surprise, "If I will what?" he asked.

"If I win, then you wear the French maid‛s uniform when you come work for me!"

"Ohh, she‛s uped the stakes on you now John. What are you going to do?" I asked, then throwing in a barb to get him to agree, I said, "Or aren‛t you man enough?"

"OK!" he quickly replied. "It‛s a bet!"

"Maybe I‛ll have a party to celebrate having a pretty maid!" Amy replied. "It‛s a bet!" she answered, and spit in her hand sticking it out for John to shake on the bet. He did the same, and the bet was sealed.

"This is going to be interesting," I commented. "You two sit here and think of an answer while I tend to the steaks."

After a bit of silence between the two, Amy turned to John and said, "Oh my God, Vicky, look at you, you're getting a bit red. Come over here and let me put some sun block on you."

So John went and sat with Amy, and she started applying lotion to his back. "You know, you should be more careful of the sun, Vicky. A girl has to take care of her skin. The sun can really do some damage you know."

Once done with his back she had him lie down and started on his chest, "How's that feel Vicky? Donna sure was enjoying it. Are you? Girls like us like having our breasts played with. You don't mind me rubbing your breasts, do you Vicky?"

"It's nice Amy, thanks. Could you call me John, please?" he asked moaning.

"But I like girls, Vicky. I came over this morning because you looked quite fetching from a distance in your short uniform. I had to see what you looked like up close. You make a very pretty girl, especially in your lovely pink bikini. Don't you find it lovely, Vicky? You're going to have some great tan lines. I wouldn't do this for a man you know," she teased some more, working her way to the edge of his bikini panties.

"Oh God!" he moaned.

She glanced at his crotch, " My my, that's an unlady like bulge you've got there Vicky. Girls aren't supposed to do that unless they have an exceptionally large clit. Is that it Vicky, is your clit exceptional? Am I going to have to lock it down when you're working for me next weekend, Vicky? You're going to make such a pretty French maid. Do you know how to serve at a party? A party with horny guys? Guys who'll pinch your pretty behind if you bend over too far and flash your ruffled panties."

"Please don't tease me Amy."

"I've seen some of these guys just pull a girl into their lap, and give them such a kiss, you wouldn't believe. Have you ever kissed a guy Vicky? I wouldn't do it mind you, but what about you. Fancy any guys you know? Want me to invite someone special to the party? Are you red from the sun or blushing. I bet you have kissed a guy! Does Donna know? Cat got your tongue Vicky? Maybe I should ask her?"

"No! Please Amy!? "She . . I . . .My name is John, and I haven't been with other guys."

"Maybe John hasn't, but I bet Vicky has though. Want to go double or nothing on the bet? I know I'm right. You don't kiss and tell, is that it Vicky? Your little clitty is so hard, you better jump in the pool before Donna notices."

John quickly got up and dove into the pool to swim off his frustration. He was wondering if Amy really knew.

"Steaks are done guys!" I called.

John climbed out of the pool and slipped his cover-up on, Amy put hers on and I followed suit. I had set the picnic table and all we had to do was sit and eat.

"Before we get started, does anyone have an answer for me?" I asked "If not, I‛ll ask again after dinner."

"I think I do," replied Amy.

"What about you John?" I asked.

"I haven‛t had time to think about it," he responded.

"What do you mean? You‛ve had the same time as Amy!"

"Well, she‛s been distracting me," he timidly replied. "Talking about this and that."

Amy remarked, "Well if you want to be a girl, you can‛t just sit around. We talk all the time, right Donna?"

"Of course, so no excuses. Besides if she was talking too, then she had the same distractions as you. OK Amy, what‛s you guess?"

"Well, you remember when I first came over this morning, and Vicky brought out your drink while we were talking?"

"Yes, go on."

"Well, she was very polite. Remember me saying how polite she was? She said "Excuse me" to interrupt." John started coughing his drink just then. He knew she guessed right. "You OK Vicky?" she asked patting him on the back. "Any way, when she brought out the tea earlier, while we were talking, she just stood there staring at us, and listening in to our conversation. She should have let us know she was there. She should have said ‛Excuse me‛. In fact even if she wasn‛t the maid, it would have only been polite to let us know she had returned with the drinks."

"Well, John? I must say I‛m disappointed. Now I‛ve lost my maid next weekend, and I‛m going to have to mow the lawn again. You should have been ready with that answer right off the bat, and not had to think about it. I hope you can give him some better training next weekend Amy!"

"Ohhh, this is going to be so fun! Does she know how to do a party?"

"He‛s supposed to. Although I haven‛t had him do one yet, he‛s read up on it. Are you ready for that John?"

"Are you really going to let her do that to me? Expose me to a bunch of people we don‛t know?"

"You made the bet, not me. You and your macho and sexist attitudes. I thought this weeks activities would have knocked those attitudes out of you. Now, since I like Amy, and want to keep our friendship, I‛m not going to stop it, and you are not going to renege on the bet!"

"God, I am so sorry. You‛re right and if I hadn‛t been an ass, things wouldn‛t be as bad as they are. Yes Amy, I believe I can properly serve a party."

"Good, glad to here it. Besides, it won‛t be so bad. I mean, after all I didn‛t recognize you, and I‛ve known you for quite a while now. I don‛t think you know my coworkers, so how will they know you aren‛t what you appear to be?"

The topic of discussion was soon changed, and dinner finally ended.

"Good night Donna, Vicky. It has been an interesting evening. Thanks for inviting me over."

"Good night Amy," John and I chorused.

"Well, I‛m going to go up and shower, be a dear and clean up everything, John?"


* * *


The rest of the week went about like the previous week. I had Vicky serving me and performing his chores after work. I also had him read more on how to serve a party. I didn‛t want him to embarrass me.

Wednesday, I stopped by the uniform shop to pick up Vicky‛s new French maids uniform, and discussed all that had been happening with John‛s training and upcoming party. The owner was delighted.

That evening, when John got home and went up to change, as usual, he found the new uniform laid out on the bed. I followed him in, "You need to try this on and practice serving. The heels a 4 inches and the skirt is quite short. The petticoats have 32 layers of a chiffon and lace concoction that will make the skirt stand out. You‛ll need to practice keeping those ruffled panties from being exposed, and we wouldn‛t want you tripping in those heels, would we. So get dressed and bring me a glass of sherry in the living room."

"Yes mam," he responded.

Later, he minced into the living room, carrying my drink on a tray. I noticed his stride had shortened on account of the heels. I didn‛t think the difference between the 3 inch heels he had been wearing and these would be that great, but the lady at the uniform shop assured me that they would be and he would need the practice. I guess she was right, as he almost stubbled as he curtsied. "Excuse me Mam. You‛re drink Mam."

"My my. Turn around so I can it from behind. Delicious, absolutely. Your legs look like they belong on a model. Turn around. Any problems getting the corset on?"

The uniform was off-the-shoulder, so a regular bra couldn‛t be worn.

"It was a little hard, but I finally figured out I had to fasten all the hooks and step into it, then tighten the laces to keep it up properly. Fastening the stockings was a little harder, as the garters are quite short. Mam"

"Yes, the lady at the shop said that was to keep the tops of the stockings from being on display. If you hadn‛t noticed, the stockings are longer that your others, so they can be hidden in your petticoat. Is that what you had in mind for Amy?"

"Yes Mam," he sheepishly relied.

"How do you feel?"


"Overexposed and humiliated, Mam."

"You reckon Amy would have felt the same way?" I asked.

"In front of me, yes Mam. But I think she would have liked you to see her in it."

"Oh, you do do you? Why is that?"

"When I was rudely watching the two of you Sunday, by the pool, I could tell she was trying to seduce you. Sorry, Mam."

"I see. You could be right you know. I received an invite to her party in the mail today. The note asks me to dress sexy. I thought that was to tease you, but I guess it could be for her. How does that make you feel, seeing another woman make advance towards me? I know most men have a fantasy of seeing their wife making love to another woman. Do you? Which would you like, seeing me with Amy or Rick?"

Now there was a catch-22 question if I ever uttered one.

He paused for bit. His first cuckold experience wasn‛t all that he hoped for. He finally answered, "Amy, Mam."

Faking anger, I replied, "So, you‛d like see me with Amy!? First it‛s with a man, now it‛s with another woman. I‛ll have you know, I‛m not a slut who‛ll just sleep with anyone!"

"I‛m sorry Mam. That‛s not what I meant . . ."

"Go stand in the entry where I can see you, and practice curtsying in those heels. Prictice until the door bell rings. I‛ve order Chinese, the money is on the table there."

"Yes Mam."

After dinner, I had him practice bending at the knees, keeping his back straight, so as not to reveal his panties. I took tying a belt around his knees, to keep them from spreading like men normally do. I made him practice the rest of the week in his uniform. By Friday night he managed not to show his panties.


* * *


When I RSVP‛d Amy, she asked me to send Vicky over early Saturday morning, so she could start on cleaning the windows. I told John he had to be at Amy‛s by 7 a.m., in his outside work uniform, and to carry his other two uniforms over. I didn‛t want him mincing back and forth between our houses to change.

When I awoke, he was gone. I had to get up and fix my own breakfast. "Damn," I thought to myself, realizing I liked being served breakfast in bed. I was going to mow the lawn, but after seeing my maid mowing the neighbors lawn, while Frank and Tom watched, I figured I‛d have Vicky mow it Sunday instead.

I started to laze around all day, but I missed giving orders to the maid. So, I went shopping, looking for something really sexy for the party, wanting to see how both John and Amy responded. Later, I had to prepare my own bath, and get myself dressed for the party.

When I saw the first guest arrive, I headed on over to Amy‛s. I hate being the first to arrive, but I wanted to get there early to watch John in action.

He answered the door, eyes widening at my attire. "Didn‛t staring get you in this mess?" I whispered.

"Yes Mam, sorry Mam. You look great, if I may say so."

"Thank you Vicky. Do you think Amy will appreciate my effort?"

He didn‛t have time to answer, as the doorbell rang again.

The party was going along swimmingly. I listened to the other guests commenting about Vicky, and asking Amy where she found her. She in turn would tell them she borrowed her from me, and then they would ask me where I got her. I told them it was my husband‛s doing.

Amy came up to me later, saying, "Vicky‛s doing such a wonderful job, Donna, thanks for letting me have her."

"Your most welcome Amy, although I did miss being pampered by her today. I missed breakfast in bed, and had to dress myself. I didn‛t know how long I was going to keep her, but I‛ve come to realize I like having a maid."

"Well, I must say, you dressed yourself very nicely, or is it naughty?" she replied.

"I was leaning towards naughty," I laughed in reply.

I felt her hand rub my ass, "Naughty for me I hope," she whispered, sticking her tongue in my ear. My knees buckled slightly, as I have a thing about being tongued in my ears. I wondered if she wormed that secret out of John.

About that time, we heard a crash. Looking we saw that Vicky had dropped a glass, and was holding his tray to his breasts, white as a ghost and staring at the man that had just arrived at the party.

"Vicky, are you ok?" he asked. "Let me help you with that."

I was wondering who else knew Vicky, when, apparently recovering from his shock, Vicky replied, "No thank you Dave. Excuse me while I get this picked up." Vicky, then kneeled and started gathering the shards of glass on his tray.

Dave turned and saw Amy with me, and walked over, saying "Hello, Amy," and giving her a kiss on the cheek. He then gave me a peck also, saying, "It‛s nice to see you again Donna. It was an unexpected surprise seeing Vicky in that uniform! She looks hot!"

"I see I don‛t need to make introductions. I didn‛t think you knew anyone where I worked, Donna," remarked Amy. "Will you two excuse me for a moment, I think Vicky needs a whisk and dustpan." With that she went to get them for Vicky.

"Well, I don‛t know what to say," Dave began. "When last we met, I thought that would be the last we saw of Vicky. Can I ask what‛s going on? How did she come to be working for Amy?"

"Listen Dave, please don‛t let on to Amy what happened when we first met?"

"No problem Donna, I‛m not a kiss and tell kind of guy. What‛s going on? Does Amy know who Vicky is?"

"She found out last weekend. Wait, she‛s coming back, we‛ll talk later, OK?"

Amy came up to us inquiring, "I hate to pry, but how do you two know each other? And more importantly, Dave, how do you know Vicky?"

"I promised Donna not to talk about that, sorry Amy. Let‛s just say that Rick new Donna, and introduced us."

"Rick? You know Rick too? This is a small world. He would have been here today, but called out of town on business."

"Really? Oh God, don‛t mention his name around Vicky. You think she was startled to see Dave, I think she would die if Rick showed up."

A couple of Amy‛s other guests came up at that point and greeted Dave, drawing the conversation away from Vicky. Amy had been neglecting her other guests, and they drug her away. I could tell she was dying to talk to me and Dave some more, but being a good hostess she reluctantly went on to her other guests.

Vicky had managed to regain his composure and began serving the guests again. The party was getting louder, what with the drinks being plied, and was soon into full swing. I‛d had a few drinks also, to calm my nerves after finding out that Amy knew both Dave and Rick. I found myself in various arms of the men and women, dancing and laughing.

Dave caught up to me at one point and I commented on the sexual tension I was feeling in the room. He told me that everyone here, except for me, was single, and that things tended to get sexual. I guess that‛s why all the songs were slow dance tunes.

"Oh my! I had no idea. I wonder why Amy invited me?"

A loud squeal coming from the corner drew my attention. I saw Vicky being drawn into one of the guy‛s laps. I‛d had enough to drink to find it funny, and laughed, pointing them out to Dave. "Amy did warn him," I commented.

"Maybe I should go rescue her," Dave replied.

"That might be a good idea. He definitely isn‛t used to this."

Dave excused himself and went to rescue John. Amy, in the meantime, had managed to get back to me. "Dance?" she asked.


As we danced Amy commented, "I sure hope Vicky doesn‛t end up with a bunch of bruises on her butt. She‛s been groped by nearly everyone here."

"Well, you warned him," I replied. "Adam had him in his lap a minute ago. Dave went to rescue him," I giggled. "So, Dave was telling about your groups parties. He said everyone here was single."

"Yes, that‛s right. We get together every once in a while to let of steam. Keeping it to the singles from the office avoids any complications amongst the husbands and wives."

"So, why did you invite me?"

"Because," she moved closer to whisper, "I like you." She then started nibbling on my ear. My knees buckled, and she held me tighter. "I find you very attractive. And seeing what you‛ve done to John, I find myself even more attracted. I hope you don‛t mind?"

"Mmmm, did John tell you my ears were sensitive?"

"Yes, I managed to get a few ides from him as we gossiped like old girlfriends while preparing for the party," she giggled. "I got him to tell me about how he first came to be dressed as Vicky. That was very imaginative of you? Did you do it just to get him in dresses?"

"Oh no, it was the only way to get him to orally satisfy me."

"Really? I was hoping it was because you had bi tendencies, and were living them out through his feminization."

"I didn‛t think I had any bi tendencies, until recently," I replied, turning to look into Amy‛s eyes. "I guess having Vicky around changed that." I then found myself kissing Amy. At first it was just a gentle peck, which were followed by increasingly longer and more aggressive ones.

When we opened our eyes, we found Vicky standing nearby, staring with his mouth wide open.

Amy winked at me, and turning towards Vicky , said, "That‛s two! Now, what is it Vicky?"

"Sorry Mam ©. Nothing Mam, I was just gathering up some of the cups Mam."

"Well, don‛t let us stop you. Your doing a good job Vicky," she remarked.

I asked, as Vicky moved off with a curtsey, "Two? I didn‛t know you were passing out demerits to our maid. When did you give him the first one?"

"When she broke the glass." A new song began and we started dancing again. "Nw, where were we?" she asked, bringing our lips together again. She broke it off, nibbled my ear again and led me to her bedroom.

"I can‛t believe this is happening," I remarked as she lowered me to the bed.

She eased my skirt up above my hips and reached into my panties to finger my pussy. She then broke off her lip lock and moved lower, pulling my panties down. Next, she kissed my clit, flicking a tongue across it. She then drew it into her mouth and lovingly sucked it, pausing only to slide her tongue into me to lap up the juices that were now freely flowing.

I saw door open a crack, and could see John peering through the crack. I didn‛t care, I didn‛t want to interrupt Amy.

I moaned, "Oh Amy, that feels so good. Almost as good as Vicky." I could see John smile at that, and she redouble her efforts, soon bringing me to a mind numbing orgasm.

After calming down, and while Amy and I were cuddling again, I said, "I think that was better than Vicky."

"I hope so," she replied. John had remained at the door. I wondered if he was considering whether to barge in.

"Tell me Amy, what happens when Vicky gets five demerits?" I asked.

"She has to give head to everyone that wants her services." John‛s hand flew to his mouth in surprise.

I looked at her in shock. "Amy! Don‛t you think you should have consulted me before deciding to turn my maid into a cocksucking slut?"

She started laughing, and I watched as the door silently closed. Catching her breath, she asked, "Is she gone?"

"You knew he was there?"

"Well, she was watching us as we came down the hall. And I know I closed the door and hung a scarf on it. The scarf is a signal to everyone that the room is occupied, and is respected by everyone here. So I knew it had to have been Vicky watching."

"Oh, you are devilish," I replied, kissing her again. "You want me to, you know?"

"No, not now. Maybe later, right now it‛s time to tease Vicky some more," she replied giggling. "Fix yourself up and lets find her."

We returned to the party and caught up with Vicky, "Oh, there you are Vicky, that‛s three!"

His mouth flew open but nothing came out.

I smiled, and said, "Close your mouth Vicky, before someone puts something in it!"

Amy then said, "Could you get us a couple of drinks please, Vicky?"

"Yes Mam ©."

I think we had fucked with his mind pretty bad, he hardly reacted to being groped as he walked by a couple of the guests.

During the rest of the party, I saw Vicky being kissed by different men as well women. He even started kissing back. Amy and I both noticed that Dave got in more than his fair share of kisses. All this kissing, soon had most of the guests coupled up and leaving. So the party slowly ground to a halt, leaving me, Amy and Dave sitting and quietly talking as Vicky started to clean up.

"Is there anything I can get anyone before I clean up?" he asked.

We all declined the offer, and continued to talk.

"Well Donna, after tonight I think we can talk freely now, can‛t we?"

"Yes, I guess we can."

"Are you ready to tell me how Dave came to know Vicky?"

I explained everything that had led up to Dave and Vicky‛s double date with me and Rick. (See the first part of the story in Hotwives)

"Oh my God. If it hadn‛t been for the last week, I would have found that story hard to believe. I assume he got to see you and Rick, you know?"

"Oh yes, he had to watch. I mean, it wasn‛t something I wanted, but since he wanted it, he had to watch."

About that time, Vicky came in to the living room, curtsied, and said "Excuse me Mam, I‛ve cleaned the kitchen and need to vacuum in here, if that‛s ok with you?"

"That‛s fine Vicky, thanks," Amy responded. "Lets move into the kitchen and continue our conversation."

When we had settled again, Dave asked how John came to be Amy‛s maid.

I explained that how he first became my maid, how Amy had found out, and how John and Amy had made the bet leading to his service at her party.

"She sure knows how to get herself in trouble, doesn‛t she?" he asked.

"You know, Dave," Amy started, "the way Vicky reacted when you showed up here, and the way you‛ve been hovering around and kissing her, tells me there‛s more to the story. What have you two left out? I mean, just going out on a date could have had that kind of effect, unless . . . Oh my God, don‛t tell me?"

"We weren‛t," I replied, with a nervous giggle.

"I‛ve got to hear this. Come on, I figured it out so dish!"

I heard the vacuum stop, and not wanting to embarrass Dave further, said, "Dave, you can check on Vicky if you want, while I talk to Amy some more." So he excused himself and went to check in Vicky, while I proceeded to tell Amy how Dave had bedded Vicky.

"Damn girl, and you called me devilish." She stood and grabbed my hand pulling me out of my chair, drawing me into her arms and attacking my mouth with hers. "You‛ve got me so horny now, come on, I need relief," Amy requested.

She pulled me towards the bedroom, pausing long enough to interrupt Dave and Vicky‛s embrace on the couch, saying "That‛s four and five Vicky."

"Four and five what?" asked Dave.

"She knows," I replied. "Explain it to him Vicky, Amy and I have something else to discuss."




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