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How I Became a Sissy Slut and didn't know it till it was too late
by: Missy


I was never a really masculine little boy so I was a little fat durring my early years which resulted in two large lumps on my chest. By the time I was eleven I had grown alot till I was about 5’ tall,and lost most of the fat I was carrying when I was younger. Except for the mounds of fat right on my chest. Along with an almost pale white complection and a sweet face. Most of the bigger boys made fun of me and beat up on me alot and I would cry and then I would be called a sissy baby almost constantly.

One day I met a 13 year old girl that wiped up my tears and took me to her house her name was Tiffany. She would play house and dressup alot ,I kind of liked playing the girlish games with her because I wasnt being beaten up at the time.

Because Tiffany was new to the area she was making new freinds so soon another girl was Invited over to play with us. The other girl was also 13 but she had a boyfreind that can drive. So she was a little too mature for our childish games and wanted to play dressup but with more provocitive clothes. Her older sister was sent away to a private all girl high school due to her bad reputation for being the town slut, so she had alot of really trashy clothes in her closet.

I was used to being the daddy in the normal house games with Tiffany, but now that Tracy was playing she insisted that we all be girls. I resisted at first but Tracy got mad at me and said she would get her big brother to beat me up. I didnt know what to do right then so I began to cry, but instead of consoling me like Tiffany would she started to further emasculate me and even said that my new name was going to be Missy and I had no choice because I’d get beaten up if I didnt play dressup with them. By now even Tiffany was calling me Missy.

I was ordered to stripp of all of my clothes. As soon as I took off my shirt and the girls saw the big mounds on my chest they began to laugh at me again. My mounds were big enough to fill an A-cup bra really good and my areoles were kind of puffy sticking out about another half inch and about one and a half inches in diameter.

I started to cry again when they were laughing at me because I couldnt help it I was born that way. Tracy went to her sisters closet and took out her sisters pink satin push up bra and put it on my bare chest. She even looked kind of envious that I could fill it and she couldnt yet.

Tracy made me take off my pants next , because looking at me in that bra and pants cut for boys looked kind of funny. so I took them off. and they started laughing at me again. this time for my heart shaped girly bum. they couldnt resist pulling down the underwear I was wearing and taking slaps at my bear ass. Hummiliated I was told to turn arround. When I did I was kind of aroused. Even though I had only 3 inches of still baby size penis it was errect. "It looks like a clit more than a penis" Tracy was amused and said I was enjoying this.

Out of the closet came the matching frilly panties, Pink with lace covering the front of them, there was no evidence that there was a boy standing erect in front of them. I was just a femminine girl standing there helpless. I was ordered to sit at tracys makeup vanity where she first applied a base over my hairless cheeks and then applied some makeup. I had long eyelashes for a boy which is another reason I was called sissy by all the boys. but with mascara on they really loooked girlish. Last she put a shade of pink lipstick on my lips, my lips were kind of pouty so they really looked like they were girls allready.

They said I could turn arround and look in the mirror. I was shocked at what I saw. I was a pretty girl and I really couldnt belive it. My long blond hair made me look like a real teenage girl. Tracy thought that It could look prettier so she brushed it into a girlish style and put a pink ribbon in it to match my bra and panties.

I was enjoying all the attention, I didnt realise that they had gotten rid of my boy clothes when I wasnt looking. I was mortified when they said that If I was to leave this room that I would have to wear one of Tracy’s sisters outfits. I looked ito the closet only to find that everything that she had was too short annd low cut but my size just the same. Tracy handed me a mini and a tube top to put on. then she produced these pink high heels. I didnt hesitate this time because I was really getting into it now. When finished I looked like I was one of the girls on the street corners after dark. Tracy told me to pose like one so I did and I saw a flash. Tiffany had taken a picture of me and tracy ordered me to pose some more, with Tiffany taking pictures on the digital camera.

Tracy found a huge rubber object in a drawer that looked like my daddys penis. She ordered me to my knees and said if I didnt suck it I would surely be beaten up when her brother got home. So I was put on my knees and done as I was told to while Tiffany took pictures being careful to only get my face so the other end of the dildoe was out of the shot.So It really looked like I was sucking a real cock.

I didnt care that they were taking pictures I was enjoying my new fantasy. I was then handed a new outfit to wear. It was a junior prom dress pink with black polka dots, strapless, with chiffon and ruffles to make the dress fan out. Tracy said that she could get me a date for the prom now if I wanted. I blushed and the girls laughed again but I wasnt sad anymore. I was Missy now and the girls liked me.

I wasnt ready for the doorbell to ring , so I kind of paniced but was told that I looked like a girl and noone would know the difference. So I regained my composure and sat down. with Tiffany and we talked about what we did this afternoon and how pretty I was wanted to play dressup more often. when I heard sone familiar male voices. I had seemed that Tracys jock brother was home with three boys he was on the football team with. Tracy had called her brother after all, but when they came to the room instead of beating me up Tracy Introduced me as Missy and a few of the boys flirted with me and Tiffany.

Tracy and Tiffany paired off with thier boyfriends leaving me with the other two. I was panicing on the inside afraid that they would find out and all beat me up while wearing the prom dress. So I had to act like I liked them and laugh at thier jokes. It wasnt long before aatracy and her boy were making out and petting on the opisite couch. Soon the boy Tiffany met was making out with her. Leaving me to fend off two muscular built black boys both about 17 years old, about a foot taller than me.

Tracy soon was going heavier with hers getting into her shirt and stroking his cock through his underwear. I knew I would have to act quick because one of the boys had put his hand on my thigh and was going to feel my area. so I kissed him on the lips. then the other one put his hand on my other thigh, I had to kiss him too. this went back and fourth a while then Rod the first boy opened his mouth and put his tounge in my mouth. It felt warm and I enjoyed it then John the other one did the same. I had really felt kissed and turned on, I almost didnt realize that they had pulled down the top of the dress and that my girlish breasts were exposed to all of them. I would have been embareassed but Tiffany and Tracy both had thier breasts exposed as well. and I loved the attention that I was getting from Rod and John.

It wasnt long before Tracy had her boys cock out and was stroking it when she asked if she could kiss it. Of course he said yes so now my new friend was sucking her boyfriends cock in front of us. Soon Tiffany was so turned on she was sucking hers too. Which left me the only one in the room with two boys that were really turned on and expecting the same from the new slut in town.

I was on the spot and scared but turned on at the same time. normally these two would beat me till I cried and now. I couldnt wait to be manhandled by them with thier big pecks and washboard abs. I was used to emasculation from them and now they were turning me on like a girl in heat.

Rod got up on his feet and unzipped his fly and out came what must have been a nine inch coch about two inches wide. Soon John got up and pulled out his now engorged member. Funny how it is that when they used to call me sissy cocksucker by these boys I was kind of turned on. but now I was going to really get to suck on both of thier cocks. They didnt have to try hard to put me down on my knees. I t was my first time after all so I asked in my most innocent voice, "Can I kiss it?" First I rubbed it with my fingers gently till the head would mushroom out and saw his drop of cream ooze out of the hole. I was so in extasy that I didnt notice the camera flashing, I was kissing Rods hot member licking up his precum when John put his in my mouth I thought I was going to be sick but I was turned on instead. I sucked both boys for a long time while one was in my mouth the other would jack off near my mouth rubbing his head on my face.

I think at that moment that I was the happiest girl in the whole world, then something happened. I was so much into giving a blow job to the first two boys a third one had bent me over and removed the panties. Luckily there were too many ruffles for my little baby 3" clit to be discovered. Tracys big brother was puting patroleum jelly on his big penis. telling me to relax and this wouldnt hurt. he first put his head gently on my little hole pushed just a little gently pushing till my hole was ready for it. then he put it in me It wasnt painful at all and I was soon having orgasmic feelings when he would slide in and out. It wasnt easy to consentrate on the blowjob I was giving to Rod and John. The boys started talking but I started sucking on the head of rod till he was moaning, and I tightened the muscles in my ass. I was proud that I could take it all.

There I was going from a sissy boy to Missy the cumslut in one day. I was just dreaming about how fun it was now that Im a girl and now everyone wanted to play with me. when Rods knees buckled up and I started to feel a warm cream in my mouth. How it tasted so good kind if salty but like a weak gravy. I tried to take it all but some went down my cheek and then john put his cock in and fucked my little mouth,while tracys brother was in my ass going in and out.with his.

As soon as Jonny shot his load some got in my hair and on my cheeks. another boy was in front of me. So I sucked him while Tracy egged him on. then Tiffany made her boy jack off in my mouth too. I was totally covered in cum and loving it. then tracys brother came after about my eighth ass orgasm after which Tracy got a tampon and pushed it up my ass. It felt so big as it soaked up all of the cum. but I wanted to have him in there again.

After the boys left Tracy and Tiffany suprised me with the photos on her computer. I was really beutiful and slutty as whore on prom night.After telling me I would be expected to service those boys again or these will be emailed to my mom, I was made to walk home all made up and I wasnt told about the cum in my hair.

While I expected to hear alot of insults Instead I was getting catcalls. I was reveling in that, till I got home and found that Mom was home with her new boyfriend and was checking the e-mail.


The End.




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