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How the Big City Changed Me

by Chiara


My friend Paul and I had planned on moving out together and being a couple of crazy guys without supervision since at least back when we were 13 years old. Oh, I'm Kelly by the way. We were going to have a cool house and a couple of Porsches and lots of babes hanging around us. I had worked as a dishwasher at Chinese restaurant and Paul worked there as a bus boy to save up to move out.

Well now we were both 19 and we finally moved to the big city and got our place. It wasn't quite what we planned. We put all our savings together and put down a damage deposit and one months rent on a small 2 bedroom loft above a store. Neither of us had a car and we were dependant on the "looser cruiser" (the bus). We were not popular with the ladies at all. Paul is average height but slim and he was very shy. I am a little short and I was overweight by about 40 pounds. I had long natural looking hair, (my mom called it messy). It all added up to give me a sort of pudgy androgynous look that I thought expressed my individuality. To make things worse, my nose had been broken and straightened when I was 10, leaving my voice a bit high and nasal for a guy. So far, no ladies had given me even a second glance. Even challenged as we were, it never stopped us from checking out women all the time and rating them based on their appearance. We had high hopes that moving out would be the beginning of our bright futures even though neither of us had a job.

For the first few days we just did what we did back home. We rented movies with babes in them in the evenings and sometimes went to bars and looked at babes we would never approach. In the days, we went to the mall and checked out more babes. One of our best methods was to go to a ladies clothing store and "browse" for gifts for an imaginary girlfriend or relative. We often got a peek into the ladies change room. We also became connoisseurs of ladies fashions and what we liked and didn't like. We were having a great time.

After about a week, Paul pointed out that we had better pound the pavement and get some work. Otherwise we'd be moving back to our parents homes in the suburb we spent our youth trying to escape.

Paul pointed out that I'd better at least comb my hair and tie it back if I even hoped to get a job.

The next morning we hit the streets looking for work.

We went to a couple of places together that had "help wanted" ads in the newspaper, then we separated and went our own way.

Most places weren't even taking applications. I went to several restaurants and bars and filled out applications and dropped off resumes

That night Paul and I told each other all the places we had gone. It turned out Paul had gone to places like night clubs and fancier restaurants.

The next day Paul got called for a job at one of the coolest night clubs around. It was called the Shark Club and they had dancing and ladies nights and stuff like that. He was hired to work in the kitchen.

I, on the other hand, did not get a job right away. Almost a month slowly passed by and all I had to show for it was about 15 more pounds than when I moved out. The extra weight was making me feel unhealthy and was going mainly to my tummy and chest. In fact, I was growing what looked like breasts. Paul even used to joke and ask for a feel. One day when I was at the bank and a little kid pointed to my large chest and asked his mother if I was a man or a woman. I was so embarrassed I decided that it was time to do something about my appearance. I decided I should see a doctor and start working out. But there was no way I could afford to pay for the doctor until I got a job.

Walking home I went through the Chinese part of town. I passed a little shop that had a sign that said 'Chinese Medicine' and had other signs about quitting smoking, curing migraines and losing weight. I decided "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and went in.

I asked the old lady behind the counter how it worked and what it cost.

She said it was 20 bucks and that included a visit with the doctor and all treatments. I agreed and paid her. She took me through a curtain and had me wait. After a few minutes a very old man came into the room. He talked only in Chinese. I was not sure if he could even see me as his eyes were a foggy white. He felt my hair and my face. I talked to him but I was not sure if he understood me. Mostly he felt and pressed my hands. It was almost like a very deep hand massage. He wrote some words and letters I could not understand on a note and gave it to me and pointed me back into the store front. I gave the note to the old lady and she went to work pulling various yucky dried things out of bottles and cans and placing them in a ceramic bowl. She then ground it into a mix that looked like tea leaves when it was done. She put it in a jar and told me to make and drink a cup of tea twice a day until it was gone. She said I had to consume the leaves as well as the tea. She said it would take about 15 days to finish the tea and that the results would start to happen fairly soon and would continue for a period even after the tea was all gone. She included a measuring spoon so that I would use the correct amount.

I left with the bag and thanked her 20 bucks poorer with only a bag of tea to show for it.

That evening Paul listened to my story and watched as I drank and ate my tea. He laughed but watched with interest. Nothing noticeable happened so Paul headed off to bed. About 30 minutes later I noticed something. I felt I needed to exercise, immediately! I put on some sweats and went for a jog. The first jog I had done since I was 15 years old!

When I got back I figured I'd run for about 35 minutes! I took a shower after my run and noticed that some of my body hair was falling out as I washed. I was a bit puzzled but not really too concerned.

The next morning I made myself another cup of the tea. As I drank it, I felt a great surge of energy. "This tea really works". I thought.

I felt great so I put on a pair of shorts and went for another run. This time it was a longer run of about 50 minutes. When I got home I took another shower to get ready for the day.

I noticed that my usually hairy chest was now virtually hairless. I decided it was a small price to pay for feeling so great. When I got out of the shower I went to the sink to shave. I used my towel to clear a circle in the steamed up mirror. I was startled to see my hairless chest and tummy in the mirror. Without the hair, my chest looked even more feminine than before!

"It's no big deal" I thought to myself. With the exercise I was doing, and the medicinal tea's help, I'd be losing this extra weight in my chest and gut in no time. Then I found a real bonus to the hair loss I had noticed from my chest. My facial hair hadn't grown at all over night. I didn't like shaving and now there was no need for me too. I hoped that this little unexpected side effect was permanent.

Over the next couple of days things started getting even better.

My weight started dropping.

After only 5 days I had lost 15 pounds! My belly was getting smaller every day. I was going for a jog for about an hour, twice a day. I was rarely tired and I felt great. I was so pleased that I decided to take better care of my appearance. I washed and conditioned my hair every day and brushed out all the knots.

After 5 more days I had lost another 20 pounds and felt even better. My legs looked thinner and more muscular. My arms were thinner and looked nice too. I was losing weight everywhere except my hips and bottom, and my chest. I was mostly concerned about my chest as it wasn't getting any smaller yet at all. With my stomach being so much smaller now, my chest was now even more prominent than ever. I was lucky and glad that my baggy clothes hid my chest. I was getting more than a bit impatient for the weight loss to happen in that area, but I knew it would eventually. My hair was healthier now too. It seemed fuller and was easier to brush now that I was taking better care of it.

Paul commented that my weight loss was amazing. He pointed out that my face was a lot thinner and how good my skin looked compared to before. He noticed that my clothes were getting very baggy. I told him that I would buy some new stuff when I got a job. He gave me some of his old stuff to wear in the interim. A track suit and a couple of sweat shirts and some shorts I could wear to run in. Because I was still not working, Paul was paying for our food and rent, and now I was wearing his clothes. I thanked him for being such a great friend.

On the 15th evening of my program I made myself the last cup of tea and drank it.

The next day I picked out a sweatshirt and a pair of track pants to wear. Before getting dressed I weighed myself and did an inventory on the many changes I had undergone. I had lost 55 pounds in less than 3 weeks and even Paul's clothes were baggy on me now! My tummy was now flat and firm and I had a very slim waist, but my bottom and chest were still not any smaller. As I ran my hands up my firm tummy and over my chest I realized my skin was much smoother than I could remember it ever being before. As I did this I was surprised at how sensitive my chest felt and watched as my nipples became large and erect. It was shockingly arousing and I felt my penis start to get excited. Immediately I ran my face under cold water to clear my mind from where it was going.

I finished getting dressed. I pointed out to Paul how my weight was dropping unevenly. He looked me over wearing his sweat shirt and pants and said it would probably just take a bit longer before my weight loss evened out.

A few days later Paul had a day off so we hung out all day then we went to a strip bar in the evening and watched some peelers. Good "guy fun".

The next morning I was a bit hung over. I decided to skip on my run for the morning and have a shower. I weighed myself before hopping in and was shocked to see I had lost 10 more pounds since I finished my tea program. I now weighed only 135 pounds and I was still heavy in my problem areas.

I had a long relaxing shower to clear my head of my hangover. As I got out of the shower and realized I hadn't gotten a towel before I got in. I put one foot on the floor and reached across to the towel rack dripping wet. I looked to the right to see Paul standing taking a leak. He was staring at my chest. I hadn't heard him come into the bathroom.

"Uh, um, Kelly...." he stuttered. "You got some serious boobs on you dude!" Paul said in amazement. "You got a tiny waist and curvy hips too! Are you turning into a chick?" he asked.

"Of course not. Look at my penis you dick! Have you ever seen a chick with a penis?" I asked rhetorically. "Don't go all weird on me just cause I look a bit like a girl Paul. It's still just me here, Kelly. Remember? We check out chicks together? We watched strippers together last night?" I reminded him.

"Yeah, but your tits are nicer than all four strippers we saw last night!" Paul responded.

"Really?" I asked in surprise. "Anyway, I'm sure it's just a temporary side effect from the tea I am using. They'll go away soon."

Paul got a weird mischievous look on his face. "This is great!

Until your body looks male again, you can go undercover dude!"

"I doubt I could," I countered, "and why would I if I could?"

"Many reasons dude!" he said.

"One, you could listen to what chicks have to say that they like about guys. Two, you could listen to find out what turns them on. Three, you could check out places no man has gone before. Think of the woman's change room at the gym....or a Lingerie store! In any case, you'd be on the other side gathering vital information that you and I could benefit from for years!"

I had to admit that his bizarre idea was definitely a bit intriguing.

Then a big grin came over his face. "You could help me get a girl friend."

"How could me looking like a chick get you a girl friend?" I asked

"It would be way easier to meet girls if I was with one! Chicks would be more open to being friends with me and my girl room mate than the couple of lecherous guys we really are. You could drop hints about how nice I am. And girls always tell girls stuff in the washroom that you'd hear and could share." he said getting very excited.

"I don't think I could do it. And it would never work. I still have my cock and balls which wouldn't look too feminine bulging in my pants", I said

Paul carried on, "there's ways to hide that dude. And you owe me for paying for everything while you pay for nothing. I'd buy you the stuff you need to wear to look good. Then in a couple of pay days, when your body hopefully looks male again, I'll buy you some new guy clothes."

"Can I at least pick out the clothes I get?" I asked.

"We'll do it together. That will be our first adventure Kelly. Now lets run you a bath. You need to shave your legs and arm pits. You can't try on clothes looking like a refugee from the sixties! I'll run down to the thrift shop and get something you can at least wear out shopping."

Paul said as he quickly washed up at the sink. I wrapped a towel around myself as the tub filled up. Paul went to his room and quickly got dressed then left for the thrift shop.

"This was going way too fast," I thought to myself as I put a new blade in my razor and got in the tub to shave my legs and arm pits..... be continued




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