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How the Big City Changed Me

by Chiara


Part II


I had tied my hair back in a ponytail before getting in the bath. I must admit, shaving my armpits and legs was an interesting experience. First I foamed up one armpit and shaved it, then the other. As I rinsed off the foam I was left with a very sexy looking feminine armpit. I was surprised that an armpit could be sexy but mine definitely were. I then proceed to soap up my legs. As I shaved them I was left with beautiful smooth legs. I was in shock as they were so lovely they could only belong on a woman. They had definitely changed over the last few weeks with my weight loss. I could only guess I had been so preoccupied with my other changes I had not noticed.

After shaving my legs and armpits I dried off and wrapped a towel around myself the way a lady does, tucking it in at my chest. Paul was right. Looking in the mirror I really did look like a girl now, other than the slight sign of my arousal tenting out the towel just above my smooth feminine legs.

Paul returned about 30 minutes later with two bags. One from the thrift store and the other was just black so I did not know where it was from.

"I just got a couple of things to get started Kelly." he said excitedly. "We'll go shopping and decide what else you will need together. I got you a pair of jeans and a sweater. I told the lady it was for my little sister. I guessed you are a size 6. I figured your bulge would show so I dropped into the sex shop to see if they had anything to help. I told the lady working there I was dressing up as a chick for a costume party and wanted to hide my package. She showed me this thing called a gaffe and told me how it works. I bought two for you. When she wasn't paying attention I switched them for a smaller size that would fit you. They have other items too that would work including very realistic artificial vaginas. But I figured we'd try her suggestion." Paul explained.

He pulled out what appeared to be a pair of high cut black panties. He explained that they were made from a stretchy, smooth, spandex and satin combination material. They had extra padding in front to soften and smooth bulges and a very strong waistband to hold them up firmly. He handed me a pair and told me to pull them most of the way on. I went in the bathroom and partially closed the door so Paul would not be able to watch. He told me to firmly push each of my testicles up into the cavity in my pelvis and hold them there. Then he told me to push my penis down and back between my legs and pull the gaffe up until it was snug. The waistband was thin but strong and rested on my curvy hips. I couldn't believe it: I even have curvy hips now. The gaffe held everything snugly in place.

"How's it look?" Paul asked.

I looked in the mirror and saw that it appeared I was wearing a very sexy pair of black panties on my now almost perfectly flat and very feminine groin area. I turned and looked over my shoulder at my bottom to see how it looked. The panty covered my bottom in a very sexy bikini style. I couldn't help notice how feminine by ass looked now. I had not noticed it during my recent changes, but looking at it covered in my new panty it was very feminine. One of the nicest butts I'd ever seen, and it was me. I felt a bit of arousal in my groin area but it subsided immediately due to the gaffe's restriction.

Paul poked his head around the corner to peek. I turned around to realize I was directly facing him. He was staring at my flat crotch in awe. Then his stare came up to my chest again. I covered my chest with my hands. It felt weird to be stared at by Paul. He handed me the jeans and sweater and stuttered for me to finish getting dressed. I realized the legs of the jeans were very narrow so I decided to put my socks on first, then the jeans. I pulled them up and did them up. They fit but they were very snug and they rode very low on my hips. I pulled the sweater over my head and took a look in the mirror. I turned around and checked myself out. The jeans looked very good on me, hot actually. Again I noticed my ass was spectacularly curved and my crotch was flat and smooth. There was no indication I was a guy at all. The sweater was a thick soft red material that showed my curves way too much for my comfort. I came out of the bathroom and showed Paul.

"What do you think?" I asked.

Paul looked me over. "You looked better in just the panties." he joked. Then he added: "Seriously, you look like a casual but 100% woman with a great figure that is way out of my league."

"Thanks. I guess?" I smiled awkwardly. "What about my voice?"

"Your voice is actually perfect!" Paul said. "I guess maybe cause your nose was broken when we were kids, but you have a bit of a nasal voice with a feminine enough sound to it".

So I thought to myself: "I look like a girl, I sound like a girl, and I am going to dress as a girl to help my friend Paul get a girl". It made no sense, but somehow, it made perfect sense. And for some reason, I was really starting to enjoy myself.

"Want to take me shopping Paul? I want to go out dancing tonight and I need a new outfit." I asked jokingly.

"Absolutely!" he replied.

I got on my runners and we headed to the mall.

We walked the few blocks to the mall. The way my balls and penis were tucked firmly away caused me to walk with smaller steps. I found I had to change my weight back and forth with each steps to prevent discomfort.

"You not only look like a lady Kelly, you totally walk like one!" Paul observed almost leeringly.

I told him it was the most comfortable way for me to walk and told him to keep his eyes off my rear.

I told Paul I really wanted to get some clothes that would be comfortable to exercise in so that I could maintain my great new health. He agreed and said that we could after a few stops to get me a bra and fix up my hair.

I started to disagree when I realized where our first stops would be. Then I got very intrigued to go into a bra store and a hair salon and see if I could pass as a girl. Plus, now that I had come this far, I wanted to see how good I could look as a girl.

When we got to the mall Paul steered me to the Lingerie store. I was nervous to go in but he just directed me right in. A short well-dressed girl came up and asked if she could be of assistance. She said her name was Nadine. She was about an inch shorter than me and about 15 pounds heavier I guessed. She was quite cute. She had long light brown hair. She was wearing a low cut shirt that showed lots of cleavage. Paul and I both just stood there for a few seconds then Paul finally explained that I needed a new bra and some nylons. Nadine showed us various styles and asked me what kind of outfit I needed the bra for. Thinking quickly, I told her I had no bras that fit me right now due to my recent weight loss and I needed just a basic bra and that I did not know my size.

Nadine asked Paul if he would go browsing in the mall while she fitted me in private. He tried to object but was no match for the young saleswoman. I smiled and watched as she whisked him out into the mall. She told him to come back in 30 minutes. Nadine took me into a private room and had me remove my sweater. She told me I was lucky to be blessed with such a nice figure. I blushed and thanked her. Looking in the full-length mirror, I quietly agreed to myself with her opinion. Somewhere along the line I had come to look like a very attractive girl.

She had me lift my breasts and then she measured around my chest just underneath them.

She then measured around my breasts at the nipple. She told me I was a 34C.

She explained that it meant I measured 29 inches around just below my breasts and 37 inches around my boobs. She said you add 5 to the first measurement and that is the 34. You take the difference of 3 as a letter and that is C. I thought I knew quite a bit about woman's clothing sizes, but I admitted to her that I had not known how the calculations were actually made before. I looked at Nadine and said she must be about a 36C. She said I was exactly right and that I had a great eye for sizes.

She had me try on what she described as a seamless, deep plunging very pretty black bra with hidden underwires. It had twinned straps that I thought looked very sexy. It pulled my breasts up and together and made them feel less heavy and look much fuller as well as creating a lot of cleavage. I decided to take a white one as well and she talked me into getting a more colorful one as well. She explained that because I bought two, the third one was half price. She picked a fuchsia one for me. Nadine asked if I wanted to wear the black one home. I agreed as I thought it felt and looked better than without the bra. She pointed out that my boyfriend had mentioned nylons. She asked if we were going dancing or something. I told her Paul was just my roommate.

She seemed intrigued by this, "Oh really? He is kind of cute. In a desperate sort of way." She joked.

I told her we had no set plans. She said her and her best friend were going to a ladies night and that I should come too and that Paul could join us later when they let the guys in.

"Wow, Paul's plan for me to get in with the ladies is working really well." I thought to myself.

I enthusiastically accepted her invitation. She wrote down her address and told me to come early for a few margaritas before we go out.

Then we got back to my shopping needs. She added two pairs of black panty hose to my purchases. She told me to remember to roll them up my legs to avoid getting a run in them. She asked if I needed any sleepwear and I told her I slept in my gonch.

"Oops!" I thought.

She laughed and said, "It's not gonch, it's lingerie. It costs too much to be called gonch and it shouldn't be slept in. I bet your roommate doesn't mind you walking around almost naked."

I thought about it and agreed I needed some sleep wear. I asked her what she suggested.

She sold me a 2 piece tie-died style set in a smooth polyester satin material. The top was like a tank top but had spaghetti straps. The pants had an elasticized waistband. We chatted while we waited for Paul to return and pay. She asked what other shopping we had planned. I told her I thought I should get my hair styled. She got all excited and said I "had" to go to the salon where her best friend Gina worked. She explained that Gina was her friend who was going to ladies night with us. She said Gina was really good with long hair and that she was the only person she trusted to do her hair. She called Gina and she said she had a cancellation so I could go right now. I told Nadine to tell her friend I'd be right over.

Just then Paul returned. Once again he was staring at my chest.

"I see you approve Paul." I jested. "Can you please pay so that we can finish up here and go get my hair done. We need to get our errands done soon as I am going to ladies night with my new friend Nadine." I winked at Paul.

He looked over to Nadine as she said "It'll be okay Paul, you can join us after 10 when they let the guys in."

We paid and headed across the mall with smiles stuck on our faces.

"We are going to see Nadine's friend Gina at the hair

salon." I giggled. "Your plan is working way better than I

had imagined. Nadine even told me you were kind of cute." I

said, leaving out the desperate part. "I still want to go

to the fitness store." I reminded him

Paul offered to buy me two workout outfits if I let him stay with me at the hair salon. I reminded him it was Nadine who sent him away at the lingerie store, not me. I also pointed out that the only nude babe he might have been able to see if he had stayed was me. He said he would have still enjoyed staying. I punched his arm in a very unladylike manner and we carried on laughing.

Gina welcomed us and introduced herself to us. She was very different from Nadine. She was about 5'10 inches tall with her heels. She had an amazing very fit looking body with nice small firm breasts. They were so perfect, they might even have been implants other than that they were only about a B cup. She had on a light blue tight, low cut short sleeved sweater top that ended a bit short, showing about 2 inches of her firm abdomen. She wore a very flattering pair of sleek tight black pants. She sent Paul away too. I told her he could stay and she said there would be too much girl talk and insisted he come back in an hour.

"I still want an exercise outfit!" I called out as he left.

Gina only cut about 2 inches off my hairdo that it rested just past my shoulders. She then layered the hair on my forehead so that it formed bangs and then lengthened gradually at the sides of my face to my shoulders. It looked very pretty down but was still long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail. She showed me that when I did tie my hair back, the framed pieces at the side of my face would be too short to pull back and would hang down and frame my face very prettily.

The whole time she was doing my hair was amazingly comfortable. Her firm hands gently worked on my hair while we talked about many things I never talked about with a girl before.

She told me about some bad dates she had been on. She told me about her friends. She told me about her pets. She asked and I told her a bit about me. I had to be careful about what I said but I found I did not have to lie about myself. I told her the kind of jobs I had, that I liked to exercise, that I enjoyed looking at the newest fashions. The conversation was very different from the ones I usually have with Greg. I guess it was what you'd call girl talk. I really enjoyed it. Gina said she was very excited about getting to know me better and about going to ladies night with Nadine and I.

I admitted I had never been and that I was looking forward to going too, which was true, for different reasons. Mostly I wanted to experience more as a girl, and get to know Nadine and Gina more.

Gina said she had a sexy new skirt and top to wear. A look of panic must have come over me as she asked what was wrong.

"I need to buy something to wear." I replied.

"Just wear something casual and Nadine and I will make you look good!" Gina almost purred.

As we had been talking, Gina put some make up on my face. She showed me how to put on eyeliner, eye shadow, a bit of blush on my cheeks, and lipstick and lip liner.

She showed me the results in the mirror. I looked so good. A tear came to my eye and I almost started to cry for some reason. Gina noticed and gave a big hug and asked what was wrong.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I just can't believe how nice you made me look."

She gave me a big hug and our breasts mashed together warmly.

I told her Paul was coming by to pick me up and pay and I asked her how much the bill was.

She explained that she was putting in as her lunch break and it was a freebie for a friend.

Another tear started to come to my eye. Gina gave me another big hug and I left feeling great.

When I came out to find Paul he was waiting reading a magazine. He stared at me again and I blushed. For some reason I had an urge to look at his crotch to see if I was really getting his attention. I was a bit afraid though, so I didn't look.

"My turn this time." I demanded. "I need some clothes to work out in."

"I already went and got you two outfits." Paul replied and showed me the bag.

"I went to the 'Planet Fitness' store and told them I wanted to buy a couple of outfits for a girl friend to work out in. A very attractive lady there helped me pick out five pieces you can mix and match to make a couple of outfits in your size."

"Really! Show me what you got Paul!" I pleaded.

We sat at a bench and he showed me the clothes he had gotten for me. It was all Reebok stuff in a light blue color with yellow trim. There was a pair of shorts, a pair of running pants, a top he explained was a crop top fitness bra that you could wear by itself, a T-shirt and a warm up jacket. To finish it all off there was a great new pair of running shoes.

"This stuff is perfect Paul! Thanks so much. It must have cost you a fortune! What can I ever do to repay you for all this?" I asked as I reached over and gave him a big hug.

I pulled back a bit awkwardly. I had never hugged Paul before.

"Just doing all the things you're doing for my little plan is more than enough Kelly. That hug was perfect!" He answered. He thought my hug was just acting, but it had been the most natural thing I had ever done.

We went to the food fair and I told him what a wonderful day I was having. I told him how excited I was to be going out with the girls tonight.

He agreed that he was excited that I was doing so well too. He said he hoped we could have a lot of fun with my situation before my weight loss evened out and I returned to looking more like a guy. I agreed. The truth was I hadn't even thought about that since we had been at the mall.

We spent a couple of hours walking around the mall shopping. We got several more clothing items and headed for home.

We watched TV for a couple of hours and I got ready to go out.

I wore the same low cut jeans and a pale fuchsia tank style top over my new fuchsia bra. I liked the way the straps showed. I wore a comfortable pair of low sandals.

I said goodbye to Paul and headed off around 7 O'clock. He looked sort of sad that I was leaving.

It was only about 6 blocks to Nadine's address so I decided to walk. I'd walked that far many times before alone. Right away I passed a couple of guys who checked me out. I looked back to see them looking back at my ass. I turned around and went home. I asked Paul if he would walk me to Nadine's. He jumped up excitedly and said he'd be glad to.

On the way I explained to him that with my new appearance I felt very vulnerable walking by myself and that I really appreciated his coming with me. We had a nice talk on our way. When we got to Nadine's she buzzed me in the front door.

This time Paul gave me a hug and then he headed off.

I went up the two flights of stairs to Nadine's building and was welcomed into her apartment by Gina.


To be continued.




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