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 How The Big City Changed Me

by Chiara


Part 3


Upon arriving at Nadine's apartment, it was clear that the girls were having a great time already. They were drinking Margaritas and were already feeling no pain. Gina looked amazing! She had on a leather mini skirt and a sexy halter top and here face was madke up perfectly. Did I say she looked amazing? I thought to myself that I could easily fall for her if I wasn't in this rediculous situation of pretending to be a girl.

Suddenly I had a panick attack. "What am I doing here?" I thought to myself. "They will see right through my lame cherade. They might freak out or try to kill me or something!" I took a deep breath to calm myself back to reality.

Anyway, Nadine had put on make up to go out too but was just wearing panties and a tank top. I could hardly believe I was here with this cute girl in her gonch! I remember, too expensive to be gonch, lingerie! Paul would have been so jealous. She looked me over and said I looked nice. I thanked her for her compliment. Then she said it wasn't the right outfit for tonight. I wasn't too surprised since Gina had told me to come expecting to change clothes. "Here, Gina will help you put on some make up while I finish getting dressed. Then we'll pick you out something to wear from my clothes. I have a tonne of stuff you can have that is too small for me now."

Nadine said.

"Really! You'd do that for me?" I asked. Nadine told me: "We take very good care of each other and you're one of us now!"

I told them I rarely wear make up. They made gagging expressions at each other and said they'd show me better. Nadine gave me a margarita and we toasted: "Lady's night!" Gina had me take off my top and just wear my bra, then she went to work helping me do several things to my face. She had a big case of sample makeup from her salon.

We used a mascara brush to make my eyelashes look longer. Then she used a fine pencil to draw around my eyes. Then she showed me how to use a little brush pad to put a shiny buff beige on my eyelids and a lighter less shiny shade above my eye lids but under my eyebrows. She used what she called a classic pink beige on my cheeks. Finally she got a lipstick she called blossom and a dark blossom lip liner. I looked in the mirror at the results. I fought off another panic attack. I didn't just look like a girl any more. I was beautiful. I figured I was just as pretty if not prettier than Gina and Nadine, and they were both pretty hot. Gina packed the makeup in a small handbag for me to fix myself up while we were out. Nadine came back with another round of margaritas. She was now wearing very tight slacks and a sheer top you could see her bra through and a pair of very high heeled pumps. Just looking at these two babes dressed like this was amazing. I figured I'd get a boner if I wasn't tucked up so awkwardly. Nadine brought me into her room and showed me several pieces of clothing and told me I could keep anything that fit as they were all a bit too snug for her. I told her that she had a perfect figure and she gave me a big crushing hug.

"Thanks, you made my day!" Nadine said. "I'll admit I have a nice figure, but yours is just amazing Kelly." she continued. Our breasts mashed into each others. She then pulled out a tiny dress that was a pale pink waffle material that appeared to be for someone much smaller than me, perhaps a child. "This will be perfect!" she exclaimed. She had me take off my pants. She got me a pair of new nylons and had me roll them up and on. Then she unzipped the dress and helped me slide it down over my head and slide my arms into the small cap sleeves. As we worked it down it stretched to fit me. She zipped up the back. I looked in the mirror awkwardly. The neckline plunged way down to show lots of cleavage. The hem came down just a few inches past my bottom when I tugged it down a bit. "Wow!" I gasped as I looked at how it showed off every curve on my body..

"You almost look perfect Kelly. You just need the right shoes!"

Nadine said and started looking around again.

She handed me a pair of pumps with at least a 5 inch heal. I admitted to her that I never wore heals and the one inch ones I was wearing were the highest I ever wore. Nadine frowned and asked if I was from Alaska or something. I though maybe I had blown it. Nadine thought for a few seconds then went and came back with a pair of black strappy platform high heels with an open toe. She explained they'd be much more comfortable as the heel was only about 3 inches taller than the 2 inch toe. I put them on and walked around the room and back into the living room to show Gina my outfit. Gina looked very pleased and clapped when she saw me completely ready to go. With her pretty face smiling at me I just about melted. They helped me practice my walking until I didn't walk like a monster. It took just one more drink and I was walking comfortably. The whole time we were getting ready they talked and told me about themselves and how they met and girl stuff. I was amazed at how deep undercover I had gotten. Paul would be very impressed.

We called a cab to take us the 3 blocks to the club. When he arrived we got up and checked ourselves out in the mirror as a group. I don't think I had ever seen 3 nicer looking babes. And here I was one of them, the one with the best rack! The cab driver stared at us in the mirror almost the whole way. When we got there, he wouldn't even take our money. Nadine gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him.

In the bar we got a table near the stage just as the show started. I had no idea we were seeing male exotic dancers. These very muscular guys came out and danced and took their clothes off. Gina and Nadine were screaming for the guys to take it off. In all the times I'd been going to strippers I'd never seen guys go so totally nuts as the ladies were over these guys. One guy was down to a G-string dancing with his crotch just over Nadine's face. She whispered something to him and tucked a $5 bill into his G-string. He looked over at me and came over and wiggled his but in my face, then turned and danced with his package almost touching my bare chest. I decided to play along. I closed my eyes and screamed like people do on roller coasters. I could hear Nadine and Gina laughing hysterically. The dancer finally moved on and the entertainment eventually ended. I promised Nadine I would get even with her. Nadine and Gina were laughing so hard I thought they might pee themselves. We had a margarita and then they pulled me up to the dance floor. I told them I didn't know how to dance but they said they didn't care. They told me to just watch them and do what they do. I watched them wiggle and writhe to the music and quickly started doing the same thing as them. It was actually a lot of fun and I was getting into it. It helped clear my head of the booze a bit as well. After dancing for four songs we hugged and went back to our table. I had not even noticed the bar was now open to men. As we walked back to our table I noticed there were lots of guys now. No sooner did we get to our table before the waitress brought us a round of drinks. She pointed across the bar to show us the group of guys who had sent them. Nadine told me not to make eye contact or they would come right over.

I looked around the bar for Paul but he was nowhere to be found. Nadine asked what I was looking for and I reminded her that Paul was due to show up. She asked lots of questions about him. I told her he was my best friend since we were kids and that he was very nice. She asked me how he was in bed. I blushed and said I had no idea. She smiled and said she was just joking anyway. We drank our margaritas and headed back out to the dance floor. We danced for several more songs. We were getting a bit glisteny with sweat from the exercise. Gina and Nadine looked very sexy, and I guessed I did as well. The three of us dancing together were getting lots of attention from the guys in the place. On several occasions guys came up to try to join us but we just ignored them. I noticed that Paul had arrived and he was looking around for us. He looked right at us but did not recognize any of us. I ran over very femininely in my heals and pulled him up to the dance floor. His eyes got very big as he realized it was me pulling him up to the dance floor. He was looking at my chest again, this time at my cleavage. I wagged my finger at him for being naughty and dragged him to dance with Gina and Nadine and I. We barely talked as the music was very loud, but we danced and had a great time. After several more songs we sat down for a rest. Paul told us how great we all looked. The girls, and I, lapped up the compliments. He was very chatty with Nadine and Gina and they seemed to like him quite a bit. He was actually very comfortable talking with them. Later he told me it was because I was there. Nadine got up and said she had to use the ladies's room. Gina immediately got up to join her. I sat there talking with Paul when I realized they were looking at me and waiting. Oops, another miscue! I joined them for my first "group trip" to the ladies's room. The washroom was just like the men's room, except it had all cubicles for the toilets and the sink area had counters for you to put your purse on. There was only one cubicle available. Gina went in. As I could hear her relieving her bladder Nadine said: "Oh my Gawd Kelly! Paul is so nice! How can you just be friends with him? I would 'so' jump his bones!".

As I laughed, Gina said: "He is pretty cute. I'd give him a go if I were that way inclined".

Nadine went in next and used the toilet.

"I guess he's pretty nice looking," I said "but he's not my type."

Gina raised an eyebrow at me. I was unsure what she meant. Finally I went in and carefully sat down and went pee. I had to be careful not to splash. I came out and washed my hands. Nadine and Gina were going over their makeup. I joined them and touched up my lipstick and liner. Gina said I looked perfect and I thanked her then we returned to Paul. Nadine grabbed Paul and they went back on the dance floor.

I sat with Gina and we talked. Several guys came up and asked us to dance and we turned them down. I asked her why she wasn't dancing. She said she didn't want to lead any of them on. She said she was not interested in a boyfriend. She told me she had several relationships with guys over the years but had not considered any of them as "boyfriends" but rather just sex partners. I told her that sounded kind of cold. As she dragged me up on the dance floor she asked: "Do you think I come across as cold?" "Not at all!" I had to yell over the music. We danced and drank and had a great time for quite a while. Most of the time I danced with Gina, and Paul danced with Nadine. Although I did get to dance with Paul twice. It was a bit awkward to dance with my best friend but it was kind of fun to dance and strut with him. He no longer ogled me but instead took the opportunity to say what a really hot babe Nadine was. I agreed and I told him I thought Gina was amazing. He said I was right but that I was not in any position to do anything about it. His eyes indicated to look down at my chest. I looked down at my cleavage and smiled and nodded that he was right.

At about 1:30 we left and jumped in a cab to Nadine's place. Gina got us all drinks and we played music and chatted. Nadine reminded me not to forget the clothes she was giving me. Nadine and Gina went down the hall to Nadine's bedroom. I could hear them talking but I could not hear what they said. They came back with several bags of clothing for me to take home. Nadine said there was quite a bit more but she figured this was all we could carry in one load. I was so excited I thought I was going to burst. Nadine went and sat with Paul and they carried on their conversation. Gina and I sat and talked about more girl stuff. Things we liked and didn't like. I was quite lost in my conversation with this vision of beauty. A few minutes later I was absently admiring Gina's pouting red lips and imagining kissing them. Out of apparently nowhere, Gina asked if I would come with her to Nadine's bedroom to try on one more outfit she thought I should have. She didn't have to ask twice as I would do anything to be alone with her and I loved trying on new clothes.

I reached back and unzipped my dress and slid it down to the floor. I gently stepped out of it and laid it on the bed. Gina handed me a black leather mini dress and told me to try it on. I pulled it on and reached around to zip it up.

I felt Gina's hands on my bare back. She whispered in my ear: "Let me help you with this." Instead of pulling the zipper up, her finger tips slowly moved over the bare flesh of my back. I felt Gina's warm breath on my ear as she slipped her hands around to the front of my body. "You are so beautifully sexy," she whispered just before her delicate tongue licked the curve of my ear. Chills ran down my spine as I turned to see if she was just joking with me. As I turned, her red lips met mine and she kissed me. It was not just a friendly kiss. There was passion and heat in her kiss. Our lipsticks blended together as we continued to kiss as her hands slid the dress off and undid my bra. Gina massaged my breasts and her fingers found and played with my aroused nipples. When her tongue gently probed my my mouth, my lips parted for her. I had never been kissed like this before. Her kissing and fondling were sending sensations straight to my penis. I wanted her to continue but I knew she would be mad if she found out I was really a man. I used all my effort to push her away.

"I can't," I said softly.

"Don't you find me attractive?" Gina asked

I answered: "I am very attracted to you, but there are things you don't know about me. I'm sorry. I just can't." Gina looked at me longingly as I picked up the dress I had been wearing and ran to the washroom. I got dressed and went to the living room. Paul looked at me standing by the door and realized I wanted to go.

Gina looked on quietly as we got organized to leave. Nadine gave us the bags of clothes and she gave me a hug. She turned to Paul and gave him a hug. Then she kissed him quickly on the lips. Paul seemed surprised but very pleased.

As we walked home Paul was going on about how great everything was going. I gave him a bit of a smile but did not talk. I was very troubled by what had happened but I just couldn't tell Paul. In what had been just a very short period of time, I was falling in love with a beautiful girl. A girl, who it seemed, who was attracted to me because she thinks I am a girl. If I ever told her the truth she would obviously not be attracted to me any more. The walk seemed to take forever and I did not hear a word Paul was saying. be continued




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