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How the Big City Changed Me

by Chiara


Part 4


It had been quite an evening. After our quiet walk back to our place, Paul helped me bring my new clothes to my room. He asked if I needed help with them and I declined his offer. I got my new pajama set on and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I tied my hair back and removed my makeup. When I was done I went to turn off the lights and found Paul sitting in the living room. He looked at me and asked: "Have you seen yourself Kelly? You look great even in pajamas! You really have a spectacular rack". Then he added jokingly: "Why don't you come and let me have a feel?" I laughed at what I was fairly sure was a joke. I told him I had decided I was going to see the Chinese doctor guy the next day. I had to find out why my body had changed the way it had and how to reverse the effects. He agreed but was a bit hesitant. He said he would go with me but that that he was a bit concerned for himself. He told me he was getting used to me looking like a girl. He really liked that the changes in me had allowed him to meet and get to know Nadine and Gina.

I sat down and we talked about the evening. Mostly about his evening. He was very excited at how well it had gone with Nadine. He told me how much he liked her and he was hoping to give her a call and ask her out in a day or two.

I had so many thoughts racing in my head about my evening with Gina and our kissing and how I was falling for her and how I could never have her. I wanted to tell Paul but I couldn't. He didn't need to be burdened by my problems. Eventually I fell asleep on the couch with him nattering on about her the way only a guy who has had a couple too many drinks can.

I woke up in my bed. I was very rested and very comfortable. As I fully awoke I was shocked to find myself snuggled up to...Paul! He had his arm around my shoulder and my face was resting on his chest. I angrily pushed him as hard as I could. He fell off the bed and hit his back on a small table. He yelled as he woke up in pain. I jumped up and screamed: "What did you think you were doing jumping in my bed you bloody pervert! If you did anything I will never talk to you again!"

Paul was standing there seeing the scene that I was freaking out about.

"It's not like that Kelly! You fell asleep on the couch. I carried you to your bed and tucked you in," he stuttered. He continued: "I brushed my teeth and headed off to bed. I could hear you saying something so I checked in on you. You were asleep but you were crying. Something about Gina? I tried to calm you down but the only thing that worked was for me to sit on your bed with my arm around your shoulder."

I realized his story was true when he asked if I wanted to talk about Gina. I told him I was O.K.. I noticed him favoring his back. He said he was very sore as he had slept several hours sitting up and now had fallen on his back. I told him how sorry I was and thanked him for being such a good friend. I gave him a hug and he headed off to get ready for the day. I thought it was strange that I hugged him, now for a second time. I decided to myself that hugging was a great way for friends to share and support each other. It just wasn't something two guys did very often as it didn't look very macho I guessed. I ate some toast and had a shower and got ready to go to Chinatown with Paul. I started to tie my hair back then I decided to just brush it out and wear it long for the day. It was a very warm day so I looked through the clothes Nadine had given me for something casual and cool to wear. There was just about everything there except for pants. I guessed she either did not wear pants or more likely that her pants would not be long enough for me since she was quite a bit shorter than me. I found a yellow scoop neck tee "bra top" made from a stretch cotton ribbed material. It had a hidden bralette which gave my breasts support without a bra. I liked the way it looked on me and how it had no seams. I pulled out what I thought was denim shorts. It turned out it was a sand blasted denim skirt with a button front. I tried it on and thought it made a nice outfit with the top. I put on a bit of day makeup the way Gina had shown me and was about to put on socks and runners when I decided to look in a bag I thought was a bit lumpy. I found a great pair of leather wedge sandals with cross band straps. They had a 4 inch heel but about a one inch toe. I figured I could walk in them after dancing in heels the evening before. I came out to find Paul sitting watching T.V.. His mouth dropped open as his eyes went up and down me. I smiled and said: "I see you approve. Now close your mouth and let's go you hound." He jumped up and ran and opened the door and we headed for Chinatown. When found the small store and went in and talked to the old lady. She did not believe my story but she had me wait in the little room for the old man. He came in and did the same exam on me as before. He seemed pleased as he took in the changes that had occurred. I waited as the two of them talked in Chinese. The old lady finally came and explained that during my first exam the old man had made a small mistake. He had thought I was female, so he had given me the medication to lose weight and become more typically female. She said I could see the tea had worked exceptionally. I asked if there would be any more changes and she said there would not. The tea had finished doing exactly what it was meant to do. I asked if they could make a tea to make me look like a guy again. She said my body would not be able to withstand such dramatic changes for at least three months. She added that even then, if I took the second set of medication, I would likely look as I did prior to taking the first tea.

We left for home silently as I realized I was stuck looking like this for either three months or forever. The alternative was to go back to being my old androgynous obese self. Paul tried to cheer me up by asking what I wanted to do. He asked if I wanted to go to the beach or the mall and look for babes. I said I wouldn't mind going to the beach for a swim but I couldn't because I didn't have anything to swim in. As far as looking at babes, I just had no answer for him. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw a babe. I was only supposed to look like this for a while but now this is what I may well look like forever. Besides, the only pretty girl I wanted to see was Gina and I couldn't face her right now.

I told Paul I felt like being alone for a while. He headed for home while I headed off for a walk by myself. After walking aimlessly in circles for about an hour, I noticed I was only about a block away from Nadine's apartment. I decided to drop in and see if she was home. Luckily she was there and invited me in. She told me she loved my outfit. I thanked her and told her I loved all the stuff she had given me. She came over and gave me a hug and said she was glad to help her new best friend. I told her I thought Gina was her best friend and she said that now she had two best friends.

Nadine told me that Gina had been over earlier and had told her how she had came on to me. Gina felt she had pushed too hard and thought she had scared me off. She told me that Gina can be a bit aggressive and that I did the right thing to back away if I wasn't into that type of relation. She gave me another big hug. I started to ball and I barfed out the whole story in one long run on sentence sobbing the whole time: "I was overweight and I took this tea and it made me lose weight and it made me feel good and it made me look like a girl and I met you and you were so nice and you introduced me to Gina and she is the prettiest girl and I really like her and I think I may be falling in love with her but I think she wouldn't like me if she knew I was really a guy and you probably hate me too and now I am stuck like this and I don't even have I.D. that looks like me and I can't even get a job and my life might as well be over!"

I expected to feel her become rigid and push me away but instead she just kept hugging me as she took in all the information. She looked at me and could see by the panic in my eyes that somehow my bizarre confession had to be true.

I got my crying under control and pulled back so I could see Nadine's face. I asked: "Do you hate me?" "Of course not. I am mad that you lied. Mad enough to kick you in your balls, if you really have them! But, I told you you were my best friend, and that is true." she replied. "Unless you being my friend was some sort of deception?" Nadine questioned me.

"Oh no!" I said adamantly. "I adore you as a friend!"

"Then we're fine." she answered.

I was in shock that she still liked me. I had to go over my story with her as she wanted to know all the details. I skipped over the part about trying to get Paul a girlfriend and told her the reason I started dressing as a girl was because I had no real choice due to may appearance. It wasn't really a lie as I would have had to anyway. She asked how I looked like a girl even in my panties and I explained that it was actually a gaffe designed to hide my male parts.

She said it didn't sound so bad. She pointed out that I was healthy and attractive. She said she liked me for who I was, not because she thought I was a girl. She said she wasn't sure if Gina would have a problem with it but that I should tell her the truth. I agreed with her. She said the only real problem I had was that I couldn't get a job. She thought for a moment then asked if I had a driver's license and a Social Security number. I told her I did and she excitedly said: "Then problem solved!"

She elaborated: "I need to hire someone for the store and labor relations said we need to hire a man to fill our quotas. The district manager has put me in charge of hiring a guy who will fit in selling women's lingerie without offending the sensitive clientele. You have an excellent eye for ladies clothing sizes and you have a good fashion sense and you are very friendly. You will be a natural."

"You would do that for me?" I asked as I started to cry again. Only this time it was because I was so happy. She said we would be doing each other a favor and she may even get a promotion. She told me she wanted me to start on Tuesday morning! Then Nadine turned the tables on me and asked for my help: "Now it's my turn Kelly. How am I going to get Paul's attention? I adore him and I'd like to get to know him better. What does he like to do?" I told Nadine she already had Paul's attention and I suggested she call him and ask him to take her to the beach. She said that would be perfect but I would have to go too and initiate the outing so it didn't look too obvious. I told her I had no swim suit for the way I looked now and I pointed to my skirt to remind her I would show in any beach swimsuits. She told me to calm down and that going to the beach did not mean I had to wear a thong. She asked me if I was wearing the same style black gaffe panties I had the other day in her store. I told her I was and she said that would be perfect. She said she would solve my swimsuit problem and told me to call Paul and tell him to be ready in an hour for an afternoon at the beach. I called Paul up and asked if he still wanted to go to the beach. He said he'd love to and I told him to get ready and I'd be home to get him shortly. I didn't tell him Nadine was coming. Nadine pulled out a 2 piece skimpy black bikini with bordeaux edges and a nice triangle top. She had me wear my gaffe instead of the bikini bottoms. It actually matched the top quite well. She had me cover my bottoms with a "swim skirt" which matched the top. It was meant to be worn over a bikini bottom but could be worn in the water as well. It looked very nice on me. Nadine then went and got ready. She put on a moss colored floral tankini. She looked great. I pulled my denim skirt over my swimsuit. Nadine gave me a cropped tee to wear over my top and I put my shoes back on. Nadine put on a pair of shorts and a tee over her swimsuit. As we headed to Nadine's car she asked if I would drive as she was not wearing shoes. I loved to drive so I agreed. I was more than surprised to find myself jumping behind the wheel of a white 1993 Mustang 5.0 convertible. When we got to my place I double parked and ran up to get Paul. He had a cooler with drinks and a couple of blankets ready to go. He had on swim trunks and a tank top. I decided I should have warned him about Nadine coming as his hair was messy. I dragged him into the washroom and gelled his hair and told him to grab his nice hawaiian shirt to wear. Without knowing why I was hurrying, Paul just ran to keep up with me in my frenzy. We ran to the street. Not recognizing Nadine right away, Paul admired the mustang as he started to walk past it. I jumped in the driver's seat and I told him to hop in. Paul looked shocked then he looked at Nadine in the passenger seat and a big grin went across his face as he went around to get in. As I drove us to the beach Paul just sat and appeared to enjoy the drive. It looked like he was looking around to see if anyone noticed him in the company of 2 pretty girls in a convertible. When we got to the beach Nadine and I carried our blankets and Paul followed with the cooler. I looked back to see him watching Nadine's bottom. I was tempted to bust him but rather than embarrass him I let it slide.

Nadine took off her shorts as I laid out our blankets. Paul sat down first and tried not to be too obvious as he watched Nadine slide her T-shirt off.

Paul said: "I really like your swimsuit Nadine."

"Good one!" I thought to myself.

She smiled and thanked him for the compliment. I slid my shoes off and started to pull my T over my head. Paul's eyes got big as he watched me reveal my new bikini top. As I unbuttoned my skirt he mumbled: "Er. Um. Kelly, do you think you should..."

Before he could finish I had my skirt off. Paul stared at me in my swimsuit and swim skirt.

"How do you like Kelly's swimsuit?" Nadine asked with a naughty grin.

Paul regained his composure and answered: "Actually, you look very hot in that outfit Kelly! Dressed like that, you'd better watch out for the guys."

I thanked him as I rubbed sun tan lotion on my front. Nadine smiled at Paul as she bent over and rubbed the lotion into her smooth legs, revealing a full view down her cleavage to Paul. She had me roll over and she rubbed the lotion all over my shoulders, back and the back of my legs. She then asked me to do her back. I decided to take the opportunity to allow Paul and Nadine to get closer. I asked Paul to do Nadine's back. I told them there was a volleyball game down the beach I felt like watching. I handed Paul the lotion and winked as I quickly got up and left. I went down the beach and sat and watched the group playing volleyball. It was a mixed group of guys and girls playing 3 against 4.

Even though I was only about 100 yards from my friends, I found that being alone was much different. I could see the way guys were looking over my body. It was the way I used to look at women. It was odd because it seemed so obvious when you are the one being stared at. I couldn't really complain though as I had kind of learned to like the attention I got from my looks. As I sat lost in thought I was startled by the volleyball landing in my lap. A well muscled dark haired guy ran over to retrieve the ball. He stopped and said his name was Dillon and that he was sorry about the ball. He was very apologetic. I told him my name was Kelly and that I was fine. Then he invited me to play. I tried to think of a reason to say no but then I decided to throw caution to the wind. "I'd love to." I said with a warm smile. He reached out a hand to help me up. I offered him my hand and let him gently pull me up. "Thanks Dillon." I said as I jumped into the game on the side he indicated needed help.

Back in school I was a fairly good volleyball player so I didn't hesitate to get right into the game. I found I was actually playing better than I could before my body had changed. I found with my new figure I felt quite strong and I could jump quite high and smash the ball. I scored several points and made quite a few set-ups. I figured I was as good or better than the other girls and all but a couple of the guys. I noticed a couple of the girls looked a bit jealous when I scored so I eased off a bit. My side won the game. Dillon suggested we mix up the teams. I suggested the girls play the guys. The other girls were a bit reluctant but went along. I took a different approach in this game. Other than on my serves, I chose to set the ball up for the girls on my team so they could score. This worked great. When they scored I cheered or hi-fived them. We won the game by 4 points and made three new girl friends. I figured the reason we won was either because the sun was in the guy's eyes, or they couldn't focus on the game looking at us. We played for about 90 minutes solid before I excused myself to check on my friends. I found Paul on the blanket drying his hair. "Did you scare Nadine away you big dummy?" I asked. He laughed: "No actually. We just got back from a swim and she went to use the washroom."

"How's it going?" I probed.

"Awesome dude! Oops, Kelly. We get along so well it's amazing. I can't thank you enough for setting up this afternoon. I think she may go out for dinner with me tonight!" Paul asked how I was doing. I told him my crappy morning had turned into one of the best days of my life. I explained that Nadine knew about my situation and that she was going to get me a job at her lingerie store.

"Really? That's amazing!" he said as he absorbed the fact that I would be getting paid to help ladies pick out their unmentionables. He high-fived me and said it was nice I was finally getting a bit of a break.

Nadine came back and saw me and winked. I guessed she thought things were going well between her and Paul too. She asked: "We're going to go soon and go for dinner some place. Do you want to come?"

Just then Dillon from the volleyball game came up to us and asked if I was coming back to play again. He said my friends were welcome to play.

I quickly introduced Dillon to Greg and Nadine. I answered with a question: "If you'll give me a ride home when it's time to go I can play? I've been imposing on these two all afternoon and they want to go out for a nice dinner." Dillon said he would be glad to drive me home later. Greg and Nadine just stood there trying to come up with something to say but I was too quick. I gathered up my clothes and one of the blankets. I went over and gave Nadine a kiss on the cheek and took her left hand in mine. Then I gave Paul a quick kiss and took his right hand. I put their hands together and said: "You guys have done so much for me. Go have a nice evening alone." "Are you sure you'll be O.K.?" Paul asked. Dillon interrupted: "Don't worry you two. I'll take care of Kelly and get her home safe and sound."

As we walked towards the volleyball area, I smiled up at my new friend and said: "Thank you Dillon." and I reached up and kissed him on the cheek! be continued


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