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How The Big City Changed Me

by Chiara


Part 5 - Conclusion


I know it was just on the cheek, but I just kissed a guy! I was amazed with myself. Almost subconsiously I was using my looks to get things I wanted. I looked back to see if Paul or Nadine had noticed what I did but they were too busy chatting with each other.

Flirting was turning into a great new hobby and was keeping my mind off of Gina. I was having a great day.

I hung out playing volleyball with Dillon and his friends. They were a great bunch of people. After a while it was just the guys playing. I decided to sit and chat with the girls. As the day moved on I started to get a bit cool. Dillon noticed me trying to warm myself right away and ran over with a jacket for me. I gave him a warm smile for his chivalry. The jacket was way too big but it was very warm and cozy.

One of the girls, named Cindy, said, "Dillon seems to really like you, Kelly."

"I think he's just being nice to me. But he does seem really sweet," I replied.

Shortly after that the guys started packing up the net. Cindy was somewhat proven right when Dillon came and sat next to me. Right next to me.

"It is getting a bit cold," he said as he reached his arm into his jacket and around me and onto my shoulder.

Even though I had never been attracted to a guy before, I didn't mind Dillon's attention at all. He was very attractive I decided and I liked that he liked me. I leaned into him and reached around him to gently rub his back.

"The guys want me to go watch a game at the sports bar with them, Kelly, but I'd rather spend more time with you," Dillon started to say.

"Ooh. The Seahawks game? I'd love to come if you'd let me!" I interupted.

"Really? I'd love it if you came!" he said. "I didn't think you'd want to come. None of the other girls ever want to tag along."

I talked the girls into coming as the only other thing they could come up with was renting a movie.

Dillon watched intently as I got my skirt and top on. I watched him put on his T-shirt and then he wrapped his jacket around me again. Eight of us headed to the bar in three separate cars. Coincidentally it was just Dillon and me in his car. He had a really nice Honda convertible.

I asked where we were going and Dillon told me we were going to the Kings Cross. I'd never been there before so I was pleased we were going somewhere new.

The place was great! Dillon and his friends got us all drinks. The guys and I were quickly wrapped up in the game. I noticed the girls were a bit bored and just chatted. I moved over to sit with Cindy. I asked why she wasn't watching and she told me she didn't understand football. I went over the game a bit with her. She was actually interested in learning about the game. Soon the other two girls joined us to listen to my explanation of the plays and what was happening. By the end of the first quarter, all three of the girls were watching the game as intently as the guys. During half time, Dillon squeezed in between Cindy and I and he put his arm around me.

"I didn't think you liked football, Cindy?" he asked.

"If any of you guys had ever taken ten minutes to explain the game to us like Kelly did, we would have realized what an exciting game it is to watch," she answered.

"You sure are fitting in well, my little beach friend," Dillon said with a warm smile.

During the second half of the game, the guys sat with us and we watched as a group. It was clear that Dillon and his friends loved the fact that we were watching the game with them. After a couple of beers I slowed down drinking. Most of the guys were really drinking a lot.

When the game was over I asked Dillon if he wanted to play pool. He seemed pleasantly surprised by my request. We had a nice game and got to chat away from the group and get to know each other better. He seemed impressed that I had a job at a lingerie store, even though I told him I hadn't started yet.

He told me he was a financial advisor and that despite it sounding boring, he really liked his job.

As we played, I continued to flirt. I pretended I wasn't very good. He helped me set up some of the more challenging shots by reaching around me and guiding my hands. As often as possible, I bent over as far as I could, allowing him peaks down my top and up my skirt. Even though I was deliberately playing poorly, Dillon appeared to be playing even worse. Eventually I won the game.

Dillon came up to me and put his arm around me and said, "I don't know how you beat me, but somehow you did."

I smiled and replied, "You let me win. That was very nice of you."

Flirting like crazy, I reached up to give him a thank you kiss on the cheek. As I did he turned suddenly so that my kiss landed on his lips. He seemed even more surprised than I was. I started to pull back but it was no use. The arm he had around me pulled me into him while his lips attacked mine. After the initial shock wore off, I realized how nice it felt. I closed my eyes and gently parted my lips and fully participated in a great kiss that seemed to last a minute but was probably about 5 or 10 seconds.

When we separated we both hesitated for a moment not knowing what to say.

Dillon finally broke the silence, "Rematch."

That broke the spell as I giggled and agreed. We played two more games and Dillon won them both.

We were having a great evening but it wasn't long before everyone was leaving. Dillon and I were almost the last to leave the bar. We were a long way from my place and I needed a ride home. Dillon had promised me a ride but he seemed a bit drunk to me, so I insisted on driving.

We got to my place about half an hour later. Dillon was still a bit too drunk to drive so I invitied him up for a coffee. I figured Paul would be home by now so it would be safe if Dillon turned out to be an axe murderer slash financial advisor.

Dillon wasted no time and snuggled up next to me on the couch and quickly turned to gently kiss me. I kissed him back as I ran my hands over his chest. He worked his hands around to rub my back and I felt the knot in my swimsuit bra being undone. Before I could protest he was pulling my shirt over my head. My nipples became erect as his large hands started to warmly knead the flesh of my breasts. I started to unbutton his shirt. I thought to myself that the feelings going through me were almost as intense as when I had been with Gina. Almost.

"Oh, Hell!" I said as I stopped unbuttoning his shirt and pushed him away a few inches so I could talk.

I explained my actions, "I'm sorry, Dillon. I like you a lot but I'm not ready for this right now. There's someone else. I feel terrible but all day I've been trying to keep my mind off of this person who I really like. You were so nice to me all day and I am really attracted to you."

I was concerned that Dillon might get mad and attack me or something but he was really nice about it. He said he understood and that he'd be waiting for when I was ready.

God, he really was the perfect guy!

My brush off sobered Dillon up very quickly and he headed for home, giving me a very nice good night kiss. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, hoping I hadn't made a big mistake.

I went to Paul's room to chat with him but he was still not home.

"At least his plan to get a girl friend is working," I said to myself.

I went to bed trying to figure out what I was possibly going to do with the ridiculous situation I had allowed myself to get into.

The next morning I slept until after 10:00 am.

I felt like exercising so I thought it was a good excuse to call Gina. I gave Nadine a call and asked her for Gina's number. I was very nervous but I got up the courage to call her and I asked if she wanted to go for a run.

"I don't think so," she answered. "It's a bit cold for a run."

My heart sank at her rejection.

"I was just going to go work out at 'Lady's Only'. I'd love it if you came and worked out with me," she said.

"I'd love to," I gushed.

We agreed to meet at her gym at 11:30. I wanted to look my best for Gina and I only had an hour to get ready so I had to rush. I laughed to myself at how much things had changed. I had never bothered to look good just to exercise in the past, but here I was, showering and washing my hair just to go get sweaty. I blow dried my hair and brushed it back into a nice pony tail.

I put on my gaffe panty and my sports bra and the sporty Reebok shorts and crop top that Paul had bought me. I put the matching track suit on over my outfit and put on my shoes. I checked myself out in the mirror and headed off to the Gym as quickly as I could.

Gina was arriving just as I got there and she greeted my with a warm smile.

"Come on Kelly," she said. "Let's go work out."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the change room. I closed my eyes as we went in. I don't know if I expected to see a bunch of nude supermodels or something but it seemed a natural reaction to entering this place where men are never allowed. I opened my eyes and saw.......a bunch of lockers, an old lady with a towel around her putting on deodorant and a bunch of cubicle showers. Gina removed her jacket and track pants and placed them in a locker.

She was wearing a one piece exercise leotard over leggings. It looked amazing on her.

"That outfit looks great on you," I said as I took off my track suit.

Gina looked at me in my shorts and crop top and said, "A compliment from someone as pretty as you makes my day!"

I blushed and said, "Thanks, Gina."

We closed our lockers and Gina took me out to the exercise area. She gave me a brief demonstration of how each cardio machine worked. I decided to start my workout on a treadmill machine. She started on a stair climber. After about ten minutes we traded machines and did another ten minutes.

Trying not to stare, I could see Gina's skin start to glisten with sweat. Even sweaty she looked amazing! I noticed her looking at me sometimes too. I'd smile or wink back. After that Gina and I went through a weight room circuit. I had not done any weights in a long time so she had to show me the proper technique for each machine. She would get in right behind me and move me through the right technique for each station. Gina was impressed at how quickly I learned each machine. I was pleased at how close we were getting and how good she smelled.

All too soon our work out was over. We each got a drink of water and headed to the change room. Gina asked if I was going to shower. I told her I did not bring a change of clothes so I guessed I would just walk home and take a shower there. She thought that was a great idea and decided to do the same.

We walked towards home and chatted as we went. I told her about how I was going to start work for Nadine. She seemed truley pleased and gave me a big hug!

We came to a big high rise across the road from the marina.

"Would you like to come up and see my place?" Gina asked. "We can talk a bit more and I can get us a nice cup of coffee or something."

"I'd love that," I admitted.

"How does a hairdresser afford such a great place with a view?" I asked as I admired Gina's beautiful appartment.

"I can't really afford it. It costs me everything I make. It's such a nice place, though, that I scrimp on other things to make it work."

Gina fussed around in the kitchen and came out with a pot of tea and two cups. I took a sip and noticed it had a sort of jasmine flavour. Gina looked at me contemplating the cup.

"Oh, it's an herbal tea that I picked up the other day in Chinatown," she said. She hesitated, then continued, "Now, before I lose my nerve, I want to talk about what happened the other evening, Kelly. Would that be O.K.?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Do you like me, Kelly? You know, like more than just friends?" she probed.

"Very much so," I answered.

"I like you very much, Kelly, and am attracted to you in many ways," Gina said as she looked so deeply into my eyes I thought she could probably see right into my soul.

Looking down to my tea then up into Gina's eyes I said, "There's more though."

"I have something you need to know and I hope you will understand," I started. "I am really a man."

"I did not mean to hurt you and I think I have actually fallen in love with you! I am sorry I am not quite what you think I am. I just adore you!"

I looked to Gina to see her reaction. She just sat and appeared to think for a long moment. Then she started laughing.

I smiled and looked hopefully into her eyes.

Gina continued to laugh and said, "That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard to avoid a relationship. Surely you could have come up with something better than that. Do you think I am some sort of fool?"

Tears started to come to my eyes. I reached down to rearange my penis and balls from my gaffe into their natural resting place.

Gina stared silently in shock at the site of my very feminine body with a very masculine bulge.

After what seemed like forever, Gina said, "You had better leave. Right now!"

I fought back my tears as best I could as Gina walked to the door and opened it. I started to say something but then I stopped. There was nothing to say. I left and walked home feeling as bad as I had ever felt. I can't even recall the walk home I was so upset.

When I got home Paul was there. I filled him in on what had happened.

He gave me a long hug. It helped bit.

I was so depressed I went to my room and decided to take a nap. I didn't even bother to change out of my workout clothes. I just cried until I fell asleep.

Greg woke me up around 4:30 to tell me the phone was for me.

It was Nadine on the phone. Nadine told me that Paul had told her about how everything had gone wrong and how upset I was. She insisted that I get dressed to go out for a nice dinner with her to clear my mind and move on. I told her I didn't feel like it.

Then she said, "Look. As your new boss, I'm counting on you to be able to work the day after tomorow. Be a good little employee and have a nice relaxing bath and I'll be over around 6:00 with a couple of nice outfits I want you to try for work. Then you and I can go out for a nice bite to eat."

"Ok, that does sound nice," I sniffled.

I had a nice relaxing bubble bath. I shaved my legs and arm pits. When I got out I put on my gaffe and my fuschia bra. I was just fixing my hair when Nadine came into my room with a couple of bags.

She looked at my bra and said, "Perfect."

She hand me a pair of panties that matched the color of my bra.

"You know I can't wear that," I said.

"Yes you can silly! I went to the store Paul bought your gaffe at and picked up several different colors that match the bras I sold you the other day."

I stepped behind my closet door and changed into the new gaffe. In the mirror on the back of my closet door I admired the way the two pieces looked on me.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"You look lovely, Kelly! Now I have some new nylons and a garter belt for you to wear," Nadine offered. I looked puzzled so she had to show me how to put them on.

"Let me help you with your make up, then we'll finish getting you dressed."

I went through the steps of putting on my make up. Nadine picked out the same colors I had on the night we went out dancing. She lined my lips in a dark brown then she pulled out a new liquid lip pen and did my lips in a very wet dark cherry color.

She then handed me a red dress and helped me put it on over my head so that I didn't smudge my make up. It was a low cut sheath dress with sequins on it. It was very snug and I had to pull it down into place.

"Now try on these shoes," Nadine insisted, as she handed me a pair of ankle strap dress sandals with about 3 inch heels.

"Do you think these are appropriate for work?" I asked.

"Try them on and we'll take a look," she answered.

I slipped on the heels and did up the straps then I opened my closet to use the full length mirror. I was shocked. Between the heels, the nylons, the push up bra, the low cut dress that hugged every curve I had, and my make up, I was dressed to kill!

"Oh my!" I said.

"You look so hot Kelly!" Nadine gushed.

"It is too much for work though, isn't it?" I asked.


Just then I heard a knock on the door.

"Nadine, can you help me with an emergency! Kelly, you're going to have to get the door!" Paul yelled immediately.

Nadine ran away down the hall to the back of our appartment where Paul was calling from. I went to answer the door. I found the shoes were actually quite nice to walk in despite having almost four inch heels.

When I answered the door, Gina was there! She was dressed very sexily. She was wearing a black lace cami top with chiffon ruffles and trim and a matching skirt. I stood there and stared for the longest time. Finally, I exclaimed, "Gina! What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping you would go out for dinner with me," she answered.

I was so confused I just stood there.

"After you left today I had a long time to think about our situation. I called Nadine and told her how I felt about you and she pointed out a few things. She pointed out that if you were completely a woman, I would have eventually broken up with you for some guy because even though I prefer women physically, they can't provide me with the sexual contact I crave from men. She told me to open my eyes and pointed out that in you, Kelly, I get the best of both worlds. So, anyway, I'd like to try to develop our relationship further. Would you please consider going out to dinner with me Kelly and trying to make this you and me thing work out?"

She held out a lovely bouquet of roses she had been hiding behind her back and stood there waiting for my response.

I always thought getting roses was a worn out cliche, but I just about melted right there.

"I would love to!" I said.

Gina stepped in towards me and gave me the sweetest little kiss on the lips. We both hesitated a bit as we heard clapping behind us. Nadine and Paul were standing there clapping. I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the pack, so it finally dawned on me that Nadine had come to get me dressed up for this date. It was a total set up.

"Thanks, guys. I love you two!" I said as my eyes teared up a bit.

Nadine took the flowers and whooshed us on our way.

"Don't do anything we wouldn't do," she said as we left.

We went to a nice restaurant at the top of a very nice hotel. Gina chose the wine and asked me what I wanted to eat. When the server came she ordered for both of us. The view was amazing but I hardly even noticed it. I was totally lost in my conversation with Gina. We found out we had even more common interests than we had known before.

The most amazing thing that happened though, was how comfortable I became with Gina. The fact that she knew I was really a guy, yet still wanted to be with me just seemed to wash every stress of the past several days away.

When it came time to leave, Gina paid the bill. She took me out to a really nice club and we danced for a couple of hours. Dressed as nicely as we were, we had no shortage of drinks sent to our table. Lots of guys asked us to dance as well but we just declined their offers.

At around midnight Gina asked if I was ready to go and I said yes. She flagged us a cab back to her place. When we got to her place she hopped out and opened my door and offered me her hand. Realizing that I was being invited in I swung my legs out and followed her lead.

We continued our evening by chatting over a glass of wine on her sofa overlooking the spectacular view from her appartment.

Gina smoothed my hair and stroked my back and whispered, "I find you so beautiful Kelly, and I like you so very much!"

She turned towards me and I felt her warm breasts pressing against mine and my nipples hardened.

She continued to stroke my shoulder, letting her hand slide slowly and lightly down my side. Her actions were having the desired electric effect upon me. I pressed against her chest, finding a gentle security in her strokings ... I began to whimper softly ... and all the while she was whispering words in my hair, bolder words. "I want you so bad Kelly... " I was breathing faster now, and then she brought her hand casually and lightly up against the ripely swelling mound of one of my breasts, rubbing the quivering flesh tenderly through the sequined material of my dress. I took a deep breath as I felt excitement spreading through my body and I stiffened against her. She didn't stop caressing my breast, running her thumb freely over my nipple. My cock lurched, throbbing to attention.

Her hand lifted the hem of my dress up over my ass. I kissed her suddenly, completely engulfing her mouth and flicking my tongue forward immediately to meet hers. Her mouth and lips and tongue were responding. She let me slide my tongue in and out of her mouth.

Gina pulled my dress up off from my body and tossed it to the floor. She then reached around and undid and removed my bra. She slowly unbuttoned her top and exposed her marvelous boobs to my admiring gaze. I tentatively reached out and tweaked her nipples. She returned to caressing and massaging my breasts and playing with my nipples with her warm hands.

My hand slipped inside her skirt and panties, grazing against the curling strands of her soft, pussy hair. She let my hand slide still lower until my middle finger was in heated contact with the warm, damp flesh-folds of her excitedly palpitating pussy.

I knelt in front of Gina and eased her skirt and panties down her long sleek legs. I smiled up at her as my stiffening cock strained my gaffe panties.

Gina gently spread her thighs, opening the smooth flesh of her inner legs to me. I stood for a moment to remove my gaffe. Gina stood and took my hand and lead me to her bed. I gently pushed her down onto the bed and moved between her legs.

"God, I want you," Gina said.

With a deliberate slowness I slid a finger inside her moistly throbbing pussy.

As I continued I said, "You know, this will be my first time."

Gina moaned aloud, "Oh, oh, oh ..." she whimpered helplessly as I slid my middle finger, then two fingers, then three, in and out of her hungrily clasping pussy.

I continued sliding my fingers still faster inside her tender, moistly sucking cunt. "Tell me, Gina. Tell me what you want me to do."

Gina moaned aloud and struggled against my burning fingers. "Oh, God, oh ..." My words invoked her to react with amazing desire. "Oh, fuck me, please, fuck me please, Kelly ..." she screamed hysterically. "Fuck me!"

My actions seemed to turn Gina's entire body into a desire-inflamed bundle of raw nerve ends that she appeared helpless to control. I slid up her sweating body until my cock was trapped between her nether-lips and my belly. I neaded her breasts and squeezed them together in two firm mounds of roundly straining flesh. Gina went crazy as I rolled her hardening nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. "I love having my nipples played with, don't you?" I murmured.

I slid my hands down from her firm, beautiful breasts to stroke her hips and trace the lovely full contours of her butt. She moaned ecstatically, her arms reaching out to twine tightly around my neck, pulling her full soft breasts into mine.

Gina began to wriggle the lower half of her lush body sensually against me. She pulled me tightly to her and dropped one hand down between our writhing bodies to take my hard, throbbing cock between her fingers and guide it forward, using the thick rubbery head to part the full, fleshy lips of her cunt. She turned her head to the side, closing her eyes with a shudder as it made contact against the sensitive edges of her moistened pussy. She didn't appear to breathe for what seemed an eternity.

"Th-there. Now push in, slowly," Gina moaned, her voice trembling as the first shocking pressure of my lust-enraged cock pressed against the tight elastic opening of her vagina. I pushed. "Ooooh, no, waaaiiit---it's too much!" Gina cried as the hugely swollen cock-head slipped through, stretching wide the small wet vaginal opening.

I looked down at this beautiful woman helplessly spread-eagled beneath me, the head of my blood-engorged penis disappearing excitingly up into the soft, curling hair of her pussy. I fell forward then, my weight pressing our breasts tightly together. I thrust my hips forward at the same time and my long, thick cock slid hard up into her pinkly glistening cunt, pushing the soft moist flesh of her pussy in gently rippling waves before it.

"OOOOh! Ooooh!" Gina moaned beneath me. My cock lay sunk deep in her trembling belly, filling it to the point of bursting. I quickened my thrusts as I lunged forward with all my strength to sink my cock as deep as I was able.

Gina groaned beneath me, her face showing the pleasure she was feeling. Then the warmly seeping walls of her cunt began to clasp hungrily around my thick, engorged cock. She began a slow rhythmic undulation to meet the long strokes of my fucking.

Gina's eyes were tightly closed as she bucked with me. The fire of animal lust raged out of control in my madly fucking loins and I was aware of nothing else in the world but the fact that the most beautiful, hot bodied woman I had ever known was responding to my skewering cock. Spurred on by Gina's wildly pitching body I drove more deeply into her. Gina moaned and humped upwards.

"Oh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming, Oh God, I'm cumming now! Fuck harder! Fuck harder!" Gina's hands darted behind my hard driving ass, pulling me as far as humanly possible into her spasming loins. "Aaaaaah!" she cried in a voice shrill with mind reeling passion. Her cum flowed wetly out around my still driving cock and spilled down into the soft, excitedly clenching crevice of her buttocks, flooding my testicles and the base of my cock as I continued on unrelentingly into her. She continued to groan out her orgasm, her juices still flowing in unchecked spurts down her quivering ass.

I could feel the hot load of my sperm building up for an earth shattering release, the broad blunt head of my cock flexing and growing larger inside Gina. At last I erupted, my thick liquid shooting deep up into her widely stretched womb, mixing with the wetness of her own cumming.

The hot wet walls of Gina's pussy clasped and unclasped desperately, milking at my crazily jerking organ like a sucking mouth. Gina's firmly sculptured body was exhausted, and her limbs collapsed loosely on the couch as my grip on her quivering buttocks slowly relaxed and was finally released altogether.

I gently rolled off her, my breasts heaving as I struggled to fill my lungs with air. Gina groaned at the removal of my penis. She lay still, apparently unable to move and not really caring. Eventually we climbed under the covers and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning the sunrise woke me. I found Gina sleeping like a baby cuddled up next to me with her face gently pressing the side of my right boob and her arm across my body with her hand gently holding my left boob. I looked out at the magnificent view. I looked down at Gina's beauty and then to my own amazing figure. I smiled as I thought to myself, "Moving to the big city really was the smartest thing I ever did!"

One month later:

Eventually, all good things come to an ending. Fortunately for me, that never happened.

My new job at the lingerie store has gone very well. I love helping ladies select their most personal clothing and I get tons of compliments on my advice. As a bonus, I get to dress up every day for work. Luckily I get a great staff discount. I find that wearing my top just low enough to show a flash of my bra works wonders at making sales. I was the top sales person in my first month and right now as I'm writing this I am waiting for a call to see if I get a promotion to store manager. Nadine was the manager but she got a great promotion to district manager.

Things are going great for Nadine too. She and Paul moved in together and they seem very happy. Paul comes to the store and visits with me sometimes. He still likes to check out the girls. I catch him looking down my top all the time.

After that night at Gina's, I never stayed at Paul's and my place again. I was with Gina every night for about a week before she suggested I move in with her. The next day I was fully moved in. Now that I'm working, I can pay half the rent. Luckily, our place has lots of closets for my rapidly growing wardrobe.

Gina still takes the dominant role in our relationship. I dress up and try to look sexy for her all the time. I love the way she spoils me. She sends me flowers at work sometimes and she takes me out to nice places all the time. The other day she did my hair again. She kept the style the same but she lightened it to a dirty blonde with streaks in it. Gina loves me as a blonde. Not that I mind it, but she can't seem to keep her hands off of me since she colored my hair. Oh yes, since you asked, our sex life is amazing. We fuck like bunnies every night.

You want to know if I like living like this.

I love living as a woman now and wouldn't have it any other way, but every time I am in bed with Gina I am thankful I still have my cock. It brings us both so much pleasure!

Oh, there's the phone! Just a second..... Oh my God! That was Nadine. I got the promotion! I better go and call Gina with the great news.

Hey, feel free to pop in and visit me sometime at my lingerie store. You know the one. You walk by it when you are in the mall. I think you'll know me if you see me. I'm the pretty one who's always showing ample cleavage. The one who wears her top so you can catch a peek at her bra, and remember I'm blonde these days.

I'm so excited. I've got to call Gina right now!

Bye for now.....xxxooo Kelly




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