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This is the story of my love of thigh boots and the women who love to wear them, the dominance they radiate and how the very thing I love was the making of my dream.

If you add to this my ultimate fantasy, to be totally feminized by a women in boots you will begin to understand my dream.


I Love Thigh Boots

by Rachael


It all started when I was young in the sixties, in my teens, I started to notice that I was very attracted to women who wore knee length boots, the very sight of such a female goddess almost made me cum there and then, she could have made me do anything she wanted, I was totally spell bound by such a wonderful sight.

Through my teens and early twenties I tried to act normally and I married young, my wife would sometimes wear boots, but this was not very often. When I mentioned to her that the sight of her wearing them had a profound effect on me she just laughed and called me a pervert, I could not believe it!, this was the first time I had the courage to tell anyone of my fetish and she just laughed at me, I was hurt.

A short while after this we split up and went our separate ways, I had discovered my wife's fantasy by mistake, she fantasized about sleeping with every man she met, and she was doing a good job of making it real, she slept with almost every man she met, time to go I thought.

Now in my late twenties I was still reeling at the prospect of being a pervert!, I met another girl, Karen, she was a beauty, very pleasing to the eye and a very good wife and mother to her son from a previous marriage. Soon I was walking down the isle again and we pledged our lives to each other.

Things were great for the first few years, then she started to get quite serious pains in her stomach at "that time of the month", repeated trips to the doctors could not shed any light on the problem or discover why she could not get pregnant again. It was several years later we were called to the local hospital to be told that at a very young age she needed to have a hysterectomy, a full hysterectomy, she was devastated, she so wanted another child, but this was never to be.

After the operation we began to drift apart, she blamed me for her predicament, for not being able to bear my child and soon after I was on my own again, but little did I know that this was just the beginning of my new life and I would never look back again.

It all began when I met Susan, Susan was a very special lady, the first time I saw Susan I was walking through the town centre, she was wearing stiletto heeled black knee boots, they were very tight to her skin with a four inch heel and I gulped as she walked toward me.

She stopped and smiled, reaching down to feel the leather on her leg, "I see you like my boots" she said, I was speechless, I stood there like an idiot with my mouth wide open with this vision of my fantasy standing before me. Susan was about five feet and four inches tall, she had the most wonderful long blond hair that stretched halfway down her back, she wore a tight fitting leather mini skirt and white blouse, her figure was so perfect I thought, so feminine and curvy, her breasts were maybe a 36 C cup and legs that went forever.

She had almost hypnotic blue eyes that bore deep into my very soul, I looked at this goddess before me, her wonderful lipstick coated lips pouting and I felt myself getting very aroused.

Susan walked up to where I was standing and said " hello, my name is Sue, I don't think we have seen each other before?, do you fancy getting a drink?" my head was spinning, this dream was inviting me to take her for a drink, I said that I would love too and we moved toward a bar just around the corner.

As we entered the bar Susan told me to get the drinks, and to make hers a half of lager while she went to get some seats for us where it was quiet at the back of the bar. I watched this vision of beauty as she walked away from me and moved toward the back of the bar. After being served I strode toward my dream and saw her sitting in a very quiet area, we were the only people in the area, I could not believe my luck, I was almost running!.

I finally got to where Susan was sitting and once more I admired this goddess as she sat to give me a very good view of her boots. As I sat she adjusted herself to give me the best possible sight of her wonderful legs and I was totally spell bound, and she knew that I was putty in her hands!.

"So" she said, " tell me a little about yourself", I told her that my name was Pete and that I was so embarrassed about my earlier behaviour, she laughed at me and said that if it were not for my earlier behaviour I would not be sitting having a drink with her, I smiled and rescinded my apology!, I explained that I was a manager within the engineering sector and that I had been married twice, both unsuccessful and that I was 45 years old.

It was at this point that she completely took me by surprise and asked me about my fascination with her boots, I explained that they had always had a profound effect on me and I realized how easily I was telling her about my fetish. She then surprised me again by asking me if I would like to touch them, I was sweating and frightened, I had never even seen this goddess an hour ago, and now she is inviting me to touch her boots, I thought I must be dreaming and that I will wake up soon. With that she moved her legs so her boots were rubbing my legs, I was getting so hot and aroused by the whole thing I started to feel dizzy, "so tell me more about your fetish Pete, what do you think about while I am sitting rubbing your leg?", I explained that I was getting very aroused and she smiled, " hmmm, maybe I should try a little harder" she said lifting my trouser leg and rubbing her boot on my bare skin, I swear I was going to erupt and spray cum all over the panties I had chosen to wear that day.

"Tell me Pete, do you fantasize about being dominated by a women wearing boots" Susan asked me, I did not need to answer, I felt myself turn bright red and flush like I had never done before, " good" she said, " I think you are going to enjoy what I have in mind for you!", and with that she told me to finish my drink and that we would go and continue our conversation at her place as it was only round the corner.

I could not believe what I was doing, I did not know this women, she was a complete stranger and yet I was going to her place to continue a conversation about my perversion!, this has to be a dream I thought myself again as we walked toward her house. As we approached her house she pulled out her keys from her pocket and turned and smiled at me, she unlocked the door and I followed her into the house.

I gasped as we walked into her lounge, it was the most feminine room I had ever seen in my life, all pastel colours, pinks, lilacs, every feminine colour you could imagine, " you fix us a couple of drinks Pete, I am going to change" Susan said pointing to the cocktail cabinet, I sighed at the thought of her taking off those gorgeous boots she was wearing, but she disappeared and I heard her moving up the stairway.

I poured two whiskeys and added a small amount of water, I was still convinced I was dreaming as I sat in this wonderfully feminine room, I began to dream of Susan and the things "she had in mind" for me, just then I heard Susan coming down the stairs and nearly choked on my drink as she walked into the room.

She had changed into a silver PVC mini dress and the most gorgeous silver thigh length boots with a five inch stiletto heel, my mind began to wander again as she stood by the door and smiled at me, " well I was going to ask if you like my attire" she said, " but I think you just let me know the answer!" she giggled. She moved toward me sitting on the settee and sat beside me, " I have a proposition for you Pete, but you must think very carefully before you answer me, do you understand?" I was gob smacked, I did not or could not speak. Looking at her face I realised she had changed her make up to suit the outfit, "I understand" I said to her as my mouth went into autopilot!.

"You are looking for someone who likes boots to dominate you, are you not?", well yes I replied, " and you want them to feminise you also" she said, I replied with another yes when she asked me how far would I be willing to go, I asked her what she meant as I stared into those wonderful eyes, totally captivating me and wanting to fall to my knees and worship her. " Well, I would like to dominate you, but only if you agree that I can take you as far as I wish, if not then no deal", once again I was speechless, my heart was pounding and screaming YES, but my head told me that I should be careful, and I was never very good at going with my head so I agreed with her request.

With this Susan smiled, took my face in her hands and kissed me very tenderly before saying " then you will be mine forever" and smiled again. " Very well Pete, are you sure about this", oh I am sure I blurted out, I have never been so sure of anything in my life Susan!, "this is your last chance Pete, are you sure?" , please Susan, I am sure I reassured her, " very well then, kneel before me" she said, I think I was on my knees before she finished the sentence.

She took my hair and ran her fingers through gently, " you are going to be my little girl then Pete, come with me and we shall prepare you" she said softly taking my hand to help me from my knees. I was in heaven, this vision of beauty was going to take me deep into my fantasy and I don't think I had ever been so excited in my whole life. "Now slave, get undressed and be quick about it" she said as we entered her bedroom, wow, what a room, I had never been so taken aback, the feminine colours, the smell of perfume, the queen sized bed looking so inviting.

"Let us lay a few ground rules first slave, Firstly you will address me as mistress, secondly you will wear only what I allow you to wear and you will also give me total control of your life, do you understand that?" Susan said as I was peeling the clothes from myself, "Yes mistress" I replied as I removed my trousers, "good" she replied, "now hurry, I do not like being made to wait" and with this I pulled of the last of my clothing and stood in front of her in only my silk panties.

"Hmmm, so my little girl already has some panties eh, well take them off also, you will wear some of mine!", this took me by surprise as I was six feet and one inch tall and about twice her weight, but I did as she commanded and stood there embarrassingly nude. It was then that Susan moved over and opened a wardrobe over in the corner of the room, I nearly died, It must have had thirty different pairs of high heeled boots in it, " now, what pair will I pick for my little girl" she said as she looked at my expression and smiled, it was then I realised that I was trembling, and it wasn't from being cold, my manhood was at its full 8 inches and stood like a soldier standing to attention.

"I think I have just the pair for you" she said and handed me a pair of black patent thigh boots with a four inch heel, as I stared at the boots she said " well, I have not got all day, put them on sissy!", I looked at her and said that I was sorry, but there was no way that they would fit me!, she gave me a sharp slap across my face and said " I am not interested in what you think, just do as I say, AND NOW", wow, I was not expecting that, I stumbled to the bed and unzipped the first boot. As I pulled it over my leg I was shocked that even though I had size ten feel they seemed to fit perfectly into these tiny ( what looked like ladies size 5) boots, I unzipped the other boot and followed the same procedure, I suddenly became very dizzy and felt hot all over, I do not remember any more, I must have passed out.

When I came round again I was laying on the bed, my mistress was looking down to me, "welcome back, you had me worried" she said in a soft voice.

I felt very strange and was unable to move a muscle, " I suppose you are wondering what I have done to you, well let me explain, I am a witch and I have been looking for the right partner for a while now, I saw you a few days ago and decided that you will be the one, you are honest and a very nice person and you were looking for someone too, so I decided to set this up, and now here we are" she said.

I was still unable to move, and my thoughts seemed different, I still lusted after this beauty but I could not feel my usual "hard on", Instead I just felt hot and wet as Susan began talking again, " you are going to be my little girl, I promised you that, did I not?", Yes Mistress I replied shocked at the change in my voice!, well now you are my little girl, you can now move again also" she said.

I nearly died as I looked down and see two lovely breasts on ME!, "what The…….", I could not finish before seeing my perfectly hairless arms and small, perfect fingers with long scarlet finger nails, I lifted my leg to see the made to measure black patent thigh boots on perfectly hairless legs, my heart was racing, my hand then moved to where my manhood had been, nothing, just a wet slit, my fingers probed and found my clit sending a wave of pleasure through my entire body.

"Stop that Rachael" Susan said, " you will have more than enough time for that later, get up off the bed and go to the bathroom, I have left some clothes for you to wear, go and put them on, but do not take off your boots, do you understand?, yes mistress I said in my new soft and feminine voice.

Upon arriving in the bathroom I realised that I was a lot smaller than before, only about five foot four inches like my mistress we had the same build but we looked totally different, I had a blond page boy cut and the most kissable lips I had ever seen.

I wanted to kiss them myself, they were so inviting. My nose was a small very cute nose and my blue eyes now shone where before they were dull, and I also noticed that my thinking had changed, I was checking my make up and making sure it was perfect for my mistress.

I moved to the clothes she had gotten for me, a pink matching bra and panties and what looked like a maids outfit in leather, I was screaming inside but I was totally compelled to put these things on, and surprise, they were a perfect fit.

As I re-entered the bedroom I noticed my mistress closing the wardrobe that held her fantastic collection of boots, " so Rachael, what do you think of your new look" she asked smiling, "oh mistress, I love it, I have never felt prettier" I said in my prim and proper girly voice. "good" replied Susan, "now to get to work" and with that she led me back down the stairway. This is only the beginning of your adventures Rachael as you will see. Now tidy the house, that's a good girl, don't miss anything because I will be checking!, "yes mistress" was all I could say before skipping to my work.

Several hours later I fixed my mistress some tea and told her I had finish tidying, she motion me to kneel in front of her, " well Rachael, when I am finished my tea I must reward you for all your hard work, " no need for thanks mistress" I replied, "I have never been so happy in my life" , I know she said, but rewarded you will be!. As soon as she finished eating she handed me her dishes and told me to wash up quickly and meet her in her room.

Talk about fast washing up, I must have broken several world records while doing it, then after drying my hands I rushed up the stairs to find my mistress waiting for me on the queen sized bed. "Come here slave" she commanded, I was completely under her spell, I rushed over to the bed and laid next to her. She looked into my eyes and said" welcome to womanhood" as she strokes my breasts and nipples, hhmmmm, this was certainly the best dream I have ever had, it was heavenly in fact, slowly she moved her hand down my body until I felt waves of pleasure flowing over me, " this is only the start Rachael, you will feel things you never even imagined" she said, I was about to scream with pleasure as her finger entered me, I could not help but gasp and arch my back as I felt the biggest orgasm flow over me, I was screaming!, wow and she did not stop!.

After several more orgasms she moved down my body and began licking me, my god!, I could not believe the sensation, I wanted to die, there and then when I felt her unzipping my boot, " now for some fun" she said removing the first boot, as she took off the second boot the same feeling came over me as before, I went dizzy and passed out.

As I came round I noticed my mistresses beautiful face once again looking at mine, smiling she said "how are you feeling", fine I said feeling more like myself, it was I realised that my mistress was stroking my aching cock, "good", now for some fun!, wow, I was me again, we made love for ages and rewrote the karma sutra!, the most amazing sex after the most amazing experience of my life

Mistress told me to get dressed in my male clothing but to wear the panties I had arrived in, I did as instructed and went down the stairs to see my mistress, "I am dressed mistress" I announced as I entered the living room, "good" was her reply, now go home, throw away your belongings and you will move in here with me, do you understand", "yes mistress" was my reply, could this day get any better, and with that I left my mistress and headed home, hopefully for the last time, I am not sure yet!.


The end

Please let me know what you think, I am thinking about a follow up.




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