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I Love Thigh Boots

by Rachael


Part 2


Wow, what a day that was!, It started like any other day really, boring but normal, then I met Sue and how my life changed, literally!.

Fascinated by her boots she took me to her place and made my wildest dreams come true, so why am I sitting on my bed wondering whether to return to Sue or just stay here, I don't know why, maybe it's the fear of handing my life to this woman I don't really know, or maybe it's the complete loss of control when she transformed me, I had to obey her every command and although I had always wanted to be totally dominated by a woman it was now feeling just a bit scared.

It didn't take long to make up my mind, I mean what else could I do, I could spend the rest of my life in a dingy little flat or live my wildest fantasies with the most amazing experiences, and with a real babe, what would you do!.

I started to call the utility companies to cancel my accounts and have them disconnected, then my landlord, fortunately I was a month ahead with my rent so I could leave immediately, I also instructed him to clear the place out and keep whatever he did not want to dispose of.

I left and headed back to my new home, I was feeling very strange, I was excited beyond belief and slightly scared of what lay ahead, one half of me was running and the other half trying to hold me back, a very strange feeling.

When I arrived at Sues I knocked quietly on her door, Sue called for me enter and I pushed the handle down and entered the house. Sue was waiting by the lounge door, "hello, I was beginning to wonder if you had changed your mind", " no way jose" was my reply, " you are stuck with me now", Sue smiled and walked toward me, kissed me lightly on the cheek and motioned for me to follow her.

We made our way up the stairs and into the bedroom once again, " sit on the bed " was the instruction from my new mistress and before she could finish I was sitting!,

" we must have some rules for this relationship to work" said Sue, " I mean, I am the Mistress and you are a mere slave" she said with a devilish grin on her face, "yes Mistress" was my feeble reply.

"Right, as from now you will wear whatever you are told to wear, I will not accept any excuses, you will either shave or use cream to clear all the hair off your entire body with the exception of your head and you will always obey my every command, is that understood slave?", WOW, this was getting so unbelievable, as if she could read my mind and set up my wildest fantasies, was this an accident or some kind of witchcraft to be able to see right through me?, "yes Mistress " I replied, "you will also be spending most of the time as a female, you will not complain and you will follow my instructions whether you are male or female, right?", "yes Mistress" I said getting very aroused at the thought of my future.

Sue then moved over to her wardrobe and opened it to reveal her awesome collection of outfits and boots, she had corsets, thigh boots of so many different colours, knee high boots, ankle boots, all different heels, platforms, stilettos, all manner of dresses and skirts, she looked at me and smiled, " now who do I want you to be tonight? " she said with that familiar devilish grin, and bent over to pick up a pair of red leather thigh boots with a six inch thin stiletto heel, " I think you will be my little lesbian slut tonight " she said as she handed me the boots, my heart was pounding so much I thought I was going to faint, " but first slave I have something to tell you, when you wore the black patent boots earlier they made you pass out, you missed the transformation, these boots allow you to stay conscious during the process, so you must lay on the bed and don't be scared, prepare yourself for the ride of your life!".

I lay back on the bed as Mistress Sue turned to the wardrobe again, I slipped of my trousers when Mistress Sue turned to me and said " don't remove your clothing, just put on the boots slave, NOW ", I pulled the boots on as quick as I could, I pulled up the first zipper and remember how disappointed I felt as nothing happened, then I pulled up the second zipper and looked at Mistress Sue hoping for something to happen.

Suddenly a very strong feeling of pleasure flowed through my body, as if in my blood, it felt wonderful, warm, tingling my nerve ends as my legs began the transformation process, I lifted up my upper body and watched in amazement as my leg began to get smaller, the hairs seemed to retract into my skin, my calves and thighs shrank as the boots began to mould themselves almost to my skin, the socks on my feet began to almost "grow" up my legs and changed to sheer nylon stockings.

I was captivated as my eyes were drawn to my panties, they changed to a very pastel pink and seemed to spawn a suspender belt of the same colour and material, I suddenly felt the warmest and most erotic feeling as my manhood began to grow to almost inhuman proportions only to suddenly shrink as the most enormous orgasm flowed through my body, my hands seemed to automatically reach for my manhood only to find nothing!, the transformation was well under way. My fingers began to tingle, I watched as my hands and fingers became exquisitely feminine, the nails growing before my eyes to about half an inch and became the most wonderful scarlet colour.

My hips began to expand and my arms began to tingle as I saw the weight just seemingly dropping off, my nipples began to tingle as the waves of pleasure seemed to get more intense, my hands moved to my chest and felt the swelling begin. The arousal was unbelievable as I orgasmed again then looking down I saw the perfectly formed breasts, about a 36 d cup I would say, watching as my fingers squeezed my new formed nipples to intensify the feelings further.

Mistress Sue moved toward me and handed me a mirror as my entire head and neck began to tingle, I looked at the reflection in the mirror and saw myself briefly as the changes began, first my lips filled out became encased in the most gorgeous wet lipstick, my complexion lightened slightly and became very slightly freckly, my nose just seemed to shrink before my eyes to a lovely perky little nose, my eye brows became lighter and arched into a feminine type, my hair was now red and was growing quickly soon down to the bottom of my back.

I was staring at the most gorgeous redhead I had ever seen!, I wanted to fuck myself, I lay there getting turned on by my own reflection, I could not believe it. The feeling of pleasure did not stop, I was feeling so horny, I needed another orgasm, this feeling was so intense, Mistress Sue suddenly grabbed the mirror and said " right slave, get up! ", I stood next to the bed once again amazed how easily I stood on these thin stilettos waiting my Mistresses next command, Mistress Sue moved toward me and suddenly kissed my hungry lips as she wrapped herself around me, the feeling was fantastic, my now wet pussy was begging for it, I had become a total nymphomaniac and needed to orgasm all the time.

Mistress Sue kissed me harder and deeper as her hand slipped between my legs, slowly her fingers working their way toward my now wet and throbbing pussy, suddenly she slipped her hand into my panties and massaged my new found sex as I felt my pussy lips part and her finger slip into me, I thought I was going to die, the feeling nearly made my knees buckle under me, Mistress Sue must have noticed this as she removed her finger and pushed me onto the bed.

" Now slave, you will feel what it is like to be fucked by a man" as she removed a dildo from her bedside cabinet, placing it on her incredible body and moving down again toward me.

She kissed me deep and passionately as I felt her hand guide the dildo toward my pussy, I suddenly felt the tip at the entrance and thrust my tongue deep into her throat, she pushed gently forward and I felt the dildo enter me, getting deep and deeper as she thrust it in and out of this exquisite body, my pussy getting wetter as she strokes that little bit quicker " now slave, this is how it will be from now, you are my little lesbian slut and I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before! ".

This was beginning to get to much for me, I orgasmed so much I though I would explode, my back tried to arch and it just seemed to keep cumin.

I was in heaven when Mistress Sue suddenly stopped, " now bitch, get on your knees", I do as I am told and feel my Mistresses fingers stroking my pussy, " now you will feel what it is like to be a woman" as she began to massage my enlarged clit, " have you worked out that you are just a sex slut yet, as long as you wear this pair of boots you NEED sex, you cannot live without it, your pussy is permanently waiting to be used, by male or female slave! ".

The last comment took me completely by surprise as my male self was totally heterosexual, why would I want a man fucking me I asked myself, " think about it slave, think about having a man do this to you" as she continued to massage my clit, when I did think about having a man doing it to me I was shocked at the response of my body, I was getting so excited by the thought of a wonderful warm cock nestling in my pussy, before I knew it I orgasmed again, Mistress Sue fingers working their magic on my clit and the thought of a mans cock was to much for me.

Mistress Sue stopped massaging me and moved onto her knees and placed the dildo by the entrance to my pussy, again she gently slid the dildo inside me as I gasped at the wonderful sensations I was feeling, " now listen to me slave, I am the Mistress and you are merely my slave, if you do well you will be rewarded, if you do not do well you will be punished, is that understood?", "yes Mistress" I replied as I gasped again at the feeling of the dildo inside my soaking pussy, " I know your male self was heterosexual and I know how you have never felt like sucking a mans cock before, but that will be your punishment slave, so you better be good, hadn't you!" yes Mistress" I screamed as the biggest orgasm I had ever had ripped its way through my body as I collapsed onto the bed in a heap.

"So, my little slave has had enough has she" and slipped off the bed and made for the wardrobe, taking out a female dressing gown made of black silk and a pair of silver ankle boots with a long silver stiletto, " now take off those boots slave, put these on instead. I unzipped the first boot and pulled it off, then the second, I quickly slipped on the silver ankle boots and began to tie the laces when that familiar tingling started again.

I finished tying the laces and just lay back and enjoyed the ride, coming to orgasm twice in the process when Mistress Sue once again handed me the mirror, I looked in amazement as a gorgeous blond with the most kissable lips and sexy eyes stared back at me "this is how you will look for most of the time now slave, you will only remove the boots when you are instructed, do you understand?" "yes Mistress" was all I could say as stared at myself again.

"Now go to your room slave, you will wake me at 8am with coffee and toast, buttered and warm, you will then go to the wardrobe and get out your black patent boots for your days work tomorrow sorting out this house, do you understand?" oh yes Mistress I replied, excited with the thought of being a woman as long as this.

I moved to the bed and my Mistress took my face in her hands and kissed me softly, " now to bed, you have a lot to do tomorrow" and with that I withdrew to the door, I looked at my Mistress as I closed the door, thinking how lucky I had been to meet her, almost by auto pilot or some pre conceived idea I moved to the door opposite knowing that this was my room, I gasped a I opened the door, it was lovely, with pink and mauve walls, pink silk curtains and my bed set was pink satin, the dressing table was a typical female dressing table, covered in perfumes and cosmetics, and a wardrobe like the one in my Mistresses room.

I walked over and gasped as I opened it, it was full like the one in my Mistresses room, boots of all descriptions, corsets, clothes, everything, I was so happy and remember thinking that I was actually going to back out earlier. I yawned as I set the clock for 7am taking no time at all before I was sleeping.

I turned off the alarm and stepped out of bed, walking in stilettos like they were not there, I moved to my bathroom and got myself ready for the day ahead, I replaced the now worn lipstick and touched up my eyes like I had used cosmetics all of my life, moved back into my room and over to the open wardrobe.

I took out the black patent thigh boots and stroked the long heel as I moved onto the bed, removing my ankle boots I slipped on the black patent pair as I lay on my bed, suddenly losing consciousness as I passed out.

On waking I was lost for just a moment when I realised where I was and that I should be preparing my Mistresses breakfast, as I arose from the bed I noticed my reflection in the mirror and my blond bob hairstyle with my leather maids outfit.

I made my way to the kitchen and prepared coffee and toast as I had been instructed by my Mistress, climbing the stairs and carrying the breakfast tray carefully. I tap gently on her door and enter the room, she is still asleep and looking totally gorgeous, I made my way across the room and pulled open the curtains " good morning Mistress, your breakfast is ready" is said in my gorgeous sexy new voice.

As my Mistress stirred I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror again, feeling my pussy get wet again when Mistress startled me" slave, have you got no work to do!, we have a big day today, so get busy!", yes Mistress I replied as I moved out of the room and to my chores again, lucky I like doing chores, but only for my Mistress.

As I washed up the dirty pots I thought about all the other wonderful boots in my wardrobe just waiting to give me other adventures, who knows what will happen in future, I don't, but you can bet it will be every bit as much fun as the last day has been!.




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