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I Love Thigh Boots

by Rachael


It has been a whole week since I met my New Mistress, Mistress Sue has changed my life beyond recognition, just a few weeks ago I was a sad and lonely man who lived alone after two failed marriages, drove an old saloon, rarely had much money, yet now I live most of my life feminised by Mistress Sues boots, I still work at the same place ( which is the only time I was allowed to be my male self! ), I had no need for the money now, Mistress Sue only took from my account what she required, I was going to be able to save a little for the first time in quite a while.

My whole life was totally different now, I had a true reason to be happy and contented, I arrive home from work about 5.00pm and by 5.10pm I am Rachael, Mistress Sues maid all dressed up in my black patent thigh boots and my leather maids outfit, my impeccable make up and my blonde bob hairstyle complementing my new female persona.

As I arrived home today I had been wondering about all the other wonderful boots in Mistress Sues collection, there were so many different colours and styles, but my main worry was that I had only tried a few pairs, Mistress Sue had told me I could not try any others without her permission, and boy, that was hard!, seeing them in my wardrobe every day but not being able to try them on, wondering what they would do to me, how I would look, how they would make me feel.

Upon reaching my room I opened the wardrobe and removed the black patent thigh boots and moved over to the bed, I carefully lay down after removing my shoes, and placed the boots on my feet, as I zipped up I felt the familiar tingling feeling as I passed out. I awoke a few moments later, stood myself up and moved over to the mirror to check my make up and uniform, I didn't want to upset my Mistress by not looking my best, with these boots on I was totally submissive toward my Mistress, I so wanted to make her happy, to be pleased with me and they made me feel very feminine too, I applied my make up like a professional and just did all those female traits so naturally.

I thought about the other boots I had worn, a gorgeous pair of red leather thigh boots, those made me feel totally different, they made me feel mega feminine, one look at Mistress Sue and I was totally in love with her, I was so horny and the longer I wore them, the hornier I got.

The silver ankle boots however are the ones I tend to wear most of the time, I feel different again in those, I don't feel either submissive or horny, and Mistress Sue and I have some really good laughs and conversations while I am wearing them, only last night she had told me of her desire to be totally dominated by another woman, just to try it and see what it feels like, it seems the silver ankle boots just make me a regular girl and I suppose you could say that Mistress Sue and I just hang out when I wear them.

About 5.30 I heard the front door open and after a few moments Mistress Sue entered the kitchen

"Hello Rachael, how has your day been" she said as she sat at the table, I turned from the sink and curtseyed " my day has been fine Mistress, how was yours" I enquired, " I have had a very good day Rachael, it seems you are a good luck charm also, my business has started to flourish since you moved in, I think I may reward you later", she said with that devilish grin once again appearing on her face, "thank you Mistress, but I serve you out of pleasure, I need no reward, to serve you is reward enough" I retorted, " well if I say you will be reward young lady, you will be rewarded, is that understood?" she said quite sternly, " yes Mistress" was my feeble reply. "Now leave what you are doing and when you have dried your hands you will meet me up in your room, right!", "yes Mistress" was once again my feeble reply, I hadn't meant to upset her I thought to myself, I must try harder to please her in future as my new persona tortured me.

As I climbed the stairs I could hear sounds coming from my room, as I got closer mistress Sue called me, "I am coming Mistress" I called and entered my room, "come over here Rachael, and sit on the bed", I did as ordered, " now my sweet, you are going to be the dominant one tonight, the boots you will wear tonight will make you very dominant, the boots I wear will make me very submissive, you may do as you wish to me and for as long as you wish, with today being Friday you could remain like that all weekend, it will be up to you, is that understood", "yes Mistress" I said the possibilities running through my head and scaring and fascinating me.

Mistress Sue handed me a pair of black leather 6 inch heel thigh boots, I looked at this awesome pair of boots, laced all the way from the foot, so high, my god, what were these going to do to me, would I survive them, I reached out and took the boots from my Mistress, "Now wait a moment while I put on my sub boots" and she went to her room and returned with a pair of black patent knee boots, " now take off the boots you are wearing and get your feet into those Rachael, I will take care of the rest" she whispered as she sat besides me.

I removed my patent thigh boots and placed my feet into my new lace up thigh boots, the tingling started as I placed in my first foot, a sudden jolt of power surged through my body, I was on fire, yet it was cool and dreamy. I sat in awe at this wonderful sensation, my nipples were sending jolts of pleasure directly to my pussy which was wet and throbbing, I looked as my hands changed from the petite little maids hands I had to long, thin and very elegant fingers, with the most perfect purple nail polish on the perfectly shaped nails.

I watched in the mirror, transfixed by the events as my hair changed from a blonde bob to long raven black hair, very long and straight, and held by a pony tail. My facial features started to change, the cute looking maid was being replaced by a sex goddess, my eyes became a vibrant shade of green, my lips filled out and found themselves covered in the most gorgeous darkish purple lipstick, so kissable they were almost irresistible, my breasts grew a few sizes and my leather maids outfit turned into a leather crotch less catsuit, my pony tail was soon enveloped by the leather hood that appeared on my head, where is my slave! I thought to myself.

Sue had put on her subs boots by now and was waiting for my transformation to complete, " come here slave, now" I said in most stern and yet very feminine voice, " yes Mistress" Sue replied, " get on your knees and tie up my boot laces" and in a flash Sue was on her knees tying up the laces on these awesome boots, the higher she laced them, the more power I felt, this was unbelievable, "Hurry slave, we haven't got all day", I cried, " yes Mistress" she replied getting noticeably faster.

The transformation was complete, I stood to see myself in the full length mirror and what a sight beheld me, I must have been at least my normal size, about 6 foot 1 inch, and I had six inch heels on, I was an Amazon queen, a warrior, yet quite breathtakingly beautiful. The curves were sleek and well defined, the face was gorgeous with its dark features and perfect make up.

"Come to me slave" I boomed out, Sue dashed to my feet, " right my little pussy whore, tonight I will make you pay for all the indiscretions you have committed, do you understand me slut!", Yes Mistress" she whispered looking down at her feet, "now get over to the bed and remove your clothing bitch!", Sue scuttled as quick as she could, soon standing with just her boots on, "now lay on the bed, stretch for all four corners with your hands and feet" I commanded, I walked over to dresser and somehow knew to look in the bottom drawer, I took out some rope restraints, nipple clamps and a ball gag. I moved back over to the bed, Sue was laying exactly in the position I had ordered, I tied her hands and legs to the corners of the bed and watched as she squirmed and tried to release herself, I remember thinking that she had no chance, she will be mine!.

I then placed the nipple clamps, squeezing them very tightly as I fitted them, Sue squirmed once again, but this time a groan left her lips, then the gag, " we cant have you screaming out now, can we" I said, Sue struggling to stop me fitting the gag, SLAP, I slapped her across the face, she looked visibly shocked at the slap, yet very turned on by the whole thing.

"Now stop squirming bitch!" I screamed, making her jump in shock, she stopped, she looked terrified, after making sure the gag was tight I moved back to the drawer, " a few more things I might need" I said watching Sue struggle to try and see what I was up to, I bent down and removed a cat of nine tails, two but plugs and two vibrators, one ten inch and the other about eight inch, Sue caught a glimpse of the whip and started to struggle a lot harder, " do you want to be punished all night bitch, because if you do, just carry on like this and you will pay" I screamed out, Sue suddenly lay still again, "good, now perhaps you will take your punishment like a slave" I whispered, stroking her breasts with my whip.

She suddenly let out a muted groan, I squeezed the nipple clamps a little and watched as she writhed in agony and ecstasy, laying helpless and at my mercy. I raised the whip and brought it crashing down on her naked thigh, "now bitch, are you going to behave" I cried as I saw tears in Sues eyes, Sue nodded frantically, "but I must make sure my little sweet" I said in my soft seductive voice, raised my hand and repeated the punishment several times.

I moved to the foot of the bed, I look down as she lay helpless before me, "you have had the pain bitch, now you may have some pleasure!" I said as I placed my head between her feet, slowly with Sue watching my every move I kissed her left boot, then her right boot, I moved up to her knees, kissing them softly with my sticky lip gloss, then moving up her inner thigh, slowly, gently moving from leg to leg.

I could feel the heat from her pussy as I started to lick the inside of her thighs, the groans getting louder as I move up more. I flick my tongue gently across her pussy and watch her squirming now in ecstasy rather then pain, the tears now replaced by feelings of pleasure.

I manoeuvre my tongue carefully to the entrance of her pussy, just like the expert lesbian domme I had become, I actually felt myself getting wet as I whipped her!, the feeling of control I have is unbearable, I had orgasmed twice while I was kissing her legs, totally unable to stop me!.

I suddenly thrust my tongue deep into her pussy and watch as she arches her back and screams out, I then begin to gently massage her clit with my tongue, gently stroking back and forth, I take the vibrator and turn it to full power, Sue is to far gone to even here the noise, I place it at the entrance to her pussy and guide it into position, I watch as Sues ecstasy increases ten fold with the new toy well and truly inserted, my tongue now flicking her clit and massaging in short spurts.

Sue suddenly arches sharply and tries her hardest to scream, but it did not matter that she could not scream, nothing would stop that fantastic orgasm she was currently experiencing, if she was screaming anything, it would have been MORE!.

I realised that as Sue began to orgasm, so did I, it was the feeling of conquest, she was totally mine, and nothing she could do about it, I had never had these feelings before in my life!, these boots were good. As soon as Sue relaxed onto her back again, I was straight in, working once again on the clit, massaging and flicking as her little penis got bigger and bigger, as she tried to stop me but could not, she suddenly erupted again, causing me to experience a second and bigger orgasm, as I orgasmed I switched on the second vibrator and slid it into my hot and wet pussy, I groaned before settling back with my head between her legs.

"Now my little sweet, how are you nipples" I ask in my most sexy and sarcastic voice while rubbing her breasts with my hands, " shall I adjust them for you?" I asked in the same tone, I suddenly grabbed the clamps and squeezed as I saw the pain flickering across her face, " is that better my dear" I asked as I returned to stroking them, I saw the tears welling up again and felt a jolt of pleasure flow through my body, I removed one of the clamps and began to suck her nipple, clearly to her delight, my hand began to push and pull the vibrator in her pussy and stroke it in and out of her. The squirming started again and my hand got faster, forcing the vibrator deeper for longer, it wasn't long before the next explosion!.

Several hours and god knows how many orgasms later I laid my head on Sues body as she slept, she was well "shagged" you might say, and so was I to be fair, but I just could have carried on all night, I felt so good, but I didn't feel right, I was not the dominant kind, even if these boots made me feel that way, it was just not me, I like to be dominated by the kind of woman that my Mistress Sue was, I didn't want to be dominant.

Almost as if she could read my mind, Sue seemed to awake instantly, she went over to my wardrobe and fetched my silver ankle boots, knelt before me and presented them to me, continually looking down to ground of course, I took them from her and commanded "now get these things off me slave, I haven't got all night", and with that Sue began to untie my laces, soon I was placing my ankle boots on my feet and before I knew it I was staring in the mirror at my long blonde hair and bright red lips, "welcome back Rachael, may I please remove these boots" Sue asked as she still knelt at my feet, "of course you can Mistress" I said laughingly.

Mistress Sue placed her normal boots on her feet and moved toward me, "thank you Rachael, I know that you did not enjoy that as much as I did, we wont be doing that very often, but you have so many more pairs to try on yet, the best is yet to come!" Mistress Sue said, smiled and motioned for me to follow her, which I did of course but I could not begin to wonder what adventures lay ahead for me!.

The End ( Maybe)




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