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In Her Room

by Jennifer White


After Sean and Rachel's daughter Holly graduated from college and got married, she moved out of their house to start a life of her own. The house seemed so empty now, with just Sean and his wife. Holly took all of her things, leaving her old bedroom nearly empty. There it sat for months, before the day that Rachel informed Sean that an old girlfriend of hers needed to stay with them for a while.

"She's in a tough spot" said Rachel. "She's an old friend, and I told her she could use the empty room for a while."

"Who is she?" he asked.

"Sharon. I've known her for such a long time, and she is very close to me. It would be wonderful if you'd allow her to be here."

Sean wasn't sure he wanted an intrusion into his household like that, but Rachel convinced him, and he finally agreed.

"But we can't let her move in with the room looking like that" said Rachel.

Sean was sent off to the store to buy paint, and redo the walls. Rachel picked out an off-white, with a slight pink tinge to it. She hung up new curtains, white and lacy. Even before anything was moved in, it was definitely a girl's room. Rachel had him go with her to various stores that sold used furniture, and buy a bed, dresser and vanity set. All that was needed now was Rachel's friend, and her things.

* * *

One day when Sean went upstairs, he noticed that there was the dresser drawer was open. He went to investigate. It was stuffed full of all sorts of frilly panties, bras, and such. His heart raced. Rachel was out at the store, and wouldn't be back for hours. He had enough time, and it was safe. He took off his clothes, and put on a pair of pink panties. Oh how wonderful it felt to wear them!

He loved wearing panties and bras, ever since he could remember. He had loved to dress up in his mother's clothes when he was just a boy. He had secretly worn many of Rachel's things. Now he had a fresh supply of exciting things to try on! He picked out a bra, and strapped it on with an expert hand, showing he had done it many times before.

Sean looked at himself in the full length mirror, and he blushed. He felt ashamed. He took off the bra and panties, but he was still hard as a rock. He ran to the bathroom to jerk himself off, to relieve the tension. He imagined that he was a woman, which made him come really hard. He was so happy. He had a new supply of things to wear. And since Rachel's friend wasn't moved in yet, she'd never notice if something was out of place, or missing. He didn't even have to be careful! It was an ideal situation for him. And with the kids out of the house, he had some privacy again. Plus, it seemed more exciting that it wasn't his wife's things, but some other woman's. He knew he'd be back in her room again soon.

* * *

Over the next two weeks, several large boxes arrived in the mail for Rachel's friend Sharon. Sean was overjoyed to watch as Rachel unpacked all of her clothes. skirts (she didn't seem to own many pants), dresses, lingerie, heels, and more. Rachel would carefully put away the clothes, and when she was out of the house, Sean would put them on. He was in heaven, being able to dress up as a woman so often! It was like his deepest fantasy was coming true.

And the timing was so perfect! Rachel was going out of town for a full week, to visit her mother. Sean would have almost unlimited access to Sharon's things now, and he'd be free to live out his fantasies! Better yet, things kept arriving like makeup, more clothes, silky slips, frilly camis, and more. In fact, Sharon's room was full enough now, that it already looked like she was completely moved in.

"I'll miss you" said Rachel, as the taxi pulled up front, to drive her to the airport.

"And I'll miss you" said Sean.

It was true; he would miss her. But he was also thrilled at this special opportunity. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for him: the chance to live for days at a time as a woman. As the taxi drove out of sight, he was ready right away. He hurried into the bathroom, not wanting to miss a single moment of fun. There he took a bubble bath, using Rachel's lavender scented bath oils. He shaved off all of his body hair. He had a full week to think of an excuse to tell his wife.

Now his legs were smooth, his chest free from the awful hair, and even under his arms. He felt so special already, as the dried off with a towel. Of course, he was careful to clean out the tub from all the hair he had removed from his body. He applied Rachel's baby powder scented deodorant, and hummed as he prepared to go get dressed.

Sean encased himself in layer upon layer of nylon, silk and lace. He stuffed full the cups of his bra, so that the firm looking mounds poked out from his hairless chest. He chose the most feminine and frilly blouse he could find, with a ruffle down the middle, lace on the collar, as well as ruffled cuffs that flared out wide at the ends of the sleeves. He added a flowing skirt with a bright floral print, and he was even able to get his feet into a pair of Sharon's high heel shoes!

Now he sat down at the vanity, to apply makeup. He used foundation to hide the flaws in his skin, followed by creams, powders, pencils and wands, in order to make his face glow with pretty eyes, lips and cheeks. For the first time in over twenty years, he was able to paint his fingernails, which felt awesome! He walked around the room, stopping to pose, arching his back, sticking out his large fake boobs, and wishing that it was all real.

In fact, all weekend Sean spent all of his time luxuriating in his feminine attire. He even slept in Sharon's bed, so that he wouldn't have to ruin the illusion of being a woman. He found her jewelry the next morning, and wore that as well. Soon, he was painting his toes, wearing Sharon's perfume, sleeping in her nightie, and carrying around one of her extra purses that he found in the closet.

He stayed dressed up as a woman, as he did the cooking and the cleaning around the house. He was enjoying himself so much, he called in sick from work, so he could let his blissful feminine existence continue. With Rachel due to arrive home in a few days, he had to get as much joy out of being a woman as he could. Time was running short now, and he felt a sadness inside, knowing it would end soon.

* * *

Sean was filing his nails. They were a tad longer than when he first dressed up "all the way". It was a pity they weren't long, so he could look nicer. Rachel was due home the following day, so this was going to be his very last chance to paint them. He chose a hot red color, and started with his left hand, working from his pinkie, over to his thumb.

As he worked, he thought he heard a noise, and he froze for a moment, his heart pumping. But there was nothing. It must have been the house settling, or some other little everyday noise. He returned to his work, and hummed as he started to work on his right hand. He looked in the mirror at his lips, bright and glossy red. He had a pink butterfly clip in his hair today, and he decided that it really helped give him a better look. Too bad he hadn't thought of going out to buy a nice wig. But this would be his only real chance to use it. And he didn't want Rachel to find it, and realize what he was doing!

He held his fingers apart, letting them dry. Then he started to apply a second coat. He was wrapped up in how his nails looked, when suddenly he was started by a voice. Rachel!

"Hello" she said. "I'm home. Did you miss me when I was gone?"

The color drained from Sean's face. How could she be home early?

"This isn't what it looks like..." he started to say. His throat was dry, and his shaky voice cracked. But Rachel cut him off.

"Did you notice this?" she said, walking over to the lacy curtains. "Right here. This is a miniature web cam. There is also one in the corner over there, one in the closet, and one hidden here by the flowers. I've been watching what goes on in this room. I have the whole thing caught on video. Now what was it you were going to tell me?"

This was worse than he could ever imagine! She not only caught him red-handed (literally!), but she had been watching everything on a web cam. She had hours and hours of him on video, dressing up. He was so stunned, that he didn't even know what to say. He stood there, his knees weak, barely able to keep from hyperventilating as Rachel walked up to him.

"Come here" she said sternly.

He stood right in front of her, wondering what she was going to do to punish him. She had him over a barrel, and she could do anything to him that she wanted to. And so, it was more than a shock, when she wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned towards him, and gave him a kiss! She put her hands on his face, leaned her body in towards his, and kissed him harder, and put her tongue into his mouth.

Sean was stunned. He put his arms around her, and kissed back. She was all over him! She was touching him, arousing him, making him excited. Soon, they were walking towards the bed. Rachel reached up under Sean's skirt, and pulled down his panties. She took off her own, and pointed to the bed.

"Lie down on your back" she ordered.

Sean laid down, feeling funny that his fully erect penis was poking up, making his skirt stand up like a tent with a pole in the middle. Rachel pulled up his skirt just a bit, and straddled him. She lowered herself onto him, letting his rock hard penis slide up into her receptive wet pussy. She smiled as he entered her.

"Ooh, Sharon" she said. "You turn me on so much."

Sharon? She had called him 'Sharon'. That was her friend's name. Why would she call him that?

"Yes dear" she said, seeing the realization in his eyes. "I've known all along that you want to be a girl. I did all of this for you. I told you that I've known Sharon for years, and she is a close friend of mine. She in fact, is you. That is the name I picked for you to have, when you're a woman."

"Sharon" said Sean, sending a shiver up and down his spine. A pretty woman's name, for him! He moaned softly, as Rachel moved up and down, riding him, making him inch closer towards his climax.

"You're my woman now" she said, as she put her hands on top of the cups of his stuffed bra. "I prefer you like this, you know. I haven't thought of you as a man for quite some time. I came to realize that on the inside, you already are a woman. Now it time to let her out. You are her now. You're not a man anymore. You are Sharon. And you are a woman."

With that, Sean came as hard as he ever had, in all his life. His painted eyelids closed, as he was overcome with the rush of pleasure from his orgasm.

"Tell me that you're my woman now" whispered Rachel.

"I'm your woman" he replied, his voice barely a whisper.

"Tell me you're not a man anymore."
"I'm not a man" he said.

"Tell me that your name is Sharon now."

"My name is Sharon" he said, his voice growing in confidence.

"Now put it all together. Say it like you mean it."

"I am not a man anymore. I am a woman. My name is Sharon."

"Good girl" said Rachel, as she nodded her head in approval as she continued to hug and kiss him, and snuggle next to him.


"Put your panties on, Sharon" she said, when she finally sat up. "I have some presents for you, downstairs."

Sean was excited. Presents? He stood up, and pulled on his panties. He felt guilty that a little of the wetness from his penis had gotten on the inside of his skirt. It would need to be washed now. He looked at Rachel, who was smiling at him, as she pulled on her own pair of panties. They walked down the stairs together, hand in hand, until the reached the kitchen table. There, Sean saw several boxes. The gifts for him.

He eagerly opened up the first one. He looked in amazement, then he looked back at Rachel. It was a box containing a pair of large breast forms. Big fake boobs, that he could put on his chest, to make it look like he was stacked! How wonderful it would be to have something so realistic to wear! He couldn't wait to put them on.

The next box contained a set of lingerie for him, all silky and red. The third box had something very special for him: a fake pussy. It went on over a man's penis, and pulled up tight to the body. It would make it look like he was a girl! It would hide the bulge in his panties. How wonderful it would be to look in the mirror, wearing that!

The next box contained women's jeans, measured to fit him, along with a pair of cropped pants. At the bottom of the pile was a girdle, to help give him better curves, along with a pair of padded panties.

"They'll make you look better in your tight jeans" explained Rachel.

The last box puzzled him though. inside it was a large, very realistic looking dildo, shaped just like a big hard penis.

"What is this for?" he asked.

"You're a woman" said Rachel. "I think you can figure it out."

Sean shuddered. He certainly didn't want to try that thing out!

"Can I go put on my new things?" he asked.

"Yes dear" said Rachel. "Wear your new jeans, and the white cami top at the left of the closet."

Sean rushed back upstairs. He took off all of his clothes, including his underwear.

"Today, you are a woman" announced Rachel. "The day my mother told me that, was the day that I had my first period. She told me that some day, I'd help my daughter out, when she started to menstruate. Now you will take part in this feminine ritual. Today you are a woman. And so, today you will use a tampon for the first time."

She had him sit on the bed, atop a pillow, with his legs spread wide apart. Then she had him lay back, exposing his opening to her. She showed him how to take the tampon, and use the applicator to get it in.

"You're so tight" she said, as she started to push it into him. "Relax those muscles dear. Let it in! You're a woman now, and it is perfectly all right for a woman to wear a tampon. Don't resist! That's it, let it all up inside of you."

She finally got it in, and pulled back the applicator. The tampon was firmly in place, with just a string dangling out.

"Now you have a tampon of your very own" she said. "Just like other women. Just to be safe, we'll put a panty liner in as well, when you get dressed up."

Sean stood up. He first put on the special device to hide his penis. He pulled it on tight, and admired himself in the mirror. It looked like he really did have a pussy! He felt thrilled, as he took out the breast forms, and glued them in place with a special adhesive that was included in the box. All the while though, he felt strange, due to the tampon that was sticking up into him from behind.

Now he put on the new bra that Rachel had bought him, along with the tight girdle, and the padded panties. With all of that in place, he admired how much more feminine he appeared in the mirror. He pulled on the tight jeans, and smiled when they made it look like he had curves! He pulled on the white cami top, and stared at his new self in the mirror.

Rachel dug through the closet, and pulled out a red button-down sweater. She put it on him, having him keep the top four buttons open. That gave a peek at this chest, but not so much that it was too revealing.

"You want to draw attention to your feminine assets, but not flaunt them, or make it look like your too slutty" she said. "Now put on those black pumps, and we can be going."

"Going?" he asked.

"Yes Sharon" she replied. "We've got to go, so you can get your ears pierced. Then we have some shopping to do for you."

"More shopping?" asked Sean.

"Yes. You need a few more things in your wardrobe."

Sean was elated and scared all at once. Go out in public, dressed as a woman? He had never done that before! But Rachel seemed so excited about it, and so encouraging. She told him that it would be all right, and she led him out the door. She took him to her favorite jewelry store, where she had his ears double-pierced. Together, they picked out a pair of diamond studs, and a pair of medium sized gold hoops.

Next, they went to several stores in the mall, where Rachel helped him select pants suits, skirt suits, and other conservative clothes "to round out is wardrobe". Of course, they also made a stop by the "intimate apparel" section, to buy some more silky things for his growing collection.

Then they went to a shoe store that specialized in larger sizes. There, Sean purchase a pair of black boots with a four inch heel, pairs of pumps in both white and red, black mules, and a pair of flats. They took the bags back to the car.

"Just think" said Rachel. "You're out in public, and not one person has thought of you as anything but as a woman. They see you, and recognize that you're a tampon wearing female, just like me, or her, or the saleswoman. You are one of us now. You are a woman."

Sean felt giddy. He thought that this was the best day of his life. Not only was everything so wonderful, but Rachel was being supportive of his fantasies of being female. He held her hand, as she drove them across town, to a nice restaurant where she had a reservation set for them. They ate dinner together, and nobody in the entire place though that they were anything but two women sharing a meal together.

After they were done, they got in the car. Sean expected that they would be driving him, but Rachel had one last stop for them. She drove across the tracks, to the seedier side of town. There, she pulled up into the parking lot for a place with a sign that read "Adult Toys and Entertainment." A sex shop!
Inside were rows and rows of DVDs and tapes, with every category or porn imaginable. But Rachel walked right past that, to the aisle with the dildos and vibrators. She looked carefully, until she found what she was after. Sean's eyes were bugging out of his head, as he saw her pick it up: a strap-on!

It was the style that was more like the tight pants that a biker wore, except that there was a hardened panel on the front, with a small nub, where you could attach the actual dildo, and lock it in place. She found one that was compatible with the locking system. It looked so big, much larger than Sean's ever was!

"Do we really need that?" he asked.

"Yes Sharon" she replied. "Now that you're a woman, I'll need this, if I'm going to make love to you."

And so Sean found himself standing in line at the checkout, with Rachel's arm around him, as she purchased the strap-on and the huge dildo. The clerk knew that he would be the one it was meant for. He wondered if the clerk knew he was really a male or not. But in either case, he felt very uncomfortable as Rachel chatted and flirted with him while she paid for it. Sean was not looking forward to having her use it on him!

They went back home, and Sean was a bit relieved when Rachel took her new strap-on, and put it away in their bedroom, while he put his new clothes away, along with his shoes. He turned to see Rachel enter into the room as well.

"Now that you have become Sharon, this is your room" she said. "You will sleep here, in your bed."

"We're not going to sleep together?" he asked, somewhat sheepishly.

"Not right now. You need to get used to being a woman. If you feel lonely tonight, you will always have your collection of dildos. Oh, and by the way, it is about time for you to change your tampon. I'll let you do it all by yourself. Sweet dreams, honey. I'll see you in the morning!"

"Good night" said Sean, somewhat sadly. He hadn't expected this turn. But on the other hand, even with Rachel home, he was still living out his lifelong fantasy. He undressed, and put on a baby-blue nightie with white trim. Then he went to the bathroom, and sat down to pull out the tampon that was still lodged up inside him. It was a little hard to get out; it seemed to have expanded a bit. He was afraid the string would break, or the tampon itself. But eventually, he worked it out.

Then he put in a fresh one, as Rachel had told him. It went in easier than the first one, but it felt so strange to be putting something up there, and it felt somehow wrong. He put his panties back on, brushed his teeth, took off his makeup, and went back to bed for the night. As he had for the past few nights when Rachel was gone, he read a few dozen pages from Cosmo and Glamour, before turning off the lights, and going to sleep.

* * *

Sean woke up. laying in the bed, dressed in his nightie. The fake boobs were still attached to his chest. All night long, he had dreamed that he was a real woman. He smiled as he got up and stretched. He dressed up in a navy skirt and a white blouse, along with a pair of his new shoes. His pantyhose felt so good to wear. He loved that he could do this, with Rachel knowing all about it! How lucky he was to have a wife that was encouraging him to dress up like that. He smiled thinking of how wonderful she was, as he went to the bathroom to change his tampon.

He put on his makeup, brushed his hair, and put in the butterfly clip. He admired the earrings he now wore, as he put added a necklace, two rings, and a bracelet. He went downstairs, where Rachel was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, Sharon!" she said. "Did you have a good sleep?"

"Yes" replied Sean. "I missed you though."

"I missed you" she replied. "So I used my dildo for comfort."

She shivered, as she remembered the feeling of the huge orgasms it had brought her. As the smile crossed her face, Sean couldn't help but to feel jealous.

"Are you still on your period today?" asked Rachel.

Sean looked at her, confused.

"When you changed your tampon, was it still bloody? Or did you stop?"

"No, it wasn't bloody" he said.

"Wonderful!" she replied. "Now you'll just have to wait a month until the next time you start."

Sean thought about the tampon he still had inside him. As soon as he had a chance, he'd get it out! This one had gone in easier than either of the previous ones, but it made him shudder to think about it. His attention turned to Rachel, as she served him breakfast, and started to talk to him. He realized that she wasn't talking the way she normally did; this was how she talked to her girlfriends on the phone.

"She thinks of me like a girlfriend" he though, as he listened to her. He tried to respond in kind, doing his best to talk like a girl, in the same way he tried to sit like one, walk like one, and move like one. He helped her clean the dishes, and do some of the housework.

"We need to have a little talk love" said Rachel. "Be a dear and make us some tea, then join me in the livingroom."

Sean went about making the tea, then brought it in on a serving tray, as she had requested. He sat in his chair, carefully crossing his legs.

"Now then Sharon" she started, "As a woman, you can understand that I have needs. Feminine needs."

Sean nodded, unsure what she was driving at.

"Have I been supportive of what you wanted? Have I helped make your deepest fantasies come true?"

"Oh yes!" said Sean.

"Then you'll be equally supportive of me, won't you?" said Rachel, before she took another sip of her tea.

"Yes" replied Sean, eager to repay her kindness towards him.

"I'm glad you feel that way" said Rachel. "I know we'll be very happy together. But a woman needs a man. And as you told me, you're not a man anymore. I haven't thought of you as one for quite some time anyway. So tonight, I am going out on a date. With a man."

"A date?" said Sean, sounding brokenhearted. "Don't you want to be with me?"

"I do Sharon. I love you. But I need a man too. I'm glad you're so supportive of this. If you have the same feminine desires, and you want a man of your own, I'll be glad to let you have your own boy toy. In fact, we could double date!"

"But I don't want a man" protested Sean.

"Well you can't date a woman, can you? You already have me. If you want to go out with someone, it will have to be a man."

And so, Sean was left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was able to do what he had wished for all his life: live as a woman. But on the other hand, he felt like he was losing Rachel. She was being so kind to him, but at the same time, she was going to be dating another m now. Maybe it was a test for him. He felt that he had no choice but to let her do what she wanted.

* * *

Over the next two weeks, Sean spent 100% of his time as Sharon. He put in for a leave of absence from work for the time being, as well as using up the six weeks of vacation he had accumulated. Rachel helped him learn things like the proper techniques for applying makeup, doing his hair, walking, sitting, talking, and more. They went out together to get manicures or pedicures. They did everything as girlfriends. But several nights a week, she went out with her new boyfriend.

Not to mention the fact that she cut him off in bed. Even though he wished he was a woman, he still enjoyed having sex with his wife. But no more. Now he had to do it on his own. It was great, but not as good as it was with Rachel. And so he asked her again.

"If you want to be in the bed with me" she said, "You'll have to accept the fact that I'm in a relationship with a man now."

Sean nodded.

"That means that he will be in bed too." she added.

"A 3-way?" he asked.

"Exactly. You, me, and Kurt."

"Kurt?" said Sean.

"Yes Sharon, Kurt. He's my new boyfriend."

After a few days of coaxing from Rachel, Sean was finally convinced that it was a good idea, even though he still had reservations about it.

"Now remember" said Rachel. "I told Kurt that you are a woman. He has no idea that in the past you used to be a guy. I've spent a lot of time with you, training you on how to act like a proper female. Don't disappoint me, Sharon."

Sean nodded. He would try his best. He helped Rachel clean the house thoroughly, to make sure it was nice for their visitor. Sean nervously paced the room his high heels clicking on the floor, as he waited for Kurt to arrive. He had done his best job yet with his makeup. Rachel had helped him style his hair so that it looked like a short cut for a woman. He had on his breast forms and his fake pussy. He had even let Rachel rub cream all over his body to help make his skin softer. He was wearing a black cocktail dress, dark thigh-high nylons held up by a garter belt, and heels with pointy toes.

When the doorbell rang, Sean almost jumped.

"Can you get the door Sharon? I'm busy in here" called Rachel from the kitchen.

Sean took small tight steps towards the door, and opened it with a trembling hand. Standing there was a six foot tall man, handsomely dressed, his hair combed in a part. Sean felt very uncomfortable as the man eyed him like a piece of meat, his eyes staring at Sean's boobs.

"You must be Sharon" he said in a deep voice.

"And you must be Kurt" said Sean nervously, his voice cracking. "Won't you come in? Can I take your coat?"

"Thank you" replied the man as he walked in confidently, as if he owned the place.

Rachel came running out of the kitchen, her skirt flowing as she hurried towards Kurt. She put her arms around his neck, and they kissed. Sean watched this, feeling almost a horror that his wife was in the arms of another man.

"I'm so glad you're here, I thought about you all day" she said, as she touched him on the chest. She was rewarded by Kurt with a pat on the butt, which made her give out a squeal of delight.

"I see you've met Sharon" said Rachel.

"Yes. She looks very sweet, just like you told me."

"Sharon, would you be a dear and bring our drinks in?"

"Sure" said Sean, somewhat relieved that he would not have to see them together, if only for a few moments. He was still uncomfortable with people seeing him as a woman. It was one thing to be seen by an anonymous store clerk. It was another to be seen by a person who his wife knew! He felt very uncomfortable, and hot all over as he walked into the kitchen.

There on the table was a serving tray. Three flute glasses were full of bubbling champagne. Sean recoiled a bit when he noticed the bottle: it was the one he and Rachel had bought years ago, which they were supposed to wait until their 25th wedding anniversary before opening. But she had opened it for Kurt. Did that mean she didn't think of herself as still being married? For the first time, Sean had serious thoughts about wanting to quit being Sharon. It wasn't looking as fun anymore.

He brought out the tray, and found that Rachel was sitting very close to Kurt on the love seat, his arm around her. He gave them both a glass, then took one for himself after setting down the tray.

"To us" said Kurt.

"To us!" said Rachel. Sean said it too, but with less enthusiasm. He quickly drank his, thinking he'd need all the help he could get from the effects of the alcohol. He had a second glass too, and the bubbles went right to his head. He felt almost dizzy as Kurt took him and Rachel by the hand, and pulled them upstairs towards the bedroom. Sean shuddered to think: he knew where the bedroom was. He had been in their house before!

Sean was trembling as Kurt unzipped his dress, and gently removed it.

"She's a little shy. She wants to keep her lingerie on" said Rachel. "But you can take it all off of me!"

Sean had to watch as Kurt started to undress Rachel, touching her all over, kissing her on the neck. Soon she was down to just her bra and panties. She reached up and started to unbutton Kurt's shirt.

"Sharon, I'll finish the shirt. You take off his pants."

Sean was blushing as he reached down to undo Kurt's belt buckle. Then he had to undo the button at the top, and unzip the fly. As much as he tried to avoid touching Kurt, he could feel that underneath, he was very hard. Kurt smiled as Sean finally removed his pants, shoes and then his socks.

Rachel pointed to Kurt's boxers, showing that she wanted Sean to remove those too. His hand was trembling as he pulled them off, exposing Kurt's fully erect penis. Kurt quickly pulled off Rachel's bra and panties, and then put his hands on Sean. Sean was so scared, as Kurt pulled off his panties too. The wide garter belt hid the elastic from Sean's fake pussy. Unless he was in the direct light, nobody would be able to tell that it wasn't real. Kurt didn't seem to notice. He really thought that Sean was a woman.

"This is going to be so fun, with two beautiful women like yourselves" he said as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Rachel, get on the bed on your knees, with your breasts in my face so I can suck on them. Sharon, get down on the floor, and put those pretty lips of yours over my dick so you can suck me."

Sean wanted to run out of the room, but Rachel shot him an angry glance. If he didn't do this, he would disappoint and anger her. As much as he didn't want to do it, he had to show her something for all the kindness she had given him for the past few weeks. She had made his fantasies come true. He would have to suffer and do something he didn't want, if it was what she wanted.

Reluctantly, he got down on his knees, and do as Kurt has ordered. He had sucked on the dildo that Rachel had given him. She had made him do it to get it wet before he tried to insert it into himself. But now he had the real thing in his mouth, and he felt like gagging. It was so big, and unlike the plastic dildo, it was warm.

"Slow down babe, don't make me come yet!" said Kurt. "You sure know how to suck a man's cock."

Sean felt so weird as he heard that. No he didn't!

"Now Rachel, move back on the bed and spread your legs wide open. Sharon, lean over onto the bed, and start to suck on Rachel's pussy. I want to see you two girls in action. That really turns me on."

Sean was grateful for the chance to get to suck on something he liked: Rachel's pussy! How much better it felt and tasted, as he put his tongue to work. But as he did so, he jumped when he felt something cold and wet on his behind.

"Just some lubricant, so I can get in easier" said Kurt. "I don't want you ending up pregnant too, like Rachel is."

Pregnant! Rachel? Alarm bells went off in Sean's head. He was going to come up for air to say something, but Rachel held his head firmly in place. And now he felt Kurt enter him from behind. No! He was being fucked by a man, the same man who had just gotten Rachel pregnant! Sean felt at that moment like he had completely lost any semblance of maleness within himself.

He didn't feel like a man anymore at all. What kind of man let some other man get his wife pregnant? What kind of man let another man fuck him? If he was a man, he should have felt angry. He should have fought back. But instead, he was just passive, and he let it all happen. He just signed, and let Kurt do his business.

When it was all over, he had to endure being held by Kurt, and being kissed too. Sean felt like crying. He fell asleep on the bed with both Kurt and Rachel. All night long, he had the worst nightmares.

* * *

In the morning, Sean woke up with a bad headache. He was alone in the bed. He looked up to see Rachel wearing a pink robe.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead" she said.

"What time is it?" asked Sean.

"Its after ten!" she replied. "How are you feeling?"

"A little sore and I have a headache" he replied.

"Tell me" she said, sitting down beside him. "How did you like what we did last night? Did you enjoy making love with a man?"

Sean paused a moment.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me you were pregnant" he said. "I mean, how can that be?"

"Just because my period isn't as regular as it used to be doesn't mean I can't get pregnant" she replied. "I'm in the start of menopause, not the end. Aren't you excited? We're going to be mommies!"

Sean didn't feel excited. Not at the prospect of having his wife deliver Kurt's baby.

"I printed out some photos from last night. Kurt doesn't know about the web cams. Look how much you enjoyed what he did to you."

Sean wanted to cry as he looked at the pictures. He felt a need to destroy them. If Rachel ever showed them to anyone, his life would be over. He looked at her helplessly.

"I have something for you" she said. She made him get up, and led him by the hand to his room. There on the dresser were several pill bottles, as well as new tubes of cream. Rachel removed his bra, gently pulled back the breast forms, and started to rub some of the cream onto his chest area.

"This is breast cream" she said. "You will put it on every day, and in a few months, it will all a cup size to your chest."

She wanted him to have real breasts! He couldn't believe she was putting something on his chest to make him grow boobs!

"These pills are powerful female hormones" she continued. "You will take one pill, three times a day. As the feminine hormones work on you, they will alter your body and your mind, helping to feminize you. I'll also give you my old supply of birth control pills, which will fool your body into thinking it is pregnant. Your boobs will swell, your skin will get soft and smooth, and you'll start to get the glow of a pregnant woman."

Sean's head reeled at the thought of taking the pills!

"I've also procured these, a supply of testosterone blockers. You'll take this twice a day, and it will counteract the male hormones in your bloodstream, neutralizing them so that the female hormones can do their work. In a year, you'll be more female than male physically, as you are mentally. I hope that by the time I give birth, you'll be ready for your operation, so that you can have a real pussy. Then you'll be the perfect nursemaid."

Sean started to cry.

"I know Sharon. I'm so happy too. I'm so glad that you decided to give up your manhood, so you could be who you truly are. We'll be so happy together, you, I, and of course Kurt. I don't know if we'll move in with him, or if he'll move in with us. But either way, we'll be one big loving family. Isn't that wonderful Sharon? We're going to be mommies!"

Sean continued to sob.

"Here now. Take your pills like a good girl. We have much work to do now, to get me ready for having the baby, and to get you ready so that you can begin your physical transition to full womanhood."

She leaned over and kissed Sean on the forehead after he took the pills.

"Good girl" she said. "Good girl."




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