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Is My Name Tammy?

by: Baby Sissy Tammy


To be perfectly honest the few months have been a complete blur for me. My name is Rich, oh; excuse me it used to be Rich. Now my name is Tammy, or Tam for short. It all started when I got evicted from my old apartment. I needed a cheap place to stay so I called on own of my old friends Jenn. She lived with three other girls, but one was moving out in two days. She said that she would talk it over with the other girls. I said thanks and waited. Later that night I received the phone call that I thought would save my life, boy was I wrong. Jenn said that it was cool to move in. The problem came in when she said the landlord only wanted girls to live there, but she said her and the girls had figured out away around the problem. I was so happy. She said that I needed to come up with $400 up front and then my rent would only be $75 a month. I could not believe the price. She said I could move in, in three days. The next day I met here for lunch and to give her the $400. She told me over lunch that I did not need to bring any furniture. That was good because my old apartment was furnished for me. As she left lunch she said "see you in two days." I was so excited because of the cheap rent and the fact that Jenn and her roommates, Tiffany and Julie, were beautiful. I know that all three had boyfriends, but the boys all lived out of state. Plus I could have many great dreams just by looking at them. It seemed like it took two years for the two days to pass. Finally my move in day came. I showed up around 7 p.m. When I got there all three girls met me at the door, I was pleased to find out that their boyfriends were out of town. When I walked in the first thing I had to do was sign a six-month lease. I asked about the problem with the landlord. Tiffany said, "don’t worry about that now we will talk about it later. Now we party." We just cut loose and drank. We did shots, drank beer, and sang to the radio. The girls made me almost triple the amount of alcohol they drank. They said it was because I was the guest of honor into the house. At about 11 p.m. I was so drunk I could not walk. The girls all left the room and came back in with a couple of trash bags. I said, "Don’t worry about the mess we can clean it in the morning." Jenn said, "These bags are not for the garbage, it is for your clothes." I looked confused. Julie said, "Don’t worry baby we have some new clothes for you upstairs." With that they opened my luggage and started to put all of my clothes into the bags, including my underwear. I was so drunk I thought they were joking. They were not. When all my clothes were in the bag, Tiff turned to me and said, "off with the ones you have on now, and we mean all of them." I started to get undressed all the time thinking that they were taking this to far. When I started to complain, Jenn told me that I could leave and not come back, but all the girls would sue me. I had no money to go to court so I had no choice but to play along with the girls. I figured that it could not be too bad. When I started to slow down when I came to my underwear the girls told me to speed it up. When I finally was totally naked the girls began to laugh and point at my dick. Jenn said, "No wonder you cannot keep a girlfriend that is the smallest pathetic penis I have ever seen." At this point I started to sober up. Jenn then took my hand and said, "It is time to see your new room." As she led me up the stairs Julie and Tiff staid behind me, still joking about the size of my penis. There was no place for me to run. We went up the stairs and went to the last room on the left. "Well go on open up the door and see the your room," Julie said. I did. I could not believe what I saw when I opened the door. I turned around and started to run, but Tiff grabbed me by my balls and squeezed and twisted them as hard as she could. I instantly fell to my knees and started to cry. "Oh great time for rule one, you must crawl at all times or until you start to wear big girl underwear," Jenn said. Did I hear her right "Big Girl Underwear?" "Now crawl into your room, or should I say the nursery," exclaimed Julie. As I crawled in I was still in shock as to what I saw. The room was painted in a light pink color. There was a child size playpen. In it were a few baby toys. As I turned my head I saw what looked like a baby’s crib, but it was larger then anyone I have ever seen. Just to the right of the crib was a dresser. In the corner was a closet I was the words "Goodie Closet" painted on it. Then I was what looked like a typical table, but when I took a closer look I was that there were a couple of shelves under the top of the table. On these shelves I saw what looked like large disposable diapers, baby powder, and baby wipes. Jenn said, "If you have not figured it out by now in order for you to live with us we are going to turn you into our very own baby sissy slut. Well that is at first you will be a baby, hopefully soon you will be trained enough and you can start to wear big girl underwear and have your own sexy man. But let me not get a head of myself. I know that you understand how serious we are by the episode in the hall, so don’t fuck with us or you will pay. After we get you showered and diapered we will explain all of the rules you must follow. From now on your name is Baby Sissy Slut Tammy; we will call you Tammy. Now off to the shower you sissy slut." I crawled shamelessly into the shower with the girls right behind me. I got into the shower and I was handed a bottle of lady’s shaving cream and a pink razor. I was told to shave off all of my facial hair, air pit hair, arm, leg, and pubic hair. It took me about 45 minutes to shower and shave, when I was done I was told to bend over and Jenn pulled my butt checks apart while Julie made sure all my hair was gone. As I stepped out of the shower, the girls jokingly complemented me on my shaving job. Then Jenn grabbed a pair of scissors and started to give me a hair cut. The girls then shaved my head, because as they said, "Babies have no hair." I turned to look into the mirror and I almost could not recognize myself. I crawled back into the nursery. Jenn ordered me up on to the changing table. My hands were tied down so I could not fight what was going on. Then Jenn reached under the table and grabbed one of the diapers. She explained that they were adult disposable diapers, I think she called them Attends or something. She lifted my legs and slid the diaper under me, powdered my butt and then pulled the other side of the diaper over me. She proceeded to fasten the six tabs to close the diaper. When she was done, Tiff went to the dresser and pulled out something. When she handed it to Jenn I realized that it was a pair of pink plastic diaper pants. As she pulled them up over the diaper she said, "This will help your crib stay dry if you leak at night." When she was done my hands were untied and I was told to get in to the crib. When I got in the crib I was told to get on to my back. When I was on my back I was once again tied down, I think it was to make sure I did not try to take off my diaper at night. She pulled the side of my crib up. While she was doing this Julie went over to the closet and grabbed something from there. It was a pacifier. When she got close I realized that it was not a typical pacifier this one had a three inch latex penis on it. It came equipped with an elastic band on it. She slid the elastic band around my head and told me to open my mouth, as I did she placed the penis end into my mouth. "This should keep Tammy quiet as we explain the rules," she said. Jenn started to explain the rules, "Listen up Baby Sissy Slut Tammy, if you do not follow all of these rules we will place pictures of you on the Internet and all though out town. Now you already know rule one so here are the rest of the rules. Rule two, in the morning you will not be allowed out of the crib unless your diaper is wet. Rule three, you will not be allowed to dress yourself; we will pick out every outfit you will wear. Rule four, your $75 rent will be used to buy diapers, feminine hygiene products, and clothes. Rule five, there will be no playing with your sad pathetic penis, only we will make you ejaculate in order for you to get used to the taste of cum. Rule six, after this weekend any male that steps foot into this house will be entitled to having his dick and cum swallowed by you. Rule seven, after the first week any male setting foot in the house has a choice of you sucking him off, or him filling your sweet sissy ass with his hot spunk. Rule eight, after any of us girls has sex you must clean all of the cum out of our pussies with your tongue. Rule nine, there will be no shitting in your diaper, if you must go number two you will say "I go poo-poo." One of us will take you to the potty and after you poop you will be spanked ten times for the inconvenience. Rule ten, after the second week when you are with a man you are to ad hear to everyone of his wishes. If he wants to piss in your mouth you must let him. Rule eleven, when it is time for you to wear big girl underwear you will have your period twice a month for three days. During this time you will wear a Kotex overnight pad, and use a butt-plug instead of a tampon." By the time Jenn was done talking I was crying. Tiff stood over the crib and took a few pictures of me. Julie was the last to leave the room, as she closed the door she said, "Goodnight Tam, and don’t forget to wet your diaper like a good little baby sissy slut. And try to get some sleep we have a long day planed for you tomorrow. It includes shopping and learning how to suck some serious cock." With that she turned the light off and closed the door. It was hard falling asleep that night, being in a diaper with a penis in my mouth, not to mention being tied down. I do not remember how long I cried all I know is that I finally drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning Tiffany was standing above my crib. She took two fingers and slid them under my diaper to check if I was wet. I was not. She said, "Well Tammy I am disappointed that your are not wet, but I will let it slid today only." She let me out of my crib and followed me as I crawled out of the room. She told me to going into the front room, I did as I was told. When I was in there the girls stood around me and said that if I did not wet my diaper right now I was going to be in major pain. Then they started to chant, "Tammy needs diapers, she is a sissy baby slut, now piss Tammy piss." I was so embarrassed I tried to relax it was not working. I must have been taking to long because Jenn reached down and smacked my face. I concentrated harder, and finally I started to feel myself pissing my diaper. I tried to control the flow but I must have needed to pee more then I thought, because my pee started to come out so fast all the girls could hear me wetting my diaper. All the girls started to laugh. When I was done wetting my diaper I felt so ashamed. "Now Tammy usually we would change you before we start the day but since you left your crib with a dry diaper you will start your sissy training with a wet diaper," Jenn said. With that she turned on the television and put a tape in the VCR. Then Tiffany handed me an 8-inch dildo. Tiff said, "Now it is time to learn how to suck some hard cock." Jenn pressed play on the VCR and the tape started. I watched in horror it was an all male porn. "Now Tammy we will change your diaper when we feel that you have the ability to suck a man off properly. Now start sucking," Julie said. I slowly lifted the dildo to my mouth as my eyes turned to the porn tape. I saw a man standing against a wall in no shirt and blue jeans. Another man walked up and started to French kiss the other man. After a couple of seconds the standing man motioned to the other to suck his cock. Instantly he dropped to his knees and undid his jeans and pulled out his semi-hard penis. He grabbed it by the hand and licked it all over before sliding it into his mouth. By this point I was unconsciously moving the dildo in and out of my mouth. When I realized this I was scared, but I kept on doing it for fear of what would happen if I stopped. On the video the man on his knees was sucking and stroking the other man’s throbbing cock. After about ten minutes of cock sucking the man slid the cock out of his mouth and let the other man shoot his hot gooey cum all over his face. He then proceeded to blow cum bubbles. By this time my jaw was beginning to hurt. Jenn stopped the tape and told me I was a good little cocksucker. She then pushed me to my back and produced a rubber glove. She put it on her right hand. Then she pulled my pink pants down and undid my diaper. With her left hand she jerked me off until I shot my cum into the glove hand. It only took about one minute. Then she told me to open my mouth, she said, "Now clean the glove you cum loving slut." I did as I was told, it was really bad tasting and salty. When I was done licking the glove clean Jenn pulled my wet diaper from under me and shoved it into my face. "Stay exactly as you are while we get changed," she said. All the girls left the room while I was lying on the floor with a wet diaper on my face and the taste of cum in my mouth. I really wanted to cry, but for some reason I couldn’t. It seemed like the girls were gone for about a half of an hour. Jenn grabbed my hand and told me to crawl into the nursery. I did as I was told. She told me to hop onto the changing table so they could get me ready. Julie grabbed a diaper as Jenn grabbed a butt plug. Jenn rather forcefully shoved the butt plug into my ass. Then Julie double diapered me. Next they put on me a pair of soccer shorts that were too small, it was going to be obvious that I was diapered. Then the slid a tee shirt over my head. I looked down to see what was on it and I saw that it read, "My name is Tammy, and I love my diapers." I wanted to fight it but thought it would be better if I did not complain. When I was fully dressed many pictures of me were taken. We started to leave, and Jenn said, "Oops, we almost forgot your diaper bag Tammy." I was handed a large pink diaper bag that had a bunny on the side. I was taken back to the nursery to pack my diaper bag. I had to put in it 3 diapers, one pair of pink plastic panties, baby powder, baby wipes, my penis pacifier and a baby bottle. When the bag was packed we started to walk to the front door and reality sunk in, I was going to be forced to go out in public dressed as a sissy baby girl. Being double diapered kind of made me waddle out to the car, added to the fact that I was wearing a butt plug. I was told we were going to go to the mall, a drug store and a video store. I was praying that we were going to the small mall, that is never crowded, but my prayers were unanswered. As we got to the main mall in town, I was told I was allowed to walk while in public. I was also told that I had to carry my own diaper bag. Just walking through the parking lot I could tell that people were pointing and laughing. Jenn said, "Tammy the first place we are going to go to is Victoria’s Secret, to get you some pretty underwear. It was just my luck that the mall was really busy. The laughing and pointing continued as I waddled thought the mall. I was starting to get the urge to pee, but there was no way that I was going to wet myself in public. I was hanging my head trying not to see the people pointing. As we walked into Victoria’s Secret I heard a voice ask, "Can I help you today?" I knew that voice. It was my most recent ex-girlfriend Maria. This was getting out of control. "Rich is that you?" she said laughing. Tiff said, "Maria we told you that we were going to change him for the better." "Now we need to get Tammy some underwear." "Well Tammy, is it, what type of underwear do you want to wear?" Maria asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Don’t be shy Tam, tell her you need some sexy panties, thongs, and some cotton panties for you period, and finally a sexy baby doll teddy," chimed Julie. I was forced to pick the underwear out. I picked three pairs of satin underwear, one that was pink, one that was blue with daisies on it, and one that was read. The thongs that I picked were red, blue, black, and white. I grabbed a couple of pairs of white cotton panties, and finally a see though pink baby doll teddy. I also got a bra to match every pair of panties. Maria was laughing so hard she had trouble cashing me out. She folded my new underwear and placed it into the typical Victoria’s Secret bag. As I waddled out in shame she smacked my ass. I tried to hide the tears as we walked to the next store. My urge to pee started to grow as we entered a woman’s clothing store. Once again we got help from a sales lady. Jenn told the lady that I needed to get a few mini skirts, and blouses. As the lady held up a skirt to my waist to see how it looked, I could not hold my pee any more. As the pee flooded my diapers the sales lady jumped back, "Don’t worry, Tammy is well diapered and should not leak" Julie said. The sales lady looked confused. "Well it is this simple "Rich" did not know how to be a gentleman and treated girls like objects, so my friends and I decided to change him. We figured that if we treat him like a baby girl and then train him to suck dick he would understand how we feel. The cool thing is that he will never get the chance to be a man again," explained Tiff. The sales lady asked, "So let me understand you are going to change "Rich" into Tammy a baby slut?" "Yes we are, as you can see we are just getting started so if you can help us pick out the most girlish things I am sure that Tammy would be most happy," Julie said. The sales lady looked excited to be apart of this twisted act. The sales lady took my hand and led me around the store. She helped the girls pick out three skirts, one black, one red, and one pink. Then they picked out shirts to go along. My diaper was so wet that it was beginning to get uncomfortable. I think the girls noticed and as we were standing in a rather long line Jenn turned to me and said, "Tammy we know that you are wet and we will change your diaper when we leave the store." Most everyone in line turned around and started to whisper to whom ever they were with. Once again the tears of embarrassment swelled in my eyes. We finally got to the front of the line and my diapers were beginning to sag because they were so wet. I made the mistake of asking Tiff when my diaper would be changed. She got angry with me and pulled down my shorts and spanked my wet diaper right in front of everyone. At this point I could no longer hold back the tears. As I started to cry Jenn reached into the diaper bag and pulled out my penis pacifier and shoved it into my mouth saying, "Tammy stop crying you sissy, maybe if you suck on this dick you will be quiet. As we left the store Tiff grabbed my hand and said, "Let’s go to the ladies bathroom to change you." I knew we were done shopping at the mall and to change me here was just for added embarrassment. As we got into the bathroom Tiff pointed at the floor and I laid down. She slid off my shorts and started to take off my diaper. Just as she began doing this I heard the door open and my heart sank. It was a bunch of teenaged girls that I knew from my soccer coaching days. The looked shocked and just started laughing. One of the girls asked Tiff what was going on. "Well Tammy here wet her diaper and needed changed. Would you like to help?" I could not believe what I just heard. The girl agreed and took off my diaper and saw that I had a butt plug in. I guess she could not resist as she grabbed the butt plug and started to fuck me with it. I wanted to tell her to stop but my pacifier prevented me from talking. She finally stopped and put a fresh diaper on me. And then instead of putting my shorts back on me she put my pair of pink diaper panties on me. Tiff thanked the girl and as I stood up the girl slapped my diapered butt. This was turning out to be worse and worse as the day went on. As we leave the bathroom I was wearing nothing but a tee shirt and my pink panties. We left the mall with everyone laughing at me. The next stop we made was at the local drug store. Jenn went in with me. As soon as we got in the store Jenn found some help. It was a younger girl, really cute. You could tell that she did not know what to think about the way I was dressed. "Don’t worry there is nothing to be weird about," Jenn said to the clerk. "Our little sissy slut baby Tammy here needs some adult disposable diapers and some Kotex overnight pads. You see Tammy wears diapers to remind him, oops, her just how helpless she is. The pads are so hopefully one day if she gets to wear big girl underwear, she will be protected." The clerk showed us the pads. I was forced to grab the pads myself as Jenn took yet another picture of me. Then she led us to the incontinence isle. Jenn asked the clerk which adult diapers were the most childish looking. The clerk told Jenn that Attends look the most babyish and hold a lot of fluid. Jenn had me grab the diapers and thank the clerk for helping us. We got to the check out line and once again I was forced to pay for everything. The lady at the check out I guess was curios and asked Jenn what was going on. Jenn explained the story and the clerk laughed and said, "Good for you girls, I should try that on my hubby." As we got back into the car Julie said, " Okay Tammy now the fun part…the adult movie store." I was so traumatized from the whole day I had no emotions left. I could not cry if I wanted to. And to top it off I felt the need to go pee again. We drove back to town and stopped at the new Adult Video and Adult Toy shop that was just built. I so did not want to go in because I new that the guys from the college fraternities frequented the store. I very slowly got out of the car because the urge to pee was great. As we opened the door it was just as I thought there were some frat guys in the store. What was even worse was the girls were good friends with them. The girls immediately pulled me over to meet the guys. I hung my head low hopping they would not recognize me. But after Tiff told them me real name they all knew who I was. They asked what we were doing there, Jenn said, "Well we are here for Tammy to pick out some movies and some toys." The guys laughed. As the girls took me away one of the guys smacked my ass, I was not ready for it and I jumped, as I did this I started to wet my diaper. I squeezed my legs together hoping to stop the flow, but when Julie saw this she twisted my ear and said nice and loud, "Tammy it is no use fighting it, you are a sissy baby slut and you will wet your diapers like a pathetic baby." I knew I was helpless but I did not want to admit it. As I followed the girls I took a deep breath and tried not to feel my diaper filling up. Tiff said, "Now Tammy we want you to pick out a strap-on at least 9 inches long for us to fuck you with, and then pick out a vibrator for your own personal use. Don’t even try to get one of those small plastic ones; you need one shaped like a man’s throbbing cock. After you choose them go and pick out two movies, one must be a gay film and the other a transsexual movie." It took me a quite along time to pick out a strap-on, I mean I was forced to pick out a toy for the girls to humiliate me with. I finally got a nine-inch strap-on that looked like a big cock. Then I picked out the vibrator, the only problem was the vibrator was black, in order to meet the girls requirements. The movies did not take long to pick out because I was not about to be picky. I went and paid for the toys and movies, and as we left I heard Jenn tell the frat guys, "Let us know a good date for a party about a week from now, so you guys can check on Tammy’s progress." We left the store and headed for home. When we got home Jenn told me to go into the nursery so she could change my diaper. I hopped up onto the table. As she took off my diaper she started to talk, "Well Tammy I hope you had fun today, letting all the world see you are a baby. But tonight will be even more fun because my boyfriend Greg is coming to visit, and if you remember the rules after I fuck the shit out of him you get to lick his cum from my pussy." Jenn then took out my butt plug and changed my diapers. Then she reached into the Victoria Secret bag and pulled out a bra. It was the pink one; "I think you will look absolutely cute in nothing but a diaper and a bra." She put the bra on me and told me to stand up so she could take a picture. When she was done with me she told me to go into the living room. I did as I was told. For the next few hours the girls pretty much left me alone. Tiff did give me a bottle and told me to finish it soon, because it would be rude to eat in front of Greg. When I was done with my bottle I gave it back to Tiff. She said, "Good Tam, did baby like her dinner." She gave me a light pat on my diapered butt. I knew that Greg would be coming soon because Jenn got into the shower. While she was in the shower I heard Julie tell Tiff that she needed the bathroom right after Jenn got out, because she needed to pee. A few minutes later Julie called me into her room. "Baby Slut Tammy, I would like you to lie on your back for me." I did as I was told. When I was on my back I saw Julie start to position herself over my face. I saw that she was naked from the waist down. As she lowered herself on to my face she said, "Now Tammy I don’t want a drop on my floor so open your mouth and swallow it all." As I opened my mouth reality hit. I could feel my mouth being filled with Julie’s warm urine. It tasted terrible and it just kept coming. I tried to swallow it all as best as I could. When she finished she said, "I hope you enjoyed that because I have a feeling that we are going to enjoy having another toilet in the house." With that she laughed and got dressed again. I left her room and went back into the living room. That is when I heard a knock at the door. I tried to leave the room but Jenn stopped me. I was forced to open the door. It was Greg. He started to laugh as he hugged and kissed Jenn. The first meeting of Greg and me was about to get worse; I was trying to hold back tears as the urge to pee took over my body. I tried with all my might but could not hold the pee in. I tried to pee softly but I knew that Greg heard it. He turned to Jenn and said, "I think he or she just wet their diaper." Jenn said, "Her name is Tammy and yes she did wet her diaper because that is what baby sissy sluts do." Now that tears started to flow. Greg motioned with his head as if to say, let’s go to your bedroom. Jenn said, "Not so fast my big stud, we have not had sex in quite awhile, so I have an idea to make you last longer." Greg looked confused. Jenn said, "I think that you should let Tammy suck your huge cock to get rid of your first load." Greg said "If you think that is best okay. Greg walked over to me. My diaper was full, I was crying and I was about to suck my first dick. Jenn chimed in, "Tammy just remember the movies and how you sucked on the dildo. And if Greg is pleased I will let him change your pathetic wet diaper." I knew that I was in trouble and could not get out. I crawled over to Greg who was sitting in a chair. He had all ready taken down is pants and underwear. I could hear Jenn getting the other girls into the room. Greg was slowly stroking his cock. I could not believe how it kept growing. I knew that the girls were watching so I tried to block everything out. I started by gentle licking his balls and I took over the duty of stroking his cock. I took time with each ball and even took them both into my mouth. I think Greg was enjoying this because I heard soft muffled moans. After about five minutes I opened my eyes, his man meat was huge. I guess it was about 9 inches long and one inch in diameter. I opened my mouth and lick the head of his cock before slowly sliding my mouth down his love rod. I could tell the girls we enjoying themselves because I could see the flashes form the camera. I started to pump my mouth up and down, up and down. With one hand I cupped his balls and with the other I stroked his cock. I tried my best to fit all of his manhood into my mouth; I started to pick up my pace. I think I sucked him off for about ten minutes before I could taste some pre-cum. When I tasted it I felt strange because for some reason it did not taste bad. I did not slow down and with in one minute I felt his cum start shooting into my mouth. I did not stop coming. I swallowed it all. I guess somehow I got lost in the moment because when the girls started to clap I snapped back into reality. I was so ashamed I started to cry again. Greg said, "That was pretty good, I have had a lot better." Jenn said, "Well Greg meet me in my room in a few minutes." She tossed Greg a diaper and told him that if they did not want to be bothered for a while that I needed my diaper changed. "Sure babe," Greg replied. Greg told me to lie on the ground. I did as I was told. He slid off my plastic panties and then took off my diaper. "Oh my GOD!" he exclaimed, "You are how old and your dick is that small." Greg began to laugh. He then slid my new diaper underneath me and fastened the sides. Then he ran to Jenn’s room. I heard Julie calling my name. I crawled to her. I found her in the nursery with the video camera set up. I just knew I was in trouble. Then I saw that she was wearing the strap-on. I started to cry. "Oh there, there, sissy it will only hurt for a few minutes." With that she bent me over my changing table and ripped off my diaper. Next, I felt a cold lotion on my virgin ass. Julie slapped my ass a few times and then said, "Here we go!" And with that I felt a very sharp pain. I instantly burst into tears. But, Julie did not even break stride. In and out, faster and slower. After a few minutes the pain lessened. And in a strange way, again, it felt kind of good. Julie noticed this when she saw my hips going in motion with her. "Tiff you got to come and she this," Julie yelled. Tiff ran into the room and saw my sissy slut ass pounding away at the strap-on. "Turn her around and have her get on my knees," Tiff said. Julie did, and as I turned around I saw that Tiff had no pants on and had her legs spread open. "Eat you sissy baby slut," she said. I dove right in on her moist pussy. Looking back I guess this is when I really first accepted my fate. Tiff started to cum after a few minutes. I licked her clean until she was satisfied. Almost as soon as I was done I heard Jenn calling for me. Julie diapered my non-virgin ass and I crawled to Jenn’s room. She ordered me to get on the ground so I could clean out her well-fucked pussy. I opened my mouth as she sat on my face. I could taste her and Greg’s juices. When she thought that I had done enough she lifted her body off my face a few inches and pissed into my mouth. "Wow that looks fun, can I try," Greg said. And with that request I was forced to drink Greg’s piss. When I was done I was taken back into the nursery and double diapered and put to bed. "Well baby sissy slut Tammy you looked like you enjoyed that too much today, I think we will call those frat boys in the morning," Jenn said as she shut off the light. I was in my crib thinking that I should be crying but I was not. Then I thought of the fact that I enjoyed pleasing everyone. I drifted off to sleep. I awoke in the morning with a wet diaper, and Julie came to change me. I could see that the girls let me sleep in because the clock in the room said 1:00 p.m. Julie changed my diaper, but I was double diapered this time and placed in my baby doll nighty. I thought this was strange but what was I going to do, fight them. When I crawled into the living room, my eyes lit up. There were ten frat boys standing in the room stroking their cocks. I was confused because the feeling I had inside was on of excitement. "Now sissy baby slut Tammy you know what to do," Tiff said as she held the camcorder. I crawled as sexy as I could into the middle of the guys. I slowly surveyed all the cocks that surrounded me. Then I dove in. I took one cock in my mouth and two more in my hands. I could not believe how much fun I was having. I was so relaxed I was able to deep throat all off the man meat I saw. I worked my way around the circle a couple of times making sure not to single one guy out. Then I heard Julie say, "Okay boys take her." With that command I was shoved to the ground and my diaper was ripped off me. One of the guys shoved his cock into my mouth, which I took with no complaint. I felt someone spitting on my asshole and then I felt a large cock slid into my ass. I really could not see what was going on so I waved my hands until I found two more cocks. I was jerking off two cocks with my hands, had one in my ass and another in my mouth. It felt so right. I felt the guys cock in my mouth start to pulse I knew that he was about to fill my mouth so I started to suck harder, then I felt his hot cum slam into the back of my mouth I swallowed every drop. Almost at the exact same time I felt my ass being filled with cum, what a feeling. The guys kept rotating for what seemed like hours. Some would fill my ass with cum or shoot it onto my stomach. I had swallowed so much cum and had so much on my face. I was absolutely covered in cum. The frat guys ended with a big circle jerk on to my face. To show them how much I enjoyed it I blew cum bubbles for them. As I lay exhausted and covered in cum I could tell the girls were still taking pictures. After all of the boys left. The girls stood over me and said, "wow you really are a baby sissy slut, look at you all cum drenched. Lay there now and let the cum dry while we take our showers." They all left the room, and I realized that moving in with the girls was the best thing that could every happen to this sissy baby slut

The End




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