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Jenny A Hot Family Story

by Georgina




She stood, proud, slim and sexy in front of the long, cheval mirror in her mother's bedroom. Her hot eyes caressed the wonderful image in the glass, staring back at her in the same sensual way as she stared at her image. Slowly, sensuously, she swung her hips and her satin-gloved hands slid over her satin-sheathed hips. The image did the same, following her movements in exactly the same way. Dewy eyes sparkling with a wild lust, she slid her hands slowly up her superbly gowned body to cup her pert breasts, fondling the soft mounds of tender flesh, exiting the turgid, hard nipples to even greater prominence so that they visibly punched out the heavy, glistening, black satin of the strapless gown that she wore. The dim light of the dressing room gleamed on the sensuous and opulent material as she swayed to a melody only she could hear. Her head moved from side to side and the long, natural blonde, tresses swayed and swirled over her bare back, a gleaming gold torrent of femininity that complemented her exquisitely applied make up.

With a moan of sheer lust and wild, sexual ecstasy, she pinched the hard and sensitive nubbins and a blazing, searing flash of fire exploded in her body, centering in her yearning loins.

"Enjoying yourself, my love?"

"Ohhhhhh yesssss!" She breathed as she looked down at the magnificently beautiful woman who sat on an elegant chaise longue beside the mirror. With adoring eyes she gazed at her, taking in the wonderful, taffeta gown as it shone shaded wall lights that boudoir.

"You have made me look so gorgeous!" she added as her hands slid down the front of her gown to caress her slim waist and flat belly, held in, not that it really needed it, by a wonderful satin corset to which were attached a pair of long, sheer, black nylon, seamed stockings. She gave a slow twirl, and her full skirts swung out in a wide swirl to show off her tiny ankles and feet, shod in a pair of stiletto-heeled courts. The elegant woman rose to her feet and joined the lovely girl by the mirror.

"Yes, my child," she whispered. "You are truly beautiful." With those words, she stepped behind the gorgeous girl and slid her own, taffeta-gloved hands onto the girl’s waist.

"I could eat you alive." She whispered as she leaned forward and kissed the girl's, delicately perfumed, shoulder.

The young girl laid her head back onto the woman's own shoulder as flashes of heat raced through her already supercharged body. She shuddered as teeth nibbled at her delicate skin and she watched, entranced, at the image in the mirror. The hands that clasped her waist, gloved in long, black, shirring taffeta, gloves slid slowly off her waist and up the bodice of her gown. She admired the mature beauty, and thet iridescent shine in the light of the two wall lights were the only illumination in the room as the gloved hands traced a slow, sensuous path up towards his throbbing, highly excited breasts, breasts that she still clasped in her own gloved hands. Gently the hands explored the lower slopes of her breasts, and as they reached her own hands she released her tender nipples, leaving them open and free for the taffeta-gloved hands to fondle and explore. She closed her eyes and moaned as fingers slid lovingly, tenderly over the hard little buttons and a shudder of lust wracked her taut, yearning body.

"Touch me, ohhh yesss, touch me, touch me." She cried. "Make me come. Touch meeeeee!" She almost wailed. "Touch me, I want to come!"

"Yes, my baby, yes." The lady answered as her hands slid off the trembling breasts and slid down, down, past the heaving chest and the trembling belly to find, nestling under the satin paneling of the corset, a hot throbbing tube of turgid, blood filled flesh that rose proudly from the juncture of the thighs and lay against the trembling belly. "Come, my little baby, come." She cooed into the soft, pink ear of the hot little transvestite. "Come for mother!"

The sensuously, elegantly gowned, made up and perfumed boy-girl screamed as the exploding sensations overwhelmed his trembling, shuddering body. As he felt his trapped, satin-sheathed body jerk in a magnificent, pre-orgasmic spasm, he screamed, a high, keening wail of joy and sheer incestuous lust.

Ahhhhhhhh, yeeeeeesssssss, cominnnnnnnnng, I'm coming mother, I'm coming for mother!"

He felt the fluids spurting wildly from the trembling tip of his shuddering body and the pleasure of his orgasm; the intense ecstasy blew like a hurricane through his fifteen year old body. He writhed, he shuddered, he moaned, he screamed as the orgasm flowed, on and on, spurting his milky seed into the satin of his corset, drawn on by his mother's knowing hands and his own satin gloved hands that had returned to maul his eager and wanting breasts.

The deeply excited mother felt it, felt the wonderful, hard, throbbing prick spasm in her hands, felt the wetness as his seed pulsed out of his incest yearning body, soaking the opulent fabrics that encased his feminine body and her own sensuous taffeta gloves. She pressed her lush, wonderfully curvaceous body against her transvestite son's back, rubbing her full, tender and throbbing breasts over his skin.

"Yes, come for mother." She breathed into his delicate, shell like ear. "Come, spurt for mother, come for mother. Mother wants all of her little boy-girls spend."

They were writhing together in ecstasy, her own passions as high as her son's. Ever since she had caught him dressed in her clothes, she had dreamed of possessing his feminine body and craved the invasion of his hard, very masculine prick inside hers. That time was now fast approaching. For over a year she had teased and tantalized him, trained and transformed him, till now he was a gorgeous and stunning woman on the outside and a slave to her perverted, incestuous passions on the inside.

She felt the spasms slow and stop as the storm of his passion quietened and ebbed. This was the first time that she had actually touched him in a flagrantly sexual way although he had always had a wild orgasm whenever he dressed. The beautiful mother felt her own orgasm start to break and her head swam with the sheer power of the sensations that flooded her body like a massive waterfall. She became dimly aware that her sexily gowned son had turned around in her arms and with a delicious and delirious joy, she realized he was going to return the complement. She felt his soft, yet hot, carmined lips mesh with hers in a totally forbidden kiss of incestuous love.

The beautiful transvestite son kissed his mother's soft, wet, luscious, carmined lips. She moaned into his sucking mouth, searing oedipal heat igniting their perverted, forbidden passions even more than before. It was time, she acknowledged to herself, time for her transvestite son to fuck his own, highly excited mother.

She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her trembling, yet taut, body. She writhed against his satin-sheathed beauty. She screamed again as his gloved hands mauled the tender, full, throbbing breasts and finally the explosion of her lusts washed away her consciousness and she slipped to the floor in a faint.

The sexy boy-girl lifted the senseless body of his mother into his arms and carried her across to the large, satin sheeted and canopied bed that stood on the far side of the boudoir. Gently he lay her down on to the gold satin sheets and tenderly; gently he arranged her gown around her. The cool wetness of the knickers that encased his body had not dampened his ardour one iota. He was still hot. Poundingly, frantically, incestuously hot to possess his delicious and sexy mother. Going back to the mirror he slowly reached underneath the strapless gown and, unclipping the nylons from his corset, he unzipped and took off the soaked garment. Picking up a black satin suspender belt, he slid it on to his still wildly excited body and, having fastened it, he reattached the stockings to the suspenders.

His hardness, now free of the corset's restrictive imprisonment, jutted out deliciously from the juncture of his nyloned limbs. He turned back to the bed and gazed, adoringly, at his beloved mother as she lay, still senseless, on the satin sheets. Slowly, he walked back to the bed, and this time he felt the delicate caress of his long satin skirts on his naked, highly aroused, prick. He was wild, wild to possess his own mother, wild to slide his throbbing erection into the body of his own mother. He had dreamed of this ever since he had become aware of sex and now he knew that what he had once thought impossible was now certain. He was going to break the greatest taboo that man had ever raised. He was going to make wild, passionate, intense and highly forbidden love to his mother. He was going to commit incest.

Approaching the bed, delighting in the sexy, shirring, sussurating sound of the slinky fabrics as they swished against each other, he noticed that his beloved mother was still fast asleep. He sat down at the side of the bed and gazed wordlessly at her sublime beauty. His mind wandered back to those days, not so long ago, when he had first dressed his body in those wonderful garments that brought him so much pleasure.

It had been just two years ago when he had first become aware that he was not like the other boys at school. Adolescence had been a difficult time for him as he realized,

along with his classmates, that he was developing the body of a girl. A pair of firm, tip tilted little breasts and the smoothly curved contours of a girl were matched with a serenely angelic and beautiful face. But his emotions and his sexual organs were firmly in the male category. In fact almost too male as his penis strengthened and thickened to a degree only matched by a full grown man, and a well endowed one at that. His emotions too were, on the whole, male, apart from one tiny flaw. He found that he had an immense desire, a need really, to dress in the sensuous clothes of the female.

His world had changed that first summer holiday, two years ago. His father had died when he was ten, but he hadn't liked the man at all, he had beaten both his mother and him many, many times. His death had been a blessing to the young and delicate child. The only good thing he had done had been to leave them with an inordinate amount of money and a magnificent residence in which to live. It was that wealth, and the privacy, that had allowed the child to develop his burgeoning desires and delicately perverted lusts.

The clothes were no problem. His mother had always indulged herself in what was really a very well developed clothes and lingerie fetish, and had never worn anything out, or thrown

anything away, even from her childhood. Stored in the attic, they had provided the budding transvestite with a wealth of new pleasures.

He vividly remembered that first time when he had put on his mother's clothes, remembered every single item. First he had found the lingerie she had worn as a fourteen-year-old girl

and it had been of gorgeous french make. In pale lilac silk, the bra, suspender belt and french knickers had fitted the beautiful child as if he had been the intended wearer of the garments. His budding breasts had been snugly imprisoned in the fine cups of the bra and his nipples had hardened with a wild desire. When he had slid on the matching knickers, his prick had hardened to a degree the young child had never experienced before, pulsing and shuddering with a wild and atavistic lust. When he had slid on the suspender belt he had pulled on a pair of sheer nylon stockings and the sensations the filmy stockings had created in him had almost caused him to swoon. But it was the final item of lingerie he had put on, after he had tried walking around in a pair of gorgeous, medium heeled, stiletto court shoes, and found them very exciting and comfortable, that had sent him into total and mindless ecstasy. It had been the matching, full length, lilac, silk satin slip, with its ecru lace at bust and hem that had him experiencing the most wonderful orgasm of his young and already deliciously perverted life.


The smooth, sensuous slinky, luxurious fabric had enslaved him in its delicate, highly erotic folds and his body had been shuddering in a wild storm of lust. With great difficulty, he had controlled himself and, having done so, he had wandered out of the attic, downstairs to his mother's boudoir. She was out at this time, shopping in London and with the maid gone; he had the house to himself. The first sight of himself in the mirror had sent him almost insane with excitement.

He gazed at his image and instantly realized how beautiful he was. His natural blonde hair was long, in the fashion of these modern times and he had pulled it up into a ponytail. With a sense of shock he saw that he was, apart from the massive erection that tented out the shiny satin slip, the absolute image of his own mother at his age. To confirm the fact, he looked down at the photograph that sat on the dressing table beside the mirror. He was right.

In fact his mother did not look much different today, even at the age of thirty-two. With a wild shock he realized that he wanted her, wanted to possess his own mother, wanted to plunge the hard throbbing erection that reared under the slip, into his own, beautiful mother. He wanted, no needed, to commit the ultimate sin of incest.

He could feel the orgasm rising in him, and rising to unknown heights of pleasure. As he swayed in front of the mirror he was reveling in the soft, caressing embrace of the opulent and sexational materials that encased his trembling body, gliding over his superheated skin and sending him into spasms of utter delight he had no knowledge of.

In the mirror his image was doing the same to her body as he was doing to his. As his left hand caressed his sensitive and tender breast, teased the turgid nipple, so her right hand did the same. As his right hand slid over his fluttering belly so her left hand did the same. As he grasped his throbbing, rearing erection so did hers.

There was a great roaring in his ears and he felt his hard, incredibly sensitive prick shudder and throb and then, with a wild scream of utter fulfillment, of total ecstasy, he came. The white, sticky, unbelievably copious seed burst out of his body in such torrents of release, and quantity as to explode through the double layers of heavy silk satin.

He fell to the floor in a faint, still writhing in orgasmic spasms, moaning over and over again.

"Mother, oh God, I love you mother, I want you mother, I want you!"

He came too a few minutes later to find that the entire lower front of his mother's satin lingerie was soaked with his hot emission. Weakly, the sexy transvestite got up off the floor and staggered into the bathroom where he slid off the wet lingerie and washed it out in the sink, taking it back into the attic a few minutes later, to dry.

From that moment on he dressed at every opportunity in his beloved mother6s sensuous clothes, even sleeping in her lingerie every night. Things went on very well, till the fateful day of discovery, this very morning, when his mother had walked into his room early and had discovered him, dressed in a beautiful, black satin nightgown and still asleep in his bed. From that moment on, things had gone from wonderful to miraculous.

She had woken him by sliding into his bed, dressed only in a sumptuous, green, silk satin nightgown that set off the gorgeous red gold tresses of her magnificent mane of hair, hair that reached to her waist, and cuddling him to her slim, yet voluptuous, body she kissed him hotly, passionately, on his sleeping lips.

He slowly awoke to find the very object of his desires in bed beside him, pressing her sensuous, satin-sheathed body against his and driving her hot, pointed tongue into his instantly receptive and willing mouth. At last, when she broke her deeply incestuous kiss he moaned in delicious shock. "Mother!" He gasped. "Arent you angry?"

She laughed gaily, shaking her head at the same time.

"Oh no baby, not at all." She whispered to him in between more sexy kisses on his lips. "In fact, I have suspected for a long time now. I thought you might come and tell me, seeing as we are so close, so I waited."

Her hand slid onto his pert, satin-sheathed breast and fondled it gently, her fingers teasing his suddenly hard nipples. He groaned into her mouth as she bent down again and, with soft, wet, blazingly hot lips, raped his mouth with another long, tonguing kiss.

His own hands, finding a courage his mind couldn't, slid over his mother's satin sheathed hips, tracing a wildly exciting path of heat up his delicious mother's body. She shuddered at the infinitely arousing caress, her mind wild with incestuous thoughts she had harboured since the day he was born, now at last, coming to fruition.

"Oh yesssss." She breathed into his mouth. "Touch mother. Make mother hot for her little boy-girl. Mother wants her little baby to make mother scream with lust."

He moaned at her hot words and at last all the fear left him and his hands, almost of their own volition, slid up to cup and caress his mother's full and firm breasts. He felt her nipples, as hard and excited as his own, stab into the palms of his exploring hands. Their mutual touching and fondling raised their passions to hurricane level and their long denied emotions spilled over into a wild, mutual orgasm. Locked together in their forbidden, incestuous embrace, they writhed over his bed. screaming out their carnal love for each other. The hot and orgasming mother slid a hand down the front of her transvestite son's satin gowned body and grasped the massive erection that was pressed against her soft and yearning belly. She gasped with wonder and desire as she realized that he was enormous.

"Come baby." She cried out as her body was torn apart by an earthquake of an orgasm. "Yes my little baby, come for mother. Spill your seed for mother!"

Clutching his beloved mother's breasts in his hands, pressing the entire length of his spasming body against her svelte loveliness, he came. Throwing his head wildly from side to side in his ecstasy he felt his prick shudder, jump and dance in his mother's stroking hand. Then the intensely sweet release as his body gave up its precious fluids and he felt it spurt out of the end. She felt it all, even through the mists of her own orgasm, she felt it. every single throb and jerk, every jump and tremble. gown to then soak the her hot, sticky wetness spurted through the satin eagerly grasping hand. He was screaming as the feelings of sheer ecstasy washed over him, endlessly, on and on till he was left senseless, held safely in his mother's arms.


That had been four hours ago. Now he was truly ready. His mother had taken him and bathed him, shaved and perfumed him so that not a shred of his sparse body hair remained. She had washed and styled his long and luxuriant hair into a marvelous feminine style, curled and set perfectly to frame his beautiful features that she had enhanced by the bold use of make up. Creams and blushers, mascara and eye shadow, lipstick and lip gloss had changed him into a lovely woman, the exact image of his mother. She had then dressed him in the most magnificent, the most sensuous, the slinkiest lingerie he had ever seen.

A lovely satin corset had encased his body, confining his rampant prick in the most pleasant of satin prisons. the boned satin bodice of his svelte evening gown had held his breast in a permanent caress that kept him at a fever pitch of arousal and sheer desire. Now, at last, he was ready to take his mother, take her and love her, as only he knew he could, in a quasi-lesbian, highly perverted, incestuous affair.

The beautiful mother slowly came awake to the soft caress of satin against satin. Without opening her eyes she writhed luxuriously to the soft and delicate touch. She had always wanted to possess her son, more than she wanted the other great desire in her life, women. She had, after the abuse that her husband had meted out to her and her son, turned more and more to the company and comfort of women. But she dearly loved her son, given to her not by her husband but from a torrid, incestuous affair with her father. She had found out about her son over six months ago and the idea of having him dressed and made up as a beautiful woman had turned her on even more than she had thought possible. She had, she knew, the best of both worlds. A hot lesbian lover and a throbbing, erect penis to satisfy her greatest need. Daddy would be very intrigued, she thought. In fact, he would probably go wild. She knew that he too had a fetish for feminine fashions.

"Oh baby." She whispered softly as the satin-gloved finger idly traced patterns on the taffeta bodice of her beautiful evening gown. "Are you still hot for your mother?"

His answer was wordless; he just lay down beside his elegant mother and ran his hands over her urgently writhing, demanding body. She raised her arms and draped them over his neck, then pulled his face down to hers.

Hot, soft, carmined lips met in a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss. Pointed, wet tongues dueled and clashed in a sucking frenzy as they explored their innermost emotions, wild, deep, secret, highly exciting and totally forbidden emotions.

A mother's carnal love for her child is an all-consuming conflagration of passionate emotions that are, once tasted, never willingly given up. It is the final showing of maternal love and as such, totally outlawed by man, who rightly feared that the mother would reject him totally for her son. This truth burst upon the mother's consciousness as she writhed on the bed with her beautiful, transvestite son. She pushed him back onto the bed and, lying over him, she kissed his tender breasts, then nibbled at his cheekily outlined nipples.

As his beloved mother's teeth teased his erect, hard nubbins, the sexy boy-girl ~mewled his intense pleasure at the caress. Wrapping his arms around his mother's head, he drew her even closer to him, at the same time arching his back, trying to push more of his breast into her mouth.

"Oh, mother," he panted as the sweet sensations washed through his trembling body and his throbbing erection grew even harder and more sensitive. "I love you mother, I love you. I have wanted you to do this for years."

"Why didn't you come to me then, my baby?" She asked as she raised her head from his savaged nipple. "Mother would have understood."

"I was frightened."

Her own taffeta-gloved hand slid down and pulled at the satin skirts of his evening gown, exposing to her avid gaze his long, slim legs, elegant in the covering of sheer, black nylon.

The touch of taffeta on nylon sent the sexy child into paroxysms of delight and he writhed his buttocks, exposing even more of his legs to his mother's awed gaze. Suddenly she couldn't stand the tensions any more and with a moan of lust she unzipped the side zip of her own evening gown and drew it off her luscious body, to leave her dressed in only a gorgeous, black satin, strapless basque, sheer and sexy, black nylons and a scrunchy pair of silk satin french knickers. They didn't stay on for long as she quickly drew them off and threw them at her son, who eagerly snatched them up and, while still admiring his mother's naked, depilated pussy, rubbed them over his cheek.

She was now in an irrevocable frenzy to utterly possess her transvestite son and with a wild cry of incestuous lust, she reached down and bared his hard, and desirable erection to her gaze. It was, she admitted to herself, truly awesome. Though only of normal length, it was incredibly thick and utterly hard, like a rock, and with a moan of wild lust, she straddled him and, grasping it in her hands, she guided the glans along the wet furrow of her aching, wanting pussy. Even though she was in an intense fever to possess the body of her own son, she hesitated for a moment, not through any guilt, she had non, just to savour the final moment of her son's innocence, and a final admiration of his beauty.

He was beautiful, splayed out below her like a wanton odalisque, a woman to the eyes but with a man's desires and an awesome prick that throbbed in her hands.

"Please, mother." He panted. "Why are you waiting? I want you, I want you now!"

For a moment longer she hesitated, drawing out the sensations to the final point till at last, she couldn't wait any longer and, parting the lips of her creaming pussy with the weeping glans of her transvestite son's willing hardness, she slid down on to it.

For a long moment, time froze. The mother almost fainted as the incredible hardness ploughed through the wet, buttery folds of her blazing pussy. The young boy-girl was astounded at the unbelievable heat and close fitting feeling of his mother's body. Allied to that were the wild feelings of their actions. The fact that they were committing the ultimate sin. A son was lying, fucking his mother. Not only that, but the son was gowned, gloved and made up to look like an incredibly beautiful woman. In fact like a mirror image of his mother.

"Ohhhhh God!" His mother screamed as the full force of her feelings exploded into an instant orgasm, of such power, as she had never experienced before. "Its as if I'm fucking myself!" She panted as her hands mauled her son's full breasts.

He watched, entranced, as his mother shuddered in her orgasmic frenzy. Pulling her body down to his he sucked on her nipple through the heavy, shiny satin that covered it, grasping it between his teeth, sending even greater flashes of perverted delight through her delicious body.

"Now, mother.' He panted. "Now you will know what true ecstasy is!"

With that, he thrust his haunches up, driving his steel hard prick deep, into her incest craving body, back to where he had come from fifteen years ago. She had no more energy to scream, she just panted as he thrust, in and out, faster and faster as his passions rose to ever-greater heights.

It was time, time to consummate his wildest desires, time to come into his own mother. Writhing madly now, their pants and moans mingling with the rustling, sussurating hiss of satin on satin and nylon, in an incest fuelled, satin boosted, frenzy of passion. He stiffened and screamed as he felt the dam of his emotions crack, then blow apart.

She felt it; every last drop of his sperm as it gushed into her body and his prick seemed to get even harder as he came. It sent her even higher, to heights she had never even dreamed about. She tore his head away from her breasts and crushed her lips violently against his in a wild kiss that bruised their panting mouths. They were both screaming out their turbulent passions.

It seemed to the little boy-girl that his orgasm would never stop. His body was on fire with the utter decadence, the wild ecstasy and the total depravity of their mutual lusts. His loins contracted, again and again, on and on, till he thought that the wild orgasm would never, ever end. The wild, incestual pleasures consumed them totally and the ecstasy was such as to drive them to the very depths of depraved pleasure. But like all great and good things, it had to end and at last the hot mother, exhausted, spent, collapsed onto her transvestite son’s weakly writhing and thoroughly spent body to lie, still joined together in a welter of satin and taffeta. Slipping into a deep and satisfied sleep.



Two years had passed and Jenny was living his life entirely as a woman. Mother had taken him out of school and now, at the age of seventeen he was about to go to his first dinner party dressed as a beautiful girl. His grandparents, who lived in the states, had come across this day and that evening they were coming to see their new little granddaughter, his mother had written to them with the news, and she had also told Jenny how his real father was also his grandfather. He was intrigued at the fact that his family had freely indulged in incestuous games and his body trembled at the thought that new horizons were opening to him in the matter of sex.

Lately, especially after he had seen recent photographs of his grandparents, new and highly erotic thoughts had crept into his mind, thoughts so perverse that they had taken his breath away. He felt a sexual attraction to his father/grandfather, and to his very elegant and beautiful grandmother. Although he had gone out in his day clothes, he had never been out dressed up in evening wear and this excited him terribly. Mother was dressing him now and she chided him, telling him to stand still as she fitted his slim and trembling body into the delightful, black satin and lace, strapless corselette that they had just bought that day.

He was already fiercely erect under the smooth satin panel, his turgid hardness rearing high to rest against his belly, caressed by the slinky, sensuous material.

"Oh mother," he panted as she slid a delightfully sheer pair of seamed, black nylon stockings up his slim legs. "I feel so sexy in this."

His mother glanced up at her sensuous child, once again marveling at his amazing beauty. She was always hot for her gorgeous little boy-girl son and her own body craved the embrace of his perfumed loveliness.

"So do I, my baby." She whispered as she fastened the stocking welts to the suspenders on the corselette. "Mother loves her little boy-girl."


She reached up and gently ran the palms of her hands over the pulsating tube of flesh that nestled, so prettily, under the opulent fabric. He shuddered at the deeply salacious caress and a soft, mewling cry burst from his lips as the piercingly ecstatic feelings of incestuous and transvestite lust spread through his mother craving body.

She could see that her son was on the verge of a shattering orgasm and, reluctantly, the mother stopped her sensual fondling.

"Don't stop, mother." He panted. "Please don't stop. I want to come into your lovely hands."

"No baby." She smiled tremulously, her own passions rising to white heat. "Wait till this evening. Mother forbids her little boy-girl to come until she tells him to."

Trembling with emotion, the young transvestite tried hard to calm down. Several minutes passed before he could carry on with his dressing. Mother had also got for him a magnificent, white, paper taffeta, strapless gown, with its own paper taffeta slip, and he stepped into the sussurating, whispering, silken folds, shuddering anew as the cool materials encased his willowy body. His breasts ached with a wild lust but his hardness had reached a state of equilibrium and he knew that he could go a long way before he gushed his frothing sperm into whatever body it would receive.

The dinner party was being held in their own home and two hours later, as the two sensuously gowned people, mother and transvestite son, waited for their guests, drinking their aperitifs, Jenny once more asked his mother about the coming guests. He was forever fascinated, and excited, by the stories his mother told him about how his father, and hers, had seduced her and how her mother had been a willing partner in their sensual games.

Ten minutes later they arrived. Paul was an elegant man, now in his early fifties, but he had an aura of sensuality about him. Elena, his grandmother was a superbly magnificent woman of fifty, still voluptuously slim and beautiful, she could easily be mistaken for late thirties. She was gowned in a fantastic gown of rustling black taffeta. Strapless and backless, it showed her svelte figure to perfection. Paul, elegant in a dinner suit, was extremely handsome and didn't look his age either. They were both highly intrigued and visibly stirred by the sight of their transvestite grandchild.

"How beautiful!" Elena cried as she swept up to him and embraced his white-gowned body, pressing her own voluptuousness against the trembling, highly excited child. She kissed his carmined lips in a long embrace of pure lust, hot wet lips meshing, sucking in a wild, lustful embrace. Their bodies met and slithered, taffeta to taffeta, in shirring, whispering, writhing frenzy of fetish inspired passion.

Jenny almost screamed into the rapacious mouth of her gorgeous and highly excited grandmother. His hands, gloved in sensuous satin gloves slid over her rustling hips and Elena

reciprocated, her own hands sliding up to fondle her transvestite grandson's firm, satin corseted breasts, feeling the urgently aroused nipples as they nestled under the rich fabrics.

Eventually, they parted and Paul took his wife's place. It was a revelation to the child when his father/grandfather took him into his strong arms and brought him closer to him. They too kissed and for the first time in his life, the exquisitely gowned child felt the hard, passionate kiss of a male. He almost swooned as wild flashes of perverted desire flashed through his suddenly weak and compliant body. With a groan of passion he curved his lissome curves into the body of the wildly excited man and felt the urgent throbbing of the man's hard and trembling erection that tented out the trousers of his evening suit.

"Daddy!" He breathed into the man's bruising lips. "Kiss me daddy, kiss your little girl and make your little girl come into her satins."

Paul growled with lust at the hot words of the little she-male as he writhed against the paternal prick. Elena and her daughter knew that dinner would be delayed as they watched the passionately entwined couple.

Paul picked up the sexy child in his arms and carried him across to the chaise longue. Laying him down on the brocaded surface he straddled the excited transvestite and pulled out his throbbing, erect prick. Elena and his mother gasped as they watched the highly excited transvestite grasp the throbbing, erect body in his satin-gloved hands, caressing it as he avidly licked his lips. The two, hyper aroused women held onto each other in a wild embrace, feeling each others firm breasts as the gorgeous she-male raised his head and ran his soft, pointed tongue over his sexy father's sensitive flesh.

The hot, wildly aroused father moaned as the wet tongue lashed the sensitive glans of his trembling penis. It was totally wild and exciting to him, watching his own, elegantly gowned, beautifully made up son as he slid his pink tongue and carmined, lip glossed lips over the paternal flesh.

Elena broke away from her sensuous daughter's embrace and moved towards the perverted pair of lovers. With a swish of her taffeta skirts, she straddled the lower body of her passionately writhing, boy-girl grandchild. Raising her heavy, taffeta skirts she brushed her naked pussy over the taffeta sheathed, satin imprisoned, highly excited body of the sexually charged transvestite. His other was enchanted by the vision of her two parents exciting themselves on the willowy body of her son and she was determined to bring about the total, absolute depravement of his sexual desires.

Reaching underneath her mother's flowing skirts, she slid up the young transvestite’s own taffeta skirts, feeling the smooth glide of the fabric over the sensuous nylon of his stockings. She loved to listen to the arousing whisper of taffeta gliding over nylon; it excited her to a peak of wild, incestuous desire. The time was fast approaching when they would all realize their wildest dreams, that of totally possessing the body of the sexy little boy-girl. Her own satin-gloved hands glided sensuously up her son's stockinged limbs, to where the corselette covered his rampant body. Elena raised herself slightly to lift her delicious daughter free her grandson's throbbing prick. She was hot for it and her pussy yearned for the invading hardness of a wildly excited, highly aroused, throbbingly erect body.

The elegantly gowned mother slid her questing, satin-gloved fingers underneath Jenny's satin corselette and grasped the filial flesh. Jenny screamed as the hot touch of his mother's satin-gloved fingers sent fresh flashes of fire through his trembling, aroused prick.

"Come my little child." She cooed as she freed her son’s her son's flesh from underneath the satin panel and then whispered to him.

‘Come my sweet baby, come and stick that lovely hardness into your hot grandmother.

Paul groaned as the salacious, highly perverted words reached his ears.

"Yes," he panted. "Fuck granny. Fuck your grandmother and make her scream."

He was close to coming himself as his boy-girl daughter sucked his incredibly hard body. The mother pulled on Jenny’s hardness. Aiming it at the weeping folds of Elena’s center of desire.

Paul groaned as he watched that incredible sight. screaming as the incredible she-male sucked wildly on his hard prick. Jenny was in heaven as she eagerly tongued and sucked at the paternal prick. It was not in any way abhorrent to her, it seemed so natural as she gloried in her new found sexuality. Suddenly Jenny was bucking, writhing, moaning with joy as her beloved mother grasped the trembling, seeking hardness in her hands and rubbed the creaming tip along the hot, wet furrow of her grandmother's slit, parting the delicate folds with the head of his yearning prick.

Elena felt the head of his incredibly hard prick part the folds of her creaming pussy and, with a screwing motion of her hips, she slid onto the silky smooth hardness, screaming with a

mixture of pleasure and delicious pain as the prick bored violently into the moist, tender cavern.

"Fuck me!" The glamorous grandmother screamed as a wave of incestuous ecstasy flooded her entire body. "Fuck me hard, you dirty, perverted little girl!"

Jenny arched her body, thrusting her arrogant prick deep into the spasming, clasping, wet pussy of his writhing, sexually wild grandmother, all the time aware of the caress and kiss of the sensuous, feminine fabrics that encased his body. His mother joined the loving threesome. She came around their writhing bodies and knelt down beside her transvestite son. Jenny moaned as his delightfully perverted mother leaned forward and kissed the paternal prick on the shaft, just above where it disappeared into his avidly sucking mouth.

He pulled his head away and the hardness slid out of his hot mouth, only to be captured by the eager lips of his mother. They were enjoying themselves, this wild quartet as the tides and waves of ecstasy ripped through their craving bodies, craving for release. Elena was wildly posting herself on the incredibly hard prick, mauling her own full breasts as she writhed on the body of her grandson.


Paul was moaning with lust as the combined lips of his daughter and transvestite son sent him on the inevitable climb to the greatest orgasm he had ever experienced. Jenny was in

heaven as she was elegantly fucked by her taffeta gowned grandmother and his mother was mauling Jenny's tender breasts with one hand as she stroked her wet pussy with the other.

The time of their orgasms arrived. Paul was first as with a groan of lust he felt his deliciously sucked prick boil over into a shattering, spurting frenzy of white hot seed that gushed into the fighting mouths of his son and daughter. Jenny drank the paternal seed and then kissed the overspill from his mother's avid lips. The strong, salty taste sending him over into his own shattering climax, spurting his sticky, white spend deep into the eager cavern of his beloved grandmother's pussy. Elena, when she felt the incredible heat of her grandchild's essence spurting deep into her body, was rent with a screaming orgasm that threatened to send her into an unconscious, catatonic state and Jenny's deliciously perverted mother stroked herself to a massive orgasm as she tongued her boy-girl's wet and panting lips.

All thoughts of dinner were forgotten. Instead, the sexually depraved quartet sucked and fucked throughout the night and it was when morning was approaching that the father

took his delicious and sexy she-male son in his strong arms and the elegantly gowned, satin lingeried child felt the hard paternal prick slide into his eager, twitching body as he fucked him to orgasm after thrusting orgasm in a wild, atavistic frenzy.

The End




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