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Lady Writer

by Abby Rhodes




I took Danielle off to my bed and we showed each other our panties, hers La Perla (great taste!), mine Aubade. We made love until the early hours of the morning and then slept until nearly noon. I had just woken up and was looking at the delightfully tousled Danielle when she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Hey, Anna, I love this, do it again.' She slid over on top of me and I responded instantly. Some time later we finally reached the kitchen to find Fifi, again wearing her magnificent pale green peignoir and gown. She was reading the village newspaper and complaining about the lack of a decent local art gallery.

"I suppose you're right," I said. "Then again, there's more galleries than you can count just a couple of hours away."

"That's true. I heard some noises last night. Did you two have a meeting of minds?"

"Among other things, yes." I said.

"Good. Can I make you some eggs or something to help keep your strength up?"

"Sounds good," I said. "Let me do them."

"Sorry," said Fifi. "You do terrible things to eggs."

She got up and headed for the stove. Danielle was staring at either Fifi or the pale green cloud, probably the pale green cloud. She shook her head in amazement. "I can remember an aunt who had something like that, but it was black, and even as a child I thought it was the most romantic thing in the world."

"Does she still have it? Would she like to sell it?" asked Fifi.

"I'll ask her."

The eggs arrived, followed by toast and preserves, and we ate in silence. Danielle was wearing a white silk satin gown and robe I'd loaned her (her own weekend bag was still unopened) and I was wearing a black silk robe over a tulle and lace confection.

I was still a bit shell-shocked by the night before. Danielle had been a friend and business partner up now and all of a sudden she was a lover, something I hadn't expected, despite the fact I'd always seen her as attractive and desirable. I needed some time to digest the situation and after she went home I'd talk it through with Fifi. There was no mistaking that I felt good about Danielle. She'd been an enthusiastic and skilled lover and I rose to the occasion quite a few times. She'd taken me by surprise with her suggestion about showing me her panties and I suppose to a degree I was drawn into her arms by surprise, but then I wanted to actually be with her and make love to her. It was all quite extraordinary.


After breakfast we got down to real work. Danielle had already effectively placed my story and it would be published in about six months, all being well. The publisher was impressed enough by the story and experienced enough with erotic fiction to ask for a short tour by the author to promote the book when it was released. This was the bit Danielle was unsure I'd be happy about but I loved the idea. Touring the country as Anna Ryan? Yes!!

I already had several ideas for further stories of the same type and I outlined some of them to Danielle. She was enthusiastic but reminded me that an erotic novel was not the same as a Ryan King novel in that there was a smaller, although increasing, buying public and I might have to spread them over a longer period. A possibility was further releases going out under a pseudonym. As if Anna Ryan wasn't a pseudonym.

We discussed the next Ryan King novel and I outlined the plot for her. I knew it was going to be a really good story and so did she. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and said, "You are so clever, Anna. And so is Ryan. You're the ideal client, a twin personality where both twins are literary geniuses. I can sense vast wealth in my future." She slid her hand under my robe along my thigh and said, "That's not all I can feel. Can we do it again, Anna? Pretty please?" She slid her hand a little further and found what she was looking for and we moved to my bedroom for another couple of hours.

Danielle drove off around six and I went to find Fifi, who was in the study and reading again. As she lay on the couch the green fabric was spread around her in a very fetching way. She looked up and grinned. "Was it a satisfying weekend, Anna?"

"It certainly was," I said. "I'm a little confused though."

"What's there to be confused about?" asked Fifi. "You like her, you've always liked her, so what's the problem?"

"I don't know. Just the speed of it all probably."

"Think of it as a logical conclusion to an inevitability and don't let her borrow your clothes unless you're sure."

"Thank you, Fifi. You have a way with words."

Fired with enthusiasm, I went to my study and fired up the computer, put on fresh make-up and prepared for a long Anna Ryan night.


On Wednesday we got ready for our trip to visit Suzanne and Bethany. Fifi and I discussed the visit and its implications endlessly. For instance, the girls knew Ryan and Anna and Fifi, and must know where Ryan and Fifi lived and obviously Anna lived there too, because Anna or Ryan were both seen with Fifi at regular intervals. Had they made the connection? We had to admit that they may have and decided I'd been a little careless. Never mind, we could only play it by ear on the night.

We drove up to the girl's place, a two-storied country cottage about seven miles from my house. I was wearing a black silk camisole top under a black chiffon shirt with a long black cotton skirt. Fifi was looking positively demure in a dark blue sweater and black pants.

The girls greeted us effusively and led us out to their back yard where a table under a spreading oak tree had been set with a white cloth and napkins, plus flowers and fruit and a range of glassware. The setting was beautiful. Green trees and hedges surrounded the lawn and there were beds of roses and herbs. Crickets were starting up their song.

Bethany opened a bottle of wine and poured four glasses and passed them around, then made a toast to friendship and picnics. It was a delicious, fruity sauvignon blanc and I complimented Suzanne on the quality.

"I'm so glad you like it, Anna, its one of our favourites. Do you like it, Fifi?" Fifi smiled and said 'Yes' and raised her glass in a small salute. Bethany sat down next to Fifi and said, "Fifi is such an unusual name. Do you have some French ancestry?"

"I believe my great-grandfather had a relationship with a mistress of Victor Hugo's once. We don't like to talk about it because of the scandal, but I certainly feel French and I find French fashion so stimulating I wear practically nothing else."

I coughed to cover my laughter, but Fifi looked absolutely sincere and I could see the girls searching their memories for tales of Victor Hugo's private life. I covered the gap by asking. "Are you two related at all, or just friends?"

They looked at each other and Bethany pinked up ever so slightly. "Er…, well, we're not related, no. The truth is we're, er…, lovers." They looked like I must have when Danielle identified me at her office.

"But that's wonderful," I said. "Two such sweet and pretty girls in love, it's just wonderful." I raised my glass and toasted them. "Here's to love, may it always continue." .

The girls flushed prettily again and refilled the glasses. '

"We're so pleased you accept that we're lovers," said Suzanne. "Around here there's still a lot of prejudice against anyone who's not what the local crowd perceive as straight, but you'd know that of course."

"I would?" I asked, trying to look puzzled. Christ, they'd figured us out.

"Yes, being the same way inclined, I th ….. oh, no. Don't tell me we got it wrong. You are lovers aren't you? We decided Ryan King and Anna Ryan were the same person and that Fifi was your lover, well, both your lovers.

What could I do but laugh. "I'm sorry, but it's not quite true. Fifi is not my, nor anyone else's lover. I am, on the other hand, something of a dual character and I enjoy it. It's the clothes, you see. I can't resist silk, satin and lace, or fine stockings and expensive make-up, but I do prefer women to men. I don't even think of men as potential lovers. You two, on the other hand, appeal to me as extremely attractive women and I would be proud to make love to you, be you lesbians or not."

The two women looked thunderstruck and the silence was finally broken by Fifi quietly having hysterics on the other side of the table. A sort of guffaw escaped and she said, when she recovered, "Look, you're both lovely people and we'd love to get to know you better. To set the record straight, I'm a completely biological, heterosexual male, as is my friend here. What say you serve up some food and tell us all about yourselves?"

Bethany and Suzanne recovered their composure after a while, but kept looking at Fifi. Clearly, her announcement had had an effect on them, just like it had on everyone else.

They served up bowls of salad and various meats and we ate and continued with the fine wine. Finally, Suzanne said, "Well, that didn't go very well," and we all laughed again. "Seriously," she said, "we had it so wrong, I feel embarrassed. We're a little new to this partnership and the lesbian lifestyle; in fact, we don't even like the word lesbian. But we can handle being described as lovers." She smiled at Bethany. "We've been together since we bought the bookstore here, so it's not very long. We had to get away from the city because our friends were spending so much time trying to break us up. Some friends!"

"Agreed," I said. "There's something I have to say to both of you. You're now in a position of privilege where my secret identity is concerned and I have to rely on you to keep that secret. Treat me like you know I'm both Superman and Clark Kent, which I am of course, and say nothing to anyone. My livelihood and reputation as a thoroughgoing he-man depend on it. My readers would be shattered and you'd have one less best-selling author to peddle." I was gratified to see the girls look horrified. "Oh Anna, of course we'll keep your secret. God knows it's good to meet someone else around here who actually has a secret. I'm afraid we're all members of a seriously small club in this neighbourhood."

I had no doubt they wouldn't tell anyone about me. Fifi and I dug into the food while the girls, mainly Bethany, ate and told us about their trials and tribulations as a couple. It was quite sad really, and I felt sorry for them having to face so much prejudice in New York, where you would normally expect a bit of tolerance. I confessed to Suzanne that I had, as Ryan King, intended to ask her out sometime. She laughed and said she would have gone out with me, but there wouldn't have been any sex. Bethany confirmed than that she'd had her eye on Fifi and indeed had had a couple of dreams about her. It was the old just too sexy to resist situation and Fifi graciously accepted the compliment.

Altogether it was a very pleasant evening. The girls and Fifi and I all kissed each other and we arranged for them to visit us in a couple of weeks.


Back home we both crashed out and I was up at eight the next morning working on the new Ryan King novel, still dressed in my black satin nightgown. The telephone rang just after ten and I let Fifi answer it, or ignore it as she pleased, because I never answer the phone when I'm writing. This time she called out "Telephone, Anna. I think you'd better take it." I cursed and picked up the non-ringing extension on the other side of my office.

"Hello?" I said.

"Anna, its Danielle. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need to talk to you about Silk Beginnings. It's financial and important and I don't want to talk over the telephone. Could you come into the city today or tomorrow? Or better still, come in this afternoon and stay overnight with me. We could compare panties again." The thought was enormously attractive.

"Sure," I said. "I'll come into your office at say, four?"

"I'm looking forward to it, Anna. Don't pack a night gown, I can lend you one."

I laughed and hung up and returned to the story. The more I worked on it the better I liked it. It had the potential to be right up there with the very best of the best sellers, and a worthy follow-up to Quick Kill. After lunch I changed, packed a small bag with lingerie, make-up and a change of suit and headed into the city.


I'd talked to Danielle several times since Sunday. I was still surprised (and pleased) by how much I was attracted to her and how easy she was to talk to. I was trying to figure out when I could see her again when she asked me to come visit her. I was looking forward to it and wondering how I would feel when I saw her again. The suddenness of the relationship still had me slightly reeling.

The receptionist showed me into her office immediately and I was delighted to see her again. Danielle, not the receptionist, who was apparently still miffed at Fifi's put-down of her favourite author. We kissed for an age then sat down so she could tell me whatever it was she needed to see me about.

"It's this book Anna. It's taken on a life of its own and now I have a studio who wants to buy the screen rights. Not a huge amount yet, but we're getting there. On top of that, the publisher at Abreast Publications wants to meet Anna Ryan. Forgive me changing the subject, but I'd love some hot sex right now. Sorry, I meant to say I've made a dinner date with Joel Cassandra, who owns Abreast. I own two, which I think you've noticed. We have a dinner date for 8.30 tonight. Can you cope with that?"

"I can cope with anything, Danielle. God, it's great to see you again. Tell me about the screen rights."

"Right. Do you know or have you heard of CropCircle Productions? I haven't but they're the people wanting it. I presume Cassandra has a financial interest in CropCircle and that's how they know about the book. They're only offering fifty thousand, but that's very good for a first novel by a new author. I'm trying to get them up, but the ceiling might have already been reached. We'll know more when we've dined. Just beam that charisma down on Cassandra and we'll try for a hundred thousand, but that will be it, I'm sure. I've also had a nibble on the film rights for Quick Kill. It's too early to be positive on that, though."

"Wait until you read the new book, Danielle. They'll be fighting over the film rights for all my books. Hey, here's a thought. Do I get to write the screenplay for Silk Beginnings?'

"It's worth asking, Anna. It's another thing we'll talk about over dinner."

"Any chance I could put you across the dinner table and give you a thorough seeing to?"

"I suppose as long as you don't disturb the table settings it could be worth a try. And don't get sauce on my backside. Speaking of clothes, I wonder if we should get you something a little more like evening wear than the suit, something a little sexier."

"I've always thought suits are sexy."

"Yes, I agree entirely, but perhaps an enhancement. How about a sexy corset or a black lace and silk camisole? One of those draped neckline tops that conceal yet reveal? What about a little black dress I can peel off you later on? I believe the author of this country's new best-selling erotic memoir should dress as provocatively as possible."

Despite the sexual innuendo she had a point. A business suit in the evening would be inappropriate for the author of Silk Beginnings. No, it definitely called for something slinky.

"Do you have anything slinky?" I asked Danielle.

"Hmmmm. No. Can I suggest we race uptown to Saks and see what we can find?"

"Have we got time before they close?"

"I think so. If we hurry we can make it."

We shot out of the building and got a cab headed in the right direction. A slow but essential trip. We got to Saks and went straight to the evening wear department, where I ran into a changing room and took off my suit. Danielle appeared with an armful of dresses and paused long enough to stare hard at me as I stood dressed only in a black silk teddy and black lace-top stockings and heels. She licked her lips in a completely lustful manner and passed over the first armful of clothes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of fast dressing and undressing. Getting an evening gown on or off is still one of the most enjoyable things we cross-dressers do and the stuff coming in and filling the hooks had designer labels and appropriate price tags. I stopped looking at prices after the first two outfits.

The one I finally chose was a long black dress in black bias-cut silk charmeuse that was extremely slinky and suitable for an evening out dining, a dress that shouted 'SEX' in a very loud voice. Very suitable for the new queen of erotic fiction I thought. I had a look at the price and nearly fainted, but by God I wanted that dress. I exited the changing room to show Danielle how it looked on me and she said "Yes, that's it!" I changed and gave it to the salesgirl to wrap and Danielle said "Shoes to match?" We headed to the shoe department and I tried on many, finally settling on a pair of four-inch devices that hardly existed except as straps but were black and imported from Spain and suited the dress perfectly. We sailed out through the doors as they closed. We went back to Danielle's place, an apartment up on 86th, where she immediately wrestled me to the floor and kissed me all over.

"God I've missed you Anna. I've been anticipating some great sex and getting myself overexcited and wet. We've got two hours before we have to be at the restaurant, so please make love to me as many times as you can between now and when we have to put on fresh make-up and get a cab."

She was still lying partly across me and I felt her hand slide up my skirt to fondle me through the black silk. She caressed the flesh between teddy and stocking tops and then I heard a zipper being undone and my skirt was pulled off my body to fly across the room. She smoothly undid the teddy to free my erection and then stood, hoisted her skirt up and flicked off the bright red panties she was wearing and lowered herself on to me. She was already soaking wet and I slid easily up inside her. She moaned with pleasure and I slid my hand under her buttocks to help her as she moved herself up and down, speeding up as she headed for her climax and I could actually hear how wet she was, so I knew it wouldn't be long before one or both of us came. As it happened she got there half a minute before I did. Finally we stood and completely undressed each other and moved to the bed where we did it again, then once more for luck. We stopped then for a rest and because it was time to shower and get ready for dinner.

I looked at Danielle's firm body and her luscious breasts. I was really attracted to her, for her mind as well as her body, but her body is extremely attractive. I kissed her tenderly and I couldn't remember ever feeling as passionate about someone as I did at that moment and I could feel the passion coming back from her. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and I could feel myself getting hard again. I was about to speak, when she said, "Anna, this is extraordinary. Don't say anything if you don't want to, but I can't ever remember feeling about anyone the way I feel about you. It's like I've met a soul-mate and the connection gets more electric every time I touch you."

I couldn't speak, but for emotional reasons only. I finally said, "I'm really pleased to hear that Danielle, because I feel the same way about you, like I'm more complete somehow. It's really weird, but natural if you know what I mean."

"I think I do, Ryan. Listen, I know it could make us late, but I'd really like to get fucked again if you could manage it. Please put that big cock of yours inside my little tight pussy and make me come again, pretty please?" She had that little girl look on her face again and I did as I was asked until we came together, her screaming and me shouting.

We showered and changed into our going-out clothes. I loved my new dress. It had a halter neckline and the bias cut meant it clung to my body like I was wet. If I got an erection while I was wearing it I would be in deep trouble, because the panties I was wearing would only keep me decent if I didn't get excited. I borrowed some stockings off Danielle because she'd made a run in mine when she threw me to the floor and I was made-up and ready by quarter past eight. I was just in time to watch Danielle slip a black silk dress over a black satin teddy dripping with lace that I would take off her later on. She was so beautiful I couldn't wait to make love to her again. Damn, watch that erection. I had a black purse I could cover it with, but it would be better to try not to think about sex at all. Fat chance!


We arrived at the restaurant at eight-forty and Danielle asked for the Cassandra table. The maitre'd took us over to the far side where Joel Cassandra stood and greeted each of us with a kiss on the cheek. The fourth chair was obviously occupied and Joel explained that his wife was in the powder room. Joel was close to sixty with a full head of silver hair, but he certainly kept himself in good condition. He had kind green eyes and an easy grin.

We sat and drinks were offered and accepted and Myra Cassandra returned. I'm not sure what we were expecting, but this lady was large and I thought she could probably be successful as a bouncer. She was tall and wide and dark but absolutely feminine and she turned out to be a lovely woman, gracious and, I must add, dressed to kill, in something tailored to fit her made of a dark red taffeta.

It seemed that Joel relied on Myra to sum people up for him. She could read a person quickly and tell if they were likely to be reliable or would let Joel down. Not only that, she was the financial wizard who held the company purse strings and told Joel what he could and couldn't afford to do. She confessed first off that CropCircle belonged to them. She'd read Silk Beginnings and loved it. She wanted Joel to buy the book and buy the movie rights as well because she saw the book selling well and thought it was a cinch for a movie - maybe a made-for-television movie, maybe a screen release. In short, she liked Danielle and she liked Anna and wanted to deal.

I made it clear (in the nicest possible way) that I didn't want to be involved in the bargaining. I wanted to leave that all to Danielle and said that if they wanted to do a deal now I would go home and leave them to it.

Myra wouldn't hear of it and made Joel set a time for Danielle to see them both at her office in the morning. That having been sorted we settled down to eating and drinking and having a good time. The Cassandra's were excellent company and the evening was long and involved much laughter. The dress made me feel as feminine as I have ever been.

Then Danielle got mischievous. She reached under the table and slid her hand up under my dress and gently stroked my cock. It sprang to life instantly and I knew I was in for an interesting time. I hoped that it didn't involve standing up.

I recovered my dignity after a while, but just before the evening drew to its natural closing point she did it again, and I had to say goodbye to the Cassandra's when we reached the street with my purse held firmly against my bulge. It was a situation I'd never been in it before, but some of my cross-dressing story characters had and I was laughing as we tumbled into the back of a taxi. In the dark her hand found its way under my dress again, but this time she kept it there and I was almost at the point of ejaculation when we stopped outside her place. She paid the driver and she went inside ahead of me. As the elevator door closed my hand slipped up under her skirt and gently caressed her pubic mound. Her panties seemed to be missing but I couldn't remember her taking them off. She responded by pressing my hand hard against her and if the ride had been more than a couple of floors, I think we would have done it in the elevator.

I discarded my own panties as soon as I was through the apartment door, picked up Danielle and contrived to lift her up and hold her against the wall and slide her down on to my cock. It must have looked strange, these two women standing up and entwined in sex, bodies locked together and stocking clad legs wrapped around here and there.

That was only the start. We made love for hours, slept soundly, ate breakfast and made love some more. Finally, Danielle to get to her meeting with the Cassandras, so she reluctantly got out of bed and showered and left. It was Friday and I didn't have to get home urgently, although I could feel the need to resume writing coming on. I had arranged to meet Danielle in the city at two so she could report on the meeting and in the meantime I was free to do what I wanted.

What I wanted was to go shopping. I searched through Danielle's wardrobe – she suggested I should - and found a divine summer dress in beige-coloured cotton with lace here and there. It wasn't too casual and it must have cost quite a lot, but it suited me perfectly. I wished our feet were the same size, because Danielle has a great shoe collection, more than forty pairs.

I did Saks again because I needed a pair of shoes to go with my borrowed dress and I found a nice pair of tan coloured flats that fitted me and matched the dress perfectly, I put the shoes I was wearing in the bag and wore the new ones immediately. Before I left the store I called in at the lingerie department to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. One of the girls was just completing a display that featured a beautiful black corset. I fell in love with it and had to have one. I did Bergdorfs, Prada, Bloomingdales and a bunch of other shops. By the time I met Danielle at two, I was laden down with packages, several of which were for her.

Her news was great. Joel was going to buy the book and the film rights for a sum that surprised me and pleased Danielle immensely. I kissed her again and gave her the smallest package after I found it among the many bags at my feet. It was gold brooch in the shape of an open book set with small emeralds that spelt out 'Book Lover'. The reasons I thought it was suitable for her are obvious.

"Thank you, Anna, what a beautiful piece," she said, as she pinned it to her lapel. I had several other packages for her that could be more suitably opened back at her place and decided they could wait until then. I also had a lot of new clothes I wanted to share with her.

"Have you had a nice day, Anna? I see you had a look in my wardrobe like I said to. That dress suits you beautifully. You know, I'm finding this switch of gender thing quite easy. For a while earlier this week I had some doubts but they didn't last. You look good as a male or a female and, not only that, you give great sex. Yes, you're a real man in every respect apart from the fact you're also a gorgeous woman. My, I'm getting wet just thinking about sex with you. How lucky can a girl be?"

"Hmmm, I think it's me who's lucky, Danielle. You're absolutely gorgeous and you don't mind that I wear female clothing. It's something of a dream come true." I raised the glass of mineral water I was holding in a toast to her and she clinked her coffee cup against it.

"I need to see you often, Danielle," I said. "It's not just about comparing panties and swapping clothes. I think we go well together and the more I see of you the better I feel."

Danielle had a misty look in her eyes and she smiled at me. "I feel the same way. What are your plans for the next week or two, lover?"

"I want to go home tonight, but after dinner is fine. I intend to spend most of the next two weeks writing the new Ryan King, or, more accurately, getting a good outline ready, plus I'd like to get my personal story down on paper. Not to get it published, just to get it down so I can work on it and touch it up from time to time. Apart from that I'll probably spend time thinking about you and groaning softly as I come in my panties. I will also talk to you on the telephone on a regular basis. I'll call you when I have breaks from the novel so that you don't interrupt crucial thought processes. Do you understand that? I really do get engrossed to the point where I don't want to be disturbed." I told her about the non-ringing extension in my office. "Fifi will pick up most of the time if I'm busy and she'll take a message, but she won't pass on the call unless it's really urgent."

"I've been working with writers long enough to know they often have eccentric work habits, Anna. I worry more about my writers who are always free to take a call. The good ones tend to stay incommunicado at regular long intervals. So, no, I don't mind and I understand."

"Good. When are the Cassandras likely to want contracts signed?"

"I'll draw them up on Monday and courier them to Joel. They want it done as soon as possible in case someone tries to cut in on them. The actual time it takes will depend on their lawyer, because I'm sure they'll want the contract double checked.

"Oh, did I tell you? They want you to do the screenplay when and if they decide to shoot a movie. They don't guarantee to use it of course, but they feel the original author will give the screenplay the most authentic feel."

"Amazing," I said. "You're a gem amongst agents, a true wizard. How much?" She told me and I was genuinely surprised.

"Can we celebrate?" I said. "I'd like to take you out for dinner and a Slow Screw Up Against The Wall."

"The drink?"


"It's a deal then. I'd like to order two. Have you finished shopping?"

"No, I want to go back to Saks. There's a – sorry, have you finished for the day?"

"I can be. There's one lady I should talk to but I can do it from here." She took her mobile phone out of her bag and hit a speed-dial number. "Hello, Jane? It's Danielle. How did you get on with the re-write?" There was a long pause. "I'm sorry to hear that Jane. No, don't despair. Take the night off away from it and let it settle. Don't hesitate to take two nights off." Pause. "No I don't think so, Jane. It's a good story and a clever idea and I'm sure it will come right, just don't rush it, let it come naturally. It will be worth it. Okay, I'll call you on Monday, Jane. Have a great weekend."

She turned the phone off. "You were saying Anna?"

"I'd like to go back to Saks. There are a couple of items I'd like your opinion on."

"Clothes shopping? Let's go."


We wandered back to Saks and I showed Danielle what I liked but couldn't make up my mind about. She approved one of my choices but not the other and then we called briefly at the hosiery department where we both stocked up. Another detour took us to Barnes & Noble where I'd already mentioned I wanted to get some recent titles and buy a new thesaurus.

"A Ford Thesaurus?" asked Danielle.

"Only if I can get the six-cylinder convertible sports model," I replied. This woman was very quick.

I got what I needed and we headed back to Danielle's place. Needless to say, there was an instant round of sex as soon as the door was closed, and then Danielle rang a new restaurant she wanted to try, to see if we could get a booking for that evening. We were lucky and got a table for eight o'clock. There were still two hours before that time and we spent them talking some more about the book contracts and us. The contracts were easy. I told Danielle that no matter how close we were or later became, she was still my agent and nothing would change our business arrangement. Our contract, as far as I was concerned, was valid. She was grateful that I'd brought it up first.

"Speaking of that, Anna, and I should have mentioned it earlier, your publishers want you to impersonate Ryan King and do a short tour of the South. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, maybe Arkansas. Around ten days in all. It seems they like your stuff down that way. The figures they quoted for sales to date are very good, extraordinary actually, and they want to build on that. This one's up to you; they won't insist if you don't want to do it. I think it would be good if you did it because sooner or later Quick Kill is going to be made into a movie and the more books you sell the more people will want to see the movie."

"I'm okay for that, Danielle. I love that part of the country and I really do enjoy meeting my fans. Just a moment – ten days without seeing you?"

"I can fly down to meet you at the weekend. It's quite hot at this time of the year though, Anna. I might have to keep taking my clothes off to keep cool. They want early July – does that fit in with your plans?"

As we talked she slowly removed her clothes. I think it was deliberate and it was surely erotic. We'd had our first round of sex that evening fully clothed except for panties and gone on to talk contracts. Now she slowly peeled off her jacket and then slid her skirt down those gorgeous legs. She was left with a pale blue pleated silk camisole and fine black lace-top stockings and still wearing the black suede pumps I coveted. She stood in front of me and her little red bush was glistening with beads of come like little pearls among fine fur. It was an enchanting sight and she saw me looking at her with a mixture of lust and admiration.

"Why, Anna, I believe you're staring at my little old pussy. Do you like what you see?" She thrust her hips forward a little and I certainly did. I pushed myself off the chair and knelt in front of her to apply my tongue to the contents of the bush, the secret garden under her fur.

A few moments later she was pushing herself at me as I tongued her clitoris, alternating with long licks along those nether lips that now tasted of her special nectar. Danielle's juices are sweet and tasty and I loved making her come with my tongue from the very first time I did it for her. Eventually she writhed and bucked and I was having difficulty keeping my mouth on her because she was moving so much, but finally she came in a gush and I could feel the spasms passing through her.

"Jesus, Anna. That was so good." She took me by the hands and lifted me up. "Lift up your dress, Anna," she said. "Let me do the same for you." She knelt on the floor and took my already hard penis between her lips and I was so excited I came within a minute and she drank the whole lot down. I shucked off the dress I'd borrowed from her so I was only wearing my bra and shoes. "Just a second," I said, "I want to show you something." I fished around among my shopping bags and found the black corset I'd bought at Saks. I shed my bra and wrapped the corset around myself and turned my back on Danielle. She saw I needed hooking up and helped me out. The corset was mainly black satin with a lace, tulle and pink ribbon trim that was absolutely divine.

"Oh, I'm jealous," said Danielle.

"Don't be," I said, and passed over the twin of my corset, identical except for the ribbon trim, which was a bright red.

"Oh, Anna, it's beautiful. Here, do me up." She shook off the rest of her clothes except her stockings and wrapped the corset around herself and I hooked it up at the back for her. She looked in the mirror and admired herself, and connected the garter tabs to the stockings she was still wearing. I went to the bedroom and recovered mine as well and quickly had them on with my own strappy heels. We looked into the mirror standing side by side and we both looked very good, except that Danielle, as would be expected, had the better figure. The only other difference was that one of us had an erect penis.

"We need to care of that lump, Anna. My God, it's got a life of its own. I didn't know men could get this many erections in so short a time."

"When we have a sex aid like you, anything's possible," I said.

"You've got a smooth tongue, Anna, and versatile too. Quick, fuck me once more, then we have to get ready."

I did as I was asked and I loved the sensation of sex in the corsets and stockings. Eventually we had to shower and get to the restaurant, but we wore the corsets, and I wore my business suit over mine. The contrast of the slick black suit with the lace and tulle and satin peeking through the jacket was magic. We had a fabulous meal and I finally called a halt because I was supposed to be heading home.

"Are you sure you're okay to drive, Anna? I don't mind if you sleep over with me. I have this divine short, chiffon night gown and matching panties that would suit you so well. They're a delicate pink and very sexy."

I gave up and stayed the night, but I rang Fifi to let her know where I was. Yes, the nightgown was very sweet and very sexy and I rather liked it, except I wasn't able to keep the panties on for very long.

The next morning, Saturday, I was almost bursting to put words on to paper and by the time I left the city I'd agreed to do the tour of the South. I knew I'd see Danielle again before too long to sign contracts, and there was always the telephone. I climbed into my car, paid the equivalent of the national debt of Canada to the parking attendant and I was on the way. I was wearing the corset and a new St. John top and skirt I'd bought the day before. Two hours later I pulled into my own driveway and went straight to my study to start work, stopping only to greet Fifi, today resplendent in a dark blue uniform with pink tulle petticoats. A nice change from white petticoats and sexy as hell.




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