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Series Originator Note: I first met Bluto through his comments on one of my stories, and we found we shared a similar set of themes around the unsung and unwritten tales of the TG fiction victims. After exchanging emails, I knew he would be key to lending Angel a helping hand. It is so good to see Laura and Harold live again, I need to find another reason to get them to come back.

So put on some Bossa Nova, fill the room with Astrid Gilberto singing and please enjoy "Laura Returns to Brazil"


Laura Returns to Brazil- Rio de Janeiro Team

Slothrop's I Can See For Miles

by Bluto


October 28 - Praia da Reserva, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Well, Harold, what do you think of the view?" Laura smiled in relaxed pleasure at the brilliant blue sky.

"I knew Rio had some picturesque scenery, but I never realized it had such beautiful mountains." Harold grinned as he looked down at the group and definitely not at rock formations.

"Hey, Laura, I see why you said your boyfriend was a real wise ass. But he's got a pretty nice build for an old goat. And what's that I see rising it's nasty head in his Speedos?"

"Argh, I knew I shouldn't have let you talk me into wearing these skimpy swim trunks and then taking me to a topless beach in the middle of nowhere. We must be 30 miles from downtown. And, by the way, Kelly Ann, Laura's the only one who gets away with calling me an old goat."

"See girls, I told you I knew a black man who could turn red."

"Let's see what happens when we pummel him with our huge breasts!"


Harold Lee hoped he was not that obvious in his pleasure at the attention of three almost nude women but knew that was a forlorn wish. He was really happy he'd let Laura talk him into this rather impromptu vacation in Brazil.

Fall was just taking hold back in Peoria and soon enough it would be time for the first snow of the season. Here on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro it was mid-spring and the sun was wonderfully bright and hot.

It had been an eventful year since he and Laura decided to live together. They had found a mutual calling in running a halfway house for Laura's fellow victims of the Loft Gang. They both thought it was ironic yet fitting that they had purchased the Loft's old property and with support from government funding used it to provide comfort to those men who were now women against their will.

All three of the delightful females who accompanied him today were survivors of The Loft and their program of changing lonely young men into she-male bimbos for South American perverts.

Laura was his official girlfriend now, but she had been born John Warren of Houston, Texas. She was chemically castrated by the doctor who did all the Loft's involuntary plastic surgeries and later, during her five year stay as a sex slave in Brazil, she had been forced to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. She had been bitter about all that for a long time, but seemed to finally be adjusting to living life as a real woman.

Harold had never known Laura as anything but a woman and he had even progressed to the point of telling her he loved her, but his fundamentalist upbringing still generated a nagging array of hang-ups and issues with the situation.

The other "girls" were Kelly Ann Peoples and Jacki Golby. Kelly Ann had never left Brazil and, in fact, had willingly undergone SRS so she could stay with her man, Raul. In addition to a vagina, she'd had some huge breast implants installed, taking her natural "B" cups to a bra busting "DD" which she exposed at every opportunity.

Jacki returned to the States and kept her male genitals, but was resigned to living the life of a woman. The publicity she received as one of the "Angels of the Amazon" (as the Loft victims were dubbed by the media) had turned up a long lost relative, from whom she eventually received a small inheritance. It allowed her to live without the necessity of a job (which was fortunate since she had no marketable skills) and even to support an understanding girlfriend. Jacki had decided to appear as part of a loving lesbian couple to the world at large.

The beach was in a newly developing area on the outskirts of Rio, and while no public beach in Brazil is topless per se, this one was known for tolerating the practice. Three such attractive, bare breasted women would have normally been hounded to death by the local beach bums, but they took one look at the brawny ex-football player who accompanied them and kept a respectable distance.

"Well, what do you want to do next, ladies?" Harold asked as he rubbed some more suntan lotion on Laura's back. "We've already gone swimming, swatted around a beach ball and baked in the sun."

"I'm hungry, let's eat," said Kelly Ann, the tallest and thinnest of the girls who was also endowed with the most sizeable breast implants.

"Yeah, food," Laura said. "I know a wonderful little restaurant not far from here."

"Do we have to put on clothes?" Jacki asked.

"'Fraid so, girl. We don't want to get arrested."

The friends had a light lunch of fresh fish and fruit, accompanied by rum drinks. Just as they were finishing a man in an incongruous looking dark blue suit walked up to the table.

"Ola, Laura," he said. "It is good to see you again."

"Abracos, Hans," Laura replied. "You're right on time."

"On time? What's going on here?" Harold asked.

"Sorry I didn't tell you before now, Sweetie, but this is actually also a little bit of a business trip. This is Hans Staden, a special field operative for the Brazilian government. He was the brains behind the sting operation that busted the Loft's customers in this country."

"How do you do, Harold? Laura has told me many good things about you and it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance."

"Hi. My, your English is very good. Much better than my Portuguese."

"It sometimes comes in handy in my line of work my friend."

"Am I to assume this "work" of yours has to deal with busting some more perverts?"

"Yes, Honey, I'm afraid it does," said Laura, a look of concern coming over her lovely face. "There is a world wide conspiracy going on to use the internet and advanced cyber technology to fulfill the twisted wishes of a small group of sickos. If the technology is proven to be viable there will be a huge expansion of franchises and the victims will number in the hundreds, perhaps even the thousands."

"And how did you find out about this enterprise?"

"They came to my Raul, to ask him if he would like the buy a franchise," Kelly Ann said. "What they didn't know was that Raul has repented from his perverted past and wanted nothing to do with their dirty scheme. Well, OK, he's still a pervert, but I satisfy all his bad urges so he doesn't need any other outlets."

"I'll take over here, Kelly Ann," Laura said. "As it turned out, Raul was one of the few Loft customers who truly regretted what he had done. He has given us more than a million dollars to help victims of the Loft who were left with nothing. This was done anonymously, so the people running these franchises have no idea that Raul is not on their side. As you know, Harold, most of the customers here got off with little or no punishment. Even Justino Bravard got away with little more than a slap on the wrist."

"Yeah," Jacki chimed in, "since all the victims were Americans, and since the customers spread around the bribes liberally, the case pretty much died once the US government lost interest and the story left the front page. That lawsuit against the government of Brazil? It went nowhere."

"Yes, it's true," Staden added. "I am ashamed of the government I work for. That is why I am here unofficially."

"Anyhow, Raul has an invitation to a demonstration being held on October 31, Halloween night, two days from today. He can take guests with him, but Hans is too well known to go and there's no one else in government he can trust to not spill the beans ahead of time. We need to catch these mother fuckers because the information I have is they have one or more captives, minors, who are going to be forced to take part in the show live."

"Boys or girls?"

"I'm not sure and, really, does it matter? These assholes must be stopped. I will not allow anyone else to be victimized if I can help it!"

Laura slammed her fist on the table, arousing curious looks from the other customers.

"Well, that may not have been very feminine, but that's the way I feel."

"Right on sister, me too," Jacki said as she patted Laura on the shoulder. "I will never forgive these bastards for what they did to me. You've been a Playboy model and Kelly Ann there is happy with her tamale man, but I have never adjusted. People look at me and see nothing but an empty headed, giant breasted, blonde. But I am a man! Can I help it if I'm deathly afraid of surgery? I'd have never had these ridiculous boobs implanted on my own and SRS is out of the question. But I'm too big a coward to even have these things removed and the only way I can avoid looking like a freak is to go on pretending to be a woman. Oh how I hate anyone who would do this to another innocent person."

Jacki began to sob and Kelly Ann and Laura both held her hands to show their support. Harold was astonished. He had no idea Jacki felt this way and was somewhat ashamed that up to this moment be had fallen for her bimbo act.

"She hides it well," he thought. "God, could I hold on as well if that happened to me?"

"So, Hans is too well known to go to the meeting and there's no one local you can trust," he said. "Is this where I come in?"

"It is indeed, Honey," Laura cooed. "You are going with Raul as a wealthy investor looking for a piece of the action. Then, one of you will be looking for the self-destruct device and the other will be looking for the kidnap victims. There will be a major disturbance from the headquarters of these bastards at midnight and then all hell will break lose."

"Ah, won't the fact that I speak hardly any Portuguese be something of an impediment?"

"Not at all baby, seeing as how I'm going as your aide."

"What? But you must be one of the most well known people in Brazil. You'll certainly be recognized by some of the people attending this shindig."

"No doubt," Laura said with a mischievous grin. "That's why I'm going disguised as a man."


October 29 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the Copacabana area

The room was in the Savoy Othon, one of Rio's "secondary" hotels. Nice enough for their purposes, but not in a location that would draw too much attention.

Laura was trying out her disguise with help from Jacki and Hans Staden. Kelly Ann was working on the teleconference hook-up, while an operative he hadn't met before was introducing himself to Harold. It was Manoel, son of the cook, Isabelle, who had been Laura's only friend for most of her nightmarish stay in Brazil.

Manoel was completely devoted to Laura and was happy when she asked for his help with this operation. He was 19 now, but looked much younger after shaving his mustache and goatee and his slight build and fairly delicate face was perfect for what they needed.

"I understand what I am to do," Manoel said, using the English Laura had taught him sprinkled with his native Portuguese. "I am to play the meek victim, brought along by you as an offering to these mentecaptos. I will help bring down these horrible creatures com prazer. I am sorry my mother had to work for that monster, Paulo, for so many years."

"Well, just remember this ain't no game," Harold said. "These bastards will be playing for real."

"Got sound and video," Kelly Ann announced. "Ladies and gents, the mysterious Angel."

All present turned to the screen and there they saw a delicate looking person with long brown hair and a very nice rack. With one exception, the casual viewer would assume this was a high paid bimbo doing a commercial for some cosmetics firm.

The eyes were out of place. They were not bright and cheery like a model's. Instead they were intense, cold and dangerous and no one in the room had any doubt who was in control.

"Laura, I've heard a lot about you," Angel said. "I'm glad you decided to take part in this mission. Along with all the rest of you, of course. I'm here now to detail exactly what you are facing and what you need to do and to answer any questions, of course."

What followed was a 20 minute lecture on Promisense, TransTalent, Impolecs, the PleasureJac, self-destruct switches, kidnap victims, Adrian Beimbeau and Ord Stonewell. At the end of the lecture Harold Lee raised his hand.

"Let me get this straight, are you encouraging us to kill anyone involved with this project? Anyone who might get in our way?"

"These are violent people, Mr. Lee. They tried to assassinate me at my wedding ceremony and wound up killing my father. They tried to kidnap the son of Marissa Dupre, the owner of Junecellular, Inc., an innocent supplier who was asking too many questions. When their victims are used up, they sell them into slavery in the worst kind of bordellos. These people will stop at nothing and we must be prepared to answer them in kind."

"Well, I was a cop on the Peoria police force for more than 15 years and in all that time I never once fired my gun. Nor did I kill anyone when we took down the Loft, although I guess I could have if I'd had to. What I'm saying is, I'm not killing anybody in cold blood. I will defend myself and I will do all I can to protect those on this team. But if you're looking for a hit man, you've got the wrong person."

The others in the room shuttered, while a look of curiosity appeared on Angel's impassive face and the dead killer eyes softened just a little bit. He smiled for the first time in weeks.

"No, Harold, no one expects you to do anything against your own morals. It's enough for me that you're willing to help. I know you will do the right thing when and if the time comes. Is that fair enough?"

"Just so long as we understand each other Angel, that's all that I ask."

Angel signed off and Kelly Ann shut down the equipment.

Laura looked at Harold and smiled, realizing once again what a rare man he was and how lucky she was to be able to call him her own.

"OK, now that that's all over, we've got a hell of a lot of preparations to make before Halloween."



October 31, The Intercontinental Hotel, the Sao Conrado area, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The demonstration was to take place at one of the finest hotels located in one of the posh and exclusive areas of Rio. Attendance was by invitation only, of course, and security was tight. Hotel management had no idea of the nature of the meeting, but the money was too good to ask many questions.

Harold, Laura, Raul and Manoel arrived at 9 PM, not really early, but early enough to find out what they needed to know before midnight.

Harold was outfitted in a tuxedo, his hair and beard sharply trimmed and his mouth smoking a 7" long C. A. O. Brazilla Ipanema cigar. He wore a tiny domino mask in deference to the holiday, as did Laura. Laura smoked a 6-1/4" Samba from the same company and wore a pin striped business suit, a homberg hat and white gloves. Under that suit she had to endure a binding corset that did it's best to compress her "D" cup breasts, a struggle that was intensified by the fact that her breasts were the product of medical science, rather than soft, squishy nature.

Raul dressed casually, as was his custom and had to be divested of the small pistol he had concealed in his belt before he would be let in. He complained the the gun went along with his cowboy hat, but his argument fell on deaf ears.

Manoel's hair was lengthened 6" with extenders and he wore it in a full ponytail. He wore a pastel blue suit with a shirt opened to the belly button and some kicky shoes with 3" heels. It was anyone's guess what he was supposed to be but he presented the picture of androgyny which created a buzz among several of the guests.

"Mmmm, that's an unspoiled little dish," said a fat, dirty looking man with a crewcut. "I wonder what that fellow there would take for her?"

The fat man was Jorge Bacara, a bicheiro, a big man in the illegal lottery. He was talking to Antonia and Roberta, both she-males and both experts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They were serving as Bacara's body guards tonight, as no firearms were allowed to anyone, even security.

Bacara was well known to Laura. Her owner, Paulo Constanza, had tried to sell her to Bacara, leading to his own death and Laura's freedom. Laura had heard horror stories of how Bacara treated his Loft slaves and she had no intention of going to him.

"So, the fila de punta doesn't know when he's gotten off easy, does he," Laura said as soon as she spotted Bacara, dressed as Caesar, mixing with the guests. "I'll be sure to keep a close eye on that bastard."

As it turned out, the object of her scorn made it a point to introduce himself to her little group.

"Ah, Raul! It has been far too long since we last met, " he said in Portuguese. "Are these the two potential investors you told me about?"

"Yes, indeed. This is Sergio Boaha and his son Fabio. The fascinating young fellow with them is Manoel, whom, I am told, has an interest in show business."

"How are you, Sergio? It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Qual?" Harold said, cupping a hand to his ear.

"Oh, please forgive father," Laura said quickly. "He is quite hard of hearing and he refuses to use a hearing aid. He generally lets me do all the talking for him, so, for the both of us, it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Hmm, young Fabio, there is something very familiar about you. Have we not met before sometime in the past?"

"Not unless you have spent a lot of time in the wilds of the Amazon region. Father made his fortune mining for gold and precious gems in some of the less accessible areas of our great country and neither of us have been in the big cities much at all. My father lost his hearing in an indio attack on one of his digs; they were the Cintas-largas, a blood thirsty bunch of savages. Got an arrow right in his ear."

"Oh, well, that is all very fascinating, but I don't want to neglect my other guests. Er, you said this boy, Manoel, was interested in performing? Just what kind of performing did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I think the kind that brought us here tonight," Laura said as she bent close to Bacara's ear and lowered her voice to a whisper. "He is a bicha, the son of one of Daddy's foremen and a local indio woman. The indios didn't want him and the foreman ran off, never to be seen again. We have raised him from childhood and have taught him well how to keep a man 'entertained' in the lonely wilderness."

On cue, Manoel smiled and winked at Bacara.

"Yes, well, I can see there might be a place for him in our organization, perhaps I will introduce him to tonight's performers and see just how well they can get along."

That was even more than Laura had hoped for.

"What's going on?" Harold asked after Bacara finally moved on.

"He hinted that he'd like Manoel to join the live performers," Laura whispered to him in English. "That's a stroke of luck, although I'm sure they'd like to turn Manoel into Manoela."

"Seems awfully convenient to me," Harold replied, a look of concern on his face. "Bacara's no fool, are you sure he isn't on to you?"

"I think the greedy bastard is more concerned with money now than anything else. Besides, we can't very well fold up our tents and leave. We've got to see this through."

Time passed quickly as everyone went about acting out their parts. Manoel was introduced by Bacara's associates to a child of dubious gender and told this was the star of the live show. The child, who didn't look a day over 15, looked to have a mixture of European and Asian features. Everything about him, his well cared for skin, manicured nails and perfect grammar, indicated someone who had been given at least a middle-class upbringing, if not higher. Only a fluttering anxiousness and an eagerness to begin the show indicated that there was any extra pressure on the child.

Manoel was not allowed to talk to the star, called Fatima, before the show, but he was allowed to stay for make-up and costuming. Making full use of his heritage, Fatima was made up as a geisha girl, white powder face, hair pins and all. He was also fitted with a pair of un-geisha like "D" cup prosthetic breasts. Manoel was informed that "Fatima" was scheduled for plastic surgery and would soon have no need for the prosthetics.

That information was provided by "Spike" a boy about Manoel's age who was most definitely street. He was about 5'10" and had a sinewy black body. He boasted of the size of his dick and how many times he had screwed Fatima in rehearsal. He was certainly there by choice, not coercion.

A large video screen was set-up in one of the hotel's smaller conference rooms for the internet show. The guests were treated to platters of caviar and truffles and many local delicacies. There was also a large bowl of Viagra for anyone who needed it.

"If Angel's information is correct, the fail-safe is in the next room," Laura whispered to Harold as he helped himself to the caviar. "I was able to walk through and I believe I can disable it if I get that distraction he promised."

"Good job, Son," Harold said as he continued looking over the treats. "Where's Raul and Manoel?"

"Manoel has found the kidnap victim and is trying to stay close. Raul is mixing with some old buddies of his."

"Man, I hope he can be trusted. I know Kelly Ann thinks the world of him, but he sure seems to be at home with these creeps."

Just then Roberta, the she-male bodyguard, walked up to Laura and Harold. She was tall and stunning. Her outfit was vaguely Roman gladiator based. She wore a full length leather dress that was slit all the way to the crotch to show off her muscular legs and thick heeled sandals. Her modest, all-natural bust was supported by a "wonderbra" for maximum cleavage and her perfect posture kept her chest at attention.

"The boss wants to see you two, would you mind coming this way?"

Laura and Harold smiled and followed Roberta to a side room. The room was equipped with a large picture window that had a two-way mirror on the other side. Anyone in the room could see what was happening in the large meeting room without being seen in return.

The midnight hour was approaching and "The New Johnnie-to-Jill" had already started. Bacara was being fitted for the PleasureJack, the only one at this location.

"Do come and join me for the show," he told Laura and Harold as he swallowed a handful of Viagra. "This is the device you have been told about. It's the only one here, but you can use it when I am through."

"Oh, we wouldn't think of interfering with your pleasure, Jorge. We really need to find Raul and Manoel and rejoin them."

"Don't worry about them, Laura, they will be well taken care of," Bacara said with an evil grin. With that the bodyguards took off their belts and removed two concealed plastic knives, six inches long and very sharp.

"Ha, ha, ha, this is Halloween, but you thought I wouldn't see through your disguise, Laura dear? I sat across from you for two weeks at that trial I was forced to attend, you quenga. I didn't recognize you at first, but those green eyes gave you away. Hey, I saw you try to play a man once on "Oprah." You really haven't gotten much better."

It was only two minutes 'til midnight and Harold figured he had to stall.

"You know, of course, that we have a large team of federal police ready to bust in here at any sign of trouble?"

"I doubt it," Bacara said as the combination of Viagra and victory over the hated Laura gave him the beginnings of his best hard on in years. "The government isn't interested in these cases. And those who are interested have been paid off."

"What about Hans Staden?" Laura said. "You can't buy him off."

"That may be true, but he's just one voice crying in the wilderness and that voice can be stilled if it gets too annoying. Now shut up, traveco, my pica is hard and I'm going to cum."

It was at that moment that midnight struck.

"Arrrrgh, arrrrgh, it's biting off my pica. Get it off! Get it off!"

Laura used the distraction to dash out the door before either of the body guards could move, while Harold tackled Roberta and sent them both smashing through the picture window. While she was still under him and stunned Harold gave her a knuckle sandwich and put her out of the fight.

Antonia was trying to help her boss out of the PleasureJack, but he only hollered louder every time she pulled on it. She snarled at Harold and ran at him with her plastic shiv.

"Give it up," Harold said as he faced her. "The cops will be here soon, it's all over."

"To caganado porisso," was all she would say as she slashed at Harold with her weapon.

She sliced his jacket and drew blood as Harold tried to back peddle away. Antonia lunged and Harold caught her in a sunset flip, landing her on her back. Harold ripped off his jacket as panicked spectators tried to get out of the way. Antonia was quick to her feet and tried to stab Harold again, but this time he caught the knife in his jacket, twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to let go.

"I'm too old for this shit," Harold said as he held the struggling she-male in a sleeper hold and slowly put her out. He resisted the temptation to sneak a good look at her impressive cleavage and gently laid her on the floor.

"Good work. Laura told me you used to wrestle. I wish I'd have seen you in the ring."

Hans Staden was standing over Harold with a big grin. He and some trusted government agents were performing a mopping up operation.

"Laura and Raul were able to turn off the self-destruct in time and Manoel kept them from running off with the kidnapped boy. I would call this operation a big success."




The raid and the attempt to bring PleasureJac franchises to Brazil once again put "Forced Fem" on the front pages. None of the guests were charged with any crimes, but they were told in no uncertain terms to never get involved in this type of thing again.

Fatima, as it turned out, was the offspring of a prominent Japanese-Brazilian family and everyone involved with his kidnapping and feminization were prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

They were able to save Bacara's pica, but nerve damage from the PleasureJac assured he would never have another hard on, Viagra or not. While he served his time in prison, rivals took over his lottery business, and no place was found for him when he got out. But he found his true calling in jail. Now he I known as 'E feio caxorra' (The ugly dog) and can be found in the less fashionable parts of town giving low cost blow jobs.

Laura and Harold finished their vacation without further interruption and look forward to the day when Bluto gets tired of writing "Cat and Mouse" and can get around to their further adventures in Peoria.

End of Laura Returns to Brazil

Laura, Paulo Constanza and Justino Bravard were created by the great Jacki Pett in "The Export."

Harold and all other characters were created by Bluto in "The Return."

Bluto has also written six "Cat and Mouse" stories, all posted at Fiction Mania.

Bluto would like to thank the real Hans Staden for his help with Brazilian terms and locations. Couldn't do it without you, Hans!




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