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Lilac Dreams

by Abby Rhodes


My corset was beautiful. It was satin and lace with a short tulle frill around the hem and it was a glorious lilac shade. My panties matched perfectly and suspenders held up my lilac stockings. Julie had thought ahead and bought me a pair of patent lilac pumps with four-inch heels and a lilac wig that was perfectly straight and just touched my shoulders. Around my neck she'd tied a lilac ribbon as a choker. My make-up? Lilac lipstick and lilac eye shadow. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and I was truly a picture in lilac. If I say so myself, I looked gorgeous and I was as hard as I could be. The lilac panties were beautiful, but they were having trouble keeping me under control.

Julie was also satisfied with her efforts. "You look fantastic Michelle and we'll be going out soon. Just let me check these restraints. I don't want your arms falling off because they're too tight.

Julie had modified the corset. On each side, top and bottom, she'd attached loops of lilac ribbon that fastened around my upper arms and wrists with small padlocks so that my arms were pinned firmly to my side.

I had no idea what Julie had planned for tonight, but she had gone to an awful lot of trouble to see that I looked good. This idea of dressing in one colour was something new. She'd told me earlier that I was to take extra care with my body this evening. No overlooked hairs or spots.

Julie and I have been married for three years and I find our relationship very satisfactory. She tells me what to do and I do it - end of story. From the day we were married she'd taken control, and I loved it because I'd always wanted a submissive relationship. I'm sure that was one of the reasons she married me. I'd taken a chance on her early on in our courtship by telling her I liked to dress in lingerie. Her eyes lit up and I was glad I'd told her my secret. I had no idea how she planned to use me until after we left the church but I've never felt moved to complain. I felt I was incredibly lucky to have married her because, Lord knows, there were plenty of guys after her. Our first meeting was one of those where sparks flew. I recognised the dominant in her and she saw the submissive in me.


"Follow me, Michelle," said Julie. "You can watch me get dressed."

She led the way into the master bedroom - more of a Mistress bedroom really - and took off her silk robe. She was naked underneath and I admired her beautiful figure. Her breasts are full but not oversized and she has a narrow waist and nice hips. She inclines more to Marilyn Monroe than a super-model. Her hair is a soft auburn and her legs are long and shapely.

She had already done her make-up, so she only had to dress herself. I watched as she took a handful of panties from her lingerie drawer and examined them, selecting a black satin pair that she placed on the bed while she found the matching black satin garter belt and put it around her waist and fastened it. She liked to dress to thrill, so it was the black stockings next, rolled up her shapely legs and fastened securely. Then a matching black satin bra and lastly the panties. She looked at herself in the mirror and gently passed her left hand over her satin covered pubic mound.

"God, I'm attractive. Don't you agree Michelle?"

"You are radiant, Mistress Julie," I said. "You must be one of the most beautiful women in America. I feel honoured just to watch you dress. As always, I feel myself getting hard just watching you."

"Thank you, Michelle. Don't get too excited too soon. You have a long night ahead of you."

"I'm sure I will love whatever it is you want me to do, Mistress. Serving you is my pleasure. Looking at you in black satin lingerie is a delight. Would you like me to pleasure you with my tongue before we go out?"

"It's tempting, Michelle, but there'll be plenty of tongue later on. I think I'll wear the black chiffon tonight. You like that dress, don't you?"

"It suits you beautifully, Mistress. You were made for black chiffon." The black chiffon dress is in layers, some of which are asymmetrical and mainly come to about knee level. It shows her cleavage, her wonderful cleavage, and sometimes when she turns quickly the skirt lifts up to reveal a flash of thigh and a stocking top. The dress looks good on me, too.

She put it on, followed by a pair of black stiletto-heeled pumps to extend her long legs just that little bit further, then put on gold bracelet, necklace and earrings. She admired herself in the mirror again and declared herself ready. Usually I would have helped her dress to go out, because that was part of my duties as the household help. Most of the time you'll find me in a French Maid's uniform and I love helping Mistress Julie dress and undress.

The black satin cloak I wear sometimes was in my side of the wardrobe and Mistress put it around me and fastened the three ties and put the hood up. She led me to the garage and opened the car door so I could get in and she lifted the trailing cloak in after me, then went around to sit in the drivers seat and we were off.

It wasn't that unusual for us to be out together. Despite my subservient role , Mistress truly cares for me and we often go out to movies, shows or dinner. Most of those times I'm completely female, but once in a while she likes to make me up so I look androgynous, a made-up male in drag, or a girl dressed in men's clothing without much make-up. It certainly keeps people guessing. Tonight I was partly immobilised, and that was different from our normal routine, and I was enjoying the game. Mistress still hadn't told me where we were going, but she was heading South.

She navigated her way into an area where I knew she had several friends, and she finally said to me, "Michelle, We're on our way to Mandy's place. You're going to be her present because she's thirty-five today and I suspect she hasn't had a good fuck since that bastard husband of hers ran off with that so-called secretary a year ago. I'm surprised she didn't fall and kill herself with her panties around her ankles all the time. Samantha will also be there and with me that's three women you have to satisfy tonight, so stay hard and don't come too often. I want you to fuck the three of us until we can't walk, but Mandy in particular. If you do a god job, I'll get you a new outfit just like the one you're wearing, except it will be red and I'll take you to the movies and fuck you while you're wearing it."

"Thank you, Mistress. I love this outfit, it makes me feel so sexy, and I love being out in the car with my arms restrained. If only all those people we've passed knew what I was wearing."

Mistress smiled and shortly we turned into Mandy's long drive and pulled up outside her front door, which is concealed from her neighbours by shrubs and hedges. Mistress opened the car door for me and I stepped out and stood in front of the door. She took off my cloak and then rang the bell. Mandy answered the door and she put her hand to her mouth and gave a little squeal.

"Oh, Julie. What's this? Is this my present? Oh, it's Stephen."

"No, Mandy, tonight she's Michelle and, yes, she is your present."

"Oh, again. Come in then. It's wonderful to see you, darlings." Mandy kissed Mistress and then kissed me on the cheek. She led us to her living room where Samantha was sitting on the couch waiting to see who had arrived.

Let me describe these two women to you. Mandy and Samantha and Mistress all went to school together and Samantha is blonde and pretty and Mandy is very dark and alluring. Her skin has a golden tone to it and we have speculated that there may be a touch of Latin America in her ancestry. Samantha is pale by comparison, but both have terrific figures and both were looking scrumptious tonight. Mandy was wearing a white satin camisole top and a pale sand coloured skirt that flared from the hips and fell short of her knees. Samantha had a dark green soft satin dress on that skimmed her body and was incredibly sexy. Both were wearing very high heels.

"Well, what have we here?" asked Samantha. She stood and walked around me and looked particularly at the bulge that was distorting the front of my panties.

"This is Michelle, Sam and she's Mandy's birthday present. Having said that, she has instructions to satisfy every sexual demand we make on her tonight. I think the only rule is that Mandy's first. Help yourself, Mandy."

Mandy's eyes sparkled as she poured fresh drinks. "I'm going to enjoy this, Julie. What a wonderful and imaginative present, and my favourite colour too. Christ, I can't remember when I last got fucked." She moved up close to me and ran her hand over my bulging panties. "Oh, I like the feel of that," said Mandy. "What is it, Julie? Seven inches?"

"A little longer than that, actually, and she knows how to use it. I've immobilised her arms so you have total control."

Mandy pulled my panties down just enough for my cock to spring free and she and Samantha both gave little gasps. Mistress sat on the couch and watched as Mandy continued to walk around me, checking me out. Finally she said, "Lie down on the floor, Michelle. I need to get that up inside me."

I lay on my back on the floor, kneeling down first, then leaning to one side to get to the floor, then turning face up. Doing these things without arms can be tricky. Mandy undid her skirt zip and it dropped around her feet, revealing that she was wearing stockings and a garter belt. She kicked the skirt across the room and a pair of white panties flew off immediately afterwards. She still had the rest of her clothes on when she sat down on my cock and I slid up inside her. Both of us were quite wet.

"That feels so good, " said Mandy. "It does me good to be filled up. I'll just sit here for a while enjoying the feeling. This is a lovely cock, Michelle" She had a blissful smile on her face and didn't move for a good three minutes, at which point she started to lift herself gently up and down. "Ah", was the only thing she said, but she said it many times.

"Will you look at that smile," said Samantha. "She looks like she's taken a drug or something. Ride her, cowgirl!!"

I heard Mistress laugh. "Not just long, but quite thick as well, darling. It's a very addictive cock. I had to force myself to share."

"How long can she keep hard, Julie?" asked Samantha.

"You'll be amazed, darling. Sometimes for hours and sometimes it seems like days. Michelle has a very intelligent cock and you won't go short. Look at Mandy. Usually it takes chocolate for her to get that expression on her face."

Mandy had her eyes firmly closed and was still grinning as she started to increase the rate of movement up and down. Little moans escaped from her and she suddenly put on a burst of speed and I felt her pussy spasm as it clutched at my cock. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck" was all she could say as the spasms continued. Finally she slowed down and resumed just sitting. And then started over.

"This is great, Julie. I'm sorry to be greedy, but she is my birthday present and I want another one," she said.

"Quite okay," said Mistress. "Stop looking like that ,Sam. You'll get your turn, and later on Michelle will show you how a pussy should be licked out. The night is young, darling."

"Thank you for your reassurance. You've done a wonderful job on Michelle, Julie. I can't get over what beautiful legs she's got, and the lingerie is brilliant."

"One of the advantages of a personal servant, Sam, is training them to fuck you for hours until you feel you've had enough, then you get your meals cooked, your house cleaned and your lingerie hand-washed. Paradise really."

"It is indeed. I must look for one. Look at Mandy, here she goes again."

Mandy had started to move at speed once more and she shouted this time as she came. Once she subsided she sat for a while before lifting herself off me with a distinctly wet sound. "Okay, next," she said. "Samantha? Julie?"

"Your turn, Sam. Climb on and ride the cock horse," said Mistress Julie. "You okay, Michelle?"

"Yes, thank you Mistress. I'm pleased that Mistress Mandy is enjoying her birthday present," I said.

"Save your breath, Michelle, you're going to need it." This from Samantha as she replaced Mandy. She'd taken off the green dress and was now in a pale green silk-satin camisole with fine ivory lace edging, a matching garter belt and pale misty-black stockings. She too flung her panties across the room and sat down. Her pussy was tighter than Mandy's and it felt really snug, about the same as Mistress's. It didn't take long before Sam came and she bucked about on me, literally riding me. "Again, Michelle," was all she said after she calmed down. Her second orgasm took even less time and I was starting to feel the juices running down between my legs into my ass crack.

"My turn," said Mistress. Her panties seemed to be already missing and she impaled herself on me and rode me in her expert way. She has the ability to read the state of my cock with her pussy and sense how far I am from coming, and she stopped and frowned at me as she felt I was near exploding. "Not yet, Michelle," was all it took for me to hold myself back.

Mistress slowly raised her activity level to the point she was used to where she got the most satisfaction from her orgasm. She leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders and I felt the grip of her vagina muscles threatening to rip my cock off if it didn't do exactly as she wanted me to. Finally she shimmied up and down my cock as she came for a good forty seconds.

The other women were gasping at the length of her orgasm. "It's just practice," she said, modestly. She got off me and suggested that Mandy sit on the couch with her legs spread and slumped down a little so I could give her pussy another treat. Mandy complied immediately and I licked out her juicy pussy with my expert tongue. Mandy, and Samantha, when she got her turn, both tasted sweet and salty at the same time. I loved that both kept their stockings, garter belts and high heels on through all of this. It made them very sexy.

I serviced them all twice and then they all sat on my cock again and came once more. Mistress was second to last and she smiled at me. I heard her whisper, "I think you've earned something red."

Mandy got the last ride in this round and then Mistress suggested she stand in front of me so I could lick her clean. That inevitably led to yet another orgasm, so Samantha had to have the same clean-up. Samantha had juices running down her thighs, and, as I hadn't come all evening, they were all her own juices. I licked her clean including the drops on her shoes and Mistress suggested I could do a round of nipple teasing if the others were prepared to remove their clothing. It only took seconds before six perfectly formed breasts were waiting to be tongued. For this they sat on the couch leaning forward while I brought their nipples to maximum erection. It was too much for Samantha. She told me to lie down again and she impaled herself on me once more. Mistress suggested that if Mandy were to sit on me in front of Samantha so my tongue could reach her pussy she would enjoy the experience. Mandy did enjoy the experience. I gave her clitoris yet another work-out and she took a long time to come, but screamed when she did.

It was now nearly midnight and as Sam came, Mistress replaced her on my cock and proceeded to make me come. I wanted to roar when the ejaculate literally blasted into her. I'd held myself back until Mistress' pussy literally gave me permission to unload and the experience after all that sex was wonderful. The other girls were watching and knew I had finally come. When Mistress finally got off me, Mandy said," Jesus Christ, she's still hard! I don't believe it. Well, one more and I'm going to have to quit. I'm starting to feel like I've been gang-banged and I love it. She sat down on me and took a long time, barely moving, to come again.

She stood up and said, "Sam?"

"No, sorry, doll. Believe it or not, I've had enough. Julie, can I borrow her some time?"

"When's your birthday, Sam?"


Two weeks later, as Mistress reached inside my red panties at the movies, having lifted up the black chiffon dress she'd let me wear, she said, "Sam's birthday is next weekend. I'll get the restraints put on this new red corset tomorrow."




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