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The Lingerie Party


Sissy Son


Dorian Travers thought she had seen it all. She had been a lingerie party plan organiser for a well known high street chain for seven years now, and she adored the job. For those that don't know about these parties, they basically consist of women only attendees viewing and buying lingerie, sex toys and kinky outfits. They usually take place in one of the ladies homes or sometimes in the local pub and are well known for the fact that the women get very rowdy and horny.

It was this sexually charged atmosphere which Dorian loved. Like most modern women, she adored sex and the new found sexual freedom which the fairer sex now had attained. She had noticed that as the years went on, the women at the parties became more and more wild and sexually aware. It wasn't just the younger ones either. The more mature women were sometimes just as naughty, if not more so.

Dorian herself was thirty-seven years old. She had long dark hair and a great figure for her age. She was already looking forward to the latest party which was at the house of a 42 year old single mother called Barbara Fox.

Dorian arrived at the house of the host about an hour before the party was due to start. She was greeted at the door by the host herself. It was immediately clear to Dorian that this was going to be a good party as Barbara Fox was evidently a sexual woman. She was slim, with long blonde hair and was certainly dressed for the occasion. Her outfit consisted of a low-cut leopard –print blouse and a tight black leather miniskirt with what looked like black stockings underneath. This, together with her black shiny knee-high boots with stiletto heels made her look every inch the mature sex kitten. Her fingernails were long and painted red and her make-up was quite heavy but smart, with bright red lipstick and a lot of black mascara.

The two women exchanged greetings and Dorian was invited into the lounge where she placed herself in an armchair and Barbara sat down graciously on the sofa.

"Would you like a drink?" asked the blonde host.

"Yes please" answered Dorian, "Coffee would be fine."

"SIMON" shouted Barbara emphatically, and within seconds a young man appeared in the doorway. He was quite a skinny guy, but cute with mousey hair and innocent looking blue eyes.

"This is my son, Simon. He's an only child and now eighteen years old, although most people assume he's a few years younger" laughed Barbara.

Dorian was quite shocked to learn he was eighteen as he was quite boyish and young looking but she smiled and stated,

"Hi Simon, I'm Dorian the party organiser."

"Hello Dorian. You look like a very nice lady" was his polite reply. Dorian was quite taken aback at his sweet reposte. She was not accustomed to such fine manners in today's young men. She thanked him for his politeness at which point Barbara told him to bring them two coffees.

"Yes Mother. Anything you say" he beamed, before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Wow. You have got him well trained" exclaimed Dorian. "My sons pull a face when I ask them to do anything around the house."

Barbara smiled wryly and said,

"I have very effective methods. You haven't seen the half of it yet."

Dorian was slightly puzzled but definitely intrigued by this last comment. As she sat mulling it over, Simon returned with the drinks. The ladies were given their hot coffees and Barbara asked her new friend if she would like a cigarette. Dorian was a smoker and so accepted the kind offer.

The blonde host then turned to her son and asked,

"Simon, would you get my cigarettes please?"

The young man visibly gulped but did as he was told. He somewhat tentatively approached his mother with the packet and then to Dorian's surprise and amusement dropped down to his knees in front of her and offered her a cigarette from the open container. His Mother gave a satisfied smile and took a cigarette between two of those red-nailed fingers and waited for her son to light it. With shaking hands Simon lit the cigarette with a gas lighter and Barbara teasingly blew smoke in his blushing face.

"Don't be rude Simon," quipped Barbara. "Offer our guest one as well."

The poor guy moved over to Dorian and sank to his knees again. Dorian noted how good it felt to have a young man kneel in front of her. It made her feel special and admired and when he lit her cigarette she mimicked her host by blowing smoke seductively in Simon's face. The two ladies laughed at his obvious embarrassment and he looked crestfallen

"I'd love to have a son as obedient as this one Barbara. Come on, what is your secret?" inquired Dorian. Simon suddenly looked quite scared and turned to his mother who still had a crafty smile on her face.

"Shall we show Dorian why I have so much control over you honey?" she asked her son in a quite un-motherly, husky tone of voice. "Shall we show her our little secret?"

"No mummy. Please don't" pleaded the hapless young man desperately.

"Well I think we should, as she asked very politely" retorted his mother as she suddenly grabbed her son by the hips and pulled him toward her. She then proceeded to undo his belt and trousers and swiftly yanked them down.

Dorian could not believe her eyes. Underneath his trousers, this young man was wearing a pair of black lacy panties and a garter belt with black stockings attached. The poor youth bowed his head in shame and Dorian couldn't help letting out a giggle at this strange sight and she looked to Barbara for an explanation.

"That's our little secret Dorian. He's so obedient to his mother because I keep him dressed in my underwear" smiled Barbara. "It all started out as a harmless punishment method. He was quite a naughty boy when he was younger. Always fighting and getting up to all sorts of typical boys mischief. Nothing I did seemed to make him stop, until I put him into my panties that is. He suddenly changed from a cheeky little ruffian into a meek and mild little boy who would do anything his mother said to stop her from telling all his mates about his times in women's panties."

Barbara sexily took another drag on her cigarette and added, "Of course I started to make him wear other kinds of women's clothes too. When he was really naughty I would dress him up in panties, stockings, a bra stuffed with socks and a girl's dress and full make-up. Then I would have him help me around the house and at night would send him to bed in the panties I had been wearing that day and a silky nightgown of mine. Eventually, his bad behaviour was virtually non-existent so I hardly ever needed to dress him. But I had enjoyed dressing him as a girl so much, that I just started doing it whenever I felt like it as it gave me such a buzz. And despite what he might say I think he secretly enjoys it too. You should see how excited his tiny thing gets when he pulls on a pair of my silky panties."

Simon squirmed with acute embarrassment as his mother continued. "Oh Dorian, a boy in panties will do anything for his mother. My son does all the housework, gardening and food shopping. He helps me dress in the morning and undress at night, washes all my sex toys and even hand-washes my dirty underwear. Every day he pays me compliments and tells me how attractive and sexy I look. I have a son who is totally devoted to me and my lingerie."

Dorian giggled again at how humiliating it must be for a young man to go through all this, but she was also very intrigued and above all else, very excited by it all. What mother wouldn't be? There was no sign of an end to poor Simon's embarrassment as his mother turned to him and coyly asked, "and sissy Simon is going to be attending the party this evening aren't you honey?" while blowing another plume of smoke into his face.

Simon looked aghast once again.

"No Mummy. Not in front of all those people. I did all my chores like you asked. No. I won't do it. Anything but that."

Barbara's self-satisfied look turned to one of feline anger as she swiftly hauled her son face down over her knee for a spanking. She slapped his bottom hard and gyrated her hips forward at the same time so that her leather skirted lap rubbed teasingly against her son's panty covered crotch as she shouted,

"How dare you disobey your mother in front of our guest? You will be our maid at the party tonight and you will model the sexy lingerie for us, won't you sissy Simon?" she hissed.

Fighting back tears, Simon responded between spanks.

"Yes mummy I will. Sorry I disobeyed you. I will be your maid at the party and I will model the lingerie for you."

"That's my boy" beamed Barbara as she helped her son back onto his feet. Dorian observed with great amusement that a small bulge had formed in Simon's panties. Barbara noticed the bulge herself and sneered. She then took one last hit of her cigarette and released the smoke into Simon's boyish face and stated in a lusty, seductive tone. "You know mummy always gets her own way." She then pulled him in close and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. Upon releasing him from her grasp, Barbara snapped, "now get up those stairs into my bedroom. I'll be up in a minute to dress you. You can wear that tarty little French maid's outfit I bought you for your sixteenth birthday."

Her son darted off immediately in the direction of the stairs as both women laughed in unison at how red his bottom was from the spanking. Dorian realised that she was starting to get wet down below at what she had just witnessed and she knew then that this was going to be the best lingerie party ever!


………To Be Continued.




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