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Lipstick Lover

by Rachael


" This is the best thing that could have happened to me" I thought to myself, here I am, a 47 year old man in the body of a 25 year old woman, and a very beautiful woman at that!.

It all started with my fascination with lipstick, I always found it was a real turn on for me, to see a beautiful female all dressed up and with her perfect make up, but the lips were something else, I just desired to kiss those coated lips and feel the lipstick on my own lips, it drove me wild, it also made me feel a bit of a pervert, but what the hell, it was all in my mind and I had never raised the courage to actually tell anyone about my fetish and confined it to my private life.

My wife knew about my compulsion, she didn't like it very much either, she was fine in the early days of our relationship but had stopped wearing any lipstick other than when she needed to go out shopping or to the doctors surgery for her check ups, it felt like she just didn't care anymore. We decided to part company over a year ago now, we rarely see each other since, just a fake smile and best wishes that are not meant. One day while feeling extremely sorry for myself I met the woman who would change my life forever, although I did not know it at the time, she was just another gorgeous woman who seemed to be the answer to my dreams, a woman who loved wearing lipstick and also liked wearing leather!.

I stared across the crowded bar at this vision of beauty as she entered the bar, stopping to get a drink along the way and then proceeding to sit at the table next to mine. I was in awe of this person, I was shaking, should I speak?, I did not know, I decided to drink up and leave before I fell apart in front of her. Suddenly she looked at me and said "Have you got a light, I seem to have lost my lighter", fumbling around in my pockets I managed to locate my lighter and struck up a light for her cigarette, "would you like one" she said with the most wonderful smile, "thanks, don't mind if I do" I said still shaking.

She asked me again for my lighter and lit up a second cigarette, " there we go, this ones for you", she said handing me the cigarette, I took it from her and noticed how her lipstick had covered the end and proceeded to slip it between my lips, as I drew my breath in I felt kind of strange, almost faint, yet I felt elated and content, without any further thoughts I finished my cigarette and motioned for the young lady to join me at my table.

"Thanks for the light" she said as she sat next to me, " my name is Melanie, its nice to meet you".." Pete" I blurted out, realising that we had not even introduced each other, "the feeling is mutual, it is my pleasure, believe me" I said staring at the vision before me. We sat and chatted for a while and I asked her if she would like another drink, "yes please" she replied " I think I will have a vodka and lemon please" she said placing her hand on my thigh, WHOA I thought, I am not going to be able to walk if I don't get straight up to the bar!.

As I rose I felt her hand slide down my leg and I strode off to the bar, after ordering the drinks I paid a quick visit to the men's room, smartened myself up, bought a condom ( always the optimist ) then returned to the bar, "the lady took the drinks" the barman commented as I looked for them.

As I approached the table I could see that Melanie was grinning widely and I didn't think a lot about it, I sat down and took a swig of my lager, "would you like another cigarette" she asked, "yes please" I replied taking my ciggies out of my pocket, " no, have one these, they are duty frees and I have loads of them" was her reply as she took my lighter and once again lit up the two cigarettes she was holding., "there we go" she said handing me one of the ciggies, once again the end was covered in her lipstick and made me feel very faint.

" You fancy getting something to eat Pete" Melanie asked as I finished my lager, "hmmm, I think that sounds like a great idea, what you fancy, English, Chinese, Indian", " tell you what, I know a nice little Italian place just round the corner, shall we try that " she said and I agreed. As we left the bar I noticed that Melanie's lipstick looked exactly the same as when I had first met her, yet she has had three drinks and a few ciggies since then, a little strange I thought but I must find out what lipstick she uses!.

As we walked the few yards to the Italian restaurant Melanie had mentioned I noticed what a fantastic body she had, she was about 5` 6" tall, her legs just went on and on, she had the cutest round ass and perfect breasts, about a "c" cup I would say which seemed to give her a perfect hour glass figure. Her face was perfect also, she did not need a lot of make up, it did not require it, she was naturally beautiful and make up would just have made her look slutty, perfect sky blue eyes, small pert nose and full pouty lips covered in this wonderful purplish red lipstick. She was dressed almost casually with a white silk blouse, leather skirt down to her knee and 3" stiletto heels finished it off nicely!, this must be my luck day I thought to myself as we entered the Italian restaurant.

We stayed at the restaurant for a couple of hours, getting to know each other better, she asked me so many questions, "do you have any family", that one was easy to answer, no, since my wife and I split over a year ago I have lived alone and lost touch with my siblings during my marriage, "what do you do for a living" was her next question, another easy to answer, I am between jobs at the moment, "good" she said with a smile on her face"

We left the restaurant and headed for a club, "ok" I said, " what do you fancy, dancing, talking or gambling" "hmmm, I think I want to dance" she said putting her arms around my neck and pulling me toward her, she kissed me on the lips and I suddenly felt very faint again, I stumbled and fell into her arms, "sorry, I think I must be a little tired" I said watching her expression, " that's ok, maybe we could go to my place and dance in private for a while if you want" was her reply, if I want, I want nothing more in the world than to take this wonderfully gorgeous woman back to her place for a private dance.

We summoned a taxi and she instructed the driver as to where she lived and within what seemed like few minutes we were there, I paid the driver and followed her to what looked like a very nice four or five bedroom house with a private drive. I was shocked as she walked to the door and it was opened by what I can only describe as a gorgeous maid, about 5`4", wearing a very sexy maids uniform and 6" stiletto heels. " welcome home Mistress" was the maids greeting, "your bath is drawn and prepared as you ordered" she said as she curtseyed and moved aside, "good Nicole, now continue with your work" Melanie said as she led me to the living room.

" Get yourself a drink and meet me upstairs Pete, I have something I want to show you, and get me a drink while you are there, I will have another vodka and lemon" and with that she disappeared from the room, I looked around for the drinks cabinet and found it to be by the window, as I poured our drinks I noticed that Melanie also had a gardener, and it was another drop dead gorgeous female, but I thought nothing more about it, must take a lot of work to keep a place of this size in order I thought to myself.

As I climbed the staircase I could not help but notice how feminine the whole place was, the was absolutely nothing masculine about it what so ever, the colours were all pastels and pinks, the materials were all lace and silk and there were so many mirrors, they were in every room. Just then I saw Melanie as I passed her room, " I thought you had got lost " she smiled as i walked into her room and gave her the drink.

"Melanie, can I ask you something" I said as I sat beside her on the bed, " why did you allow me to come back here with you, I am a 47 year old man, not particularly handsome, bit of a belly on me and a track record of failed relationships, where as you are what, 24, 25, drop dead gorgeous and live like a queen, you could have almost any man you wish for, why me", Melanie laughed, "you will find out Pete, it is not all about what you look like, or how your past has been, this will be a fresh start for both of us, however if you want to have any future with me at all, you must learn to do as I say, without question, if you cannot or will not do that you may as well leave now", well this set me back a little, here is a woman I hardly even know, yet she wants to dominate me and order me about, I thought for a few seconds when she took my face in her hands, looked deep into my eyes and said " you will never regret it, trust me" then kissed me long and hard on my lips.

The familiar faint feeling came over me as I fell back onto the bed, just then Nicole entered the room, "prepare him for his bath Nicole " I heard Melanie instruct the maid and before I knew it I was bathing in the biggest bathtub I had ever seen. The water was perfect, hot but not scolding, I day dreamed and found myself thinking about Melanie's lipstick and how wonderful it tasted on my lips, looking in the mirror above me I noticed that I seemed to be wearing quite a bit of it and laid and licked my lips to get even more taste while almost floating in the bath. "Come on dreamer, get yourself washed and get out of there, we have such a lot to do " Melanie pronounced as she walked into the room.

I began to wash myself with the liquid soap Melanie had given me, as I washed my legs I noticed that they seemed to be softer and smoother than I remembered, must be this soap I thought to myself, then a similar story with the rest of me, I felt softer and smoother all over, I looked up at the mirror and noticed that the lipstick was still on my lips, even though I had just used a flannel and soap, it just would not budge, " Ok, your time is up, lets have you getting dry" she said handing me a towel.

Once again it felt very different, my skin seemed to glow with life as I dried myself off, Melanie handed me a silk robe and smiled " sorry, its all I have gotten at the moment" she said as I slipped it on, "hmmmm, you look quite sexy in that actually, I might let you wear it all the time" she said still grinning. It was then that she hit me with a bomb shell, " now follow me and do exactly as I tell you, do you understand", "ok", I said, "sorry, you mean OK Mistress don't you", then like it was automatic I said "OK Mistress".

I followed Melanie to the room adjoining hers, " ok, you will be staying in this room, you will wear whatever clothes I leave out for you and will address me as Mistress at all times, is that understood ", "Yes Mistress" was all I could say, I did not know what was happening to me. I looked over at the bed and saw my clothing, it was a pair of denim jeans and a pink blouse, matching bra and panties and stockings and suspender, " is this a joke " I asked her as I picked up the clothing, she looked at me and walked over to me, she sent me reeling across the bed with a slap of her hand around my face, "this is no joke" she screamed " and you will address me as Mistress when you speak to me, is that clear!", I was stunned, "yes Mistress, I am sorry" was all I could say as I began to dress.

When I had finished dressing Melanie motioned for me to follow her, " now put these on " she said handing me a pair of 3" heeled sandals, then sit over at my dressing table. I did as she instructed and was surprised how easily I walked in the shoes, I sat at her dressing table and looked at myself in the mirror, it was me, still my masculine self wearing a pink blouse and a little of the lipstick, what have I done I wondered. Mistress Melanie moved behind me and said " now to make you my pretty boy" and began the make up procedure, first she took some kind of cleansing ointment and rubbed it into my skin, My midnight shadow just disappeared before my eyes, then came the foundation, she seemed to put it on very thick and almost moulded my new look, this was followed by powder and then mascara which seemed to pull out my eye lashes with every stroke of the brush.

After the mascara she applied a thin line of eye liner to my eyes and this was followed by the wonderful feeling of having eye shadow applied to your eye lids, I was entering a dream again, I looked at myself in the mirror and barely recognised myself, Mistress Melanie then began to work with a blusher brush, putting on a very generous amount to give the illusion of very high cheek bones, she then began to pluck my eye brows, something I used to do in my cross dressing days, something I remember to be very painful, yet I could not feel any pain at all. Lastly she got the same lipstick she was wearing and a brush, " this is your last chance to back out, are you sure you want to go on?" Melanie said before applying my lipstick.

Now having been a cross dresser most of my life you would think that having a woman totally feminize you would be my greatest fantasy, and it was, but there was something about this I was unsure about, yet my mind and lips betrayed me I said " I am sure Mistress, I want to serve you in any way I can", and with that she began to apply the lipstick to my lips.

That was all I remember, the same faint feeling came over me but this time I did pass out, when I came around again I found Mistress Melanie standing over me, "Welcome back", then pointing to the mirror she said " well, what do you think?", well I was gob smacked, I looked gorgeous, about twenty years younger and I actually fancied myself, I could quite easily slip out my cock and play with myself while staring at myself, how strange, yet I felt no sexual arousal toward myself at all.

While unconscious Mistress had slipped a wig on my head, it was long and auburn and had very delicate curls in it, it looked the business, It really looked like my own hair, " good " said Mistress Melanie and once again motioned for me to follow her. We walked down the staircase and back to the living room, " take a seat before you fall, are you still feeling groggy?" she enquired, "yes, it is a strange feeling, almost like I am not actually here" I replied, " you will feel like this for a few days, just till the job is done, then you will be ok, you do believe me don't you" she said " of course I do Mistress, I believe everything you tell me, I live only to please you" was an almost automatic reply, it seems I was being reprogrammed and could do nothing about it.

Mistress Melanie came and sat besides me, " I suppose you would like to know what is happening to you" she said as she placed her hand on my thigh, " well it would be nice Mistress" I replied not knowing if I was overstepping the mark, "well some years ago, my ex husband was a scientist, he developed a formula that would increase the sexuality of a person, it was not long before I realised that this would be good tool to get what I wanted, I changed the formula slightly and added female hormones and DNA, then I tried it out on my first guinea pig, my husband, that was a complete success and now he is my maid, Nicole, he has no memory of anything but wishing to serve me" she explained, "and I am your next guinea pig" I said, "well yes, but now I have refined the formula to get what I want, I don't want people that just live to serve me, I want someone more independent, someone to help me, someone to have a chat with, that's where you come in".

"I want someone I can trust to help me continue building my empire and you just happen to be the one" she whispered, "do you have any questions?, "how did you do this to me, did you put it in my drink?" I asked her, "no, nothing as simple as that, you were hooked the first time I lit up your cigarette, you see the formula is in my lipstick, and once you had tasted the lipstick on me I knew your body would yearn for more as the DNA and hormones began to work on you. You will always be mine, you will want to serve me but not like Nicole, she is totally submissive and needs me to survive, you will be a lot more independent and able to function alone when the transformation is complete. Now rest, you have a long few days ahead of you.

I smiled at Mistress Melanie and kissed her cheek, "yes Mistress" I said as I arose and left for my room, I was feeling a little tired. Upon reaching my room, I closed the door, removed the wig and lay on the bed, before I knew it I was fast asleep, doubtless dreaming of my new life.

As I awoke I remember things not quite feeling right, I sat up and moved the hair out of my eyes!, HANG ON, I moved the long auburn hair out of my eyes, I had taken the wig off before I got into bed, how did it get back on my head, I looked across the room and saw to my surprise the wig on the dressing table where I had left it, I pull at my hair and it WAS my hair, I rushed to the dressing table and could not believe what I saw, I was a flat chested woman of about 25 years of age, I was gorgeous, the make up was just like last night after the Mistress had finished putting it on, the lipstick was perfect even after a nights sleep.

Finding this all a bit hard to take in I moved back over to the bed and lay down again, this was so confusing, one day a man, the next day not sure if a man or woman, I looked like a gorgeous woman but I still had my tackle and no breasts, what was going on, I tried to think about it but the more I thought about it the more tired I got and in no time I was fast asleep again. I remember dreaming about my new life, what would it hold for me, yet in my dream I was a women 100%, nothing masculine about me at all, I had 36 d breasts and my cock was just a memory, I dreamed of Mistress Melanie taking me with her strap on dildo when I was suddenly woken.

"Hello, how are you feeling, you have been sleeping for a couple of days and I thought I had better check that you were OK, you look great, better than I had dared to imagine, the transformation looks complete" Mistress Melanie said, well talk about shock, I looked down at my lovely breasts, BREASTS!!!, I had breasts, just like in my dream, my hand flew between my legs, nothing, my cock was gone and replaced by a pussy, I was 100% woman, just then the haze began to lift, my mind began to work again, but not like before, I was feeling feminine feelings and thinking feminine things, I felt elated and happy yet still very tired and slowly lapsed into my sleep again.

I awoke several hours later, my head was now perfectly clear, I got myself up and noticed that Mistress had placed the clothes she wanted me to wear on my seat by the dressing table, there was a leather skirt and leather blouse and a pair of 4" heeled leather knee boots, matching bra and panties and fishnet stockings and garter belt, I rushed into dressing then stood and admired myself in the mirror, the reflection was perfectly female in every sense, dressed to kill and sexier than any woman I had ever seen, god I am going to break a few hearts I thought as I stared at myself.

I left my room and wondered downstairs, "WOW, don't you look good Sexy" Mistress Melanie said as stood to greet me, " you look good enough to eat, and I just might do that later, but for now come and sit with me, we have many plans to make".

As we sat on the settee Mistress asked me if I would like a drink, I told her I would love a white wine, I could not believe it though, I had never drunk wine in my life, I suppose I had better get used to doing things I am not accustomed to I though to myself. Mistress Melanie got the drinks and came and sat besides me, "now for my plan" Mistress Melanie said as she took out a cigarette to light, "would you like one", no thank you Mistress, "I don't smoke" I replied in disbelief and with that she lit up her cigarette, "Now, the first thing we must do is ask you your new name", "It is Natasha Mistress" I said without thinking about it, "good Natasha, I see the reprogramming was a complete success" Melanie said with a sly grin on her face.

"Well Natasha, this is our plan, you will be my agent in the field so to speak, you are going to be my recruiter, with this formula we can do whatever we want, go where ever we want to go, the sky is the limit Natasha, I have modified the formula to work in different ways, we can make it so that the recipient is totally submissive, we can transform them into a different sex if we wish, but most of our new recruits will be left as the sex they are, they will be made totally subservient to us, to control however we wish, however, you will know the cross dressers when you meet them, it will be up to you if you transform them or not". My mind was reeling, we could do anything, no one could stop us, I looked at Mistress Melanie and smiled, "thank you for choosing me Mistress, you wont ever regret it!" I said.

Mistress Melanie picked up a small bell from the table and rang it loudly, after a few moments Nicole appeared and curtseyed, " yes Mistress, how may I serve you" she said as she bowed her head, " go and prepare for our little party later, and be quick about it Nicole!" she replied in a very stern manner, with that Nicole turned quickly and disappeared up the staircase, " Nicole needs me to be stern Natasha, she is a complete subservient, no memories of his past, just lives to serve me" Mistress said, "however it will be different with you, you will want to please me, but not to serve me, just assist me shall we say" and once again placed her hand on my thigh.

I turned to face her, she was so beautiful, her lipstick shimmered and almost glowed, I wanted to kiss her so badly but she was my Mistress, I could not. Just at that moment she grabbed my hair and pulled me onto her waiting lips, her tongue flew into my eager mouth, my tongue catching hers as they passed, her hand slid up my thigh and caused me to moan as she massaged my pussy. " Now my sweet you will learn about being a woman, in every way!" she said as she smiled at me.

My pussy was wet and throbbing, it felt as if my whole life was in this one moment, the excitement was unbelievable, she was massaging my clit now while she whispered her love for me in my ear, suddenly I moaned out very loud, I arched my back and had the biggest orgasm of my life, it felt like it was bigger than all my previous male orgasms put together!, "that is only the beginning my sweet, follow me" she said taking my hand and leading me to the staircase. As we climbed the stairway we kissed passionately and she began playing with my nipples, sending waves of pleasure and ecstasy throughout my body and sending my tongue deep into her throat.

We entered her bedroom and moved straight to the bed, she pushed me down on the bed and continued her exploration with her tongue, her fingers squeezing my ever growing nipples, my pussy burning with desire and yet feeling so empty, this woman could kiss like no other I ever met in my male persona, I swore I was ready to orgasm from her kiss.

I felt her hand stroke down my body and stop by my pussy, she began to massage again then slightly broke my pussy lips with her fingers, WOW, what a feeling, now her finger entered me causing me to moan very loudly, she entered me with two fingers and was in heaven when suddenly she stopped and began to play with my nipples again.

I was suddenly aware of someone else being on the bed but with the tongue job my Mistress was giving my throat, who cared, I didn't that's for sure, suddenly someone's tongue began to massage my clit causing me to buck and moan, slowly they moved, getting a little faster and a little harder after each few strokes, within no time I was coming to orgasm again, my god I felt like I was going to completely explode, I had never experienced sex like this as a man, my orgasm was massive, the massage stopped but the Mistresses kiss did not, I would swear she was trying to lick my lungs, because she would be if she went much deeper into my throat.

Mistress stopped kissing me and moved to the bottom of the bed, "Nicole" I cried, she must be the phantom tongue, Nicole moved toward me and sat next to me on the bed, gone was the maids uniform, replaced by a leather Basque, stockings and very ultra high heels. As she turned toward me I noticed how attractive she was, she had a short blonde bob style hairstyle, the most wonderful hazel eyes and absolutely flawless almost ivory skin. Suddenly she dropped her mouth on mine and began to probe around pretty much the same as Mistress did when I suddenly felt something at the mouth of my pussy, slowly I felt it entering me, my juices flowing over this wonderful thing, getting deeper and deeper, sending me into an almost frenzied condition, it began to pump, in and out, slowly getting deeper and faster, OH MY GOD, if the first two orgasms had been massive what would happen now.

I seemed to lose control of my whole body, my head turned and I screamed with passionate delight at the feeling flowing through my body, I could still not voluntarily

Move, the feeling went on and on as I was pounded into total submission. When it stopped I looked to see my Mistress wearing a dildo, " hmm she said, this needs cleaning" as she walked toward Nicole and myself, "I will clean it for you Mistress" Nicole announced, " oh no you wont, this is Natasha's!, I was in shock, I had never wanted to give a man a blow job before, in fact the thought repulsed me, yet I was so turned on by the thought of giving this dildo a blow job!.

Nicole and the Mistress looked on as I cleaned the dildo like I had done it all my life, then the Mistress dismissed Nicole and told her to continue with her cleaning duties, Nicole curtseyed and left the room. "Well did you make the right choice Natasha" Mistress Melanie said as she sat beside me, I grabbed her hair and kissed her passionately, I backed off for a moment "yes Mistress, I made the right choice, this is the first day of the rest of my life, a life I am sure I am going to love every moment of", and with that we lay in each others arms wondering what the future held, world domination perhaps, or maybe just a long hard lesson for the men of this world, they have been making a mess of it for too long, now it is time for them to stand aside and let a superior sex have a go, I mean, could they do any worse.

"Tomorrow my sweet we will begin phase one of our plan, sleep now and when we awake we shall decide the course of action to take", slowly I arose from her bed and left for my room, I needed some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a big day!.


The End

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