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Little Jackalina and the Wedding

by Belladonna


I came home Friday afternoon glad it was the weekend. Mom and dad were gone for the weekend and I looked forward to a long stretch of playing video games and hanging with my friends. My sister Pam was to watch me but that was no big deal. My parents pretty much let me do anything I wanted since I was the youngest. I was 9 years old but small for my age. Pam always resented me for getting away with everything, because she didn't get away with anything. I heard Pam and her friend Beth in Pam's room talking as I plopped down to play a video game. Beth sounded like she had been crying but it didn't concern me so I didn't really care. As I sat playing they got quiet, I heard them walk out of Pam's room and they came to mine.

"Jack" Pam said.

Not even looking up from my game I said, "What? You know you're not allowed in here."

" I know but I need a favor."

" No! I'm busy."

She walked over and unplugged the game.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I asked, visibly angry.

"I said I need to ask a favor."

" Fine, what?"

" Well, you see Beth's cousin Jane is getting married Sunday and her family has spent a lot of time and money to put on the perfect wedding."

" So?"

"So one of the flower girls got appendicitis."

"Sucks to be her."

"We'll see. That's the thing, we were wondering if you could fill in for her."

There was a long pause.

"WHAT? Are you off your nut? First of all I am not a girl so I can't be a 'flower girl'. "

Pam interjected. "Yes, but you see, no one knows you there so we could make you up as a girl, tell everyone that you're my cousin and you agreed to fill in. It's only for the weekend and we'll be back Sunday before mom and dad get home."

"Fuck you, you crazy bitch! I'm not spending the weekend dressed up as a girl! Both of you get the hell out of here!"

Pam turned red as a fire cracker when she heard her little brother cursing at her, and she and Beth left the room. I was plugging my game system back in when I felt something around my mouth and smelt something funny. I got real sleepy real fast. And right before I drifted off I head Pam saying "Call me a bitch ,will you?"

I awoke to the sound of a car horn. I opened my eyes and could see the road passing by and I had a slight head ache. I put my hand to my head and my hair felt funny. Ugh, my head.

"Hey, sleepy head", Pam said from the driver's seat." Thought you were going to sleep the whole trip away. The head ache is from the chloroform ,don't worry it will go away in a minute."

" Trip? Chloroform? What's going on?"

"Well, I am tired of you getting your way all the time and I am tired of you being so damn smug about it. So you're going to help me out this weekend whether you like it or not. Beth needed a flower girl so I am delivering one."

Just then I realized what she was doing and I almost fainted. I grabbed the car visor and pulled it down. The small mirror confirmed my worst fears. My face was done up like a girl with a light coat of pink lipstick and a splash of blush. My hair, which is a little long anyway, was done in a girlish style with two pig tails tied with pink ribbons and two pink butterfly barrettes on either side. I looked down at myself and gasped in horror at what I saw. My legs were encased with white tights. My feet were firmly buckled into black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, I noticed my nails had a light coat of pink nail polish. She had put me in a prim rose yellow dress which had short puffy sleeves with lace around the edge, white lace around the hem which went down to the top of my knees. And there was a mass of petticoats draped over my thighs the petticoats made the dress stick out a little. It buttoned up the back and had a satin ribbon sash that was tied in a bow in the back.

" NO!! I won't do it" I yelled as I started ripping the ribbons and barrettes out of my hair.

"I can't let anyone see me like this!" I was so busy ripping at my hair that I didn't notice Pam pulling the car over. With lightning speed, Pam unbuckled my seat belt, pulled me over her knee and raised my dress. Then I felt it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Ouch! Stop! No!"

She replied "Mom and dad have never spanked you! I used to get spanked all the time. You. SMACK! Are. SMACK! Going. SMACK! To. SMACK! Behave. SMACK! Yourself. SMACK! This. SMACK! Weekend"! SMACK!

I was kicking my legs violently. "Mom and Dad are going to kill you for doing this to me."


"I don't care! At this point, whatever they do will be worth it, just to see you prancing around like a little fairy! You're finally getting what's coming to you."

I was crying now. "Nonononono! Stop! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Ok! Ok! I will behave."

" Good! Besides I have pictures, and we are about a hundred miles from home now. I could just stick you on a bus home and make you travel home dressed like that."

" No Pam, please! I will behave."


" Ouch! I said I would behave!

She giggled. "I know I just couldn't resist." She tossed me back in the Passenger seat and buckled me in. I squirmed, trying to rub my sore bottom. "Here let me fix your hair and clean your face up." She redid the ribbons and berets. As she was wiping the tears away from my eyes she said. "There we go, all pretty again, 'Jackalina'."

I looked at her quizzically. "What?"

" Well we can't call you Jack, now can we? For the rest of the weekend you are Jackalina, my 7 year old cousin from Newport who was up visiting for the weekend and volunteered to help out when you heard about the situation with Jane's wedding."

"Volunteered my ass." I thought resentfully, "I was drafted into the petticoat brigade." and then, "Pam, I'm not seven."

" I know but look in the mirror, you look seven now. I was surprised when I first saw how young you looked. Besides it's funnier for me. You won't be little Mr. Independent this weekend. Oh no, little seven year old girls are never alone and they need people to do every thing for them. LOL! Oh ,this is going to be great. Were only about twenty minutes away. We'll be staying at Jane's house for the weekend, the wedding is on Sunday."

The car sped on and I sat there trying to think of a way out of this but there was none. I should be home playing football with the guys. But instead I had to play a girl for the weekend and be a flower girl at a damn wedding. I put my head in my hands praying this was a dream and I would wake up soon. I prayed as hard as I ever did. Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Then I heard Pam.

"We're here!" she sang out."

I raised my head and it wasn't a dream. This was real.

We pulled up to the house, it was already getting dark. There were a lot of people around and I could see where the wedding was to take place in the back. This sucked! I should be home playing video games this weekend or hanging with my buds. But instead I have to play a seven year old girl.

Pam had some instructions for me. " Remember you're a seven year old girl so talk with a high pitch to your voice. And just try to imitate the other girls around you." Before she stepped out of the car, she stopped and looked back at me. "Oh umm it's best you pee sitting down this weekend. We don't want people to walk in on you and find out your really a guy. Besides it will be easier for you since you'll be wearing dresses." She giggled at me again.

God the indignity of it all.

Pam came around. I was still sitting in the car, too terrified to move. She opened the car door and unbuckled the seat belt. "Come on, lets go." And she pulled me out of the car. I immediately started to shiver from the cool autumn air around my legs. Pam draped a white sweater over my shoulders. "Here this will help keep you warm." She also put a pink little mermaid back pack over my shoulders and gave me a pink suit case with rollers on it. "Oh! I almost forgot." she reached into the car and produced a small white purse and handed it to me. "Young ladies always carry purses. "

"PAM!! It's so great to see you." I looked up the drive way and saw this slightly over weight middle aged woman bounding toward us. I was afraid she was going to steam roll us. She stopped and hugged Pam. " I am so glad you made it." She looked down at me and I was a little more than afraid. "And who is this little angel?" I just stared up at her frozen.

Then Pam jumped in. "Why Peggy, this is Jackalina my cousin from Newport."

"Oh is this the little darling that is going to help us with our missing flower girl problem?

"Why yes she is!" Pam smiled bigger than I have ever seen her smile.

I couldn't believe it this woman actually thought I was a 7 year old girl. She reached down and hugged me and squeezed so hard I couldn't breathe. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou." When she released me I was visibly gasping for air. Which is why I probably didn't see her hand coming toward my face. "Oh you are just the cutest little thing." And she pinched my cheeks. Her fingers were like vice grips. She released the death grip and she and Pam started walking up to the house .I meekly followed with my suitcase in tow.

The house was huge and I could tell Jane's family had money. There was a mass of people in there. I was just thankful to be out of the cold. Pam greeted a few other people including Beth who looked at me and started giggling and had to leave the room. Pam followed. I was left there to endure a few more hugs and pinched cheeks. And an uncle who thought it was funny to tickle me. After that, I noticed a few boys who were about 10 years old talking about football. I thought," hey I can at least hang with guys this weekend even if I had to be a girl about it". I put my backpack and suitcase down and walked over, they were talking about John Elway. When I got a chance, I said "Yeah John Elway is awesome."

They all three turned and gave me the strangest look I ever seen. Then it hit me. Standing before them wasn't one of the guys or a kindred spirit, standing before them was a little girl in a sissy dress holding a ridiculous purse. Then they started in on me. "Yeah, she probably likes his butt hahahaha. Yeah what do you know about football? Then the biggest one and their leader ,Steve, said "Guys, watch this." He walked around behind me and started pulling my pig tails. "Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!" "Hahahaha!" They all laughed. Then he pushed me. I regained my balance, and got mad. I was going to clean his clock!

Then I heard," JACKALINA!" Pam grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her. "Young lady, little girls do not rough house with boys, do you understand?"

" But….." Pointing toward them.

"No buts! Pick up your purse and let's go."

I couldn't believe they were getting away with it. Dejected I bent over to get my purse. Not having worn a dress before, I didn't know how to bend over like a girl so I bent over at the waist like I always do. The dress ,being short, rose up my back side exposing my bottom. And I heard the boys in unison say." I SEE LONDON I SEE FRANCE I SEE JACKALINA'S PANTIED ASS. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. "I quickly realized what was happening and shot up covering my backside. I looked up at Pam she just rolled her eyes and took my hand and dragged me away. I looked back at the boys they were still laughing. And they said "Bye Jackalina, Yea go play with your dolls."

Then it hit me. Pantied ass? "Pam you put girl underwear on me?"

" Of course I did. Boxers would look pretty silly wouldn't they?" We gathered up our things and headed up stairs. I was still angry at the boys, especially Steve. God,am I that mean to girls? Pam brought me back to reality when she said. "You know this will go a lot easier if you make an effort to act like a girl."

I looked up at her. " I am not a girl!"

She stopped and bent down." Keep it down. Or would you like me to go tell those boys the truth?"

I crossed my arms and sulked."No."

"That's right, imagine what they'd do if they found out. So for the next seventy two hours you'll play the part of a seven year old girl. Now let's find our rooms." I stomped up the rest of the stairs and Pam grabbed my arm and gave me three whacks on my back side. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Stop it right now!" We walked down the hall to a white door and she knocked and opened it.

"Hi girls!" she said as we walked into a wall of laughter. Before us were two girls about ten or eleven years old. One was wearing pink pajama bottoms with a white t-shirt. The other was wearing a long powder blue night gown. Both had long blonde hair. I looked around the room and it was obviously a girl's room. Pink rug, Pink walls, white trim, lacy bed linins, stuffed animals everywhere and it had its own bathroom. I looked to the left at the full length mirror and saw a little girl staring back at me. Then I realized the little girl was me. This was the first time I seen a full body shot of my self dressed up. My hands went to my face, my hair, and down my dress. Pam was right, I did look younger. I couldn't believe it. I was so enthralled with my girly image I didn't hear Pam. " Jackalina, Jackalina! Stop admiring yourself in that mirror and say hi to Missy, and Casey. You three are going to be roomies this weekend."

" What? But I thought I would be staying with you?"

She could read the urgency in my eyes." Oh honey I know but I am going to be too busy helping with the wedding to watch you. So Missy and Casey were kind of enough to baby sit you! Isn't that nice of them.?"

Then Missy spoke up. "Yes! Jackalina, what a pretty name."

Casey chimed in. "We're going to have so much fun, just us girls. Oh what a pretty dress! Here you can put your things up here." She put my bag by the dresser.

Pam bent down and hugged me and whispered. "Ok you're on your own. good luck."

" Pam no, they'll find out. Only if you give yourself away, so you best play the part." She stood up. "Sweetie, now you behave and mind what Missy and Casey say.". And she was gone.

Missy said, "Come on, Jackalina, let's get you unpacked." She started pulling out clothes from the suit case. Clothes I have never seen before. Skirts, blouses, panties, girl shoes.

"Oh here," Missy said "Why you don't go ahead, get ready for bed?" She pulled out a pink frilly baby doll nightie and a pair of pink bunny slippers. "You can change in the bathroom." I took the clothes and went to the bathroom, a place where I could finally get my head together. But then I realized I couldn't reach the buttons on the back of the dress. I went back out into the room.

"Excuse me, Casey, could you please help me with this?"

" Oh sure, honey." she unbuttoned the dress halfway and it fell to my feet. I quickly covered up. The girls laughed and I rushed back into the bathroom. I took the dress off, then the shoes and pulled off the crinolined petticoat slip I was wearing. When I slipped out of the tights, I noticed two things. My toe nails were painted pink and the panties had little hearts all over them. I picked up the nightie ,closed my eyes and put it on. I looked in the mirror and felt sick. The nightie went down to about my knees and had a high waist and a pink rose in the middle of the chest. Then I realized I had to pee. There was no lock on the door and I didn't want to take a chance of them walking in so per Pam's instructions I sat down to pee. It felt weird. I sat there looking at my pink toes and wondering how I was going to get through the weekend. Then I noticed something else. The hair on my legs was gone and after further inspection I found ALL my hair was gone !. Not that I had much anyway but still. Pam had shaved all my hair off. How am I going to explain this in gym class? God damn, Pam. Finally I sighed, wiped myself and stood up. I managed to pull up the panties and stepped into the ridiculous pink bunny slippers. I walked out of the bathroom. I saw the girls messing with stuff over by the vanity table. "Oh Jackalina, we put out a sleeping bag for you." Missy pointed over next to the bed and I saw a powder blue Little Mermaid sleeping bag.

"Thanks Missy."

" Here, I got an idea." And Casey rushed me to the vanity table and sat me down. "Let's braid your hair." Oh well. I didn't have time to protest, they immediately set about braiding my hair. I sat there for about twenty minutes while they went on and on and on about school clothes, boy bands, and boys. I sat there in a daze I had almost fallen asleep when Missy announced."All done." I snapped to and looked in the mirror. I saw my hair was parted down the middle and pulled to either side. Each pig tail was woven in and out of one another and each tied off at the end with pink ribbon. "That's going to look so cute with your Wipper Snipper uniform."


"Oh I almost forgot! Casey and me have a Girl Scout meeting tomorrow and you have to be at least 10 years old to attend. But there is a Wipper Snipper meeting next door and we'll just drop you off there and pick you up later." Just then Casey pulled out the uniform from the closet. "Here we go. Missy, your old uniform should fit her fine, as she held it up to me. It had a white blouse with a peter pan collar. And an olive green dress that went over it. With a yellow shoulder sash and a yellow barrette. And she held up something else .

"What's that?"

Casey looked at them and looked back to me. "Why those are your wings. All good Wipper Snippers have to wear their wings."

I looked in the mirror at the girl staring back at me and sighed.

Missy came up."What's wrong Jackalina?"

"Umm nothing, it's great. I'm just tired. "

"Oh I bet you are. You had a long drive. Here." She took me by the hand and led me to the sleeping bag. "Let's get you tucked in. "

God they act like I am theie own personal baby doll or something. I climbed in the bag and Missy zipped it all the way up.

"Wait a minute." She walked over to the closet and brought back a baby doll. "Jackalina this is Stephi Anne. See ,I don't have time to take care of her this weekend. So do think you could be a big girl and help me take care of her while you are here?"

What was I suppose to say? " Yes I will take care of her."

" Oh thank you Jackalina." She kissed me on the cheek. "Now here's her bottle, and her diapers are on the Vanity so make sure she gets changed in the morning and at night ok?"

"Ok Missy."

She stuck it in my sleeping bag and went to the bed. I over heard Casey say. "You're giving her your Stephi doll? "

"Oh god Casey ,I haven't played with that thing in years. She needs it more than I do. Poor thing is obviously shy and must be terrified with being in this strange place all by herself with no friends. You remember what it was like to be seven. "

My head was screaming I am not a seven year old girl I am a nine year old boy!!!! Sigh, I tried to get comfortable with the doll.

Then Pam came in. She stifled a laugh when she saw me. "Well Jackalina who's your new friend?"

" Stephi Anne."

Missy jumped in. "Yes Pam, Jackalina is going to take care of her for me this weekend. She's going to change her and feed her for me and make sure she doesn't get scared at night, right Jackalina?"

I half rolled my eyes and said "yes Missy. "

Pam looked down. "What a big girl!! Thank you, Casey and Missy, for watching her for me this weekend. I have so much to do and can't have her underfoot."

"Oh don't worry Pam. We're going to have tons of fun together!"

Pam knelt down."Sweet dreams, sweetie" and kissed me on the forehead then whispered, "Think twice before you ever call me a bitch again." and she was gone.
I tossed a little and finally drifted off to sleep hoping I would wake up from this nightmare.

I opened my eyes and for a second I thought it was just a dream. But only for a second. I look over and staring back at me was the Stephi Anne doll. I rolled my eyes and climbed out of the bag. Missy and Casey were already out of the shower and getting dressed in there Girl Scout uniforms. "Morning sleepy head", Missy said. " Here, why don't you change and feed Stephi Anne and by the time you're done, the bathroom will be all yours." She handed me the doll and a diaper.

Sigh. I began changing the doll, then put the bottle in her mouth and acted like I was feeding her.

" Okay, little lady, your turn! Here's your uniform." She gave me the uniform. With the ridiculous wings. 'You take a shower and get ready and come down stairs for breakfast, and don't get your braids wet." She put a pink shower cap over my head and tucked my pig tails under. I took my clothes into the bathroom. I undressed, started the shower and stepped in. I soaped up and lathered my skin. The soap smelled strong of fruit. Strawberries to be exact. I finished and stepped out and grabbed a big pink towel. God, was everything these girls owned pink? After drying off, I began to dress. I picked up the panties first. Sigh. They were white cotton with lace around the waist and legs. I pulled them up then put on the blouse and buttoned it up. I pulled the dress over my head, put on a pair of knee high socks and a pair of Mary Jane shoes that buckled across the top. I looked in the mirror and noticed the shower cap was still on my head. I pulled it off and began fixing the braids. I couldn't believe I was primping my hair. I put on the beret and the sash, then I affixed the butterfly wings to my shoulders. I glumly looked in the mirror and sighed.

I finally ventured out of the room into the hallway. I was almost knocked over by Steve and his buddies as they ran by. I backed up against the door. Steve and his buddies stopped and walked back to me. I was feeling very self conscience in the ridiculous uniform. "

Hahahaha. Look guys, she has wings. "

I tried to pass but they wouldn't let me.

"Where you going? We want to see if you can fly."

" Stop it I want to go eat!"

"Oh little fairy is hungry." They all started taking turns pulling my pig tails.

"Ouch, stop!"

" Say please!" They kept pulling. "Say pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on it!"
I was so angry but had no release for my anger and tears were welling up in my eyes.

" Ouch! Pretty please with sugar on it!"

"HAH! Told you I could make her say it!"

"Steve, stop it! " I saw Missy grab Steve's arm. "What, does it makes you feel like a big man picking on a seven year old girl?"

I cringed at the perception.

"Whatever. Come on guys, let's leave the little fairy and her sissy wings alone. "

They left and Missy turned to me. "Oh, sweetie, are you okay?" God I hate the way people perceive me as some helpless little waif . I could take that guy. She began wiping my tears. I pushed her hand away.

" I am fine. Let's get some breakfast." But suddenly I'm not hungry anymore. I pushed past her, walked downstairs and sat on the couch. I crossed my arms and just sat there. I can't believe I was just rescued by a Girl! A little while later Pam came in. I gave her an evil look.

"I know, Jackalina. I heard what Steve did. " Then she gave me a frustrated look and walked up to me.

"What now, Pam?"

" Well, first of all, little girls don't cross their arms with scowls on their faces. And second they don't sit spread eagle in a dress or any other time for that matter. Especially when they have a secret under the dress they don't want anyone to find out about." She walked up and closed my legs and put my hands on my knees. "Here, sit up straight. There we go." she stifled a laugh. "Why you do look so pretty."

" Shut up.

" Now, now. Yyou wait here and we'll leave for your Wipper Snipper meeting soon. "

God this sucks. Then I realized that we were going out in public. I was going out in public dressed as a girl. "Pam, please! Can't I hang out here in the room?

"No you can't. Seven year old girls can't stay by themselves. Here put this on, it's raining." she handed me a pink rain coat. I grunted and put it on.

"Ok let's go!" I heard Peggy say and a mass of people were filling out the door. I got up and slowly walked to the door. I noticed Casey and Missy were climbing in the first van.

"Okay,this ones filled up," Pam said , "Everyone else will have to go in Peggy's car. "

Peggy grabbed my hand and walked me to her car. I didn't get a choice in the matter. She buckled me in the front seat and got in the drivers side.

"Peggy why are so many people going?"

" Well, sweetie,we're dropping you girls off and then the rest are going to the mall. We'll come back to take you girls to dance class. You can sit in with Casey and Missy. Don't worry they'll let you dance too. " Great.

Then Steve and his buddies climbed in the back. "Look, it's Jackalina!" What an asshole I thought. " Hey Jackalina nice wings." And he pulled my pig tail. That was the last straw. I unbuckled and was climbing back to kick his ass.

Peg grabbed me and sat me back down and buckled in. Wagging her finger in my face she yelled,"We do not climb around in the car young lady! If you do that again I will get Pam back here ,you understand?"

She's not my mom, I didn't answer. I looked away.

She grabbed my chin and faced it back to hers. "I said, do you understand young lady?"

"Yes I understand."

"And you, Steve! You pull her pig tails again and I will tan your hide for you!"

"Yes, Peggy. Sorry." I looked in the mirror and he looked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him. God that was a real girly thing to do. It was my only recourse and it felt strangely right. And with that, we drove off.

end part one




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